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    Thanks for noting that the vaccines are *product* (crappy ones at best) and that they have and are being *marketed*.

    Why anyone would think that Pfizer or Moderna have a social contract the same way you or I do is way around the bend………oh yeah, I forgot a corporation is a ‘person’.

    A nice ethical company to add to your portfolio

    Mr. House

    A point someone else made: AOC was gifted the 35,000 ticket to the event, which is taxable as in she should pay taxes on that. wonder if she will?

    A second thought: What person who can gift 35,000 would be supporting someone who was actually serious about “taxing the rich”?

    Figmund Sreud

    Well, … here we go: Alberta, Canada – my end of the woods. Latest:

    I guess, if I somehow end up with Covid, triage will assure that I will be left out to die!

    absolute galore

    Mr. House wrote: A second thought: What person who can gift 35,000 would be supporting someone who was actually serious about “taxing the rich”?

    They would be lining up. $35K is chicken feed, and it gets you creds and access. (How much do you think her dress cost? You think she bought it? It might as well say “NIKE” on it, as she hobnobbed around with the “designer.” Once you start down that road, you are compromised, I don’t care what justifications you create.) A number of gazillionaires are on record supporting more taxes. What difference would it make to the mega rich? Besides, they know the deal–the drama will play out and most of it will be stymied. Like masks and vaccines and most everything else these days, it’s theater.



    Re holocough:

    The vitD data was compelling so I have been maintaining high levels. I tested at 90nmol/L not too long ago. My wife felt that she had Covid back in Jan2020 and I think let her guard down. She last tested at 50nmol/L.

    Fortunately, I did not think so and worked on sourcing the stuff for treating your own covid that was posted on this site. I also found other things that might be helpful.

    For instance, we did nebulized breathing treatments with food grade hydrogen peroxide. I used a 0.5% solution diluted with saline made from distilled water and canning salt. My wife only felt comfortable on a 0.1% solution.

    My wife’s kidneys are joined (horseshoe) and one side does not drain well. I think her kidneys were overwhelmed by the amount of white blood cells generated from her immune response. She also had excruciating pain in her lymph nodes and by day 6 felt death was preferable to what she was experiencing.


    Adding value. A completely disregarded and invisible idea/concept in today’s world. I am musing just how/when/where/why the implementation of VALUE – which permeates my life – came from. Am always looking to bring my best self to whatever it is; why not?

    Charles Hugh Smith has a new post up. I admire his ability to get to the Heart of the “matter”; There is no better (simple/practical/direct) explanation for why we will be served the upcoming banquet of consequences.

    “By incentivizing speculation and corruption, reducing the rewards for productive work and sucking wages dry with inflation, America has greased the skids to collapse.”

    Friday already? LOVE and GRATITUDE to Ilargi. Om Shanti.


    Number games:

    100s of millions have been “vaccinated”. If just 1 in 1000 (0.1%) become victims, that means 100s of 1000s. I think it will be close to, or more than, 1%, 10 times more. I’m so scared, I can’t find the words to write about this.

    Boris Seymour

    America is getting vaccinated. Now what?

    “What worries you most about the future of the pandemic?

    “TH: I’m not worried about the science. We’ve seen incredible breakthroughs in a relatively short time, and I think researchers have done everything we could to stay on top of the virus. What worries me more is societal behavior and public health messaging. Simple things that would have helped mitigate the scale of this crisis didn’t happen; measures to contain the spread were relaxed too early.

    Vaccination is critical, and it’s still under way. Variants of concern are circulating in the population, and we must keep the numbers down to limit the chance that these variants acquire further mutations that could reverse our progress. There is a way out of the pandemic, but we are not there yet—and many countries in the world aren’t even close. So we need to convince policy makers and the public that, unfortunately, some effort is still required from each and every one of us.”


    I don’t pay attention to AOC or Nicky Minaj here, there are limits!, but this little thingy Tyler dug up from VAERS did make me laugh:



    <<“I appreciate a man who isn’t rushing to judgment like Bush was or Trump would be. A man who thinks about things and is deliberate … Most American presidents would fold – change their minds because of the polls,” which are “always tough on presidents.”>>

    That wasn’t Biden. That was bidenadmin, with the face of Biden but the mind and body of we’re-not-quite-sure.


    I am very much enjoying that Jimmy Dore is broadcasting about the scamdemic.


    “Major UK Fertilizer Plants Shuttered Due To Skyrocketing Natural Gas Prices”
    Well, we could go back to using excrement and compost to fertilize our plants. It may not be as pretty, but it is effective.


    “… Tucker Carlson has devoted time on his program to talk about what may or more likely may not have happened to Nicki Minaj’s cousin’s friend’s testicles after taking his jabs. “

    Got to admit — that IS funny.

    Absolute Galore
    “Could their performative, but by now reflexive, opposition to COVID vaccine mandates extend to other vaccine requirements, including those already necessary for many kids to attend school?”

    Currently, in most states the childhood inoculations are strongly advised, but not required. None of my sister’s kids have received ANY vaccinations. The older two have attended public school. The waivers were easy to obtain. I suspect that there may come legislation that makes those waivers more difficult to obtain.

    “My worry is that there will be a spillover effect from all of this anti-vaccine aggression,”
    Blamed on the anti-vaxxers, of course. But, the truth is, that is a likely outcome from pushing a vaccine that has been inadequately tested and with a multitude of severe side effects into a population. The people learn that vaccines are not “harmless” and are likely to wake up a bit and start paying more attention to their injections. This is why, from a public health perspective, it was so important to be cautious about vaccines and vigilant about vaccine safety and vaccine mandates — to maintain the trust of the public. (Trus is maintained with truth and transparency, not with obfuscation and lies.). The parasitic class threw caution to the wind. Yes, the end result may be many fewer kids vaccinated against “childhood illnesses”: them’s the breaks. It was so much easier for the parasites when their victims were anesthetized by screens and exhausted from work, and not bothering to use their brains.


    Yes, the liberals have gone insane. Cuckoo-crazy. I am seeking out local people who are willing to stand up against this creeping totalitarian tide. It was one thing when those who didn’t want to run with the lemmings were free to stand still. Now those who don’t run with lemmings are being punished for not going with the flow.

    John Day

    Picture of the banana plants growing in the squash patch

    Alastair Crooke, A Pandemic of Authoritarianism, as the Red Grains Cascade
    What we see is an attempt to impose an idealised technical managerialism onto a complex, rather than pursue real solutions to problems.
    Change happens quickly and often unpredictably. Yet the unpredictable part seemingly is all about physics. Imagine, dropping one grain of sand after another onto a table. A pile soon develops. Eventually, just one grain starts an avalanche. Most of the time, it’s a small one. But sometimes the pile just slides and disintegrates entirely.
    Well, in 1987, three physicists began to play the sand pile game in their lab, seeking an answer to what it is that triggers the typical avalanche? After a huge number of tests, they found there is no typical number of grains that does it.
    To find out why such unpredictability should show up in their sand pile game, the physicists next coloured it according to its steepness. Where it was relatively flat and stable, they coloured it green; where steep and, in avalanche terms, ‘ready to go’, they coloured it red.
    Afghanistan was intended to be a showcase for western technical managerialism – an empirical petri-dish in which to prove the historical inevitability of technocracy…
    Existential political and social questions in this doctrine however, were to be nuanced through ‘Third Wayism’ (i.e. left unsolved – or fudged with easy answers, and easy money).
    Or … ‘regulated’ into compliance. The answer to social problematics was Cloud Computing of mass data. With enough input on past human choices, it is believed that experts can precisely predict human behaviour, which then can be ‘nudged’ in the direction that our élites wish it to go. Nudge behavioural psychology, of course, is about control – not active thinking…
    There are many subtleties and twists in the story, but the basic message is simple: The peculiar and exceptionally unstable organization of the critical state does indeed seem to explain why our highly complex world, at large, seems so susceptible to unpredictable upheavals. So much for AI and big data’s predictions – In the end, it was the landing of the Taliban ‘red grain’ that triggered an unpredicted, lightning cascade.
    The question must be: Will this trigger any chain reaction? Maybe not, yet there are several other ‘fingers of instability’ in the western sand pile which should be coloured ‘grain red’, and – judged in avalanche terms – may be poised to cascade.
    One such is the ‘vaccination’ (or gene therapy): The mRNA ‘vaccine’ doesn’t stop infection, nor does it stop the spread of the virus. A fully vaccinated person can catch the virus and spread it to others. There’s new evidence that double-vaxxed individuals build up huge viral loads in their noses and sinuses, causing them to become super-spreaders, and infect others. The unvaccinated therefore, have as much to fear in terms of catching the disease from the vaccinated as the other way around.
    Israel is providing a useful case study in the effectiveness – or lack thereof – of vaccines. Israel is one of the most heavily vaxxed countries in the world, with nearly 80% of the population fully vaccinated and almost 100% of the elderly. But now Israel is experiencing a massive increase in infections (and of serious cases), mainly among the fully vaxxed…
    The ramifications deriving from the paradigmatic blow given by the Taliban to the Western technocratic vision; to Europe at its sudden discovery that America does not have Europe’s back; to inflation felt everywhere; to the QE impasse (that interest rates above 2% would kill the western economy); to geopolitical rejection of the western liberal model – arguably all these run through what happens next with Covid, and the mass resort to the imposition of ‘virtuous’ authoritarianism.
    There is, in the end, nothing more than one common single thread running through all these fingers of instability: It is the attempt to impose an idealised technical managerialism onto a complex, critical-state reality, rather than pursue real solutions to problems – and the resort to behavioural control psychology to conceal the rot beneath, and compel compliance.
    So, we are now poised at a critical state of what Paul McCulley calls ‘stable disequilibrium’ – where all actors work to maximize their personal outcome, and reduce their exposure to fingers of instability. But the longer the game runs, says McCulley, the more likely it is to end in a violent avalanche, as the fingers of instability have more time to build, and, eventually, the state of stable disequilibrium goes critical.
    Which finger goes first? Unpredictability again – any grain falling on a red spot can, by domino-like action, cause sliding at other nearby red spots.

    A Pandemic of Authoritarianism, as the Red Grains Cascade


    Mr. House: “…a system that converts civilizational vigor into cash for a tiny minority. The natural limit on the expansion of credit is set by the limit of young people available to be consumed..”
    Steal from the future. Short-sightedness at its finest.

    D Benton Smith

    Mr. Global WANTS the economy to collapse suddenly and dramatically, because that is when people will do ANYTHING to be able to purchase the necessities of life. After a week or so of no food, gas, rent or electricity they will not just accept a cashless society with magical relief money piped into their cell phone . . . they will demand it.


    Someone in comments provided this link (thank you) yesterday, and I’m putting it up again because there have been so many good comments there since then:

    The Story’s not selling


    I grow much quieter every day-
    Such vicious things are being said.
    But now I’ll answer back and say:
    Some must survive to bury the dead.

    On a lighter note: “parasitic class”:
    When you have parasites, try ivermectin!


    “When will people wake up?”: Funeral director blows the whistle on last year’s FAKE “pandemic,” and this year’s REAL plague of “vaccine” deaths, all called “Delta” cases (MUST-SEE/SHARE) – by Mark Crispin Miller – News from Underground by Mark Crispin Miller


    @chooch regarding the following:
    I’m simply hypothesizing, but it would seem receiving the jab in the right arm is the better option if you were concerned about adverse cardiovascular events with the safe and effective mRNA injection.
    But according to today’s first article. THE SPIKE WILL NOT BE FOUND IN THE BLOOD. IT IS TRAVELLING “INCOGNITO”. Then it really wouldn’t matter. ”

    this story starts with mRNA being injected. Some of the lipid nanoparticles remain at the injection site and some are probably taken up by the vascular system. wherever the mRNA ends up, it enters the local cells which use the mRNA to produce the spike protein.

    the EV story begins after your cell creates the spike protein (which could potentially be in any number of places in the body)

    I was looking at the wikipedia page for EV. This stuff is incredibly complex. There is no way you could claim “safe and effective” without completing the full battery of testing. This not related to the Chestnut article, but this at wikipedia just amazed me.

    Enveloped viruses
    Enveloped viruses are a type of EV produced under the influence of viral infection. That is, the virion is composed of cellular membranes but contains proteins and nucleic acids produced from the viral genome. Some enveloped viruses can infect other cells even without a functional virion, when genomic material is transferred via EVs. Certain non-enveloped viruses may also reproduce with assistance from EVs.[45]


    Biden should have told everyone the truth
    Governments are suppose to work for the people. (We have been told)
    Governments are not suppose to work for the rich. (We have been told)
    The rich can write the tax laws to avoid paying the taxes therefore, they do not pay taxes and therefore, they will continue to avoid paying taxes.
    Why should the rich and powerful write tax laws that would reduce their wealth and power.


    From the 9/11 Global War on Terror (aka global war of terror)
    to the 9/9 Global War on Unvaccinated (aka global war of terror)

    Will this collapse like a pancaking building under its own weight?

    Or will caustic stupidity bring it all down ?

    Hint- the Patriot Act has neither subsided or fallen away under its own weight- Do you think the extended version of 9/11 to 9/9 will just poof itself back to “normal”?

    Hint- the “war of terror” resulted in millions of lives lost, nations destroyed, millions displaced, trillions spent…

    Strategically plan for your best outcome for survival… Tactically plan on fighting for your life and your basic human rights that they are stealing… Shrub Bush gave us a hint too- “they hate you for your freedumbs and your way of life”

    This Plandemic will not dissolve under the weight of reason, logic or fairness… resist.

    “Violence begets violence, a violent man dies a violent death”

    Do not live like a coward, never die like a coward… Let every day be a good day to live and a better day to die.

    Muster your Warrior Spirit with Love- your integrity and Warrior Spirit are all you really have, they will serve you and humanity well.

    Make your Peace and make your stand.


    Nosocomial infections in Covid patients in ICU. From commenter “Islay addict” over at ZH.
    Bacteria did ’em in, not Covid. Hospital bacteria.

    I’ll bet they pumped them full of remdesivir, too.


    Mark Crispin Miller has been an admirable and reliable source for a long time, but that piece
    seems sensationalized and weakly sourced: a funeral director? And only now?

    Things getting stranger by the day.


    Maxwell Quest


    I’ve taken the liberty of making some minor edits to one your aphorisms. Hope you don’t mind:

    “Will this the economy collapse like a pancaking building Manhattan Tower under its own weight at 9.81 m/s2, after all its support columns have been blown simultaneously by a secret controlled demolition?”



    I think we are on same page. Not getting the jab is the best option. I was writing from the point of view of the aorta and a basic understanding of the lymphatic system.

    When I am at the pharmacy and people are lined up to get the jab I swear I can hear the aorta screaming “the right arm you moron!”

    I took 130 years to get a partial understanding of the mechanisms behind nitro under the tongue and the calming the heart muscle.

    I Forgot to note who (Raul, Dr. D, Karl D) but this was penned back I April and it still resonates today.

    “It ought to be obvious that playing parlor tricks on your body’s cells to produce the “spike protein” — not introducing it directly into your body which is incidentally the actual definition of a vaccine, but tricking your cells to produce it instead (and which has now been magically redefined to count as a “vaccine”) is inherently dangerous. You’d think that a decade or more of both animal and human trials, with very close follow-up on every single human so-exposed, with all of the data written up and presented to the world in public would be required to know if this sort of malarkey has unknown but severe danger associated with it. Among other risks doing this could result in cells in very unpleasant places (e.g. your heart, spleen, etc.) taking up said “instructions” and being damaged, leading to an immune response in a very bad place that could injure or kill you, or it might lead your body to target your own cells since by definition the cells that take up said “programming” and produce the protein are diseased. If either of those things happen then the very same thing that kills you when Covid goes badly might kill you as a result of the vaccine either immediately or somewhere down the road when challenged either by the original virus — or some other as yet not-identified stimulus.”

    Veracious Poet

    100s of millions have been “vaccinated”. If just 1 in 1000 (0.1%) become victims, that means 100s of 1000s. I think it will be close to, or more than, 1%, 10 times more. I’m so scared, I can’t find the words to write about this.

    Raul, thank you for all of your hard work keeping the community informed, with a central gathering place for thoughtful communication.

    THESE are the times that try our souls, mass delusion is never an easy thing to live through, for me what I fear is a 21st century version of the Salem witch trials, this time for the unvaccinated.

    It is time for all those who stand apart to seek the Immanent within, the Infinite spark of life ALL living things must have to exist…

    This morning I put on a program for my mother (who has been TV addicted for most of her life) called “Growing Up Wild” ~ I was awestruck, & sad, with the realization of all the innocent life on planet Earth, how just a few greedy bastards make life hard in the presence of abundance, how these sociopaths have no care for the rights inherently given to ALL of the Infinite’s children.

    I am no longer a young man, I wish I was for I was gifted greatly mentally/physically, whom has always stood up to toxic & crazy bullies, often times alone, but I was enough ~ I don’t know what happened (actually I do), but the males in recent generations are more impotent than the females from mine, they seem to be polluted with an over abundance of estrogen (soy boys?)…

    What also troubles me is the knowledge of how, I along with others, spent great amounts of time trying to alert the sheeple of the madness of the crowd, yet almost none were interested as they grazed upon pastures of ignorant bliss.

    I predict that most will never wake up from the trap laid by TPTB, in fact many will cross over into insanity, many will become dangerous quislings…

    I wish I could evacuate to a safe distance, but alas my wife & mother keep me anchored behind enemy lines, it is a hard thing to accept.

    All blessings to you Raul, & my TAE siblings, we must now prepare to enter into VERY dark times…



    I’m so scared

    That is ultimately the goal of disinformation.

    Veracious Poet


    The program is called Growing Up Animal, which I highly recommend as a break from the daily barrage of insidious pablum propagated by TPTB & their quislings.

    I also recommend Highway To Heaven, for a window into a time before full blown mass psychosis corrupted western civilization…

    Veracious Poet

    deflationista spewed:

    That is ultimately the goal of disinformation.


    @Veracious Poet

    China is rolling out the ‘No Wimps” meme big time.

    The US is running for ‘safe spaces’.

    China’s WAR Against “Sissy-Men,” GAMERS & Western HYPOCRISY



    There is an important rally in Niagara tomorrow if any of our northern friends live nearby. This needs to become contagious!! (pun intended)

    A Glimmer of Hope: Crisis Brewing In the Ranks As More Police Officers Stand Up To Say “NO”. Tyranny Collapses If Enough People Refuse to Participate


    Another Big Lie

    What a shock.

    Just like exaggerating every death as a ‘covid death’ to scare the sheeple and goose the Bonus Payoffs the hospitals pocket.

    New Study: Covid “Hospitalization” Data May Be Unreliable Gauge Of Pandemic Severity

    Well, well, well. No sooner do I take the time to ask which Covid narrative will come undone next than the universe hands us our answer in what only can be described as a total evisceration of the centerpiece of the mainstream media’s Covid narrative over the last 18 months.

    But now it’s looking like the narrative about hospitalizations may be misguided at best and all-out unreliable at worse.

    A brand new pre-print study has concluded that nearly half of people hospitalized with Covid have mild or asymptomatic cases.

    “If they are mild or asymptomatic cases, how are they translating into hospital stays?” you’re likely asking yourself. Look – the facts are that many of us had been questioning the definition of “hospitalizations” since the beginning of the pandemic, though the question never seemed to become important enough to make its way into the mainstream.

    Veracious Poet

    China is rolling out the ‘No Wimps” meme big time.

    While Nero fiddles, the CCP prepares for world domination…


    @mister roboto

    Exactly why I will be voting straight-ticket Republican in November 2022 for the first time in my life with no qualms whatsoever about doing so.

    Why note vote for Vladimir Putin as a write in candidate instead?

    “I do not support mandatory vaccinations.” -Vladimir Putin



    I don’t think this guy knows what he is talking about. He is not a virologist. He admits that this is not his specialty. He complains that he cannot buy an isolated sample of SARS-COV2 virus for testing like he would test glyphosate. She asks hims if this is normal, if he could buy, for example, an isolated sample of measles virus, and he says he does not know.

    The virus was sequenced by the Chinese in January 2020. I recall a Chris Martenson podcast sometime shortly after that where a lab in Europe took that sequence and built the entire virus from scratch, according to the published sequence.

    This “never been isolated and purified” argument is not a valid criticism, and seems to be pushed by people without the right credentials.


    Dr. David Martin: There is no “Delta” Variant – “Novel” Coronavirus Known as COVID-19 Was Patented 2 Decades Ago

    Dr David Martin has plenty of credentials

    “Dr. David Martin was recently interviewed by Attorney Reiner Fuellmich who is seeking to bring criminal charges against crimes committed during the COVID-19 Plandemic.

    In this interview with Attorney Reiner Fuellmich, Dr. Martin goes into detail about how the patents for Sars coronaviruses existed before any “outbreaks,” as did the patents on “spike proteins” to produce vaccines. They precede the current COVID-19 virus by 20 years.

    The original research into these vaccines was for veterinary purposes, rabbits and canines, and then was used in 2002 and later by Anthony Fauci and the U.S. National Institute of Health for AIDS vaccine research. DARPA then got involved for applications as a “bioweapon.”

    When Anthony Fauci originally tried to get a patent on an mRNA vaccine for HIV, he was rejected by the patent office, because his mRNA vaccine did not meet the legal definition of a “vaccine.”

    It is a biological weapon….”


    Doc Robinson

    In this study from Japan, the Pfizer vax was found to “enhance the infectivity” of a Delta variant mutation.

    Here, we found that the Delta variant completely escaped from anti-N-terminal domain (NTD) neutralizing antibodies, while increasing responsiveness to anti-NTD infectivity-enhancing antibodies. Although Pfizer-BioNTech BNT162b2[aka COMIRNATY]-immune sera neutralized the Delta variant, when four common mutations were introduced into the receptor binding domain (RBD) of the Delta variant (Delta 4+), some BNT162b2[aka COMIRNATY]-immune sera lost neutralizing activity and enhanced the infectivity. Unique mutations in the Delta NTD were involved in the enhanced infectivity by the BNT162b2[aka COMIRNATY]-immune sera.

    The SARS-CoV-2 Delta variant is poised to acquire complete resistance to wild-type spike vaccines



    I am not sure any of this helps your argument that Sars-COV2 does not exist. In fact, it undermines the argument from the previous video. It seems to say that coronaviruses with spike proteins have existed, and have been known, for a long time, and that people have been trying to patent the sequences — it does not say that they do not exist. In fact, all corona viruses have a spike protein. The spike protein is the part of the virus that makes the “corona” — this has been known for a long time.

    Whether products based on the gene sequences of these viruses are classified as vaccines, or therapies, or bioweapons, or whatever, and whether they qualify for patents, is an entirely different question.

    Your line of reasoning seems to follow the contradictory “kitchen sink” reasoning of climate change deniers, who simultaneously argue, with a straight face, that (i) global warming is not happening at all, (ii) global warming is happening, but it is attributable to non-human factors, (iii) there is insufficient evidence to determine whether global warming is happening; and (iv) global warming is happening, but that is a good thing because it will offset global cooling expected from a decrease of solar activity.


    It is fall here in Ontario.

    With it comes duck hunting season which opened September 10th. Every evening, just before sunset, shotgun blasts echo up and down the St. Lawrence River. Since I am still asleep without my hearing aid on, the morning are quite peaceful for me, but not likely so for the ducks! There are no longer any ducks to be seen during the day. They are all in hiding except for early morning and at sunset. Each shotgun blast announcing another duck has died, just like in the movie, The Hunger Games.

    Goose hunting season opened September 1st, but it opened to total silence. Nobody is hunting them. Geese are now gathered together in large flocks, honking without a care in the world! No Hunger Games for them!

    John Day

    Thanks for that article, Doc Robinson. They mention escape from the vaccines, but they also describe the super-power of enhanced viral infectivity, and the virus is not about to miss it. I think it is already “enhanced” pretty well. The rapidly rising Dleta peak of cases, here in Texas, was supposed to drop just as fast. It’s not. It is sustaining, with a big fat area under the curve. The vaccines have opened up a whole new population to infection, somehow.

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