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    Liberal ten-percenters to the rest of us: “you proles need to become obedient technofeudal slaves so we the Few can be free!”


    Doc Robinson

    [Trying again with only one link]

    sumac.carol: “…in Canada is the fact that it is non- vaccinated who are absolutely overwhelmingly getting sick enough to end up in hospital.”y

    I looked at Ontario’s data, which is well detailed in some aspects (but is missing details in some other aspects). They tend to make comparisons dating back to the beginning of the pandemic, but by using the Wayback Machine, it’s possible to get the results for the most recent months by looking at the difference between numbers from a couple different report dates.

    Using Ontario government data, from July 10 to Sept 4, 2021, the “no-vaxx” cases were around 2/3 of the confirmed cases, while “vaxxed” cases were around a third of the confirmed cases.

    I use “no-vaxx” to mean just that, no vaxx injections have been given, while “vaxxed” means at least one vaxx injection has been given. (Unlike the governments which tend to only report “fully vaccinated” in their “vaccinated” data, meaning at least 14 days after the second injection.)

    Ontario breaks it down somewhat with a “partially vaccinated” category, but anyone with less than 14 days after the first injection is lumped in with the “unvaccinated”. Looking at the hospitalization data which Ontario reports, it’s impossible to tell how many of the so-called “unvaccinated” are actually people who tested positive within 14 days after getting the first injection. So the data being reported is incomplete, and the presentation is skewed to fit the narrative.

    Ontario total Covid-19 cases
    as of Sept 4: 569,633
    as of July 10: 547,149
    difference = 22,484 Covid-19 cases between July 10 – Sept 4

    Ontario “Vaxxed” cases
    as of Sept 4: 44,009
    as of July 10: 36,652
    difference = 7,357 “Vaxxed” cases between July 10 – Sept 4

    Ontario “No-Vaxx” cases
    22,484 Covid-19 cases between July 10 – Sept 4
    minus (7,357 “Vaxxed” cases between July 10 – Sept 4)
    = 15,127 “No-Vaxx” cases between July 10 – Sept 4

    “Vaxx” = at least one injection before becoming a case
    “No-Vaxx” = no injections before becoming a case

    Confirmed Cases of COVID-19 Following Vaccination in Ontario: December 14, 2020 to September 4, 2021

    Doc Robinson

    [continued from above, second link]

    Confirmed Cases of COVID-19 Following Vaccination in Ontario: December 14, 2020 to July 10, 2021

    Michael Reid

    The culling will not be televised nor will many of the adverse events be logged or televised.

    The requirement to receive the culling injections will be advertised for your protection, the protection of others and the benefit of the world.

    Any attempt to counter the narrative will be crushed, disallowed and result in losing your job or worse if you persist.

    Remember this is all required to combat a pandemic that had a population survival rate greater than 99% but it seems the goal of the powers that be is the culling of western world population receiving the mRNA injections. No more pensions to pay, no more free medical for the governments to pay for and so many assets to acquire

    Sad times that we live in

    Maxwell Quest

    I finally got to finish the Deborah Conrad interview that @germ posted. We had our first good rain in the NW last night, and I was called away firstly to cut up a fallen tree, and secondly to document and report a roof leak for the widow across the street.

    I thought the interview was well done, and Deborah came off as one of those rare individuals that labor for the good of others at her own expense. Basically, a saint. I couldn’t help noticing the little grin that would creep across her face whenever she ventured onto material that she knew was controversial. A form of embarrassment for expressing thoughts that she knows are unacceptable to the authorities.

    Her telephone conversations with hospital administration staff were revealing. Note how they keep steering the conversation back to “the organization” and the “prime directive” coming down from above. As middle managers, their focus is on everything but the patient. It’s on “the procedures”, “the process”, “towing the line”. I can tell you that the focus of the top administrators is on their next career move and stock options.

    I tend to question myself a lot. This is mostly due to being a blockhead. A particular theme has been playing in my mind the past few days whenever I make a mental review of the Covid drama, questioning if I went off the trail somewhere. You’ve seen it on TAE before: “If this is all due to human incompetence, why do all the errors point in the same direction, where pushing the vaccine is the highest priority?” Everything that is contrary to this goal is targeted and squashed. There is nothing “random” about it, the signal-to-noise ratio is huge, a large peak that smells to high heaven, driven from a supra-national level, planned and orchestrated.

    Look, folks, this is simple. If you want to stay safe from Covid all you have to do is get the Covid vaccine. When they tell you to get the booster, you get the booster. When they tell you to show your Vaccine Passport, you show your Vaccine Passport. When they tell you to report your unvaxxed neighbors, you report your unvaxxed neighbors. When they tell you to get into the boxcar, you get into the fucking boxcar. Why in the hell is this so difficult to understand, people?!


    Thanks for that comment, MQ. Yes, a number of us have noticed that the “incompetence”
    unfailingly benefits the Few.





    The chief minister of the Australian Capital Territory (ACT), site of the city of Canberra where I live, has said that he is reluctant to start a passport vaccination system because it would be discriminatory and unfair. This is encouraging, unlike Victoria which seems pleased to starve the unvaxxed into compliance.

    OTOH, I wonder what pressures will be brought to bear on him to change his mind?

    The most-afflicted states, NSW and Victoria, are tired of the restrictions and consequent huge economic damage, and want them gone, and this includes the various levels of government. Naturally, being convinced that vaccination is the only way out, they are enthusiastically promoting the campaigns, dangling before us the carrot of freedom-if-we-reach- 80%-or-so!

    I presume we go through this rigmarole all over again in 6 months’ time. And 12 months. And 18 months…

    John Day

    I’m interested in the UN happenings this Wednesday.
    Maybe the script will change; maybe not…
    Bolsonaro of Brazil gives opening remarks. Bolsonaro had COVID and advocates Ivermectin and HCQ.
    He says he’s not vaccinated and won’t get vaccinated, and try to stop him from attending.
    NYC is trying to get vaccinated (Sputnik et. al.) Russians to take a J&J shot for compliance before entering. That’s sort of embarrassing for New York, but deBlasio is unfazed and anti-Russian.
    Biden will be physically there and will hold something like an emergency Event-201 adjustment, supported by Build Back Better and friends.
    The intent is to get most of the unvaccinated poor people in the world vaccinated this year.
    Somebody will pay for it. What could go wrong?
    Will there be a revolt, or a redirection among the global elites?
    There are numerous factions.
    They must see that blaming the unvaccinated for the ADE backfire from the vaccines is failing, and they need to get another grip on a narrative that is not quite the opposite of reality.
    I dunno….
    Also, Thanks Doc Robinson for good research and presentation of some pivotal findings, and for looking up Texas stories Thursday night.



    Thanks for linking to those articles in the Indian media. I’d been after such reports for a while and couldn’t find them!


    A non-vaccine comment: this astounding new tripartite anti-China alliance rejoices in the acronym of AUKUS. The Great Auk is an extinct bird. How long before the Great AUKUS follows suit?

    those darned kids

    usuka is better, ’cause you suckas’ gonna pay for it.

    Veracious Poet

    As they’ve pointed out – thanks to US, who keep allowing this s—t – there are no three branches of government, or four. The Legislative does not pass laws, it enforces them, like Nancy Pelosi. The House of the people does not pass budgets with the purse strings, they look for budgets from Presidents. Executive Presidents do not enforce laws, or at least not most of them, against most people. However, they do enact laws, merely by decree. The Judicial also creates laws, however they uncreate them again tomorrow, at will. Or both. Courts disagree with each other more or less nationwide. Should the President decree laws, the court then upholds the process, erasing the legislatures, or not, someday maybe 10 years from now when it gets to USSC, as they feel like.

    Oh also corporations are people and have rights, but people are NOT people and have rights, unless they’re NOT a citizen, in which case they have super-rights.

    The fourth branch, the Media: no comment necessary. They are not a branch of government, but a branch of corporate power, just like the federal government is. None of them are branches or expressions of the people, which can only happen with fierce and illegal monopoly, access, bailout, and violent repression at every level, especially speech and choice, directly via the guns of government, FBI, DoJ, CIA, IRS, and ultimately, US Army, and is expressly why those branches are generally illegal according to Federal Law register No. 1, as is having a standing army outside of declared war.

    And you’re going to fix all this? Really? Arrest somebody? Vote somebody in? Sure: if you vote in somebody to disband D.C. and let them collapse to a town of 6,000, in the ruins of the Potomac, like Rome did. Outside of them ceasing to exist, it’s not going to change.

    Everything you mentioned is legal under Emergency Powers, which could be rescinded overnight by one honest, truly AMERICAN POTUS ~ This is one of the reasons the #derpswamp freaked out on the populist uprising that put Trump in office, although neither was aware of their true power…

    Of course it would require nothing less than generational revolution + education regarding the original charter of the USofA, without a unified culture it is totally impossible.

    The TPTB have since WWII utterly destroyed any chances for a return to normalcy, creating in its wake generations of self-absorbed low IQ subhumans that hate AMERICA, & by extension themselves.

    There is presently nothing & no one threatening TPTBs’ ongoing rape, pillage, plunder & murder for profit enterprise(s), hell most go along willingly for crumbs from the masters’ tables…

    P.S. Ain’t afraid of nothing. What would I be afraid of? A virus that kills no one, and a vaccine that kills no one, with medical enforcement nobody’s following? I am pretty annoyed though.

    A vaccine that kills no one, do you really believe that?

    America Has Given Millions for ‘Research’ At Chinese Communist-Run Facilities Since COVID Outbreak.

    America Has Given Millions for ‘Research’ At Chinese Communist-Run Facilities Since COVID Outbreak.


    @ezlxa the oz defence announcement is just hilarious. To think we are at all an independent country. Our flag says it all.


    Capitol Hill prepared for war.
    Nobody showed up.
    There is you example to win and change the social/economic systems.
    Democracy with NO profit.

    Tree Frog

    From Michael Reid…. “If it was it would be on the news.” Bottomless naivete. Tragic.

    Going back to rates of hospitalization for the unvaxed: here is an analysis for Alberta. This way of presenting the data accounts for the proportion of the population that is vaccinated versus unvaccinated. While unvaccinated make up 32 percent of the total population (including children who cannot be vaccinated and are unlikely to get severely ill), they make up 74 percent of hospitalizations.
    I have difficulty understanding why it is incorrect to include as unvaccinated those who received their vaccination less than 2weeks prior to falling ill, since it is my understanding that full immunity takes 2 weeks to achieve.

    On to Russia, where vaccination rates are still low, but daily new deaths have been higher over the past month than they were fir the whole rest of the pandemic.

    How does this fit with what’s happening in Israel and the explanation provided that vaccination is causing high rates of illness when apparently Fussia, with its low rate of vaccination, also has a serious problem with covid?

    These kinds of inconsistencies seem to come up frequently and make me think that there are pieces of this story that we don’t fully understand.


    More on the province of Alberta, that tried to be the Texas of Canada. The provincial premier opened everything up early, and then all hell broke loose. Now he has publicly apologized for mishandling covid and is in line with the other provinces, using all the same policies (vaccine passports etc). This premier absolutely did not want to go this route but the situation became so dire that he had little choice.


    Just to clarify: I am no vaccine fan, but I have trouble making sense of what’s happening in different places and sometimes it seems to me that the explanations provided for what is happening in one region do not hold water when you look at what is happening in another region.
    PS Alberta’s vaccination rate (at least one dose) was at 67 percent compared to Ontario’s 75 percent. It just went up hugely from this rate when vaccine passports were rolled out.




    That was just a test

    Doc Robinson

    sumac.carol: “I have difficulty understanding why it is incorrect to include as unvaccinated those who received their vaccination less than 2weeks prior to falling ill, since it is my understanding that full immunity takes 2 weeks to achieve.”

    People who get an injection of a vaccine are arguably closer to being vaccinated than unvaccinated. The vaccine is affecting their immune systems and physiology. Also, since the Covid vax can make a person more susceptible to coming down with a Covid infection during those initial 2 weeks before a sufficient immune response is achieved (more susceptible than if the person had remained unvaxxed), then it seems unreasonable (to me) to count such an infection (after a vaccine injection) the same as an “unvaccinated” infection.

    However, there’s no universal way to categorize and count cases. At least the reported data from Ontario has a separate category for “partially vaccinated”, and they make it clear that they add the one-shot cases (within 14 days) to the “unvaccinated” numbers. Some other government sources don’t disclose and break it down like this in their published data, so the skewing remains hidden.



    Perhaps an important variable is timing. I read that Canada got a late start on its vaccination drive, with only 3% fully vaccinated as of beginning of May. Then Canada suddenly zoomed up near the top of the list. So it may be the case that you are still in the sweet spot of vaccine effectiveness. Once you get six months out from reaching 70% fully vaccinated, when vaccine effectiveness plummets (and ADE possibly kicks in), the numbers may reverse.



    …since it is my understanding that full immunity takes 2 weeks to achieve.

    That’s some slippery linguistic logic sly sumac… are you referring to 1st full immunity after your two shots? Or the newly accepted 2nd “full immunity” after your two shots and a booster?

    Full immunity from what? I’m becoming immune to bullshit with no vaccine jab required.


    Biden’s address to the UN Assembly next week in NY is mentioned in the top post. See John Day post above also.

    Here is some of what I have heard / gathered, from Switz.

    The UN-NY building only admits ppl under strict COV related rules, conditions.

    One has to be double-vaxxed, by approved US_EU vaxxes, no Russian or Chinese vax is on the list (> CDC vax rules, see link) though that is not made public. (There might be some exceptions for ppl tested NEG but I have not heard or read anything in that line. Or the UN list might be more inclusive, but all I heard say not so.)

    Reuters article describes some of the ‘strife’ in a very down-played way:

    Ergo, only US – 5 eyes – Isr – EU – other hangers-on will be ‘automaticilly approved’ personae at this Event. Others will not come, send vids. or whatever. Some might even be refused entry, though I reckon by now ppl know not to go the US, even if they are high-level delegates, diplomats.

    Just my far away-take — the Rona Rules can change from one day to the next and favored ppl can by-pass them.

    To the point: We see here the death throes of the UN. Zone 2 (as it is commonly called, i.e. China, Russia, Iran, Syria, and others, now Afghanistan added) will slowly abandon and ignore it, not blatantly of course.

    Here a faithful employee taking a tour of the phase 1 Covid protection moves at the NY UN building, to give a feel, photos (couldn’t find more recent):

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