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    Vincent van Gogh Starry night over the Rhône 1888   • To Governor DeSantis, Ivey, Lee And Others (Denninger) • FDA Advisory Panel Rejects Widespr
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle September 18 2021]

    V. Arnold

    Vincent van Gogh Starry night over the Rhône 1888

    I’m just drawn in and lost in the beauty…


    Just wow!

    “In a Highwire exclusive, Deborah Conrad, a hospitalist physician’s assistant on the frontlines of the pandemic, pulls back the curtain on the complete lack and disregard in her hospital for reporting Covid vaccine injury to VAERS, this country’s only mechanism to track the safety of these rushed-to-market, mandated products. In riveting detail, including emails & recorded phone conversations, Conrad exposes the internal push to turn a blind eye to injuries and “tow the company line” that this vaccine is safe.”

    Dr. D

    “CNN’s Don Lemon Urges Viewers “It’s Time To Start Shaming” Unvaccinated People”


    Liiiiike, maybe closing grocery stores for 61% of NYC’s black population? Don Lemon: Killing some (black) folks.

    Tenant evictions: There’s already zero property or sovereignty for business, which is what selling apartment space is, so you’re going to discriminate on the basis of medical history, choice, or condition? Pretty sure you can’t even ask.

    This of course goes to the courts which as we’ve seen haven’t a care in the world what the law, precedent, or legal foundation is. It’s more legally rigorous to throw darts. As they’ve pointed out – thanks to US, who keep allowing this s—t – there are no three branches of government, or four. The Legislative does not pass laws, it enforces them, like Nancy Pelosi. The House of the people does not pass budgets with the purse strings, they look for budgets from Presidents. Executive Presidents do not enforce laws, or at least not most of them, against most people. However, they do enact laws, merely by decree. The Judicial also creates laws, however they uncreate them again tomorrow, at will. Or both. Courts disagree with each other more or less nationwide. Should the President decree laws, the court then upholds the process, erasing the legislatures, or not, someday maybe 10 years from now when it gets to USSC, as they feel like.

    Oh also corporations are people and have rights, but people are NOT people and have rights, unless they’re NOT a citizen, in which case they have super-rights.

    The fourth branch, the Media: no comment necessary. They are not a branch of government, but a branch of corporate power, just like the federal government is. None of them are branches or expressions of the people, which can only happen with fierce and illegal monopoly, access, bailout, and violent repression at every level, especially speech and choice, directly via the guns of government, FBI, DoJ, CIA, IRS, and ultimately, US Army, and is expressly why those branches are generally illegal according to Federal Law register No. 1, as is having a standing army outside of declared war.

    And you’re going to fix all this? Really? Arrest somebody? Vote somebody in? Sure: if you vote in somebody to disband D.C. and let them collapse to a town of 6,000, in the ruins of the Potomac, like Rome did. Outside of them ceasing to exist, it’s not going to change.

    I guess the 9/18 news is very widespread, even to the ex-President. The 15:1 FBI:Maga ratio going on today has 100% of the people looking to expose the new levels of FBI fake and fraud, plants and fabrications they’ve become famous for. Protest events that the media will invent as simply as non-stop gang shootings in a town of 7,000, and post video-game footage on the news proving their story. Again. And the people won’t notice. Again.

    Well, at least Obama endorsed Justin, that’s been the consistent kiss of death.

    five doses of Ivermectin to be taken every day if they are obese or otherwise morbid, and every second day …also gets ten days of a 1,000mg Vitamin C tablet and ten days of 30mg of Zinc”

    Since it’s essentially safe as aspirin, what’s the risk if it doesn’t work? Why won’t you try? If for nothing else than disproving it?

    New medical motto: “I would rather die than try.”

    “The nonbinding recommendation — from an influential committee of outside experts who advise the Food and Drug Administration — is not the last word.”

    Uh, what? So the reporter is in favor of, and has medically decided this needs to be fought in the trenches? Doctors 16:2 just decided this was unmedical and unsafe. But Chad on Facebook knows better.

    11 of 15 NYC Restaurants Not Enforcing Vaccine Mandate (NYP)”

    Tattling weasels. Snitches get stitches.

    Vaccine Nasal Sprays Aim To ‘Shut Door’ On Virus (Y!)”

    Since this is supposedly contagious or something, you could just get it once and be immune forever. You probably have, but we won’t test for it on you or anybody else.

    If not, then aren’t you saying it’s not really that contagious? Pick one.

    ““The UK is leading the world in identifying and rolling out life-saving medicines..”

    Except for Covid, where they’re almost the worst in the world, worse than India, where barefoot people live on the street. Since they are incapable of reason, incapable of self-reflection, they don’t notice. Especially the medical people and government.

    “Australia elevated its relationships with the US and Britain to pool their efforts on the most important next-generation warfighting technologies.”

    Non-sequitur much? So for a trade embargo you’re going to…attack China and go to war, to bring them to heel? Because that’s the only way those two items match up. Of course the article says it’s really just a shakedown for a collapsing empire, broke and in need of sudden cash. It’s tribute: Oz sends money they don’t have, and get nothing in return but promises.

    P.S. Ain’t afraid of nothing. What would I be afraid of? A virus that kills no one, and a vaccine that kills no one, with medical enforcement nobody’s following? I am pretty annoyed though.


    So lions and tigers get sick with covid and immediately get treated with anti-inflammatory and anti-nausea medication, along with an antibiotic to prevent pneumonia. People get sick and are told to stay home until they can’t breathe, THEN come in for treatment.

    Head scratcher, that one.


    Upstate, they’re treated with dewormers that are not safe for humans. Much more research needed.


    I checked stats at Worldometer for separate South America countries (because of the graph at the top). They all show the same pattern. Bolivia, Argentina, Brazil, Peru, all of them. Cases fell off a cliff starting around June 1. Anyone know why that is?


    TAE is getting a lot of hits today because of my article yesterday, and the undertaker video, from American rightwing sites like and That happens from time to time, and I take it in stride. My perspective changed a lot the past 6-7 years, and Russiagate.

    Doc Robinson

    Ilargi: “South America countries…all show the same pattern…Cases fell off a cliff…Anyone know why that is?”

    Maybe because not so many people were fully vaccinated there? Just guessing. The experts don’t seem to be able to come up with any other explanation.

    Almost every country in South America has seen a drop in new COVID-19 case numbers—with the situation marking a stark contrast to tallies seen just weeks ago…

    Peru, where Lambda was first discovered, has seen its seven-day case average drop from its peak of 9,928 on April 13 to 845 on September 6. Its vaccination rate has been lagging behind some other South American countries, with only 33.4 percent of its population having had at least one dose of the vaccine

    Commenting on the this drop in cases across South America, Carla Domingues, an epidemiologist who ran Brazil’s immunization program until 2019, told The New York Times: “Now the situation has cooled across South America. It’s a phenomenon we don’t know how to explain.

    South America, Where Lambda and Mu Variants Broke Out, Sees COVID Cases Plummet

    Doc Robinson

    Checking to see whether this image posts:

    Doc Robinson

    In the graph, note that mRNA and adenovirus vaccines have the advantage of “rapid development” but are not considered to give the “strong and broad protection” of live attenuated vaccines.

    The graph is from an article by Japanese researchers.
    Could live attenuated vaccines better control COVID-19?

    Another article that’s similar:
    Should the world collaborate imminently to develop neglected live attenuated vaccines for COVID-19?

    Doc Robinson

    Full versions of the two articles I linked above:

    Could live attenuated vaccines better control COVID-19?

    Should the world collaborate imminently to develop neglected live attenuated vaccines for COVID-19?

    Doc Robinson

    “Non-sterilizing vaccines increase infection prevalence markedly because someone who is infected yet has protection does not know they’re infected and thus spreads it all over the place…Who doesn’t get screwed? Those who got the pathogen and built durable and broad natural immunity, as well as those who used sterilizing vaccines — if there is one…”
    [Karl Denninger, from his article above]

    [Live attenuated vaccines] “LAVs can block completely replication and transmission of the target viruses, and they can hence inhibit emergence of vaccine-escape and virulence-enhancing variants…”
    [Should the world collaborate imminently to develop neglected live attenuated vaccines for COVID-19?, linked above]



    Thanks for posting that interview, authentic and heartfelt. What will it be like when all the Deb Conrad’s are forced out? Seems like she has a strong case for wrongful termination. But who has that kind of time and resources to weather it out in a corrupt system. It just seems at some level, as you move up in an organization, a tin heart and a lobotomy is required.

    Yesterday, you posted an interesting link to the Swedish experience compared to other countries. The thing that is a bit confounding is the typical signals that show up in the data after mass injections. I gather most of the adult population is fully injected. It seems there might be a lag and at the moment they are in the calm before the storm.

    Doc Robinson

    Using Denninger’s logic, the South American countries aren’t continuing to get screwed by Covid-19 as much as North America, Europe, and Israel, because South America didn’t get as much of the non-sterilizing vaccines.


    Bolivia, Argentina, Brazil, Peru, all of them. Cases fell off a cliff starting around June 1. Anyone know why that is?

    Going into ‘summer’ and more Vit D???

    A black market for Ivermectin run by the drug cartels who now see more profit in generic off patent drugs banned by the Medical Mafia???

    Or they were too poor to buy the Cull Shot.


    @Doc Robinson

    If ‘they’ already released one genetically modified coronavirus from gain-of function research, why not another, and another and another?

    “They’ could have designed all the so called ‘mutants’ and are just releasing them as needed. Mutants are happening naturally anyway as a result of the mass vax, why not use that phenomenon as cover to release more lethal problematic designer versions?

    Do you really think ‘they’ would hesitate after all ‘they’ have gotten away with to date?

    How many versions of lethal spike protein do you think are possible???


    (especially if THEY read TAE)
    Executive summary

    VC, VD, Zinc, Ivermectin, HCQ helps the immune system

    Tests for covid are not reliable
    Vaccines will not stop the pandemic
    Vaccines have breakthrough infections
    Vaccines help covid variants to survive – Alpha, Lambda, delta, mu
    Vaccines give partial help
    Vaccine Booster shots help only for a few weeks
    Vaccines for covid don’t give immunity

    Survivors of covid have natural herd immunity

    Vaccine passports will not stop the pandemic

    The medical establishment getting wealthy
    The governments are printing money to give to the medical establishment

    The death rates are not at pandemic levels, ( stats at Worldometer)

    The herd is mindless and easy to manipulate

    Refugees, poor, and destitute people are not dying “en masse”, from covid

    THEY tell lies “It’s a phenomenon we don’t know how to explain.“


    Doc Robinson

    @ Oroboros

    I’m reminded of a comment a while back by Susmarie108 which has stuck with me, essentially “Do not underestimate them.” Perhaps it’s underestimating “them” to assume “they” wouldn’t use such evil tactics.

    By the way, June is the beginning of winter, not summer, in South America.


    Capitol demonstration

    No war. No insurrection. (Only expensive show of force.) Only peace

    Demonstrators are at home watching the goon show on TV.

    (Only the security, the garbage trucks, the photographers, the news media, and the street vendors, showed up,)

    Polder Dweller

    Civil disobedience, because you can’t change the game by keeping to the rules.

    Mister Roboto

    My perspective changed a lot the past 6-7 years, and Russiagate.

    Believe me, alone in that, you ain’t.

    Polder Dweller

    Well, I tried being more direct in my approach to the believers,saying that the jabs don’t work and they’re dangerous, but as several commenters told me, it doesn’t change anything. Believers gonna believe.

    Case in point, I had my annual medical at work during the week and of course the doctor asked me if I’d had the shot. When I told her that I hadn’t she asked me why and I said that I’d had C19 and therefore already had the best immunity there is. She seemed to accept it and I should have left it there, instead I blurted out that the jabs don’t work and that they’re dangerous. “Oh but they do work,” she said, “and very well, too!”
    I tried to argue, you know, using facts, but she was having none of it and refused to discuss further.

    This is from a recent ZH article, about the qualities the believers have. It seems about right to me:

    1. Smugness. An absolute, unwavering, and arrogantly condescending attitude toward all non-woke opinions. While a trait in itself, it is related to number 2.

    2. Lack of introspection. No trace of self-questioning or apparent inner monologue. No sense of fairness or understanding of relative opinion.

    3. Quickness to anger. Willingness to not only voice their opinion on any occasion, with anyone, even when outnumbered, but to do so angrily. A willingness to cut off any friend or family member who won’t comply with woke belief.

    4. Nihilist atheism. They will rant a lot about science, while at the same time ignoring science that doesn’t comply with their beliefs. They tend to assume you are dogmatically religious if you don’t agree with them. They will cling to a strongly negative nihilism believing that everything is ultimately hopeless, and that it is sardonic hubris to do or believe in anything (which ties into number 6).

    5. Dishonesty. They are willing to be openly dishonest to further their viral ideas. If they lose a point in an argument, they move on to a new point, never acknowledging or acquiescing that a point was lost. When all attack points are used, personal attacks begin. The past is a blank slate open to revision.

    6. Self-absorbed. This one took me a while to notice, but it seems a give-away idiosyncrasy that you are dealing with a woke-infection if the person has become abnormally self-centered, and in conversation, does not so much reciprocate, as talk about themselves, always positive or self-aggrandizing, often unrealistically. They may also insert self-pity, it seems to generally exacerbate a need for attention-seeking.

    7. Depression, low self-worth, anxiety. This one I also only noticed recently, it is likely the subconscious result of numbers 4 and 6 in particular. Any genuine personal questioning of the subject usually reveals deep worries and angst, and often mental health issues.

    Michael Reid

    They don’t need more versions of lethal spike protein

    They just need to keep the injections going and it seems like the mandates are designed to do that. No work, no food, no housing and no freedom unless you submit


    What makes conversations more difficult in Canada is the fact that it is non- vaccinated who are absolutely overwhelmingly getting sick enough to end up in hospital. In the short term, the vaccine wins (as long as you don’t draw a short straw end get an adverse reaction). ADE is a long-term issue that, if I understand correctly, will be very difficult to trace back to vaccination.
    Had another chat with a friend who works in Canada’s health regulatory agency- still not vaccinated because this person maintains her health is not good enough to produce an immune response. She seemed overall not nearly as confident in the vaccine route as most of the other chatter. She did not laugh me off when I mentioned ADE – just said we will only know how much of an issue this becomes with real world experience.

    those darned kids

    sumac.carol: may i humbly suggest that someone is playing tiddlywinks with those numbers.

    remember, inflation is “under 2%”..


    Refugees under bridge

    I hope that the buses taking away the refugees to reception centers are not “cattle cars”


    tdk said: “sumac.carol: may i humbly suggest that someone is playing tiddlywinks with those numbers.”

    tdk, if you’re referring to this part: “ Canada is the fact that it is non- vaccinated who are absolutely overwhelmingly getting sick enough to end up in hospital.” , I second tdk’s point.

    I’d be interested in solid data showing that it’s the unvaxxed getting sick. Until then..

    Figmund Sreud

    @ sumac.carol
    In Canada – from :

    Cases following vaccination
    Data extracted on September 14, 2021 for cases from December 14, 2020 up until August 28, 2021.

    While the COVID-19 vaccines are effective, there is still a small percentage of the population who are vaccinated that will still be infected with COVID-19 if they are exposed to the virus that causes it. This means that even with high vaccine effectiveness, a small percentage of the population who are vaccinated against COVID-19 will still get sick and some may be hospitalized or even die as a result of their illness. It is also possible that a person could be infected just before or just after vaccination and still get sick. It typically takes about two weeks for the body to build protection after vaccination, so a person could get sick if the vaccine has not had enough time to provide protection.

    Anyway, … at least at my end of the woods – Calgary, Alberta – you just can’t determine what’s the count of hospitalized that are vaccinated. You ask, … answer always is “None of them!”. You ask your family doctor, you ask 811 Health Information desk, you ask a politico, … same answer. Yet, in my sons’s grocery store supermarket (about 350 employees), vaccinated people get sick, take time from work, … some end up in emergency.

    In the media, … there is that constant “Get a vaccine!” It’s true, … a typical message I get nowadays daily in my in-box reads:

    “Alberta is in a state of an of emergency. ICU’s are bursting at the seams mostly from unvaccinated. Casey you must let go of all your research and convictions and get yourself vaccinated. please! –” , …

    Pffit! to all of them, … my response.




    Australia just jilted France after only a few months ago declaring what great like-minded, freedom-loving friends we are. Now we’ve become yet more entangled in US affairs and US ambitions, yet more losses of independence and freedom.

    I’ll try to be even-handed in this brief analysis: maybe the Antipodean PTB really do foresee great dangers in our future and they really do think that insulting and angering France, and putting our free trade deal with the EU at risk, is an acceptable price to pay.

    Good grief, we’ve really poked the dragon now, the very dragon upon whose trade and commerce depends almost our entire national livelihood. China could bring us to our knees in a week simply by cutting off most trade with us. It would inconvenience them; it would crush us.

    Trouble with living on an island, even of continental size, is that there’s nowhere to go; no border guards to bribe to slip under the wire. I gave up my Norwegian citzenship decades ago. I wonder if they’d let me have it back?


    ” Yet, in my sons’s grocery store supermarket (about 350 employees), vaccinated people get sick, take time from work, … some end up in emergency.”

    …. and I’ll bet the doctors will say, ” It was not because of covid or the vaccine”


    it is non- vaccinated who are absolutely overwhelmingly getting sick enough to end up in hospital.

    That would make Canada both the umpteenth country where this is reported, and the first where it’s actually true.


    Switzerland. —– A law was rapidly voted in by Parliament in 2020, giving emergency powers to the Federal Council re. COV19, empowering the Federation to order the Cantons to carry out xyz measures.

    The law included a section on —obligatory, mandated — compensation to biz. that had to close during lockdown, restaurants, bars, gyms, etc. plus helping out sport, culture, etc. All the lockdown etc. measures were ordered by previous extraordinary emergency laws by the Feds.

    The sum committed to the bail-out was roughly 35 billion CHF. (pop of Switz. 8.5 million.)

    It also provided a legal platform / springboard for Cantons to compensate ppl in dire straits; where I live, paid unemployment to illegal workers who could show they had worked for 3 months – not necessarily consecutive – in CH.

    It did not touch the Federal Council’s power to order sanitary or ‘health’ emergency measures, which are enshrined in the Constitution.

    It was immediately challenged, went to referendum, and garnered 60% approval in a popular vote, in June 2021.

    Ppl voted for it because of the financial compensation. Yet, the score against was very high, 40%. Against came mostly from: The Plateau (central CH), German-speaking ppl, Conservatives, Rurals, and the ‘populist’ right wing. (=> the categories that are usually used.)

    Almost everywhere there was at least a third of ppl who voted against, many did so contrary their personal financial interests. The People’s Party, VolksPartei (so called populist right), several associations, made no recommendations, took no positions, left the vote to ‘personal conscience.’ Nobody really knew what was going on… coming down.

    Now, a second referendum vote is coming up, on Nov. 28, 2021.

    It was launched by 3 associations, the most active, popular one, is *Friends of the Constitution*; together they collected about 180K signatures in 3 weeks, an absolute record they claim. Leaving out the details, a YES vote would annul the possibility of any implementation of a ‘green’ / ‘covid’ / ‘vax’ pass in any shape or form, and would forbid any discrimination / instituted differences between vaxxed / not, in all venues, circumstances.

    I’m not optimistic about the result, I hate to think about it and have held back from delving into analysis, a first for me… The MSM has been blaring: the vax will save us! That includes top radio stations (the Swiss are the biggest listeners of radio in the world it is claimed), all the MSM, etc.

    from swissinfo (eng) short descr. of the above.

    Figmund Sreud

    @ zerosum – …. and I’ll bet the doctors will say, ” It was not because of covid or the vaccine

    Well, … in Alberta at least, you can’t just go to your family clinic or your family doctor if you suspect COVID. This is strictly not permitted! Instead, you have to self-evaluate first! And if your self-evaluation (with a help from a telephone robot) strongly suggests COVID, your instruction is to isolate yourself. Yes! Stay put where you are for 14 days, … and in the meantime, if you sickness progresses to the point that you just can’t stand it anymore, … you are told to call 811 for a health consultation with a nurse. And if 811 nurse determines that you just might – might – need external intervention, … than you are instructed to call 911. 911, at that point, will scrutinize your call one more time and decide if indeed dispatch of ambulance is in order.

    Anyway, that’s how it all works, …



    This is my very first post on TAE (or any public forum). I have been a regular visitor of TAE for many years initially drawn to the macroeconomic issues discussed here. I have benefited greatly from all the posts and discussions during all these years, especially, the excellent coverage of the COVID-19 situation dismantling the official propaganda. I want to express my sincere thanks and gratitude to Raul, Germ, Doc Robinson, Dr. D, and every one else that has contributed so much useful information and analysis. I hope to make some useful additions to the analysis and discussion here. Btw, I am based in Seattle and have been working in the tech industry for 20+ years.

    Here is another proof-point of the real-world efficacy of Ivermectin: Uttar Pradesh is the most populous state in India with ~228M (2/3rd of US population) people, densely packed (likely the highest population density in India). It is also one of the poorest states in India. You would expect it to be teeming with COVID cases and deaths. On the contrary, It has been registering < 30 new COVID cases and < 1 death per day for the past several months. What did they do differently? Ivermectin.

    What boggles my mind is why other states in the same country, let alone other countries, do not see these results and adopt this successful approach. 68% of the cases in India (around 30-40K per day) are reported from one southern state of Kerala, which as far as I know, has not been using Ivermectin. The rest of India is almost free of COVID.

    Unfortunately, the Indian government and media, continue to aggressively promote vaccination even though it has been reported that the antibodies from the two vaccines in use – Covaxin (home grown) and Covishield (same as Astrazeneca) do not last more than 2-3 months.

    Michael Reid

    “ Believers gonna believe.”

    That is what I am seeing. I managed to get dad to watch less than a couple of minutes of the “These patients deserve to heard “ video that Germ posted and that was all he would tolerate. His comment was that can’t be true. If it was it would be on the news.


    Here is another article that talks about the success that Uttar Pradesh has had with Ivermectin:



    We covered Uttar Pradesh and IVM extensively here. A simple search should do.


    @ sumac.carol

    Fellow canuck ( S. On ) here. While personally upsetting at times, I live with a “true believer” . Even though I am judicious in which articles I forward on and suggest they are worth reading, I have found them categorically rejected.

    To her it is all about credibility. If m info comes from the nightly news or MSM papers, ok. Otherwise it’s from the crackpot internet, home to all wacko theories and so forth. The government and their agencies would never lie or ignore the real science!


    Capitol Hill
    I right.
    A few hundred people were outnumbered by security
    They went, “BOOOOOH”
    The gov demonstrated that they were afraid of the people.

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