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    The value of a smile

    I was at Home Depot this morning, walking to the restroom. Ahead of me, about halfway down the lighting aisle, with lamps hanging overhead, was an older lady with short silvery hair, pushing her cart. Our eyes met; she gave a welcoming smile. I smiled back. We passed each other, and I continued on my way, a good feeling in my chest.

    Then it occurred to me: neither one of us was wearing a mask. I wanted to go back to her and thank her for also not wearing a mask, for not communicating publicly fear of a virus. I didn’t go back.

    I realized that if we had both been wearing masks, that tiny interchange would not have occurred. Wow, I thought, how amazing it is that a simple, welcoming smile from a stranger can life my spirits and add to my day. And, how much simple, yet profound, communication do we lose by covering half of our faces.


    Here is a link to a powerful new Israeli documentary (with English subtitles) that consists of interviews with 40 people who suffered from serious COVID-19 vaccine injuries:

    Homepage English


    Covid death out of control in USA

    Hospitals over crowded.
    ICU overwhelmed
    Not enough nurses
    Not enough ventilators
    Running out of supplies
    Herd immunity is not happening

    Its not my fault
    Its all your fault.

    I told you what to do and you did not do it.
    Economy running hot
    More jobs posting than applicants
    Printing press running hot

    Don’t read, listen to non approved web sites
    Don’t read the good news from India etc.
    Don’t believe that vaccines don’t work
    Don’t believe that vaccines will give you health problems


    Very well done summary and back story to the creation of ‘sar-co-2


    Dr. Richard Fleming warns how future generations will condemn us all if we don’t stop the medical genocide


    I appreciate and believe your ad hoc poll. I believe that vaccines are better than doing nothing in the short term and maybe even in the long term (we don’t know yet), but the point is, they are forcing us to compare getting the jab against doing nothing.

    Here is a conversation I had with my brother:
    – Him: The hospitals in northern Idaho are overwhelmed with unvaxxed Covid patients
    – Me: How many of those patients were offered any kind of out-patient treatment when they first caught Covid
    – Him: I don’t know
    – Me: Probably few of them if any. The standard of care is if you get Covid, stay home until you think you might die and then come to the hospital. I believe that given home treatment the hospitals wouldn’t be overrun.
    – Him: So you believe there are such treatments?
    – Me: There are many doctors that claim there are
    – Him: But they’re not FDA approved
    – Me: Yes, the FDA, CDC, etc. have had 18 months to investigate early treatment. If they have I haven’t heard about it. The NIH finally recommended Vitamin C, D and zinc for prevention and treatment of Covid a few days ago. I have been called an idiot on line for suggesting people take these because they weren’t approved. Those alone might have prevented a lot of hospitalizations.

    The mainstream narrative has fought any kind of out patient treatment tooth and nail and presents the false dilemma of getting jabbed or doing nothing. I would ask why, but it would just be rhetorical.


    Spikes are Bad and Spikes in the Blood are Really Bad (installment 3 of ??)

    Installment #1 summary: There are certain factors, on the surface of cells, that mediate the entry of the spike protein. These have been identified as ACE2, TMPRSS2, Salic Acid (SA), CD147, cathespin B and L. All these factors involved in the entry of the spike protein have been shown to be expressed by the endothelial cells. Endothelial cells make up our vascular plumbing. They also make up our lymphatic plumbing.

    Installment #2 summary: Animation of influenza virus invading the lungs

    Debt Rattle September 21 2021

    The clot thickens.

    “Autopsies on people who died of the coronavirus are helping doctors understand how the disease affects the body — and one of the most remarkable findings concerned blood clotting, a pathologist says. Dr. Amy Rapkiewicz, the chairman of the department of pathology at NYU Langone Medical Center, spoke to Erin Burnett on OutFront (CNN) Thursday night (7/9/2020).
    Some Covid-19 patients are known to develop blood clotting issues, but the degree and the extent to which that occurs was described as “dramatic” by Rapkiewicz.
    In the early stages of the pandemic, bedside clinicians noticed a lot of blood clotting “in lines and various large vessels,” she said. “What we saw at autopsy was sort of an extension of that,” she said. “The clotting was not only in the large vessels but also in the smaller vessels.
    “And this was dramatic, because though we might have expected it in the lungs, we found it in almost every organ that we looked at in our autopsy study,” she said. Rapkiewicz’s study outlining her findings was published at the end of June (2020) in The Lancet journal EClinicalMedicine.”
    So, we are about 6 months into this thing, and they are finding that in severe cases the damage extends well beyond the lungs.

    Fun fact: According to Steve Black (M.B.Ch.B D.A. FFARC/P Medical Practitioner & Anaesthesiologist, Pilot, University of Leeds) The arm brain circulation time, which is the time taken for an intravenous injection [not intramuscular] in the arm [assume wrist] to pass through the heart and lungs and out up to the brain through the carotid arteries, is around 15 to 20 seconds.

    Diffuse alveolar damage (DAD) is characteristically seen in severe cases. Here is a schematic an alveolar sac.

    air sac

    Notice how the epithelium (air sac wall) and the endothelium (capillary wall) are simply one cell thick.
    Here is a video that describes the how this virus reeks havoc, not only on the air sac walls but also the capillary walls rendering them leaky. This would provide a pathway for the virus (spike) to enter the blood stream. Keep in mind this video made was early days (Mar2020) prior to Dr. Amy Rapkiewicz comments above regarding the autopsy evidence of clotting throughout the body.

    those darned kids

    how come some people get a platinum pass?



    Thanks for response yesterday Funny we caught Covid shortly after setting up camp along Lake Michigan. The beach/bike vacations are our favorites.

    I split time between a old Trek MT820 and a Trek Navigator 3.0. I estimate I have put about 15k miles on the navigator, a real workhorse. For MTB, I have a hard tail Rockhopper. Haven’t road biked much. Picked up an old Technium Tri-lite. The story behind the Tri-lite is that Boeing and Raleigh engineers were having lunch. The Boeing guys let on to the fact that they had a good process for thermally bonding steel and aluminum thus eliminating the weld. So the steel lugs/BB are thermally bonded to the aluminum top, bottom and seat tubes on this one.

    Anyway, love the bike, riding, fixing or reconditioning in my spare time. Picked up a couple dozen to refurb over the winter. Hope I get the time.


    Wuhan Scientists Planned To Release ‘Chimeric Covid Spike Proteins’ Into Bat Populations Using ‘Skin-Penetrating Nanoparticles’

    So how do we know that these psychopaths didn’t release Chimeric Covid Spike Proteins Using Skin-Penetrating Nanoparticles into New York City and Northern Italy at the beginning of the Plandemic to cause panic which would allow the emergency medical mafia tyranny to launch.

    Remember, the catastrophic conditions in NYC never spread to other cities in the US, not with the same intensity. Chicago, San Francisco, LA, Atlanta … didn’t experience anything approaching the levels of NYC ‘covid’.

    Northern Italy and parts of Spain conditions never spread to southern Italy or other Mediterranean countries with the same ferocity.

    Maybe ‘they’ just seeded certain areas to produce the necessary hysteria to get the Plandemic rolling.

    Do you really think ‘they’ wouldn’t?

    What, cause they’re not that immoral and unhinged?

    Veracious Poet

    If you watch the video V. Arnold is referencing that Germ posted yesterday, it is in fact many of the most intelligent, highly educated that fall under the spell of mass formation (aka hypnosis, mass psychosis).

    I’m sorry, but my experience is different…

    In my professional life I encountered 10s of thousands of the “intelligent, highly educated” & I’d estimate that since 1990 only 2 out of 10 had IQs higher than 100.

    My experience is that “most” were educated beyond their intellectual abilities as the curriculum was dumbed-down, all that was necessary was remembering & then parroting data during their “educations”, which required no critical thinking, many times PC thought was rewarded, with even failing students being passed to advance progressive agenda(s)…

    Of course, pushing student loans to anyone with a pulse is also part of the narrative, especially after O-blah-ma.

    I’ve also seen minority inner city residents with BAs that shouldn’t have received a high school diploma…

    America is now the land of diploma mills. Ribbons for everyone!

    And .GOV/.MIL bureaucracies are chock-full of these “special” people 😐

    Gone are the days when America produced geniuses like Kelly Johnson & crew that designed the SR71 with slide rules in 6 months, having to utilize low commercial grade titanium because it was the best they could acquire.

    Hell, when I was in K-12 we weren’t even allowed to use calcs for mathematics, for 20+ years children have PCs to do their thinking for them…

    All part of the plan?


    CCP Dissident Claims China Released COVID At Military World Games In October 2019

    “In a shocking revelation that raises serious challenges for the official narrative about COVID’s origins inside China, new claims from an exiled CCP whistleblower allege that Chinese agents released COVID at an international sporting event in Wuhan in October 2019.”

    Ya know, in the ‘old days’ I wouldn’t have given this headline much credence, but now, it might actually be correct.

    I’ve been lied to so often about the Plandemic, I’m open to a walk on the wild side.

    those darned kids

    excellent resource for arguments nobody will listen to:

    30 facts you NEED to know: Your Covid Cribsheet


    Oros: “Maybe ‘they’ just seeded certain areas …”

    Yup. What else explains why what happened in, for example, NYC didn’t also happen in other densely populated cities? I started questioning that fact early on in the process. Then when you add in the fact people in refugee camps, homeless camps, India slums, prisons, etc., weren’t dying by the thousands … well …


    The local retirement community is becoming short-staffed. I was just asked by a long time client who lives there if I would please come before class next week and help the teacher to successfully connect her laptop to the television because the staff person who used to be tasked with this, and who was very proficient – found a new job because he refused to be vaccinated. The staff person who replaced him couldn’t figure it out. I’m going to make easy money off of this situation. This is hilarious-ironic. The unvaxxed employees all leave, and now they have to pay (more expensive, also unvaccinated,) outside help to come in and fix the issue.


    Veracious Poet:

    Re-slide rules versus calculators:

    I started electrical engineering using a bamboo slide rule. (Yes, I am dating myself!) Then half way through the school switch to calculators as calculators prices had fallen to $50 versus $35 for a slide rule.

    Let me tell you, our exams got a lot harder! Now the prof could put many more questions on the exam since the calculators greatly reduced the time to do the math. No more nice clean answers either!

    With slide rule, the prof could maybe ask 3 questions in an one hour exam. Time was needed to rub the bamboo sticks together. This made it easier to study for an exam as the prof was limited to just asking questions on the major topics covered in a course.

    With calculators, suddenly the prof could ask 6 questions! So everything changed! Now we had to study both the major and minor topics. Our exam approach also had to change. If you couldn’t figure out quickly how to solve a question, you had to force yourself to move on to the next question. Time management became more critical.

    With a slide rule, you had more time to solve each question. Not so with calculators! It had to be bang, bang!

    Calculators were a double edge sword!


    Posting this again minus the links. First posting disappeared.

    The august, science-affirming, academically-powered, trustworthy blog known as The Conversation just did it again: censorship!

    This morning they ran this: “Ivermectin shows us how hard it is to use old drugs for COVID. Here’s how to do better next time”

    People started to make comments, some of which did not support the narrative. I weighed in with what I’ve posted below. About 10 minutes later I reloaded the article to see who else had made comments, and lo and behold! all comments had been deleted and the comments closed off. Yep, science has been replaced by ideology.


    Here are some articles to digest.

    1. Ivermectin, successfully used in India, confirmed as Covid treatment by Bombay High Court


    The accused are served legal notice for their attempt to undermine the authority of the Bombay High Court and obstruct the use of Ivermectin for Covid-19 treatment.

    3.Uttar Pradesh government says early use of Ivermectin helped to keep positivity, deaths low, claiming that timely introduction of Ivermectin since the first wave has helped the state maintain a relatively low positivity rate despite in its high population density.

    4.HUGE: Uttar Pradesh, India Announces State Is COVID-19 Free Proving the Effectiveness of “Deworming Drug” IVERMECTIN

    5.Indian Bar Association vs WHO | Adv. Dipali Ojha with Rajiv Malhotra

    Advocate Dipali Ojha of the Indian bar association and a team of young indian lawyers have issued a legal notice to the world health organization over their blatant campaign against any alternative treatments. (Watch this asap before Youtube delete it.)

    The Indian and Australian stances simply do not comport. In view of the evidence from India, I would say that the Indians have it right and the Australians don’t.

    Mister Roboto

    Yup. What else explains why what happened in, for example, NYC didn’t also happen in other densely populated cities? I started questioning that fact early on in the process. Then when you add in the fact people in refugee camps, homeless camps, India slums, prisons, etc., weren’t dying by the thousands … well …

    Indeed. One would only need to have it happen in the nation’s economic capitol and largest city in order to get the rest of the country all nice and freaked out. I’m not easily brainwashed, but what happened in NYC had a lot to do with why I mostly bought the Covid Official Narrative (TM) for as long as I did.

    Mister Roboto

    In a shocking revelation that raises serious challenges for the official narrative about COVID’s origins inside China, new claims from an exiled CCP whistleblower allege that Chinese agents released COVID at an international sporting event in Wuhan in October 2019.

    If this is actually the case, I suspect that other powers and influences in this world who were behind the plot wanted China to be the one to pull this off. After all, if it were ever to be found out, then a notoriously nasty authoritarian regime could be the fall guy!

    Michael Reid

    Today I have been harvesting wood for winter. I have been feeling saddened by the realization that many of my speculative conclusions seem to fit with reality we are experiencing.

    Two moose were harvested here today. I found myself thinking about how in nature predator populations increase when there is lots of prey, how lots of prey can destroy their food supply in their natural environment, how to many predators can destroy all the prey and thought of the Great Awk which we brought to extinction.

    Humans at current population levels and the way we live is destroying the environment we need to survive.

    The Great Reset Cull seems to fulfill many objectives. I noticed the term machine fairly often recently in my reading regarding our civilization. I found myself reflecting on my work term experience at an Ontario Hydro transformer station in the protection and control group. Bad events cause breakers to trip isolate faults and shed loads and protect the system. Similarly I see this culling as a load shedding of sorts.

    @ Veracious Poet
    There are still intelligent people many of which are captured by the narrative. I feel it is because they have lived an enjoyable life and trust the government to do what is best. Perhaps it is because their life experiences have not been broad enough to see the big picture and certainly many have been programmed by the media.


    Everyone should read the following
    (Let your leaders research and find the lies)

    30 facts you NEED to know: Your Covid Cribsheet

    1. The survival rate of “Covid” is over 99%.
    Almost all studies on the infection-fatality ratio (IFR) of Covid have returned results between 0.04% and 0.5%. Meaning Covid’s survival rate is at least 99.5%.

    2. There has been NO unusual excess mortality.

    3. “Covid death” counts are artificially inflated.

    4. The vast majority of covid deaths have serious comorbidities. In March 2020, the Italian government published statistics showing 99.2% of their “Covid deaths” had at least one serious comorbidity.
    These included cancer, heart disease, dementia, Alzheimer’s, kidney failure and diabetes (among others). Over 50% of them had three or more serious pre-existing conditions.

    This pattern has held up in all other countries over the course of the “pandemic”. An October 2020 FOIA request to the UK’s ONS revealed less than 10% of the official “Covid death” count at that time had Covid as the sole cause of death.

    5. Average age of “Covid death” is greater than the average life expectancy. The average age of a “Covid death” in the UK is 82.5 years. In Italy it’s 86. Germany, 83. Switzerland, 86. Canada, 86. The US, 78, Australia, 82.

    In almost all cases the median age of a “Covid death” is higher than the national life expectancy.

    6. Covid mortality exactly mirrors the natural mortality curve. Statistical studies from the UK and India have shown that the curve for “Covid death” follows the curve for expected mortality almost exactly:

    further info …..


    the average life expectancy in Canada is 80.
    “Covid death” in Canada is 86


    @Michael Reid

    Years ago I was helping design a landscape for a wealthy client in Connecticut and the issue of deer browse damage came up. Lots of expensive plants and the client didn’t want them to be the deer’s favorite meal.

    So I contacted the leading deer browse damage guy, a professor at U of Ct and we talked about which plants deer loved and hated and I adjusting the landscape plan accordingly.

    We got to talking about deer populations in CT historically. He said pre-1929 depression era, Ct had roughly 114,000 deer approx.

    By 1940 (pre WWII) the deer population of Ct was thought to be roughly less than 100. That’s one hundred, almost extinct within the boundaries of the State of Connecticut

    He said “poaching, year round, people were starving during the depression and deer meat kept many a family going.”

    I mention this to you because in hard times, the ones coming up whe the US economy collapses in a tidal wave of greed and corruption on a scale unprecedented in *World History*, there won’t be ANY game left in the woods, ANYWHERE.

    Even the remote areas will be systemically poached, not just for meat to feed the locals, but poached for ‘foreign exchange currency’, i.e. trade able dried cured smoked meat will be Gold, exchangeable for many different products outside the area they were poached in.

    Had WII not come, deer would have gone totally extinct in Connecticut in 10 years.


    Re seeding the virus in selected cities, and countries, and having multiple versions to choose from and inocculating people with anything from saline solution to toxic blends of various concentrations I personally favor the most outrageous suggestions,. For one thing, they are most easy to deny, and for another they make for the best medical thriller plots. The official story is incredibly unimaginative.


    While ‘the virus’ raged in NY and Northern Italy, it barely registered in the slums of Delhi and Calcutta despite being ‘super contagious’ and spread into every other corner of the world.

    I guess the slums of Delhi and Calcutta had ‘special’ powers that NYC didn’t have.

    absolute galore

    zerosum wrote: absolute galore, yesterday, #87696, made a list of failed wars that are still happening

    One of today’s NYT headlines: The World Is at War With Covid. Covid Is Winning.

    Another one: Analysis: Biden Declared the War Over. But Wars Go On.

    Too bad my little city paper cancelled my column for this week–we would have been right there with the zeitgeist.

    Note the way the NYT framed this news:

    F.D.A. Authorizes Pfizer Booster Shots for Older and At-Risk Americans

    The authorization applies to Pfizer vaccine recipients who are over 65 or at high risk, including those who are often exposed to the virus in their jobs.
    The move sets up what is likely to be a staggered campaign to deliver the shots to the most vulnerable Americans.


    Well, here is a headline at Bloomberg that is nauseating.

    Vaccinated Pregnant Women Pass Protection to Babies in Study



    “FDA authorizes coronavirus booster shots for people 65 and older and those at risk of serious illness, including from job exposure”.

    The US government could no longer avoid doing a risk benefit analysis for the mRNA vaccines. The approval of Pfizer’s Comirnaty Vaccine without a public hearing showed the power of corporations over the state. Two things have changed since then.

    First, the mRNA vaccines do not stop viral transmission. The vaccinated are becoming ill, hospitalized and dying. English data indicates the delta variant is more deadly to the vaccinated than the unvaccinated. The vaccinated can be super-spreaders. At best being vaccinated in the long term only prevents serious illness and death for very roughly 50% to 80% of the vaccinated. Vaccine mandates and passports are pointless. mRNA vaccination only makes sense for the elderly or those with co-morbidities who are certain to be exposed to the virus. It could give them a year or more of life.

    Second, Joe Biden withdrew from Kabul. The corporate/state Empire Blob wants him disposed for this. The current President is Donald Trump, Jimmy Carter, Gerald Ford, and Dick Nixon all wrapped up in one. The failed US government is about to collapse if the Democrats who control government can’t pass a budget or raise the debt limit.

    The 1898 Russian flu lasted for seven years before it mutated to a less deadly variant. This time, the best and brightest injected half of the US population with a none sterilizing coronavirus vaccine that selects for more virulent variants because it makes them rich.

    In fact, the only way western civilization will survive is to restore functional public national health systems and government by and for the people. More pandemics, climate change storms, heat domes and wildfires, plus resource wars are all guaranteed. But, as pointed out here, consent of the governed is gone.



    I’ll just leave this one here…


    The saying goes: “if you ain’t part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.”


    One thing folks need to keep in mind about the island of Newfoundland is that moose were introduced around 1900 or so. Since there are no wolves on the island, the moose have no real predators, so man has the job of harvesting moose every year to prevent the moose from over grazing, then starving.

    There are about 100,000 moose on the island of Newfoundland! I think that works out to 1 or 2 moose per square km! Or about 1 moose per 5 Newfoundlanders!

    In the entire province of Ontario there are only about 100,000 moose, showing how wolves keep the moose in check.

    The other interesting thing about the island of Newfoundland is that there are no deer or raccoons either! Actually there are quite a few more critters not on the island. The reason for this is that during the last ice age, about 12,000 years, the entire island was covered with ice wiping out all existing wild life. Since then only critters that manage to somehow reach the island got to call the island home. Then of course man has introduce a few critters, like mink, for better or worst.


    The saying goes: “if you ain’t part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.”

    What is the solution?
    What is the solution that won’t end my life?
    What is the solution that won’t end my good life in this social/economic system?

    What is the problem?
    You go a problem. I don’t got a problem.


    My dad (a boomer, from northern UK) used to raise chickens as a kid. If you have some grain, land, wire mesh plus wood and time you can create quite a decent little ecosystem for the chicks. You get fresh eggs, hens and cockerels. The grain needed to support them is not as big as one would imagine.

    It’s a shame that so many in cities are all so divorced from mother nature that they cannot see how bountiful nature is.


    @zerosum – that comment was intended for the village troll

    Doc Robinson

    “Only 65 out of 33,000 healthcare workers (0.19%) in Maine have quit their jobs over a statewide vaccine mandate”

    This is not much of a story, because their deadline for vaccination is October 1, with a possible grace period until the end of October.
    Also, the national trend seems to be waiting to be fired instead of quitting before the deadline.

    From a local Maine newspaper:

    “It illustrates how slowly vaccinations are increasing in the state. Health care workers are supposed to be vaccinated by Oct. 1, but many providers are treating Mills’ decision to push the enforcement deadline until October’s end as a grace period. They do so amid a national worker shortage putting stress on hospitals and long-term care facilities struggling to provide services. Workers not vaccinated by then will not be allowed to work and likely fired by facilities.”


    Next crack in the vaccine narrative:

    “The city has suspended vaccinations in order to test its entire population…”


    Another middle-aged person done in by the vaccine:
    A friend of my partner’s best friend died a few days ago from a heart attack. He was in his 40s. He had been vaccinated about 6 months prior.


    A number of people from Edson, Alberta are in ICU after attending a “COVID party”, where they hoped to achieve natural immunity.

    The report is vague. A number of people could mean 2. How about some real numbers. At the end of the report they ask the hospital for specific numbers but none are reported. None of these reporters seem interested in the complete story. I would ask how many of all the people in that hospital for Covid 19 were offered early out patient treatment? Probably none. It’s again the false choice, leaky vaccine or nothing until you are in the hospital.

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