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    The noose tightens.
    My daughter and I love Broadway musicals. My friend and client had no one to go to one with, so she invited us a month ago for a performance in late October. Today she was notified that vaccinatuon is required to attend for age 12 and up, exceptions only made for those with medical or religious exemptions.

    I can’t risk my life and health for a play. Maybe I can get an exemption — it was going to be right before my daughter’s birthday.

    I now know exactly what the Jews felt like as Nazism gathered steam.

    My slogan for tomorrow’s rally: It’s not SCIENCE, it’s COMPLIANCE.


    Covid Statistics for Dummies


    Vaxxed – GOOD
    no deaths few cases hardly any adverse reactions

    UnVaxxed BAD
    lots of deaths and cases

    #1 Fake case

    ‘They’ are not publicly counting people who’ve been vaxed and show up in the ER within 14 of clot shot.

    To keep the adverse reaction but fully vaxxed numbers down and the unvaxxed numbers mislabeled but going up.

    A two for one event.

    Scares the Sheeple into getting vaxxed because only unvaxxed are ending up in ER.

    #2 Fake Death

    Person dies of a gunshot wound but ‘tests’ positive with the fraudulent PCR test cranked to 45 cycles and counted as ‘covid’ death.

    That’s not a real ‘covid’ death but it scares the sheeple into getting vaxxed.

    #3 Fake Protection

    Vaxxed but still gets ‘covid’

    Vaxxed but still spreads ‘covid’

    Vaxxed but still needs ‘booster’ shots every 6 months for the rest of their locked down lives until they inevitably die from an adverse reaction. Maybe takes 5 or 6 boosters to finish them off with adverse reactions. No problem, at least half the sheeple will comply until deceased.

    Masked but still gets ‘covid’

    Social distanced but still gets ‘covid’

    Avoid church and weddings and funerals but still gets ‘covid’

    4# Fake Treatment

    NOT told to take zinc, Vit C, Vit D, quercetin, etc

    Told NOT to take Ivermectin or HCQ

    Told to take Remdesivir (to kill your kidneys)

    Print this the carry it at all times for reference.


    Spikes are Bad and Spikes in the Blood are Really Bad (installment 4 of ??)

    Here is my current working theory.

    The virus will attach to a host cell that has an ACE2 receptor using is surface spike protein. Once inside the host cell, hidden from the immune system, it will make many copies of itself. The host cell dies and now there are many new copies of the virus available to attach to more host cells. Cells with ACE2 receptors are found throughout the body.


    The spike protein is also capable of binding to Sialic Acid (SA). The blood is a target rich environment for SA. Red blood cells (RBCs) are coated with it. Once attached to an RBC, it can move throughout the body until conditions are favorable for it to attach to a call expressing ACE2. The affinity for the spike to bind to ACE2 is much greater than SA. Fluidic forces, like turbulence, could free the virus from the RBC, possibly damaging it. Also in regions of slow blood flow and high virus count, RBCs and the viruses could clump up due to the SA binding properties. This would impede blood flowing in that region ultimately causing vascular damage.

    Though this video is about cancer, there is enlightening info about SA.

    I first started to consider the role of SA in a Covid infection after seeing the figure below. These are some of the viruses that are in the corona virus family. It shows the different types of host receptors for binding. Also, shown is the growing affinity for SA going from left to right.


    The corresponding paper is linked here.


    @Dr D: as always, thank you.


    “Restoring” Germany’s Civil Service), a wave of discriminatory actions were taken across Germany in order to “purify Germany of the Jewish spirit” after the Nazis took power. According to historian Alon Confino, the Nazis and other Germans made 1,448 laws, policies, and decrees designed to remove Jews from the country’s political, economic, and cultural life between January 31, 1933, and August 31, 1939. In 1933 alone, 316 anti-Jewish measures were taken in Germany by the national, state, regional, and local governments as well as by civic associations throughout the country. The following is a partial list of the anti-Jewish laws, policies, and decrees made in 1933.

    Berlin: Jewish physicians are excluded from the list of doctors approved to receive patients under welfare and health insurance plans.
    Prussia: Jewish judges and lawyers working at courts are immediately removed from office; the percentage of licensed Jewish lawyers should be equal to the percentage of Jews in the population; Jewish lawyers cannot represent the state.
    Cologne: Jews cannot use the city’s sports facilities.
    Frankfurt: Jews must submit their passports for verification.
    Cologne: Jews cannot be employed in the city public administration.
    The German Boxing Association expels its Jewish members and will not work with Jewish entrepreneurs to organize events.
    The Law for the Reestablishment of the Professional Civil Service removes Jews from government service.
    The Law on the Admission to the Legal Profession forbids the admission of Jews to the bar.
    The Law Against Overcrowding in Schools and Universities limits the number of Jewish students in public schools.
    Bavaria: Jews cannot be admitted to medical school.
    Palatinate: Jews who are arrested for political reasons can be released from jail only when one of their guarantors or a physician who attests to their poor health will replace them.
    Baden: Yiddish cannot be spoken in the cattle markets.
    The Law on Editors bans Jews from editorial posts.
    When sending a telegram by phone, it is prohibited to use Jewish names for spelling.
    Zweibrücken: Jewish businesses are forbidden to participate in the next annual market.
    Jews cannot own land sold by peasants.
    District of Bütow: Peasants are prohibited from selling their products to Jewish merchants.
    The following organizations expel their Jewish members: German teachers’ associations, gymnastic and sports associations, the Association of German Blind Academics, the German Chess League, the Reich League of German Authors, and singing associations.
    Jewish newspapers from abroad are prohibited.
    Jewish students must have a yellow card instead of the regular brown student card.
    Jews are prohibited from practicing pharmaceutics.
    Jews are prohibited from visiting the following beaches: Berlin-Wannsee, Fulda, Beuthen, Speyer, and others.
    Jews cannot be part of the lottery sector.
    Jews cannot be jockeys.
    The mentioning of Jewish holidays in official and business calendars is prohibited.
    Jewish businesses are prohibited from displaying Christian symbols at Christmas.


    @Coach Bob
    Thanks for your response to generic. I cannot believe that some people still take Covid numbers seriously. We have been watching information-turds for 18 months now and people are still looking for undigested peanuts?


    Since we’re going anecdotal, recently I went to another large event (baseball game in St. Petersburg, FL) where attendance was 10,000. Weeks ago I was at a race with 60, 000 in attendance. No mask, no vax either place. Everything squared away with the doctor about the risk to my hearing from blood clots, though no note. I’m adamant about not getting the jab. After the 60, 000 event, I waited 5 days and tested negative. I’ll likely test negative again if I get the urge to get tested again. My guess with me is that either I’ve already had it (have natural immunity), have cross immunity from another coronavirus in the past, or a genetic disposition toward immunity (from a population bottleneck, which was in my branch). So I’m not too fearful of the virus itself.

    Know three who had the vax and went to the hospital for different things (ER, then went home because the doctors just so happened to not know what the source was). None have contemplated boosters yet (the ex is adamant about not getting another shot) thus far. My unvaxxed half sister is probably going to get it to keep her job (she’s in SW Virginia) but I’m hoping they won’t go through with mandates. Unvaxxed half brother and his girlfriend got a doctor’s advice to not get it due to autoimmune issues, so they’re safe, but I haven’t spoken to them in awhile.

    My thoughts on Xiden’s mandates tend to see it from an economic angle having nothing to do with health but see it as an attempt to destroy demand to stave off hyperinflation (huge rise in debt plus supply chain shortages) by taking many out of the labor force to shift the demand curve. The real effect would be to either A) cause a hot war that completely destroys the economy or B) hyperinflation followed by extreme deflation and default. Too simple, but nonetheless the most likely scenario. Especially given the Evergrande situation.

    Mister Roboto

    Just read Ernst Wolff’s article about “the master plan behind the Covid crisis” linked earlier in today’s comments. Very intriguing theory that connects most of the dots. The thing I wonder about is what role the drive to “vaccinate everybody” plays. My suspicion is that it facilitates the “control” agenda by making everybody dependent on a never-ending series of booster-shots, but they didn’t count on what an utter clusterfuck these injections would turn out to be.

    John Day

    @Saul Goodman: ‘s all good, man!
    Couldn’t resist.

    It’s a moral and spiritual test.
    Request guidance.

    John Day

    @Phoenix Voice: “SCIENCE” means COMPLIANCE

    V. Arnold

    V. Arnold or others. Is there an Indian Pharmacy that excepts PayPal? Please provide link if you see this

    Below is the link to the site I used…twice; yes they take Paypal….
    Sorry I’m a bit late to post…


    V. Arnold
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