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    Hasui Kawase Moon at Megome (woodblock print) 1930   • Early Treatment vs Stay at Home Until You Can’t Breathe (Burk) • The Lesson Of Ivermectin:
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    Herd stupidity – Cherbourg elder Uncle Bevan Costello

    Sept 10th – ” I feel more confident now I’m fully vaccinated …”

    Sept 16th Now I’m DEAD!!


    Polder Dweller wrote, “I have to say that I don’t personally know anyone (yet) who has actually had a severe reaction to the jabs.” That’s the way I felt, and I wanted to decide what I was willing to believe. My conversations with relatives and friends was my attempt to decide. So, I came to the conclusion that I am willing to believe that perhaps 30,000 people in the US have died from the vaccinations, but I am not willing to believe the 200,000 figure.

    I trust Dr Peter McCullough more than anyone else I can think of regarding the novel Corona virus epidemic. When he says 41,000 people have died from the vaccines in the US, UK, and EU, I accept that as a reasonable number, although I suspect that is a minimum.

    I don’t consider Steve Kirsch to be a knowledgeable authority figure, and I reject his data. That could change in the future with more data and additional people coming forward with cogent arguments.

    Using McCullough’s figure, someone in the US would have to know about 10,000 people to have a good chance of finding one killed by the vaccine, and perhaps know 200 people quite well to run into one with serious injury from the vaccine.


    Here’s another data set that I rejected. On 26 July, a chart was presented with a set of Covid survival rates for various ages. I don’t know where these rates came from or what data was used, but they looked a bit suspect to me. I used population figures adapted from the 2000 census to calculate the expected deaths assuming 100% of population was infected.

    Ages Rates % Population Deaths
    0-14 99.9998 71,400,249 143
    15-44 99.9931 147,205,608 10,157
    45-64 99.9294 73,413,874 51,830
    65-85 99.6297 36,441,317 134,942
    >85 98.2499 5,023,911 87,923
    333,484,959 284,995

    The other day, Denninger was using 20% of the population as currently the total percent previously infected. Then the total deaths would currently be 56,999. I consider this way too low, and therefore the survival rates are way too high. We know the Covid statistics are unreliable but probably not so bad as to count 57 thousand dead as 700 thousand. Naturally, all individuals need to determine for themselves what the risks are and what their tolerance for risk is.

    I’m currently leaning in the direction of the Mayo Clinic data, and I will need some considerable convincing to deviate from their case fatality rates by a large amount: New York 2.34%. California 1.50. Florida 1.42. Texas 1.59. Ohio 1.65. Wisconsin 1.14. Colorado 1.17.

    Some have argued for good reason that the number infected and the dead are over-counted. Others have argued for an under-count. Both are most likely going on for specific reasons. My guess is that over all both infections and deaths are being under-counted with the infections under-counted more than the deaths. Because the deaths are more reliably counted than the infections, I suspect that these Mayo Clinic rates are too high, but I would much rather overestimate the risk than underestimate it. Those who consistently underestimate risk are prone to win Darwin Awards.

    Mr. House
    absolute galore

    From the MSN link posted above by Germ:
    In early August, Liverpool Hospital was the site of another outbreak after a partially vaccinated student nurse tested positive for the virus

    At the time, the infection quickly spread to patients and other nurses working in the geriatric and vascular wards.

    More than 10 deaths have been linked to that cluster.

    That kind of science reporting would seem to be misleading at best. How were they linked? What was the cause of death for each patient? What was the age and health status of those who died? What did the autopsies reveal? Certainly all this data would be meticulously recorded after such a devastating outbreak in a single hospital. It would help to include this to keep the discussion on a rational plane, no?

    Yet all we get is “10 deaths linked.”

    Mr. House

    “My point is if operation pandemic is designed to usher in a great reset, then the virus is “designed” not to go away until all the real tangible wealth has been transferred and the digital-paper mirage collapses. I’ve written about this before. What prolongs the crisis? The variants. Who is making the variants? Look not to the narrative and propaganda designed to distract you on both sides (unvaccinated vs. vaccinated), but at the data. Watch the most vaccinated countries and where the variants and surges are occurring. Keep in mind, though, that data can be easily manipulated. Also, take a look at the historical studies on antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE). I’m not a scientist but I’ve heard several doctors say (not on mainstream media) that you should never vaccinate during a pandemic for this very reason. I plead ignorance on the science—I don’t know. But I do know that something is very wrong in all of this.”

    The Purpose-Driven Pandemic: What is it here for?

    D Benton Smith

    Can you feel it ?

    I do.

    The “Everything Bubble” (and I mean Power, and Hubris as well as Money and “Assets”) is about to pop.

    It already has, actually . . . elsewise these words would not even be happening.

    Indeed, we can SEE thst it has popped, and we are now just waiting for the sound to arrive, like the blast wave following a distant nuclear explosion. (sight and that light waves it’s based on is always quite a bit faster than sound and the shaking of “solid” foundations).

    If some wight of the mighty happens to be reading these lines for amusement while waiting to receive yet another trainload of unearned riches and/or power let me impart a word to the unwise :

    Duck and cover, motherfuckers. The peasants are coming. And that means you are going away.


    Far as I can remember, this is my first Twitter ban.


    The reason why is this tweet, which is about the Rice University article about quantum dot tattoos. Rice University can post it, but I cannot repeat their words. Is it about mentioning Bill Gates? They mention him too.


    And for the record, I think those things are insanely scary. Ostensibly introduced because people don’t remember what vaccines their kids have had. Yeah, sure.

    Doc Robinson

    Israel excess mortality data has been withdrawn?

    The latest weekly excess mortality update from the European Mortality Monitoring Project (EuroMOMO) was published today with this curious announcement:

    These graphs were generated in week 2021-38 with data from 28 participating countries…
    Israel did not contribute to this week’s data.

    All the Israel data for previous weeks has disappeared, too.

    Coach Bob

    ALL of the numbers are BS. Basing any argument on the existing numbers is pointless, useless, and very problematic. PCR tests run at high amplification cycles are upwards of 97% false positives. PCR tests do not confirm infectious disease without a physician’s clinical eval, which has not been the case. PCR tests, without simultaneous test to rule out influenza and other diseases are pretty worthless. Ascribing all deaths to Covid where a person had a positive PCR test (see above) within 28 days of death is ludicrous. Yet that is what the data reflects. Ditto for hospitalizations. Ambulance brings ina car wreck victim. They jam a swab up his nose and pull out a false positive PCR test. He gets put in the ICU for auto injuries yet is counted as Covid. He dies from injuries. Again, Covid. All utter fear mongering, totalitarian inducing BS.


    And there’s the next ban, this time without specification of which tweet offended the overlords


    Mr. House

    Uh huh. How could that be? I would imagine everyone in the nursing home was vaxxed. Unless your goal of vaxxing during a “pandemic” was to create more variants. Thank god we only have the most selfless, moral, and honorable people in charge of this shit show 😉

    John Day

    My friend of 50 years, Larry, in rural Australia, sends this 4 minute video from Rebel News, of Australian police firing rubber bullets and tear gas at a few peaceful and fairly dispersed construction workers on the streets of Melbourne. They are very rough to a skinny lady after knocking her to the ground, and really ple on a man they have shot in the head with a rubber bullet, who is lying pretty still and saying he can’t breathe. There is a big “anti-terrorist” vehicle that they move down the street with as they shoot at people with rubber bullets and tear gas canisters.

    Doc Robinson

    Graph from the article in The Sun linked by Mr. House:

    Some loaded words (spread, killer) and it shows total deaths per state, instead of deaths per 100k residents.


    TAE – Compare Advise, high risk of bias, lying or truth

    From the Casino, – Gamble wisely
    From the Investment Advisor, – Invest in a diversified portfolio
    From the Med. industry, – Get vaccine info from us
    From TAE as reliable source of info. – concerned bloggers, – Get info, evaluate, verify, compare. Don’t rush into making a decision.
    (Remember, there are scammers everywhere.
    Our social/economic systems are built on lies, bias info., manipulation)


    While the covid situation in Alberta Canada is apparently in a crisis, a look at their data shows that it follows the pattern of other locations. For example, 90 % of deaths involved 3 or more pre-existing conditions, while 80% of covid ICU admissions involved at least 1 pre-existing condition.

    Doc Robinson

    The CDC published a report on the R.1 variant back in April 2021, about the outbreak in the Kentucky nursing home which happened in March.

    A story today in Newsweek says that only a couple thousand cases of R.1 have been identified in the US, and there have been no new cases since almost two months ago.

    More than 2,250 sequences of R.1 have been detected across the U.S. in total—but there have been no new cases for the past seven weeks.

    Yet, the headline is “R.1 Variant With Dangerous Mutation Has Spread Most in These States
    Move over, Delta, R.1 is the new boogeyman.

    Mr. House

    Has anyone read about the 600 dollar transaction limit that banks must report to the IRS that is part of the new “infrastructure” bill? Its currently 10 grand, but lowering the limit to 600 will help to make the wealthy pay their fair share? Everything is “newspeak” these days. They also had a portion in the bill where all new cars must have sensors which will detect if you are drunk driving and the car can be shutdown. Everything is always for your own good, it would be easier to swallow if from time to time the wealthy and powerful were held to the same standards as the peons 😉

    Mr. House

    everytime you pay the rent the IRS will be notified!

    John Day

    Twitter suspended the account of the new Surgeon General of Florida.
    You are in ok company, I guess.
    @Mr. House: reporting all $600 transactions effectively makes all transactions over $600 “electronic”, doesn’t it?
    It will put retail gold-bullion dealers out of business, I suspect.
    Most of their transactions are under the $10k limit.
    It’s what their customers prefer.

    John Day
    Mr. House

    “reporting all $600 transactions effectively makes all transactions over $600 “electronic”, doesn’t it?”

    Indeed, and i would also suspect that this would only add costs to any bank that is small. The better to create mergers for the larger ones!

    Saul Goodman

    Has anyone had any luck or stories regarding getting the J&J jab (I am assume it is the only option for anyone who doesnt want mrna tech) and utilizing the protocol from

    Obviously the way the world is going we are trying to make the best decisions possible. I am a sole bread winner for a family of 3 kids and a wife who is a retired nurse (to stay with the kids), so obviously her job was a back up job but not now. The cost benefit would be since I have a high paying white color job, to make the sacrifice for the family so they can remain non-jab. Tough decisions all around, would love some comments from this crew. Thanks.


    Trump will never die as long as the democrats need to say, ” Its not my fault”

    Mr. House

    How to win friends and influence people: or convince people who think you’re trying to replace them with cheap labor that you are!


    @ generic
    “ The other day, Denninger was using 20% of the population as currently the total percent previously infected.”
    I know where that stat comes from. It is the blood bank study, ran July 2020 – May 2021, in several states. They tested the blood for antibodies to Covid. Antibodies to the nucleocapsid protein were found in 20% of the blood samples. With the delta variant causing such a kerfuffle in the past few months, that should be higher by now, but I’ve seen no data set to confirm it.


    I’m of the opinion right now that since we are essentially in the middle of a massive stage 3 clinical trial with these vaccines, death and injury post vaccination should be suspected as vaccine related until proven otherwise. The work required to prove otherwise is the work that needs to be done to determine whether these vaccines can ever be seen as “safe.” Besides…maybe they are safe-ish for most of the population. Maybe the adverse effects are because of underlying conditions that could be tested for prior to vaccination (at the very least, antibodies from prior Covid infection could be tested.). If we don’t presume a relation until it can be ruled out…we’ll never have the data to know one way or the other.

    (In the meantime…don’t pressure folks to get vaccinated.)

    I’m planning to attend a rally supporting medical freedom tomorrow morning on the grounds of the Arizona capitol. I’ll let you all know how it goes.

    Doc Robinson

    Saul Goodman: “… the only option for anyone who doesnt want mrna tech”

    I don’t know, but you might be able to arrange a short trip to Mexico to obtain the WHO-approved Sinovac vaccine, a conventional inactivated virus vaccine. I looked at the clinical trial results for Sinovac (and posted here about it a couple months ago), and the reported adverse events for Sinovac were significantly less serious than for the mRNA shots.

    As far as whether Sinovac would qualify for the vaccine mandates in the US, it’s notable that for New York City’s indoor vaccine mandate accepts the Sinovac vaccine given in another country.

    How can you prove that you’re vaccinated?

    – A picture of your Centers for Disease Control and Prevention vaccination card
    – NYC COVID Safe App
    – New York State Excelsior App
    – The actual CDC vaccine card
    – A photo or hard copy of an official vaccination record of a COVID-19 vaccine administered outside the United States, including AstraZeneca/SK Bioscience, Serum Institute of India/COVISHIELD, Vaxzevria, Sinopharm, or Sinovac.

    However, the Johns Hopkins University, for example, has changed their policy and now only accepts the FDA-authorized shots: “Individuals who have uploaded to the Vaccine Management System documentation of vaccination with Oxford/AstraZeneca, Covishield, Novavax, Sinopharm, or Sinovac will be contacted and asked to schedule an appointment to receive one of the FDA-authorized vaccines.


    @ absolute galore

    “ Yet all we get is “10 deaths linked.””
    Good call. They may have been patients already in hospital for life threatening issues and then on top of that contracted Covid…we just don’t know. “With Covid?” “From covid?” “Severely compromised health and from covid, but it was the tip of the iceberg, any cold or flu virus would have done it?”

    Michael Reid

    But their power is not based on their money, nor on their possessions or their weapons, but relies solely upon one factor. And that is the ignorance of the majority of people, i.e. the majority doesn’t understand the evil game that this minority are playing with them.

    This article may have been posted before but it is the first time that I have seen it. It takes a look at Covid from the financial perspective and the motivation for its implementation

    The master plan behind the Covid crisis


    Did anyone else notice the similarity between a video game and the Australian riot control police actions? We certainly have decoupled human emotion from violent action over the past couple decades through the ubiquitous habit of playing video games for hours on end, haven’t we?

    those darned kids

    <scary>IT MAKES YOUR SNOT ORANGE!!!<morescary>

    first horse paste, now kids' medicine!  what's next, common sense!?

    Saul Goodman

    @Doc Robinson
    I am in USA, work for a very large private company. They have made it so that you are not able to enter our offices without a Vax. They consider being Vaxxed as the typical definition of the three currently authorized.

    Ironically, to avoid medical records keeping, they are housing the date via third party so only a couple of our HR people will have access to the data should a vendor ask if an employee we send into one of their facilities is compliant (if asked only). Also they are using an honor system for exemptions, however, you cant come into the office without vax (circular logic and their way of not taking an official stance of mandating). Also the database I presume could be used for ‘whistle blowers’, should i enter my office and someone know i am not vaxxed, report me to HR, they check the date base (which again is you uploading your info via the honor system of your CDC card, which i assume for now is honor until they can tie it into medical records, technology i am sure to be sold in the near future, which is why lying has never been my idea).

    I am in business development, essential a sales, client facing, and very heavily mobilized role.

    They are all over the place for a multibillion dollar corp. But technically i have 3 optioins for shots.


    Anyone who believes that 600,000+ people in the US died FROM covid in the past 18 months needs to get their hands on a crowbar and somehow extricate their head.

    Mr. House


    The movie Toys with Robin Williams suggested that video games would be used by the military to create the soldiers of tomorrow!


    “ Ostensibly introduced because people don’t remember what vaccines their kids have had. Yeah, sure.”

    Implementing this technology is treating humans like animals. We have language and writing. It has been with us for millennia. Yes, it can fail….but I have the original vaccination books for all three children, up to date, in a fire safe box. With it is my own vaccination record book, from the 1970s.

    John Day

    @Saul Goodman:
    If you have those 3 choices you should take the J&J, after pre-loading with vitamin-D, aspirin and antihistamine, like Zyrtec/cetirizine.
    If you have been taking 5000 units/d of vitamin-D long term, you are good on that count.
    If you have not been taking vitamin-D at that dose (or with a known blood level), then take 200,00 – 300,000 units once, 3 days before the vaccination. You will have a normal blood level on that day. That is #40-#60 pills of 5000 units. Take it with a meal. You might take the higher dose if you have more than enough body fat.
    10 mg cetirizine and 325 mg aspirin for 10 days, starting 3 days before vaccination, should reduce your risk of adverse reactions. 1000 mg of vitamin-C twice per day on those days would not hurt, but I see it as less important.
    You can find other opinions, I am sure.

    John Day

    That should read “200,000 – 300,000 units of vitamin-D”


    Raul: From 9/11 to Covid. It’s a straight line.

    Thierry Messan compares the two, under the angle of ‘refusing to debate’ ..

    Recall Amerithrax (9/11 commemorations commentary goes over some same-old ground, thermite, building 7, no planes, with nothing new or interesting published or even considered, afai can see, of course I may be missing stuff..) and ignores this bio-attack, minor to be sure, but which had a big impact at the time.

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