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    The Statue of Liberty in Paris, outside Bartholdi’s workshop 1884     Whenever I bring up something Hillary Clinton has done or failed to do
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    “’is something to be said for the argument that if you have to choose between two really bad options, pick the worst in order get it over with faster. ”

    The problem with that argument – I can’t find a single instance in history where any similar move in a government has turned out at all well for the common people. With possibly the single exception of the American Revolution.

    Trump is very likely to introduce real chaos in governance, Clinton not so much.

    Most recently – how did the “Arab Spring” turn out? With the loss of the certainly horrible existing governments – the governments now in place are arguably much worse, and the “rule of law” has been really lost, these are now police states.

    It’s ongoing in the Philippines. What a horror – and it does not look like that situation can go anywhere but down. What power exists there to re-establish any kind of un-corrupt police, or judiciary, or executive branch?

    I see no path up for the Philippines, short of what is historical precedent – horrific, murderous revolution to establish a new strong central government .

    The cycle is ghastly. But I see no benefit for our species in insisting the chaos and murder phase is necessary – since the outcome is pretty much always a new system as bad as the old.

    We won’t “get it over.” Who – what entity, what power – is going to drive the “getting over”? There is none. The American Revolution was exceptional; largely because the powers to come out the other side were pre-existing. We’re non in the same place now.

    Far more likely with Trump and chaos is an outcome like the French, Russian, and Chinese revolutions. Millions upon millions of dead.


    Greenpa, the chaos you talk about is already here, and Trump didn’t bring it.

    John Day

    If our real masters are ready to accept their losses, keep their heads down for a decade, and get on with the massive reset, they can substitute-in Elizabeth Warren, and she can announce that Sanders will be Secretary of Labor, right away.
    Swallow that medicine fast boys, because you may not get another chance!

    V. Arnold

    IMO, Biden is the logical choice to replace Clinton.
    Biden is a Russophobe, war hawk, and the real masters (shadow government) would carry on as before.
    It isn’t so much who sits in the oval office, but a sympathetic soul makes things easier…


    The woman is simply not well. Her forgetfulness, swallowing problems (? with secondary aspiration pneumonia), repetitive motion disorders, and falling tendencies could easily be symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. We cannot take the chance of electing somebody with a progressive and debilitating disease to the Presidency. She needs to share the results of an HONEST and COMPETENT current medical examination with the electorate without delay.


    Hillary is unelectable because she is clearly a corrupt criminal and to top it off is far too unwell to assume such an office.

    In fact, it’s starting to get downright confusing to pick a reason why she cannot and should not win.

    Trump as the only other choice is clearly a far, far superior choice. He represents the start of the war for real change, which must include resurrecting freedom of the press and anti-corporatization of government. No leader is perfect. — why is anyone so shocked by that truism. But you start to scratch the surface of what Trump truly represents, and you realize he is a necessary first step, and the only one the American people have if they are going to reclaim freedom in their country. It would be another clarion call heard around the world, not unlike Brexit.


    The US election is shaping up to look eerily similar to Brexit. I called it Joe Bageant meets Brexit in the Sep 14 Debt Rattle, great article from the Atlantic.


    Unelectable just doesn’t matter. So much money and power has been invested in her, she remains quite “Selectable.”

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