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    Fan Ho East meets west 1963   For those of you who don’t know Andy Xie, he’s an MIT-educated former IMF economist and was once Morgan Stanley’s c
    [See the full post at: Only China Can Restore Stability in The Global Economy]

    Ken Barrows

    Why would the 2018 US midterm elections change anything? The USA is going to elect a bunch of radicals? No way, it’s Goldman or…Goldman. The reason for the downfall will be something central banks cannot fix.


    “The Fed has a printing press.”

    ‘Nuff said. Too soon to take cover. We haven’t even entered the “Crackup Boom” phase yet. QE4 will be a doozy.


    Wow, thanks Ilargi. That was very insightful. I tend to think that it’s either them (i.e. China) or us (i.e. west) that’s gonna get screwed but we is more like anybody on the wrong side of the economical apartheid wall of low interest rates, like Max Keiser likes to say, either here or in China.


    The global economy never has been and never will be stable as long as there’s a profit incentive to make it unstable. Most likely, only widespread asset crashes will bring it down to what appears to be a new “stability”, but that would only be temporary and, as always, illusory.


    Useful analysis. Odd that “Big Data” has not led to any improvement in economic theory or policy. The built-environment Technosphere is consuming, polluting and displacing the systems of Nature: Atmposphere, Hydrosphere, Lithosphere and Biosphere. Food production comes from sugar-carbohydrate farming at the industrial agriculture scale. Not sustainable in biological terms. The economy “story” is kept going by adding zeros to the spreadsheet, but Nature can not be played like that. If the technology collapses, the people will not know what to do. Zombie Apocalypse is perhaps the future. Restoring the Natural Capital that Humanity had at the advent of agriculture is not possible. Having left The Garden to create our own, Empire after Empire has taken too much and faced collapse. A more fragile environment struck by natural events is not resilient, so a lesser age, seemingly darker, follows. Communities have always survived. Activity shrinks to fit the real resource base. Big data does not appear to be informing the people today. The algorithms enable the butcher to put his thumb on the scale to get the price he wants. It is about “story”. Life is all for entertainment. Work is for slaves.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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