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    For the children…and the small child inside all of us. For the classroom full of dead children laying in our collective pool of blood…murdered by another broken child. For the broken adults…who continue the cycle of abuses. For the truth seekers, seeking courage and tenacity to end the cycle of abuse and neglect. Life is worth living if we may preserve it for all forms of life. For the coming days ahead when the battle will rage and destructive forces of terror will be silenced permanently.

    “Throwing Stones”

    Picture a bright blue ball just spinning, spinning free
    Dizzy with eternity
    Paint it with a skin of sky
    Brush in some clouds and sea
    Call it home for you and me
    A peaceful place or so it looks from space
    A closer look reveals the human race
    Full of hope, full of grace
    Is the human face
    But afraid we may lay our home to waste

    There’s a fear down here we can’t forget
    Hasn’t got a name just yet
    Always awake, always around
    Singing ashes, ashes, all fall down
    Ashes, ashes, all fall down

    Now watch as the ball revolves
    And the nighttime falls
    Again the hunt begins
    Again the bloodwind calls
    By and by, the morning sun will rise
    But the darkness never goes
    From some men’s eyes
    It strolls the sidewalks and it rolls the streets
    Staking turf, dividing up meat
    Nightmare spook, piece of heat
    It’s you and me
    You and me

    Click flash blade in ghetto night
    Rudies looking for a fight
    Rat cat alley, roll them bones
    Need that cash to feed that jones
    And the politicians throwin’ stones
    Singing ashes, ashes, all fall down
    Ashes, ashes, all fall down

    Commissars and pin-stripe bosses
    Roll the dice
    Any way they fall
    Guess who gets to pay the price?
    Money green or proletarian gray
    Selling guns ‘stead of food today

    So the kids they dance
    And shake their bones
    And the politicians throwin’ stones
    Singing ashes, ashes, all fall down
    Ashes, ashes, all fall down

    Heartless powers try to tell us
    What to think
    If the spirit’s sleeping
    Then the flesh is ink
    History’s page will thus be carved in stone
    And we are here, and we are on our own
    On our own
    On our own
    On our own

    If the game is lost
    Then we’re all the same
    No one left to place or take the blame
    We can leave this place and empty stone
    Or that shinin’ ball we used to call our home

    So the kids they dance
    And shake their bones
    And the politicians throwin’ stones
    Singing ashes, ashes, all fall down
    Ashes, ashes, all fall down

    Shipping powders back and forth
    Singing “Black goes south and white comes north”
    In a whole world full of petty wars
    Singing I got mine and you got yours
    And the current fashion sets the pace
    Lose your step, fall out of grace
    And the radical, he rant and rage
    Singing someone’s got to turn the page
    And the rich man in his summer home
    Singing just leave well enough alone
    But his pants are down, his cover’s blown

    And the politicians throwin’ stones
    So the kids they dance
    And shake their bones
    And it’s all too clear we’re on our own
    Singing ashes, ashes, all fall down
    Ashes, ashes, all fall down

    Picture a bright blue ball
    Just spinnin’, spinnin, free
    Dizzy with the possibilities
    Ashes, ashes, all fall down
    Ashes, ashes, all fall down

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    I asked for an apology…She of-course says I’m arrogant I tried. I failed.

    You tried but did not fail. They failed you and society and themselves. Tis impossible to “un-brainwash” these sick and twisted f’s and their virtue signalling cult. Better success may be found in encouraging them to get another “booster” ad nauseam until they drop dead.

    Elites Use U.S. Military to Destroy Forces Unaligned with Globalization

    Yep, I believe Smedley Butler had a few words to say about this oh, 100 years ago. He won lots of medals to prove his point I guess.

    CSNY Carry On

    Coke heads all of them- yeah sure, teach your children well and all that garbage, another line? Of course Neil Young went full retard recently- pushing safe and effective lies and advocating for censuring free speech. Reel it in and get real rather than worshiping coke head pop star liars?

    To attain enlightenment you have to see your nature. Unless you see your nature, all this talk about cause and effect is nonsense. Buddhas don’t practice nonsense. To say he attains anything at all is to slander a buddha. What could he possibly attain? Even focusing on a mind, a power, an understanding, or a view is impossible for a buddha. A buddha isn’t one-sided.The nature of his mind is basically empty, neither pure nor impure. He’s free of practice and realization. He’s free of cause and effect.

    A buddha isn’t a buddha. Don’t think about buddhas. If you don’t see what I’m talking about, you’ll never know your own mind.


    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 23 2022 #108377

    What We Learned from Hating the Unvaccinated

    Only weeks ago, it was the admitted goal of our own leaders to make life unlivable for the unvaccinated.

    “We invented a new rubric for the good citizen and — failing to be one ourselves — took pleasure in scapegoating anyone who didn’t measure up. After months of engineered lockdowns, having someone to blame and to burn simply felt good.

    So we cannot hold our heads high, as if believing we had logic, love, or truth on our side while we viciously wished death upon the unvaccinated.”

    Scott Morrison sheds tears as he gives last prime minister’s speech at his Horizon church

    Awww the fat fucking “Liberal” scum tyrant sheds tears and admits defeat. FU Morrison and all Liberal tyrannical filth like yourself.

    FU Biden you retarded pos- wishing death and illness on Citizens who will not submit to your poison forced vax injections. FU and die a horrible death Bidet. The same scum pedophile Bidet who wants to continue death, misery and suffering in Ukraine to cover his own criminal activity, and cover the crimes of his crack head pos son “Hunter” who licks prostitutes asses with DOD $$$. FU “my body my choice” bitches who hypocritically cherry picked your right to kill unborn while ignoring the right to choose not being forced experimental ineffective poison Vaxs. Nice parenting forcing your kids these injections too bitches.

    Never Forgive, Never Forget. Liberal Democrat Scum have overplayed their hands… the reckoning they have coming is their own doing and will thankfully be their undoing because they are hypocritical filth. Being surrounded by Hostile Bi Polly Gender Fluid Non Binary Trans Gender attention seeking narcissistic self righteous creatures with purple/green hair that want to force their personal misery and mental illnesses on everyone around them is EXACTLY what the article above expresses.

    I truly wish to be left unmolested by their garbage to live a simple healthy happy wholesome life- a peaceful and creative existence. When the filth of the Democrat Liberal Extreme Leftists is being shoved down your throat by Govt, Corporations, MSM and Society- yeah, it’s time for a “build back better” society to rid the planet of their toxicity. Rant Over- Let the Revolution commence.

    in reply to: War Is Over But They Won’t Tell You #108107


    But you’re still a pissant.

    You can change your meds, you can change your dress, but you can’t change yourself

    but, but what happened madamski?

    You said you were “done here” and yet you still lurk like the butt hurt jerk

    hahahaha- I told you you’d be back. Psychos like you just/can’t/stop

    Now Fuck Off you sniveling little coward

    Well Look Who It Is-

    Look who it is
    Look who it is

    Well, look who it is that’s been meeting you suddenly.
    Well, look who it is, I can see you remember me.

    Yes, I’m the one who believed I just didn’t need you,
    Then started feeling blue. Look who it is

    Well, look who it is, Did you think I’ve forgotten you?
    I realized that you may have found someone new.

    Baby, now I realize I have made a big mistake.
    There are teardrops in my eyes and my heart is about to break.

    Well, look who it is with his hand reaching out for mine.
    Well, look who it is, everything’s gonna turn out fine.

    Oh, I have waited so long and prayed that I meet you.
    You with all your charms. Look who it is it’s you and you’re in my arms.

    Woe, look who it is.

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    Horrible if true-

    Thanks Gaawd iim vvaxxxidattteddd…

    Brought to you by the no jab / no job foundation. We will fire you, starve you, ruin you unless you do what we say-

    Do what we say or we’ll kill you. Do what we say and we will kill you.

    Wow tough choice following orders these days. Show me your papers NOW motherfukrs.

    99.9% survivability of covid bio-wpn though you’ll never be the same again.

    99.9% US politicians lying cheating criminal brainwashed scum murdering you.

    99.9% US corporations lying cheating criminal scum brainwashing you.

    Step right up, winner every time, place your bets.

    There is some Righteous Vengeance watching in real time the collapse and implosion of the Hate and Lies Empire… Pity they may take all of us down Jim Jones Kool Aid style. Remind me who the real terroristas enemies are?

    in reply to: Victory Day in the Motherland #107659

    “The defening noise once again reached a crescendo. Wailing was all around, in a dreadful many-voiced choir. Earth and mud dashed against the open wounds. I crawled towards the next prone body. He lay face down in the earth; a white mess of brains had sprayed across his tunic. He had mercifully lost consciousness; his breathing was like a clogged motor, jerky and gurgling. His death throes made his limbs tense and twitch. Then that great calm came over him.

    Hour after hour passed by like this … When the shelling and screams had finally grown silent, only groaning, whimpering, cursing, praying, protests and invectives could be heard, along with the death rattles of the dying. They lay everywhere, among the meadows and sunflower fields – the dead and those who did not yet know whether they, too, were to die. A swarm of low flying aircraft swept past and freed a few from this uncertainty.”

    Barbarossa Unleashed, Wehrmacht Dr, Russian Front 1941

    Glory to the Motherland, death for Nazis and those who support them.

    The Empire of Hate and Lies chose poorly.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 7 2022 #107486

    Oh noes, she impregnated him. Liberals are a special breed these days can’t you see?

    Clinton’s, Obama’s, Biden’s- all criminals. Covidian Cult Branch- all insane.

    They want to control you or murder you if you do not obey their cult command ideologies.

    No thanks, I’ll pass on both non-options.

    So what to do? I mantra daily, not to change anyone else, but to cultivate myself as an organic human be-ing.

    Don’t fuck with me, and I you. Plain reality, the Liberal Covidian Democrat Cult have pushed too far into forced injections for a job or for a child to attend indoctrination education. They are censuring and now trying to own truth and force what to think, not how to think. They are toying with Nuclear War, actively forcing Conventional War and destroying Economies.

    They are actively poisoning bodies and destroying minds- actively hunting children for sexual rape, health rape and mental rape.

    If only they were noble enough to take the Vietnamese Monks path of self immolation. But the desires they have and the 3 poisons they wield- greed, anger, ignorance/delusion must be taken from their clutches to render them powerless.

    They are completely out of their minds and out of control.

    No amount of goodwill, legal ramifications, voting, praying or mantras will reverse their path of total destruction. Did not work with Adolf’s, Stalin’s, Mao’s or Franco’s cult and it will not work with the Liberal Cult. Clearly it is Americas turn to self destruct and destroy the World with it. Ready to stop this bs insanity yet?

    They have broken the unspoken social contract of human decency.

    You can probably surmise the steps that will be required to de-Cultify the West (Putin did). No amount of wishful thinking will work- The Republicans could see Russia from Alaska- the Dems can see Ukraine from DC. None of them can see decency in their own hearts.

    Their madness has been forced upon us and into us literally. For the sake of all species and future life and a beautiful planet-

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 26 2022 #106875

    Safe and effective. But the scariest part is here:

    Harris had been scheduled to receive her intelligence briefing at 10:15 am ET Tuesday

    Really, Oros, must we see those freaking Hunter pictures? The guy is disgusting.

    Never fear- photo is proof Hunter Biden is prepared to give Kamala her own special head intelligence briefing !

    Take a load off Hunter, take a load for free
    Take a load off Hunter, and you put the load right on Kamala

    Catch the cannonball, now to take me down the line
    My bag is sinking low, and I do believe it’s time
    To get back to Miss Fanny, you know she’s the only one
    Who sent me here, with her regards for everyone

    Oh the Weight these Days, cheers to the load being on them.

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    Queens Bitches and the Motherlander

    performing an ode to journalists in prison or hiding- “The Guns of Brixton”

    When they kick at your front door
    How you gonna come?
    With your hands on your head
    Or on the trigger of your gun

    When the law break in
    How you gonna go?
    Shot down on the pavement
    Or waiting on death row

    You can crush us
    You can bruise us
    But you’ll have to answer to
    Oh, the guns of Brixton

    The money feels good
    And your life you like it well
    But surely your time will come
    As in heaven, as in hell

    You see, he feels like Ivan
    Born under the Brixton sun
    His game is called survivin’
    At the end of the harder they come

    You know it means no mercy
    They caught him with a gun
    No need for the Black Maria
    Goodbye to the Brixton sun

    When they kick at your front door
    How you gonna come?
    With your hands on your head
    Or on the trigger of your gun

    Shot down on the pavement
    Waiting in death row
    His game is called survivin’
    As in heaven as in hell

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 20 2022 #106476

    Facts- My Local, State and Federal Govt have attacked the citizens with psychological ops, forced lockdowns, forced masks, forced injections. All of these forced mandates are of extremely dubious nature both scientifically and ethically.

    Beliefs- All of the Organizations and Personal supporting, encouraging and enforcing these mandates should be stripped of all power and their livelihoods and THEIR personal freedom so that they may never do such harm again.

    Pivot to Ukraine War- Uniquely it is the same Clan/Cult that are “invested’ in advocating more destruction, control and death with their hypocritical War mongering.

    My reality? Both the Covid Cult and War Clan members are hypocritical scum causing immense damage locally and globally. They are destroying life, harming and damaging human lives, brainwashing
    and lying. They are doing this for their own personal pleasure and profit- be it financial gain or personal power gains within their cults.

    Awareness and Truth are wonderful potentials for a meaningful life. Do No Harm. When others seek and actively pursue harm, when they lie, cheat, steal, rape, torture and abuse- then what? Let them carry on abusing? No I don’t think so. They have gone too far for too long. Why? Because they are allowed the space to do so.

    It is time to close that space for their continued abuses. They will always try to continue abusing until they are stopped. Do not confuse yourself for one minute any longer- Compassion and loving kindness in action may also require harsh words and strong brutal responses- honorable violence is just that.

    When someone physically attacks you and gets the upper hand on you, when another comes to your defense and thwarts the attack on you- will you be grateful or offended a complete stranger (not a paid cop) took action to defend you?. This is the Spirit of community. Psychological and emotional attacks are just as sinister yet not as obvious- they may mess you up worse.

    Is it not obvious these past years that we are all under sinister attacks physically and psychologically? If you have not prepared yourself then begin now- if you are not willing to defend truth, love, social contracts, natural law, or spiritual principles then get the f out of the way. Courage negates cowardice and one simple action can change the planet and Universe to the direction of growth, balance and wonderful potentials for all. I’m not on this planet for my ego, I’m here to learn, grow and take action when necessary.

    Truth to Power, when they no longer hear or accept truth- if you can listen with awareness then you’ll know just what to do.

    My greatest respect towards the truth seekers and writers- Assange, Snowden, Manning, Gonzalo, Raul and all the others. Bring the light- and sometimes rip the curtains down violently to let it shine.

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    Rather than buying food and ending hunger of their own people in China, they gave that money to a hunger charity of the VP. And that’s not influence peddling, aka “Bribery.” Explain.

    Ouch, crystal clear. Bidet’s mandates of force poisoning everyone or you lose your job, go hungry and bankrupt was crystal clear as well. Bidet is an evil corrupt pos, as is the DIm party. The Dims went full hypocritical retard with Russia gate, Covid and now UKR- fuck them all to hell Social Justice style.

    Rebublicans. So look at how useless they are and how little they ask.

    Yep, Repubes- same garbage scum, just alternating between good pig/ bad piggy. There is no lesser of two Evils in the US Regime- they both suck. As the Empire collapses they will self-destruct. Team America F yeah-

    Pure Blood, Pure Heart, Pure mind, Pure Intent

    There is no way out. Except re-uniting under truth and morality, helping each other. The only thing that can replace the universal lies and failure of man is spirituality

    Yep Homey, Ready and willing as I know many others are as well. That spark is coming… Year of the Tiger and all that.

    1914- WW1
    1938- WW2 Czech
    1950- Korea
    1962- Kennedy / bay of pigs
    1974- Watergate
    1986- Chernobyl
    1998- Kosovo/ Clinton-Lewinsky/ Juharto
    2010- Wikileaks afghan/ Arab springs/ Swine Flu
    2022- Ukraine / Bio Weapon Labs and here we are

    2022 Water Tiger – Explosive Energy of Rebellion and Freedom

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 11 2022 #105940


    The next few months will see if the privatized corrupt Russian Army can defeat an invaded nation that’s mobilized its people. I admit I am prejudiced. I was drafted into the U.S. Army

    Calling bs – Nam and Ukraine are entirely different. You were used like a rag doll by your own Imperial scum govt and military that did not give a flying fuck about you or the Viet ppl. They lied to you then and are still lying to you now. Raping torturing murdering and poisoning the Vietnamese ppl because they wanted their freedom and independence does not, and never did justify you following their orders to do so.

    There will never be a shred of dignity for those who followed orders from the scum US regime in Vietnam- war criminals all.

    If Vietnam Invaded the US it would be a whole different story. The US is solely responsible for all of the murder now happening in Ukraine, Not RF.

    I’m finally glad and proud of the RF for finally standing up to the scum bully of the planet- the US regime.
    Go have a nice vacation in Vietnam now, enjoy the clothing they make which you probably wear. If Americans don’t have the balls to stand up to their own immoral govt and military, particularly the US soldiers who took an oath to defend the Constitution- then they are hypocritical cowards with zero dignity.

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    Live Free or Die

    Perhaps Carlin’s modern version would be- ‘Live Free or the smug, delusional, narcissistic scum who are trying to dehumanize you into slavery must f’n die”

    “A US appeals court has reversed a previous ban on the president’s sweeping vaccination requirement for federal workers” Lets Go Brandon and all Liberal scum Democrats supporting this horror. Torture children and the general population that don’t agree with your Tyranny? Well you can just eat shit and die- looking at you Deflatulance slurper.

    The Empire of Hate and Lies will be eviscerated in time- Truth, Love, Honesty and Courage will prevail.

    Let me please introduce myself
    I’m a man of wealth and taste

    Pleased to meet you
    Hope you guessed my name, oh yeah
    But what’s puzzling you
    Is the nature of my game

    I stuck around St. Petersburg
    When I saw it was a time for a change
    I rode a tank
    Held a general’s rank
    When the blitzkrieg raged
    And the bodies stank

    I shouted out,
    “Who killed the Kennedys?”
    When after all
    It was you and me

    Just as every cop is a criminal
    And all the sinners saints
    As heads is tails
    Just call me Lucifer
    Cause I’m in need of some restraint

    So if you meet me
    Have some courtesy
    Have some sympathy, and some taste
    Use all your well-learned politesse
    Or I’ll lay your soul to waste

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 31 2022 #105254

    I don’t know why I feed you.


    Hahahahahhaha. Time for your last meal. Slurp slurp slurp Faucis ass juices one last time then proceed outside for your curb stomping.

    It’s almost as if you don’t wish others good health or an affordable, effective, accessible, natural healing option. Slurp slurp more ass juices you ignorant scum.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 29 2022 #105137



    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 29 2022 #105136

    “I am Mr Mcadams ! “

    This may be the best 2 minutes of interview on Ukraine I’ve seen encapsulating the media madness circus. holy batshit crazy, be sure to scroll down for the remix dub 🙂

    Just Wow- spent the day deep diving UKR far right Azov Militia development over the years. This was just the levity medicine to round out the torture, abuse, murders from UKR

    “The West still thinks they can push the whole world around. I don’t know how it hasn’t registered yet that they can’t do this anymore. It is fascinating to watch.”

    in reply to: Bankruptcy For Moderna, Definitely Pfizer #102721

    “As usual, Raul, your social leadership has it backwards and is counter-productive.
    Now, I admire women far more than men, but I own a pair of cock’n’balls. You may have heard of those?
    You have, in my very earnest opinion, little if any clue about this social forum thing, and I’ll leave you to your own devices now that you’ve clearly outed yourself.
    I’m very much done here.”

    Promise? Door hitting you in the ass and all that, bet you’ll be climbing in a side window “back” in no time. With what? Another fake character cross dressing account, spamming pics and all.

    Attention Seeking Disorder is Real, as is your Narcissistic personality disorder. Does not matter what kind of attention as long as its attention on you right? Me me me me. everybody pay attention to Meeeee !

    This blog and info presented here are not about YOU, jackass. I’ve often wondered if you were intentionally trying to distract away from the pertinent information being discussed here. That may in fact be true. Either way, it is crystal clear you have mental health issues and impulsive control issues along with being completely tone deaf.

    It is not about you regardless of your obnoxious spamming, fake accounts, cross dressing pics, constant attention seeking behavior etc., try face book rather than using TAE for your personal entertainment?

    I was contemplating how nice it would be if you limited your bloat to two posts per day? Or striking a deal with you that I would donate to TAE if you would kindly show some respect around here and stfu.

    My bet is you can’t do any of those things. You can’t restrain yourself nor can you help yourself. Attention seeking narcissist personality disorder on full blown display.

    Now that my finances are getting back in order I will donate here anyway. The content information here is the truth I seek so I find it better for me to stfu and just read. There is a book called “The Zen Teaching of Boddhidharma” by Red Pine. Get yourself a copy, sit on a cushion, find some inner peace.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle November 5 2021 #91932

    TAE strikes me as a place that honors truth, honesty, integrity, and basic human values of decency.

    The systemic lies and abuses spun from Govt/Corporate structures exemplify that it is in fact human beings that lie and abuse- not some building or structure of the “system”. Systemic abuse merely hides the reality that it is humans that do the lying and abusing.

    What is the difference between a Govt/Corporation lying, deceiving, deluding and gas lighting- and a poster here who pretends, lies, gaslights, obfuscates and antagonizes others through their own personal lies and delusions for their own selfish entertainment ?

    Madamski was a blatant lie, delusion, gas lighter fabricated falsehood- “hahaha it was all just a funny fun game I was playing on all of you- ” So those of you seeking truth, integrity, honesty in the form of reality here at this sight- may want to reflect on why you would condone the very same lies and delusional deceptions exercised by Madamskis/Boscos blatant falsehoods.

    The heart of the matter is truth vs lies and deception.

    Haven’t you all had enough of abusive lying by deceiving characters these past 2 years? Madamski/Bosco- are you tired of your own lies or do you still believe it to be great fun to deceive others for your own entertainment?

    Does Raul, Dr D., Germ and so many other voices of integrity here “get off” on lying and deceiving readers here for their own hahahas ? Do they all have fake accounts attached to fake personas?

    Govt/CDC/Pharma/MSM media lies are bad- but that Madamski/Bosco character(s) lies and deceptions are just great? Yes more creepy lies and cross dressing photos and random psycho invitations to come live with me while exuding bizarre sexual inuendos are just the thing to liven this site up- moar lies and delusions from the Madamski/Bosco shitshow.

    The fact is Madamski/Bosco targeted me with it’s supposed real address in Portland, hey come live with “me and my wife”… Ok, I just took that as a nice kindhearted gesture where I responded with “if I travel through P-town I’ll buy you a coffee”. To which I received an even creepier sexual innuendo from one Madamski in response.

    Let your freak flag fly… Have at it- be your own super freak and run wild, I’m all for people expressing themselves in contrast to the “norms”.

    But lie to my face? Try to deceive with your fabrications, delusions, hypocrisy, creepy behavior so you can have a laugh ? Then you can fuck off.

    I abhor and detest systemic abuse from structural entities- or more appropriately from the human beings that make individual choices to lie, cheat, steal, abuse with intentional deception for their own pleasure and profit.

    Raul, my apologies on the drama- Please close my account as speaking with anger towards those who lie and deceive is apparently worse than the lies and abuse they unapologetically flaunt.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle November 5 2021 #91653


    I only flirted with an alias for a) experiment and b) to make a point. Both completed, I am indeed Robin Morrison aka Bosco Horowitz.

    But it was great fun being madamski, and she was great for my fiction-writing.

    Fuck you- you scumbag pos.

    You troll and spam the boards here like an alcoholic knocking back screwdrivers- all for your personal selfish lying scum entertainment?

    “Robert Koester Morrison, Age 65
    aka Robin Morrison of multnomah county portland? ”

    Your mental illnesses are obvious, loud and clear- you have no truth or honesty because you are a coward. a pathetic selfish scum with no life that finds personal pleasure in lying and deceiving- and then when caught you “come clean” – and you come slinking back here to spam and lie.

    Obvious you have no life, or friends, or dignity. Hey post more pictures and lies about yourself you fucking scum- fictional writing yeah right- you’re a pathetic loser.
    You are one mentally ill f’d up pos- scurry away assclown.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle October 31 2021 #91311

    People wonder about those who can think such as myself going “postal”; I assure you that anyone who can think won’t be doing any such thing. Why would I do anything to help people who cheered on the slaughter of their own grandmother? Go **** yourselves, Branch Covidians. I will never lift so much as one pinky, whether lawfully or not, to protect you from your own stupidity. Indeed I relish watching what those who solicited, participated in and enabled the slaughter of a half-millions Americans justly deserve.

    If your government tries to kill you, and the evidence is that they did so through reckless experimentation which they paid for and then deliberately tried to evade detection of through subterfuge, it went bad, they hid it on purpose and then they tried to steer profiteering of their ****-up to favored friends and that went bad as well with the combination of the two slaughtering over a half-million citizens what is the proper recourse for the citizens to take if their loved one(s) were victimized by these ghouls?

    ^Denninger –

    Oh. it’s gonna be bad alright. So very bad, and in so many ways.
    Sit back and enjoy the show.

    The next 6 months in the northern hemisphere is going to be a doozy.

    Promise? Is patience running out tolerating Govt/CDC/Pharma lies, abuse and murder?

    Last night I worked my first Seattle bar shift with the new “show me your papers” scum govt policy.

    I find it flat out unethical. Yes I must wear a mask- I’m no collaborator- the local and state govt scum have mandated it, along with my employer who does not support it. Forced hand- but I resist with all my Spirit.

    I hate to say this- but I hate more the plandemic rollout- My anger has coalesced – I welcome the death and horrific illness of every vaxd voluntary sheep on the planet. Fuck em all, every single one of them.

    This is a War being unjustly waged against humanity. Bioweapon covid, bioweapon vac – Let them all rot and die for their complicity and collusion – and apathetic ignorance.

    I am no collaborator- I am becoming a hardened resistance fighter. Bring it.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle October 30 2021 #91234

    Fuck Joe Biden
    Lets Go Brandon

    Breakthrough case rebellions increasing-

    Lets Go All-
    – lying scum politicians
    – lying scum MSM
    – lying scum Corporate Pharma
    – lying scum CDC/WHO/NIH
    – lying greedy scum “elite”
    – lying scum Universities
    – lying scum Bio Weapon Engineers
    – lying cowardly Libtards
    – lying Propagandists

    Miss anyone?
    Don’t worry, they will all be eating cake soon. History repeats… Karma’s a bitch when you meet a pitchfork, lamp post, or cyanide that has your fate… Got sanity to sanitize the liars?

    in reply to: Deb Rattle October 29 2021 #91134

    The “pandemic of the unvaccinated” phrase is officially dead.

    This means the vaccinated population accounted for 75% of Covid-19 hospitalisations between September 25th and October 22nd 2021, whilst the not-vaccinated accounted for just 25%.

    But yet again the difference between the vaccinated and unvaccinated gets much worse when it comes to deaths allegedly related to Covid-19.

    Sunday Nights Premiere “A Vaccinated Halloween” is sponsored by Pfizer, the CDC and Little Pharma.
    Where the vaccinated DEAD rise up to coax the vaccinated dying to attend the Halloween Ball – Gotta Love Zombies and their Pharma Handlers. Vote to text your favorite Dead Vaccinated Zombie #BioweaponLab

    in reply to: Debt Rattle October 28 2021 #91131


    that was just the first link i grabbed off google on the subject

    The only link you shared was from a CDC founded propaganda disinformation organization

    Clueless or intentional ? Psst, word on the street is –
    “The avermectin family of compounds was discovered by Satoshi Ōmura of Kitasato University and William Campbell of Merck.[7] In 1970, Ōmura isolated unusual Streptomyces bacteria from the soil near a golf course along the south east coast of Honshu, Japan.”

    Japanese Dr from a Japanese University on a Japanese golf course…

    Grab some more CDC propaganda to counter inexpensive effective accessible ivermectin treatment…

    in reply to: Debt Rattle October 28 2021 #91073


    Public Health Communications Collaborative (PHCC)
    The Public Health Communications Collaborative (PHCC) was formed in 2020 to coordinate and amplify public health messaging on COVID-19 and increase Americans’ confidence in guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and state and local public health officials.

    F off and go get your 4th booster in your temple… or jugular. Suck CDC/Pharma much?

    in reply to: Debt Rattle October 27 2021 #90989

    Juden Chomsky dusts off the Yellow Star and slurps up Nazi ideology like a good Juden- blames the unvaxxed Goyim.

    In it, the famous linguist and political thinker argues that those who are not vaccinated against Covid should be socially shunned, required to isolate and – in the final assault on a social solidarity he cites as the justification for his argument – even potentially put in danger of destitution. They have only themselves to blame for their plight, he concludes.

    Yes, Chomsky really did say that –

    So the Vax War is on and in full swing. Libtard/Democrat Scum leading the War… Shocking to realize that the Republican Scum War criminal profiteering clan were NOT the ones to go full tyranny-tard, this time anyway.

    My resolve is complete- It is they who have drawn swords and blood- they will reap what they sow.
    They punish, murder, lie, cheat, steal, rape and torture for their own pleasure- at your cost and demise.

    Pens, hugs, and loving karmic wishes of forgiveness will not change their Narcissistic Destruction that is now in full motion. They are slowing choking you to death with smiles and self righteousness- they will choke you, your family and friends to death if you let them.

    OXI – Fuck no- !

    Stand Up and Fight for freedom against these insane scum, they are psychopaths who enjoy torturing and murder. Assange? Snowden? MLK? JFK? Grandparents, children and….puppies? What in the holy hell have we allowed them to do so far?

    Enough of this BS- When the tides of momentum change, which they assuredly will- There will be no mercy- they established the rules- they will choke by their own rules and it will be justified.

    Ready to swing the momentum ? We are losing everything decent, just, honorable and dignified if we let them persist- Better to go down swinging, knowing what is at stake- better to lose your life dignified than to have it taken without a fight like obedient cowards.

    Sing, Dance, Love… and have your War Cry ready.

    “We Are The People”

    If you’re feelin’ shut down
    May my thoughts be with you

    If your world’s gettin’ a little to tough
    You know our thoughts are with you
    Hey, I know that it’s crazy out there
    And my thoughts are with you

    We are the people
    And we live forever
    We are the people
    And our future’s written on the wind

    If you are one of the homeless
    May our thoughts be with you
    If you are scared and alone
    You know our thoughts are with you

    If you are one of the fortunate ones
    We all know it’s lonely up there
    We understand that nobody’s got it made
    So our thoughts are with you

    You see yourself as a leader
    May my thoughts be with you
    If you try to divide and conquer
    We’ll rise up against you
    We know only the strong will survive
    But the meek will inherit
    So if you’ve got a coat of arms, oh friend
    I suggest we wear it

    in reply to: Debt Rattle October 26 2021 #90931

    Governor Inslee to mandate COVID vaccination for all private businesses

    Jay scum Inslee goes full tyranny-

    Fuck You Inslee you pathetic bitch… you pathetic coward scum. Yep- it’s happening- and nothing is going to stop these scum until they are…

    Take your pick- decide for yourself, life and everything it is worth is at stake – Are you going to be a slave or choose a free life? War is On

    in reply to: Puppies, Sadists and Vaccines #90745

    Fauci Verdict Guilty- Sentenced to Death by Lethal injection.

    Hilary Clinton, War Criminal, chokes to death on a bag of dicks.

    All Politicians supporting Vax passports prepare to “hangout” together with their families at the Mussolini lamp Post- they are mercifully allowed to choose the piano wire thickness.

    Yes Love is powerful- when it is you getting Raped, and your family and friends raped- and told it is for your own good, safety and protection to be raped and beaten- Responses other than a loving hug come to mind.

    In fact it would be a loving compassionate gesture to rid the planet of the destructive scum ruining life for all-

    in reply to: Debt Rattle October 21 2021 #90525

    Will we now see fauci fried?

    Death by a thousand jabs would be fitting… Deflationista, the coward, can administer them one by one, before he gets his own comeuppance.

    in reply to: How America Treats Its Doctors #90523


    It’s not stated explicitly but the reality now is my govt wants me dead. They won’t allow for me to function economically within their system and won’t allow for another system not their own.

    They want and intend for us to obey, be enslaved, and/or be dead- literally dead or spiritually dead.

    Biden announced this on 9/9.

    Prepare and plan accordingly. Knowing they will gleefully starve, disown, deceive and murder every one of us who do not obey, and murder every one who does obey anyway- makes it very clear what we are up against.

    Firing Drs and healthcare workers? Increasing mass suffering ? Fuck them all back to hell where they can rot and contemplate their ignorant intentions for eons… Trust the Universe to restore balance and harmony. Trust your instincts to do the right thing.

    in reply to: How America Treats Its Doctors #90428

    “I continued to feel a weight of unease,

    saying “hi” to a few people and smiling with my eyes.

    A few coworkers looked me in the eyes, and I smiled with my eyes. I was comfortable in myself, and emanated that…”

    You are an inspiring human being- some might even say “one who has succeeded in living an inspired meaningful life”. Sage and Spirit.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle October 19 2021 #90330

    The Truth has already “come out”…

    It’s the lies that are being intentionally obscured.

    How dark is this? Blacker than blood returning into Earth.

    Thank you Automatic Earth.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle October 14 2021 #89968

    Of course I feel personally wronged in this

    You have been wronged. Those behind this plandemic, and all the little tyrant do-gooders that have signed on to do their part of “we’re all in this together”.

    I would cringe every time I heard “we’re all in this together” blasted from the grocery store propaganda speakers.

    As the Archbishop Secretary-General of the Governorate of Vatican City has openly stated-
    We are at War.

    Now the battles will begin. So the plandemics must be ground into the dustbin of history.
    One by One. Prepare to defend yourself. Then attack like your life depends on it, because it does.

    Truth mocks lies.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle October 8 2021 #89523

    Dr D and Germ !

    Thank you

    in reply to: Debt Rattle October 3 2021 #89103

    Thank you for the restaurant coverage.

    Three weeks seattle goes to vax cards, many places on the hill (the gay liberal chad homebase) are already enforcing this voluntarily. Weekly comments by Libs that “they care” and want to force the vax on peeps- they are hypocritical scum.

    Undercover at work- fired in a heartbeat for having covid plus immunity and no vax. Labor shortages are keeping jobs- but I suspect in weeks they will demand proof from staff. Also I fear business will plummet due to “show me you card”. it is grotesque how proud and arrogant the virtue posturing is when peeps walk in the door holding their arms high with their Vax card team pass. “We’re all in this together”- No and fuck you.

    On a darker personal note- my car was stolen this wk – lost my shift that night, realized my insurance policy does not have theft coverage. So I’m out my car for reliable transport, out thousands of dollars, out on being able to escape Wa state in my car… I’m f’n pissed and depressed at the state of things, the chaos, the constant 2 yrs of this bs stress.

    Interesting conversation with cop filing report- new Wa state laws have put cops into donut eating pen pals. Reasonable suspicion can no longer be acted on by cops- if they don’t actually see a crime in action they can do nothing. They will not pursue someone driving my stolen car… Due to other Seattle covid restrictions- they can no longer do anything to mentally ill who are freaking out on the street throwing shit at people dining on an outdoor patio.

    Cop told me if there was a person walking down the street smashing car windows- they could do nothing to that person based on seattle covid restricitons that have been continued as policy.

    Horizontal vice squeeze- The white collar corporate political crims pressing down, the street crims pressing up.

    Ethical dilemma? Can this finally be viewed as guerilla war? Where personal ethics are put aside to push back to maintain a job. John Day addressed this last week. Play within the system and continue to get fucked over- or fuck the system by their rules.

    We are talking about potential health genocide, blatant lies, fraud and crimes by tptb- and blatant rampant street crimes that are increasing daily. The crims know the new state laws- the average citizen is clueless about them.

    Would you fuck the system by its own standards to protect yourself?

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 30 2021 #88909

    Tomorrow marks the start of my last month of work at the clinic, since I am COVID-unvaccinated.

    Perhaps people who see what is going down in this suck-out before the next tsunami-of-history should hold hands and walk to higher ground..

    Here’s to you and taking the Higher Ground…

    “Higher Ground”

    People keep on learnin’
    Soldiers keep on warrin’
    World keep on turnin’
    Cause it won’t be too long

    Powers keep on lyin’
    While your people keep on dyin’
    World keep on turnin’
    Cause it won’t be too long

    I’m so darn glad he let me try it again
    Cause my last time on earth I lived a whole world of sin
    I’m so glad that I know more than I knew then
    Gonna keep on tryin’
    Till I reach my highest ground

    Teachers keep on teachin’
    Preachers keep on preachin’
    World keep on turnin’
    Cause it won’t be too long
    Oh no

    Lovers keep on lovin’
    Believers keep on believin’
    Sleepers just stop sleepin’
    Cause it won’t be too long
    Oh no

    I’m so glad that he let me try it again
    Cause my last time on earth I lived a whole world of sin
    I’m so glad that I know more than I knew then
    Gonna keep on tryin’
    Till I reach my highest ground…Whew!

    Till I reach my highest ground
    No one’s gonna bring me down
    Oh no
    Till I reach my highest ground
    Don’t let nobody bring you down (they’ll sho ’nuff try)

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 29 2021 #88777

    Sheriff John Brown from King County Seattle resigns over “toxic” socio/ politco/ working vibes.

    Sheriff John Brown always hated me…for what, I don’t know…now he’s just an ex military cop without a badge carrying a gun.

    “This is not about freedom or personal choice- (you must) get vaccinated- your body is my choice”
    Starring Joe Biden and the Apostles 09/09/2021

    The War has begun, but not all battles have been fought yet-

    “The psychopaths have won…”

    Nyet, nein nein nein, no fucking way…take Heart and steel your nerves ! The real fighting is just beginning, take comfort in that and ‘never give up the fight’.

    “Welcome…to Slavery. Where Resistance is futile ”

    Not. Negatory Ghost Writer. Take Heart…there are millions of us in this fight to their deaths.

    Need a little morale boost? Wanna fight evil, psychopaths, bad guys, villains, the man, the establishment, monsters and, um, robots ? Here’s a Hollywood reminder that we will kick their fucking asses yippe ki yay mofos.

    Buck up, take your dignity back- and shove it down their f’n throats with a vaccine rinse.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 28 2021 #88710

    …She’s gonna blow ! …and then collapse like a mutha F’r

    Interesting watching it all go down, the big decline. None of it could have happened without the hidden hand of Bernays style brainwashing- “the world is all about you, your unique individual you, so homogenize and conform to be the best YOU ! Consume ! Obey your inner impulsiveness…”

    New York Governor Kathy Hochul- “I wear my vaccinated necklace ! Join me apostles and slay the dumberer ones….you know who they are ”

    F.J.B. and his apostles…

    Sometimes it was nice to pretend that things would just bump along with the occasional pothole, speed bump or road closure of the old normal daze. There has always been a part of me that “knows” things are going to melt down and I will see and experience things I’ve read about in past History. Dark Night of the Souls.


    Please don’t dominate the rap, jack, if you’ve got nothing new to say.
    If you please, don’t back up the track this train’s got to run today.
    I spent a little time on the mountain, I spent a little time on the hill
    I heard someone say “Better run away”, others say “better stand still”.

    Now I don’t know, but I been told it’s hard to run with the weight of gold,
    Other hand I have heard it said, it’s just as hard with the weight of lead.

    Who can deny, who can deny, it’s not just a change in style?
    One step down and another begun and I wonder how many miles.

    I spent a little time on the mountain, I spent a little time on the hill
    Things went down we don’t understand, but I think in time we will.

    Now, I don’t know but I was told in the heat of the sun a man died of cold.
    Keep on coming or stand and wait, with the sun so dark and the hour so late.
    You can’t overlook the lack, jack, of any other highway to ride.
    It’s got no signs or dividing lines and very few rule to guide.

    I saw things getting out of hand, I guess they always will.
    Now I don’t know but I been told
    If the horse don’t pull you got to carry the load.
    I don’t know whose back’s that strong, maybe find out before too long.

    One way or another, one way or another,
    One way or another, this darkness got to give.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 26 2021 #88212

    • The vaccines have killed over 150,000 Americans. I verified this 7 different ways.
    • The vaccines kill more people than they save for all age groups

    The number of people calling for unvaxxed folks to be denied medical care, even doctors, is stunning.

    As it turns out, this latest surge in non-COVID deaths is a direct result of the reactionary pandemic policies, driven by mass-panic in the mainstream media and by draconian measures put into place by government and medical institutions.

    Biden has essentially told 17 million health care workers: Get vaccinated or get out.

    Australia has fallen.

    Patience is running out…for all those behind the lockdowns, mandates, lies and deaths…patience is running thin as is empathy and compassion. The cowardly vax sheeple encouraging this madness are not immune to retribution.

    Where patience subsides- anger awaits. A breaking point looms- anger, violence and retribution will fill the space of patience…

    Like the Bully that pushes taunts and instigates a reluctant defender… then the Bully gets knocked the fuck out.

    Those Australian/SS cops deserve to have their rights taken away along with their political, media and pharma pigs… Natural Justice will prevail over all the swine.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 24 2021 #88039

    How did all those good Germans turn to “I’m just following orders?”

    The same pathos is repeating itself in 2020- with a new mix of Liberal Capitalists/ Maoist Cultural Rev/ Stalinist purges/ Fascist Nazis / Franco religious cult /Pharma Health Science controllers

    From 1930s Rise of Nazi party to the 2020 Vaxzis… same sick and twisted mental illness.

    After 20 mos of this insanity- being threatened, bossed around, life stolen, job taken away, obey obey obey… I am healthier and more mentally inquisitive, sound and balanced, than the majority of sheep I’m surrounded by. Sheep who pop a pill to manage their pathetic excuses for being vital, spirited and living meaningful life. Obese pill popping drug/entertainment addicted society is not a picture of human success.

    -Pleasure yourself

    A toxic formula for society imploding into itself.

    The gloves are off- Vaxzis can go fuck themselves to hell- There will be no forgiveness for just following orders or lazy research or allowing themselves to be propagandized or for any of their inhuman degrading agenda.

    Thank all of you for your info and detail to illuminate honesty and truth.

    @deflatulance- keep posting loser, you’re giving us all a good laugh at your cowardly expense, and you’re giving me strength. I see you folding into a pathetic blubbering crying shaking ball of fear if ever confronted in person- haha. Ignorance and Delusion has nothing to do with IQ.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 23 2021 #87922

    Uncle Bevan Costello
    Sept 10th – ” I feel more confident now I’m fully vaccinated …”

    …and I’m very confident you made some poor health and life choices.

    Duck and cover, motherfuckers. The peasants are coming. And that means you are going away.

    How long before the War vs. Unvaxxd becomes “The war against the Vaxzis” ?

    They too have made poor life choices, severely overestimating their capability while severely underestimating the repercussions of their poor choices… Right Uncle Sam B?

    The only simmer down I see is if they completely drop the mandates…otherwise I see extreme violence as a result of force rape vaccination delivery threats… shut down enough peoples basic human rights for a sustained time- then you risk being shut down and out yourselves.

    However since they are completely tone deaf and can’t hear pitchforks sharpening, they have lots of “feels” to look forward to.

    Resist, Dissent, Rebel.

    You know the day destroys the night
    Night divides the day
    Tried to run
    Tried to hide
    Break on through to the other side, yeah

    We chased our pleasures here
    Dug our treasures there
    But can you still recall
    The time we cried
    Break on through to the other side

    I found an island in your arms
    Country in your eyes
    Arms that chained us
    Eyes that lied
    Break on through to the other side

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