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  • in reply to: Greater Fools and Bigger Liars #24145

    Just came by to say since you’re a clueless libtard. I don’t bother reading you any more since all I’ll get is more of your liberal bleating.

    but I will come directly to the comment section to insult you and always with adblocker on…….

    in reply to: Refugees Expose Europe’s Lack Of Decency #23524

    Automatic Earth Blog summary for all you who want to save some time:

    -1- Globull Warmer. Believe the oil companies fairy tail to create artificial scarcity of their product.

    -2- Open borders / invasions for you white countries because well everyone’s culture but yours matters.

    Won’t be back here on AEB much. You don’t have much to offer at base. I’ve tried reading you for a while but it’s a no go.

    For those of you still wanting to save time I recommend ZeroHedge. And when you see this authors articles syndicated onto ZH …….skip the article.

    in reply to: Refugees Expose Europe’s Lack Of Decency #23507

    Screw you. Why is it only ever considered OK to invade and change the culture of a country that is caucasian?

    Yes the EU is a P.O.S. No chit!

    But as for the illegal aliens / migrants / invaders……..they should be shipping them immediately back to where they came from. The word needs to get around they need to fix their own culture and not come screwing up someone elses.

    But then we all know you liberals love illegal aliens. You want to topple the vote over to your direction by hook or by crook…..emphasis on crook.

    So in summary go look up “moral vanity” in the dictionary. You will find your picture next to it. SCREW YOU

    in reply to: The Boundaries and Future of Solution Space – Part 5 #23330

    Engdahl may believe in abiotic oil but to believe in globull warming exceeds this in folly.

    I automatically subtract points from any author that proposes globull warming to be anything besides a political scam and hoax. It is most definitely not science.

    in reply to: A Day In The Life Of A Falling BRIC #19620

    I heard the term “BRIC” long before 2001. Late 80’s I believe.

    Globull Warming is a hoax, scam and power grab. To anyone of any scientific talent and integrity it is obvious that is is the case.

    Thus the fact that Monbiot was involved discredits the entire affair.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)