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    Maxwell Quest

    “The Alien bodies from Peru in Mexico is being broadly covered:” – John Day

    Really, John. Did you read any of the 3 articles you posted about the alien bodies presentation? I read all three. Took about 3 minutes. Each of the articles brushed the event aside as if it were a fraud, labeling it a “stunt”, that previous discoveries of the “self-claimed” ufologist, Maussan, were “debunked”, and that his presentation “faced swift backlash and criticism from skeptics”. Some coverage!

    This is what I expected: suppression of the story.

      From the 1950 W. B. SMITH MEMO #2:

    I made discreet enquiries through the Canadian Embassy staff in Washington who were able to obtain for me the following information:

    a. The matter is the most highly classified subject in the United States Government, rating higher even than the H-bomb.

    b. Flying saucers exist.

    c. Their modus operandi is unknown but concentrated effort is being made by a small group headed by Doctor Vannevar Bush.

    d. The entire matter is considered by the United States authorities to be of tremendous significance.

    Alien visitation and tech is rated “Cosmic Top Secret”, is buried deep in the MIC away from elected officials, and is blanketed in a thick cloud of counter-intelligence psyops.

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    Maxwell Quest

    Ok folks, Mexico just had a UAP hearing in which they displayed 2 alien bodies which were discovered in a mine. Let’s see how the US media spins it, or if they cover it at all:

    It Happened! Mexico unveils 2 alien bodies

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    Maxwell Quest
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    Maxwell Quest

    “if the aliens from the UFOs are so smart, why do their vehicles crash so often?”

    Those flying these things are not Klingons or Romulans, but highly evolved science geeks doing research and looking after the health of the planet and its life forms.

    On the other hand, the MIC has no qualms about shooting at alien craft in attempts to get their greedy little hands on ET’s tech. And it would not surprise me if some crash survivors have been tortured in order to get them to reveal how their tech works.

    That would explain all the warning beacons placed outside the solar system, broadcasting the same message over and over.

    Warning Beacon: “Violently insane species on Sol 3, enter at your own risk.”

    Alien Researcher: “Oh come on, how bad could it be?”

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    Maxwell Quest

    DB Smith,

    Concerning Dr Steven Greer, I certainly applaud the guy for what he has done to get the word out on UFO’s despite the best efforts of the national security state to squelch it, but I don’t always agree with him on certain claims, and my spidey senses get activated whenever I hear him speak.

    For example, whenever he speaks a few things jump out that make me a little suspicious that he is not able to be fully objective about the UFO field. Firstly, he enjoys the spotlight too much. Secondly, he continually puffs up his importance by name dropping, and recounting all the high-profile briefings that he’s given over the years to all those poor, clueless government drones that are kept in the dark, US presidents and such. Thirdly, he tends to emote too much. Strong feelings are certainly warranted, but they can also be used to manipulate his audience. Being an empath myself, it is often difficult to squelch the water works when I see someone else choke up, yet when I see Dr Greer get all teary-eyed during one of his presentations something inside me puts the breaks on as if it is not genuine.

    As to some of his claims… He says that the cattle mutilations are part of a government psyop in order to scare the population in preparation for an upcoming false flag alien invasion, which will justify the creation of a World Goverment. I’m savy to the agenda of a World Government, but via cattle mutilations? Really? This does not make any sense to me, unless Dr Greer is just trying to lump every UFO-related phenomenon into his theory in order to give it a greater sense of validity. Mr Spock would say his claim is “highly illogical”.

    Exactly why would the MIC use reengineered alien craft to abduct animals around the globe, sometimes right under the noses of their owners, take them up into the craft, extract all the blood, surgically remove certain organs in a way that humans cannot duplicate, then dump them in a nearby location leaving not a trace of blood or ground disturbance? Then sabotage their own supposed psyop by squelching the stories, claiming the mutilations were caused by predators or satanic cults? No, something else is afoot here.

    Dr Greer also claims that David Fravor’s tic-tac is also a MIC product, another illogical idea. According to David Fravor, the tic-tac he encountered was interacting with something just under the surface of the ocean, possibly another craft, when his jet went to investigate, while the new phased radar array indicated the main group of craft puttering along at 80,000 feet. I could see the MIC adding some human interface tech to an alien saucer in order to pilot it, but why would they develop a fleet of 40’ white cylindrical craft with no windows and fly them in groups at 80,000 feet at 100 MPH off San Diego? Again, I think Dr Greer’s theory has taken possession of his senses. He does his theory a disservice by trying to shoehorn in actual alien activity by claiming it is the MIC in disquise.

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    Maxwell Quest

    Concerning AI, disembodied spirits, etc…

    The esoteric tradition teaches that the cosmos is build out from the highest dimension to the lowest (physical matter) with every higher dimension interpenetrating the lower. For example, the lowly hydrogen atom from the periodic table is constructed from the matter of 48 higher dimensions. So, it’s all right here, ever present, we just don’t have access to it with our physical senses.

    What does the Eastern tradition teach? That the human body is composed of multiple sheaths, bodies, layers, or planes, whatever terminology you wish to use. In order to animate the physical human body, a few other bodies are required to complete the connection. These other bodies are composed of activated higher dimensional matter. For example, the etheric body acts as the link between the emotional body and the physical body. The Chakras are real, having a complexity beyond your imagination.

    So, when Scotty energizes the transporter to dematerialize Kirk’s body in order to transport it from the planet surface back the ship and reassembles all the atoms in the exact order, what happens? Kirk’s lifeless physical body falls out of the transporter bay while his four other bodies are left standing on the planet, interpenetrating one another, a living disembodied being, wondering why nobody will listen to him. Such is death, but science is unable (and also unwilling) to penetrate beyond the gross physical.

    That is why, with all the blather about AI, I don’t spend a lot of time worrying about Skynet becoming self-aware and taking out humanity. Humans are self-aware because they are highly developed life forms, having access (mostly subjective) to higher dimensional matter and the faculties that each enables, whereas the AI computer farm is at most a collection of minerals powered by electricity and a set of instructions. It’s a gross physical machine, not a living, evolving being.

    And yes, logically, the physical matter of the computer contains all the higher dimensional matter needed to build out the aluminum, copper, gold, etc elements from which it is constructed, but this higher dimensional matter is not organized nor activated to support life.

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    Maxwell Quest

    “Given the temporal relationship between the increase in vaccinations and excess mortality, it seems surprising that a respective safety signal has not been detected…”

    Why must scientists tiptoe around the truth as in the sentence quoted above? Why, because the hammer will come down on them if they dare state it clearly and boldly. This has been the case since Francis Bacon first outlined the scientific method. Spectacled geeks are free to do science insomuch that their hypothesis or conclusion not interfere with the political power or money flows of the cool kids in the Big Club.

    So, why has this latest safety signal (excess mortality) gone undetected for so long? The short answer is it hasn’t, yet scientists must give the Big Club the benefit of the doubt by pretending it is due to negligence or oversight, lest they become a target and get smashed. The Big Club sees the safety signal, they just don’t want you to see it – all the “useless eaters” that are the target of their global culling designs.

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    Maxwell Quest

    Prof Peter Hotez MD PhD

    All those titles and letters! Now you know that they mean nothing; there is no need to worship or envy them. No need to look up in awe. No need to give deference or treat them as experts.

    In a sane and just world Peter Hotez would only require one letter after his name to signify his level of authority: an “L”. What a schmuck!

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    Maxwell Quest

    For any Atlantis enthusiats who are interested, I found this video rather compelling. I’m not sure if it’s the same one I watched a while back, but it identifies the same geographic location:

    Lost Roman Map has ATLANTIS at Eye of Sahara Africa! (Richat Structure)

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    Maxwell Quest

    I highly recommend that everyone watch the James Lindsay video in its entirety. For years now I’ve suspected that the woke phenomenon, especially the BLM movement with its summer of rage antics, had all the trappings of a Maoist style cultural revolution. James Lindsay lays it all out for clear observation, like a Marxist tupperware party.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 4 2023 #134627
    Maxwell Quest

    Religion as the opiate of the masses:

    A wise man once said, “It is a blessing to be born into a religion, but a curse to die in one.”

    What does this mean? Firstly, that religion, at its roots, is not a bad thing. It is a moral training ground designed to awaken and strengthen the higher faculties. This is the blessing. Unfortunately, religion is also a business and a social control system that heavily indoctrinates its membership. Like fly paper, once you become indoctrinated, you are psychologically “stuck” in that belief system, often for the remainder of your life. Most religions insist they have an exclusive claim on truth, then go on to psychologically “box in” their members using the carrot and stick, heaven and hell, technique of control. Very few have the courage to risk their “salvation” by breaking out of this box.

    This is where the curse comes in. Because world religions are only the training ground, a spiritual kindergarten. They are not the end in themselves, but only the beginning of the journey. At some point, those that are drawn to a higher life, “I came that you might have life, and have it more abundantly”, drawn to a greater understanding, a brighter light than the darkness of the world, they must break free of the psychological prison that their respective religion has put them in. Only then, can they leave spiritual kindergarten behind and continue their development.

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    Maxwell Quest


    Ten points to Gryffindor for referencing the Labors of Hercules!

    I’ve come to appreciate your comments, and find myself reading them with more attentiveness the past few months. There have been many times this past winter when I’ve found myself warming the comment bench. Mostly, this seems to be because Ilargi and the TAE commentariat have had matters well in hand. At other times, I’ve had the urge to contribute, but lack of time and or health has prevented me.

    I don’t understand why AFKTT has adopted a tone of condescension, which seems to have intensified over the past year. It seems totally ineffective at helping anyone advance from point A to B in their level of awareness or understanding. Correct me if I am wrong. If I were planning to insult someone, for their improvement of course, Wouldn’t it be better to do it with humor or even sarcasm? I’ve never come across a master yet who taught by throwing his arms up in the air in exasperation because the student was beyond all hope.

    If AFKTT truly lives his life on a higher plane, we would all benefit if he would exercise some patience by meeting us where we are at, instead of expressing frustration because we are unable or unwilling to join him in the lofty heights.

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    Maxwell Quest

    Who Wants a Booster?

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    Maxwell Quest
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    Maxwell Quest

    I’m just getting over some GI bug that put me out of action for a few days. At first it seemed like the old food poisoning routine, but I didn’t snap back immediately after getting cleaned out. Instead, it hung on tenaciously, making me feel miserable and exhausted. Whatever I ate starting the GI tract boiling. Had the thought of taking a Covid test in the midst of it, but then decided the hell with it, I don’t really care anymore. I eat lunch out almost every day and noticed for the past few weeks that there is always at least one sick person nearby, sniffing and coughing.

    I hope zerosum is feeling better now, also. OK, just saw the above. That’s good.

    Concerning the T-Rex, I heard the reason they were always so angry and belligerent was because their forearms were too short for self-stimulation… <reach><reach> “Grrrrrraaaaaarrrr!”

    “Boo, you stink!” Hey, it’s funnier when acted out, trust me.

    Just wanted to check in and let the TAE commentariat know how much I appreciate them, especially Ilargi for providing this home where we can meet and learn from one another. When I first started reading TAE several years ago, I would often jump on one of Ilargi’s rhetorical questions in order to set the record straight. I know better now, and thank him for his enduring patience.

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    Maxwell Quest

    “Finally, that orange-faced ogre is going to get his comeuppance!” Neighbors are doing chest bumps in the street and rubbing their hands in eager anticipation. Let’s compare notes on the delicious news of his indictment, “Did you hear the latest?”

    Their Trump hatred had been pushed aside the past few years, displaced by selfish, anti-vaxxers and evil Ruskies. It’s energy had waned and grown cold. But now, at long last, new life has been breathed into their smoldering Trump hatred. All it took was a few puffs from the media billows to reignite the glowing embers into a blazing fury. “Let’s kill the Trump and drag his entrails through the streets!” Is it just me or does it make you feel all warm and cozy inside, too.

    Such is the life of the TDS crowd, those useful idiots that are the joy of politicians and extended warranty salesmen. Easily manipulated because they have no grounding and are ruled by their emotions. Having no guiding principles with which to self-manage, and no roots into reality, they are easy prey to authority figures who are more than happy to use them as they please. They are psychological children in adult bodies.

    Dark Side

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    Maxwell Quest

    Don’t even get me started on the load of crap that they teach you at the university level. What an eye opener that was!

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    Maxwell Quest


    Like most of your posts here, you are right on target again with your Seth Rich / Wikileaks analysis. I could not have summarized it better. And you also touched on another point, that a deeper dive is really needed to get a truer, more accurate, understanding of facts on the ground. This is difficult for most, for multiple reasons, not least of which is the 24-hour news cycle that has them chasing that fascinating laser dot on the wall, moving from one ‘bombshell’ story to the next, never going back to connect any dots, no historical context, no follow-ups, no corrections, no mea culpas, no falling on swords, no curiosity about who’s holding the laser pointer and why.

    Not that long ago I also relied on traditional media sources with the expectation that I was investing the time to gain awareness about world events. That all changed with the 2008 financial crisis. I was attending school again after an early retirement to restart that half of my brain which had atrophied during my career in high tech. While writing an ECON term paper I discovered that the talking heads on all the news channels were a bunch of bald-faced, lying liars who told lies, to which everyone clapped their hands and bobbed heads up and down.

    That’s when I started questioning everything else. And of course, everywhere I looked it was all fake news. Even so, it still hadn’t sunk in that the whole media kit and caboodle was rotten from top to bottom. A part of me was still looking outside myself for an authority figure whom I could trust… a side effect, no doubt, of being raised in an authoritarian home, school, and religion.

    Then, while helping to set up the local Occupy camp back in 2011 I ventured to ask one of the other participants which news channel she watched. “I don’t watch any of them!” she shot back without a moment’s hesitation. Her response hit me like a cold bucket of water. “Yes, she’s right!”, I thought, “What the hell am I doing?” Old habits die hard, they say.

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    Maxwell Quest

    My favorite Einstein/Chaplin quote:

    Not long after his arrival in America, his fame now widespread, Einstein was besieged by a crowd of admirers while riding in a car with Mr. Chaplin…

    Crowd shouting: “Einstein! Einstein! Einstein!”
    Einstein turns to Chaplin: “What does this all mean?”
    Chaplin: “It means nothing!”

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    Maxwell Quest

    “The Ukrainian leader declared that “if China allies itself with Russia, there will be a world war”, which coincided with Blinken introducing this scenario into the global information ecosystem.”

    Translation: If China helps Russia we’re all gonna die and it’ll be China’s fault.
    Reality: China is already a Russian strategic partner thanks to NATO’s global hegemonic ambitions.

    Korybko’s essay has way too many references to Zelensky, as if he were actually a key decision maker in this conflict, rather than a theatrically trained version of Juan Guaidó. For example:

    “Macron’s interest in China’s peace plan directly stems from Zelensky’s, without whose potential participation nothing of tangible substance can be accomplished, but also from his country’s national interests too.”

    Macron taking his cues from Zelensky? Give me a break. That’s like world leaders standing by to see what Greta has to say about curbing carbon emissions.

    As always, my opinions should be used for entertainment value only, and should not be considered as investment advice.

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    Maxwell Quest

    I’m a mediocre mathematician, but pretty good at pattern recognition. When I looked at the table I noticed that the result was a multiple of the number and its increment: x(x+1).

    in reply to: Debt Rattle February 26 2023 #129955
    Maxwell Quest

    ? = 12

    in reply to: Debt Rattle February 24 2023 #129821
    Maxwell Quest

    Just watched the full Carlson/Dowd interview and enjoyed seeing Tucker beam with excitement as Ed touched on each step of his Covid/vax discovery process. “Me too!” Tucker kept shouting. Even when Ed mentioned how a life crisis propelled him toward a path of better physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health, Tucker had his own version of the same. They were like blood brothers.

    I appreciate that Mr. Dowd is a data man, and steers clear of speculation. He has his theories, I’m sure, but at this stage of the game he doesn’t want to give the enemy any ammunition to hurl back at him and his new book. I think it’s wise to let the data in his book speak for itself. Let them try to refute the data or find a foothold in attacking his character. Good luck with that. One only has to lift the veil on the excess deaths disaster before the ugly face of a coordinated global democide comes into full view.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle February 22 2023 #129631
    Maxwell Quest

    “It has long troubled me that the US feels compelled to try to re-form other countries’ governments in its own image. It seems like a form of conceit. Should not the people of a country be the ones to judge whether or not the form of their country’s government is appropriate?”

    Phoenix, this is the cover story that is blasted out by the media 24/7 to get the masses on board for any military/humanitarian operation… that we are planting the joys of freedom and democracy in backward nations so that they might blossom like inner-city Chicago, Philadelphia, and Allentown. I’m sure you’ve discovered by now that the US “image” of being a representative democracy is also a delusion. I read your comments. You know better than this.

    The Conquistadors operated under the cover story of bringing Christianity the heathens of Central and South America. The price, however, was tremendous slaughter and all the gold and silver Spain could extract using the indigenous as slave labor.

    American interventionism is similar. We ‘re-form’ governments in order attach our wealth extraction tentacles more firmly to the newly subjugated vassal state. Or in the case of Ukraine, to use it for money laundering and as a military proxy (cannon fodder) against Russia. What is it that Kissinger said, that “To be an enemy of America can be dangerous, but to be a friend is fatal”?

    I’m hopeful, though, as it seems that over the past year many things are being stated aloud that were only whispered before. Putin’s latest speech and President Xi Jinping’s remarks being prime examples. The cover has been blown on social media censorship and the Covid plandemic. Ukraine has become an embarrassing albatross, each week pulling NATO lower and lower. The WEF has turned radio-active now that their idiotic philosophies have been unmasked, along with their goals for a planetary Hunger Games.

    Yes, the times are a changin’!

    in reply to: Debt Rattle January 30 2023 #127740
    Maxwell Quest

    Another good essay from CJ Hopkins: How to Memory-Hole a PSYOP

    His message is especially timely. As the Covid psyop starts to unravel, we can watch how any new revelatory stories are framed so as to distract from the crucial point and neutralize blame. As TAE commentors, it is easy for us to get lost in the weeds by debating minor points, such as whether the virus was accidentally released or not. One feels more secure in discussing these ‘mouse turds’, rather than the going right for the 600 lb. gorilla – the Grand Conspiracy Theory of Covid being a WEF sponsored, deadly DOD driven global PSYOP that was sanctioned by all major institutions.

    Most of us here ‘get it’, even though a few have difficulty getting their mind around it. Be brave and jump on the back of that 600 lb. gorilla and ride him into the ground. Make him buck and thrash for all to see. Don’t let up for a minute.

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    Maxwell Quest

    Pharma Profits

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    Maxwell Quest

    This one’s for Germ:

    Sudden Death Richie

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    Maxwell Quest

    2 girls, each is looking toward a mirrored wall, the camera is catching the reflections.

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    Maxwell Quest

    “Next, that people, of friends and family, husbands and wives, trusted circles thought NOTHING of my judgment. Nothing. I was less than nothing: they will literally believe ANY billionaire corporation with billion-dollar fines before me. Or even CONSIDERING me. I don’t expect to be right, and I’m not clearly, I expect to be CONSIDERED. Relevant. Heard. As if I am a human animal standing there, perhaps as deserving as their cat. A guy who reads stuff, is pretty smart and was right about the Iraq War and mortgage crisis for example.” – Dr D

    Yes, this! To be brushed off without the slightest consideration, despite being right time and time again. Having a history of being ahead of the curve. Then being treating like a squawking parrot, “Look, honey, he’s trying to say something.”

    I don’t understand it.

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    Maxwell Quest

    Scott Adams video:

    Is it just me or did anyone else find the Scott Adams video creepy?

    It sounded more like a political concession speech rather than someone who has just come to the realization that he was a victim of the largest psyop the world has ever seen, with all its attending fraud, psychological torture, death, division, and disability inflicted on the global population.

    What were Scott’s concerns? Poor Scotty was the “loser” instead of the “winner”, suffered “defeat” rather than “victory”, turned out to occupy the “weakest” rather than the “strongest” position. What narcissism! “You are the winners. … You won. You won”, he declared. As if on hearing that, all who avoided the vax are going to throw out their chests and gloat. It’s all about winning and losing to him. No mention of anything or anyone else. Completely empty of any meaning, emotion, or realization – the personification of his Dogbert character.

    And the icing on the cake: the anti-vaxxers “won” because they were mistrustful by nature, so essentially this nasty personality trait of theirs just happened to serve them well this time.


    Warning family and friends about the mRNA shots:

    I made one last attempt to warn my sister and her husband about the health dangers of the Covid mRNA shots. My conscience was weighing on me, and if something happened to one of them, I didn’t want to hear, “Why didn’t you warn us if you knew they were dangerous?” I was fairly certain that my warning would fall on deaf ears, which it did, but I decided long ago that my job is to follow my own conscience and do the best I know how, and that I’m not responsible for how others respond. I must own my part, and they theirs.

    If you hold the door open for someone and they walk through without a “thank you”, do you curse them under your breath? If so, why did you hold the door open in the first place? To look good? For recognition? For karma points? Or as a gesture of brotherly love and community?

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    Maxwell Quest

    John Waterhouse does an excellent job of capturing the dichotomy between the pursuits of Diogenes and the culture in which he lived. It’s clear that the ladies, adorned with fine clothing (and parasols to protect their complexion from the harsh sun), were not there to receive instruction, but to observe the curiosity of a man living in a jar. His reality and character were light years from the follies and vanities of his curiosity seekers.

    It’s hard to know who the man really was based on the limited anecdotal evidence that has been passed down, but I’m guessing he could give anyone’s egoistic house of cards a thorough thrashing and have it begging for mercy.

    Luckily, we’ve outgrown the primeval days of ancient Greece, where wisdom schools competed with one another in attempts to find the surest path to a sterling and indestructible character. Today, the best minds are trained in ivy league schools on how to program supercomputers to front-run and spoof trading on Wall St exchanges. To commit fraud and plunder the less connected. We’ve come a long way, baby.

    Poor Diogenes, he would’ve starved to death in D.C., and then shot in the head to ensure that no more embarrassing truths escaped his lips…Think Julian Assange.

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    Maxwell Quest

    I liked the painting too, but the body language of the man strongly suggests regret. This lends the whole scene a depressing tone.

    Piggybacking on Ilargi’s Matrix graphic above…

    As most here have already discovered, once indoctrinated it’s a difficult process to undo. We know this from our own personal experience (otherwise we wouldn’t be on TAE, but CNN), but in the last few years from the many fruitless attempts to wake up our friends and family.

    Happy New Year’s everyone!


    in reply to: Debt Rattle Boxing Day 2022 #124359
    Maxwell Quest

    A couple of quotes concerning magic in the esoteric tradition:

    “The experimental proof (magic): This proof consists in knowing the pertaining laws of nature
    and the method of their application and in using physical etheric material energies to bring about
    changes also in gross physical matter. Magic, however, has been prohibited for a number of
    reasons. Its use would put a weapon in the hands of mankind’s potential bandits and tempt them
    into all sorts of crime. Scientists have dubbed the magicians frauds and called all such phenomena
    impossible, since they “conflict with the laws of nature”. The magicians have been martyrs in other
    ways too. Those hungry for sensations demand more and more of them. Those in need of help
    besiege their victims with their demands. The curious want all their problems solved for them.”

    “Magic is knowledge of the method of using mental material energy to influence physical etheric
    material energies to bring about changes in the visible molecular kinds. That method will remain
    esoteric, since mankind is too hopelessly ignorant and too egoistic to be entrusted with this terrible
    power. Inasmuch as all power is abused (at the best only on account of ignorance) mankind must be
    content to be ignorant of all forces of nature other than those it has succeeded in discovering by
    itself. That knowledge is entrusted only to those who cannot possibly abuse power.”

    If a person possessed this ability, only the closest disciples would be aware of it, and they silent. Do the mental experiment yourself and see where it leads. After many years of preparation and seeking you are finally initiated into a secret esoteric school and learn the heavily guarded method of manipulating matter. Being blessed with the energetic equipment which makes it possible, and now knowing the technique, you decide to show your friends, disobeying both oath and counsel… strictly to help open their minds, of course.

    The result: “It’s witchcraft!” “He has a Devil!” “Show me how you did it… Please, please, please!” “OK smartass, if you can really do what you say, turn this rock into gold!” Etc. Etc. Etc. Next thing you know the NSA is throwing a black bag over your head and it’s off to a secret facility for a lengthy interrogation with sodium pentothal. Not exactly what you had in mind, is it?

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    Maxwell Quest

    Twitter Files:

    Why did Jim Baker get his bloomers in a twist over such a positive and reassuring statement from President Trump, while Yoel Roth at Twitter was scratching his head thinking, “What’s the big deal?”?

    It’s because Jimmy-boy was on the inside of the Covid plandemic and Yoel was on the outside. The goal in October 2020 was to ramp up the Covid fear campaign and stampede the herd toward the Gene Therapy rollout due to arrive a couple months from then. This is the reason why FBI plant Jim Baker took such umbrage at Trump’s “Don’t be afraid of Covid” statement, and wanted it scrubbed.

    Trump Tweet

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    Maxwell Quest

    Merry Christmas to Ilargi and all the TAE contributors. Just wanted to say how grateful I am that you are here. For the personal histories you’ve shared, and the expertise you bring to bear on current events. It’s been a surefire antidote to the gaslighting disease sweeping the planet.

    Interesting, I was thinking about this Godfather scene today, even before seeing the Paramount video above… what Jung called synchronicity.

    Godfather Barzini All Along

    in reply to: Debt Rattle December 19 2022 #123850
    Maxwell Quest

    When it comes to UFO’s, or just about any other subject, especially those which have been intentionally suppressed and ridiculed, one really needs to do a deep dive to get your bearings. Even then, one often encounters many side tunnels to explore which connect to the main theme. Time and interest then determine how much you invest for the level of knowledge and expertise you desire. The more puzzle pieces you successfully connect, the clearer the picture appears.

    It also requires a strong mind, one that can remain grounded with reality and everyday life, so that your sanity and functionality remain intact. The Alice who pursues the rabbit is never the same one that returns to the surface. And sadly, some never find there way back.

    One site I visit regularly is called Eyes On Cinema, which has a UFO channel containing many rare first-hand UFO accounts and interviews. There is nothing that compares, other than the actual experience, of hearing someone describe their encounter shortly after it occurred. Or listening to the sheer panic that often engulfs abductees under hypnosis as they describe what happened to them.

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    Maxwell Quest

    Lone Wolf

    in reply to: Debt Rattle December 4 2022 #122596
    Maxwell Quest

    The Twenty-Seven Most Embarrassing Reactions to Taibbi Thread About Twitter Censoring Hunter Biden Tweets

    No need to read them all, since all 27 are pretty much the same. I was reminded of those videos that are sometimes posted of a huge matrix of TV news anchors reading the exact same script in unison. It seems another script has gone out to obfuscate Matt Taibbi’s release of the Twitter Files on the DNC/Twitter interference in the 2020 election.

    Not one word about the actual story, however, nosiree. Just the same personal attack on the journalist who broke ranks.

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    Maxwell Quest

    I thought Alastair Crooke’s latest essay was especially apropos to the ongoing power shift from West to East:
    The Crux of the Putin-Xi Revolution for a New World Order – Arresting the Slide to Nihilism

    For those behind firewalls, here it is in full:

    It becomes questionable whether the West can compete as a civilisational state and maintain a presence.

    The world ‘Map’ is accelerating its shift away from the paralysed Washington ‘hub’ – but to what? The myth that China, Russia, or the non-western world can be fully assimilated to a Western model of political society (any more than Afghanistan was) is over. So to where are we headed?

    The myth of the pull of acculturation into western post-modernity lingers on however, in the continuing western fantasy of pulling China away from Russia, and into an embrace with U.S. Big Business.

    The bigger point here is that former wounded civilisations are reasserting themselves: China and Russia – as states organised around indigenous culture – is not a new idea. Rather, it is a very old one: “Always remember that China is a civilization – and not nation-state”, Chinese officials repeat regularly.

    Nonetheless, the shift to civilisational statehood emphasised by those Chinese officials arguably is no rhetorical device but reflects something deeper and more radical. Moreover, the culture transition is gaining wide emulation across the globe. Its inherent radicalism however, is largely lost to western audiences.

    Chinese thinkers, such as Zhang Weiwei, accuse Western political ideas of being a sham; of masking their deeply partisan ideological character beneath a veneer of supposedly neutral principles. They are saying that the mounting of a universal framework of values – applicable to all societies – is finished.

    All of us must accept that we speak only for ourselves and our societies.

    This has arisen because the non-West now sees clearly that post-modern West is not a civilisation per se, but really something akin to a de-cultured ‘operating system’ (managerial technocracy). Europe of the Renaissance did consist of civilisational states, but subsequent European nihilism changed the very substance of modernity. The West promotes its universal-value stance, however, as though it be a set of abstract scientific theorems which have universal validity.

    The accompanying promise to the latter that traditional ways of life could be preserved under the wholesale application of these intentionally secular western norms – ones that demanded enforcement by the western political class – has proved a fatal conceit, these alternative thinkers contend.

    Such notions are not confined to the Orient. Samuel Huntington, in his book The Clash of Civilizations, argued that Universalism is the ideology of the West contrived for confronting other cultures. Naturally, everyone outside the West, Huntington argued, should see the idea of ‘one world’ as a threat.

    The return to plural civilisational matrices precisely is intended to break the West’s claim to speak – or to decide – for anyone other than themselves.

    Some will see this Russo-Chinese defiance as mere jockeying for strategic ‘space’; as a rationale to their claims for distinct ‘spheres of interest’. Yet, to understand its radical underside, we should recall that the transition to civilisation states amounts to a full-throated resistance (short of war) being mounted by two wounded civilisations. Both Russians (post-the 1990s) and Chinese (in the Great Humiliation) feel this deeply. Today, they are intent to reassert themselves, forcefully in uttering: ‘Never Again!’

    What ‘lit the fuse’ was the moment when China’s leaders saw – in the plainest terms – that the U.S. had no intention whatsoever to allow China to overtake it economically. Russia of course, already knew the plan to destroy her. Even the smallest amount of empathy is sufficient to understand that recovery from profound trauma is what binds Russia and China (and Iran) together in a joint ‘interest’ that transcends mercantile gain. It is ‘that’ which allows them to say: Never again!

    One part to their radicalism therefore, is the national rejuvenation that propels these two states to ‘step confidently onto the world stage’; to emerge from the western shadow, and to stop mimicking the West. And to stop assuming that technological or economic advance can only be found within the western liberal-economic ‘way’. For, it follows from Zang’s analysis, that the West’s economic ‘laws’ similarly are a simulacrum posing as scientific theorems: A cultural discourse – but not an universal system.

    When we consider that today’s Anglo-American world view rests on the shoulders of three men: Isaac Newton, the father of western science; Jean-Jacques Rousseau, the father of liberal political theory, and Adam Smith, the father of laissez-faire economics, it is plain that what we confront here are the authors of the ‘Cannon’ of individualism (in the wake of the Protestant triumph in Europe’s 30 years’ war). From it comes the doctrine that the most prosperous future for the greatest number of people comes from the free workings of the market.

    Be that as it may, Zhang and others have noted that the western focus on ‘finance’ has come at the expense of ‘stuff’ (the real economy) and has proved to be a recipé for extreme inequalities and social strife. Zhang argues contrarily that China is poised to evolve a new kind of non-Western modernity that others – especially in the developing world – can only admire, if not emulate.

    The decision has been made: The West then, in this view, can either ‘shut up, and put up’ – or not. So be it.

    Steeped in cynicism, the West sees this stance as bluff or posturing. What values, they ask, lie behind this new order; what economic model? Implying again that universal conformity is mandatory, and thus missing Zhang’s point completely. Universality is neither necessary, nor sufficient. It never ‘was’.

    In 2013, President Xi gave a speech which sheds much light on the shifts in Chinese policy. And though its analysis was firmly focused on the causes to the Soviet implosion, Xi’s exposition very clearly intended a wider meaning.

    In his address, Xi attributed the break-up of the Soviet Union to ‘ideological nihilism’: The ruling strata, Xi asserted, had ceased to believe in the advantages and the value of their ‘system’, yet lacking any other ideological coordinates within which to situate their thinking, the élites slid unto nihilism:

    “Once the Party loses the control of the ideology, Xi argued, once it fails to provide a satisfactory explanation for its own rule, objectives and purposes, it dissolves into a party of loosely connected individuals linked only by personal goals of enrichment and power”. “The Party is then taken over by ‘ideological nihilism’”.

    This, however, was not the worst outcome. The worst outcome, Xi noted, would be the state taken over by people with no ideology whatsoever, but with an entirely cynical and self-serving desire to rule.

    Put simply: Were China to lose its sense of a Chinese ‘rationale’, embedded for over a millennia in a unitary state with strong institutions guided by a disciplined Party, “the CPC, as great a Party as the CPSU was — would be scattered like a flock of frightened beasts! The Soviet Union — as great a socialist state as it was — ended shattered into pieces”.

    There can be little doubt: President Putin would concur with Xi whole-heartedly. The existential threat to Asia is to allow its states to assimilate into soulless western nihilism. This then, is the crux of the Xi-Putin revolution: Lifting the fog and blinkers imposed by the universalist meme to permit states a return to cultural rejuvenation.

    These principles were in action at the G20 in Bali. Not only did the G7 fail to get the wider G20 to condemn Russia over Ukraine, or to insert a wedge between China and Russia, but rather, the Manichean offensive targeting of Russia produced something even more significant for the Middle-East than the paralysis and lack of tangible results, described by the media:

    It produced wide and open defiance of the western order. It spurred pushback – at the very moment that the world political ‘map’ is on the move, and as the rush towards BRICS+ is gathering pace.

    Why does this matter?

    Because the ability of western powers to spin their spiders’ web notion that their ‘ways’ should be World’s ways, remains the West’s ‘secret weapon’. This is plainly said when western leaders say that a loss in Ukraine to Russia would mark the demise of the ‘Liberal Order’. They’re saying, as it were, that ‘our hegemony’ is contingent on the world seeing the western ‘way’ – as their vision for their future.

    Enforcement of the ‘Liberal Order’ largely has rested on the underpinning of an easy readiness of ‘western allies’ to fall into line with Washington’s instructions. It therefore is difficult to overplay the strategic significance of any withering of compliance to U.S. diktat. This is the ‘why’ to the war in Ukraine.

    The U.S.’ crown and sceptre are slipping. The peril of U.S. Treasury ‘N-bomb’ sanctions have been key to induced ‘allied’ compliance. But now, Russia, China and Iran have charted a clear path out from this thorny thicket, through dollar-free trading. The BRI initiative constitutes Eurasia’s economic ‘high road’. India, Saudi Arabia and Turkish inclusion (and now, an expanded list of new members are waiting to be signed up) give it an energy-based strategic content.

    Military deterrence has constituted the secondary pillar to the architecture of compliance to western models. But even that, though not gone, is lessened. In essence, smart cruise-missiles, drones, electronic warfare and – now – hypersonic missiles, have capsized the former paradigm. So too, has the game-breaker event of Russia joining with Iran as a military force multiplier.

    The U.S. Pentagon, even a few years ago, dismissed hypersonic weapons as ‘boutique’ and a ‘gimmick’. Wow – did they miscalculate on that one!

    Both Iran and Russia are at the forefront in complementary areas of military evolution. Both are in an existential fight. And both peoples possess the inner resources to sustain sacrifice from war. They will lead. China will lead from behind.

    Just to be clear: This Russo-Iranian link says: U.S. ‘deterrence’ in the Middle East itself now faces a formidable deterrent! Israel too, will need to ponder that.

    The Russo-Iranian force-multiplier relationship, the Jerusalem Post opines: “provides proof that the two states … together – are better equipped to make good on their respective ambitions – to bring the West to its knees”.

    To fully understand the anxiety lying behind The Post opinion piece, we must first grasp that the geography of the ‘shifting map’ towards a BRICS+ – new corridors, new pipelines, new waterway and railway networks – is but the outer mercantilist layer to a nesting Matryoshka doll. To unstack to the inner doll layers is to espy in the final innermost Matryoshka – a layer of kindled energy and confidence latent to the whole.

    What is missing? Well, the fire that finally bakes the New Order Z -‘dish’; the event that instantiates the new World Order.

    Netanyahu keeps threatening Iran. Even to Israeli ears however his words seem stale and passé. The U.S. does not want to be led by Netanyahu into war. And without the U.S., Israel cannot act alone. The recent MEK-led attempt to wreak havoc in Iran reeks somehow of a ‘last resort’ push.

    Will the U.S. try some risky game-changer in Ukraine to ‘take out’ Russia? It’s possible. Or might it try to derail China somehow?

    Is a Mega-clash inevitable? After all, what is in prospect is not the dominance of any one civilization, but a return to the natural, old order of non-universal realms of influence. There is no reason in logic for a Western boycott to try to explode the shift – except one:

    In any assimilation to what this future portends, the collective West inexorably must become a civilizational state per se – simply to maintain an enduring presence in the world. But the West has opted for a different route (as Bruno Maçães, commentator and former Portuguese Secretary of State for European Affairs, writes):

    “[The West] wanted its political values to be accepted universally … In order to achieve this, a monumental effort of abstraction and simplification was needed … Properly speaking, it was not to be a civilization at all but something closer to an operating system … no more than an abstract framework within which different cultural possibilities could be explored. Western values were not to stand for one particular ‘way of life’ against another — they establish procedures, according to which those big questions (how to live) may later be decided”.

    Today, as the West turns away from its own key leitmotif – tolerance – and towards weird ‘cancel culture’ abstractions, it becomes questionable whether it can compete as a civilisational state and maintain a presence. And if it can’t?

    A new order may come into being following one of two events: The West may simply self-destruct, following some systemic financial ‘breakage’, and the consequent economic contraction. Or, alternatively a Russian decisive victory in Ukraine just may be enough finally to ‘cook the dish’.

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    Maxwell Quest

    “First they came for the dogs
    And I did not speak out
    Because I was not a dog
    Then they came for me
    And there was no one left
    To speak out for me”

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