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    Maxwell Quest

    Thought I’d get a covid test before traveling to visit family and friends in another state. Lost about 10lbs over the past couple months, and have gone through some tired spells, but no other symptoms. Checked with the local hospital website to set up a test and ran into this message:


    Testing restrictions:

    Due to a national shortage of testing supplies, Legacy Health is unable to provide COVID-19 testing for any of the reasons listed below:

    • No COVID-19 testing for pre-travel clearance.
    • No COVID-19 testing for general workplace clearance unless there is an exposure or symptoms.
    • No COVID-19 testing for possible COVID-19 exposures that do not involve household or intimate contacts.

    We regret that we cannot provide COVID-19 tests to everyone who wants one. Please know that we are following guidelines in place across the State to ensure that testing is available for sick patients.


    What a country we live in! They’ve had 9 months to get their arms around this so that a new school year could start off with some semblance of control, but NO! Idiots!

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    Maxwell Quest

    “Otto Dix The Triumph of Death 1934”

    “Oh death where is thy sting?” An NDE would have taught this German artist that death is not the boogeyman he thought it was. I’ve heard many first-hand accounts of people who were brought back from death via modern medical resuscitation techniques. One woman described how she watched in horror as the medical staff worked frantically to revive her. She screamed and tried to pull them away, but to no effect, since without her physical body the doctors could not see, hear, or feel her. You see, she was thrilled to have crossed over, and was horrified at the prospect of returning. But return she did to tell her story. And so have thousands of others if we will listen to them.

    “Stop The Coup! (TAM)”

    Not many years ago I was like every other boomer, reading the paper, watching the news, and reading magazines to stay ‘informed’. I was unaware that my thoughts, ideas, biases, and choices were being shaped and instilled for the benefit of the status quo. My natural instinct to gain knowledge had been used against me. As a result of these manipulations, I had become a faithful robot for the establishment agenda.

    That is why it is completely understandable when a boomer neighbor stops to ask me if I think that Trump will willingly leave office if he loses the election. Just as I used to, they are swallowing the media propaganda without question. Their minds are already being prepared to see Trump as the third-world dictator whose lust for power has him stealing the election.

    My response always catches them off guard, because the ideas are entirely new and foreign to them, never having been spoken on all the usual media sources they consult:

    “Let’s take a look at the track record of those making these claims. Did they abide by the democratic process and accept a Trump presidency in 2016? No, the media, intelligence agencies, and the DNC initiated one coup attempt after another to remove Trump from office, starting with Hillary telling state electors to disregard the will of the people and cast their vote for her. When that didn’t work they claimed that Russia stole the election, and on and on, a continuous four-year rolling coup attempt.”

    This always leaves them a bit stunned, because they are so accustomed to all of their friends singing from the same sheet of establishment music. If I’m feeling particularly harsh, I finish it off by telling them that all their trusted sources of news are nothing but manipulative propaganda for the US centralize empire. I know is sounds cruel, but my generation is so conditioned and concretized in their thinking that it takes a 2×4 upside the head to make an impression. Gentle hints and suggestions typically just bounce off.

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    Maxwell Quest

    “Edgar Degas Dancers in Blue 1895”

    Really enjoyed Susmarie108’s description, but then I’m a sucker for anything ballet, getting weak in the knees as when one’s true love walks in the room. I thought it was interesting that with all the impressionism, Degas chose to put a definitive edge on two of the skirts in the foreground.

    As for the rest of the articles, I’ll leverage off the Scott Adams tweet: “This is an effective attack because only 2% of the public would know why it’s bullshit.”

    Ever since the election of Trump, I’ve grown increasingly aware of how vulnerable and helpless the public is to the power of the media, because that was when they went into overdrive in their exaggerations, half-truths, and outright lying in order to sway public opinion. Following close behind were all of Washington’s elected and unelected functionaries giving credence to the media’s claims with the authority invested in their various positions. All in an effort to destroy a duly-elected non-establishment interloper who managed to outplay all the gate-keepers to the presidency.

    How is the average person to make sense of all this? Like a rube on his first trip to the city, he’s an easy prey to every slick flim-flam artist and dance-hall barker that is adept at spotting a mark in straw hat and overalls. As Scott Adams implies, for every 2 Americans who is able to see past all the distortions and falsehood, there are 98 who are hopelessly lost in a sea of deceit. That’s 98% who are easily manipulated into supporting the establishment agenda as it goes about plundering the globe, while strangling any state that dares to resist.

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    Maxwell Quest

    “There is one man who is not engaged like all of the others. He appears to be with the only woman in the scene (in the far left hand corner). I am intrigued by them….who are they and what is he asking her?”

    My first thought was that the man was an accomplice who was preventing the woman from entering the Senate and possibly interfering in the assassination. Caesar had been warned that there was a plot against him, but ignored the warnings when his friend beckoned him to the Senate. The woman may represent Caesar’s wife, Calpurnia, who had a dream foreshadowing his death and begged him to stay home that day.

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    Maxwell Quest

    I agree with garob, that big finance is the engine driving the empire’s global ambitions. Corporations are next in line wanting to expand markets and increase the size of their monopolies. Militaries, intelligence agencies, NGO’s, and more recently the State Department are Wall Street’s weapons of choice, and even these want endless money and growth. I believe John F. Kennedy had voiced intentions to shrink one such agency before he made his fatal campaign visit to Dealey Plaza.

    I recently came across this short clip of Putin explaining why US presidents come and go, yet policies remain the same. It seemed awfully relevant to this essay. I’ve been pulled a few different directions lately and can’t remember where I saw it, so I apologize if it was posted here on TAE and I just spaced it out.

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    Maxwell Quest

    It’s irrelevant to me whether Dr. D. has a medical degree or not, since I let his words speak for themselves. I’m old enough now not to be impressed or bow the head before fancy university credentials, many of which are worth squat. I’ve met doctorates in my own field who couldn’t think their way out of a paper bag – having no common sense or practical experience to ground them in reality.

    That said, I always enjoy Dr. D.’s rants. He obviously has a keen perception that is adept at pointing out human hypocrisy and other absurdities. This should cause reflection in everyone not fully grounded in principle, and therefore easily jerked about by public opinion or the latest media expert… Dr. Fauci comes to mind. But, alas, the very one’s who could benefit from a little self-reflection can usually be found beating others over the head with their latest cock-sure brainwave. A brainwave, mind you, that is not even organic, but parroted from their preferred team’s hive mind.

    Doctorate or no, I find his insights thought provoking. However, since the whole Covid drama became politically weaponized, I’ve given up forming strong opinions in either direction and have settled on a middle road, being neither fanatical nor rebellious. The pandemic story is still being written, I believe, and like most history we may find that it was more fiction than truth upon later inspection. I try to be open-minded, and would certainly miss Dr. D.’s commentary if he ever gave up the pen.

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    Maxwell Quest

    “Wassily Kandinsky Autumn Landscape with Boats 1908”

    Must. Have. It.

    “Brennan, Strzok and DOJ Needed Assange Arrested – And UK Officials Obliged (CT)”
    Insert ever other Trump coup related headline here.

    If I’m not mistaken the only Americans that are still caught up in the altered reality of the Trump-Russia drama are all the media junkies who rely on television and the NYT for their world view. Everyone else has known for years the who, what, where, and why of actual events. What does it mean when all the evidence is just lying about and justice is impotent? That the corruption of the state is deep and profound, and we are getting perilously close to some sort of reckoning.

    LOL. The Star Trek ‘Biden as Captain Pike’ cartoon is ingenious.

    Despite the depressing nature of its subject, the decay of Baltimore, the Kimberly Klacik political ad was a breath of fresh air. I love her ‘no nonsense’ approach of pointing out the obvious truths that others dare not speak of. Good luck with the machine, Kimberley.

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    Maxwell Quest

    “The Roots Of Wokeness (Sullivan)”

    Just finished reading this article. An eye-opener that sheds much light on the origin of such absurdities as ‘safe space’ and ‘microaggressions’ seen on many college campuses today. A great find Raúl!

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    Maxwell Quest

    Florida man 1967

    I’ve never understood how someone can look at retirement as an opportunity to fritter your remaining years away with self-indulgence, early-bird specials, and game playing, broadcasting to all the world that wisdom never took root in these poor souls.

    Our president said they were “very fine people.” – Biden

    It’s almost as if truth has dropped a few more positions on the nation’s list of priorities. And I think you are right, Raúl, that CNN watchers will never investigate other sources to verify its claims. We all learned this during Russiagate. Currently, I’ve not heard one apology for all the grief I received for suggesting that the Russia-Trump media circus was nothing more than a coup attempt that had no factual foundation. Not. One.

    Since I’m unable to read minds, I’d speculate that their hatred for Trump crowded out any rational thought on the subject, or else never admitting that you were wrong equates to still ‘being right’.

    “Russian Vaccine CEO: US Waging “Major Information Warfare” (ZH)”

    If I were Russia, I would sell the new vaccine below cost, making it cheaply available to all nations. What a message this would send. It could be the final wooden stake in the Empire’s chest, which for too long has been shielded by false propaganda.

    “Gundlach was right: Biden WAS unelectable in March. But then a miracle happened.”

    Yes, wasn’t that something? Biden was hanging over the ropes heaving his guts out while Bernie danced around the ring, when all of a sudden the ref trotted over and thrust Uncle Joe’s arm in the air as the winner. Wait! What happened? What did I miss? As Dr. D. or George Carlin would say, “nobody seems to notice, nobody seems to care”.

    “AOC Only Gets 60 Seconds At DNC To Deliver Pre-Recorded Message (F.)”

    I guess the DNC is not interested in winning in 2020 either. Why else would they shut down all the youthful, progressive energy of the party? Unless it’s all about power, control, and spite?

    “Romney Blocks Sen. Ron Johnson From Subpoenaing Comey, Brennan (GP)”

    “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer” – Michael Corleone

    The GOP has always been Trump’s worst nightmare. It’s full of Tessio’s and Fredo’s willing to do the dirty work in bringing down The Don.
    Many thanks for all your hard work, Raúl!

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    Maxwell Quest

    One has to ask themselves, how do such incompetent people rise to the highest levels of state office, far surpassing even Peter Principle predictions? And once there, either elected or appointed, go on to serve only the monied interests at the expense of principle, vital institutions, peace, and the common good?

    Since these offices are obviously not attained by merit, I can only come to one conclusion: that they are ‘put’ there by people with far more power. People who prefer to rule from the shadows, while presenting a gullible polity with the illusion that they have a voice in a democratic government. This allows the men behind the curtain to proceed unhindered with their plans of greater wealth and world dominion.

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    Maxwell Quest

    @Mr. House

    In response to your Cloud Atlas quote I offer the following lines from the movie Contact, in which a manipulative science advisor, Drumlin, uses political clout and deception to cheat Ellie Arroway out of the rightful claim to her discovery:

    David Drumlin: “I know you must think this is all very unfair. Maybe that’s an understatement. What you don’t know is I agree. I wish the world was a place where fair was the bottom line, where the kind of idealism you showed at the hearing was rewarded, not taken advantage of. Unfortunately, we don’t live in that world.”

    Ellie Arroway: “Funny, I’ve always believed that the world is what we make of it.”

    Since we don’t live in a world of philosopher kings, I believe the burden falls on each one of us to ensure that the society we live in is not a ‘dog-eat-dog’ or ‘rule of the jungle’ experience. We would not accept this happening to our loved ones, and neither should we accept it happening to the weakest or most vulnerable among us. If we do, we condone it and are worthy of nothing better.

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    Maxwell Quest

    Contrast the news of the day with the stunning Knossos fresco which Ilargi posted yesterday and the psychic dislocation is enough to invoke a seizure. Can you imagine anything of such beauty and grace coming from the minds of either Pelosi or Nadler? Fixated on their own lust for power they, like vampires, feed upon the lives they were put in power to nurture. There is nothing special about them in particular, they were just mentioned as examples of the leadership that now infests all our institutions and economic structures.

    This theme seems to be endemic today, the powerful preying upon the weak. It is tolerated, accepted, encouraged, and now rewarded. Can such a system long endure when the corruption typically found in the gutter is enshrined as the driving engine of the nation?

    Life is just something that is shoved into their meat-grinder so that dollars can flow out the other side and into their pockets. Take HCQ for example. Think of all the lives that have been and will be sacrificed, especially in the west where business runs government, because the pandemic is seen as a profit generator. Murder for money? Certainly, but it’s a respectable murder, not like that dirty stuff one finds in alleys. Oxycontin, same thing. How about sitting behind a computer monitor in an air-conditioned office manipulating commodity prices that result in the starvation of a few million? It’s the same. Hey, good work on those wheat futures, Joe, here’s your bonus.

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    Maxwell Quest

    “CDC: 35% of Non-Hospitalized COVID19 Patients Have Long-Term Illness (NBC)”

    I’m guessing that many of you, like me, are at the point of virus fatigue and just want it to be over with already. But for those bulldogs who are still on the fence as to whether this bug originated from a wet market or a bio-weapons lab, I believe the link below is a good source which is outside the now compromised science publications that we used to rely on for factual information:

    “Media Should Be ‘Pressuring’ Biden To ‘Answer Questions’ – Howard Kurtz (Fox)”

    Good luck with that one. There’s no way that Biden can stand up to scrutiny, which is why he is being sheltered by the entire establishment. You know that the DNC is working hard on plans B and C, as plan A has a very limited shelf life and will instantly wither when the lights are turned on. I can hardly wait to see what they come up with as they attempt to get him through November.

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    Maxwell Quest

    “Those 20% are not acting as if they believe in heaven or hell.”

    I just couldn’t leave this comment alone, zerosum. The more I thought about it, the more tentacles the problem of wealth inequality seemed to sprout. Lately, it seems as if I’m trying to make sense of the world while looking at it through a little keyhole. Actually, I’m just now starting to realize this truth.

    But the death of religion, or the mythos of heaven and hell, is a factor which cannot be ignored. Man, though currently clothed in its modern veneer of civilization, is still very much a barbarian in nature. Remove the moral restraint that religion once provided, and its off to the races for most.

    I’m also reminded of some psychological studies that were done in which one experimental group was given unearned preferential treatment over another group. This resulted in the preferred group coming up with explanations for why they ‘deserved’ to be treated better than the others. Like any good Wall Street trader, it seems we have the ability to justify anything that benefits us at the expense of another.

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    Maxwell Quest

    In the early stages of the pandemic I would buy up the masks made by the neighborhood sewing circle and hand them out for free at the local one-stop-shopping mega-store. It was generally a positive experience where most were grateful for the gesture, giving them access to a protective device that was as yet difficult to find.

    Then after several weeks I noticed a change began to occur, wherein the mask took on a political rather than a medical significance. That was when I discontinued the service. It was also when other mask sources began to come online and just about everyone who wanted a mask was able to get one.

    Based on everything I’ve read, and my own gut instinct, I still trust that they are effective. Certainly not 100%, but any help is better than none. In fact, just yesterday I had to get into a car with someone who had just arrived from another region of the country. This was after enduring a sermon about how the whole country had gone crazy, and mask wearing was just another devious step in removing all our liberties. That is when I pulled out my mask a put it on. She looked over at me in disbelief and asked, “What are you wearing a mask for?”, to which I replied, “to protect you from me, and to protect me from you, since we are sharing the air in this car”. Cue the eyeroll.

    “Just for the fun of it, google images of Dr. Redfield at the CDC, then google images of Wayne Carver, now deceased, who was the medical examiner at Sandy Hook.”

    Sorry, close, but no cigar. These are not the same person.

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    Maxwell Quest

    @Dr D

    Your analysis made my day. Watching the hubris of our ‘leaders’ is truly stunning. Barely capable of rudimentary inference thinking themselves, they boldly interfere in the operation of highly complex systems (like the economy) whose interrelationships are beyond the comprehension of even a room full of Einsteins. One of the least understood of these relationships is human emotional psychology. It’s very difficult for spreadsheet formulas to capture that one. Like putting a chimp in the cockpit of a 747, only disaster awaits the unwary passengers.

    Add to this recipe an insatiable appetite for personal gain or power, or put another way, a total disregard for the public good, and it leaves no room for a healthy economy or the social system supported thereby.

    Of course, as Mr. House has implied, no politician is going to risk his popularity (or financial support) by proposing that his donors swallow a bitter pill, so we must all crash together.

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    Maxwell Quest

    “Surging Demand for Hong Kong Dollars Underscores Beijing Support (BBG)”

    Yes, the PBOC has learned well from Wall St, meaning that in today’s economy the Central Banks are the market. The greatest money laundering operation the world has ever seen. Trillions in debt is created with the flick of a keystroke, then given to Wall St banks. From there it is pumped through the markets and into the pockets of the 0.1%, all nice and clean and legal, but yet thoroughly corrupt.

    “John Solomon: Indictments Coming In Russia Investigation (WND)”

    Sorry, but show me. I would really like to believe that there are still small pockets of justice that have survived the institutional moral rot, but I’m still looking. The wheels are in motion, the say. Any day now… Really… We mean it… Just a few more loose ends to tie up… You’ll see.

    “Most Americans Believe Russia Targeted US Soldiers (R.)”

    Most Americans that watch TV news or still read the print media, that is, which are mostly boomers raised on Walter Cronkite. A dying generation. Then what will the media do to control the public mind? The others wouldn’t know what you were talking about, as there is not much bandwidth left after working two jobs to pay off your student loans.

    “Nearly every war that has started in the past 50 years has been a result of media lies.”

    Just watched the video of Julian Assange. Like drinking a cool glass of water. If you ever wonder what the voice of reason sounds like, this is it. Clear, concise, grounded in reality, no hysteria or money-driven agenda pulling the strings. No wonder they hate him so much. Like the Papacy’s pursuit of Martin Luther, he must be stopped.

    It’s too late, of course, as Reality will not be denied. It persists and is infinitely solid. All must eventually worship at the altar of natural law, which cannot be moved one iota. Just think, one day in the near future there will be monuments dedicated to this man.

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    Maxwell Quest

    “Epstein’s Ponzi Scheme Partner: Ghislaine Will ‘Crack In Two Seconds’ (DC)”

    It appears she has already cut a deal with the US, otherwise why would she even be in New Hampshire? Let’s see who goes down because of her testimony. Or maybe this will be used to blackmail someone into changing course, without exposure to public scrutiny.

    As Raúl suspects, it could be Trump, as he has resisted the completion of the empire’s Death Star since taking office.

    “Widespread Use Of Face Masks Could Save Tens Of Thousands Of Lives (NPR)”

    What can one say about Fauci other than “What a putz!”? Note that this is the caliber of leadership that rises to the top in today’s corrupt institutions.

    “Vladimir Putin wakes up every morning and goes to bed every night trying to figure out how to destroy American democracy.” – Rep. Jason Crow’s (D-CO)

    One thing can be said about fanatics is that they always overplay their hand. I’m guessing he never misses an episode of Conspiracies Gone Wild starring Rachel Maddow. Crow’s statement is on par with Bush’s declaration that Muslim extremists “hate us for our freedoms”, which was also pure baloney.

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    Maxwell Quest

    Just stumbled across this and it really grabbed my attention. A new Unity Ticket composed of Andrew Yang and Admiral William H. McRaven for the 2020 presidential race, both of whom have agreed to lead jointly. This is being proposed by Intellectual Dark Web member, Dr. Bret Weinstein. At first glance, this looks like something I could get behind.

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    Maxwell Quest

    “Why do all these medical professionals volunteer to look ridiculous?”
    “Hydroxychloroquine Does Not Cure COVID19, Say Drug Trial Chiefs (G.)”
    “A Second Major COVID Study Is Retracted (Newser)”

    From day one of the war on HCQ my first thought has always been that there is a great deal of money changing hands in order to keep this fake science front-and-center in the news. It might take a few years to rehabilitate your career, but hey, who can turn down a quick $1M. Actually, fake science is in such demand today that your career prospects could only improve along with your bank account by jumping on the fraud wagon. Just look what it’s done for Wall Street, the Media, and Congress.

    “Surprise: The BLS Admits Another Phony Jobs Report (Mish)”

    Not unlike the HCQ story, the truth dribbles out over time, but they get what they want up front. In this case pushing stocks into the stratosphere smack in the middle of a multitude of national crises. Easy money! Time to check out the Benz dealership and order those granite countertops.

    “Biden Clinches Nomination, Readies For Fall Showdown With Trump (JTN)”

    Speaking of national crises, does anyone else think Biden winning the nomination borders on insanity? That this is another indicator of how far down we’ve fallen? And just how are they going to orchestrate the presidential debates so that it doesn’t look like a case of elder abuse.

    “Robert Mueller’s office deleted 19,000 text messages between Lisa Page and her lover Peter Strzok. Why?”

    Because that was his primary job: to distract the public with a phony Russiagate investigation while everyone cleaned up the crime scene left behind by the Obama regime. “If that f*cking bastard wins, we’ll all hang from nooses!”, said Hillary. Does that make me sound cynical? Maybe when William Barr marches a few of the players away in handcuffs I’ll reconsider.

    Any day now... really... pretty soon... you'll see...

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    Maxwell Quest

    Tucker Carlson, what a disappointing analysis! That big, loud megaphone of his totally wasted on his viewership. I guess as a beneficiary of the current system he is anxious for things to get back to ‘normal’, where he can comment on the political shenanigans of the day and then go home to his gated community after picking up the kids from their private educational academy.

    Here’s a thought, Tucker: What about the violence the US empire inflicts on other nations that don’t fall in line? Economic sanctions? Regime change? Military Juntas? Death Squads? Dictatorships? Bombings? Dronings?

    What about the violence of oppression, coercion, extortion, ignorance, poverty, hopelessness, drug use, exploitation, manipulation, predation, corruption?

    What about the violence of elite immunity and unaccountability, cartels, monopolies, vulture capitalism, money-printing, inflation, globalization, outsourcing, unemployment, prison industrial complex, treasury-looting, and money-laundering stock/bond markets?

    Yes, Tucker, let’s clean up this George Floyd mess really quick so we can all get back to ‘normal’.

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    Maxwell Quest

    “Trump: ‘I Have A Chance To Break The Deep State’ (Attkisson)”

    “The kingdom of God advances through a series of glorious victories, cleverly disguised as disasters. (Ken Eldred)”

    No, I’m not a fan of the Evangelical movement. One Dark Ages was enough, where sparks of light were hunted down and destroyed as enemies of an all-powerful Church. But I do recognize success when I see it, even when it is disguised as failure.

    Occupy Wall Street from all appearances was a failure, but before it died it was able to plant some powerful ideas into the public consciousness, ideas that have only grown more dominant since the days of Zuccotti Park. Before OWS, the average man of the street had never thought about the wealth inequality problem (1% vs 99%), nor how it could be traced back to the vampirism of Wall Street. Now, the idea is as prolific as dandelions.

    Trump also appears like a complete failure, and may never make the slightest progress with his foreign or domestic policy goals, but I have a suspicion that the ideas that he planted into the public consciousness will live on and thrive. Ideas like “Fake News” and “Deep State” for example. These are powerful ideas that can change the course of history when they finally bear their fruit.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 23 2020 #59125

    Maxwell Quest

    Two thoughts came to mind after watching the clip of Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany. First, was the word “squirm”, as her uncensored pronouncements about the Russiagate hoax and Flynn prosecution must be driving the establishment absolutely mad. Secondly, her bold style reminds me of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson, Maria Zakharova, who also does an outstanding job. It feels good to see someone face overwhelming odds and land some good solid staggering punches. With Trump now on the attack we should prepare to see the establishment crazy-meter enter the red zone as the 2020 election approaches.

    The Helena Bonham Carter clip about cellphones was spot on. Really gave me a good laugh. I have no idea what she is like in everyday life, but her work as an actress has always been ‘top drawer’.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 21 2020 #59062

    Maxwell Quest

    I think VietnamVet said it best yesterday: “The US government is dysfunctional.”

    I would add to that the term “corrupt”, because they operate in a system of perverse incentives in which public service occupies a position near (or at) the bottom of their list of priorities.

    “Don’t Count On Vaccine, US Scientist Warns (G.)”

    How did this article get past the censors? Doesn’t this scientist watch the news? That we are looking at the V shaped recovery? That a cure is just around the corner? That he should load up on stocks now and avoid the last minute rush?

    “Sweden Had Highest Coronavirus Death Rate Per Capita In Last Week (Tel.)”

    I don’t understand why this is a problem. Isn’t it understood that Sweden is taking a different path through this pandemic, the price being to pay with a higher death count up front in order to reach herd immunity quicker and thereby reestablish normal social and business functioning? We should all realize by now that every nation is an experiment in progress, and that the final results cannot be assessed until the pandemic runs its course. Then we will see who was wise and who was foolish.

    I still think the HCQ story is a fascinating one, and has the potential of some major public blow-back. From all appearances there appears to be a concerted effort on the part of Big Pharma (and possibly other hidden players) to torpedo its use as a treatment. Fake scientific studies were also rushed into print in order to muddy those waters as well, hoping to put the last nail in the HCQ coffin. But it keeps hanging on, and someone somewhere is going to announce the results of a randomized, double-blind placebo study using HCQ + Zinc, and we will finally find out where the truth lies. That is assuming that Big Pharma doesn’t find out about it first and send in a squad of ‘active shooters’ to destroy it.

    “First as Tragedy, Then as Farce: The Collapse of the Sanders Campaign (AA)”

    Bernie showed his true colors in 2016. Anyone not paying attention so as to place their hopes and dreams in him for 2020 only has themselves to blame.

    “Was there a problem for the banks already when the bailout was given? What will happen when people stop paying their mortgages and car loans? Endless bailouts?”

    Short answer: Yes. The precedence is already well established, and the skids were generously greased with the Dodd-Frank Act. It happens to be the easiest way to steal wealth from the greatest amount of people with the least amount of effort (and I might add the least amount of awareness).

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    Maxwell Quest


    Was going to write this first thing in the morning, but my mind was still foggy and was worried about sounding too much like a fanboy. Have been feeling a lot of gratitude all day, and hours later it just hasn’t let up. Not that I’m complaining, mind you, but very much the opposite.

    Is it any wonder that we are admonished to “count our blessings” when we feel low? Gratitude, I believe, is underrated. What a wonderful warm softening glow it elicits, one that penetrates to the very heart.

    So here I find myself again, with the need to tell you how much I appreciate all the work you do to keep up this site. All your thoughts and ideas, and those of your many contributors. It’s a pool I look forward to splashing in each and every day.

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    Maxwell Quest

    “Until there is a virus, but that may never come.” –> “Until there is a vaccine, but that may never come.”

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    Maxwell Quest

    “China Unauthorised Labs Were Told To Destroy Early Coronavirus Samples (SCMP)”
    “French Doctors Think They May Have Treated COVID19 Patients Last Fall (Hill)”

    I’m reminded of all the bank heist movies over the years in which the thieves douse the getaway car with gasoline and torch it. They certainly are destructive, going out of their way to destroy a perfectly good vehicle just for kicks. Or is there something I’m not seeing here? Left behind fingerprints or DNA evidence perhaps that could be used to put the authorities on their trail?

    In a related story, it appears that during the week of October 14-19, 2019, there was no cellphone activity around the Wuhan Institute of Virology or any of the roads leading to it, almost as if an emergency containment perimeter were set up around the lab after an accident had occurred. Of course, I’m sure it was nothing, and that there is a good explanation coming from the CCP. Possibly an emergency street fair or gay pride parade while the local cell towers were being recalibrated?

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 10 2020 #58600

    Maxwell Quest

    “Obama Says That ‘Rule Of Law Is At Risk’ In Michael Flynn Case (Y!)”

    So what? I’d much rather listen to my neighbor ramble on about how bad the weeds are this year than anything Barry has to say. This first has some value, whereas the second is a complete waste of time.

    Like many others I bought into his ‘Hope & Change’ sloganeering, but was jolted out of that illusion when he let the mortgage bankers off scott-free immediately after assuming office. No, it was worse than that, they were essentially rewarded for their fraud and criminality with additional wealth and power. But don’t get me started on that, because it ushered in a new era of unbelievable theft that is now encapsulated in today’s free-running and unaccountable Fed policies.

    Obama’s administration went downhill from there, terminating with the Oval Office acting as the control center in an attempt to destroy the political opposition’s campaign. No, I don’t care what he says. He’s a social-climbing sellout, who once upon a time was given the chance to make a real difference in the world and wasted it on himself.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 5 2020 #58354

    Maxwell Quest

    For those who may have missed it, Chris Martenson gave an excellent presentation yesterday on the origins of the new Covid-19 virus. For a guy who normally goes out of his way to remain objective, doing his best to leave emotion and bias out of his analysis, he makes the claim that the top virologists are lying to the public about the virus being a natural occurrence.

    Of course they are! Like the kid who burns down the house while playing with matches, they’ll lie like hell to shield themselves from accountability and retribution.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 4 2020 #58294

    Maxwell Quest

    @ Boogaloo

    Only the hopelessly deluded have been unable to see the pattern by now.

    OK, Pompeo, show us this “evidence”. Where did it come from? Who were the sources? Otherwise, STFU!

    “I have certain rules I live by. My first rule: I don’t believe anything the government tells me. Nothing. Zero.” – George Carlin

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 2 2020 #58238

    Maxwell Quest

    @ Germ

    This particular regimen for Covid-19 is pretty easy to find on-line, so I feel safe in passing it along. I’m not a doctor, and don’t pretend to know what is best for others. Therefore, do your own research and use your best judgement:

    Hydroxychloroquine: 200mg twice a day for 5 days
    Azithromycin: 500mg once a day for 5 days
    Zinc Sulfate: 220mg once a day for 5 days

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 2 2020 #58190

    Maxwell Quest


    Yes, we are on the same page.

    I’m very curious to see how this ‘therapy battle’ plays out over the length of the pandemic, and whether anyone from Big Pharma, WHO, or the NIH will be thrown under the bus before it’s all over.

    As for me, after researching HCQ a few weeks back, I made a copy of the HCQ/Azm/Zn regimen that I plan to demand in the unlucky circumstance that I catch the virus before this battle is settled. I feel quite determined, enough to stake my life on it.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle May 2 2020 #58184

    Maxwell Quest

    “US Approves Remdesivir for Coronavirus Treatment (GR)”
    “80 Patients, Staff Infected at Texas Nursing Home, HCQ Saves All But 1 (GP)”
    “Manhattan Nursing Home Reports 98 Coronavirus Deaths (G.)”

    One of the most fascinating stories to follow over the past couple of months was the intentional trashing of the HCQ/Zinc therapy for Covid-19, while elevating that of Remdesivir. The first, a proven success but unprofitable; the second, just the opposite.

    This has a similar feel to when the major tobacco companies were willing to lie in the face of overwhelming scientific evidence and sacrifice millions of lives to the ravages of lung cancer for profit.

    Nothing has changed. This is America. This is neoliberal capitalism, where wealth extraction is the highest priority, trumping even human life itself. Let me know when someone is held accountable.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 21 2020 #57652

    Maxwell Quest

    “With test results all over the place, we need to recognize that having all the world’s top minds on viruses focused on the same issue, does not guarantee a thing. Other than confusion.”

    “On Friday, a study carried out in Santa Clara, California by Stanford University and released as a “pre-print” without peer review, found that 50 to 85 times more people had been infected with the virus than official figures showed.”

    I remember way back when I first got into microelectronics, and after two years of hard work our first microchip silicon wafers came out of manufacturing. This was back in the Dark Ages when every large company wanted to have their own Microelectronics Division. We all stood around the huge test machine as the first silicon wafer was loaded onto the test chuck. The probes of the test machine were set down onto the first die of the wafer and the test engineer hit the test button. A few seconds later we all whooped and hollered with joy as the green light flashed, indicating that the new microchip had successfully passed a full series of tests.

    The test engineer moved the probes to the next circuit on the wafer, again we all cheered as another green light showed that the adjacent microchip was 100% functional. After this scene was repeated several times in succession, the lead test engineer became suspicious. “Hold on a second”, he said, “lift the test probes from the wafer and hit the Test button again.” With nothing but air under the test probes the test button was pushed. A few seconds later the test machine’s green light flashed success once again, but this time to the groans of all assembled. It seems the test program was faulty, and always produced a positive result a few seconds after the test button was pushed.

    The moral of the story is that the results of any test are only as good as its measurement tools. In the case of the above study by Stanford University, which tries to prove that “50 to 85 times more people had been infected with the virus than official figures” show, Chris Martenson does an excellent job of debunking in yesterday’s podcast.

    As yet, I am not convinced that the COVID-19 virus has already passed through the greater part of an asymptomatic population. Why? Because too many people, especially in finance, want it to be so. They all want desperately for profits to return to their pre-pandemic highs, and will grab onto (or fund) any experimental study that appears to show that the worst is already behind us.

    in reply to: The Only Man Who Has A Clue #57305

    Maxwell Quest

    Hands down, some of the best analysis I’ve read concerning the pandemic, comments included!

    If after reading this, you are not humbled by the complexity and interconnectedness of life, you should go back to reading People Magazine.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle April 11 2020 #56984

    Maxwell Quest

    Loved the old cartoon of Uncle Sam feeding the corporate monopoly hogs, while ignoring the ‘rest of us’. As the French say: “plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose”. Or as it’s known in the US: “the more things change, the more they stay the same”.

    I must admit that I’m a bit burned out on the whole pandemic drama. Much of this is due to the craziness which it has excited: the politicizing, the finger pointing, the ass covering, the conspiracy theories, the money printing, the thieving, the overreach of authority, the fear mongering, the ineptitude, the conflicting reports, etc. etc. Sometimes by the end of the day I don’t know which end is up. However, I still have an evolving picture of the situation that has developed instinctually, and I’m curious to see how well it holds up to how this actually plays out over time. There is remarkable potential for this crisis to alter the course of history, which duly needs altering, but in which direction we as yet do not know. Let us hope that Mr. Gates does not have a seat on the steering committee.

    As always, I appreciate the exchange of ideas and shared experiences from Raul, and everyone who comments.

    in reply to: Little Managers #56544

    Maxwell Quest

    Ali, just seeing his picture inspires me, knowing that, here and there, great people are placed among us to lift us out of our own slavery.

    I see that Boogaloo and I are on a similar wavelength.

    I’m not sure how much will be required for the pyramid’s cap (monied interests) to relinquish even a little control of their dominion. Speaking from personal experience, a swift two-by-four between the eyes was often needed to affect a needed course correction. Let’s hope this pandemic will be the impetus for some long-overdo national course corrections.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 30 2020 #56305

    Maxwell Quest


    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 30 2020 #56297

    Maxwell Quest

    Ilargi, just how does one insert a photo located on one’s desktop into a comment? I think that’s what the “Choose File” button is for, but then I never seem to have any success. The “img” button seems to accept only URL’s. Thanks.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle March 30 2020 #56296

    Maxwell Quest

    Added a new layer to a Venn diagram I saw on line the other day. I know, I know, I’m just a ‘glass half-full’ kind of guy.

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