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    Maxwell Quest

    John Waterhouse does an excellent job of capturing the dichotomy between the pursuits of Diogenes and the culture in which he lived. It’s clear that the ladies, adorned with fine clothing (and parasols to protect their complexion from the harsh sun), were not there to receive instruction, but to observe the curiosity of a man living in a jar. His reality and character were light years from the follies and vanities of his curiosity seekers.

    It’s hard to know who the man really was based on the limited anecdotal evidence that has been passed down, but I’m guessing he could give anyone’s egoistic house of cards a thorough thrashing and have it begging for mercy.

    Luckily, we’ve outgrown the primeval days of ancient Greece, where wisdom schools competed with one another in attempts to find the surest path to a sterling and indestructible character. Today, the best minds are trained in ivy league schools on how to program supercomputers to front-run and spoof trading on Wall St exchanges. To commit fraud and plunder the less connected. We’ve come a long way, baby.

    Poor Diogenes, he would’ve starved to death in D.C., and then shot in the head to ensure that no more embarrassing truths escaped his lips…Think Julian Assange.

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    Maxwell Quest

    I liked the painting too, but the body language of the man strongly suggests regret. This lends the whole scene a depressing tone.

    Piggybacking on Ilargi’s Matrix graphic above…

    As most here have already discovered, once indoctrinated it’s a difficult process to undo. We know this from our own personal experience (otherwise we wouldn’t be on TAE, but CNN), but in the last few years from the many fruitless attempts to wake up our friends and family.

    Happy New Year’s everyone!


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    Maxwell Quest

    A couple of quotes concerning magic in the esoteric tradition:

    “The experimental proof (magic): This proof consists in knowing the pertaining laws of nature
    and the method of their application and in using physical etheric material energies to bring about
    changes also in gross physical matter. Magic, however, has been prohibited for a number of
    reasons. Its use would put a weapon in the hands of mankind’s potential bandits and tempt them
    into all sorts of crime. Scientists have dubbed the magicians frauds and called all such phenomena
    impossible, since they “conflict with the laws of nature”. The magicians have been martyrs in other
    ways too. Those hungry for sensations demand more and more of them. Those in need of help
    besiege their victims with their demands. The curious want all their problems solved for them.”

    “Magic is knowledge of the method of using mental material energy to influence physical etheric
    material energies to bring about changes in the visible molecular kinds. That method will remain
    esoteric, since mankind is too hopelessly ignorant and too egoistic to be entrusted with this terrible
    power. Inasmuch as all power is abused (at the best only on account of ignorance) mankind must be
    content to be ignorant of all forces of nature other than those it has succeeded in discovering by
    itself. That knowledge is entrusted only to those who cannot possibly abuse power.”

    If a person possessed this ability, only the closest disciples would be aware of it, and they silent. Do the mental experiment yourself and see where it leads. After many years of preparation and seeking you are finally initiated into a secret esoteric school and learn the heavily guarded method of manipulating matter. Being blessed with the energetic equipment which makes it possible, and now knowing the technique, you decide to show your friends, disobeying both oath and counsel… strictly to help open their minds, of course.

    The result: “It’s witchcraft!” “He has a Devil!” “Show me how you did it… Please, please, please!” “OK smartass, if you can really do what you say, turn this rock into gold!” Etc. Etc. Etc. Next thing you know the NSA is throwing a black bag over your head and it’s off to a secret facility for a lengthy interrogation with sodium pentothal. Not exactly what you had in mind, is it?

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    Maxwell Quest

    Twitter Files:

    Why did Jim Baker get his bloomers in a twist over such a positive and reassuring statement from President Trump, while Yoel Roth at Twitter was scratching his head thinking, “What’s the big deal?”?

    It’s because Jimmy-boy was on the inside of the Covid plandemic and Yoel was on the outside. The goal in October 2020 was to ramp up the Covid fear campaign and stampede the herd toward the Gene Therapy rollout due to arrive a couple months from then. This is the reason why FBI plant Jim Baker took such umbrage at Trump’s “Don’t be afraid of Covid” statement, and wanted it scrubbed.

    Trump Tweet

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    Maxwell Quest

    Merry Christmas to Ilargi and all the TAE contributors. Just wanted to say how grateful I am that you are here. For the personal histories you’ve shared, and the expertise you bring to bear on current events. It’s been a surefire antidote to the gaslighting disease sweeping the planet.

    Interesting, I was thinking about this Godfather scene today, even before seeing the Paramount video above… what Jung called synchronicity.

    Godfather Barzini All Along

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    Maxwell Quest

    When it comes to UFO’s, or just about any other subject, especially those which have been intentionally suppressed and ridiculed, one really needs to do a deep dive to get your bearings. Even then, one often encounters many side tunnels to explore which connect to the main theme. Time and interest then determine how much you invest for the level of knowledge and expertise you desire. The more puzzle pieces you successfully connect, the clearer the picture appears.

    It also requires a strong mind, one that can remain grounded with reality and everyday life, so that your sanity and functionality remain intact. The Alice who pursues the rabbit is never the same one that returns to the surface. And sadly, some never find there way back.

    One site I visit regularly is called Eyes On Cinema, which has a UFO channel containing many rare first-hand UFO accounts and interviews. There is nothing that compares, other than the actual experience, of hearing someone describe their encounter shortly after it occurred. Or listening to the sheer panic that often engulfs abductees under hypnosis as they describe what happened to them.

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    Maxwell Quest

    Lone Wolf

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    Maxwell Quest

    The Twenty-Seven Most Embarrassing Reactions to Taibbi Thread About Twitter Censoring Hunter Biden Tweets

    No need to read them all, since all 27 are pretty much the same. I was reminded of those videos that are sometimes posted of a huge matrix of TV news anchors reading the exact same script in unison. It seems another script has gone out to obfuscate Matt Taibbi’s release of the Twitter Files on the DNC/Twitter interference in the 2020 election.

    Not one word about the actual story, however, nosiree. Just the same personal attack on the journalist who broke ranks.

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    Maxwell Quest

    I thought Alastair Crooke’s latest essay was especially apropos to the ongoing power shift from West to East:
    The Crux of the Putin-Xi Revolution for a New World Order – Arresting the Slide to Nihilism

    For those behind firewalls, here it is in full:

    It becomes questionable whether the West can compete as a civilisational state and maintain a presence.

    The world ‘Map’ is accelerating its shift away from the paralysed Washington ‘hub’ – but to what? The myth that China, Russia, or the non-western world can be fully assimilated to a Western model of political society (any more than Afghanistan was) is over. So to where are we headed?

    The myth of the pull of acculturation into western post-modernity lingers on however, in the continuing western fantasy of pulling China away from Russia, and into an embrace with U.S. Big Business.

    The bigger point here is that former wounded civilisations are reasserting themselves: China and Russia – as states organised around indigenous culture – is not a new idea. Rather, it is a very old one: “Always remember that China is a civilization – and not nation-state”, Chinese officials repeat regularly.

    Nonetheless, the shift to civilisational statehood emphasised by those Chinese officials arguably is no rhetorical device but reflects something deeper and more radical. Moreover, the culture transition is gaining wide emulation across the globe. Its inherent radicalism however, is largely lost to western audiences.

    Chinese thinkers, such as Zhang Weiwei, accuse Western political ideas of being a sham; of masking their deeply partisan ideological character beneath a veneer of supposedly neutral principles. They are saying that the mounting of a universal framework of values – applicable to all societies – is finished.

    All of us must accept that we speak only for ourselves and our societies.

    This has arisen because the non-West now sees clearly that post-modern West is not a civilisation per se, but really something akin to a de-cultured ‘operating system’ (managerial technocracy). Europe of the Renaissance did consist of civilisational states, but subsequent European nihilism changed the very substance of modernity. The West promotes its universal-value stance, however, as though it be a set of abstract scientific theorems which have universal validity.

    The accompanying promise to the latter that traditional ways of life could be preserved under the wholesale application of these intentionally secular western norms – ones that demanded enforcement by the western political class – has proved a fatal conceit, these alternative thinkers contend.

    Such notions are not confined to the Orient. Samuel Huntington, in his book The Clash of Civilizations, argued that Universalism is the ideology of the West contrived for confronting other cultures. Naturally, everyone outside the West, Huntington argued, should see the idea of ‘one world’ as a threat.

    The return to plural civilisational matrices precisely is intended to break the West’s claim to speak – or to decide – for anyone other than themselves.

    Some will see this Russo-Chinese defiance as mere jockeying for strategic ‘space’; as a rationale to their claims for distinct ‘spheres of interest’. Yet, to understand its radical underside, we should recall that the transition to civilisation states amounts to a full-throated resistance (short of war) being mounted by two wounded civilisations. Both Russians (post-the 1990s) and Chinese (in the Great Humiliation) feel this deeply. Today, they are intent to reassert themselves, forcefully in uttering: ‘Never Again!’

    What ‘lit the fuse’ was the moment when China’s leaders saw – in the plainest terms – that the U.S. had no intention whatsoever to allow China to overtake it economically. Russia of course, already knew the plan to destroy her. Even the smallest amount of empathy is sufficient to understand that recovery from profound trauma is what binds Russia and China (and Iran) together in a joint ‘interest’ that transcends mercantile gain. It is ‘that’ which allows them to say: Never again!

    One part to their radicalism therefore, is the national rejuvenation that propels these two states to ‘step confidently onto the world stage’; to emerge from the western shadow, and to stop mimicking the West. And to stop assuming that technological or economic advance can only be found within the western liberal-economic ‘way’. For, it follows from Zang’s analysis, that the West’s economic ‘laws’ similarly are a simulacrum posing as scientific theorems: A cultural discourse – but not an universal system.

    When we consider that today’s Anglo-American world view rests on the shoulders of three men: Isaac Newton, the father of western science; Jean-Jacques Rousseau, the father of liberal political theory, and Adam Smith, the father of laissez-faire economics, it is plain that what we confront here are the authors of the ‘Cannon’ of individualism (in the wake of the Protestant triumph in Europe’s 30 years’ war). From it comes the doctrine that the most prosperous future for the greatest number of people comes from the free workings of the market.

    Be that as it may, Zhang and others have noted that the western focus on ‘finance’ has come at the expense of ‘stuff’ (the real economy) and has proved to be a recipé for extreme inequalities and social strife. Zhang argues contrarily that China is poised to evolve a new kind of non-Western modernity that others – especially in the developing world – can only admire, if not emulate.

    The decision has been made: The West then, in this view, can either ‘shut up, and put up’ – or not. So be it.

    Steeped in cynicism, the West sees this stance as bluff or posturing. What values, they ask, lie behind this new order; what economic model? Implying again that universal conformity is mandatory, and thus missing Zhang’s point completely. Universality is neither necessary, nor sufficient. It never ‘was’.

    In 2013, President Xi gave a speech which sheds much light on the shifts in Chinese policy. And though its analysis was firmly focused on the causes to the Soviet implosion, Xi’s exposition very clearly intended a wider meaning.

    In his address, Xi attributed the break-up of the Soviet Union to ‘ideological nihilism’: The ruling strata, Xi asserted, had ceased to believe in the advantages and the value of their ‘system’, yet lacking any other ideological coordinates within which to situate their thinking, the élites slid unto nihilism:

    “Once the Party loses the control of the ideology, Xi argued, once it fails to provide a satisfactory explanation for its own rule, objectives and purposes, it dissolves into a party of loosely connected individuals linked only by personal goals of enrichment and power”. “The Party is then taken over by ‘ideological nihilism’”.

    This, however, was not the worst outcome. The worst outcome, Xi noted, would be the state taken over by people with no ideology whatsoever, but with an entirely cynical and self-serving desire to rule.

    Put simply: Were China to lose its sense of a Chinese ‘rationale’, embedded for over a millennia in a unitary state with strong institutions guided by a disciplined Party, “the CPC, as great a Party as the CPSU was — would be scattered like a flock of frightened beasts! The Soviet Union — as great a socialist state as it was — ended shattered into pieces”.

    There can be little doubt: President Putin would concur with Xi whole-heartedly. The existential threat to Asia is to allow its states to assimilate into soulless western nihilism. This then, is the crux of the Xi-Putin revolution: Lifting the fog and blinkers imposed by the universalist meme to permit states a return to cultural rejuvenation.

    These principles were in action at the G20 in Bali. Not only did the G7 fail to get the wider G20 to condemn Russia over Ukraine, or to insert a wedge between China and Russia, but rather, the Manichean offensive targeting of Russia produced something even more significant for the Middle-East than the paralysis and lack of tangible results, described by the media:

    It produced wide and open defiance of the western order. It spurred pushback – at the very moment that the world political ‘map’ is on the move, and as the rush towards BRICS+ is gathering pace.

    Why does this matter?

    Because the ability of western powers to spin their spiders’ web notion that their ‘ways’ should be World’s ways, remains the West’s ‘secret weapon’. This is plainly said when western leaders say that a loss in Ukraine to Russia would mark the demise of the ‘Liberal Order’. They’re saying, as it were, that ‘our hegemony’ is contingent on the world seeing the western ‘way’ – as their vision for their future.

    Enforcement of the ‘Liberal Order’ largely has rested on the underpinning of an easy readiness of ‘western allies’ to fall into line with Washington’s instructions. It therefore is difficult to overplay the strategic significance of any withering of compliance to U.S. diktat. This is the ‘why’ to the war in Ukraine.

    The U.S.’ crown and sceptre are slipping. The peril of U.S. Treasury ‘N-bomb’ sanctions have been key to induced ‘allied’ compliance. But now, Russia, China and Iran have charted a clear path out from this thorny thicket, through dollar-free trading. The BRI initiative constitutes Eurasia’s economic ‘high road’. India, Saudi Arabia and Turkish inclusion (and now, an expanded list of new members are waiting to be signed up) give it an energy-based strategic content.

    Military deterrence has constituted the secondary pillar to the architecture of compliance to western models. But even that, though not gone, is lessened. In essence, smart cruise-missiles, drones, electronic warfare and – now – hypersonic missiles, have capsized the former paradigm. So too, has the game-breaker event of Russia joining with Iran as a military force multiplier.

    The U.S. Pentagon, even a few years ago, dismissed hypersonic weapons as ‘boutique’ and a ‘gimmick’. Wow – did they miscalculate on that one!

    Both Iran and Russia are at the forefront in complementary areas of military evolution. Both are in an existential fight. And both peoples possess the inner resources to sustain sacrifice from war. They will lead. China will lead from behind.

    Just to be clear: This Russo-Iranian link says: U.S. ‘deterrence’ in the Middle East itself now faces a formidable deterrent! Israel too, will need to ponder that.

    The Russo-Iranian force-multiplier relationship, the Jerusalem Post opines: “provides proof that the two states … together – are better equipped to make good on their respective ambitions – to bring the West to its knees”.

    To fully understand the anxiety lying behind The Post opinion piece, we must first grasp that the geography of the ‘shifting map’ towards a BRICS+ – new corridors, new pipelines, new waterway and railway networks – is but the outer mercantilist layer to a nesting Matryoshka doll. To unstack to the inner doll layers is to espy in the final innermost Matryoshka – a layer of kindled energy and confidence latent to the whole.

    What is missing? Well, the fire that finally bakes the New Order Z -‘dish’; the event that instantiates the new World Order.

    Netanyahu keeps threatening Iran. Even to Israeli ears however his words seem stale and passé. The U.S. does not want to be led by Netanyahu into war. And without the U.S., Israel cannot act alone. The recent MEK-led attempt to wreak havoc in Iran reeks somehow of a ‘last resort’ push.

    Will the U.S. try some risky game-changer in Ukraine to ‘take out’ Russia? It’s possible. Or might it try to derail China somehow?

    Is a Mega-clash inevitable? After all, what is in prospect is not the dominance of any one civilization, but a return to the natural, old order of non-universal realms of influence. There is no reason in logic for a Western boycott to try to explode the shift – except one:

    In any assimilation to what this future portends, the collective West inexorably must become a civilizational state per se – simply to maintain an enduring presence in the world. But the West has opted for a different route (as Bruno Maçães, commentator and former Portuguese Secretary of State for European Affairs, writes):

    “[The West] wanted its political values to be accepted universally … In order to achieve this, a monumental effort of abstraction and simplification was needed … Properly speaking, it was not to be a civilization at all but something closer to an operating system … no more than an abstract framework within which different cultural possibilities could be explored. Western values were not to stand for one particular ‘way of life’ against another — they establish procedures, according to which those big questions (how to live) may later be decided”.

    Today, as the West turns away from its own key leitmotif – tolerance – and towards weird ‘cancel culture’ abstractions, it becomes questionable whether it can compete as a civilisational state and maintain a presence. And if it can’t?

    A new order may come into being following one of two events: The West may simply self-destruct, following some systemic financial ‘breakage’, and the consequent economic contraction. Or, alternatively a Russian decisive victory in Ukraine just may be enough finally to ‘cook the dish’.

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    Maxwell Quest

    “First they came for the dogs
    And I did not speak out
    Because I was not a dog
    Then they came for me
    And there was no one left
    To speak out for me”

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    Maxwell Quest

    Sent my son a link yesterday to The Big Reset Movie posted on Rumble. Just looked on Rumble and it seems to be listed under several different titles, take your pick. Don’t remember who posted it here, but thank you, I thought it was worth my time to watch, even with the all the challenging subtitles.

    Anyway, my son watched the whole thing and called afterward. We talked about an hour on many of it’s implications. He has a busy life with work and family, which doesn’t allow him a lot of extra time do dig around for nuggets on the web, so every so often I send him something I think gives a good overview on a certain topic. As much as I hate burdening my kids with this sh#t, I’d much rather have them aware of what’s going on and chewing their nails off than blissfully ignorant.

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    Maxwell Quest

    Oxy’s Slippery Slope clip sure got my attention. Always something new to learn on the TAE. The commentary the past few days has been extraordinary.

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    Maxwell Quest

    Watched the Died Suddenly documentary last night. I agree, it was brutal. While I continued to cringe from scene to gruesome scene, I wondered, “If it was difficult for me to watch, knowing what I do about the plandemic and its misanthropic backers, having had 2 ½ years to gradually come up to speed with its complexity and goals, what are that chances that the people around me who are fully vaxxed and boosted could watch this and have the media spell broken, or at least challenged?”

    Answer: Maybe one in a thousand. Most don’t have the courage, strength of heart, intellect, or love of truth to endure having their boat capsized and thrown into the icy cold waters of reality. Then, when they turn to friends or family for a life preserver they are smacked in the head with oars and told “go ahead and drown you crazy conspiracy theorist”. Ah, the joys of exiting the Matrix, “why oh why didn’t I take the blue pill?”

    I just finished watching Part 1 of WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT MR GLOBAL that Michael Reid posted the other day. I watched Part 3 yesterday. Anyway, I was always a little leery of Catherine Austin Fitts even though I enjoyed listening to her ideas. Maybe it was because she always seemed to present an air of certainty about topics that were edgy, like she has a crystal ball or high-level access to global plans. Some of her ideas seemed like a bridge too far.

    After watching Part 1, however, in which she talks a bit about her own personal journey and motivations, my trust and comfort level with her took a quantum jump. Now, she seems more like a kindred spirit. I sense that she often dreams, as I do, about how wonderful life could be on this planet if self-interest was supplanted with community interest. And she appears willing to dedicate her life to this aim despite all the forces arrayed against it – all those currently working toward the global centralization of wealth, power, and governance.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle November 20 2022 #121513
    Maxwell Quest


    Thanks for the Mr. Global links! I’m looking forward to watching all four.

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    Maxwell Quest

    Some feedback from Stucky on The Burning Platform’s cross-posting of Dr. D’s Russia Is Fighting A Land War In Asia essay:

    “THANK GOD for a dose of common sense …”

    For those interested, Stucky’s comment links in two substack articles from Big Serge Thoughts that shed additional light on battle strategy:

    The History of Battle: Maneuver, Part 1 – Single Envelopment and Concentric Attacks

    The History of Battle: Maneuver, Part 2 – Dispersement and Concentric Movement

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    Maxwell Quest

    “Combined with our human propensity for a myriad of errors this makes it pretty hard to get much of anything right, especially if we depend wholly upon “thinking” to get us there. Tossing a coin would probably work better.”

    I hear ya, DBS. It is disheartening to realize that the odds are stacked against us when it comes to ferreting out the truth. Not only are we mentally challenged, we also possess so many character defects, vanity and fearfulness being just two examples, any one of which can lead us astray. When they all assert their influence together reality is warped beyond recognition.

    The problem I see with the “coin toss” approach is that it removes the burden of choice from the man whose development requires that he do the additional mental work needed to tip the scales in one direction or the other. This, I believe, is when growth occurs: when circumstances stretch us past our current limits. Also, as we regularly exercise abilities such as self-control, honesty, proportionality, perspective, and fine tuning, even higher faculties that are still dormant begin to awaken.

    I know you are aware of all this, and that your coin toss statement was meant as sarcasm, but I needed to think it through for myself in order to see how relying on chance could hinder one’s development.

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    Maxwell Quest

    “The WEF’s Stakeholder Capitalism Is Just Global Fascism By Another Name”

    Can you imagine the frustration when Trump stepped forward in 2016 to claim victory? The wailing and gnashing of teeth? The panic, the emergency meetings? The hysteria displayed on legacy media was just the tip of the iceberg. All those years of work and planning to establish a global, one-world government were now in jeopardy. So. Close.

    Global plans published on Georgia Guidestones, check.
    Legacy media in lock-step, check.
    Merger of internet platforms and security state, check.
    Manchurian candidates vetted, trained, and strategically placed, check.
    WHO and FDA captured, check.
    Detention camps built, check.
    Bioweapon virus ready, check.
    mRNA platform ready, check.
    Secret vaccine contracts, check.
    Health passport apps ready, check.
    Trump wins … Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!!!!

    Lesson learned. When the deplorables refused the heir apparent and put a celebrity real estate developer in the White House instead, HYDRA (yes, Dr. D is on target, this is an apt label) decided that never again would it leave things to chance. So, if the results of the mid-terms don’t make a lot of sense, what did you expect?

    Basically, your votes don’t matter when electronic voting machines are tied to the internet, proprietarily programmed with vote-weighting algorithms, no chain of custody, and no ballot tracing – machines in which the number one design spec. was electoral fraud.

    Though Trump failed to put the nation on a new course, his presidency did force the hidden string-pullers and their fascist global plans out into the open, and gave the last two holdouts, Russia & China, four additional years to prepare for the final onslaught.

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    Maxwell Quest

    Latest Tom Luongo podcast:

    Podcast Episode #120 – Alistair Crooke and the Dysfunctionality of Nations

    Poor sound quality, but worth the time and extra effort needed to pull the conversation out of the distortion.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle November 6 2022 #120338
    Maxwell Quest

    “If we call a spade a spade, the WHO has proven itself inept in handling any pandemic.”

    The WHO’s handling of the pandemic is barking up the wrong tree, the wrong focus. What will they say? “We made some mistakes, but learned from them. Next time will be different, we promise.”

    The pandemic was a red herring, the pretext needed to install a biomedical tyranny using a supra-national institution to grab power. Notice how all local laws and sovereignty were easily swept aside in order to deal with the manufactured crisis. It was all years in the planning. Name another crisis, other than war, which has the capability to completely unravel the status quo? Where the frightened masses cling to their authorities to guide them out of danger?


    As much as I enjoy Dr. D’s sarcasm, which I truly do, today was one of those rare occasions where he puts it aside in order to shed light in dark, hidden places in such a clear fashion that even a blockhead like me can see what he sees.

    And of course, I appreciate all here at TAE for the light they bring to us all.

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    Maxwell Quest

    UK based funeral director, John O’Looney, talks to Steven Crowder about the mysterious fibrous clots that embalmers are seeing in those dying from the mRNA shots.


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    Maxwell Quest

    Let’s Go Brandon

    Thanks, TDK, that was entertaining.

    The Obama magic is dead, dead, dead. Gone are the crowds who waited on his every word with giddy anticipation. The jig is up. He’s just another slick sellout politician, who only gets attention when surrounded by social-climbing lickspittles at parties. Go back to Martha’s Vineyard and ponder how you wasted a golden opportunity to make a difference in this world.

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    Maxwell Quest

    Elon Musk as Thanos entering the corporate Twitter office this Friday.

    “I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of fact-checkers suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced.”

    You're Fired!

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    Maxwell Quest

    “Ivermectin fixed up my work horse.”

    Thanks, Michael. I took my second dose this morning, along with a handful of other stuff on the FLCCC early outpatient protocol. Had a good night’s sleep. Feels like a cold now. Most of the aches are gone.

    As for Occult Chemistry… I’ve noticed that things like this tend to come into our lives at the proper time, when we are ready for the next step so to speak. If it arrives too early, when the foundation is not yet ready, then it flies past our awareness unseen. That’s ok, and is it should be.

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    Maxwell Quest

    “Inside the Proton, the ‘Most Complicated Thing You Could Possibly Imagine’ (QM)”

    For those who want to know more about the structure of matter, as it was explored back in 1908 using equipment that is light years ahead of the latest scientific equipment known today, I would recommend a small book called Occult Chemistry written by Annie Besant & C.W. Leadbeater.

    In the textual extract below, the “physical atom” referred to is not what we commonly refer to in the periodic table, but the smallest component of which they are all built.

    If this is your first introduction to this kind of material, it will come as a shock to the ego, and you will be tempted to dismiss it out-of-hand. For the few whose bravery and curiosity urge them forward, a whole new world will open up.

    A snippet from the book’s Appendix:

    Therefore, one physical atom is not composed of forty-nine astral or 2401 mental atoms, but corresponds to them, in the sense that the force which manifests through it would show itself on those higher planes by energizing respectively those numbers of atoms. The dots, or beads, seem to be the constituents of all matter of which we, at present, know anything; astral, mental and buddhic atoms are built of them, so we may fairly regard them as fundamental units, the basis of matter.

    These units are all alike, spherical and absolutely simple in construction. Though they are the basis of all matter, they are not themselves matter; they are not blocks but bubbles. They do not resemble bubbles floating in the air, which consist of a thin film of water separating the air within them from the air outside, so that the film has both an outer and an inner surface. Their analogy is rather with the bubbles that we see rising in water, before they reach the surface, bubbles which may be said to have only one surface — that of the water which is pushed back by the contained air. Just as such bubbles are not water, but are precisely the spots from which water is absent, so these units are not koilon, but the absence of koilon — the only spots where it is not — specks of nothingness floating in it, so to speak, for the interior of these space-bubbles is an absolute void to the highest power of vision that we can turn upon them.

    That is the startling, well-nigh incredible, fact. Matter is nothingness, the space obtained by pressing back an infinitely dense substance; Fohat “digs holes in space” of a verity, and the holes are the airy nothingnesses, the bubbles, of which “solid” universes are built.

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    Maxwell Quest

    Forbes Hutton commented:

    “Sadly, now in Australia the private ownership of assault Donks is prohibited.”

    in reply to: Debt Rattle October 22 2022 #119071
    Maxwell Quest

    Looks like it’s finally my turn in the Covid barrel. After 2 ½ years I was starting to wonder if I was immune.

    Went for a long walk on Thursday with a friend, even though the air quality was very bad (200). That evening my whole respiratory system became irritated and I assumed it was from my allergy predispositions reacting to the toxic air. I pulled out the vaporizer hoping it would help, but no deal. Then I developed an ache in my lower back and legs. The lower back is typical, but tends to come and go. This time it stayed. Having achy legs, however, was very uncommon. I assumed it was from exercising on Thursday, but that symptom also refused to improve.

    So, when I woke up this morning and the coughing was no better, neither the back or the legs, I took a home Covid test that came up positive.

    I’m a little pissed that I was thrown off the trail by the bad air quality and a few days of migraines beforehand that left me exhausted, which resulted in me delaying antiviral treatment. Whatever, I started on the FLCCC regime right away this morning, and notified everyone I’ve had contact with over the past few days. No loss of smell or taste so far.

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    Maxwell Quest


    I too remember looking into the Obama birth certificate fiasco at the time and came to the same conclusion as you: that it was a hastily contrived fake in order to shut down the he-wasn’t-born-in-america crowd.

    I wasn’t a PDF expert, but some of the software I worked on while in high tech would generate postscript documents on the fly to avoid the errors that often occurred with human transcription. After watching an expert tear into the PDF version of Obama’s BC, I was convinced it was fake. Another tell was when the document was quickly removed from the White House website and the story memory holed. Whenever the subject came up, which it has a few times over the years, I would always state that there was a great deal of technical evidence that it was a fake. This would typically be followed by a short pause in which the other person would reply, “You’re kidding, right?”.

    Evidence is evidence no matter what the media, investigative committees, or fact checkers say. So far, I’ve not heard a good reason for why the document was pieced together in multiple layers, instead of a flat image one would expect from a scan.

    So, should I believe a government expert on TV who has every reason to lie, or my own judgement based on years of experience in the technical field? I remember thinking at the time, “Something is rotten in Denmark. They must really want this guy in the White House for some reason.”

    in reply to: Debt Rattle October 18 2022 #118740
    Maxwell Quest

    “I think it’s fine if Davos bites the dust first, but one of the effects will be for Europe to default on $US debt, which is massive. They will need to fall into the arms of the new BRICS+ regime, perhaps?”

    Defaults will happen, it’s inevitable, but the CB’s have the uncanny ability to relabel it as something else, hide it from the masses, and force outsiders to eat the losses… bank bail-ins for example. The US will eventually default, but first it must break the back of Davos, and derail their Blofeld plans of world dominion.

    A multi-polar world is our friend. Balance of power good, concentration of power bad. Let’s say that Davos wins this war. The 500 million or so that survive their next culling attempt will end up in the Hunger Games, while a small commie cabal owns everything, extracts rent, and enjoys the splendors of their utopian Capital. In comparison, all the extraction colonies will live in squalor, while Effie Trinket tells them on the evening news how lucky they are to be kept around.

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    Maxwell Quest

    Another great article from Tom Luongo. Sometimes his sense of humor really kills me. Speaking of the pressure that Fed rate hikes have had on euro-bond yields:

    “It puts the positive yield on its skin or else it gets the rate hike again!”

    Fed Watch: When They Call For the Bailiff You Know You’re Winning

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    Maxwell Quest

    VP’s post reminded me of this quote from George Bernard Shaw:

    That's it, you're going to Earth!

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    Maxwell Quest

    “Lots of chatter these days about immigration all over the Western world. TPTB seem intent on facilitating it to the maximum, pressing on despite significant opposition to the policy from the general public in most countries. … One has to ask–why?”

    I remember writing about this years ago, and nothing that has happened since then has changed my answer: I believe that the cheap labor provided by western immigration policies is an obvious, but secondary motive that is only enjoyed by certain business interests. It may even be a tertiary motive, as the third-world hordes added to western voting rolls may allow globalists to better control election outcomes, and further their goals for a CBDC UBI surveillance and control strategy.

    I still think the primary goal is to weaken nationalism in preparation for their one-world global government. Uncontrolled immigration induces chaos and stress, dilutes the root culture, and creates division. Unity among the ruled masses is the thing that the elites fear the most.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 21 2022 #116441
    Maxwell Quest

    “If you would like to survive and be happy then you must immediately and ASSIDUOUSLY start giving back fairly to those you are taking from. And while you’re at it, love them as you love yourself.”

    Oops! The above was from DB Smith, not John Day. My apologies.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 21 2022 #116438
    Maxwell Quest

    “If you would like to survive and be happy then you must immediately and ASSIDUOUSLY start giving back fairly to those you are taking from. And while you’re at it, love them as you love yourself.”

    Well said, John!

    Either the Universe is based on law or it is not. I believe it is based on law. Either the Universe is just or it is not. I believe it is just. If so, then what is our duty? To learn the law and live it.

    Once you realize that you never “get away” with anything, that thinking so is just an illusion, you start walking life’s path with greater earnestness. Swindle your neighbor out of his life savings, and one day the same will happen to you. If your Karma is good, it will happen in the same incarnation so that you have the opportunity to learn more quickly. If not, you may be allowed to dig a much deeper hole that will take multiple incarnations to extricate yourself from.

    In the beginning, you follow the law because it is in your best interest. Later, you do it out of love for the law and others.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 21 2022 #116434
    Maxwell Quest

    “There are rumors that the aliens don’t want nuclear war on this planet and are capable of preventing launches. Stories from the silos go back a long time… Rumors…”

    More than rumors, the evidence is incontrovertible to any brave enough to look. Once this is understood, your ideas about life (and evolution) are forever changed. ET’s can come and go at their leisure, using tech that is beyond human comprehension.

    The $64,000 question is this: Is there an interstellar “prime directive” that prevents them from interfering in the affairs of other planets?

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 12 2022 #115736
    Maxwell Quest

    “Big fan of CJ Hopkins, but just finished Desmet’s book over the weekend and think CJ went off the rails on this one.”

    I felt the same after reading CJ’s latest. I couldn’t help thinking that CJ was frustrated with Prof Desmet for not going further with his theory by assigning cause to the globalist agenda, and therefore decided to put some pressure on him: “You know more than what you are saying, Desmet, grow a pair and cough it up.”

    I haven’t taken the time to follow Prof Desmet as closely as others have over the past year, but from what I’ve seen, he has really tightened up his message and doesn’t stray far from his area of expertise. In recent interviews, when interviewers try to lead him into topics that other writers like CJ and Luogo are comfortable with, Desmet flatly refuses and immediately retreats back to the narrow framework of his theory.

    I’m not sure why. Possibly to maintain his credibility within the academic community? To avoid being ‘cancelled’ before he has a chance to make his mark? Other threats?

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    Maxwell Quest

    in reply to: Debt Rattle September 8 2022 #115465
    Maxwell Quest

    @Kassandra said: “What a mess. I don’t even know what to say anymore. Does any of this even seem real to anyone anymore?”

    I think that many books will be written about this time period. What a lesson it has been on the fragility of the human ego and how easily it can be manipulated. For years we mixed fairly easily with family, friends, and co-workers only to have many of them turn on us while under the influence of mass media propaganda campaigns with their so-called authority figures. Contradiction is everywhere apparent, but invisible to the Covid pod people. This applies equally to the pod-army of Trump haters who were the early adopters.

    I guess this is why I was so impressed with Prof Desmet’s mass formation theory when it first appeared on the scene over a year ago. It’s been very satisfying watching the exposure of his ideas grow geometrically since then, culminating with his new book and a slot on Tucker Carlson Tonight.

    Invasion of the Body Snatchers

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    Maxwell Quest
    in reply to: A Winter of Anger #112940
    Maxwell Quest

    “People in the west are overfed, and lazy, and not too sharp, but wait till their kids, and their families, are truly suffering.”

    Ilargi make a key point here. Western culture has been very successful at isolating people from one another, and making them dependent on authoritative sources for their world view. Everything they learn about the world ‘out there’ comes via the MSM filtered, pre-digested, and in most cases fictionalized. After looking at what I’ve just wrote, maybe this has always been the case. Certainly, modern corporatism has placed most individuals into a form of work slavery in which obedience to authority means a roof over your head and food on the table. What makes farmers so brave? Well, they are their own boss for one. Just how do you fire a farmer, ruin his career, or strip him of his stock options? But I digress…

    The point I really wanted to make is how our concerns rarely extend past our own front door. When I visit my sister in NY, she doesn’t even know her neighbors after almost 40 years in the same place. If an ambulance carts away someone two doors down it’s at item of interest; however, the cat getting sick is a heart wrenching tragedy, with a flurry of phone calls to the vet. God help him if he doesn’t pick up on the 2nd ring. What happens to others is of little concern, what happens to us personally is the only thing that will focus our attention.

    So, we’ve not quite hit that “let them eat cake” moment, where the wrath of the commoners is kindled and they all rise up together, but it seems closer now. Those orchestrating this NWO, one-world government push sure are determined to reach their goal. At least it’s out in the open now, with even Sergey Lavrov stating it plainly. This may explain why we are seeing such frantic, ham-fisted attempts to bully non-compliant nations into submission. Now that their plans are out in the open, there is no possibility of retreating into the shadows to wait out the next opportunity. They must push forward at all costs. There is only the hangman’s noose waiting if their current attempt fails.

    Or maybe as Luongo suspects, being psychos, when they finally exhaust all hope of winning, they will try to take everyone with them by overturning the global game board.

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    Maxwell Quest

    “Picasso self-portrait age 90”

    This is the terrible result when a fly accidently joins you in the transporter beam.

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