Run for the hills

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    Run for the hills

    Cannot post tonight, thanks Oxy for posting on my behalf !
    If this gets through, buggered if I understand how WP functions, more fickle than the wind, Oxy’s post was a straight copy and paste from this submission window to his.

    in reply to: Debt Rattle August 15 2023 #141309
    Run for the hills

    Tried posting this last night….

    Hmmm first post on TAE,

    Thank’s, for the corner of sanity, and generally civil discourse.
    I’m a friend of the mad bugger Oxymoron, certainly makes for a richer life.
    Have been checking in on TAE on and off for 8-9 years, and have been a daily visitor since Globocap gave the grift of Covid to us all.

    Bob Marley speaking truth in tonights thread, prompted me to get off my arse and register, have not listened to his music for a long time will circle back.

    Thanks RIM for all that you do to keep TAE running, much appreciated.
    Dr D makes me laugh out loud often and occasionally weep with jealousy at his prolifically hard hitting sense.

    Missing Germ, I am still seething at what has transpired in Australia, I knew that the average Aussie was overfed and under considered, however the utter lack of critical thought still astounds me. I chose not to turn myself into a pin cushion and felt the full force of the Psyops from many loved ones, friends and acquaintances. Had a congenitally defective heart valve replaced in 2021, was a firm no due to the glaringly obvious heart risks, a very close friend called me a selfish cun#…
    The poor bastard had been suicidal as a result of lockdowns, I ran the gauntlet numerous times to visit him, through the “Ring of Bullshit’ erected to keep rural folk out of the city, stood my ground with the Military “SAFE keepers” when challenged.
    He and I are still friends, at the beginning of pandemonium I immediately intuited that one major purpose of the exercise, was to further atomise us all, what do you do with a suicidal friend, keep an outreached hand and be present to the fact they are sick.
    He once said, “I cannot, at the moment, think about all you are saying, I know you are not an idiot, however if I focus on these things, I’ll irrevocably break (end it)” he is almost recovered, has been slow.
    My work exposes me to many, many walks of life, I know at least 18-20 people that have had severe complications from the mandates.

    Good life choices have had me living rurally for 13 years, the pandemic brought this into sharp relief. Live on 2 acres with good soil, an orchard stable water supply and most importantly a community resisting the siren song of consumerism.

    Once I get my head around posting on WordPress, I may post from time to time, forgive me for any botched attempts to embed links.

    I seriously considered running for the hills of Borneo at 19. Ultimately I didn’t, solely because I realised there was no place on earth I could run to without “modernity” eventually kicking the door in.

    Thanks again to all, for the great info, debate and valuable perspectives.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)