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    Vincent van Gogh Gypsy Camp near Arles 1888   • Trump Indicted for 4th Time in Georgia Election Interference Case (DeMartino) • Georgia DA Charge
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle August 15 2023]

    Dr. D

    “Two Princeton, MIT Scientists Say EPA Climate Regulations Based On A ‘Hoax’

    The Science is settled. It’s settled on the money. THAT all scientists agree on.

    Big Epoch Times article going over new J6 footage withheld from evidence (again and always), including a people conductor, handing attendees (otherwise known as poor saps) illegal gear once inside the building. She’s living in Thailand and, unlike Assange, no interest or motion to extradition. Anyway,

    “”This Is Like A Nightmare”: Mother Of Jan. 6 Prisoner Becomes Desperate As Her Son Goes Silent From Prison”

    So…they’re holding him 1) Incommunicado, even to his lawyers 2) Illegally refusing to provide his location.

    Yup, the Obliettte. “Forgot HIM? Heck, we even forgot WHERE he is!”

    He’s probably SuperMax, for trespass. I’m sure that’s a good use of resources, not expensive or nothin’. You know there was this immigrant who killed a gal on a pier in broad daylight…

    Age of Rage: UChicago Report Finds 30 Million American View Violence as Justified to Keep Trump From Power

    The ends justify the means. I want it, therefore it’s good. How you tell the good guys from the bad guys. To be more helpful, a counter-coup team in the Pentagon would say you have to get that under 8% to act safely. Thus the Biden Administration, trying to lose that last support due to Bernays’ mind control. …It’s a thought.

    You did hear that Hawaii, no one’s ever seen a fire like that. Again. Almost every month now, somebody sees things that don’t happen naturally. …Like fires in Canada being set by arsonists, but then the smoke traveling 1,000 miles? Never happened in 300 years so far? Yeah, the fire was like that.

    So guess what? Just like the Dutch protests nobody ever seen before, the center of the wildfires just HAPPENED to be 50 acres of development land the State Officials wanted. The people were fighting them on it. I guess they’re all broke and no need to defend their homes now! Somebody tell Holland.

    P.S. this just Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaapened to be all the places that went up in arson in the 12 Federal Reserve Cities during the Summer of Love. Yup. All the same areas were all slated for real estate development, then burned down. Po’ Black places. Anyone Google “New York, 1977 Bronx Fires” “Seven different census tracts in The Bronx lost more than 97% of their buildings to fire and abandonment between 1970 and 1980; 44 tracts (out of 289 in the borough) lost more than 50%. …Hoodlums did not burn The Bronx. The bureaucrats did. ” Nah, that happened yesterday! We can’t remember that far back.


    Ah, if only they were in the Ukraine, where it’s peaceful and safe. Such arsons, re-zoning, stealing, re-development, approved from the very top, right down to the bottom. …But that was back when we were young and innocent. We’re so much more moral now we’d never do anything like that,you know, like that we already did. Even when there were newspapers and reporters around. You know, like Tuskeegee.

    30-year mortgages: The average U.S. home prices:

    Because the Internet is now useless, and Google is woke and hides everything, shows pictures of pretty, pretty houses when you put in “30 year home price charts”, I’m reduced to presenting the FRED, which ALSO can’t work correctly, and when listed “copy URL since 1962 to one minute ago” it shows since 2000 and only to 2016. Whiskey. Tango. I need some. But good enough. Home prices are $300k and can drop to $150k in no time.

    And obviously should. They are further above wages than any time in 300 years. Unless you think wages will double tomorrow.

    Collum was on an interview pointing out that people think a 40-year data set is long enough in the market. No. Markets are by definition “Mean-reverting”. And if they “revert” they overshoot the trendline. That’s what the “Mean”, …um, means. So only a 100-year chart will catch your trends. Houses will go down to taxes, and already have. What? Um, yes….!!! “The Revolution will not be evenly distributed.” They’ve already collapsed everywhere but the 12 Blesse’d cities, and even Detroit and Gary, Indiana haven’t fallen to stable levels yet although they started with Papa Bush and that Sucking Sound +30 years ago. 50 years, under Nixon, 1971.

    Anyway, ALL these charts need to “Mean-Revert”. If ALL these charts are at the 200-year tippy-top, is there anything that isn’t? Yeah, dummies: Commodities. In the middle of a World War and Commodity embargo on us by like 200 nations, starting with France being cut off for everything, even light and power. Rare Earths? No fertilizer? How about No eggs last week? Anyone remember that?

    No? It’s not just rates. Boomers need to downsize and retire, and Millennials are going to buy their $380,000 houses? Millennials can’t pay $1000 just for rent. Nor is it just student loans: they have no income either. Demographics is Destiny.

    “To date, the Trump camp has repeatedly rejected all charges,”

    Why is this sentence here, Sputnik? You expect him to say “Shucks ya got me. I’m guilty.” We were really surprised! Do people USUALLY say that to accusations and indictments? Uh, no, never.

    Also as per Sputnik, the presentation flow of facts implies guilt, not innocence or politics and false charges. WHY did you also take this approach, Sputnik? It may be very difficult to present this story without seeming biased, (it is) but you actively and instinctively chose THEIR bias.

    “US Hints at Assange Plea Deal (RT)

    RT follows here in a different article, forgetting to mention that they have no jurisdiction of any kind, Assange is not a citizen, and even so, the U.S.’s own 200-year view is that speaking and publishing are always legal. Might want to open with that. Keep doing their work for them.

    “It’s been quite a day in Atlanta (and for scrambling Democrats) as former President Trump was indicted for the 4th time.”

    If you want an interesting quote, why not open with Trump saying he’s patiently waiting and needs that 4th indictment before he gets started. Doesn’t that seem unusual?

    “These things listed above are…what? Things that Rolling Stone is in favor of?” [i.e. welfare, obesity, taxes, the rich]

    Yes. Yes they are. They are also against any action films where children are saved. That’s just silly. We only like action films where the kidnapped children are killed. You know like, um, well, yeah, no action films like that were ever made but you get the idea. IF any action films were ever made where the good guys don’t save innocents from the bad guys, well, we at Rolling Stone would definitely support that. Thug Life 4 Evah! Amirite, says Chelsea and Ryan, unpaid interns from Columbia at R.S.?

    It’s bizarre, but our minds are so much MORE bizarre here in the ‘States it doesn’t register with anyone. Yup! Being against taxes and FOR good health sure is bad! Evil Nazi-est Nazi. If anyone is left healthy in America, clearly that’s White Supremacy, I kid you not. There are like 1,000 memes of gym membership being recruitment centers.

    Country Music Industry Confused by Man Actually from Country Making Actual Music “ –BBee

    Maybe he’s from New Jersey originally, so it’s okay.

    “RFK’s jaw-dropping answer, if proven true, could shake the very foundations of trust and demands unparalleled consequences for both Anthony Fauci and Ralph Baric.”

    So far behind the times. We already know that’s true. Not only was it published to the U.N. 6 months ago, there was a whole book about it in like 2010.

    It’s like the FDA and Ivermectin yesterday: “We never SAID doctors couldn’t use Ivermectin off-label.” Uh, What’s all these 1,000 pages from your site and your people, plus all these lawsuits against doctors then? “Oh well we SAID it, but we also DIDN’T say it.”

    That’s how it is now and why I keep repeating it, it’s relevant: A = A but we ALSO publish that A ≠ A. That way we’re covered! And then we do selective enforcement depending if you’re my friend. When you sue, they just grab whichever thing they said that’s more convenient to punch you with.

    So the labs that existed since the 90’s, or at least 2000’s that multiple journalists researched extensively and published whole books about, also DON’T exist, and were only TODAY known and talked about.

    …Which, as they say, proves RFK is a Nazi and a conspiracy theorist. How dare he read widely-published books!

    “•US Expects Ukrainian Conflict to Drag on for a While – Envoy (TASS)

    ‘Til the election. Which we will have, but also won’t have.

    See why #AntiLogos is madness yet? It’s hell?

    “Disaster Relief Plane Flies Over Hawaii On Way To Ukraine “ –BBee

    Boy I’m sure glad we support Kiev. With only 20% of the money. 80% of it stays here with (blue) Congress.

    “”• John Bolton Blames Biden For Kiev’s ‘Stalling’ Counteroffensive (RT)

    PMC middle-manager, and also proves he’s a Democrat? It’s always somebody else’s fault.

    “• New Defense Agreement Would See US Troops Deployed in Finland (Antiwar)

    One thing you can be sure of is the U.S. doesn’t have enough military bases abroad.

    “Is a Russian show of strength now needed to correct western misperceptions which continue to fantasise about weakness, unrest and the coming political collapse of Russia?”

    They would have to be rational for that to work. We’ve long passed that milemark. Russia will simply ignore us completely, and everything we say, and so will 200 other nations.

    I guess I’m saying Crooke’s premise is that we matter. We don’t.

    Zelensky Regime’s Police Raid Kiev-Pechersk Lavra Orthodox Church (Sp.)

    Another great use of valuable men and time. They should send these guys to SuperMax. And why not? We’re paying for it. The U.S. is paying all salaries, all pensions, and all health care. You know, THERE, not to veterans here.

    BTW I heard a neat story that the early church was trying to spread out fast, but when they got the word Mary was dying, came back to Ephesus with a Tartar. We think of that area as being “other” but to the Greeks and Mediterraneans, the Black Sea was closer than France. Palestine is just around the corner. Anyway, for “Russia” (in the future) and their Christian conversion which started more or less the day after the ascention. Western people think it’s about Rome, or that they didn’t just as quickly go to far-closer Ethiopia, etc. Just Re-setting the map on who is “us” and “Them” as we have European recency bias of 2-500 years we all grow up with.

    “By sending Nuland to Niger, the US demonstrated it was ready to talk to the coup leaders”

    And they told her she was an ugly fat-ass who should lay off the two breakfasts. A chilly reception.

    “• Full Faith & Credit of a Bankrupt Insolvent Government – Bill Holter (USAW)

    I would address this more, but he’s now been wrong for 20 years running. To get credibility you’re going to have to refine your view on what’s going on. Your gold is a dead loser, sir. Now: why?

    Skyscraper: good short-term plan. You DO know that those tree roots and in fact all living things will tear that concrete to pieces like the Ents of Isengard. Not slowly either, like in +10 years. So…how you plan on felling with felling them or their tree branches falling in a storm 20 stories below? Do you know how much trees drink x pumped up 20 stories with coal power?

    I’m not against it, I’m in favor, but you’re going to have to solve these things and not just look cool.

    Run for the hills

    Tried posting this last night….

    Hmmm first post on TAE,

    Thank’s, for the corner of sanity, and generally civil discourse.
    I’m a friend of the mad bugger Oxymoron, certainly makes for a richer life.
    Have been checking in on TAE on and off for 8-9 years, and have been a daily visitor since Globocap gave the grift of Covid to us all.

    Bob Marley speaking truth in tonights thread, prompted me to get off my arse and register, have not listened to his music for a long time will circle back.

    Thanks RIM for all that you do to keep TAE running, much appreciated.
    Dr D makes me laugh out loud often and occasionally weep with jealousy at his prolifically hard hitting sense.

    Missing Germ, I am still seething at what has transpired in Australia, I knew that the average Aussie was overfed and under considered, however the utter lack of critical thought still astounds me. I chose not to turn myself into a pin cushion and felt the full force of the Psyops from many loved ones, friends and acquaintances. Had a congenitally defective heart valve replaced in 2021, was a firm no due to the glaringly obvious heart risks, a very close friend called me a selfish cun#…
    The poor bastard had been suicidal as a result of lockdowns, I ran the gauntlet numerous times to visit him, through the “Ring of Bullshit’ erected to keep rural folk out of the city, stood my ground with the Military “SAFE keepers” when challenged.
    He and I are still friends, at the beginning of pandemonium I immediately intuited that one major purpose of the exercise, was to further atomise us all, what do you do with a suicidal friend, keep an outreached hand and be present to the fact they are sick.
    He once said, “I cannot, at the moment, think about all you are saying, I know you are not an idiot, however if I focus on these things, I’ll irrevocably break (end it)” he is almost recovered, has been slow.
    My work exposes me to many, many walks of life, I know at least 18-20 people that have had severe complications from the mandates.

    Good life choices have had me living rurally for 13 years, the pandemic brought this into sharp relief. Live on 2 acres with good soil, an orchard stable water supply and most importantly a community resisting the siren song of consumerism.

    Once I get my head around posting on WordPress, I may post from time to time, forgive me for any botched attempts to embed links.

    I seriously considered running for the hills of Borneo at 19. Ultimately I didn’t, solely because I realised there was no place on earth I could run to without “modernity” eventually kicking the door in.

    Thanks again to all, for the great info, debate and valuable perspectives.

    John Day

    @Kimo, from last night. I don’t have any special insights on the fires on Maui and the Big Island (Hawaii).
    They did occur rapidly, driven by high winds, coming from the wrong direction, opposite the usual trade-winds, so they hit the dry areas of those island. Trade winds come from the east and cause rain to drop on the wet sides of the islands.
    A storm moved air without rain onto the grassy dry (“Kona”, leeward) sides, which had dry grass and houses, and stoked rapdly spreading fires. This has happened before on the Bg Island, and pretty close to where it happened this time at the dry (“Kona” side) of the North part. Vast grassfire and scrub-forest burn.
    Did somebody(s) light it? I don’t know. If there was a big plan, things should fall into place pretty quickly, like after 9/11. Hawaii politics does not usually work quickly, unless some path has been well greased. Watch Governor Josh Green. He’s an MD. I actually worked with him some in North Kohala when he was a State Representative. He’s a liberal Democrat, and interested in the right kind of deals. He’s not a bad guy, but he’s really interested in the right kinds of deals all around. He likes making deals on his own authority. if there is a “plan”, he has likely been part of it. He’s not stupid, and this is terrible, and a LOT of people have died, so he would naturally be reluctant to rush something through under suspicion now.

    There was a lot of discussion last night about the nature of universal reality, the nature of consciousness and what the pecking-order of consciousness might be. Dogs, humans, marine mammals, perhaps? Would some folks see it otherwise?
    There were straw-man arguments from all camps, reflecting the difficulty of argument which spans “objective” and “subjective” models, with no agreed common ground.
    Dr. D did a decent wrap up, but imperfectly so.
    I’m not up to an adversarial debate. It’s futile.
    Is “God”, if extant, an apple or an orange?
    I don’t think “Universal Consciousness”, if extant, is “Jewish” any more than”Quantum Chromodynamics” is “Jewish”.
    (I don’t think/feel that “God” specifically favors a particular organized religion, myself. None is “Truth”.)
    There are lots of adversarial groups and subgroups, like between “Religious Jews” and “Secular Jews”, and between billionaires and the bottom 90% of any population, based upon “wealth”..
    It’s a big Venn Diagram of intersecting big and little circles of overlapping interests.

    I hope Phonixvoice and her kids have a good day today.


    Free advertisement Lessons from Trump

    • Trump Indicted for 4th Time in Georgia Election Interference Case (DeMartino)

    • Georgia DA Charges Trump, Others With New RICO Indictment (ZH)

    Here comes Hillary on a white horse. (pss. Just coincidence)
    . People on social media were blown away by the timing of Hillary Clinton’s interview on MSNBC Monday night.
    @HillaryClinton joins @maddow after a Georgia grand jury returns indictments in 2020 election probe:

    “This is a terrible moment for our country to have a former president accused of these terribly important crimes. The only satisfaction may be that the system is working.”


    Life is simply a trade of your time and energy into the World, eventually it will be taken from you.

    Trade well, Live simply. Clear your mind and fill your heart, be spirited like the energies of Nature.

    Calm, relaxed, centered, grounded, whole.


    CO2 Emissions as an Indicator of Economic Activity

    Looks like Eurotardistan and the Empire of Lies are TANKING



    The Collective West

    Drowning in a Sea of Love



    The Summer of Fraying Threads

    Russia – China

    (1) Russia

    “In recent months, many of the most influential voices in Russia have reiterated the demands made of the NATO bloc in December 2021: it must withdraw its military forces to their pre-1997 posture….”


    Feel the Burn….

    (2) China

    “Like its new allies in Russia and Iran, China has now declared in unmistakable terms that it will no longer abide by the arbitrary “rules-based international order”.

    Double Tap to the Head

    Pedo Joe, the low class thug


    One of the funniest story out of Ukronaziland

    Al-Qaeda Mercenaries Fighting For Ukraine Complain Of Being Paid With Fake Money

    Out of the hundreds of billions of unaudited dollars pounded down the Ukronaziland Rat Hole (URH)

    The Ukroturds managed to stiff Al-Qaeda terror thugs with counterfeit bills which they got busted for trying to use when they went back home


    Taking corruption to New Levels!


    Too Funny

    I was wondering when the Collective West Bling would show up in a humiliating setting

    Western Weapons Captured in Ukraine Displayed at Army-2023 Military Expo in Russia in Patriot Park!

    High Five!


    Can’t wait for a Challenger and an Abrams to join the collection!


    Maybe Raytheon can have a booth at the Expo!




    Get ready. A triple threat. Again!
    mmunocompromised and elderly people may benefit the most from treatments
    CBC News · Posted: Dec 08, 2022 11:12 AM PST | Last Updated: December 8, 2022
    July 22, 2023, 3:00 AM PDT
    By Erika Edwards

    “We’re going to have three bugs out there, three viruses: Covid, of course, flu and RSV,” Cohen said in an interview. “We need to make sure the American people understand all three and what they can do to protect themselves.”

    1. Omicron XBB subvariants remain the most prevalent forms of Covid, though on Wednesday, the World Health Organization identified a new XBB version, the EG.5, as rising in prevalence around the world and in the U.S.
    The WHO noted there’s no evidence that it causes more severe illness.

    2. another expected virus: respiratory syncytial virus, or RSV.

    3. standard flue

    I’m not going to take any trial/triple vaccines.
    I’m going to continue with what works. Vitamin D, etc


    The Markster

    To Ilargi, Run for the hills and citizenx: thank you all.

    I miss Germ, too, and send grounded good stuff and joy and praise to you all. Proud to be part of the digital “community” here at TAE. If I didn’t hate cars and car culture so much I would be rural still myself, but intend to ride out this thing right here in Roseburg, OR, a three hour drive from my family, history and grave site with mom and brother up in Portland.

    It is a privilege to know you guys and gals, even through the distance created by this flickering screen. Many Blessings and Godspeed. ☮️


    Raytheon changed its name to RTX Corp.


    Report on Depopulation.
    Same info. Two stories. Truth doesn’t matter.
    By Chris Lau, Sana Noor Haq, Caolán Magee, Lauren Said-Moorhouse and Adrienne Vogt, CNN

    Updated 10:06 a.m. ET, August 15, 2023
    Russian Defence Ministry report on the progress of the special military operation

    (15 August 2023)
    Posted by: rumod report | Aug 15 2023 14:09 utc | #315


    5th attempt

    from yesterday
    “Opened today’s post not long ago and it tells me: ‘This topic has 18 replies (+18 hidden)’.

    Turns out, it’s just about all jb-hb, posting the same things over and over again. That won’t work of course. If something doesn’t show up in 10 seconds, wait a bit.

    The system is stressed, and you’re stressing it more.”

    I attempted posting an apology saying “sorry for causing any problems, I’ll refrain from so many attempts in the future” right after this post yesterday, then again about 6 hours later, then tried again this morning and went right to the spam filter. Surely I am giving it enough time.

    So waiting doesn’t seem to get things through.

    So apparently the only way to respond with an apology about the multiple posts is…. via multiple posts. In my experience if I just re submit it or change it slightly and resubmit, it eventually posts with enough attempts.

    I feel like I am pushing it with 3 attempts to say the same thing this morning, so if this doesn’t work, I’ll just not post the rest of the day – if you WANT me to post less, just say it, I won’t have a freakout, I respect the fact of who does and does not own the website, greatly appreciate the website.

    so anyway, last attempt. and sorry if my multiple attempts caused any problems.

    ps good luck phoenixvoice


    “Raytheon changed its name to RTX Corp.”

    Running from your brand is always a sign of sinking ship









    Hey Dr. D. , from the Bronx to Milan bro

    The Art of the Deal


    Long but thoughtful post:

    “To this end, the counterrevolution’s guiding purpose must be to reanimate the instinct for self-government and to mobilize an organic movement of citizens who will reassert their influence in the institutions that matter: the school, the municipality, the workplace, the statehouse, the Congress. The antidemocratic structures—the DEI departments and the intrusive bureaucracies—must be dismantled. The rule of experts must be replaced by the rule of the people; the threat of violence must be met with the power of justice.”

    “The question that troubled Nixon during his presidency was the basic one of politics: Who rules? He saw that the deepest conflict in the United States was not along lines of class, race, or identity but between the bureaucracy and the people. And the Revolution of 1968, which sought to connect ideology to institutional power and to shape human society through elite guidance, was ultimately antidemocratic. Nixon understood that bureaucratic rule meant the end of our constitutional order.”

    Bring On The Counter-Revolution

    How do real people reanimate/reclaim the instinct for something better – and then channel it into tangible/practical actions in daily life?

    Recent musical moments are igniting the Hearts/Souls (intuitive nature) of real people. The on the ground response to “Try That In A Small Town” and “Rich Men North of Richmond” show me that the people are longing for a voice. Bob Marley getting ya off your arse is another good sign.

    What would this site be without the art? Love or hate the daily selection, it has the potential to stir something within. If it makes you ask yourself “what and why am I reacting/responding to?” – and you learn something about your SELF, that is a victory. We find ourselves on the path to revolution.

    @Phoenix: May LOVE be with you and your family as you reclaim your power. LOVE will prevail.

    @Run for the Hills: happy to hear from you. What a lucky bugger you are to have oxy as a friend that you can put your arms around. Please bearhug him for me. Then on to the wine.

    Day: you are a bright LIGHT in the world. Keep shining! The Enneagram is an interesting tool. I studied in-person with Donson (Dobson)/Hurley whose work gave me deep insight into the 3 centers of human “intelligence” (wisdom). Understanding that all 9 types roll into 3 centers referred to as – Head, Hands, and Heart (Thinking, Doing, Intuiting (feeling)) was a key lesson. Note we have a dominant center that functions in tandem with a secondary – and there is a third center completely underutilized. It takes equal synergy of all 3 centers to create BALANCE. There is more…

    @Dr D: Appreciate YOU. LOVE you.

    LOVE to Ilargi and to All who visit here.

    Great conversation on the late end of last night’s thread. Who knows?

    John Day

    Wildfire Of Ideas

    It has taken me a few days to get my bearings for this post, but a flood of information came up Sunday and yesterday.
    The $US financial regime is still zombie-living, so the schemes that various global elite groups have to spring on the 90% are on hold until it folds. Meanwhile, living people everywhere have had the screws of more debt and less pay, with rising prices and taxes put to them for a long time. The credit lines are maxed out and the rent and electric bills can’t be paid. They are laying-off people at work.
    Individual desperation of millions and billions of humans has gone past its long simmer and is the real “global boiling”. The elites are certainly tracking this through their social-media AI systems. They are shaping memes as hard as they can, but stuff is breaking through hard and fast, and seemingly from the rural areas, where people do more basic work outside with other people, and are not as conceptually or economically captured, not on those short, tight leashes.
    This is an extension of the moment for each of us to “Grasp Historical Initiative”, as I posted last week, and which is further revised and footnoted here at Door To Freedom :

    No Presidential Election in 2024, from Raul Ilargi Meijer at The Automatic Earth looks at the possibility of the current political gridlock in American party-politics extending to where there is some state of emergency beyond the extreme rigging of the political process, to which people have become largely inured. It’s being beta-tested in Ukraine.
    The main emergency is WAR, which can be sized to fit, but can’t be controlled when it’s big-enough for the job. The US empire will lose any war, big or small, as it has since Vietnam, except for Desert-Storm(s) and Grenada.
    My perspective is that the real power struggle in the imperial court is now underway, and it will need to replace the faction-in-power by next summer, when presidential candidates are selected, for an “election” to happen. An election where even a lot of the votes are counted, should elect somebody like Trump or Kennedy, who would actually change policies and negotiate terms with the rest of the world in the interests of the American peope, as a “nation”, and would wind down the “empire”. Personally, I’d like to see a Kennedy-Gabbard Administration, with Trump as Secretary of State, cutting a lot of reasonable deals.

    No US Presidential Election in 2024

    Lambert at Naked Capitlism broaches a right-wing tinfoil-hat topic to the mainstream alt-finance crowd. Thanks Christine.
    Is Obama Running a Shadow Government from His Mansion in Kalorama, Washington DC?
    The transcript, in relevant part:
    [OBAMA:] “”I used to say if I can make an arrangement where I had a stand-in or front-man or front-woman and they had an earpiece in and I was just in my basement in my sweats looking through the stuff and I could sort of deliver the lines while someone was doing all the talking and ceremony, I’d be fine with that because I found the work fascinating,”” Obama quipped.
    As it turns out, Biden is not that front-man; otherwise, Obama would be governing, which is not. But if the entire Democrat Party were Obama’s stand-in… Well, that would be pretty neat, wouldn’t it?
    Some “quip.” When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.

    Is Obama Running a Shadow Government from His Mansion in Kalorama, Washington DC?

    Yves Smith, chief economic blogger at Naked Cpitalism, just moved to Thailand and put this up yesterday on N.C. Again, “mainstream” alt-finance.
    The West and the War in Ukraine: Selling and Buying Hopium
    Blinken and Biden both are still banging on about how Putin has already lost the war. There’s no sign of a meaningful change in position as the US/NATO plans are doing a big faceplant.
    To state what should now seem obvious, the problem here is the dogged refusal to recognize facts on the ground, like no way, no how is Ukraine getting back Crimea or more than trivial amounts of territory Russia has taken, is that this is setting the stage, not for a Korea-style outcome, but the collapse of the Ukraine military and potentially much of what is left of Ukraine as a nation.2
    It resulted in huge losses of men without Ukraine even getting to, much the less penetrating, Russia’s first of three fortified lines. Douglas Macgregor, who has good contacts, puts the deaths (not wounded, deaths) from this operation that started in early June at approaching 400,000. There’s informal corroboration via graveyards all over Ukraine being reported as out of space, overflowing hospitals near the combat area, and blood shortages. Oh, and more evidence of manpower strains come via Zelensky announcing another mobilization3 and making a show of stopping bribery to evade service….when anyone who had the dough to do so has almost assuredly already done so.

    The West and the War in Ukraine: Selling and Buying Hopium

    John Day

    As little as I personally like or admire Ted Cruz, he is a fighting-politician to watch. This now resembles a regime-change take-down attempt. Good.
    Cruz: It’s Time For Biden Impeachment Inquiries , “This [special counsel] appointment is camouflage and it’s cover-up.”

    Cruz: It’s Time For Biden Impeachment Inquiries

    ​Fauci is a top level deep-state functionary, like “Biden”. Making him face charges would signal all deep-state functionaries that they are no longer protected.
    Rand Paul: ‘No Clearer Case Of Perjury In The History Of Government Testimony Than Fauci’
    “The problem is there are partisans littered throughout the legal system”

    Rand Paul: ‘No Clearer Case Of Perjury In The History Of Government Testimony Than Fauci’

    There is plenty of loose-ammo lying around. They need some enforcement-partisans to jump-sides. Partisans are self-interested and increasingly uneasy.
    Biden Team, Secret Service Tipped Off Before Hunter Skipped Out On FBI Interview: Agent

    There is so much loose-talk being permitted and people are seeing, hearing and reading it now…
    “Death Scientists?”: Tucker And RFK Jr. Talk Ukraine, Biolabs, And Who Killed His Uncle
    ​ Despite the fact that his uncle and his father were both assassinated, the Biden administration denied SS protection
    ​ “We applied for Secret Service protection in May,” said Kennedy, adding “The President has discretion to give Secret Service protection to any candidate, for any reason.”
    ​ Kennedy noted that former President Barack Obama was given Secret Service protection more than 500 days before the election, and that his uncle Ted Kennedy received protection more than 450 days before an election.
    ​ “I think the DNC is playing hardball,” Kennedy added.​..
    ..Kennedy says Americans are being lied to, and were sold on a “comic book pitch, which we see in every war. There’s a bad guy who’s like, you know, unspeakably evil, who’s planning world conquest or a terrorist attack on America. And we have to be the good guys and go in and stop it.” …
    ​..Carlson and Kennedy begin discussing the US bioweapons program. Meanwhile back home, RFK Jr. said that there are “36,000 ‘death scientists’ who are now employed full time in developing microbes that can be used to kill people.”​ …
    ​..On the topic of who killed his uncle
    RFK Jr. alleged that the CIA was involved, and that most of the people at the agency had associations with Cuba.
    ​ “The specific people who were involved in it were pretty much all associated with a Miami station, which was the largest CIA station at the time. It was basically, it was the Cuban station,” said Kennedy.
    ​ “And the people who were involved in that station were people like Bill Harvey and David Atlee Phillips who was clearly involved in my uncle’s assassination. He was by all evidence, he was Lee Harvey Oswald’s handler at the CIA.”

    ​”We were just following secret orders”… as a defense for hospital executives and medical directors who forbade ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine treatments.
    U.S. Lawyers Reiterate Claim Ivermectin was never prohibited for treating COVID-19.​ John Leake and Peter McCullough MD
    Attorneys restate claim that FDA merely advised doctors against IVM for dying patients, but did NOT prohibit it. Cry havoc and let slip the plaintiffs’ attorneys!

    John Day

    Fulton County’s Office of the Court Clerk has issued a statement claiming that the RICO docket against former President Trump which was posted to their portal and subsequently deleted – and which was tweeted and reported on first by Reuters (along with a link to the Court’s portal), was “fictitious.”

    Update (2033ET): A grand jury in Atlanta handed in an indictment late Monday related to a Georgia prosecutor’s investigation into former President Trump’s alleged efforts to overturn the state’s 2020 election results.

    ​Charles Hugh Smith , Why Rome Collapsed: Lessons For the Present
    No nation clinging to the current “waste is growth / landfill economy” will survive the emergent global polycrisis.

    ​Jim Kunstler is catching the same vibe I am (I think.)
    ​ Karma is God’s hickory switch, and almost always applied with a cosmic chortle. Things come around when a certain excess cargo of cognitive dissonance breaks the brains of those just struggling to carry on. The country has had enough — enough walking-talking hypocrisies, enough trips laid on it, enough Tik-tok lectures from the nose-rings-for-lunch-bunch. We’re at the end of something and the beginning of something new. As in: an ass-beating is coming down.
    Cue one Oliver Anthony, southern country boy with a flaming red beard and a new anthem for millions sore-beset by the relentless effronteries of the ruling elites.​ (Beyond “let’s go Brandon”?)​no-mas/

    ​3 minute song. His dogs seem to like it. Oliver Anthony – Rich Men North Of Richmond
    These rich men north of Richmond
    Lord knows they all just wanna have total control
    Wanna know what you think, wanna know what you do
    And they don’t think you know, but I know that you do
    ‘Cause your dollar ain’t shit and it’s taxed to no end
    ‘Cause of rich men north of Richmond

    John Day

    Leftists across America have been triggered.​ [This threat ​to power elites comes from neglected the uncontrolled rural sector.]
    ​ That’s probably not going to come as a shock to anyone, but the establishment media and woke social media response to Oliver Anthony’s gritty coal country ballad ‘Rich Men North Of Richmond’ is less than enthusiastic. Much like their reaction to Jason Aldean’s ‘Try That In A Small Town’ which blew up the charts in the face of heavy media backlash, ‘Rich Men North Of Richmond’ is being derided as a “right wing anthem” laced with “conspiracy theories.”

    ​More details to what was already evident to most of us. Some think Obama came in through this same doorway. Thanks Christine.
    Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky Came to Power in Carefully Planned Operation Coordinated by Western Intelligence Services, Says Former U.S. Diplomat

    Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky Came to Power in Carefully Planned Operation Coordinated by Western Intelligence Services, Says Former U.S. Diplomat

    Alastair Crooke , ​Open Questions on the War: The Black Sea, Out-of-View ‘War’
    The open questions in the wake of this event are: To what extent were these attacks NATO-facilitated and directed? And to what end? That these were NATO initiatives is plain – one give-away was that the hit tanker was on the U.S. sanctions list for supplying fuel to Syria. A fairly obvious CIA ‘touch’.
    ​ Maritime and long-range underwater drones are something of a UK (Special Boat Squadron) and U.S. (Seals) speciality. They are not ‘run of the mill’ weaponry. They are specialised equipment in which only a few states have expertise. Did either Britain or the U.S. supply the drones to Kiev? How were they operated?
    ​ Targeting co-ordinates – to an extent – may be pre-set, but the videos released by Kiev of the final attack approach seemed to show last-minute course-corrections. Under water radio-transmissions travel only a short distance. Were the final course-corrections provided by a team nearby the port, or from above, by an operator sitting in a NATO aircraft overhead somewhere? From where were these drones launched? A ‘friendly port’ on the Danube? Much of the weapons reaching Ukraine arrive via the Danube. Or, was there a mother-ship in the vicinity?

    Open Questions on the War: The Black Sea, Out-of-View ‘War’

    ​ During an interview with Israel’s public broadcaster Kan Reshet Bet radio, Amiram Levin, the former head of the Israeli army’s Northern Command, said of the occupied territories, “there hasn’t been a democracy there for 57 years, it’s total apartheid.”
    ​ “The IDF, which is forced to exert sovereignty there, is rotting from the inside … it’s standing by, looking at the settler rioters and is beginning to be a partner to war crimes … these are deep processes” Levin continued.
    ​ However, it was when Levin was asked to elaborate on the “processes” that the former general invoked Nazi Germany.
    “It’s hard for us to say it, but it’s the truth. Walk around Hebron, look at the streets. Streets where Arabs are no longer allowed to go on, only Jews. That’s exactly what happened there [in Nazi Germany], in that dark country,” Levin answered.​ Thanks Christine.

    Saudi Arabia’s 1st ambassador to Palestine presents letter of credentials​ , Naif bin Bandar Al-Saud to serve as non-resident ambassador to Palestine

    John Day

    ​A Midwestern Doctor , How Do Vaccines Cause Autism?
    Past discoveries that can help us understand the current wave of neurological spike protein injuries.

    More young Americans are dying – and it’s not COVID. Why aren’t we searching for answers?
    Pierre Kory and Mary Beth Pfeiffer in USA Today​ , From Meryl Nass MD

    ​Peter McCullough MD , Circulating Spike Protein in Blood of Vaccinated Long-COVID Patients , Strong Rationale for Empiric Base Spike Detox Regimen

    Jessica Rose Ph.D. Waldenstrom’s macroglobulinaemia , What’s VAERS saying?
    ​ It was brought to my attention today from one of my readers that a rare blood cancer that affects B cells called Waldenström macroglobulinemia (lymphoma) is affecting people she knows who were injected with the COVID-19 products.​..
    ​..It is a rare type of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma that leads to high levels of IgM to yield thick ‘jelly-like’ blood. Sound familiar?
    ​ It can manifest in blood vessel damage, bleeding, neuropathy, enlarged organs, anemia, retinal damage leading to blurred vision, fatigue, enlarged organs and swollen lymph nodes.​..
    ​..People who are unfortunate enough to be affected have been found to have mutations in the MYD88 gene and/or the CXCR4 gene. They are typically caucasian males over 50. A complete blood count is useful for confirming a diagnosis. Plasmapheresis is a useful technique to remove excess IgM.
    ​ I checked in VAERS, and I was surprised to find that there are 49 reports of Waldenstrom’s.​ 37 of these reports (over 3/4) did not involve a history.
    There are 37 cases filed to VAERS for an extremely rare cancer with an acute occurrence.​..
    ​..Just as a reminder, if we account for the under-reporting factor, let’s say 31, we have 1,519 reports.
    Waldenström macroglobulinemia is a rare disorder and there are fewer than 1,500 cases occurring in the United States annually.
    Since we’ve got 1,519 reports in VAERS, we are there already in the context of a single injectable product. 92% of these reports involve injections given in 2021, so these represent one year.​ (​And 3/4 of the​se people should never, ever get ​this kind of blood-cancer​ under usual genetic assumptions.)

    ​Meryl Nass MD , USA wants even babies vaxxed yearly with mRNA vaxes for COVID, while in Scotland they will be recommended only for the elderly.
    This is a very interesting split. Are the data on excess deaths that the UK makes public the reason? UK data not perfect but the best available.

    John Day

    In the immortal words of movie star, Richard Harris, in “A Man Clled Horse”, not pertaining to being thwarted by spam-filters at all:
    “I AM A MAN!”

    John Day

    Disrupting the link a little in search of fruition, sharing this topic for TAE commentariat disagreement.

    A Midwestern Doctor , Do Organs Have a Mind of Their Own?
    Heart Transplantations Have Much to Teach Us About The Nature of Consciousness
    Those stories are as follows:
    ​ I recently spoke to an international group of psychologists, psychiatrists, and social workers meeting in Houston, Texas. I spoke to them about my ideas about the central role of the heart in our psychological and spiritual life, and following my presentation, a psychiatrist came to the microphone during the question and answer session to ask me about one of her patients whose experience seemed to substantiate my ideas about cellular memories and a thinking heart.
    ​ The case disturbed her so much that she struggled to speak through her tears. Sobbing to the point that the audience and I had difficulty understanding her, she said, “I have a patient, an eight-year-old little girl who received the heart of a murdered ten-year-old girl. Her mother brought her to me when she started screaming at night about her dreams of the man who had murdered her donor. She said her daughter knew who it was. After several sessions, I just could not deny the reality of what this child was telling me.
    ​ Her mother and I finally decided to call the police and, using the descriptions from the little girl, they found the murderer. He was easily convicted with evidence my patient provided. The time, the weapon, the place, the clothes he wore, what the little girl he killed had said to him . . . everything the little heart transplant recipient reported was completely accurate.” As the therapist returned to her seat, the audience of scientifically trained and clinically experienced professionals sat in silence.
    ​ As far as I know, no one has been able to independently confirm the above story happened, as each existing reference to it cites Pearsall’s book. However, there are other cases of the donor’s final memories being recalled by the recipient.
    https://www.midwesterndoctor. com/p/do-organs-have-a-mind-of-their-own

    D Benton Smith

    A 19 year old drunken sailor stumbled around the streets of Athens one afternoon a long time ago, accosting complete strangers with the earnest and heartfelt question, “Is there a God?” I got many smiles, a few alarmed disengagements, and no answers.

    So I asked myself, Is there a God? What’s with all of this “world” that I’m surrounded by ? (What even IS it ?). In other words, here I am. I find myself in a “here” and I’m desperate to know what in the Hell is going ON around here?”

    I gathered every scrap of observation that I could lay my hands on, and thought about it really hard for many years and the answer I came up with was yes there is God, assuredly so, and anyone can connect with him.

    Whoa! Is that TRUE? Well, it sure seems to me to be true. I’ve re-thunk and tested it every which way that I could think of and I keep coming up with same answer. Yes, there is a God. In fact, ultimately, that’s ALL that there is.

    But, on the other hand, I’m just an ignorant dummy (maybe even crazy) so there’s the possibility that I’m really wrong about that. I better go find out what other people think.

    It turns out that upon CLOSE inspection the overwhelming majority of EVERYBODY knows (or at least acknowledges as fact or probable fact), that there is a God who they could (if they chose) directly interact with in one way or another (prayer being the most common). This vast majority includes all of the greatest minds and heroes of human history going back as far as history goes. [note: The degree to which these people manifest their beliefs through their actions, however, varies quite a bit.]

    There were and are, of course, people who just outright disagree, usually because they didn’t get something that they wanted or were betrayed by some liar. These folks assert that there is no God, and therefore they’re free to do anything and everything that they want to even when they know that God would say no to the thing that they want to do.

    The minority that assert this viewpoint actively (atheists) is pretty small, but there is minority among them that is even smaller that that. There is a tiny collection of those who are absolutely dedicated to the proposition that not only is there no God, but that there is no immaterial spirit any other kind either, of any kind whatsoever. Indeed, they think this so strongly that they PUNISH (do bad things to) all of those who know or behave in a manner which demonstrates earnest BELIEF in the existence of God.

    Do you see how nutty it’s starting to get about this REALLY important question? The tiniest minority who are the MOST wrong about it are insisting upon being GIVEN total control over the lives, thoughts and very existence of those people who are the most right. And , furthermore, upon whom the tiny minority depends for literally EVERYTHING because those puny few in the smallest minority can do literally NOTHING for themselves.

    Very few people, therefore, agree with the position that there is no God or non-material spirit. It takes dangerously high levels of pride and ego to take a FIRM position on the NON existence of the only thing that truly DOES exist. That’s why Hard Core true-to-the-end atheists are very very rare indeed. Just check out the mindsets in your nearest foxhole or natural disaster.

    So, yeah, the number of people who take a firm stand against God is a very small MINORITY, but among that minority rank one will find virtually all of human history’s most catastrophic failures and worst human monsters (along with a whole bunch of nameless suckers and mean idiots). In recent memory the Marxist Bolsheviks springs to mind. They took it so far as to make the earnest demonstration of sincere belief in God punishable, not only in a thousand different off-the-books ways, but even illegal by statutory law in some cases.

    Like now.

    So is there a God or isn’t there? Examine the facts, make your decision, and then start acting that way. Choose wisely, because your answer determines your fate.


    The Euro is a sham ‘currency’ that has no Collateral.

    Russia’s currency has Collateral.

    It’s raw materials and an industrial base to transform that Collateral into value added stuff.

    Eurotardistan has no Collateral and now, with Germany being de-industrialized, it will have no economy.

    Ukronaziland also has no Collateral in terms of natural resources. It’s agricultural sector can’t be economically exported for revenue and the last of it’s industrial base is being surgically destroyed by the Russian.

    Gonna be a very bleak winter in the Euro-Rumpland. Very bleak.

    Very Large Missile Strikes On Dnipro Industrial Sector Last Night

    Germany is ‘blowing up’ it’s own industrial sector, it doesn’t need cruise missiles.


    Do People Change?
    August 11, 2023 ejcurtin 8 Comments
    Because there is so much personal anguish, unhappiness, and human mental and physical suffering in the world, many people often wonder how they might personally change to find happiness, contentment, or some elusive something. Or even how to change other people, as if that arrogant illusion could ever work.

    This question of significant personal change is usually couched within the context of narrow psychological analyses. This is very common and is a habit of mind that grows stronger over the years. People are reduced to their family upbringings and their personal relationships, while the social history they have lived through is dismissed as irrelevant.

    The United States is very much a psychological society. Sociological and historical analyses are considered insignificant to people’s identities. It’s as if economics, politics, culture, and propaganda are beside the point.

    Yes, it is often admitted that circumstances, such as illness, death, divorce, unemployment, etc. affect people, but such circumstances are not considered central to who people are and whom they become. These matters are rarely seen contextually, nor are connections made. They are considered inessentials despite the fact that they are always connected to larger social issues – that biography and history are intertwined.

    In writing about what he termed the sociological imagination, C. Wright Mills put it clearly when he described it as “the idea that the individual can understand his own experience and gauge his own fate only by locating himself within his period, that he can know his own chances in life only by becoming aware of those of all individuals in his circumstances. In many ways it is a terrible lesson; in many ways a magnificent one.”

    Without learning it, one cannot know who one is or whom one might become if one chose to change and were not just blown by the winds of fate.

    We now live in a digital world where the uncanny nature of information pick up sticks is the big game. Uncanny because most people cannot grasp its mysterious power over their minds.

    What was true in 1953 when Ray Bradbury penned the following words in Fahrenheit 451, is exponentially truer today:

    Do People Change?


    Another Look At Captured NATO Equipment On Display In Moscow

    How embarrassing, a giant knee into NATO=NAZI’s nut sack for all the world to see.

    I hope it become a permanent exhibit in it’s own museum of historic folly’s


    Is there a GOD?
    Yes. A GOD of death. Even after death there still remain energy of life. We call it compost, coal and oil.
    Depopulation is gruesome.


    Vincent van Gogh Gypsy Camp near Arles 1888: The beautiful color palette pulls me in, sits me down, and fills me with joy. Oh that blue-green sky! Fuzzy and focused figures, a warm color immersion with crisp cool color detailing. I love the layers of color within color and the textures they generate. Upon closer inspection I see a family gathering – countryside, in a meadow in the shade. What is that white line? It would be nice to be there.

    Then I read the title.

    Gypsys! Even more exciting. As a young girl in Ohio it was my fantasy to be a gypsy. My grandma used to speak about them…and what she described sounded like me.

    Life is Teacher, so they say – and so I have learned. I can take this gem of a van Gogh and ask what’s the message in this for me today? Let’s see what comes through.

    LOVE to the Gypsy in you and me.

    Michael Reid

    the future of Internet censorship. Not the ham-fisted government-initiated censorship that people tend to think of when they think about censorship. Corporate censorship. “Free-market” censorship. What she’s talking about is the virtually imperceptible moment-by-moment manipulation of social-media content, search engine results, “reference” platforms like Wikipedia, everything most people see on the Internet. The corp-speak term is “visibility filtering.”

    From now on, instead of being suspended or deplatformed — which is bad PR, and only draws more attention to the deplatformed party — dissident voices will be “deamplified.” We will be “free” to post whatever we like, but we will be talking to no one, in a digital void, which most people won’t even know exists. “Red/blue” culture-war mud-slinging content, and other such harmless entertainment that keeps the masses infuriated and at each other’s throats, will of course be allowed, and will be “amplified” and “monetized.” But any serious form of political dissent or deviation from official narratives will be labelled “hate speech,” “disinformation,” “malinformation,” or simply “unhealthy.” Corporations like X, Meta, Alphabet, and Tencent will decide what is “healthy.” They will do so with algorithms, but not only with algorithms.

    TAE Summary

    A Tale of Two Cosmologies

    * Theism
    – Everything that exists has a cause and the obvious cause for the universe is God the creator
    – The vastness of the universe with its well-ordered galaxies and solar systems is evidence of a divine creator and his purposes
    – The intelligence and self-awareness of man is also evidence of a divine creator
    – Science can explain physical cause and effect but can’t explain where the physical laws came from and is unable to give meaning to our lives
    – There is no conflict between science and religion when properly understood
    – Religion has been instrumental in human progress
    – Religion has improved the lives of countless people; Atheistic societies like Soviet Russia and Maoist China are disasters
    – Without God and an afterlife this life has no meaning; Atheists have no reason to be moral, ethical people; It’s anything goes and they end up committing atrocities
    – Only with the ultimate punishment and rewards from God can men be responsible for their actions and have integrity
    – You can only be free when you know that God exists and live the way he wants you to live
    – Religions are benevolent organization that encourage people to be selfless givers
    – Countless people have had direct experience with God and feel his love
    – The holy scriptures show the historical workings of God among men and are a reliable guide on how to live a moral life
    – Without religion there is no ultimate justice in the universe
    – Atheists are illogical and suffer from cognitive dissonance; Only a major life upheaval like severe illness or death can help them realize the truth; Even then most won’t change
    – Once they die atheists will realize how wrong they were
    – Atheism is closely aligned with far-left liberalism and spoils everything it comes in contact with

    * Atheism
    – The claim that all things have a cause and the cause of the universe must be God is logically inconsistent because it does not explain what caused God
    – The creation and evolution of the cosmos is due to natural laws such as physics and natural selection; Given an infinity of universes one like ours had to exist and we are in it
    – The universe has a trillion galaxies, each with 100 billion stars; The notion that one consciousness comprehends all of this and personally cares about the potentially trillion trillion souls in the galaxy is ridiculous
    – The intelligence and self-awareness of man shows that belief in a divine creator is an unnecessary pablum
    – There are things we still don’t understand about the cosmos but as science advance we understand more and more
    – Theists start from an unscientific, non-falsifiable position and have been wrong about nearly everything; Only as they accept science do they become more correct
    – Religion has always hampered human progress
    – Religion has led and continues to lead to the repression and death of countless people; Religious societies are unerringly repressive and regressive; State sponsored religion is a disaster
    – Theists believe that the next life is more important than this one and discount this life and don’t put in the work needed to make the world a better place; Without God man is forced to confront the issues of ethics and morality and make the hard choices; With God men outsource their morality which gives them license to commit atrocities
    – Theists believe they are always being watched and ultimately rewarded or punished by God; It is impossible for theists to have integrity; They can never act from innate goodness
    – You can only be truly free when you don’t believe in God and realize this is the only life you have
    – Religions are by and large driven by control and making money
    – People’s so called experience with God are not reproducible; They are emotionally driven wishful thinking
    – So-called religious scriptures are not historical, are full of contradictions and immoral stories and are not a good guide to a moral life
    – Religion’s insistence on divine justice makes its adherents less likely to fight for justice here and now
    – Theists are illogical and suffer from cognitive dissonance; Only a major life upheaval like severe illness or death can help them realize the truth; Even then most won’t change
    – Since there is no consciousness after death theists will never know how wrong they were
    – Religion is closely aligned with far-right conservatism and spoils everything it comes in contact with

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