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Arnold Genthe 17th century Iglesia el Carmen, Antigua, Guatemala 1915

This from the Financial Times is too much. Europe has no morals left. None.

“It creates an opportunity…” Yeah.

It’s being discussed as if this is entirely normal. The new low is very low.

Europe Debates Migrant Quota Buyout Plan

European Commission officials are debating a proposal that would allow some EU countries to pay money in order to opt out of a mandatory quota system for accepting refugees, in a plan that could ease a stand-off between eastern and western members over how to relieve Europe’s migrant crisis. Some eastern states have balked at being forced to accept mandatory numbers, under a plan to divide 160,000 migrants across the region to be announced on Wednesday by commission president Jean-Claude Juncker. They argue that voluntary targets allow member states to provide better care to people looking to settle in Europe. “We are ready to share the burden and take responsibility, but only if we have control over the situation,” said Poland’s minister for Europe, Rafal Trzaskowski.

Over the summer a harrowing exodus of people from the Middle East, Africa and Afghanistan has leapt to the top of Europe’s political agenda, and led to a quadrupling of the EU’s resettlement target from 40,000 people in July. Commission officials and eastern diplomats stressed that the plan would only allow countries to take temporary “time-outs” from any expanded quota regime, in exchange for payments to a fund supporting refugees. “It creates an opportunity for voluntary decision making,” said an eastern EU official. “If they do it with penalties, then that is a bad idea. But if there is a system where you contribute financially to helping the problem in a different way, then that is much more palatable.”EU officials stressed that any opt-out would also have to be justified by “objective reasons” — for example Poland’s desire to have contingency plans in place to accept large numbers of refugees from Ukraine if the conflict there worsens.

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    Arnold Genthe 17th century Iglesia el Carmen, Antigua, Guatemala 1915 This from the Financial Times is too much. Europe has no morals left. None. “It
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    Did anyone vote for these people who are “enforcing” quotas on these vassal nations?
    The oligarchs won. Almost nobody is speaking about the real issues. Not many people can muster a response when the real issues are brought up.
    1. Refugees are coming from countries systematically impoverished by a fraudulent debt based monetary system structure where private interests control the flow of debt and money through various means. Most of the debt goes to ordinary people and most of the money go to the private controllers of the debt-money system and their front mega corporations. This impoverishes people and causes them to want to leave the Debt-Money Monopolist hell hole engineered for them.
    2. The Debt-Money Monopolists use warfare and proxy armies, including terrorist groups, to attack and overthrow regions and governments.
    When those two Debt-Money Monopolists financed objects are met, the EFFECT is the immigration disaster we have today.
    Yet the news reporters don’t discuss THE ROOT CAUSES, rather they discuss THE DESIRED Debt-Money Monopolist EFFECTS!
    In that sense, they are like Rockefeller engineered allopathic doctors – who tend to focus on the effects of chronic disease while never addressing the root cause.


    Sale of Indulgences for the globalized world.


    I’m equally worried about the other criminals, operating at the bottom. The refugees, and their children, are incredibly vulnerable. So easy to take, and disappear (verb). Any police around to prevent it? Not so far as I can see.


    Just making a few alterations to the carbon credits playbook. Leading is less of a pain in the butt if humanity can be commodified. The rich-powerful-lazy triad.

    John Day

    “Sale of indulgences”, indeed!
    I sent $500 to International Medical Corps for Syria, though I’m in debt and just got $900 of work done on the old Toyota van (more debt).
    I’m so much more fortunate. Unspeakably so.
    I have choices and can take initiative.


    Neo Liberalism at its finest. Well finest but not prototypical in that neo liberalism always proposes market solutions to problems caused by markets but in this case the ‘market’ didn’t cause the destruction of the Syrian and Libyan states. That was caused by, and it must be mentioned, their inherent instability with their borders established by the West, but then caused by the US and NATO, one in the same, with the insertion of mercenary and often foreign jihadis by the Gulf monarchies and presto, failed states.

    Some whiffs of the fact that Obama is ultimately the prime actor has finally reached the mainstream, in dribs and drabs. Three years late of course and it won’t stick. He has presided over the advancement of some sexual rights and that’s good enough for liberals. That and the fact he won, just like Bill Clinton, is good enough for them.

    This book is a must read.

    Neo Liberalism is a slippery thing and one can quibble about or critique if it is as unified as the author tries to advance but by attempting to unify the author provides a valuable insight into what is driving our world, over the cliff.


    if you browse the comments, i assume this will be “average” european view of the situation in the not to distant future


    The problem is there is an unlimited number of these so called refugees and a limited amount of resources to deal with them. Let’s take Iraq. Iraq had a population of 5,700,000 in 1950 and a population of 35,700,000 today despite all the wars and violence. Had the US undergone such a population explosion and not had a single immigrant over the same period our population would be over 1 billion! Syria had 3.4 million people in 1950. 22.5 million today.

    This is the real problem. The wars and violence are merely symptoms of dysfunctional societies unable to cope with their surplus populations.


    While agree on many levels with most of what is being said both in the initial piece and the comments, I have some additional considerations that I believe need further discussions. Yes, Neo Liberalism and the debt-money monopolist have a hand in this mess, and it goes farther than that, all of it very complex and none of it discussed in the MSM. It is just off limits, sad as that may be. As long as those same individuals, the Neo Liberals, control the media it will remain that way.

    However, there is another issue, another problem, here that is also not being discussed. The world is facing situations that did not exist even a few decades ago, say, during a time when the imperialist were most active in this region—not that they are out of the picture now, particularly in the oil producing states. The greater issue now, but not the only issue, is almost more connected to the problem of carrying capacity of the land. Many of these nations in North Africa and the Middle East simply have too many people to be cared for through their own efforts. They are running out of agriculture land due to droughts, warring, crowding and salable commodities. The can not support their populations without outside help. This in turn, as is the case throughout history, is were populations start to migrate to lands more capable of providing a living. All species of animals do this.

    The disturbing part of the situation is we are just seeing the beginning of this movement. Egypt has some 90 million souls, has the ability to feed maybe 20 million, has little to export now that the oil is depleted and the gas is slowing down. There are untold amounts of unemployed youth who will ultimately look for solutions and one of them well may be migration. This situation is rampant in many areas of the world as can be seen from Mexico to Indonesia. This is one hell of a mess.

    It is easy to see why Europe is responding the way they are as they can look down the road and see a situation that is very unsettling. While the issue of over-shoot is not in the news it is, I am sure, on peoples minds even if they do not have a name for it. Where will this thing end? Some will say we must seek stability in the regions and supply food stuffs but if the populations continue to expand all that is being done is kicking the can down the road to a time when more and more run out of necessities. I repeat this is one hell of a mess that goes beyond Neo-Liberal manipulations. I would like to know what people think on this issue?


    wright, the biggest problem is the Debt-Money Monopolist crowd that finances neo-liberalism, endless war, endless poverty, dumbed down populations, etc… But you are correct that ordinary people have selfishness related problems, too. I chose to focus on the “big fish” because my resources are limited. Yes, it is a big mess that will get much bigger when the debt-money Ponzi bubble busts in the not too distant future.
    And make no mistake, the bust of the bubble is desired as that is the DMM oligarch physical reality “mop up” operation where they turn their control over ordinary person debt into physical property via foreclosure.

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