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Gustave Dore Dante and the Angel of the Church before the Door of Purgatory 1868


Biden Appears Likely To Pick Kamala Harris As VP (Mcleod)
Gaslighted by the Ruling Class (Chris Hedges)
New Zealand Ends Covid-Free Run With Two Cases From UK (G.)
China Reports 40 New Coronavirus Cases In Mainland, 27 In Beijing (R.)
Virus-Hit Beijing Tightens Outbound Travel; Shanghai Demands Quarantine (R.)
FDA Warns Against Combination Of HCQ And Remdesivir (R.)
FDA Revokes Emergency Use Status For HCQ To Treat COVID19 (R.)
Fed Says It Is Going To Start Buying Individual Corporate Bonds (CNBC)
Fed Launches Long-Awaited Main Street Lending Program (R.)
Hong Kong Chief Says Opponents Of Security Law Are “Enemy Of The People” (R.)
Disorders Now and To Come (Kunstler)
Even At 50% Attendance, It’s An Economic Disaster (Y!)



First: there will be no Debt Rattle tomorrow, Wednesday June 17, or any other articles, because I’m going to try to fly to Athens. The entire game plan, the conditions etc., has kept on changing all the time, but it looks like it might happen.

What I understand at this point is that I will be tested at the airport upon arrival and then sent to a hotel for the night awaiting test results. Then if I test negative I’m free to go, the 1 week mandatory quarantine was scrapped two days ago. If I test positive there’s a 2 week quarantine. That would probably also apply if anyone else on the plane tests positive.

With all the extra safety measures and stuff at airports and planes, something tells me it’ll be a long day tomorrow.



Worldometer reports new cases (midnight to midnight GMT+0) at + 124,600.

My count from about 6 am EDT to 6 am EDT is + 124,778 cases.





New cases past 24 hours in:

• US + 20,722
• Brazil + 23,674
• Russia + 8,248
• India + 10,243
• Pakistan + 5,248
• Chile + 5,143



Cases 8,141,389 (+ 124,778 from yesterday’s 8,017,241)

Deaths 439,705 (+ 3,581 from yesterday’s 436,124)





I ike the slogan for Yaneer Bar-Yam’s EndCoronavirus.org:

John von Neumann (1903 – 1957)




From Worldometer yesterday evening -before their day’s close-:



From Worldometer:



From COVID19Info.live:





The game plan would be clear enough: Kamala Harris is black and aggressive, tough on crime, and her role will be to stir unrest among African-Americans, get them out on the streets, seen as THE new issue with which to defeat Trump, now that RussiaRussia and impeachment were such abject failures.

But but: Kamala Harris was about the most unpopular candidate running in the Dem prelimiaries, and because of that, one of the first to bow out. How does that not matter?

It sounds convincing though, almost like a done deal: Bookmakers agree, putting Harris’ chances at around 50%. No other candidate [..] has a better than one in ten chance.

Still, reading things like this can’t help to make me think: they don’t really want to win.

Biden Appears Likely To Pick Kamala Harris As VP (Mcleod)

Amid an anti-police movement that has swept the country, the Democratic Party is choosing to run on a “tough on crime” ticket for November. A new Reuters exclusive reports that California senator and former prosecutor Kamala Harris is the clear favorite for the job of vice-president in a Biden White House. Bookmakers agree, putting Harris’ chances at around 50 percent. No other candidate, according to betting analyst Oddsmaker, has a better than one in ten chance. The nationwide protests, sparked by the police killing of George Floyd on May 25, have been increasingly led by Black Lives Matter, and the calls to defund or dismantle the entire policing system are growing louder. In response, more than 30 states mobilized the National Guard to quash the unrest.

A recent poll found that 74 percent of the country, including 87 percent of Democrats, support the protests, with two-thirds backing Black Lives Matter. Despite this, Biden is moving towards choosing a running mate that is most famous in activist circles for her conservative, “lock them up” stance when it comes to crime. As District Attorney of San Francisco, Harris strongly opposed marijuana legalization. Under her jurisdiction, arrests and convictions for the drug increased, as did the percentage of black people arrested for its possession. Yet during her unsuccessful run for the Democratic nomination last year, she laughed and joked about illegally using marijuana herself.

During the Democratic debates, she was also accused by Hawaii Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard of blocking evidence that would have freed an innocent man from a death sentence. Harris was also a vocal supporter of the controversial three strikes law that sent repeat offenders to prison for life. When running for Attorney General, her position was to the right of her Republican opponent. Nevertheless, many in the business world appear very excited about the potential pick. “She understands the moment,” claimed Marc Lasry, Chairman of the Avenue Capital Group and a member of Biden’s national finance committee, “They want someone who will galvanize people. She seems to be that person.”

It seems unlikely, however, that either Biden or Harris will galvanize protestors demanding racial justice. Biden’s 1994 Crime Bill imposed the three strikes rule, leading to a great increase in the number of people in prison. Between 1994 and 1998, the total number of people in U.S. prisons rose by 19 percent and continued climbing for a decade longer. Biden himself began his political career by opposing racial desegregation and bussing, something that Harris grilled him on in the Democratic debates. “There was a little girl in California who was part of the second class to integrate her public schools and she was bused to school every day. That little girl was me,” she said directly to him.

Read more …

The rulinng class in this case is Joe Biden.

Gaslighted by the Ruling Class (Chris Hedges)

In 1994, then Senator Biden pushed through the Violent Crime and Law Enforcement Act. It was supported by the Congressional Black Caucus, evidence of the growing disconnect between black political elites and those they should protect. The caucus has, in the face of the current crisis, once again called for the tired and toothless reforms that got us into this mess. “Black elected officials have become adept at mobilizing the tropes of Black identity without any of its political content,” notes Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor in the New York Times.

The bill authorized $30.2 billion over six years for police and prisons. Biden boasted that he “added back into the Federal statutes over 50 death penalties — 50 circumstances in which, if a person is convicted of a crime at a Federal level, they are eligible for the death penalty.” The bill, he bragged, authorized “over 70 increased — 70, seven zero — 70 increased penalties in new offenses covering violent crimes, drug trafficking, and gun crimes.” It also established the Community Oriented Policing Services or COPS Program that has handed more than $14 billion to state and local governments, most of the money used to hire more police. COPS also provided $1 billion to place police in schools, accelerating the criminalization of children.

The 1994 bill more than doubled the prison population. The United States now has 25 percent of the world’s prison population, although we are 4 percent of the world’s population. Half of the 2.3 million people in our prisons have never been charged with physically harming another person and 94 percent never had a jury trial, coerced to plea out in our dysfunctional judicial system. Biden proudly said in 1994 he represented a new Democratic Party that was tough on law and order.

“Let me define the liberal wing of the Democratic Party,” he said at the time. “The liberal wing of the Democratic Party is now for 60 new death penalties. That is what is in this bill. The liberal wing of the Democratic Party has 70 enhanced penalties, and my friend from California, Senator Diane Feinstein, outlined every one of them. I gave her a list today. She asked what is in there to every one of them. The liberal wing of the Democratic Party is for 100,000 cops. The liberal wing of the democratic Party is for 125,000 new State prison cells.” There is only one way to defeat these forces of occupation and the ruling elites they protect. It is not through voting. It will come from the streets, where tens of thousands of courageous men and women, facing arrest, indiscriminate police violence, economic despair and the threat of Covid-19, are fighting for not only an end to racism, but freedom.

Read more …

No cases for 24 days. Then they allow two UK women in for compassionate reasons. These women then go into a 2-week Isolation but remain untested for 9 days, until one of them gets sick.

Gov’t comment: “The women had “done everything right”. I’m starting to think New Zealand’s success story was based on pure luck.

New Zealand Ends Covid-Free Run With Two Cases From UK (G.)

New Zealand has recorded its first new cases of coronavirus for 24 days after two women who arrived in the country from Britain were found to be infected. The pair were released early from government quarantine and permitted to drive from the city of Auckland to Wellington, the capital – nearly 650km away – before being diagnosed, health officials said. Their trip was an approved exemption from the mandatory isolation period for new arrivals to the country in order to visit a dying parent. The women had “done everything right” and had not put other members of the public at risk, said Ashley Bloomfield, New Zealand’s director-general of health, on Tuesday.

After both women tested positive for Covid-19 on Monday, one reported that in hindsight she had been experiencing symptoms, but had attributed them to a pre-existing medical condition. The pair marked New Zealand’s first new cases of Covid-19 for more than three weeks, and were diagnosed one week after the last known case in the country had recovered. The discovery of the new cases came one week after all domestic restrictions on the country were lifted, with Bloomfield warning at the time that more cases of the virus would inevitably arise as people infected with it crossed the border. The women – one aged in her 30s and the other in her 40s – had arrived in Auckland on a flight from the UK via Brisbane, Australia, on 7 June, Bloomfield said.

All new arrivals to the country – only New Zealanders, their families, and essential workers are currently permitted to cross the border – are required to spend two weeks in managed isolation at a hotel. But six days after the women arrived, Bloomfield said they travelled from Auckland to Wellington “in a private vehicle” after they were granted a compassionate exemption to do so and made a safety plan with officials. They had not been tested for Covid-19 at the time. The pair had made the drive of approximately eight hours without refuelling their vehicle or disembarking for any reason, including to use public toilets, he said. “They had no contact with anybody else during that trip,” added Bloomfield. He was “not nervous” that the women had infected anyone else, adding that they would now remain in self-isolation with a relative in Wellington.

Read more …

Given how fast it spread in the past 2-3 days, it’s obvious the disease had been present for a 1 or 2 weeks.

China Reports 40 New Coronavirus Cases In Mainland, 27 In Beijing (R.)

Mainland China reported 40 new confirmed coronavirus cases for June 15, down from 49 a day earlier, the National Health Authority said on Monday. Twenty seven of the new cases were in Beijing, down from 36 a day earlier. The city is facing a new outbreak of the virus that is believed to have originated in a local grocery market. The NHC reported 8 new imported coronavirus cases in mainland China as of the end of June 15, down from 10 a day earlier. The commission also reported 6 new asymptomatic cases, down from 18 a day earlier. The total number of coronavirus cases in mainland China now stands at 83,221, and the death toll remains unchanged at 4,634. China does not count asymptomatic patients, who are infected with the virus but do not display symptoms, as confirmed cases.

Read more …

1 outbreak, 106 cases and counting.

Virus-Hit Beijing Tightens Outbound Travel; Shanghai Demands Quarantine (R.)

Beijing banned high-risk people from leaving the Chinese capital and halted some transportation services on Tuesday to stop the spread of a fresh coronavirus outbreak to other cities and provinces. China’s financial hub of Shanghai demanded some travellers from Beijing be quarantined for two weeks, as 27 new COVID-19 cases took the capital’s current outbreak to 106 since Thursday. That makes it the most serious flare-up in China since February, stoking fears of a second wave of the respiratory disease which emerged in the central city of Wuhan late last year and has now infected more than 8 million people worldwide. “Beijing will take the most resolute, decisive, and strict measures to contain the outbreak,” Xu Hejian, spokesman at the Beijing city government, said at a press conference on Tuesday.

The outbreak has been traced to the sprawling Xinfadi wholesale food centre in the southwest of Beijing where thousands of tonnes of vegetables, fruits and meat change hands each day. Beijing had designated 22 neighbourhoods as medium-risk areas as of Monday. Medium-risk areas are required to take stringent measures to block the potential entry of infection. All high-risk groups in Beijing, such as people who are close contacts of confirmed cases, are not allowed to leave the city, state media reported on Tuesday, citing municipal officials. All outbound taxi and car-hailing services have also been suspended. Some long-distance bus routes between Beijing and nearby Hebei and Shandong provinces were suspended.

Read more …

A non-clinical study that showed no evidence. It’s becoming a familiar theme.

FDA Warns Against Combination Of HCQ And Remdesivir (R.)

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration on Monday issued a warning to healthcare providers against administering malaria drug hydroxychloroquine or chloroquine in combination with Gilead Sciences’ experimental COVID-19 drug, remdesivir. The agency, based on data from a recent non-clinical study, said the co-administration may result in reduced antiviral activity of remdesivir. It also added it had no such evidence from a clinical setting and that it continues to evaluate all data related to remdesivir.

The warning comes hours after the agency revoked the emergency use authorization of hydroxychloroquine to treat COVID-19, which has been touted by the U.S. President Donald Trump. FDA said it was no longer reasonable to believe that oral formulations of hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine may be effective in treating the illness caused by the novel coronavirus. Gilead’s drug had received emergency use authorization earlier in May as a potential treatment for COVID-19, clearing the way for broader use of the drug in more hospitals around the United States.

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We get not a word about zinc.

But we do get a rehash of France, Italy and Belgium halting HCQ use, without mentioning that they did so based on a fully discredited piece in the Lancet, which itself has issued apologies for it.

FDA Revokes Emergency Use Status For HCQ To Treat COVID19 (R.)

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration on Monday revoked its emergency use authorization for hydroxychloroquine to treat COVID-19, but quickly came under fire from President Donald Trump, who said only U.S. agencies have failed to grasp its benefit in fighting the coronavirus. Based on new evidence, the FDA said it was no longer reasonable to believe that hydroxychloroquine and the related drug chloroquine may be effective in treating the illness caused by the novel coronavirus. The FDA also warned that the drugs have been shown in lab studies to interfere with Gilead Sciences Inc’s antiviral drug remdesivir – the only medicine so far to show a benefit against COVID-19 in formal clinical trials.

The move comes after several studies of the decades-old malaria pills suggested they were not effective either as a treatment for or to prevent COVID-19. [..] Current U.S. government treatment guidelines do not recommend its use for COVID-19 patients outside of a clinical trial. France, Italy and Belgium late last month halted use of hydroxychloroquine for COVID-19 patients. But the United States last month sent 2 million doses to Brazil, which has emerged as the pandemic’s latest epicenter. Hundreds of trials testing hydroxychloroquine or chloroquine as interventions for COVID-19 are still underway, including a U.S. study designed to show whether hydroxychloroquine in combination with azithromycin can prevent hospitalization and death from COVID-19.

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Call it what you want: nationalization, socialism, communism.

Or simply: the strongest attempt to kill off price discovery so far.

Fed Says It Is Going To Start Buying Individual Corporate Bonds (CNBC)

The Federal Reserve is expanding its foray into corporate credit to now buy individual corporate bonds, on top of the exchange-traded funds it already is purchasing, the central bank announced Monday. As part of a continuing effort to support market functioning and ease credit conditions, the Fed added functions to its Secondary Market Corporate Credit Facility. The program has the ability to buy up to $750 billion worth of corporate credit. Its March 23 initial announcement is largely considered a watershed moment for the financial markets, reeling from the coronavirus threat spread. “The decision to buy a broad portfolio of corporate bonds represents a shift to a more active strategy for the secondary market corporate credit facility, rather than the passive approach originally envisioned,” said Steven Friedman, senior macroeconomist at MacKay Shields.

The move comes less than a week after a downbeat Federal Open Market Committee view of the U.S. economy in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. Moving to a more aggressive bond-buying strategy “may also reflect the Committee’s view that the economic recovery from the ongoing COVID-19 crisis will be an extended and challenging one, with credit markets requiring extensive support,” Friedman added. Under the latest guidelines, the Fed said it will buy, on the secondary market, individual bonds that have remaining maturities of five years or less. Those purchases will go along with the ETFs the Fed already has been buying, which are balanced toward investment-grade indexes but also include some junk bond funds that track debt which had been investment grade before the crisis but had been downgraded after.

The intent of the individual debt purchases will be “to create a corporate bond portfolio that is based on a broad, diversified market index of U.S. corporate bonds,” the Fed said in a news release. “This index is made up of all the bonds in the secondary market that have been issued by U.S. companies that satisfy the facility’s minimum rating, maximum maturity, and other criteria. This indexing approach will complement the facility’s current purchases of exchange-traded funds,” the statement said.

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The Fed doesn’t help Main Street. It simply sees an opportunity to help banks make more money at the expense of Main Street under the guise of a beneficial narrative.

Fed Launches Long-Awaited Main Street Lending Program (R.)

The Federal Reserve on Monday launched its Main Street Lending Program, the most complex program undertaken yet by the U.S. central bank to help keep the backbone of the economy from buckling under the strains of the coronavirus pandemic. The program, targeted at companies that were in good shape before the pandemic but may now need financing to retain workers and fund operations, will offer up to $600 billion in loans through participating financial institutions to U.S. businesses with up to 15,000 employees or with revenues up to $5 billion. Lenders must register using the lender portal here and are encouraged by the Fed to begin making program loans to for-profit firms “immediately.”

The central bank also sought feedback on Monday on a proposal to expand the program to allow nonprofit organizations to borrow under the program as well. Administered by the Boston Fed, the Main Street program for businesses aims to offer credit for those that may be too large to qualify for the Paycheck Protection Program, which targets businesses with fewer than 500 employees. Unlike the PPP, which was established by Congress in late March and offers loans that can be converted to grants if businesses meet certain requirements, the loans offered under the Fed program must be repaid.

It has taken nearly three months for the Fed to design, build and launch a program to extend credit to companies in all walks of the economy, a huge departure from its role as a lender to the banking sector. Fed officials adjusted the Main Street program twice by expanding the range of loan sizes to make it available to more companies that need help keeping workers on staff. It also extended the loans to five years, with payments deferred for the first two years, to better help businesses struggling because of the crisis. “Supporting small and mid-sized businesses so they are ready to reopen and rehire workers will help foster a broad-based economic recovery,” Fed Chair Jerome Powell said in a statement last week after the most recent adjustment.

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A.k.a. deplorables.

Hong Kong Chief Says Opponents Of Security Law Are “Enemy Of The People” (R.)

Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam on Tuesday urged opponents of Beijing’s plan to impose national security legislation in the financial hub to stop “smearing” the effort, saying those who did were “the enemy of the people”. Beijing last month announced a plan to introduce legislation in Hong Kong to tackle secession, subversion, terrorism and foreign interference and which could see Chinese security agencies set up bases in the city. Critics see the law as the most serious threat to a “one country, two systems” formula, agreed when the former British colony returned to Chinese rule in 1997, aimed at ensuring its freedoms and role as a global financial centre.

The Chinese government and Lam’ s Beijing-backed city administration say the law will not curtail freedoms but will target a small number of “troublemakers” and help bring stability after a year of anti-government protests. “I urge opponents who still use the usual tactics to demonize and smear the work to stop because by doing this they become the enemy of the Hong Kong people,” Lam said before a cabinet meeting, referring to the legislation. “The vast majority want to restore stability, and have safety, satisfaction and employment.” The government has mounted a campaign to rally public support for the legislation, with billboards, a booklet with questions and answers and a video of Lam defending the law “in the public interest”.

In the video, posted on the city government’s website, Lam decried a “terrorist threat” against a “traumatized” city, saying advocates of independence were “colluding with foreign forces” and undermining security. “Hong Kong has become a gaping hole in national security, and our city’s prosperity and stability are at risk,” said Lam as she stood flanked by the Chinese and Hong Kong flags, the first bigger than the second.

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“Have Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi appealed to their followers to end their violence? Maybe I missed that.”

Disorders Now and To Come (Kunstler)

Never in US history has there been a faction as dishonest as today’s Democratic Party or as habituated to the application of bad faith in political conflict. Their addiction to malicious hoaxes and engineered untruths knows no limits — and naturally so, since they are motivated primarily by dissolving all boundaries in policy, law, sexual relations, and personal conduct. They’ve been busy proving the past few weeks that they’re against the social contract as a basic proposition, exhorting for an end to law enforcement while inciting street violence, crimes against property, and murder.

Many voters are onto them, of course, so the Resistance is also determined to derail the 2020 elections by any means necessary, only starting with ballot fraud but surely escalating to new, innovative chicanes and disruptions. Their chosen candidate for president — that is, their putative “leader” — is an obvious empty vessel fronting for sinister forces in the background. They stuffed Joe Biden in a basement twelve weeks ago and have no intention of setting him loose on the landscape where he would reveal his unfitness with every breath he takes and every move he makes. The news media especially, in its bad faith role, pretends not to notice, but its minions are too self-important to realize that there are other ways for citizens to learn what is happening out there.

Events are rushing ahead at a pace you can barely follow. Summer begins in another week and why, now, would you expect any lessening in civil disorders? A heat wave is upon us here in the crowded eastern US at the end of this week and that’s always an invitation to raucous behavior on the steamy streets. Have Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi appealed to their followers to end their violence? Maybe I missed that. They are hinting at a return to Covid-19 lockdown conditions — but you can forget about anyone following that when the temperature tops ninety degrees (and certainly the Dem leadership knows that).

The devastation of small business, careers, livelihoods, households, and futures continues. Take measures to protect your own future, as far as possible. Put your energy into imagining how you can be helpful to other people, and perhaps incidentally earn their trust and their assistance in mutually beneficial ways. Think about finding a plausible place to live where the rule of law perseveres. Think about how you might fit into an economy run at a smaller scale. Start taking action on that thinking. There’s potential for a lot of people to get hurt in the disorders-to-come. There’s plenty you can do to not be one of them.

Read more …

The problem with all mass events.

Even At 50% Attendance, It’s An Economic Disaster (Y!)

College football is twelve Saturdays away. It may be hard to believe amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, but Division I colleges and universities across the country began to bring their football players back to campus for workouts this month. Now a number of schools have reported that some of their players tested positive for COVID-19: Auburn had three players test positive; University of Central Florida had three; Oklahoma State had five; Arkansas State had seven. That won’t stop the season from happening. The general attitude from schools is that the players who tested positive will self-isolate for two weeks, and the show will go on. The show must go on, because the money demands it.

“We are going to play football in the fall,” said the 76-year-old West Virginia University president Gordon Gee, “even if I have to suit up.” Gee said that a month ago, when the return of college football was still in question, since some universities were hesitant to commit to having classes in the fall. The California State University system, which includes football schools like San Diego State and Fresno State, announced it would start the fall with mostly online-only classes. The thinking at that time was that schools couldn’t have college football players come back if they didn’t have the rest of their students back on campus. There were also fears that the college football season might get pushed to spring 2021, which would mean NFL-bound stars like Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence or Ohio State quarterback Justin Fields would almost surely opt not to play.

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    Gustave Dore Dante and the Angel of the Church before the Door of Purgatory 1868   • Biden Appears Likely To Pick Kamala Harris As VP (Mcleod) •
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle June 16 2020]

    V. Arnold

    Gustave Dore Dante and the Angel of the Church before the Door of Purgatory 1868

    Wow. Heavy stuff from Dore; but keep it coming…

    The insanity is spreading rapidly. Out-pacing our ability to fathom/understand what’s really going on…
    The danger is our fear; it leads to rash decisions, and striking out with no clear target…
    It’s like shooting at nothing, on a hill out of range…

    Mr. House

    Here is an interesting tidbit of information. Bumble, an online dating app, will not let you sign into your account unless you agree and support BLM. Not sure what that has to do with dating, but got me wondering who owns bumble? A quick search shows that blackstone, the same people running Trumps bailouts, owns a majority position in bumble……. when the big corporations support your movement, you’re a front or you’ve been co opted.

    Mr. House

    We’re being color revolutioned

    Mr. House

    Correction, its blackrock running the bailouts, but private equity is private equity and i’m sure they’re huuuuuuuuuge supporters of BLM.


    information that is deliberately disseminated in order to influence or confuse and hinder arriving at the right conclusion.
    information that is meant to sow conflicts
    information that is meant to delay action
    information that is meant to make you the loser

    stock market


    Raul: saline sinus spray, sez me. You will likely be in way too much dry shared air. Keep your sinuses ooey and gooey, pls.


    How about a little “lighter-hearted” Dore? Canto 19 “Dante addresses Pope Nicholas III” makes me giggle. What did Nick do to find himself in such a predicament?
    Ah! Nepotism!
    Kamala Harris??!! Well, she is a perfect match for the old law-n-order Biden…(speaking of nepotism…)

    Isn’t it nice that Powell is investing in corporate bonds for me? How considerate of him! Maybe he could buy some stocks for me, as well. And here I was thinking of getting out of “The Markets” altogether.

    Dr. D

    Commenters are on the same page.

    Amazingly and dangerously ignorant:

    Defaced John Greenleaf Whittier, foremost abolitionist.

    Matthias Baldwin, outspoken abolitionist in 1830, defaced with “murderer” and “colonizer.” As far as we know, he was not accused nor suspected of murder, and it’s difficult to be a colonizer when he was born in New Jersey to a man also born in New Jersey. …But these guys believe in racial supremacy and racial determination, so all white guys must return to Europe while all black guys must NOT return to Africa. That would be silly and racist, of course. P.S., Ireland would be very full.

    Defaced Union war heroes David Farragut and George Thomas, who killed 1/10th of all (white) American men to end slavery on behalf of Black Americans. We should pay reparations to the decedents of the white families who fought for their liberation.

    And of course, the U.S. Flag itself, which is the flag of the government that voluntarily ended slavery at tremendous cost.

    And wasn’t Jefferson in a long-term interracial relationship risking his standing and reputation?

    Well, when you’re ISIS, of course you must destroy all history, all symbols, all traces except those of the pure party. That’s love, diversity, and tolerance!

    Well, waiting for the dynamiting of Harriet Tubman while the statue of Conf. Gen. Pike and KKK Senator Byrd still stand.

    And I hear Einstein and FDR made mistakes once; shouldn’t they be destroyed from history #MeToo?

    Why yes, everyone but ME, my ego, must be destroyed and replaced with my ego. Only then can there be peace. “[When we] win back the House and/or the Senate civility can start again.” — HRC Hail Hydra!

    “Our enemies are your enemies: Disorder. War. It’s just a matter of time before a dirty bomb goes off in Moscow or an EMP fries Chicago. Diplomacy? A holding action. A band-aid. …. I can bring order to the lives of seven billion people by sacrificing twenty million. It’s the next step. …Society’s at a tipping point between order and chaos. And tomorrow morning, we’re going to give it a push. But, if you don’t do your part, I can’t do mine. And HYDRA can’t give the world the freedom it deserves.” –Winter Soldier

    Freedom. Order. Peace of the irrepressible boot. Just kill those 20 million Americans like Alinsky and CIA contractor Deagle predicted, and the other 300 million fall in line. It’s obvious. Logical. Destroy the nation and replace it with something better: your own image. Don’t be an enemy of #Logic and #Order, obviously you must pay people to riot in the streets and destroy things. Only then can we remove Liberty, the Constitution, and 10 Human Rights.

    “The Ends Justify the Means” — Niccolo Machiavelli, who having written this, was rejected by his patrons. A statement so wrong even the Borgias couldn’t accept it.

    So what are we up to here?

    Since if you can’t push: pull, what happens after the French Revolution of Robespierre, in our case the virtual mob cutting off virtual heads?

    After Robespierre came Napoleon. And the 1st “world” war in Europe, and 12 years of total genocidal carnage. Worked a charm! Rich folks who financed the war, sold the supplies, made a mint! Nasty, dirty peasants killed 3.0 – 6.5 million out of maybe 88M involved – almost a 10% mortality rate as the 4th Turning, total wars usually are. Bought up all their assets from the burned and ruined cities.

    So long as they get this war that resets the finance and perpetuates control, they need not worry about Cheeto specifically, or the failed 50-year plan to establish a USSA under Socialist rule in the Weimar/Russian plan. They failed the short plan and fall back to the long plan.

    Nor would Cheeto be Napoleon here, clearly. But once the Trotskyites of HRC, Alinsky, and the gang fail, the social pressure will swing back to law and order, to nationalism and country. So whoever shows up next can call on deep patriotism from obedient Zoomers who long for order and an end to total madness and irrational witch hunts based on skin color. …And THAT guy, at that time, will be dangerous. Probably against China, the trap HW Bush set up in 1989.

    But I’ve said this already. Just that the socialist revolution is having a 2nd wind right now, and will therefore be defeated far more soundly, driving the pendulum that much further. Which at this point seems to be the plan. Why else would the actors involved take so many, very great and specific pains to insure The Donald’s re-election when they could so easily a) put up a real candidate and platform or b) cede the inevitable loss and double back in cohesive force in a mere 4 years with a base as quickly restored as the GOP has? But no: every. single. move. is specifically designed to get Trump elected in a landslide. Every crazed stereotype, every fear, every indignity, every violence, every alarm is being activated to channel the people into law and order and support of tradition, i.e. the Status Quo. Every move is being made to make the DNC cease to exist, the moderates to become “Republican” and be replaced by a Progressive or BLM party.

    So who wins from this? From supporting order, status quo, creating a new generation of patriotic military force? Guess. What will the world look like two Presidents from now? Not a fan.

    Hold the line for the decentralized Federal Republic with equality under the law and human rights. It seems we’ll be the only ones.


    Ironic, since that’s exactly what I was going to say about Yaneer and Taleb. They precisely account for everything except human behavior, the one thing they’re measuring.

    They achieved this less than 16 years after the Wright brothers’ historic 1903 flight”

    And they pretend we’ve had no advancement in technology since 1970. Still can’t get to the moon. We forgot how, AND lost all the tapes and records. Honest! Nothing to see in our DUMB Bunkers but sticks and stones.


    OT In the shunned NYT Science section, there is an article titled “Is That a Bot or Not…” One “Kate Starbird” was mentioned, and I bring this up because of where she works:
    The University of Washington’s “Emergent Capacities of Mass Participation Laboratory”.
    It’s nice to know such a place exists, isn’t it? /s
    (The article concluded that it is very difficult to tell a bot from a human.)

    Mr. House


    Feels like this will be the future.

    Mr. House


    always enjoyed that short story, thoughts?

    Tree Frog

    “Call it what you want: nationalization, socialism, communism.”

    None of those. Call it what it is: maintenance of the status quo ante. It will fail.


    Good luck on what is now today in Europe.

    Kamala Harris is a female counterpart to Barrack Obama. Neither are “African American”. He is half Kenyan and half American. She is half Jamaican and half East Indian. Both are globalists. But since Republicans have become the resettled European party, Democrats have turned to identity politics and the color of the skin to determine one’s position. After high school in Montreal she made a conscious decision to ignore of her East Indian ancestry and remake herself into an African American by going to a historical black Howard University in Washington DC. This shows how screwed up the USA is from its history of plantation capitalism. Fifty years ago, in Vietnam, I had more in common with urban blacks that country whites, my first encounter with Okies from Muskogee. They are the ones not wearing face masks and attending Trump’s Tulsa rally.

    The various cultural, religious and regional groups each has about 20% of the population. The Establishment needs the lower classes at each other’s throats in order to eliminate taxes and end government regulation. There is no real attempt for understanding or compromise. With the collapse of federal government, incapable of fighting the pandemic, plus the greatest depression, and the fall of the Empire; a civil war is inevitable unless the USA peacefully withdraws home and democracy is restored.

    Mr. House


    Years ago when people were predicting civil war due to trumps election i didn’t believe. I’m not invested in democrats or republicans, but after witnessing the reactions of the “tolerant” left the past four years, i agree with you.


    “I’m starting to think New Zealand’s success story was based on pure luck.”
    Well our response was based heavily on recommendations from Imperial College, which is related to science in the same way a vampire is related to holy water.

    So yeah, luck covers it pretty well. 🙂


    I see sneeze guards on the cashiers in every market, but still no sneeze guards on the fresh produce. A helpful market employee uses hand sanitizer on a cart that’s been sitting in the sunny parking lot for an hour or more. Shade tarps are set up over the ingress line outside the market, to helpfully prevent us from getting more vitamin D. People are wearing masks driving solo in their SUVs.

    Too bad they can’t kill this virus with a gun…it’d be a done deal, eh?

    Carlos Jimenez

    Since Raul is stuck at and in between airports today, here’s a fun vid of Shangri-La in ‘murica courtesy of the anti-racist revolution. If you don’t believe me you may believe Kshana Sawant at the 5:45 mark. “The Autonomous Zone is an incredible area of peace and friendship.” Indeed incredible. And Sad. I had lot of sympathy for her. It turned out to be another hustler with a stubborn Indian accent. Kamala shares half of Sawant’s ancestry but has parlayed that into blackness privilege very deftly a-la-Rachel Dolezal with better results though. It helped that at her peak of hotness she advanced a lot faster by practicing the oldest trade in the world, with the Mayor of Frisco, Willie Brown…https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=16&v=aEWjQOnrZRg&feature=emb_logo

    John Day

    When we stop taking sides in a squabble, and start working together to build some way of life that can function in our own communities, then we will be acting as citizens, and can build a country.
    We are divided and ruled by Facebook memes.

    The Systemic Collapse of the US Society Has Begun, The Saker. Thanks Eleni in Athens.
    ​ ​For a society, any society, to function a number of factors that make up the social contract need to be present. The exact list that make up these factors will depend on each individual country, but they would typically include some kind of social consensus, the acceptance by most people of the legitimacy of the government and its institutions, often a unifying ideology or, at least, common values, the presence of a stable middle-class, the reasonable hope for a functioning “social life”, educational institutions etc. Finally, and cynically, it always helps the ruling elites if they can provide enough circuses (TV) and bread (food) to most citizens. This is even true of so-called authoritarian/totalitarian societies which, contrary to the liberal myth, typically do enjoy the support of a large segment of the population (if only because these regimes are often more capable of providing for the basic needs of society).
    ​ ​Right now, I would argue that the US government has almost completely lost its ability to deliver any of those factors, or act to repair the broken social contract. In fact, what we can observe is the exact opposite: the US society is highly divided, as is the US ruling class (which is even more important). Not only that, but ever since the election of Trump, all the vociferous Trump-haters have been undermining the legitimacy not only of Trump himself, but of the political system which made his election possible. I have been saying that for years: by saying “not my President” the Trump-haters have de-legitimized not only Trump personally, but also de-legitimized the Executive branch as such…
    ​ ​For a civil war to take place you need a​t​ least two sides, each with a clearly identifiable political agenda. Since the real power in the USA is hidden from the public awareness, there is no potential for a “the people vs the rulers” kind of civil war in the US. A “Right/Conservative vs Left/Liberal” civil war is also not possible, because both the US Right and the US Left are, in reality controlled by a deep state which is neither liberal nor conservative. Finally, a “rematch” between North and South is not possible either because the modern USA is not really split along North/South lines anymore.​…
    ​ I call what is happening today an insurrection: a violent revolt or rebellion against the authorities as such. When you burn a police precinct you do not “protest” against the actions of a few cops, no, what you are doing is expelling the cops from your neighborhood (I know that personally. In Argentina I lived in a suburb of Buenos-Aires in which the police station was attacked so often that it closed and was never rebuilt). And since in a civilized society the state should have the monopoly on the (legal) use of force, you are basically rejecting the authority and legitimacy of the state which operates the police force. This insurrection is most unlikely to remove Trump from office (hence it is not a coup or a revolution), but the anti-Trump faction of the ruling elites have now clearly adopted the strategy of “worse is better” simply because they realize that these riots are probably their last chance to blame it all on Trump (and Russia, why not?!) and maybe, just maybe, defeat him in November.​..
    ​ ​Irrespective of whether either faction will succeed in instrumentalizing the riots, what we are seeing today is a systemic collapse of the US society. That is not to say that the USA will disappear, not at all. But just like it took the Soviet Union a decade or more to fully collapse (roughly from 1983-1993), it will take the US many years to fully crash. And just like a New Russia eventually began taking form in 1999, there will be a New USA coming out of the current collapse. Total and final collapses are very rare, mostly they just initiate a lengthy and potentially very dangerous transformation process, the outcome of which is almost impossible to predict.
    ​ ​However, just as the Russian people had to stop kidding themselves with silly dreams about “democracy” and had to tackle the real problems of Russia, so will the people of the USA have to find the courage to deal with their real problems, frontally and deliberately

    The systemic collapse of the US society has begun

    ​That was a Russian political and military analyst, who has lived in various parts of the US for 24 years. Here is analysis from a Serb. Analysis from those who have recently experienced systemic upheaval is useful, I think.​
    The Color Revolution Is Finally Home
    …American democracy is their undisputed model and should be implemented everywhere. However, nothing is going well there anymore as democracy has just exploded in America. In the literal sense of the word. That does not make me happy at all. I know that the American establishment, in addition to bombing half the world – including my country – has destroyed its own state. And all this under the slogan of the so-called struggle for human rights.

    The erosion of American Democracy goes back to Harry Truman, and involves the CIA? Are you sure?
    Imperialism. We have become subjects of an empire, whose owners are invisible.
    ​…​JIC-502 claimed the Soviets would achieve military superiority and be able to launch war against the U.S. This proposed military buildup would increase the defense budget from $10 billion to $40 billion from 1950-53.
    ​ ​During this same period another security doctrine was drafted, titled “NSC-75: A Report to the NSC by the Executive Secretary on British Military Commitments”. The report concluded that if the British Empire collapsed, and Britain could no longer carry out these deployments, in defending the “free world” against the Soviets, the U.S. would not be able to carry out its current foreign policy, including NSC-68.
    ​ ​It was thus concluded in the report that it would be more cost-effective to aid Britain in saving its Empire!
    If you were ever wondering why the CIA was constantly found paired with British Intelligence, starting from its very inception, in a series of coups in countries they had no reason to be in, now you know why.
    ​ ​The U.S. had gone from an explicit mission to end imperialism worldwide under Roosevelt, to actively supporting and upholding British colonies and vassal states under Truman!​ …
    ​ ​In summary, since the death of FDR there was a somewhat open battle between members of the intelligence community, which could be categorised as FDR loyalists vs Churchill loyalists (1). …
    ​ ​From the moment Kissinger assumed the post of National Security Advisor to Nixon, he set out to centralize all intelligence estimates, diplomatic initiatives, and covert operations over figuratively and sometimes literal dead bodies of members of the CIA, Joint Chiefs of Staff, State Department and Congress.
    According to John Ranelagh in his book The Agency: The Rise and Decline of the CIA:
    ​ ​“Very early in the Nixon administration, it became clear that the President wanted Henry Kissinger to run intelligence for him and that the NSC staff in the White House under Kissinger would control the intelligence community. This was the beginning of a shift of power away from the CIA to a new center: the growing NSC staff.”
    ​ ​Kissinger would use the Watergate scandal, where the CIA was caught by Congress directly implicated in treasonous activities, as the impetus needed to form a new CIA, a secret branch away from the scrutiny of Congress.​..
    ​ ​In 1982, under the direction of Kissinger, President Reagan would sign NSDD 77 under Cold War duress, which would launch Project Democracy, a sardonic name for a Trojan Horse.​..​
    ​ ​The structure of the NED ​(National Endowment forDemocracy) ​essentially functions as a private CIA political operations arm of an invisible, secret government beyond accountability and beyond the reach of the law.
    ​ ​Those who still had a degree of humanity as members of the intelligence community, and had survived the Kissinger purge, were simply kept in the dark about the cloak and dagger operations of the secret government branch​..​.
    ​ ​In a 1991 interview, then NED President David Ignatius arrogantly stated “a lot of what we do today was done covertly 25 years ago by the CIA…The biggest difference is that when such activities are done overtly, the flap potential is close to zero. Openness is its own protection”. ​…
    ​ The Trilateral Commission was founded in the wake of Watergate and oil crisis of 1973. It was formed under the pretence of addressing the “crisis of democracy” and calling for a reshaping of political systems in order to form a more “stable” international order and “cooperative” relations among regions.
    ​ ​Its formation would be organised by Britain’s hand in America, the Council on Foreign Relations, (aka: the offspring of the Royal Institute for International Affairs, the leading think tank for the British Crown).​..
    ​ ​It would mark the beginning of the end, introducing the policy, or more aptly “ideology”, for the need to instigate a “controlled disintegration of society.”
    ​ ​The Trilateral Commission is a non-governmental body, its members include elected and non-elected officials scattered throughout the world, ironically coming together to discuss how to address the “crisis of democracy” in the most undemocratic process possible. It is an organisation meant to uphold the “interests” of its members, regardless of who the people voted in.​..
    ​ By the time of Jimmy Carter’s Administration, the majority of the government was being run by members of the Trilateral Commission. But who runs the Trilateral Commission? ​…
    ​… In May 1981, Henry Kissinger who replaced Brzezinski as the head of the Trilateral Commission gave a speech at Chatham House describing his term as Secretary of State:
    ​ ​“[The British] became a participant in internal American deliberations, to a degree probably never practiced between sovereign nations…In my White House incarnation then, I kept the British Foreign Office better informed and more closely engaged than I did the American Department…It was symptomatic.” (emphasis added).
    ​ ​In his speech, Kissinger outlined the conflicting ideologies between Churchill and Roosevelt, and concluded with his support for the British worldview as the more superior of the two.​..​
    ​ ​In 1975 the CFR launched a public study of global policy titled the 1980’s Project. The general theme was “controlled disintegration” of the world economy, and the report did not attempt to hide the famine, social chaos, and death its policy would bring upon most of the world’s population.
    ​ ​The study explained that the world financial and economic system needed a complete overhaul according to which key sectors such as energy, credit allocation and food would be placed under the direction of a single global administration. The objective of this reorganization would be the replacement of nation states.
    ​ ​However, before this could occur, nation states would have to falter, or at least give off the impression of faltering.​..
    ​ Among the most effective strategies towards this end has been color revolutions, which just so happens to be the NED’s specialty practice and has included, to name a few, the nations of Yugoslavia, Georgia, Iraq, Lebanon, Burma, Iran, Egypt, Yemen, Ukraine and the ongoing Hong Kong protests.

    The Enemy Within: A Story of the Purge of American Intelligence

    CHAZ Occupier Suggests ‘Rounding Up All the White People’ into Work Brigades
    “Keeping the white menace under control.”

    CHAZ Occupier Suggests ‘Rounding Up All the White People’ into Work Brigades

    ​ ​Joe Biden, the presumptive presidential candidate for the United States 2020 election has declared that he does not support the call for defunding the police. Meanwhile, in an investigation it has been found that 99.64% of the Black Lives Matter’s ‘Defund the Police’ donations go to Joe Biden via ActBlue, a Democrat fundraising platform that is the top donor to ​the ​Biden​-​for​-​President campaign.

    99.64% BLM’s Defund The Police Donations Go To Joe Biden Campaign Via ActBlue


    “With the collapse of federal government, incapable of fighting the pandemic, plus the greatest depression, and the fall of the Empire; a civil war is inevitable unless the USA peacefully withdraws home and democracy is restored.”

    I think the inevitability of civil war is here, while democracy remains a flickering ignuus fatus in the twilight tv screen.

    But I do believe democracy is real.

    Democracy, I believe, is what happens when people tied by family and history live together over time in groups no larger than 200. I suspect we’ll see that in a few decades.

    Dah Big D


    Campfire Song

    Prince Rupert Awakes

    Love the minor/major contrast tween verse and chorus.

    “Wake your reason’s hollow vote
    Wear your blizzard season coat
    Burn a bridge and burn a boat
    Stake a Lizard by the throat”

    (most of the lyrics are sopohomoric sci-fi mythogothic hyper-wrung excess, but the chorus makes the cut)


    John Day
    Thank you for all that info.
    I didn’t know all of that.

    As a result, I CAN CONCLUDE that I could not present a NEW AND BETTER model for a political/social/economic system.
    Coming up such a system, one that has not been tried somewhere, sometime, is a task for the elite.

    The alternative, is for an affluent individual to read the tourist brochures and to go for a visit before relocating to an existing system somewhere in the world.

    Do variations of dictatorships offer a lifestyle that is enriching for someone that is at the bottom of the political/social/economic system?
    How about the opposite end of the scale. Do communes still exists?

    As a senior, I’ve arrived at my choice. I’m going to accept what I have and make the best with what I have.


    Face of someone arrested for arson in local riots:

    face of terrorism

    Nerds can be really terrifying.

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