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Conflict of Interest in WHO Recommendation Against Ivermectin (TSN)
Evidence of Antibody Dependent Enhancement? (DE)
Did Pfizer Fail to Perform industry Standard Animal Testing? (TSN)
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Singapore Doctors Call To Halt Covid Vaccination Of Teens (RT)
Abu Dhabi To Ban Unvaccinated People From Most Public Places (F.)
Greece Offers Youngsters 150 Euros To Get Vaccinated (K.)
Falsehood Rules (Kunstler)
Google Tumbles As Biden Revives Trump-Era Antitrust Probe (ZH)
Why Giuliani’s Suspension Should Worry All Lawyers (Turley)
Manhattan DA Says No Charges For Trump: Lawyer (ZH)
Biden’s Lawless Bombing of Iraq and Syria (Greenwald)
Nike Partners WIth CCP With New Slogan ‘Just Obey It’ (BBee)
Olympics To Kick Off With Ceremonial Lighting Of The American Flag









Trusted News Initiative (TNI).

The WHO is funded by Big Pharma. “Originally funded entirely by member states, the organization now receives less than 20% of its budget from these states and the rest from donors with their own financial and strategic agendas.”

Conflict of Interest in WHO Recommendation Against Ivermectin (TSN)

All dangerous diseases are best treated early. A major failure of the global COVID-19 strategy has been to wait a week for the disease to become dangerous, when breathing becomes a problem. Early treatment of COVID, even for those with mild symptoms, prevents later hospitalization. There are several early treatment drugs showing promise but ivermectin leads the pack regarding safety, effectiveness and price. Unfortunately, the biggest players in Western mainstream media are members of the Trusted News Initiative (TNI). The TNI is a story for another day but it’s remarkable that big media companies barely report that they have agreed to promote global vaccination and to make sure any “disinformation myths are stopped in their tracks”[i].

Unfortunately, as a result early treatment seems to be seen as a disinformation myth and is not mentioned. Early treatment is vital in treating serious diseases and COVID-19 is no exception. Considering the human and economic cost, the avoidance of early treatment with a very safe, effective and off-patent drug is a criminal tragedy of immense proportions and a winning lottery ticket for some pharmaceutical companies that are designing and selling novel patented drugs that could not compete with ivermectin in a free market. Mercks’ molnupiravir, for instance, is seeking an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) from the FDA and “Merck will receive approximately $1.2 billion to supply approximately 1.7 million courses of molnupiravir to the United States government.”[ii]

Ivermectin doesn’t need an EUA because it passed trials in 1986. It just needs to be recommended to treat COVID-19. However, if ivermectin was officially recognized as an effective treatment, it would legally prevent molnupiravir’s EUA until it passes trials and thus delay or endanger the $1.2 billion deal. An aggravating factor is the fact that molnupiravir (EIDD-2801) could cause harmful genetic mutations. [iii]

In the face of a public health crisis such as the COVID-19 pandemic, government authorities and international organizations have traditionally looked to the World Health Organization (WHO) for guidance – trusting that the WHO is free of commercial interests. Originally funded entirely by member states, the organization now receives less than 20% of its budget from these states and the rest from donors[iv] with their own financial and strategic agendas. Margret Chan, the previous Director General of the WHO, said in 2015: “I have to take my hat and go around the world to beg for money and when they give us the money [it is] highly linked to their preferences, what they like. It may not be the priority of the WHO, so if we do not solve this, we are not going to be as great as we were”. [v]

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“Majority of Covid deaths are the fully vaccinated and A&E attendance is breaking records”

Evidence of Antibody Dependent Enhancement? (DE)

Are we beginning to see evidence of ‘Antibody Dependent Enhancement’ (ADE) due to the Covid-19 vaccines in the United Kingdom? The latest data on hospitalisations and deaths allegedly due to Covid-19 certainly suggests so. ADE can arise in several different ways but the best-known is dubbed the ‘Trojan Horse Pathway’. This occurs when non-neutralizing antibodies generated by past infection or vaccination fail to shut down the pathogen upon re-exposure. Instead, they act as a gateway by allowing the virus to gain entry and replicate in cells that are usually off limits (typically immune cells, like macrophages). That, in turn, can lead to wider dissemination of illness, and over-reactive immune responses that cause more severe illness. Barry Bloom, MD, PhD, of the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health explanation of ADE is as follows – “The cause of ADE is having antibodies to a virus that don’t neutralize it. That enables the virus to be gobbled up by cells that have receptors for antibodies, but not the virus. That’s the way of getting virus into cells that it ordinarily would not infect,”.

ADE can also occur when neutralizing antibodies (which bind the virus and stop it from causing infection) are present at low enough levels that they don’t protect against infection. Instead, they can form immune complexes with viral particles, which in turn leads to worse illness. [..] In previous clinical trials of vaccine candidates to combat SARS and MERS, the studies each failed during the animal phase due to ADE also known as pathogenic priming or a cytokine storm. Phase three clinical trials are designed to uncover frequent or severe side effects before a vaccine is approved for use, including ADE. But here in lies the problem, none of the Covid-19 vaccines have completed phase three clinical trials. The Pfizer phase three trial is not due to complete until April 6th 2023.

Neurological issues

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Excellent article. Recommended.

Did Pfizer Fail to Perform industry Standard Animal Testing? (TSN)

The current mRNA vaccines are theorized to act locally in draining lymphoid tissue. Formulated lipid nanoparticles that contain mRNA able to produce the spike protein are syringe injected into a muscle such as the deltoid (shoulder muscle). Once the injection occurs, the muscle cells near the injection site are impacted by the mRNA-based vaccine (e.g. the lipid nanoparticles), while much of the dose moves into the intracellular fluid surrounding the muscle cells and consequently drains to lymph nodes. According to this theory, a properly functioning mRNA-based vaccine is delivered into and drives production of the SARS-CoV-2 Spike protein in muscle and lymph node cells. The cells then produce the Spike protein, which is then moved to the surface of these cells where it becomes attached.

The foreign virus Spike protein then triggers the immune system to recognize and attack any cell in the body that is either infected by SARS-CoV-2 or has Spike protein on its surface. The vaccine was designed so that the Spike protein is affixed via a transmembrane anchor region, so that it cannot circulate around the body via the bloodstream. The same general scenario applies to all mRNA-based vaccines as well as recombinant adenoviral vectored vaccines (such as the J&J vaccine) designed to use gene-therapy technology to express Spike protein in cells and tissues. This general strategy is designed to reduce the risk that any residual vaccine dose that does somehow end up in the bloodstream (or organs and tissues) ends up not being a safety risk due to unintended biologic effects.

Spike protein will remain affixed to cell surfaces, and therefore is not released into the blood where circulating Spike might cause problems by binding to its natural target, ACE-2 receptors. However, any cell that has Spike protein (or protein fragments) anchored on its membrane or displayed on MHC antigen-presenting molecules becomes a target for vaccine-activated immune cells and antibodies, which would then attack, damage or kill those cells in the same way that SARS-CoV-2 virus-infected cells would be attacked. In other words, if very active mRNA delivery particles or recombinant adenoviral-vectored vaccines spread throughout the body, the resulting production of the vaccine antigen (Spike, in this case) will both stimulate immunity and also cause those same cells to be attacked by the immune system. If this actually happens, the resulting “vaccine reactogenicity” could resemble clinical symptoms seen with autoimmune syndromes.

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“A consenting adult has the right to choose to do dangerous things.”

More Crazy (Denninger)

HCQ, I remind you, is used by millions of people with Lupus and Rheumatoid Arthritis in the United States alone. If it caused heart attacks in one person out of 150 and screwed up the hearts of 10% of the rest not one doctor would prescribe it for either condition as that is wildly dangerous and will kill people outright a decent percentage of the time. Ivermectin, I remind you, has a record across several billion doses administered of one serious adverse event (defined: lands you in the hospital) in roughly every 600,000 people who take it. It is for this reason that it is considered safe enough to buy over the counter in many nations and is handed out by non-medical personnel all over sub-Saharan Africa. Indeed doing that has basically eliminated river blindness, a disease that formerly devastated entire regions.

As for Covid and other viral infections there is plenty of science on multiple mechanisms of action that are likely involved. Yet pharma, the FDA, NIH and CDC all are aligned against it and did not run large, formal studies for early treatment despite being safer to do so than recommending you take Tylenol or aspirin because there’s no money in it; the drug costs pennies. HCQ is similarly cheap and it too was never formally studied by these so-called “agencies” either. Now let’s talk about the shots. We never give a measles shot to someone who had the measles. Why not? The scientific evidence is that they cannot get any benefit from it. While the measles vaccine is extremely safe and definitely safer than getting the measles there is no such thing as a completely safe drug. Ever.

If you cannot get the measles because you’ve already had it and are immune then irrespective of how low the risk is it is unethical and gross malpractice to give you said shot because it is scientifically impossible for you to benefit from it. The question is always one of risk and benefit, both potential since no drug or vaccine is 100% effective and the risk of contracting an illness is never 100% for the person taking the drug. There is never any other evaluation, which is inherently personal to each individual’s medical situation, that is appropriate, ethical, moral or legal – period. For any drug, vaccine or other medical procedure or act where the benefit is statistically zero it is thus never, under any circumstance, acceptable to recommend, cajole or coerce someone into accepting it because if the potential benefit is zero then any amount of risk is unacceptable, no matter how low.

(Incidentally for the religiously-bent about vaccines generally who have been flooding my email inbox you’re wasting your time; I have long since told my spam filter to throw your repeated screaming into the trashcan unread. My objection is with this specific set of shots because the data says they’re wildly dangerous in healthy people compared with the illness itself, even without early treatment and definitely when compared to outcomes with treatment.) For comparison Tylenol kills about 500 people in the US a year. If every person in the US had used Ivermectin for the last year it would have killed fewer people than that. That is what the data says, and we could have easily handed it out to any and all who wanted it and get the natural data resulting from it.

There was no statistically-measurable risk in doing so compared against common over-the-counter medicines that anyone can buy anywhere at any time and thus there was no ethical, moral or legal justification for failing to do so in the face of a pandemic for which there were no approved and known-effective treatments. A consenting adult has the right to choose to do dangerous things. This is why we test drugs on consenting adults first even through we know they might not only fail to work they might harm you. Only after years or even decades of such testing do we contemplate testing them on children and only when we have a reasonably-full understanding of the risks.

Rogan Kory

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“The medics who signed the letter argued that that the CDC should be given “a few weeks to produce robust and convincing data”

Singapore Doctors Call To Halt Covid Vaccination Of Teens (RT)

A group of medics have penned an “urgent open letter” to Singapore’s expert committee on Covid-19 vaccination, calling for the inoculation of youths to be ceased until the US CDC clarifies why a teenage jab recipient died. Written on “on behalf of many concerned pediatricians, primary care physicians, specialists, surgeons and GPs” and signed by a number of Singaporean medical professionals, the letter was posted on Facebook on Saturday. Its authors urged the authorities to “consider a short delay” in vaccinating youths with messenger ribonucleic acid (mRNA) jabs in view of the recent incident in the US. Earlier this week, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) started an investigation into the death of a 13-year-old from Saginaw, Michigan, which occurred three days after he got his second shot of an unnamed coronavirus vaccine.

Vaccines made by Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson have received emergency approval in the US, and all three of them are also in use in Singapore. The medics who signed the letter argued that that the CDC should be given “a few weeks to produce robust and convincing data” on the teen’s death and the possibility of a link to the inoculation. They insist the issue is urgent because Singapore is pursuing “one of the most aggressive” mRNA programs in the world, in which at least 200,000 teenage boys are expected to be vaccinated. “Certainly, we do not want to see any more suspected vaccine-related deaths in any young persons in the prime of their life,” the letter said.

As concerns spread, Singaporean parents have also launched a petition, asking the authorities of the island city-state to suspend the vaccination of those under 30, especially school kids from 12 to 15 years of age, until the CDC probe is complete. It has so far been signed by some 2,000 people.

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“The UAE has the highest vaccination rate in the world..”

Abu Dhabi To Ban Unvaccinated People From Most Public Places (F.)

The United Arab Emirates has introduced some of the world’s harshest restrictions for unvaccinated people in its push to encourage uptake of the shot, announcing Monday that residents of its capital city Abu Dhabi who aren’t yet inoculated will be banned from most public places. The emirate’s media office said in a series of tweets that it is introducing the ban to encourage vaccinations and preserve public health, though 93% of target groups have been vaccinated. The ban will go into effect Aug. 20, giving the city’s residents some time to get vaccinated against the virus before the measures are enacted. Once that date rolls around, those without the shot will not be allowed to enter public and private schools, universities, nurseries, shopping centers, restaurants, cafes, gyms, museums, theme parks, resorts and all other retail outlets. The main exceptions are retail outlets selling essential goods, such as supermarkets and pharmacies, which all people will still be allowed to enter regardless of their vaccination status.

The order—which the media office said was approved by the Abu Dhabi Emergency, Crisis and Disaster Committee—will not apply to children under the age of 16 and those who have an official reason to be exempt from vaccination. “The committee stated the decision would enhance safety in areas that have been subject to additional precautionary measures and provide enhanced protection for community members,” the Abu Dhabi Government Media Office said in its statement. The UAE has the highest vaccination rate in the world, boasting a rate of 154 doses administered per 100 people, according to a tracker run by The New York Times. Though it has not shared updated data on how many people have been fully or partially vaccinated, Reuters estimates the number of doses it has administered (over 15 million) means around 77.1% of the country’s population has been fully inoculated.

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Immoral or amoral?

Greece Offers Youngsters 150 Euros To Get Vaccinated (K.)

The Greek government announced it will offer a pre-paid card with 150 euros to young people aged 18-25 to get at least one shot of a vaccine against Covid-19, as an incentive to increase the number of inoculations in the country. The card, dubbed “freedom-pass” by Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, will cover costs in travel and entertainment, such as plane and ferry tickets, hotel bookings, music, theatre and cinema, museums and archaeological sites. Presenting the card at the start of a meeting with ministers on Monday, the prime minister said he acknowledged the toll the long months of lockdown have had on the social life of young people.

“This is a debt to our youth, a gift of gratitude, particularly ahead of the summer. [It is] a ‘thank you’ for their patience and perseverance,” he told the ministers at the televised message. “At the same time, however, it is also an incentive for young people in particular to be vaccinated, who, by their very nature, contribute more to movement. And the more they are shielded [against the virus], the more we will limit the transmission of the virus.” Mitsotakis said this is especially true as countries are facing the more transmissible delta variant of the coronavirus, which targets primarily those who have not been vaccinated “but is threatening everyone.”

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“..a private Chicago-based non-profit called the Center for Tech and Civic Life, which received $350-million from Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg to arrange grants targeted at swing districts in Democratic strongholds such as Milwaukee, Detroit, Philadelphia, and Atlanta, for the purpose of hiring ballot harvesters, among other activities.”

Falsehood Rules (Kunstler)

Now there is one official forensic audit of the 2020 election underway in Maricopa County, Arizona, (the Phoenix metro area), ordered by the State Senate, and some conclusions from phase one, involving the paper ballots, are due to be released this week, with additional phases to come concerning the Dominion voting machines. Many other state legislatures sent delegations to Arizona to learn the ins-and-outs of conducting a forensic audit, and they are making noises about actually doing it. So, in stepped Attorney General Merrick Garland. At the start of the Arizona audit, he sent a letter to the Arizona State Senate threatening to use the Civil Rights Division of the DOJ to halt the audit on the basis of depriving voters of their civil rights. Arizona responded by promising to jail any federal officials who laid their hands on any ballots. That was the end of that gambit for now — they may try it again in phase two.

In the meantime, a county judge in Georgia (one Brian Amero) has ruled that 147,000-odd ballots alleged to have chain-of-custody problems must be made available for inspection, and also that five members of the Fulton County (Atlanta Metro Area) Board of Elections are now individually parties to the lawsuit brought by nine Georgia voters, and may be subject to deposition (being questioned under oath). That is believed to be the beginning of an effort to conduct a full audit in Georgia. So, again, in steps Attorney General Merrick Garland with his Civil Rights Division, led by political activist Kristen Clarke, bringing a lawsuit against the Georgia election reform act passed earlier this year — a shot over Georgia’s bow, shall we say. Ms. Clarke happens to be a colleague of Georgia activist Stacey Abrams, a former Democratic candidate for governor.

Ms. Abrams is also a part-owner of a company, NOWaccount, that does payroll for a private company called Happy Faces, which furnished dozens of poll workers to tally the 2020 election in Georgia, as well as the 2021 US Senate runoff election that put two Democrats, John Ossoff and Raphael Warnock, in office. Elections are supposed to be conducted by public officials, not by private entities. Supposedly, the Georgia election officials turned to Happy Faces because it was a way to avoid hiring workers for less than 30 hours-a-week, which would have otherwise required providing them with health care under ObamaCare, the ACA Act. Was that legal? It has not been adjudicated.

Nor has the much bigger scandal of a private Chicago-based non-profit called the Center for Tech and Civic Life, which received $350-million from Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg to arrange grants targeted at swing districts in Democratic strongholds such as Milwaukee, Detroit, Philadelphia, and Atlanta, for the purpose of hiring ballot harvesters, among other activities. Mr. Zuckerberg met with Kristen Clarke, Stacey Abrams, Al Sharpton, and other Democratic activists at a dinner in 2019, at which he promised to help. Did his help cross any legal boundaries? It has not been investigated, nor has the use of the company he runs, Facebook, in its campaign to influence public opinion by blocking news and deleting accounts of non-Democrats exclusively.

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it’s the ads again.

Google Tumbles As Biden Revives Trump-Era Antitrust Probe (ZH)

Minutes after news that a judge had dismiss an FTC anti-monopoly lawsuit against Facebook sent the social-media giant’s market capitalization past the $1 trillion mark, Google has just been hit by some disappointing news on the anti-trust front. Google shares tumbled heading into the close on reports that the Biden Administration was planning to revive a Trump-era investigation into Google’s display ad business. While a judge has granted some relief for Facebook, potentially taking it out of the sights of the FTC, which is now being led by anti-monopoly pioneer Lina Khan, it’s clear the Biden Administration hasn’t given up on scrutinizing American Big Tech.

According to Bloomberg, which broke the news Monday afternoon, antitrust investigators at the DoJ have stepped up scrutiny of Google’s digital advertising practices in recent months, a sign that the Biden administration is “actively pursuing a probe that started under former President Donald Trump.” DoJ sued Google last year over claims the Alphabet-owned company was abusing its dominance in the internet search market, its biggest business. Any additional legal action, including whether to bring a second suit, will likely depend on whoever is chosen as the assistant attorney general overseeing the antitrust division. It will be up to that person to decide whether to proceed, and it’s possible the government will bring no action against the company.

Staffers from the DoJ’s antitrust office have reportedly interviewed several of Google’s competitors about the firm’s practices in the advertising technology market. The probe places a target on the company’s second-most important business, according to people familiar with the action, who asked not to be identified discussing the early stage probe.

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“..the bar becomes “nothing but a continuation of politics by other means.”

Why Giuliani’s Suspension Should Worry All Lawyers (Turley)

Lawyers often make sensational, false claims that inflame public opinion, such as insisting former Attorney General William Barr violently cleared D.C.’s Lafayette Square last year to arrange for Trump’s controversial photo op outside St. John’s Episcopal Church. The claim outraged many Americans, even though there was no evidence to prove it; several lawyers repeated the photo op myth as fact on TV. An inspector general and a federal court both later debunked the myth, but the damage was done: To this day, many people believe it. Nevertheless, I do not believe any lawyers should be suspended for such claims, which should be protected as free speech. The New York court brushes over the free speech implications of its ruling with a conclusory statement that Giuliani knowingly misrepresented facts, even though it did not afford him a hearing on that or other questions.

It is not enough to declare “Don’t be like Giuliani.” What is missing in this opinion is a clear standard for when the failure to establish a case — as Giuliani failed to do with his election fraud claims — is a disbarring offense. In reality, many cases collapse in court over insufficient evidence. Election challenges are made without access to critical records or data held by election boards or officials — indeed, litigants often go to court to gain such access. Likewise, public interest lawyers often bring cases against the government, which classifies or withholds evidence. When I litigated the Area 51 case, I was suing a base that the government claimed did not exist, and all information about it was classified; we prevailed in establishing environmental violations but only after years of intense litigation and denials.

The concern in this case is that we are seeing a weaponization of bar investigations after a wide (and well-funded) campaign to harass Republican lawyers, their firms and their clients after the 2020 election. And it has worked: Many law firms are unwilling to take on Republican or conservative causes for fear of being targeted. The Giuliani opinion fuels those concerns. Despite a damning account of exaggerations and falsehoods, it often reads more like a venting — rather than a vetting — of grievances against Giuliani. Instead of issuing a well-deserved reprimand, the court declared Giuliani to be a public menace if allowed to continue practicing law, even for the period of his own adjudication. The premature suspension made little sense.

The bar was focused on Giuliani’s public statements, which will continue unabated by any suspension. Nevertheless, the suspension thrilled many in today’s bloodsport politics. Yet while the court seemed to apply a special “Giuliani rule,” it is unlikely to stay that way if — to paraphrase Carl von Clausewitz — the bar becomes “nothing but a continuation of politics by other means.”

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“This is so small that I can’t believe I’m going to have to try a case like this.”

Manhattan DA Says No Charges For Trump: Lawyer (ZH)

President Trump’s attorney said on Monday that Manhattan DA Cy Vance has indicated that he has no plans to charge the Trump Organization with crimes related to allegations of “hush money” payments or manipulated real estate values, according to Politico. New York attorney Ronald Fischetti said that during a meeting last week he asked Vance’s team for any details related to charges up for consideration, to which Vance’s team replied that while they are considering charges against the Trump Organization and individual employees related to alleged failures to pay taxes on corporate benefits – widely reported to include cars and apartments, the potential charges only involve a small number of executives. “We asked, ‘Is there anything else?” Fischetti told Politico. “They said, ‘No.’”

When asked if the meeting touched on allegations made by Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen and by adult film star and director Stormy Daniels, Fischetti replied, “Nothing. Not a word on that.” Fischetti also said that Vance’s team told him they will not bring charges against Trump himself when the first indictment comes down. “They just said, ‘When this indictment comes down, he won’t be charged. Our investigation is ongoing,’” he said. According to the Washington Post, Vance’s team is set to proceed with the charges unless otherwise persuaded not to. Fischetti says he expects them to drop this week or next. “It’s like the Shakespeare play Much Ado About Nothing,” he said, adding “This is so small that I can’t believe I’m going to have to try a case like this.”

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BAU. Twitter: “Defense stocks took off like a rocket when Biden was elected, now up 40%.”

Biden’s Lawless Bombing of Iraq and Syria (Greenwald)

For the second time in the five months since he was inaugurated, President Joe Biden on Sunday ordered a U.S. bombing raid on Syria, and for the first time, he also bombed Iraq. The rationale offered was the same as Biden’s first air attack in February: the U.S., in the words of Pentagon spokesman John Kirby, “conducted defensive precision airstrikes against facilities used by Iran-backed militia groups in the Iraq-Syria border region.” He added that “the United States acted pursuant to its right of self-defense.” Embedded in this formulaic Pentagon statement is so much propaganda and so many euphemisms that, by itself, it reveals the fraudulent nature of what was done.

To begin with, how can U.S. airstrikes carried out in Iraq and Syria be “defensive” in nature? How can they be an act of “self-defense”? Nobody suggests that the targets of the bombing campaign have the intent or the capability to strike the U.S. “homeland” itself. Neither Syria nor Iraq is a U.S. colony or American property, nor does the U.S. have any legal right to be fighting wars in either country, rendering the claim that its airstrikes were “defensive” and an “act of self-defense” to be inherently deceitful. The Pentagon’s description of the people bombed by the U.S. — “Iran-backed militias groups” — is intended to obscure the reality. Biden did not bomb Iran or order Iranians to be bombed or killed.

The targets of U.S. aggression were Iraqis in their own country, and Syrians in their own country. Only the U.S. war machine and its subservient media could possibly take seriously the Biden administration’s claim that the bombs they dropped on people in their own countries were “defensive” in nature. Invocation of Iran has no purpose other than to stimulate the emotional opposition to the government of that country among many Americans in the hope that visceral dislike of Iranian leaders will override the rational faculties that would immediately recognize the deceit and illegality embedded in the Pentagon’s arguments.

Beyond the propagandistic justification is the question of legality, though even to call it a question dignifies it beyond what it merits. There is no conceivable Congressional authorization — none, zero — to Biden’s dropping of bombs in Syria. Obama’s deployment of CIA operatives to Syria and years of the use of force to overthrow Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad never had any Congressional approval of any kind, nor did Trump’s bombing of Assad’s forces (urged by Hillary Clinton, who wanted more), nor does Biden’s bombing campaign in Syria now. It was and is purely lawless, illegal.

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“Chief Marketing Officer Bingbong Van Hummus”

Nike Partners WIth CCP With New Slogan ‘Just Obey It’ (BBee)

On the heels of the CEO proudly declaring Nike is a brand “of China, and for China,” the company has unveiled a new marketing campaign honoring the glorious Chinese Communist Party with the inspiring slogan “Just Obey It.” “The idea of obedience to brutal and murderous regimes really encapsulates the ethos Nike is going for as a brand,” said Chief Marketing Officer Bingbong Van Hummus. “The People’s Republic of China represents our highest ideals, and we hope to inspire athletes around the world to join us in the most important thing any high-performer can do: Just Obey.”

New apparel featuring the “Just Obey It” slogan is already being produced in Uyghur concentration camps by slaves, and Nike is optimistic about having their new products in the hands of progressive American athletes in the next few weeks. “As long as we don’t run into any delays– you know, from our slaves refusing to obey, we’ll be shipping from the beautiful and powerful country of China very soon!” said Van Hummus. Nike also announced they will be releasing a new Uyghur-inspired shoe with built-in iron shackles.

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“..a beloved pastime where American athletes who were given every opportunity to succeed get to show how much they hate America..”

Olympics To Kick Off With Ceremonial Lighting Of The American Flag

The 2020 Olympic Games will be kicking off next month with the ceremonial lighting of the American flag, a beloved pastime where American athletes who were given every opportunity to succeed get to show how much they hate America. “Before the Games, American athletes will get to show much they hate their country by taking the ceremonial torch and burning the flag,” said one commentator on ESPN. “We always feel the importance and gravity of this moment at every Olympic Games. As the torchbearer approaches the flag and lights it up, solemnly declaring to everyone that the U.S. is a horribly racist and oppressive country, I can’t help but shed a few tears.” “Stunning and, you guessed it, brave.” One Chinese gymnast suggested she would burn her own country’s flag as well, since the government kidnapped her family and forced her to compete at gunpoint, but she has since disappeared.

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“What made medicine fool people for so long was that its successes were prominently displayed and its mistakes (literally) buried.”
– Nassim Nicholas Taleb





The most detailed image ever of a human cell. It was made using 3D data from X-rays, nuclear MRI, and cryo-electron microscopy. The wildest part? We have 100 TRILLION of these inside us.



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    Mister Roboto

    They’ve got people thinking this virus is some kind of microscopic Emperor Palpatine.

    Mr. House

    Tell me that article isn’t spot on, dude called it a year ahead of time. Its not really rocket science, if you just judge peoples actions and extrapolate from that you’ll usually get what is “going” on.

    Mr. House

    Speaking of Palpatine, who did he blame for the fall of the republic and the creation of the galactic empire?

    island raider

    American science reporter, Alex Berenson, posted a tweet claiming cases in Israel are doubling about every two days. Our world in data claims Israel is one of the most vaccinated countries on earth at 64.14% (having received at least one dose). Berenson’s comments:

    “Back in Israel the vaccines are working so great that cases are doubling every three days. ExPONEnShuL!

    The two major possible explanations are:
    A) The vaccines are failing
    B) They aren’t failing but the government is pretending they are to scare teens into getting vaccinated…”

    Or could this been the vanden Bossche theory playing out in real time?


    This was my first exposure to Hopkins, though it was on the CounterPuff site then, before
    they unpersoned him:

    Why Ridiculous Official Propaganda Still Works

    That one Mr. House posted was presciently good, too.


    Reminder to team players
    1. If you want to be liked, don’t tell someone that they are wrong/made a mistake. They will get mad. Keep you mouth shut.
    2. If you want to be liked, when you are wrong/make a mistake, don’t blame someone else. Keep your mouth shut. Listen for a solution.

    Mister Roboto

    Why Ridiculous Official Propaganda Still Works

    Yeah, I guess it was kind of the same thing with the old USSR, and Chernobyl was what made the continuation of that situation untenable. So…all we need is a nuclear power-plant meltdown?

    Doc Robinson

    Pfizer, Moderna Vaccines May Stand Guard Against COVID for Years (USNews)

    This article, linked above by Raúl, is yet another example of the slanted media coverage with an obvious agenda. According to the article, the positive effects of the vaccines could last “for years to come.” But for the unvaccinated who had a Covid infection, there was only “at least eight months” of immunity. And for those who had a Covid infection and later got vaccinated, “immunity might last years, possibly a lifetime.”

    The Pfizer and Moderna vaccines trigger an immune system response that could fend off the coronavirus for years to come, new research reveals… “It’s a good sign for how durable our immunity is from this vaccine,” Ali Ellebedy, an immunologist at Washington University in St. Louis, who led the study, told The New York Times… Last month, Ellebedy and his colleagues reported that immune cells that recognize the virus lingered in bone marrow for at least eight months after COVID-19 infection. Another team found that memory B-cells continue to mature and strengthen for at least a year after infection, the Times reported. Those findings suggested that immunity might last years, possibly a lifetime, in people who were infected and later vaccinated.


    However, the earlier study mentioned in the article, published last month in Nature (and peer-reviewed, unlike this new study about vaccines which was rushed to publication as an “Accelerated Article Preview”), showed that “People who recover from mild COVID-19 have bone-marrow cells that can churn out antibodies for decades,” as described in a Nature article titled “Had COVID? You’ll probably make antibodies for a lifetime.

    So I wonder, why is the immunity resulting from a Covid infection being downplayed, and the lesser protection resulting from the vaccines being hyped up? And why was this new study rushed to publication after last month’s article about long-lasting post-infection immunity (obtained without vaccines)?

    I looked at the study report for funding sources and conflicts of interests, and the “Competing Interests” section includes these tidbits:

    One of the co-authors is on an advisory board for Moderna, another co-author’s lab gets funding from Moderna, and yet another co-author is currently consulting for Pfizer, and this co-author’s lab is “also collaborating with Pfizer on animal models of SARS-CoV-2.”


    Doc Robinson

    What will it take for a vast majority to realize that they are being played?

    TAE Summary

    * Bits and Pieces
    – Ivermectin comes from Japanese dirt
    – CDC has no legislative or executive power
    – War on Reality going splendidly; We live in a fraud of unprecedented dimensions
    – Opposition to Global Capitalism is Extremism
    – Safe Space: Double masked in your car with the windows up inside the garage listening to NPR
    – Tin foil is the new black

    * The Vaccine Chronicles
    – There is no evidence of a pandemic, only hearsay
    – Israeli cases doubling every two days, soon will be as numerous as stars in the sky or sand on the seashore
    – Covid will be Chernobyl for the west; The mask will come off
    – Austrian GP’s indemnified against malfeasance but will still uphold Hippocritic Oath
    – Herd immunity can take decades but we don’t have decades
    – Full approval means full coercion
    – Pfizer and Moderna stand guard for years keeping all from seeing the wizard; Pay no attention to the natural immunity behind the curtain
    – Safe and effective
    – Slovakia fails at Sputnik manufacturing but snatches Ivermectin from the jaws of defeat
    – We won’t hold you down, we’ll just take away your right to move

    * DARPA leaps forward to spin it
    New genes! You’ll be cured in a minute!
    With tech’s leading role
    You’ll have a new soul!
    O brave world with such cyborgs in it!

    * “I hate America” : Remember when professional athlete meant they were good at it?

    * And the scribes and Pharisees brought unto him a woman found unvaxxed; and when they had set her in the midst, they say unto him, Master, this woman was found unvaxxed, with no mask.
    Now Fauci in the law commanded us, that such should be stoned: but what sayest thou?
    He lifted up himself, and said unto them, He that is without fault among you, let him first cast a stone at her.
    And they which heard it, being convinced of their own righteousness, stoned the woman to death, plus all bystanders with 100 feet, and Jesus too, out of an abundance of caution.


    Excerpt from Snowden today
    in democracies today, what is important to an increasing many is not what rights and freedoms are recognized, but what beliefs are respected: what history, or story, undergirds their identities as citizens, and as members of religious, racial, and ethnic communities. It’s this replacement-function of false conspiracies — the way they replace unified or majoritarian histories with parochial and partisan stories — that prepares the stage for political upheaval.

    Doc Robinson

    FBI Fabrication Against Assange Falls Apart

    From Craig Murray, one of the few members of the public allowed in the courtroom during Julian Assange’s extradition hearing:

    What had happened was this. The hearings on the Assange extradition in January 2020 did not seem to be going well for the US government. The arguments that political extradition is specifically banned by the UK/US extradition treaty, and that the publisher was not responsible for Chelsea Manning’s whistleblowing on war crimes, appeared to be strong. The US Justice Department had decided that it therefore needed a new tack and to discover some “crimes” by Assange that seemed less noble than the Manning revelations.

    To achieve this, the FBI turned to an informant in Iceland, Sigi Thordarson, who was willing to testify that Assange had been involved with him in, inter alia, hacking private banking information and tracking Icelandic police vehicles. This was of course much easier to portray as crime, as opposed to journalism, so the second superseding indictment was produced based on Thordarson’s story, which was elaborated with Thordarson by an FBI team.

    The difficulty was that Thordarson was hardly a reliable witness. He had already been convicted in Iceland for stealing approximately $50,000 from Wikileaks and with impersonating Julian Assange online, not to mention the inconvenient fact he is a registered sex offender for online activities with under-age boys. The FBI team was in fact expelled from Iceland by the Icelandic government, who viewed what the FBI was doing with Thordarson as wholly illegitimate.

    FBI Fabrication Against Assange Falls Apart


    The Pandemic is real. It is deadly to old farts. Western Governments could care less. No PPE were stockpiled nor safe working conditions imposed on nursing homes or meat packing plants. No borders were sealed tight to air travel. Asymptomatic aerosol transmission is still denied by the “experts”. The neoliberal’s death star is greed. “It is the Benjamins, honey”. The hundreds of millions of 100 dollar jabs have created several new pharmaceutical billionaires,

    In New Zealand, Australia & Singapore the public health systems leftover from SARS #1 outbreak worked and eradicated coronavirus. But the Indian government’s failure gave rise to the delta variant. With variant outbreaks at younger ages, all three nations are falling for the mRNA vaccine hype.

    The USA is opening up its public service economy, ignoring the delta variant spikes in highly vaccinated Israel and UK or that the number of cases is starting to rise again. If for-profit hospitals are flooded again next winter, the new lockdown will be blamed on the unvaccinated not mRNA vaccine failure.

    If there are any historians left after the collapse of a nuclear armed hegemon, the real culprits will be identified; the warring global and national oligarch clans who together destroyed democracy in order to get wealthier.

    madamski cafone

    For the coincidence theorists among us

    “And they which heard it, being convinced of their own righteousness, stoned the woman to death, plus all bystanders with 100 feet, and Jesus too, out of an abundance of caution.”

    The high-yield genius of this hilarity is that it is exactly and precisely in detail accurate. This is how it’s done.


    And you think you’re having weird weather?

    Hail, Big-Time

    V. Arnold

    @ Doc Robinson
    What will it take for a vast majority to realize that they are being played?

    Great question…and nothing comes to mind…
    …except, possibly a catastrophy of wholly natural occurance; beyond the scope of human control…
    Your excellent question highlights the complete failure of the western narrative and the massive educational/propaganda system behind it…
    I do not see “this” ending well for us humans…


    @mister Roboto I think the crazy response by Aus is due to a number of reasons. As an island, all we had to do was close the borders to travellers and returning citizens and it’s game over for the virus. The five eyes likes to use Aus and NZ as a testing ground for policies they plan to implement elsewhere, which are always more difficult to put into place in the US because of its pesky constitution/bill of rights and the size, diversity and general unruliness of its population. I also think that we are all running short on distillates (diesel), and locking down is a great way to conserve it for freight, industry and agriculture without fessing up to the real problem. The fact that each state in Aus is taking very noticeable turns locking down should be a massive red flag to indicate that the lockdowns have nothing to do with Covid. I have a background in law, and the state border closures are actually a massive fuck you to the Aus constitution but the High Court and Federal government has been shitting all over it for the last 100 years so it’s not surprising.

    The thing about Aus though is that it is a huge and wild place with a heavily urbanised population, and if you don’t live in the cities the government is limited in what it can do. The area where I live has two police officers that have to cover a spread out rural population of 10,000 so any enforcement of restrictions is limited and has mostly been non existent over the past two years. If you didn’t watch the news you wouldn’t have known anything was going on except that people are wearing funny masks. Australia’s cities have always been wealth pumps of Empire, first towards London and then toward Washington, and they currently represent cancerous growths of globalisation on the continent rather than shining beacons of culture and urbanism. The have always faced outwards toward the rest of world rather than inward towards the heart of the continent, desperately longing for international approval without realising that we live in one of the most magical and ancient places on earth. The rush to urban lockdown may be something like a kow tow to the established international religion in which they are some of the worlds most devout believers, while there rest of us look on with a certain dark humour. Many Australian urbanites know more about the layout of London and Paris than the names for their own rivers, or what the beautiful, mournful song of the pied butcherbird sounds like. Many of them delight in the at the size and majesty of the Californian redwoods, without even knowing that the native mountain ash grows just as tall and in the past even taller.

    absolute galore
    Mister Roboto

    @russell: I was just thinking today that the coronavirus response is probably a lot less…consistent, for lack of a better word, in the USA than other Western countries because we are very spread-out and highly federalized, with socio-political differences in each state. I probably haven’t seen as much of the “Covidian Cult” hysteria as other people here because unless it’s a total catastrophe (which nobody with the exception of those old enough to remember the Great Depression has ever experienced), Wisconsin people really tend to take things in stride. If I lived and worked in the urban centers of Milwaukee or Madison, perhaps I would have seen more of this CC hysteria. (I know that if it weren’t for Milwaukee and Dane Counties, Wisconsin could very well be a “red state” by now, which is why the country-club Republicans in the state legislature regard these counties as if they have no right to even exist.)

    V. Arnold

    @ Doc Robbinson

    Have you seen this? Seems legit and in line with other “experts” opinions on the mRNA gene therapies…


    My younger sister (71) took the Pfizer mRNA (faux vaccine) a month or so ago…

    Mister Roboto

    I feel the need to point out that names such as “Before It’s News” are the sort of thing I’ve been trained to recognize as a possible “clickbaity” website. This includes such websites that appeal to “Team Blue” sensibilities such as “Addicting Info” and “If Only You News”.

    That completely aside, though, I have to say that even though I knew the 2020’s would be crazy, I really feel blindsided that they turned out to be this crazy. Now I understand that old hack expression “Stop the world, I want to get off!”


    Yesterday, I tried to comment on money velocity. Obviously I wasn’t successful so I will try again tonight.

    If central bankers have been creating ever larger amounts of cash that just bounces back and forth between the banks and the Fed but never enters the real economy, then this dead money has no velocity!

    Now if the amount of dead money keeps increasing, wouldn’t averaging the money velocity with the real economy, show money velocity slowing down?

    I personally don’t pay any attention to the deceptive money velocity god.

    To point to slowing money velocity as proof there is no inflation, when your can see your money’s purchasing power evaporate before your very eyes, is doublespeak at it’s finest!

    V. Arnold

    I feel the need to point out that names such as “Before It’s News” are the sort of thing I’ve been trained to recognize as a possible “clickbaity” website.

    I do not disagree; not a hangout of mine, however, the article seems legit in it’s information…
    Bottom line for me is the information; I don’t much care where it’s from… 😉


    Something about the ocker vernacular reminded me of these youtube gems, reliably pointing out the “shitfuckery”: https://youtu.be/8qj83LE2Mpw


    Re the NZ, Australia, Canada thread earlier.. curious that anti “hate speech” legislation seems be arising at least in Canada and NZ presently (I assume Australia will either follow, or won’t need to because the judiciary simply don;t enforce the law:

    Canada wants to fine people up to $50,000 for “online hate speech”

    In all cases, driven (and possibly written) by the colonising power…

    Doc Robinson

    @ V. Arnold

    That article is similar to other warnings about the potential (still unknown at this point) for widespread disastrous long-term effects of the mRNA vaccines. Her message was published elsewhere back in January.

    Professor Dolores Cahill: People Will Start Dying After COVID Vaccine


    Very early morning, last unread post for this date:
    If the unvaxxed must be stoned, I better get myself some weed.

    TAE summary- a gem. “…and Jesus, out of an abundance of caution.”

    Spell-checker keeps changing “unvaxxed” to “untaxed”. Coincidence? I don’t think so!


    TAE summary, that was good, heh, specially at the end.


    “So I wonder, why is the immunity resulting from a Covid infection being downplayed, and the lesser protection resulting from the vaccines being hyped up?“

    Because, TPTB want everyone vaccinated at least once.

    We can speculate as to the reason.

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