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The Texas Miracle (Steve Kirsch)
CDC: No Record of Naturally Immune Transmitting COVID-19 (ET)
Houston Doctor Suspended For ‘Spreading Dangerous Misinformation’ (ABC13)
Dr. Scott Atlas Unloads On Fauci, Birx, Redfield In Forthcoming Memoir (Fox)
Fauci and Birx Stuck To ‘Irrational’ Lockdown Policies – Atlas (DM)
Deaths In Children, Young People In UK With Covid Infection In 1st Year (RS)
CDC Shifts Pandemic Goals Away From Reaching Herd Immunity (LAT)
As America Falls Apart, Profits Soar (Taibbi)
Bezos Predicts Only Limited Number Of People Will Get To Remain On Earth (RT)
God Develops Ultra-Realistic Metaverse, Calls It ‘Universe’ (BBee)










“..unvaccinated people were 40 times more likely to experience COVID-19-associated death than fully vaccinated people.”

The Texas Miracle (Steve Kirsch)

Someone texted this article to me and asked me what I thought. My immediate reaction is that if you are vaccinated, you’d want to move to Texas. And if you are unvaccinated, I suggest you move to another state where you will be safer! OK, just kidding. The study says this: “From January 15, 2021 to October 1, 2021, unvaccinated people were 40 times more likely to experience COVID-19-associated death than fully vaccinated people.” Wow. A 40X death benefit. That’s impressive. I read the Pfizer Phase 3 6 month study and it showed just a 2X death benefit. But the numbers were small there. The study also says this: “According to the state’s study, between Jan. 15 and Oct. 1, “unvaccinated people were 45 times more likely to have an infection with COVID-19 than fully vaccinated people.”

OK, if the Texas study is right, then how do we explain the Harvard study Figure 1? The line should slope the other way since cases would be way down the more fully vaccinated you are. And how do we explain the UCSF study which showed the same viral loads for vaccinated and unvaccinated which means the vaccine didn’t work at all? Here’s what one of my team members wrote (I think she missed seeing the full report): “If you can get the data, I can try to make a proper interpretation. This one they present, is clearly garbage.” Another wrote: “My best friend in Dallas is a firefighter and EMT who drives ambulances. He told me before I flew to San Juan that almost everyone they drove was vaccinated.” Whoops! That anecdote has to be pretty embarrassing for their study! Reality seems to match the Harvard study.

Generally, the techniques they use to game these studies are: • Definitions of “vaccinated” restricted • Most cases during period of legacy variants • No accounting for naturally immune • No accounting for early treatment • Since unvaxxed are tested in the hospital with all kinds of fatal conditions and the vaxxed are not, many dying of other conditions are swept into the unvaxxed C19 group without clinical C19. All designed to frighten Texas into vaccinating.

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There’s that definition of “Naturally Immune” again.

CDC: No Record of Naturally Immune Transmitting COVID-19 (ET)

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) says it has no record of people who are naturally immune transmitting the virus that causes COVID-19. The federal health agency was asked during the fall by a lawyer on behalf of the Informed Consent Action Network for documents “reflecting any documented case of an individual who: (1) never received a COVID-19 vaccine; (2) was infected with COVID-19 once, recovered, and then later became infected again; and (3) transmitted SARS-CoV-2 to another person when reinfected.” Persons who recover from COVID-19 are also known as naturally immune. In a response dated Nov. 5 and made public this week, the CDC said it does not have any documents pertaining to the request.

The CDC confirmed to The Epoch Times that its Emergency Operations Center did not find any records responsive to the request. The agency declined to say whether any documentation had been found between Nov. 5 and Nov. 12, directing The Epoch Times to file a Freedom of Information Act Request for that information, which it did. “You would assume that if the CDC was going to crush the civil and individual rights of those with natural immunity by having them expelled from school, fired from their jobs, separated from the military, and worse, the CDC would have proof of at least one instance of an unvaccinated, naturally immune individual transmitting the COVID-19 virus to another individual. If you thought this, you would be wrong,” Aaron Siri, a lawyer who sought the records on behalf of the network, said in a blog post.

The CDC’s disclosure drew responses from several medical experts, including Johns Hopkins Dr. Marty Makary, who said it underlined how little data the agency has released concerning the recovered. Makary called on the CDC to make public data on any re-infections that have resulted in hospitalization or death, with information on the patient’s comorbidities or lack thereof. “CDC should be transparent with data on natural immunity. Instead we get glimpses from FOIA requests like this one,” he wrote on Twitter.

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“She recently tweeted that she was focusing on treating the unvaccinated..”

Houston Doctor Suspended For ‘Spreading Dangerous Misinformation’ (ABC13)

Houston Methodist has suspended privileges for a Houston doctor after officials claim she was ‘spreading dangerous misinformation’ about the COVID-19 vaccine and treatments. Dr. Mary Bowden, an ear, nose and throat specialist with a popular private practice on Kirby Drive, has been outspoken about vaccine mandates and treatments. She recently tweeted that she was focusing on treating the unvaccinated. Friday night, a spokesperson with Houston Methodist said her privileges had been suspended pending an investigation. In response, Dr. Bowden defends her tweets, and said she has the utmost respect for Houston Methodist and her colleagues. Her suspension came just days after the U.S. Surgeon General released a guide to stop misinformation, which he called an urgent threat to public health.

Houston Methodist officials posted a statement on Twitter about Bowden’s suspension. “Dr. Bowden is using her social media accounts to express her personal and political opinions about the COVID-19 vaccine and treatments. These opinions, which are harmful to the community, do not reflect reliable medical evidence or the values of Houston Methodist, where we have treated more than 25,000 COVID-19 inpatients, and where all our employees and physicians are vaccinated to protect our patients.” The hospital added she is “spreading dangerous misinformation which is not based in science.” Houston Methodist said Bowden recently joined the medical staff and, as of Friday, had never admitted a patient. She also told the hospital she is vaccinated, as is required.

Her attorney, Steven Mitby, released a statement Friday night. “Dr. Mary Bowden is a Stanford-trained physician who owns a successful medical practice in Houston and has provided top quality care to thousands of Houstonians. Dr. Bowden has treated more than 2,000 patients with COVID-19, many with co-morbidities, and has yet to have one of her patients end up in the hospital. Her early treatment methods work and are saving lives. If America had more doctors like Dr. Bowden, COVID outcomes would be much better. Dr. Bowden is not anti-vaccine. Like most Americans, Dr. Bowden believes that people should have a choice and believes that all people, regardless of vaccine status, should have access to the same high quality health care without discrimination. Dr. Bowden has the utmost respect for Houston Methodist and is proud of the work she has done along with her colleagues at Houston Methodist.”

“The press is hunting physicians in coordination with Big Pharma.”

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The first expert annihilated by Fauci and Pfizer et al.

Dr. Scott Atlas Unloads On Fauci, Birx, Redfield In Forthcoming Memoir (Fox)

Former White House Coronavirus Response team member Dr. Scott Atlas blasted Dr. Anthony Fauci, Dr. Deborah Birx and former CDC Director Robert Redfield in a new book saying that he was “disgusted” by their dismissal of scientific data he presented to them during the Trump administration. In the book, “A Plague Upon Our House” which Fox News Digital obtained an advance copy of, Atlas says he presented data and studies showing that schools should be reopened and that children are not significant spreaders of the coronavirus but was virtually ignored by Fauci and others on the team. “As I finished, there was silence,” Atlas wrote. “No one offered any contrary data. No one spoke of scientific studies. No one even mentioned the discredited Korea study. Zero comments from Dr. Birx. Nothing from Dr. Fauci.

And as always, not a single mention by Birx or Fauci about the serious harms of school closures. In my mind, this was bizarre. Why was I the only one in the room with detailed knowledge of the literature? Why was I the only one considering the data on such an important topic with a critical eye? Were the others simply accepting bottom lines and conclusions, without any analytical evaluation? Weren’t they supposed to be expert medical scientists, too? I waited.” Atlas said that Birx told him his opinion was “out of the mainstream” and said he was part of a “fringe” group of people who believed schools should be opened. “Meanwhile she insisted that all experts agreed with her,” Atlas wrote.

“I shook my head, thinking of some of the world-class epidemiologists who agreed with me—John Ioannidis and Jay Bhattacharya of Stanford, Martin Kulldorff of Harvard, Carl Heneghan and Sunetra Gupta of Oxford—and wondered if she or Fauci had ever read a single publication by them.” Atlas wrote that he “explained with numbers” that children did not have a significant risk of illness or death from the virus and cited statistics from New York City, California, and elsewhere documenting that while also noting data from Sweden showing zero deaths despite schools not closing and also not imposing mask mandates. “The icing on the cake was the evidence that almost all coronavirus transmission to children comes from adults, not the other way around,” Atlas wrote.

“That was not a predicate for opening schools, given the massive harms to kids if they were closed. But that evidence was already shown by contact tracing and other studies in Iceland, Canada, France, the Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Ireland, Japan, Switzerland, and elsewhere. Opened schools and childcare centers did not show significant dangers to children, adults, or teachers…”They found zero instances of a child passing the infection to an adult.” Atlas says Redfield responded to the data by saying “the jury is still out.” “I was disgusted at Redfield’s apparent lack of knowledge, shocked at his ignoring the scientific studies that had been published from around the world,” Atlas wrote. “I looked around the room, wondering if anyone else understood the glaring incompetence on display. Clearly, Pence needed more input.”

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“..she refused to attend meetings where he would be present..”

Fauci and Birx Stuck To ‘Irrational’ Lockdown Policies – Atlas (DM)

‘By the time I arrived, lockdowns had already been implemented throughout the country for months—including strict business restrictions and school closures as well as quarantines of healthy, asymptomatic people,’ he writes. ‘Those lockdowns were continually pushed, successfully, by Drs. Fauci and Birx to nearly all governors and throughout the media. ‘Those policies – the Birx-Fauci lockdowns – were widely implemented, and they were destroying America’s children and families. ‘Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands of deaths kept piling up, including tens of thousands of elderly Americans – their policies were in place and were failing.’ Throughout, he portrays his role as critical thinker, asking awkward questions of the conventional wisdom while his opponents sought to block the president’s wishes.

Why, he asks, were scientists developing and promoting White House policy when their role should have been to offer advice and expertise to the nation’s elected leaders. Instead, Atlas says he pushed for reopening coupled with shielding of those at risk. Testing and isolating healthy people, he said, was a waste of time and resources, and compounded a culture of fear. Leaks quickly suggested he was pushing for a policy of ‘herd immunity,’ essentially by letting the virus spread until the level of natural immunity meant the coronavirus had nowhere left to go. He denies that is what he was proposing, instead describing how he once described the principle of ‘herd immunity’ in a meeting. ‘Not once did I advocate allowing infections to spread – not in that meeting nor in any other meeting, and never to the president,’ he says.

Throughout, he expresses frustration that the White House coronavirus task force was dominated by the views of Fauci and Birx – even as they advocated policies that contradicted Trump’s stated desire to reopen schools and businesses. Trump’s inner circle, he writes, seemed reluctant to rock the boat and reduce the power of two advisers that were popular with the public ahead of the election. ‘They had let Birx and Fauci tell governors to prolong the lockdowns and school closures and continue the severe restrictions on businesses – strategies that failed to stop the elderly from dying, failed to stop the cases, and destroyed families and sacrificed children,’ he writes. ‘The closest advisers to the president, including the VP, seemed more concerned with politics, even though the task force was putting out the wrong advice, contrary to the president’s desire to reopen schools and businesses.’

The result, he says, was dangerous and confusing mixed messaging from the White House. Atlas resigned in November, shortly before his term was due to end. Since then Fauci has been a target of Republicans, who accuse him of flip-flopping in his recommendations and of misleading the public over ‘gain-of-function’ research that they say may have triggered the pandemic. Both have been unstinting in their criticism of Atlas. In recent closed-door testimony to the House Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Crisis, Birx accused Atlas of using incomplete information to draw dangerous conclusions.

‘I was constantly raising the alert in the doctors’ meetings of the depth of my concern about Dr. Atlas’ position, Dr. Atlas’ access, Dr. Atlas’ theories and hypothesis, and the depths and breadths of my concern,’ she said. She also confirmed that she refused to attend meetings where he would be present. ‘I felt like by my presence and my discussions with him, by even legitimizing my responses to him, that I was giving his theories credibility,’ she said.

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“..a mortality rate of 2/million..” What’s the myocarditis rate?

Deaths In Children, Young People In UK With Covid Infection In 1st Year (RS)

Background Deaths in children and young people (CYP) following SARS-CoV-2 infection are rare. Quantifying the risk of mortality is challenging because of high relative prevalence of asymptomatic and non-specific disease manifestations. Therefore, it is important to differentiate between CYP who have died of SARS-CoV-2 and those who have died of an alternative disease process but coincidentally tested positive.

Methods During the pandemic, the mandatory National Child Mortality Database (NCMD) was linked to Public Health England (PHE) testing data to identify CYP (<18 years) who died with a positive SARS-CoV-2 test. A clinical review of all deaths from March 2020 to February 2021 was undertaken to differentiate between those who died of SARS-CoV-2 infection and those who died of an alternative cause but coincidentally tested positive. Then, using linkage to national hospital admission data, demographic and comorbidity details of CYP who died of SARS-CoV-2 were compared to all other deaths. Absolute risk of death was estimated where denominator data were available.

Findings 3105 CYP died from all causes during the first pandemic year in England. 61 of these deaths occurred in CYP who tested positive for SARS-CoV-2. 25 CYP died of SARS-CoV-2 infection; 22 from acute infection and three from PIMS-TS. 99·995% of CYP with a positive SARS-CoV-2 test survived. The 25 CYP who died of SARS-CoV-2 equates to a mortality rate of 2/million for the 12,023,568 CYP living in England. CYP >10 years, of Asian and Black ethnic backgrounds, and with comorbidities were over-represented compared to other children.

Interpretation SARS-CoV-2 is very rarely fatal in CYP, even among those with underlying comorbidities. These findings are important to guide families, clinicians and policy makers about future shielding and vaccination.

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Goal posts are made to be shifted.

CDC Shifts Pandemic Goals Away From Reaching Herd Immunity (LAT)

Since the earliest days of the pandemic, there has been one collective goal for bringing it to an end: achieving herd immunity. That’s when so many people are immune to a virus that it runs out of potential hosts to infect, causing an outbreak to sputter out. Many Americans embraced the novel farmyard phrase, and with it, the projection that once 70% to 80% or 85% of the population was vaccinated against COVID-19, the virus would go away and the pandemic would be over. Now the herd is restless. And experts at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have set aside herd immunity as a national goal. The prospects for meeting a clear herd-immunity target are “very complicated,” said Dr. Jefferson Jones, a medical officer on the CDC’s COVID-19 Epidemiology Task Force.

“Thinking that we’ll be able to achieve some kind of threshold where there’ll be no more transmission of infections may not be possible,” Jones acknowledged last week to members of a panel that advises the CDC on vaccines. Vaccines have been quite effective at preventing cases of COVID-19 that lead to severe illness and death, but none has proved reliable at blocking transmission of the virus, Jones noted. Recent evidence has also made clear that the immunity provided by vaccines can wane in a matter of months. The result is that even if vaccination were universal, the coronavirus would probably continue to spread. “We would discourage” thinking in terms of “a strict goal,” he said. To Dr. Oliver Brooks, a member of the CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices, it was a sobering new message, with potentially worrisome effects.

With just 58.5% of all Americans fully vaccinated, “we do need to increase” the uptake of COVID-19 shots, said Brooks, chief medical officer of Watts Healthcare in Los Angeles. Unfortunately, he said, Jones’ unexpected admission “almost makes you less motivated to get more people vaccinated.” Brooks said he worries that as the CDC backs off a specific target for herd immunity, it will take the air out of efforts to run up vaccination levels. And if public health officials stop talking about the “herd,” people may lose sight of the fact that vaccination is not just an act of personal protection but a way to protect the community. A public tack away from the promise of herd immunity may also further undermine the CDC’s credibility when it comes to fighting the coronavirus.

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“BREAKING REPORT: Judge in Rittenhouse Trial receiving MULTIPLE THREATS ahead of closing arguments..”

A fair trial? Not possible. Media. Found it remarkable that hardly anyone knows the people he shot, after they attacked him, were not black.

As America Falls Apart, Profits Soar (Taibbi)

The Mayhem Watch is on. Closing arguments in the trial of “Kenosha Shooter” Kyle Rittenhouse are expected Monday, and after weeks of hype, the country is primed to explode again. Wisconsin governor Tony Evers announced 500 National Guard troops will be on hand for potential post-verdict “unrest,” which seems almost guaranteed, no matter the result.

As with all major news stories lately, the Rittenhouse case saw idiosyncrasies wash away as coverage accumulated, with pundits pounding the trial into yet another generalized referendum on American culture war. Prestige media made Rittenhouse a stand-in for the Proud Boys, January 6th, school board protests, anti-mask protests, QAnon, Blue Lives Matter, Trump, “Domestic Terrorism,” fascism, school shooters, and every other naughty thing, with everyone from then-candidate Joe Biden to The Intercept blithely declaring him a white supremacist. The efforts to cast Rittenhouse as a symbol of racism and white rage have been awesome in quantity and transparently, intentionally provoking, with even leading papers like the New York Times standardizing a practice of underscoring Rittenhouse’s race (“white teenager”) while leaving the identities of those shot out of coverage. Glenn Greenwald pointed out that his old outlet, The Intercept, noted Rittenhouse’s race 20 times in one piece while keeping schtum about the color of those shot. This has gone on for so long, we’ve seen a foreign newspaper misreport that the two people killed in the case were black. In the public consciousness, they might as well have been.

Because Rittenhouse from the day of the shooting was made a symbol of Fox-watching, Trump-loving conservatives, he was also quickly adopted in red media as a hero, which “he surely wasn’t,” as Andrew Sullivan put it. This turbo-charged the freakout even more, as Rittenhouse’s defenders turned his case into a referendum on everything from media coverage of last summer’s protests of Black Lives Matter to the performance (or non-performance, as it were) of police during the George Floyd/Jacob Blake demonstrations, to a dozen other things that made public passions rise in the last year.

Rittenhouse in other words became a symbol of so many things to so many people that the specifics of his legal case have ceased to be relevant. There seems to be no such thing as an editorialist who has negative feelings about, say, Rittenhouse posing with Proud Boys, yet also believes that incident can’t be evidence since it happened after the shooting. Everyone picks a side and stays there. Pundits are telling us that any opinion on how the jury should rule can only be understood as a reflection of racial attitudes. “If you’re defending Kyle Rittenhouse, you might be a white supremacist. Just sayin,” is how Tweeter-with-beard and sometimes-journalist David Leavitt puts it.

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Not the Onion. Can’t decide who’s crazier, he or Zuckerberg.

Bezos Predicts Only Limited Number Of People Will Get To Remain On Earth (RT)

Humanity will move most industry into space and allow only a select few to remain on our planet, which will be turned into a natural resort, according to self-funded space explorer Jeff Bezos. The Amazon billionaire enthusiastically shared his predictions for what human civilization will look like in the future – with him personally helping to bring that future closer – during a talk at the annual Ignatius Forum in Washington, DC. He expects vast cylindrical space colonies spinning to create artificial gravity for millions of residents to take over most industrial production. Meanwhile, Earth will be turned into a natural reserve with restricted access similar to US national parks today.

“This place is special, we can’t ruin it,” the founder of Amazon said of our planet. “Millions of people will move from Earth to space over time. And that’s the vision of Blue Origin – millions of people working in space,” he said, referring to his own firm. “Over centuries, most or many of the people will be born in space. It will be their first home. They will be born on these colonies, they will live on these colonies. They may visit Earth the way you would visit Yellowstone National Park,” Bezos predicted. He said that the colonies themselves “will have rivers and forests and wildlife,” which arguably brought his speech out of the realm of futurology and towards optimistic science fiction.

Amazon is infamously resourceful when it comes to squeezing its workers for every drop of productivity. That’s why the similarly rosy description of ‘Amazon factory towns’ solving economic inequality in the US was met with horror, when it was proposed by a Bloomberg columnist in September. Bezos referred to Princeton physicist Gerard O’Neill, who proposed the concept of space habitats in 1976, as the source of inspiration for him. He said the sort of expansion he predicted was inevitable, if humanity is to grow in a sustainable way. “This Earth can support, let’s say, 10 billion people to a certain degree. We’d have to work really hard to figure out how to do that without degrading the planet… The solar system can support a trillion people,” he said.

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We know where to send Bezos.

God Develops Ultra-Realistic Metaverse, Calls It ‘Universe’ (BBee)

In a bold announcement to all of His children, God unveiled the creation of an ultra-realistic metaverse where people can talk, learn, and work with other people, stating this unique new metaverse will be called “Universe.” “This is more realistic than any virtual reality I’ve experienced before,” said reality enthusiast Miles Kann while walking through one of the Universe’s city parks in real-time. “I can literally smell the fresh air, touch the cool grass, and interact with other players in incredible ways.” Another early adopter of God’s Universe demonstrated how detailed and immersive the player-to-player interaction was as she showed off her humble home, complete with husband, children, and dog.

She thanked God for providing her with a sense of purpose and fulfillment unmatched by any competing product. Critics were quick to point out possible bugs in the Universe, listing wars, injustices, violence, and disease, and suggested God either label it “Early Access” or reboot altogether. These criticisms, however, were countered by God’s supporters who were well-versed in the instruction manual, stating a truly realistic Universe must come with the full experience of joy and pain, choice and accountability, life and death, but that the end game was worth it. According to witnesses, Meta’s Mark Zuckerberg screamed in terror at the frightening, immutable reality of God’s Universe.

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    Dr. D

    Top moments of Brian Williams: Winning at Thermopylae.

    This was a year ago: you can run that story every day this century.

    Someone pointed out “Facebook Kremlinology.” That is to say, let’s all track what is banned, and figure out what the insider agenda is. Easy-peasy. I’m starting today.

    Of course it changes nearly every hour, but that’s the fun.

    I realize the US Army gives AR-15s to 17 year olds in certain circumstances. In Wisconsin they start hunting at 12.

    The Kenosha trial was presented by the State at great expense and made public for the civic purpose of informing citizens what facts were established by authoritative investigation and what transpired in this tragic event.

    I wonder why we pay for this if no one can be arsed to view the evidence and follow the transcripts.

    It would be so much cheaper to be tried by the mob on Twitter. No rules of order or presentation of evidence required. The mob can then draw arms and shoot them on camera. And we can cheer.

    You’re Next.

    A convicted child molester will show up at your house with an illegal handgun and point it at your kids. Perhaps your 17 year old son. And you’ll say “That’s okay, Mommy won’t defend you because that wouldn’t be nice. I am going to die passively and honorably and so let the pedophile have his way with you children when I’m gone. Good luck! God bless us, every one!” Bang.

    I contend a mother might NOT let that happen, should an adult point a gun at a child in public. On the streets of a U.S. city. They might allow even the child to defend himself. Even if she was 9 and used sarin gas and a cluster bomb, but certainly if he were 17 and holding a legally-given rifle. Self-defense allows you to use all reasonable means at your disposal to prevent a child from being shot by an adult. In public. While fleeing. In the streets of Wisconsin. By an active aggressor with no legitimate cause.

    At least I THINK we’re not at the point where we approve of adults, convicts, and pedophiles attacking and shooting children in the streets, are we? I know I’m not.

    Suit yourself I guess, but don’t expect your kids to thank you.

    “Prestige media made Rittenhouse a stand-in for the Proud Boys, January 6th, school board protests, anti-mask protests, QAnon, Blue Lives Matter, Trump, “Domestic Terrorism,” fascism, school shooters, and every other naughty thing, with everyone from then-candidate Joe Biden to The Intercept blithely declaring him a white supremacist. The efforts to cast Rittenhouse as a symbol of racism and white rage have been awesome in quantity and transparently, intentionally provoking, with even leading papers like the New York Times standardizing a practice of underscoring Rittenhouse’s race (“white teenager”) while leaving the identities of those shot out of coverage.

    Rittenhouse in other words became a symbol of so many things to so many people that the specifics of his legal case have ceased to be relevant.” –Taibbi

    And why? I don’t care. Slightly above average cases of assault and self-defense happen daily. But to America, the Truth is always irrelevant. The only and One True Enemy.

    “Remember last year’s long summer of riots, that period that saw the whole world arguing over the definition of “mostly peaceful,” and saw Rittenhouse go charging into the streets of Kenosha? During that long stretch of unrest, corporate America, which had been headed for a depression in March of 2020, was soaring above the fray on an apparently endless, and endlessly escalating, ride to record profits. Take a look at this graph from the St. Louis Federal Reserve, and focus on the Jeff-Bezos-rocket-like ascent beginning in the second quarter of 2020:


    71% increase in profits.”

    Taken from Sus and Phoenix and I.

    “America is a sinking ship, and its CEO class is trying to salvage the wreck in advance, extracting every last dime before Battlefield Earth breaks out” — Taibbi

    Actually, no. They are scuttling the ship intentionally, as long planned and long published, and salvaging it in advance, while pre-planning and pre-staging, creating an intentional Battlefield Earth, ie. world war, by every money, every means, every lie necessary. And it hasn’t been going very well. The wars are not going off, we are not fighting each other. Or not in the streets anyway.

    In Covid news: “Traffic Deaths Are Surging Despite Less Miles Being Traveled”

    Somehow, lo! A Miracle! Everyone suddenly got super clumsy, super stupid, and ate super cheeseburgers with a heart attack after, hmmm, errr, June 15, 2020. Including children and soccer and sports stars. But there’s no relationship to anything, nope. How can there be when we won’t look?

    Explain? Anyone? Surely there is some kind of fabulous new lie to help me understand this wild alteration in the laws of medicine and physics.

    “Australia Says It’s “Inconceivable” Not to Join US in Defending Taiwan”

    Oddly, and as far was we can tell, the U.S. is scrapping NATO. And therefore abandoning Europe. They are re-positioning smaller to a mere AUKUS that has us more appropriately half in the Pacific. I would think that means we want the Chinese war to happen on Oz territory, which the Chinese have said they will happily nuke. And defend Taiwan to the last Australian. Yay.

    What does that mean we believe is happening, will happen, in Europe? We’ve screwed them white with the fake, impossible LNG gas supply. The only possible source is Russia, who we couldn’t conquer and destroy. Or even possibly 3rd rate Syria, who we ALSO couldn’t conquer and destroy. Does that mean Europe will Russia-align? Or just collapse into constant turmoil of micro-enclaves?

    CNN, morer stupiderer than ever: “Inflation, explained: Why prices keep going up and who’s to blame”

    What is inflation? A: A good thing! It’s also YOUR fault, you powerless peasant! Now sit right there in your hole while I get a Latte in Brooklyn.

    So much dumb there, it’s not worth following, but also lies that it’s from Biden’s stimulus, which it wasn’t as Trump did the same with no effect, and that they care oh-so-very-much top priority to stop shipping bottlenecks, so long as the Transportation Secretary can stay on vacation at home for so many months shipping has re-opened without him in FL and TX.

    CNN love-fest with Chris Christy, meaning he’s not a Republican. Or is — so much the worse. This follows the love-fest of all things Cheney, and all things Bush. You know: the GOOD guys, according to CNN’s billionaire owners.

    Kamala Harris is a hit in Paris” – CNN

    Good. Keep her. And Christy too if you want.

    Britain’s army chief: Risk of accidental war with Russia is greater than during Cold War”

    …And we are doing everything we can to keep it that way. There is no lie we won’t tell, no provocation we won’t make. We’ll even tamper with U.S. elections and blame it on YOU! You Soviet commie scum we haven’t noticed haven’t been the USSR in thirty years. I only see the inside of my ego! Hahahaha! Take that!

    Bitcoin articles on CNN. We are reaching the end: they are staging to drive the herd into BTC and cash out. They are paid to do this. It’s not an accident.

    Meanwhile MSNBC: “Trump Bombshell! Walls are Closing in!” Yes, really. Why would I kid you? They beclown themselves daily, and also for things disproven decades ago (like thinking the USSR still exists). They are also creaming themselves over Bannon. Odd: a wide array of people were served and all of them refused. Several congressmen for instance. Yet the law only applies to Bannon. Huh. It’s almost like “The law is whatever I want it to be minute-by-minute depending on where my ADHD goes.”

    …And that’s true American law. By the Billionaires, FOR the billionaires. If you’re for the People and against the Billionaires, then logically you are a rebel to said American Law, and a traitor to the Government we fully paid for. It’s under this condition that the FBI arresting the PTA is both logical and inevitable.

    I Bought a Politician today…

    Then everybody else, just in case.

    “Ranking the US States with the Lowest Average IQ Scores” –Sponsored

    D.C. is not a state. A smart person would know that.

    This place is special, we can’t ruin it,” the founder of Amazon said of our planet.”

    He said while being the largest unnecessary polluter on the planet. Adding that he now intends to package things FOUR times in each box, not three, and divide your order into TWELVE shipments, not two.

    And he’s describing the Amazon series: “The Expanse.” Maybe he should read science sometime. Everything in space is trying to kill you. Survival there is slim, and amenities — anything akin to being “human” somewhere between “unlikely” and “impossible.” But if you want worker-based penal colonies where human life has negative value – and I know he does – then this is a great way to create it.

    But #AntiHuman, #AntiLife. That’s our weirdo religion: #AntiLogos. “If it kills, I wants it!” That’s perfect, true, Love.

    …Love of SELF, naturally. Ego.


    “Can’t decide who’s crazier, he or Zuckerberg.”

    I say Bezos by a moonshot. Zuck strikes me as a straightahead psychopath who is socially well enough adjusted to have launched Facebook. Bezos acts like a full-blown narcissistic sociopath saddled by the uber-wealthy’s main addiction of having ever more money as well as a megalomaniac so psychotic he may actually believe the scientifically insane bullshit he spouts. (Warren Buffet is another example of classic wealthy hoarding psychotic but otherwise bland as toast… that we know of.)


    “Yes and yes and yes”

    🙂 Life is an improvisation upon grounded themes. Robin Williams said of improvisational comedy/drama (paraphrase alert): “The operant term in improv is yes.”


    “Safe and Effective”

    Never forget the lying liars, and their lies. From March 2021 –×360/FIOCKhlXyfQDp8_9.mp4?tag=14


    Bezos needs Zuck’s Metaverse VR to further enhance his new girlfriend.


    Dr. D good thinking as ever with the Facebook Kremlinology Project. I have noticed that anything climate related on FB now comes with a sticker urging you to see how your local temperatures have changed. The same sort of stickers that warned that Ivermectin is toxic and that the vaccines are safe and effective.


    Germ your link comes with ‘No hay nada para ver aqui ‘ attached.
    Nothing to see here.
    Move along.


    About the time TPTB have trained everyone to stay tuned and do what the major media platforms tell them to do, people will stop paying attention because they’ll be too busy working on means of getting paid, staying warm/cool, finding food and water, and porotecting themselves from urban brigands.

    People like Fauci will probably regret making their face universally well-known.


    Incidentally, “Facebook” was a brilliant name, market-wise. Meta is ho-hum at best. The word it employs suggests that FB already knows it will have to attempt branching out to survive, that the FB model is collapsing.

    those darned kids

    “People like Fauci will probably regret making their face universally well-known.”

    i thought that was his butt.


    Lest we forget, Turley was roundly boo-ed for warning the Democrats that their sprint to impeachment was far too rushed…
    Now, with a (seemingly) methodical investigation by Durham, the Steele Dossier is reduced to vapors. And the response by the Democrats to the unmasking of this Rock of Gibralter of evidence?…

    Misinformation. Disinformation. Propaganda…

    Neither side wears a ‘white hat’… yet we rush to pick a side. “Red Rover, red rover, let Chris Christy come over to our side! (and take Cuomo’s place?)”

    Keeping Fauci (and his pathetic logical fallacy of ‘appeal to authority) in place will, always and ever, create a big hole in the legitimacy of the ‘vaccines’. Maybe they don’t teach logic at Holy Cross or Cornell, or in Master of Public Health programs.

    Logic, so “yesterday”.

    And global warming conferences… why can’t these folks jet-pool? When I and my fellow carpenters find out we’re going to the same climate conference, we ALWAYS discuss who’s jet we’ll take and share the ride over. Duh!

    Mister Roboto

    Yeah, we’re all just kind of waiting for the proverbial other shoe to drop right now, aren’t we?

    John Day

    I have not fully caught up yet on comments and am heading over to the hospital today.
    Jenny’s surgery went well and she should come home today.
    Lots of thoughtful thoughts in recent days.


    It’s a pleasant thought, thinking of you and others looking over your wife, JDay.






    One of these is a robot pretending to be a human asshole. The other is a genuine asshole.







    And the ever popular sock-puppet configuration:



    The truth about cats and dogs, birds and humans, lights and shadows ….🌄😎✌️


    From last year confirmation of re-infection, one of a number of articles with the experience of this Russian doctor.

    Russian doctor intentionally reinfected himself to test coronavirus immunity

    A friend of my wife her children are currently confirmed infected with COVID for the second time, young so no vaccination and not asymptomatic this or the previous time.


    Bloggers see ….

    Loss Credibility

    Goldilocks and the Three Bears.
    Count your blessings that you are here. (Its too cold or too hot at the border crossings)


    @boscohorowitz Renaming “Facebook” to “Meta” seems to be a Hail Mary pass. Often holding companies are created for good reasons. For example, Alphabet was a good move by Google. It allows Google to branch out into other areas and not have one division put undue pressure on another division. (that is the intention anyway)

    On the other hand, Meta appears to be an attempt to run away from who they are because they know their demographics are collapsing.

    From my point of view, Google and Amazon have done an excellent job on security and internal quality controls. Facebook’s development team has played fast and loose with security and internal controls to make a quick buck.

    They can smell the rot. So out of fear that “Meta,” and in humble opinion, has already become the next MySpace. Remember MySpace tried to rebrand itself as a music hub because, at that time, hip technology was streaming. Like Facebook today, they are desperate to remain relevant.


    @ adlertag
    I remember reading about that nearly a year ago. It would be very interesting to see a (genuine) medical study about this — cataloging comorbidities, testing antibodies of multiple varieties, as well as T cells, etc. We know that we can get “the flu” multiple times, that there are different strains, etc. We also know that C19 isn’t as “novel” as its purported to be — Dr. David Martin educated us about its existence in patents — but it also isn’t all that different from circulating corona viruses that infect humans. We may yet discover that individuals whose first experience with any corona virus may have generated antibodies that don’t fit C19 well and, as a result of original antibody sin, this subset is susceptible to multiple C19 infections.

    Immunity is definitely more complex than it is usually given credit for. When I was five I was exposed to chicken pox at school. I got sick and brought it home to my younger siblings. My youngest sister wasn’t born yet. In her childhood she came down with chicken pox 3 times — each time a mild case. We don’t know why. She hasn’t had chicken pox (nor shingles) since, not even when her kids had chicken pox. I’ve had shingles twice.

    This is worth watching, so we can learn — and thank you for sharing it. What is difficult is how this information will be spun in the propaganda machine to increase fear and push vaccination.

    Please let me (us) know how the reinfection goes — anecdotal information is more accurate than anything “official” on this topic…..


    Any Ferron fans here?


    Okay last comment before I process my buckets of kale: tptb performance at COP26 (500 fossil fuel lobbyists, exclusion of civil society groups) should leave no doubt in anyone’s mind that tptb will drive our planet into the side of a mountain in order to preserve the moneyed class. A vaccine that sickens many not possible because they are not that evil? Are you kidding? Where is the uproar from scientists on the COP fiasco? Are they hiding under a rock with the epidemiologists? Must be getting crowded under there.

    As my beloved and I move deeper into the gray phase of life, I want the likes of Ferron to be part of our soundtrack.


    “Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Count your blessings that you are here. (Its too cold or too hot at the border crossings)”



    “Any Ferron fans here?”

    There are now.

    those darned kids

    i’m not sure we quite have conclusive proof that our suspect robbed the bank just yet, but this is definitely getting up towards “history of crime, unexplained whereabouts on the day of the heist, ski masks found in his car, and just bought a new ferrari on a bartender’s salary.”


    Trying again:×360/FIOCKhlXyfQDp8_9.mp4

    Nah – it won’t let me post.
    Shame, it was a goodie!


    “The truth about cats and dogs, birds and humans, lights and shadows ….”


    Wish I could find those glasses. Cheaters work fine for paper-print text but not magic glow-screens. FInally got some glasses and haven’t been able to find them pushing a month now.


    COP-out Climate Clusterfuck

    Take about air pollution.

    78-year-old Joe Biden viciously attacked a female foreign dignitary at the COP26 summit last week.

    His weapon of choice: a noxious air biscuit.

    Camilla Parker Bowles, Duchess of Cornwall, was the victim of Biden’s aerial assault and is suffering from PTSD, according to the New York Post.

    “Camilla hasn’t stopped talking about it,” a source told the media outlet. “It was long and loud and impossible to ignore.”

    The attack occurred as Parker Bowles and President Biden were making small talk at the global climate change gathering in Scotland last week.


    A witness at the scene captured a photograph of the assault in progress:

    No further injuries or fatalities from the incident were reported.

    Biden’s heartless attack on the Duchess is the latest in a series of important American stories related to the President’s intestinal distress.

    WIBC’s Hammer and Nigel show reported last week that #PresidentPoopyPants allegedly soiled himself while visiting the Pope in Rome.



    I wish PIcasso had done more work in this colorfully fey style.


    Good god – how much worse can it possibly get?!

    “A systematic review of cases of CNS demyelination following COVID-19 vaccination”


    @sumac – am now a Ferron fan. Captivating. Beautiful.

    So is your intention: “As my beloved and I move deeper into the gray phase of life, I want the likes of Ferron to be part of our soundtrack.”

    “Where does the Eagle live in me?”

    LOVE to all.


    Switz, CH.

    *Le Temps*, MSM, report, using official stats (correctly reported) on 12 Nov. 2021:

    74,5% des 855 lits en soins intensifs sont utilisés. Les patients covid occupent 17,6% de ces lits …

    Switz has 855 ICU beds. (A quick-fix procedure to create more in 1-2 days exists.) On the day, 74% are occupied, 17% by covid patients. 17% of 855 is 145. So, in a population of 8.6 million ppl, 145 ppl ‘with covid’ are in TOP hospital care, ICU.

    81,7% des 22 905 lits d’hôpitaux sont utilisés. Les patients covid occupent 2,64% de ces lits (moyenne sur 15 jours).

    Total hospital beds in CH is 22,905 – on the day, 81% occupied. Covid patients, 2.64% (I presume of the total), which is about 600 beds.

    This chart shows CH daily covid deaths — from feb 24 2021 to today the average is 1 / somewhat less than one.

    <iframe src=”” loading=”lazy” style=”width: 100%; height: 600px; border: 0px none;”></iframe>

    Deaths in Germany, Italy, France, and Spain are all under 1 for some time now as well. The pattern in these countries is very similar, though I don’t have the total no. of hospital beds. (Note: Germany has FAR more general beds and ICU beds than any EU country.)

    Imho it appears that the first scare, which lead to lockdown etc. (March 2020) in Europe didn’t kill many ppl, that happened later in what is called the ‘second wave’ due to let’s charitably *a-hem* call it, mishandling. Now as we approach winter the stats are not alarming.

    Imho, many of the elderly/ frail/ in care-homes (as a risky place to be independently of illness, age etc.) / those dying ‘with covid’/ have passed away in the previous death spike. Today the stock of ppl who might rapidly expire under the COV19 label has been pretty much used up.


    “Mass Formation (Psychosis) and the Coronavirus Narrative”

    Mass Formation (Psychosis) and the Coronavirus Narrative


    “The Puzzling Pandemic: A Possible Big Picture, An Interview With Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche”

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