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    Polder Dweller

    “ Imho, many of the elderly/ frail/ in care-homes (as a risky place to be independently of illness, age etc.) / those dying ‘with covid’/ have passed away in the previous death spike. Today the stock of ppl who might rapidly expire under the COV19 label has been pretty much used up.”

    I think that’s an important point which so many “believers” fail to get when they say triumphantly how well the fox works; most of the low-hanging fruit has already fallen off the tree and is now decomposing on the ground.


    The European Commission Deletes Mass Amounts of Emails and Doesn’t Archive Chats

    ” …one journalist recently requested the release of text messages between Commission President Ursula von der Leyen and Albert Bourla, the CEO of the pharmaceutical company Pfizer. According to a report in the New York Times, the two had been in frequent contact by phone and text message for over a month as they tried to wrap up a deal, announced in May, to buy 1.8 billion doses of the coronavirus vaccine.

    The Commission, however, stated that it is not in possession of those communications at all. Texts and other short messages are by their “nature a short-lived document which does not contain in principle important information concerning matters relating to the policies, activities and decisions of the Commission,” wrote Ilze Juhansone, the Commission’s secretary-general. In that respect, “the Commission record-keeping policy would in principle exclude instant messaging.”

    This means that if the Commission wants to keep something in the dark, it can simply use WhatsApp.


    apologies for non-functioning link.. 🙁


    Finished reading TAE a little early this morning, and so I decided to do something I hadn’t done in a very lo-o-o-ong time: I looked at my FB feed. I noticed 2 young kids that I’ve known since they were itty bitty in photos showing that they were vaccinated, displayed by their very proud parents, members of the church I attended. I’ve been feeling a little sick about it ever since.
    Nothing I can do about it.
    Have to wait until it all falls apart.


    Windy day in late fall:

    The Fall of the Leafe


    CNS demyelination…which is related to MS…my ex’s GF is suffering from “lesions on the brain” now…she is triply vaxxed. I didn’t hear of it until months after her full vaccination. Gee whiz….


    Hmmm… the # of anecdotal reports here, most of them from people who’ve been here long enough to trust as genuine, not disinformationists, suggests to me that we are, sadly, entering that phase — predicted by so many here — where we begin cashing in our ‘I-told-you-so’s (aka ITYS).

    Not that those ITYS will be redeemable at face value if at all. The same denialism, through which so many got vakzinated and encouraged vakzination, will likely manifest in reverse denialism much like Germans after the war: ‘I didn’t supprt the Nazis.

    Ah well, The holdays approach regardless. Its attendant commercials are hysterically insane this year. (Macy’s used to be magical ages ago just by being Macy’s. You went there because Xmas at MAcy’s was amazing, not because a blizzard of commercials promised spontaneous orgams just by putting on a pair of so-so flannel jammies Made in Botswana (is that still a nation?).

    Even so, holiodays are holidays, and that means holy. XMas, the sacred solstice passage.

    Let’s go home, wherever that is:

    Homeward Bound


    Distracting the child for Covid vaccination is nothing new. One of my sons has extreme anxiety. When he has any procedure done that involves a needle he watches an entertaining video for distraction. This method is also used and encouraged at the local children’s hospital. My son has has been doing this since at least age 5. I asked him to get blood drawn a few days ago for a Covid antibody test — he is now 15 — he asked if he could watch YouTube for the duration.

    The scary part is the procedure being done. DON’T YOU REALIZE THAT THIS IS EXPERIMENTAL — NO LONG TERM SAFETY DATA??? This is what I want to scream at my erstwhile congregants who are vaccinating their young kids and to my brother and his wife.


    It seems despite COP efforts in Scotland that their global warming efforts have failed again forcing me to abandon my island cottage and head back home for the winter to big bad Toronto. I am sad that I have to leave the much simpler life, close to nature, for the lonely, cave like, life in the big city.

    Since Canada is such a cold place it would be nice if the global warming crowd could figure out a way to win. Sadly they keep letting me down every fall as Old Man Winter keeps returning as the hours of sunlight decline.

    I have named my new electric chainsaw “Greta” in honor of a certain “useful idiot” as Lenin would say. She is quite good at cutting renewable energy sources. She is however too small to cut down any of the big red oak trees, not that I have any intentions to ever do so.

    I did learn how to estimate the ages of red oak trees. We have about four big red oak trees. You measure the circumference of the tree 4-1/2 feet above ground dividing by pie (3.14) to get the diameter. Then you multiply the diameter by red oak tree factor 3.5 to get the estimated age. I measured three of the big red oaks, coming up with 143, 133, & 128 years old. These ages make sense as these trees were the likely few survivors of a big fire that occurred about 1900 on my end of the island. All the other trees are much younger, like 50 years or older, reflecting the 54 years that I have been on the island.


    “I am sad that I have to leave the much simpler life, close to nature, for the lonely, cave like, life in the big city.”

    And you say you’re no good at writing. There’s a world of sadness seen through the windows of a train taking you back to the city in that sentence. (I know, no train; but trains are so romantic for leave-takings.)


    There’s a reason the famous book is called The Polar Express (train) not Santa’s Magic Minivan, oui?



    random noise for botic pleasure

    “Since Canada is such a cold place it would be nice if the global warming crowd could figure out a way to win. Sadly they keep letting me down every fall as Old Man Winter keeps returning as the hours of sunlight decline.”

    Your turn is coming. Ask Russia, which had virtually no winter either last winter or the one before, and is promoting and investing in its Arctic Sea Route to exploit the very much melting Arctic Sea amid majorly jammed shipping lanes. But you will also experience record cold snaps, because oscillations increase as large complex systems (like climate) change.

    “I have named my new electric chainsaw “Greta” in honor of a certain “useful idiot” as Lenin would say.”

    I have no problem saying that picking on kids does not flatter you, sir. The left side of the mainstream crowd is doing the same with a somewhat older kid name Kyle Rittenhouse, and that doesn’t show their best side, either.

    more noise

    She smiles, too, and when she does, she’s kinda cute. She’s a kid. Go after the grownups, pls?

    Greta Smiles


    tailgate noise

    Veracious Poet


    1> The medicines, equipment, and techniques available to a medical practitioner; the collection of weapons and military equipment in a country’s possession.

    2> A collection of resources available for a certain purpose.

    An inability or refusal to perceive systemic threats, along with the misidentification of threats, makes the individual part of the problem ~ An unknowing accomplice.

    Figmund Sreud

    In case you folks wandering how Greta gets across the ocean, … here is the the latest boat that carries her:

    Malizia II is an IMOCA 60 monohull sailing yacht, designed by VPLP and Guillaume Verdier and constructed by Multiplast in France. This boat is specifically designed for the Vendée Globe, … a non-stop solo round the world yacht race.



    1969 through 1979, we thought we could turn this thing around. We were most of us lazy and useless at getting it done, and we got “so much resistance from behind” while the children we had tied us down to the old biological grindstone and made us too careful and cautious, but we at least knew there was a problem in Kansas, and Oz seemed just in reach.

    The dream died long ago; we screwed it up (with the help of our parents and children too; it warn’t all our fault); but life is but a dream. Dreams are everything.

    All Over the World


    Figmund: my opinion is that they picked the perfect music for those nautical scenes. While care nothing for what we pass off as so-called Green Solutions, that is an awesome boat, period.


    I looked around the room, wondering if anyone else understood the glaring incompetence on display. Clearly, Pence needed more input.

    Just like the way industry championed sugar in the 70’s saying fat was bad. Ancel Keys was the Tony Fauci of that effort and John Yudkin was the Robert Malone. Took 40 years to recognize the damage that continues to this day from that one. The below is from the Guardian (you’d think they’d have learned something.)

    Although Keys had shown a correlation between heart disease and saturated fat, he had not excluded the possibility that heart disease was being caused by something else. Years later, the Seven Countries study’s lead Italian researcher, Alessandro Menotti, went back to the data, and found that the food that correlated most closely with deaths from heart disease was not saturated fat, but sugar.
    By then it was too late. The Seven Countries study had become canonical, and the fat hypothesis was enshrined in official advice. The congressional committee responsible for the original Dietary Guidelines was chaired by Senator George McGovern. It took most of its evidence from America’s nutritional elite: men from a handful of prestigious universities, most of whom knew or worked with each other, all of whom agreed that fat was the problem – an assumption that McGovern and his fellow senators never seriously questioned. Only occasionally were they asked to reconsider. In 1973, John Yudkin was called from London to testify before the committee, and presented his alternative theory of heart disease.
    A bemused McGovern asked Yudkin if he was really suggesting that a high fat intake was not a problem, and that cholesterol presented no danger.
    “I believe both those things,” replied Yudkin.
    “That is exactly the opposite of what my doctor told me,” said McGovern

    From The Sugar Conspiracy

    Doesn’t give me hope that this farce will be widely recognized in my lifetime.


    Irony is an essential nutrient missing from too many diets?

    “His (Ancel Keys) earlier research on human physiology eventually led to an assignment with the Army Quartermaster Corps, where they worked to develop a more portable and nonperishable ration that would provide enough calories to sustain soldiers (such as paratroopers) in the field for up to two weeks.[31] This development did not begin without some turbulence. His colleague, Dr. Elsworth Buskirk, notes:

    “When it appeared that the U.S. would be in World War II, Keys went to the Quartermaster Food and Container Institute in Chicago to inquire about emergency rations. The story goes that he was told to go home and leave such things to the professionals. Undissuaded, he went to William Wrigley’s office and secured $10,000 for the development of an emergency ration. Then, he went to the Cracker Jack Company. They couldn’t supply money, but did provide the water-tight small box concept. The result was the K-ration in sealed Cracker Jack boxes.[31]

    “Once the basic design had been completed, the Navy, through the National Research Council, funded the testing of the K-rations on its sailors to determine their feasibility as a temporary and mobile food source. The initial ingredients of the K-ration were procured at a local Minneapolis grocery store—hard biscuits, dry sausage, hard candy, and chocolate.”

    Another Smug Money-Hungry Egomaniac

    Does this remind you of anyone?


    Figmund Sreud

    More Greta: … Plymouth to New York!


    John Day

    Jenny is home and has a good “nurse”.

    : That Matties Desmet is what Clueless Honky had posted here:


    The Sabbath comes to an end. A story:

    “In Crown Heights, there was a Jew, Yankel, who owned a bakery. He survived the camps. He once said, “You know why it is that I’m alive today? I was a kid, just a teenager at the time. We were on the train, in a boxcar, being taken to Auschwitz. Night came and it was freezing, deathly cold, in that boxcar. The Germans would leave the cars on the side of the tracks overnight, sometimes for days on end without any food, and of course, no blankets to keep us warm,” he said. “Sitting next to me was an older Jew – this beloved elderly Jew – from my hometown I recognized, but I had never seen him like this. He was shivering from head to toe, and looked terrible. So I wrapped my arms around him and began rubbing him, to warm him up. I rubbed his arms, his legs, his face, his neck. I begged him to hang on. All night long; I kept the man warm this way. I was tired, I was freezing cold myself, my fingers were numb, but I didn’t stop rubbing the heat on to this man’s body. Hours and hours went by this way. Finally, night passed, morning came, and the sun began to shine. There was some warmth in the cabin, and then I looked around the car to see some of the other Jews in the car. To my horror, all I could see were frozen bodies, and all I could hear was a deathly silence.

    “Nobody else in that cabin made it through the night – they died from the frost. Only two people survived: the old man and me… The old man survived because somebody kept him
    warm; I survived because I was warming somebody else…”

    Let me tell you the secret of Judaism. When you warm other people’s hearts, you remain warm yourself. When you seek to support, encourage and inspire others; then you discover support, encouragement and inspiration in your own life as well. That, my friends, is “Judaism 101”.”

    Humanity 101.

    Some Kind of Hymn


    Yes…. Humanity 101 should be a universal prerequisite for the day to day travail


    I have the great sympathy for Greta – she is motivated by great environmental angst and rightly acts and communicates, unlike our leaders, in a manner that conveys the fact that nothing else matters (ie what exactly is the point of going to school, such as it is?) if we don’t deal effectively with the threat of climate change.
    Speaking of, Fall has been almost a month longer here. The upside: huge sweet potatoes (they size up late in the season). We’ll see how this rolls out in the longer term.

    Just to add one more time to the music collection in today’s comments!



    Yes fall was kind to us this year. That is the only reason I was able to stay at the island cottage until November 11th. For many falls, mid-October is the limit for staying at the cottage. I am glad to hear your reward are bigger sweeet potatoes! They make for a lovely hot supper, with butter, on a cold winter’s night!


    Dr. John Day:

    Glad to hear your wife Jenny is home safe and under your nursing care.

    My Uncle Bob always claimed doctors make for the worst patients. Naturally as a doctor he lived up to that claim. Once, the day after some body surgery, requiring stitches, he felt so good, he went and played tennis! I don’t have to tell you what happened next!

    Maybe Jenny can supervise you gardening!


    Another athlete damaged and then silenced. Screenshotted this earlier today…gone now, erased.


    Dr. Fauci Just Issued This Urgent Warning to Vaccinated People
    The warning is that your vaccination is past its sell-by-date, you could get sick, hospitalized or die just like the unvaxxed so get a booster ASAP. He says it’s happening in Israel so we should see it in 6 weeks in the US.


    Heh…attach didn’t work. This should…

    Reddit thread that doesn't exist anymore


    Thanks for info regarding Greta. I respect her. I don’t respect the folks at the COP meetings. I believe that the well being of the planet and all it’s inhabitants, human, animal, vegetable, and so on, should be prioritized rather than poisoned. I don’t think that prioritization should be politicized — my conservative family doesn’t like glyphosate poisoned food any more than I do, and they and I love the outdoors, gardening, etc.


    Greta Is a tool of the “Global Citizens” and a spoiled brat. She speaks with a forked tongue, “carbon for me, but none for thee”


    Bezos’ “Slaves in space” project, otherwise known as the “out-of-sight-out-of-mind” project. The psychopath thought process: how can I screw over these people to my benefit.
    He wants to save this unique planet for his kids. Only!


    absolute galore: fwiw, which is probably hardly anything if at all, here’s what I would convey to your ex:

    I have spent at least dozens of hours researching this issue, including consulting with numerous doctors around the globe. I am as certain about the dangerous risk that this phony vaccine poses to our son as I am that we are divorced.

    With luck, the danger posed by this fraudulent vaccinne will not manifest in our son, and this exchange will just be another unpleasant convsersation of no real importance. However, if the vaccine does cause harm to our son, know that I will hold the mirror of your shame in your face — including at his funeral, if things turn that bad.

    I assure you that it will be an awkward silence standing over his grave and I will not be holding your hand to comfort you but will be holding that mirror of shame up for you — and everyone else — to see.

    Since all statistics show that covid-19 has virtually no risk to a healthy 12-year old boy, I suggest that you reconsider your position on this matter.

    I’ve dealt with toxic narcissists. One must threaten to take a baseball bat to their public ego to get their attention, in my experience.

    Anyway, best of luck. I thought it was bad when, long long ago, the mother of my firstborn maliciously and deceitfully told everyone that I was a child molestor. I thought that was bad. But this is worse.

    My deepest sympathy, bosco

    Stop Making Me Nervous…

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