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Germans Could Be ‘Left Without A Country’ Soon – Trump (RT)
Sympathy For Germany (Varoufakis)
Rand Corp. “Executive Summary: Weakening Germany, Strengthening the U.S.” (RP)
Hungary PM Orban Warns Ukraine Could Lose Up To Half Of Its Territory (RT)
Hungary Can No Longer Be Considered A Full Democracy – EU Lawmakers (RMX)
EU To Deprive Hungary Of Billions In Funds (RT)
EU Launch Propaganda Board Game About Commission Tsar Ursula von der Leyen (BB)
EU Ports Signal Readiness To Let Russian Fertilizers Through – UN (RT)
Updated List of US-Based Food Manufacturing Plants Destroyed Under Biden (GP)
Covid Injections Are Dangerous, What You Can Do If You’ve Had One or Two (TE)
The Power Of Collective Grief, From the Queen to George Floyd to Covid (G.)
Biden: ‘The Pandemic Is Over’ (CNN)
850 More Unvaxxed NYC Teachers, Aides Fired Over Mandate (NYP)
US Marine Corps Quietly Changes COVID-19 Vaccine Policy (ET)
Study Takes Wrecking Ball to Myths About Apocalyptic ‘Climate Change’ (BN)
Secret Documents Have Exposed the CIA’s Julian Assange Obsession (Jacobin)





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“If you are getting 72% of your energy from Russia, here’s the white flag, because you will be surrendering very quickly..”

Germans Could Be ‘Left Without A Country’ Soon – Trump (RT)

Germany could soon cease to exist as a country amid the escalating energy crisis, former US president Donald Trump has suggested. During a rally in Youngstown, Ohio on Saturday, Trump tore into his successor in the White House, taking aim at Biden’s energy policy and the so-called Green New Deal in particular. The Republican firebrand claimed that, although under his rule the US had become independent in terms of energy and on track to become “totally dominant in energy, bigger than Saudi Arabia and Russia combined,” Joe Biden has since reduced the US to “begging for energy.” Trump then went on to cite Germany’s sorry state of affairs in this area.

According to the ex-president, he warned then-Chancellor Angela Merkel that the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, which was supposed to pump Russian gas to Germany, would make Berlin even more dependent on Russian energy exports. Trump said he had sent the “white flag of surrender” to Angela Merkel when she refused to ditch the project. “If you are getting 72% of your energy from Russia, here’s the white flag, because you will be surrendering very quickly,” the former US head of state recounted his own warning to Merkel. He proceeded to cite the “bad things” which have happened between Berlin and Moscow in the past as proof that Germany should not have relied so heavily on Russia. The former US president concluded by saying that “Germany now is going back to the old-fashioned stuff, including coal,” despite its previous pledges to go green.

“But they have no choice, they won’t have a country, they won’t have a country left,” Trump warned cryptically, before returning to the topic of domestic politics again. Gas prices in Europe soared dramatically soon after Russia launched its military offensive against Ukraine in late February, and have remained consistently higher than last year’s ever since. With both the Nord Stream 1 and Nord Stream 2 pipelines now inoperative, either due to Berlin’s own or to Moscow’s decision, the German government has put in place emergency measures to stock up on gas. Multiple senior officials in Germany have warned that the coming winter is likely to be tough.

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Yanis claims that Germany should have invested more in “clean energy”. First, there’s no such thing. And second, Germany invested more in what that is supposed to be than anyone else. And look where it is today.

Sympathy For Germany (Varoufakis)

Today, it is the Germans who are facing a wall of condescension, antipathy, and even mockery. Ironic as it may seem, no Europeans are better placed than the Greeks to understand that the Germans deserve better; that their current predicament is the result of our collective, European failure; and that no one – least of all the long-suffering Greeks, southern Italians, Spaniards, and Portuguese (the PIGS as we were once called) – benefits from schadenfreude. The tables have been turned on Germany because its economic model relied on repressed wages, cheap Russian gas, and excellence in mid-tech mechanical engineering – particularly manufacturing cars with internal combustion engines.

This resulted in massive trade surpluses during four distinct post-World War II phases: under the US-led Bretton Woods system, which provided fixed exchange rates and market access to Europe, Asia, and the Americas; then, after the collapse of Bretton Woods, when the single European market proved highly lucrative for German exports; again following the introduction of the euro, when vendor financing opened the floodgates for both goods and capital flowing from Germany to Europe’s periphery; and, finally, when China’s hunger for intermediate and final manufacturing products took up the slack after the euro crisis dampened demand for German goods in southern Europe.

Germans are now slowly coming to terms with the demise of their economic model and are beginning to see through the multifaceted Big Lie their elites were repeating for three decades: Fiscal surpluses were not prudence in action, but rather a monumental failure, during the long years of ultra-low interest rates, to invest in clean energy, critical infrastructure, and the two crucial technologies of the future: batteries and artificial intelligence. Germany’s dependence on Russian gas and Chinese demand was never sustainable in the long term; and they are not mere bugs that can be ironed out. The claim that the German model was compatible with Europe’s monetary union is also being exposed as false. Lacking a fiscal and a political union, the EU was always going to saddle Club Med governments, banks, and corporations with unpayable debts, which eventually would force the European Central Bank to choose between letting the euro die and embarking upon a permanent bankruptcy-concealment project.

The myth of “green growth”

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“The impeachment of the President cannot be ruled out under these circumstances, which must be avoided at all costs.”

Rand Corp. “Executive Summary: Weakening Germany, Strengthening the U.S.” (RP)

In a recently revealed research report written by RAND, dated Jan. 25, 2022 and labeled CONFIDENTIAL, John Mark Dougan has released what may be one of most important motivations the United States may have in encouraging the conflict in Ukraine: maintaining power. The 6 page report published prior to any conflict beginning, but after the State Department’s ominous warning of “Russian sponsored false flag attacks”, appears to be a photocopy of an official RAND research product, meant for the White House and National Security community here in America. The distribution channels listed on the cover page include: WHCS, ANSA, Dept. of State, CIA, NSA & DNC.

That’s right, the Democratic National Committee is copied on a research report that’s been directed at the national security community and perhaps members of the Biden White House. WHCS and ANSA are mysteries to me, but I thought perhaps they led to the Chief of Staff and National Security Advisor. If anyone has any ideas, please let me know in the comments. The second page includes the standard copyright attributions and language about the mission of Rand. On the third page is where we get to the good stuff! It’s unknown if the report extends beyond the 4 pages included in the Executive Summary, but the headings and text included in those 4 pages are damning. It appears that RAND has predicted that the United States economy is on the brink of collapse.

Rising debt and uncontrolled printing of cash as a result of the economic downturn brought on by the plandemic, has brought the United States to a precarious position. They predict the continued deterioration of the economy will likely lead to the defeat of the Democrat party in both Congress and the Senate, opening the door to an impeachment of Joe Biden in the next session of Congress. “The impeachment of the President cannot be ruled out under these circumstances, which must be avoided at all costs.” This passage alone demonstrates the partisan work being done by RAND and the coordinated tactics in use between the Democrat party and the National Security State, THE DEEP STATE. But what’s most shocking is the lengths they suggest going to in order to maintain control of the nation by both groups in order to protect Joe Biden and whoever is pulling his strings from behind the scenes.

The Executive Summary begins with the title: “Weakening Germany, strengthening the US”, with the ultimate goal being the infusion of cash into the banking system by European and NATO aligned nations. Hopefully being able to avoid significant military and political cost in the process. As RAND sees it, the greatest obstacle to achieving this goal is the ever growing independence of Germany. That problem seems to have been addressed with the war in Ukraine and the sanction on Russia, resulting in the killing of the Nordstream pipeline and the cutoff of natural gas from Russia into Germany. That alone will undoubtedly lead to Germany requiring assistance from other European nations if they hope to save their citizens when the heat turns off. Control of Germany and their governmental decision making process seems to be of chief concern to RAND, which predicts that the destabilization of the US would lead to a quickening of the independence of Germany and the inevitable end of US influence. Once that happens, RAND believes that France and Germany will align, along with other old European nations, creating an economic and political competitor to the United States. As long as these things can be staved off, the global dominance of America can be assured.

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Germany no country, Ukraine half a country. Good times for mapmakers ahead.

Hungary PM Orban Warns Ukraine Could Lose Up To Half Of Its Territory (RT)

The Ukraine conflict could last until 2030 and the West is to blame for making it global rather than local in nature, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has said, according to Radio Free Europe (RFE/RL). Orban was reportedly speaking at a closed-door event involving his ruling Fidesz party a week ago, with the details of his speech now being leaked to the media. The Hungarian leader allegedly told his supporters in the village of Kotcse on September 10 that he believed Ukraine may end up losing between one third and one half of its territory due to the conflict with Russia, RFE/RL reported on Friday, citing participants of the meeting. The fighting between Moscow and Kiev – which is being helped by the US, EU and some other countries – could continue all the way until 2030, Orban reportedly warned.

The crisis in Ukraine started as a local conflict but the involvement of the West has turned it into a global affair, the prime minister said. According to the report, Orban again lashed out at EU sanctions imposed on Russia over its military operation in Ukraine, saying the bloc had shot itself in the foot with those curbs. The energy crisis, which occurred as a result of those restrictions, could force 40% of European industry to shut down this winter, he reportedly added. In his speech, the Hungarian leader also allegedly revealed that European leaders are expected to decide on prolonging the sanctions for another six months later in autumn, insisting that an attempt should be made to prevent that extension.

The way things are going now, the eurozone and the EU itself could cease to exist by 2030, Orban was quoted as saying. Hungary has remained relatively neutral since the outbreak of fighting in Ukraine in late February. It has refused to send arms to Kiev and consistently criticized EU sanctions on Moscow. Budapest, which is heavily dependent on Russian energy, was also able to negotiate an exemption for itself from the bloc-wide ban on Russian oil. Earlier this month, Mikulas Bek, the European affairs minister of the Czech Republic, which now presides over the EU Council, warned that Hungary’s stance on Russia could theoretically end up with it exiting the bloc.

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Orban got elected with “a landslide election victory with a two-thirds majority in April of this year”. That is far more than all the people who say it’s not a democracy.

Hungary Can No Longer Be Considered A Full Democracy – EU Lawmakers (RMX)

Hungary can no longer be considered a fully-functioning democracy and should be regarded as a “hybrid regime of electoral autocracy,” a report adopted by the European Parliament on Thursday stated. European lawmakers adopted a non-binding but significant resolution on Thursday by 433 votes to 123, which criticized democratic principles in Hungary. This resolution comes despite Hungary’s government securing a landslide election victory with a two-thirds majority in April of this year, representing one of the strongest democratic mandates in all of Europe. The election was also certified as free and fair by a range of independent election observers.

Nevertheless, in a press release following the vote, the European Parliament condemned the “deliberate and systematic efforts of the Hungarian government” to undermine European values and demands. Furthermore, it claimed the situation in Hungary has deteriorated to such an extent that it can only now be considered an “electoral autocracy.” It blames what it regards as a democratic “backslide” on both Viktor Orbán’s Fidesz administration, and the European Commission which it claims has exacerbated the situation through its omission to intervene. MEPs further called for EU recovery funds to continue being withheld from the Hungarian treasury “until the country complies with EU recommendations and court rulings.”

The continuous criticism of Hungary has been ongoing since 2018 when MEPs first triggered the Article 7 procedure, what some consider to be a nuclear option which can ultimately deprive a member state of its voting rights. The only other country to be subject to the Article 7 procedure is Poland, which also conveniently continues to elect a conservative national government, much to the dismay of federalist, pro-globalism officials in Brussels, many who occupy their positions with no democratic mandate.

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Because Orban is right-wing, and independent, and won’t join the anti-Russia craze.

EU To Deprive Hungary Of Billions In Funds (RT)

The European Commission on Sunday proposed withholding $7.5 billion of funds allocated to Hungary, due to corruption concerns. The suspension is aimed at protecting the bloc’s budget, according to Budget Commissioner Johannes Hahn. “Today’s decision is a clear demonstration of the Commission’s resolve to protect the EU budget, and use all tools at our disposal to ensure this important objective,” the commissioner told reporters. The money would come from thee “cohesion funds” granted to Hungary, which are intended to help EU countries bring their economies up to the bloc’s standards. If approved, the funding cut will be the first punitive measure of its kind under the EU’s rule of law mechanism, which gives Brussels the right to impose financial penalties on member states if their actions are seen as violating EU values.

Brussels triggered the unprecedented procedure against Hungary in April this year. According to Hahn, Budapest has since then announced a number of measures aimed at fixing the issues. For instance, the Hungarian government recently said it plans to create an anti-corruption authority to oversee the spending of EU funds by the end of September. However, Hahn said the timeline for Hungary to “accordingly” implement the necessary measures is “very tight.” “A risk for the budget at this stage remains, therefore we cannot conclude that the EU budget is sufficiently protected,” he stated.

The EU Council now has one month to decide whether to adopt the Commission’s proposal. Hungary will then be given one month to reply or request an extension, meaning the Commission could freeze the funds on November 19 at the earliest. Meanwhile, Hungary has said it will be ready to roll out most of its “remedial” measures by that deadline, with the government expected to propose a package of anti-corruption laws next week. Earlier this week, in a symbolic vote against Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s government, members of the European Parliament said the country can no longer be considered a democracy, calling it instead a “hybrid regime of electoral autocracy” due to the alleged failure to uphold fundamental rights and the rule of law in the country.

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“..the EU has opted to instead release a physical board game rather than a digital app or web game which, while antiquated, will at least ensure EU citizens are able to play the Commission’s latest release during a winter set to be plagued by rolling blackouts.”

EU Launch Propaganda Board Game About Commission Tsar Ursula von der Leyen (BB)

Organised fun has once again come to the European Union, with the transnational bloc releasing a new propaganda board game centring around the rule of its Commission President, Ursula von der Leyen. The game — which was released ahead of von der Leyen’s state of the union address this week — is perhaps the latest of a long line of propaganda games released the world over, with North Korea and Communist China in particular being known for wacky authoritarian apps and video games pushing state ideals and ideology. However, unlike its propaganda publishing counterparts in East Asia, the EU has opted to instead release a physical board game rather than a digital app or web game which, while antiquated, will at least ensure EU citizens are able to play the Commission’s latest release during a winter set to be plagued by rolling blackouts.

Imaginatively titled “Von der Leyen Commission 101: Test your knowledge” the game centres around answering questions to do with Ursula von der Leyen’s over three years in office, the aim of the game is to answer as many questions correctly as possible to reach the finish line. A simple core concept, the game features rolling dice, using so-called “jolly” counters, as well as monitoring how many questions each individual player has gotten correct in a row. Despite that simplicity — and perhaps in a classic reflection of how the European Commission works — with padding, the rulebook for this basic game runs to over 100 pages in its English edition.

Although needlessly convoluted, the board game’s constant reference to EU achievements and talking points put it squarely in the realm of propaganda, the likes of which are well known in more authoritarian regimes throughout the world. The specific focus on von der Leyen recalls games published in China built around the cult of personality of Xi Jinping. One of these apps even involves the player trying to applaud the socialist leader as much as possible within 14 seconds, with users encouraged to rapidly tap their phone screens in praise of the head of state.

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Because this can no longer be blamed on Putin.

EU Ports Signal Readiness To Let Russian Fertilizers Through – UN (RT)

Major European ports have signaled their readiness to facilitate the export of Russian fertilizers, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said in an interview with RIA Novosti, published on Saturday. “We are… in contact with the ports. We have received positive signals from Rotterdam, from the Finnish port of Kotka. We are also in discussions with Antwerp and Hamburg. So we are very attentive to this problem and very committed to solving it,” the official said in response to a question on the export of Russian fertilizers. In July, a multilateral agreement was signed in Istanbul freeing up Ukrainian grain exports via the Black Sea and lifting restrictions on Russian grain and fertilizer exports.

While Western sanctions do not technically restrict the sale of Russian agricultural produce, the measures still affect shipping, posing problems to payments and insurance of Russian cargo, among other things. According to Russia, however, the promised lifting of restrictions on Russian exports has not come about yet, with tons of fertilizers currently amassed at EU ports. Guterres said he spoke with EU leaders this week and is certain that the situation will improve soon. “First of all, we are engaged in trying to convince those who put certain obstacles to remove them. This week I had an intensive series of contacts with the leaders of the EU. And I hope there will be a positive change with regard to the possibility of distributing Russian grain and fertilizers without obstacles through Europe to other markets,” Guterres stated.

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Go to GP for the interactive map.

Updated List of US-Based Food Manufacturing Plants Destroyed Under Biden (GP)

Another reader of Gateway Pundit who wanted to stay anonymous has been doing extensive research regarding what is going on with the food supply. “I have created an interactive map that will let you click on (or hover over) an icon and it will provide all of the details of what happened at that location, including a link to the article,” she said. Below is the excerpt of the email she sent to Gateway Pundit: “If I had any doubts about this being on purpose, that is completely gone at this point. It’s almost terrifying seeing what is going on and the majority of people have no idea. Every day something else happens to add to this list. Things are happening so quickly now, that it is mind boggling. Big Tech is covering most of these up or burying them so far down the feed that most people never see them. I have investigative skills that I have used my entire career so I know how to get around all of that or I would never have found what I have.”

I had not heard of anyone looking up actual grocery store fires so that is what started me down this path. Once I saw how bad it was and the patterns that are happening it was clear what they are doing, and I am now convinced they are getting people to help with this just like they did with the election. I realize that not all of these are on purpose but once you see how big this is, it cannot be denied that something evil is going on and we are about to have our legs kicked out from under us…

I wanted to see if you could send out an update for the map? When you first posted my map, there were so many people going to it that they told me it was going to cost several thousand dollars for a certain amount of views. I told them I didn’t have money like that so I would make it private for myself only or try to find another company. Apparently word got around so fast from your article that people bombarded the map company and wanted it back up. They contacted me and told me they decided to leave it up so they could get some good publicity because at that point I think it had almost 200,000 (from people around the world!) views within a week or two.

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Now we’re talking.

Covid Injections Are Dangerous, What You Can Do If You’ve Had One or Two (TE)

Dr. Shoemaker: [Ivermectin is] the only medicine that helps you fight if you’ve got a vaccine injury. It’s the key to a vaccine injury protocol. It’s time. It’s time. This is over because the science is strong. The science is huge, that ivermectin is the thing that should always be available. But now that we’ve created this crisis, we need it even more. We need it even more in Canada, in everywhere. Dr. Shoemaker: I want ivermectin available for everybody. I don’t want you to have to go to the veterinary clinic or the veterinary store to get some of this medicine. It has to be made perfectly and ethically legal in all of your pharmacies.

Dr. Trozzi: For the treatment protocols, if like [Dr. Shoemaker], if you’ve had a couple of those injections or one of those injections and you got these spike proteins being produced by yourselves, go to the World Council for Health, go to the Spike Protein Detox Guide. Dr. Shoemaker is aware of that. The FLCCC do a great job [and] Canada Covid Care Alliance. These are very similar protocols. There’s a variety of things you can do, both natural and medicinal, including one of the safest, most effective medications in the history of mankind – ivermectin.

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On the day of her funeral, the Guardian puts her on par with a violent junkie.

The Power Of Collective Grief, From the Queen to George Floyd to Covid (G.)

As many have noted, this period of national mourning has a peculiarly British tinge, with the rain, the queueing, the marmalade sandwiches. People stood through the night, in a miles-long line that ran through central London, to pay their last respects to the Queen, lying in state. The TV coverage was almost soothing in its bland repetition, and its sombre reverence unavoidable.

For those of us of a republican leaning, the whole thing can feel bizarre and alienating, but for many others, the depth of their feeling may have caught them by surprise. “We have a relationship with these public figures,” says Julia Samuel, a psychotherapist who specialises in bereavement. The Queen, in particular, has “been the backdrop of our lives and this connecting thread. She’s the symbol of the mother of the nation and symbol of this idea of predictability, in such a changing, turbulent world. So we have a feeling of loss.” Precisely because of the Queen’s unknowability, we project our emotions on to her. “There’s a feeling of security in having a relationship with someone, particularly if you don’t actually know them, because you can put on to them what you need,” says Samuel.

We have come to know this outpouring of public emotion as collective grief. “The thing about collective grief is that it can put you in touch with your own losses,” says Samuel. “It can be loss of a parent and it reminds you of your mum or dad dying, or it puts you in touch with your mortality. If you have unresolved losses, it can bring lots of other feelings that aren’t necessarily to do with the Queen, that can feel quite overwhelming because it goes to the same place.”

Grief can be comforting, she says, when we are “feeling it at the same time. People feel bonded and have this sense of social safety, and of it reinforcing social ties. I think that’s why in queueing for the vigil or going to the different palaces, people find that calming. What research shows is that having great experiences of loss, you do worse alone than when you have the love and connection to others.” In a close bereavement, you would want this to be with friends and family, says Samuel. “But I also think there is something about strangers feeling like they know each other when they’re coming to put flowers at Buckingham Palace.”

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That must mean all mandates are also over.

Biden: ‘The Pandemic Is Over’ (CNN)

President Joe Biden said he believes the Covid-19 pandemic is “over” in an appearance on CBS’ “60 Minutes,” but acknowledged the US still has a “problem” with the virus that has killed more than 1 million Americans. “The pandemic is over. We still have a problem with Covid. We’re still doing a lot of work on it. It’s — but the pandemic is over,” Biden said. The US government still designates Covid-19 a Public Health Emergency and the World Health Organization says it remains a Public Health Emergency of International Concern. But the President’s comments follow other hopeful comments from global health leaders.

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, director-general of the World Health Organization, said in a news briefing last week that the end of the Covid-19 pandemic was “in sight,” and that the world has never been in a better position to end the Covid-19 pandemic. “Last week, the number of weekly reported deaths from Covid-19 was the lowest since March 2020,” Ghebreyesus said. “We have never been in a better position to end the pandemic. We’re not there yet, but the end is in sight.” Last month, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention adjusted its Covid-19 guidance to urge the nation away from measures such as quarantines and social distancing and instead focus on reducing severe disease from Covid-19. But the agency says some people, including those who are older, immunocompromised, have certain disabilities or underlying health conditions, are at higher risk for serious illness, and may need to take more precautions.

There were about 65,000 new Covid-19 cases reported each day over the past two weeks, data from Johns Hopkins University shows, and reported cases are dropping in almost every state. Across the United States, about 400 people are dying every day from Covid-19. Although official case counts are far from representative of true levels of transmission, forecasts published by the CDC say that new hospitalizations and deaths will hold steady for the next month. For people hospitalized for Covid-19, the risk of dying fell to the lowest it’s ever been during the Omicron wave, according to a study published last week by the CDC.

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Oh wait…

850 More Unvaxxed NYC Teachers, Aides Fired Over Mandate (NYP)

The city Department of Education has axed another 850 teachers and classroom aides — bringing the total to nearly 2,000 school employees fired for failure to comply with a vaccine mandate increasingly struck down in court. About 1,300 DOE employees who took a year’s unpaid leave — with benefits — agreed to show proof of COVID vaccination by Sept. 5 or be “deemed to have voluntarily resigned.” Of those staffers, 450 got a shot by the deadline and “are returning to their prior schools or work locations,” DOE officials told The Post. They include some 225 teachers and 135 paraprofessionals. The 850 let go makes roughly 1,950 DOE staffers terminated since the vaccine mandate took effect on Oct. 29, 2021.

Rachelle Garcia, an elementary school teacher in Brooklyn for 15 years and mother of two, worked fully in person during the pandemic and never got sick, she said. But she refused to get vaccinated, finally taking leave after the DOE denied her requests for a religious exemption. “I really put my eggs in one basket, hoping and praying that at the last minute our mayor would turn everything around in time for me to go back to work,” she said. Mayor Adams never lifted the vaccine mandate, while other cities and states are dropping such requirements due to relaxed CDC guidelines. “I’m angry, I’m hurt, to be cast aside like I was nothing. Because I couldn’t give a proper goodbye to my students, other teachers told me they kept asking, ‘When is Ms. Garcia coming back?’ That made me cry so much.”

She is now applying for jobs on Long Island. In all, NYC has fired more than 2,600 municipal workers not fully vaccinated, according to City Hall tallies. But last week, a Manhattan judge ruled that an unvaccinated NYPD officer, one of the dozens terminated, can’t be fired because the city gave no explanation of why it rejected his religious exemption request.

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They can’t any recruits.

US Marine Corps Quietly Changes COVID-19 Vaccine Policy (ET)

The U.S. Marine Corps issued guidance to roll back its strict punishments for service members who are seeking COVID-19 vaccine exemptions. In guidance posted online on Sept. 14, the “Marine Corps will not enforce any order to accept COVID-19 vaccination, administratively separate, or retaliate against Marines in the class for asserting statutory rights under the Religious Freedom Restoration Act.” That guidance was changed following a recent Florida federal court order that temporarily blocked the Marines from taking action against individuals who seek a religious exemption. The latest guidance posted by the Marines made reference to that order, which was handed down in August.

“Involuntary administrative separation processing of class members for refusing COVID-19 vaccination is suspended,” the memo also said, while it directs commanders to “pause all administrative actions related to the involuntary separation of a class member, regardless of the current status of the separation process.” Listing several examples, the Marine guidance added that “no orders will be given to receive the vaccine, no counselings will be issued for refusing the vaccine, no administrative separation boards will be conducted,” and no discharges will be issued. If the Florida judge’s order is vacated or expires, the Marines may still enforce punishment against those who don’t meet the COVID-19 vaccine requirement, a spokesperson told Fox News.

Last year, Pentagon chief Lloyd Austin issued an order that mandated vaccinations for all members of the armed service. “The Marine Corps is aware of the class-wide preliminary injunction issued by a District Court judge for the Middle District of Florida preventing the Marine Corps from enforcing any order to accept the COVID-19 vaccine or administratively separating Marines who refused to receive the COVID vaccine after their religious accommodation appeal was denied,” Marine Corps spokesperson Maj. Jay Hernandez told the outlet. In recent months, reports have indicated that every branch of the U.S. military is struggling to find new recruits, triggering warnings from some members of Congress.

Some have flagged the Pentagon’s strict vaccine requirement while others have said it is because of the slow creep of “woke” diversity trainings and mandates into the military. And others say that high U.S. obesity rates may be a contributing factor, and others note that the pay is not adequate. “We are on the cusp of a military recruiting crisis,” Rep. Mike Gallagher (R-Wis.) told Politico in July. “When Republicans take control of Congress in a few months,” he added, “averting the recruiting crisis will be a top priority of the Military Personnel Subcommittee.”

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This discussion has become far too one-sided.

Study Takes Wrecking Ball to Myths About Apocalyptic ‘Climate Change’ (BN)

Climate experts have published peer-reviewed research in the journal European Physical Journal Plus that takes a wrecking ball to numerous unsubstantiated claims about ‘apocalyptic’ climate change that have flourished in the mainstream press. One such article comes from the New York Times in March 2022, which claimed that: “Scientists have been able to draw links between a warming planet and hurricanes, heat waves and droughts, but the same can’t be said for tornadoes yet.” But such presumptions are utterly demolished with data and fact-based analysis in the 2022 study, “A critical assessment of extreme events trends in times of global warming.” It disabuses readers of the fallacious argument that climate change poses an existential threat to human life and to the planet.

The first point of contention that the researchers analyze is whether the marginal increase in global temperatures has been accompanied by an increase in major hurricanes. “Historically, around 60% of all economic damages caused by disasters worldwide is the consequence of hurricanes in the USA, and more than 80% of this damage comes from major hurricanes,” the authors state. “It is therefore not surprising that hurricanes grab interest and attention. Due to their frightening destructive potential, it is also not surprising that hurricanes are a central element in the debate on climate change mitigation and adaptation policies.” “To date, global observations do not show any significant trends in both the number and the energy accumulated by hurricanes, as shown in Fig. 1 and as claimed in several specific papers for the USA, which report the trend dating back to over 160 years ago, or for other regions of the globe,” the authors note.

“Therefore, after adjusting the time series to take into account the smaller observational capacities of the past, there remains only a small nominally positive upward trend of the tropical storms from 1878 to 2006,” the authors observe. “Statistical tests indicate that this trend is not significantly distinguishable from zero.”

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“a major breach of international law” that constituted “a violation of Ecuador’s sovereignty, of the human rights of dozens of individuals, including the human rights of Ecuadorian citizens, and of all the rules regarding the sanctity and inviolability of diplomatic missions.”

Secret Documents Have Exposed the CIA’s Julian Assange Obsession (Jacobin)

In 2021, over a year and half after the UC Global employees shared their experiences, Yahoo! News released a bombshell story based on former US government sources about the CIA’s “secret war plans against WikiLeaks.” The CIA received direct footage from within the embassy, plotted to kidnap Assange, and toyed with the idea of assassinating him. That US government sources have detailed CIA plots that mirror those of the UC Global witnesses presents fairly powerful corroboration of the most serious allegations. Yahoo’s investigation also stated the CIA covert operations escalated dramatically as Trump’s CIA chief, Pompeo, was incensed by the so-called Vault 7 disclosures, detailing highly classified CIA spying techniques.

This also lines up with the testimony of the UC Global employees who say the company’s actions ramped up considerably after Trump’s election. The pivotal moment, per Yahoo, in the CIA’s decision to consider kidnapping Assange came after they caught wind that Ecuador might make Assange a diplomat to another country. Assange’s legal team was willing to consider countries that struck a defiant posture against the United States, including Venezuela, Bolivia, or Cuba. The Ecuadorian government instead suggested Russia, which had granted Edward Snowden asylum. Assange rejected the idea, fearing it would fuel further conspiracy theories. UC Global captured footage and audio of the meeting where this was discussed, meaning it likely played a pivotal role in the CIA escalation of its covert campaign against Assange.

Faced with the claims of his former employees, UC Global owner Morales has denied working for US intelligence. Initially, he denied any surveillance took place at all. After that position became impossible to maintain, Morales switched his story, claiming it was authorized by Ecuador’s then ambassador to the UK, Carlos Abad. Abad passed away in November 2019, but Jacobin spoke to former Ecuadorian foreign minister Guillaume Long. Long has also testified before the Spanish criminal probe into Morales. Long explained how documents from Morales purporting to show Ecuador authorized the surveillance are forgeries, and crude ones at that. For example, they used the wrong email endings for Ecuadorian diplomatic officials. In addition to fake email addresses, the documents themselves also bore fake serial numbers.

“They [UC Global] were clearly intercepted by the CIA to spy on all of us, especially Assange,” Long told Jacobin. Long called the US-directed surveillance “a major breach of international law” that constituted “a violation of Ecuador’s sovereignty, of the human rights of dozens of individuals, including the human rights of Ecuadorian citizens, and of all the rules regarding the sanctity and inviolability of diplomatic missions.”

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Putin full press conference at SCO









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    Pablo Picasso Horses and person 1939   • Germans Could Be ‘Left Without A Country’ Soon – Trump (RT) • Sympathy For Germany (Varoufakis) • Rand C
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle September 19 2022]


    Just Some Randomer

    Tesla: “….and the instruments through which we will shall be able to do all of this, will fit in our vest pockets”.

    My vest pocket you say? But…that’s where I keep the brush for shining my top hat.

    Dr. D

    The NZ farmer thing is serious. So their lack of product to market means shortages, means prices rise = capitalism. Yeah, except that the people don’t have the money, because it’s not capitalism, but central bank inflation to golfing buddies. I’m sure to some extent, some produce can rise in price and be bought, but not a nation’s worth at double the price. They can probably localize and harvest with less fuel, but that takes on about a decade to fully implement, and a lot of legal arrangements like farm workers. Welcome to hell, this is what farmers were telling you for years, and in Holland and Italy right now.

    Although this is about the money, it’s also not about the money. It’s about getting the fuel to the fields on a specific day at a window of price. And that happens only to get the food at the market on a specific time at a specific parameter of price. But if the people have no money, or haven’t adjusted yet to the gravity of their situation, there is no money from the people to be applied. And adding more to your best friend’s corporate bank doesn’t buy a lorry worth of lettuce. He only needs one head.

    Like German energy, do you bail out the farmers? (Hahahaha! Of course not!) So we give them money to remain solvent but – don’t – harvest and deliver from the field? Wow, that would be #Winning. 100% costs, zero products! Or variations of the theme.

    Also someone noted, in Holland and other places, the Farmers don’t “Own” the land. We never think of it, because all the feudal titles are dead, but they have only inherited rights. Now: one of the rights may stipulate they keep ownership only so long as they farm. Which they have for 1,000 years, long forgot. But if farmers are interrupted for a year, their titles may revert if you can find an evil enough magistrate…and they can.

    “German Bakery Slapped with €330,000 Gas Bill after Contract Canceled”

    Don’t worry: they’ll bail them out! They’re employers of humans. So…NOT! But they don’t need bakeries, we’ll give them digital bread in the metaverse! Mmmmm. So nourishing.

    “The European Commission on Sunday proposed withholding $7.5 billion of funds allocated to Hungary, due to corruption concerns.“

    Taking a page from Joe Biden’s playbook: illegally withholding funds other people (Congress) already allocated unless someone gets on the phone and says “What’s all this I hear about corruption over there?” …Oh wait, asking that was impeachable. Because it * might * affect the career of someone who wasn’t a candidate, and wasn’t likely to be, as far, far too old.

    As they say, the only other corruption in the Whooooooooole EU, is an independent Polish Judiciary. No corruption in Italy, heavens no! When was Italy ever corrupt? No corruption when Germany force-installed the Italian leader with no precedent, process, or legal right at all. No corruption in Cyprus banks. No! Only Poles who support families.

    Anyway, hilarious since Hungary is going to make 3x that penalty in lowered energy costs. No. Please. Stop. Don’t throw me in that briar patch with reduced energy costs and higher birth and marriage rates. Inconceivable.

    EU Launch Propaganda Board Game About Commission Tsar Ursula von der Leyen (BB)”

    It’s a game where you start with a fully-functioning nuclear-age modern economy, and the goal is to end up in the dark, with everyone dead and living in caves. It’s going rather well, she’s a master player. (Technically Tsarina)

    the rulebook for this basic game runs to over 100 pages in its English edition.”

    It’s Europe and the EU, we expect no less. Also the game must be played in a $10,000 conference room, must take at least 6 months, and must keep everyone’s private jets idling on the tarmac.

    “Updated List of US-Based Food Manufacturing Plants Destroyed under Biden (GP)”

    It’s certainly true that some of them must be accidents, and it’s very difficult to establish a baseline for the average number harmed per last 20 years. However, I think we all have the same impression as the author: it’s much higher, and some of the accidents – like a small plane crashing into it – are very, very weird.

    President Joe Biden said he believes the Covid-19 pandemic is “over”

    Hmmm. And I thought it would have to reappear a week before the election. Maybe that’s moneypox. But that wasn’t going so well, having been mocked ruthlessly from the redwood forest to the Gulf Stream waters, from California to the New York island.

    “US Marine Corps Quietly Changes COVID-19 Vaccine Policy (ET)
    They can’t find any recruits.”

    Thank God. Why could they find any before? They’ve killed Vets on purpose and put them on food stamps for 200 years. Did potential soldiers never read military history? Stay home like Cincinnatus and arm up for the American people, not for the Army of a corrupt Congress.

    “Secret Documents Have Exposed the CIA’s Julian Assange Obsession (Jacobin)”

    Go Jacobin! Props.

    Apparently WWII was as safe as Covid. No wonder we freaked out about it.


    Until their Ponzi scheme collapses, western governments will keep do what they have always done:

    1. Promote the short-term interests of banks, corporations and opportunists.

    2. Make everything that matters worse at an accelerating rate.

    3. Lie about everything.

    4. Steal as much as they can get away with and distribute the booty amongst themselves and their associates..

    5. Accept no responsibility.

    6. Look for someone else to blame when things go badly.

    If they seem to behave like gangs of criminals, that is because they are.


    “Hungary Can No Longer Be Considered A Full Democracy – EU Lawmakers (RMX)”

    I guess this makes it a semi-democracy. Not to worry, half the US is semi-fascist. You get used to it.


    So Youtube will let Vlad discuss the merits of special operations in Ukronaziville but Chris Martenson has to use the imaginary word divizibits to imply Ivermectin. And Bill Gates never had anything to do with computers and IT and medicine. OK got it. What you can and can’t say in polite society these days it sure is hard t keep up. Swiss finishing school moved to Seattle or Silicon Valley I reckon.

    Also the city of London, The Vatican and Washington DC are all corporations.

    Three Corporations run the world: City of London, Washington DC and Vatican City

    The City of London houses

    Rothschild controlled ‘Bank of England’
    Lloyds of London
    The London Stock Exchange
    All British Banks
    The Branch offices of 384 Foreign Banks
    70 USA Banks
    Fleet Streets Newspaper and Publishing Monopolies
    Headquarters for Worldwide Freemasonry
    Headquarters for the worldwide money cartel known as ‘THE CROWN’


    Just realised the crown worn by King Chucky of ye olde England has a gold/jewel value of around $4 million. Price of a house in Melbourne or Sydney. Someone should make an offer. It would be awesome to rock to a fancy dress. Like the actual crown.
    Such a silly looking thing are not these people just a little embarrassed at the childish play acting of it all or like all public life a little cosplay go along way – masks spring to mind.

    People are insane and I think I will take some magic mushrooms soon just to have a laugh at the absurdity of it all.



    Who can the EU DEPEND on for supplies of gas? By its nature it can only be supplied in enough quantity by pipelines. Who can supply this gas reliably for decades. Any new pipelines would take years to build.

    Russia has been an extremely reliable supplier of energy. There were no interruptions throughout the Cold War. The only interruption was gas when the Ukrainians started stealing it.

    Even now, despite the freezing of hundreds of billions of Russian financial assets, infinite sanctions, plus supplying weapons to kill Russians, Russia is still prepared to continue energy supplies. However Europe is furious that Russia actually wants payment for it in a currency that is usable!

    All the current attention is on NS1 – the West shut down 80% and Russia shut down 20%, so it is all Russia’s fault!!! I feel sure that Russia would supply gas via NS2, but the US will not allow that.

    Russia is building a pipeline to send this gas to China so the supply of gas to the EU may become unavailable.

    It will be interesting to see how many people die this winter, and what effect it will have on future elections.


    “So it begins…sowing the seeds for throwing folks under the bus. ”
    Ed Dowd

    John Day

    “Foreboding” , with a picture of oak-flooring progress

    This reminds me of “President Biden” saying Russia would invade Ukraine for sure, after setting up 150,000 Ukrainian troops to invade Donbass (maybe Russia, too) and increasing shelling of civilians from 80/day to 1200/day ahead of the assault.
    ​ ​In a Sunday “60 Minutes” interview to air in full Sunday night, President Joe Biden issued a warning for Russian President Vladimir Putin to not “change the face of war” by employing either tactical nuclear or chemical weapons against Ukraine.
    “Don’t. Don’t. Don’t. You will change the face of war unlike anything since World War II,” Biden said while speaking to CBS interviewer Scott Pelley.​..
    ..”They’ll become more of a pariah in the world than they ever have been.”​ …
    ​ Beginning in April, foreign minister Sergei Lavrov vowed that Russia would avoid using nuclear weapons at all costs – in response to headlines alleging Russian nuclear preparedness related to the Ukraine crisis.

    ​Charles Hugh Smith: Fourth Turn, Turn, Turn​
    The cycles of The Fourth Turning, Fischer and Turchin are all in alignment at this point in history.
    ​ ​The 1997 book The Fourth Turning: An American Prophecy proposed a cyclical pattern of four 20-year generations which culminate in a national crisis every 80 years. The book identifies these dates as Fourth Turnings: 1781 (Revolutionary War), 1861 (Civil War) and 1941 (global war). add 80 years and voila, 2021.​ …
    ..David Hackett Fischer’s book The Great Wave: Price Revolutions and the Rhythm of History proposes another cycle: humans expand their numbers and consumption until they’ve exploited and depleted all available resources.
    ​ ​As resources become scarce, societies and economies unravel as humans do not respond well to rising prices generated by scarcities.
    ​ ​The unraveling continues until consumption is realigned with the resources available. In the past this meant either a mass die-off that drastically reduced human numbers and consumption (for example, The Black Plague), a decline in fertility that slowly reduced population to fit resources, mass migration to locales with more resources or the discovery and exploitation of a new scalable energy source that enabled a new cycle of rising consumption.​..
    ..​Peter Turchin proposed another socio-economic cycle of 50 years in his book Ages of Discord: in the integrative stage, people find reasons to cooperate. In the disintegrative stage at the end of the cycle, people no longer find much common ground or reasons to cooperate. Political, social and financial extremes proliferate, culminating in a rolling crisis.
    ​ ​In Turchin’s analysis, the previous 50-year age of discord began around 1970, and the current era of discord began in 2020. Those who lived through the domestic terrorism, urban decay, stagflation and political/social/legal crises of the 1970s recall how inter-related crises dominated the decade.
    ​ ​In my analysis, the last period of discord in the 1970s was “saved” by the supergiant oil fields discovered in the 60s coming online in the late 1970s and early 1980s. That oil enabled a 40-year boom which is now ending, with no new scalable source of energy available to replace oil.​..
    ..Today’s extremes of wealth and income inequality are optimized to spark political discord and revolts. The wealthiest 20% will be able to pay higher prices, but the bottom 40% will not. The middle 40% will find their disposable income, i.e. their income left over after paying for essentials, will drop to near-zero.
    ​ ​When 80% of the populace are crunched financially, revolutions and the overthrow of governments follow.

    ​ ​Russia is prepared to provide 300,000 tons of fertilizers currently amassed at EU ports due to Western sanctions to developing nations free of charge, President Vladimir Putin announced on Friday.
    ​ ​Speaking at a summit meeting of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) in Uzbekistan, the Russian leader said he had discussed agricultural export issues with UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres.
    ​ ​“The day before yesterday I informed Mr. Guterres that 300,000 tons of Russian fertilizers had piled up in the European Union’s seaports,” Putin said, adding that Moscow is “ready to give them to developing countries for free,” and that such deliveries would be instrumental in alleviating the global food crisis.

    ​Charles Hugh Smith again, The End of Cheap Food​
    ​ ​Of all the modern-day miracles, the least appreciated is the incredible abundance of low cost food in the U.S. and other developed countries. The era of cheap food is ending, for a variety of mutually reinforcing reasons.
    ​ ​We’ve become so dependent on industrial-scale agriculture fueled by diesel that we’ve forgotten that when it comes to producing food, “every little bit helps”–even small backyards / greenhouses can provide meaningful quantities of food and satisfaction…
    ​..​Highly educated people cannot recognize a green bean plant because they’ve never seen one. They know nothing about soil or industrial farming. They’ve never seen the animals they eat up close or cared for any of the animals humans have tended for their milk, eggs and flesh for millennia.
    ​ ​Most of us take the industrial scale of agriculture and the resulting abundance and low cost for granted, as if it was a kind of birthright rather than a brief period of reckless consumption of resources that cannot be replaced.
    ​ ​Small-scale agriculture is financially difficult because it is competing with global industrial agriculture powered by hydrocarbons and low-cost overseas labor.

    John Day

    ​Putin’s speech to the heads of state at Samarkand:
    ​Speech by the President of Russia at an expanded meeting of the SCO Heads of State Council

    Speech by the President of Russia at an expanded meeting of the SCO Heads of State Council

    US/NATO provide the artillery and must approve the targets:
    Ukraine has again shelled the area around the Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant in an effort to undermine the facility’s safety, Russia’s Defense Ministry claimed on Saturday.
    The ministry said that “the Kiev regime has resumed provocations to create the threat of a man-made disaster” at the plant. Within the last 24 hours, the Russian military registered two Ukrainian artillery strikes, one on a suburban settlement and the other on a thermal substation in the vicinity of the facility, which has been under Russian control since March.
    ​ ​“In total, 15 artillery shells were fired from the Nikopol area of the Dnepropetrovsk region. The artillery units of the Ukrainian Armed Forces were suppressed by retaliatory fire,” the statement read. According to the Defense Ministry, the radiation situation at the plant remains normal.

    Eleni sent this: Russia Won’t Congratulate CIA on it’s Diamond Jubilee, M.K. Bhadrakumar (He misses CIA instrumentality in assassinating JFK and RFK.)
    ..A US Senate commission in 1975 uncovered and confirmed CIA involvement in contract killings and coup d’état. It counted 8 cases of assassination attempts by CIA agents and mercenaries on Fidel Castro during 1960-1965 alone. Havana later revealed the full tally — from 1959 through 1990, CIA planned 634 assassination attempts on Fidel.

    Russia won’t congratulate CIA on its diamond jubilee

    US Announces Fund to Benefit Afghan Economy—Using Stolen Afghan Bank Reserves
    “The Afghan Fund is funded by Afghanistan, and the U.S. is only delivering unprecedented suffering,” said one economic policy group..
    ..The fund will include “$3.5 billion of ​($7 billion “confiscated”) ​Afghan central bank reserves to be used for the benefit of the people of Afghanistan while keeping them out of the hands of the Taliban and other malign actors,” the Treasury Department said, and will make “targeted disbursements of that $3.5 billion to help provide greater stability to the Afghan economy.”

    John Day

    Nearly 50 Members Of Congress Call On Pentagon To End Military Vaccine Mandate

    An Indian court ordered Bill Gates, the Indian government and the Serum Institute of India — the world’s largest vaccine manufacturer — to provide formal responses relating to a case filed by the father of a 33-year-old doctor who died after receiving AstraZeneca’s Covishield COVID-19 vaccine.
    ​..​Snehal Lunawat was a 33-year-old doctor and senior lecturer at the SMBT Dental College & Hospital in Maharashtra State. According to her father, she was compelled, as a health worker, to get the Covishield vaccine.
    ​ ​On Jan. 28, 2021, Snehal received the Covishield vaccine, which is produced by the Serum Institute. Her father claims his daughter had received assurances the vaccines were entirely safe and posed no risk to her health.
    ​ ​However, her father stated, Snehal developed severe headaches and vomiting while attending a workshop just days after receiving the vaccine, resulting in her hospitalization. There, doctors said that she was suffering from bleeding in the brain, low platelet count and blood clot formation.
    ​ ​After 14 days elapsed without her condition improving, Snehal’s family transferred her to another hospital, where she died eight days later.​..
    ​ ​Lunawat said his daughter was convinced to receive the vaccine as a result of an “alleged false narrative.”
    ​ ​The lawsuit characterized interviews given by Indian public health officials in the nation’s media as contributing to this “false narrative,” naming several of these interviews, including one by Dr. VG Somani, drug controller general of India, that was broadcast on Jan. 4, 2021, and during which Somani claimed, “the vaccines are 110 percent safe.”

    Court Orders Bill Gates, Indian Government to Respond to Lawsuit Filed by Family of Woman Who Died After AstraZeneca Vaccine


    After Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis sent two planes of mostly Venezuelan asylum-seekers to Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts, advertising executive Max Lefeld slammed the move.

    He tweeted

    “It’s like me taking my trash out and just driving to different areas where I live and just throwing my trash there,”

    The Demoncrats are gaslighting i.e. PROJECTING there own Freudian slip of disgust towards ‘those people’ in their back yards.

    Rip the masks off bitchz.

    The wealthy DNC scum think illegal immigrants in THEIR neighborhoods are TRASH

    Glad you’ve cleared that up.




    Obomber, please let us into Martha’s Vindyard, oh pretty PLEASE!!!


    But guys! guys! I am told by pollsters appearing on CSPAN that the democrats are now favored to win in November! /s (well, not actually sarcasm, but it’s true that that is what they are saying.) But it’s a fine line between claiming victory early (ala Ha-ha-hillary) and encouraging republicans to go to the polls (and letting your own lazy voters not even bother to mail in their specious ballots).
    Those pollsters are lying to set up the results of the cheating the DNC plans to do.

    “Deep fakes” are really going to mess with things. The problem with being a gaslighter is that you better have your own head screwed on tightly to reality, or you lose it, too.

    I am convinced that spellchecker was invented to mess with a writer’s flow of thoughts and even undermine what was written. Never has it been so important to go back and check one’s work!




    Both the BBC and CNN are apparently proudly featuring Pavlos, the crown prince of Greece, in their TV coverage of the funeral. But Greece has no crown prince. Indeed, it has no royalty.



    The carpetbaggers are coming
    • Hungary PM Orban Warns Ukraine Could Lose Up To Half Of Its Territory (RT)

    • The Power Of Collective Grief, From the Queen to George Floyd to Covid (G.)

    Back to normal dying/counting
    • Biden: ‘The Pandemic Is Over’ (CNN)

    For people hospitalized for Covid-19, the risk of dying fell to the lowest it’s ever been during the Omicron wave, according to a study published last week by the CDC.
    ….. instead focus on reducing severe disease from Covid-19. But the agency says some people, including those who are older, immunocompromised, have certain disabilities or underlying health conditions, are at higher risk for serious illness, and may need to take more precautions.

    Don’t know why but – Extreme events are happening
    • Study Takes Wrecking Ball to Myths About Apocalyptic ‘Climate Change’ (BN)

    “Scientists have been able to draw links between a warming planet and hurricanes, heat waves and droughts, but the same can’t be said for tornadoes yet.” But such presumptions are utterly demolished with data and fact-based analysis in the 2022 study, “A critical assessment of extreme events trends in times of global warming.” It disabuses readers of the fallacious argument that climate change poses an existential threat to human life and to the planet.


    Let’s start a betting pool, friendly wagers, on the collapse of the different dunces that make up Urotardistan®.

    German is the Head Domino



    “Crown prince of Greece”
    Pretending to [still] be royalty was a popular scam in the 1920s if 1930s comedies are any guide.
    Poor Pavlos- he saw an opportunity and grabbed it. I’ll bet his hedge fund got a boost.
    According to the treaty of Vienna (1815), titles are maintained even after deposition. Thus you may all refer to me by the title bestowed upon me by my Grampa when I was a toddler: Duchess.

    John Day

    Germ asked yesterday, about the September 23-24 event rumored last week to be “unforgettable”, and with Denver giving out little bug-out-bags.

    I don’t know, but I “feel” it approaching. We are having a fall garden-party, just after equinox, and it is also my Mom’s birthday, but those things don’t explain my “feeling”, which is dark-foreboding.


    aspnaz- it’s good to hear you are not just alright, but having a wonderful time.


    Pandemic …. Covid Guide lines

    6 ft distances
    wear a mask
    Keep away from crowds

    Funeral of queen is proof that societies can act normally


    Met a couple yesterday where both had to submit religious exemptions to avoid vaccine mandates at work. She worked in HR at ASU, and basically just had to write a simple paragraph stating religious grounds of her request. He works for a government contractor and had to fill out a 12-page document that included essay questions. A coworker said something about “fetal cells” on his exemption request and then had to fill out a 3 page follow up document that challenged his convictions on fetal cells (did you know this list of drugs *also* uses fetal cells?). The government contractor company management is very “woke.” The employees are not “woke.” Both were successful in obtaining their exemptions.

    My spouse returned to his former job this weekend and says that fellow employees openly talked about their vax status, and all who talked about it were vaxxed. One guy, gay, also showed off monkey pox scarring on his arm.

    It’s a mad, mad world.


    mpsk: “Thus you may all refer to me by the title bestowed upon me by my Grampa when I was a toddler: Duchess.”

    I’m in trouble here at my house. Bestowed the title on my dog, when a puppy, of “her royal majesty the princess Sage.” Didn’t realize it lasts until she departs this earth. Forehead slap.


    Let’s beat our breasts and shave our locks
    While pompous ones all gather ‘round
    A rather large, imposing box
    Which soon they’ll bury under ground.

    It’s just their way of saying goodbye
    To someone who had so much stuff
    The unaffected had to cry:
    Just when is so much stuff enough?


    Oil refineries, however, do seem to be under regular attack. Anyone have stats, I’m curious.


    Is “inflection point” newspeak for “collapse”?


    Private planes …. Trudeau and companies when returning from the funeral ….. don’t forget
    You must fill in your ArriveCan


    The Future will become sustainable. It is as inevitable as night follows day. If you really understand what this means your mouth will go dry.


    Armenia and Azerbaijan. The New Atlas


    Re. Trump and Germany energy dependence.

    In Sept. 2018 at the UN General Assembly Trump warns Germany of its energy dependence on Russia and the cam. moves to German officials laughing and mocking. Brief vid. clip. WaPo.


    Ugo Bardi post (Sept. 2022) about corruption of ‘Science.’

    The Rise of the Key Opinion Leaders: the End of Politics as we Know it?

    first parag, quote:

    I met a top-level KOL (key opinion leader) for the first time in 2005 when I was organizing a conference on energy. The Tuscan Regional Government was sponsoring the conference, and they wanted a high-profile speaker. So, they insisted on inviting Jeremy Rifkin, the author of “The Hydrogen Based Economy” (2001). I disagreed, but they were those who paid for the conference, so we had to invite him. Rifkin wanted $10,000 as a fee, a first-class plane ticket, and VIP treatment. He got all that in exchange for a talk of about 45 minutes, in which he said nothing new or especially interesting. He took no more than a few questions, giving vague answers, then he disappeared, leaving for another conference. He didn’t even stay for the speakers’ dinner.

    Rifkin is best known imho for his book “The end of work..”

    Many ‘scientists’ don’t do Science any longer, they do: become famous – get paid – talk BS or whatever is required – make dodgy deals – etc. I have know several ppl who worked hard, and competed, not only to become rich (that is actually a side issue), but to be in the spotlight, adulated, listened to, clapped after talks, admired, filmed, be praised in the magazine lievel MSM; and to be a ‘mentor’ to young ppl who then become totally dependent on the ‘top figure’…Very creepy…


    Might as well start learning some work chanteys. Lift that barge, tote that bale…


    No stats for oil refineries but I can tell you that NZ’s only refinery was recently shut down. The small quantity of crude oil extracted that is from NZ reserves is sent overseas for refining, and refined products are imported.

    It makes perfect sense if you own shares in shipping companies and it you want to increase overall emissions.

    For people living in regions distant from the equator or on land masses distant from the ameliorating effect of oceans.


    Eyes open folks.

    Walmart, Target, Macy’s and Kohl’s are among retailers that have recently said they are canceling some orders to better balance inventory levels, a replay of a strategy used at the start of the pandemic.

    Other steps retailers are using to clear inventories as spending has slowed on some non-discretionary categories are employing markdowns and packing away products for the following year. The elevated inventory levels also reflect intentional over-buying to mitigate shortages and the easing of supply chain constraints.

    One risk of canceling orders is straining or damaging relationships with trading partners. After the pandemic arrived, many retailers were called out for not honoring their contracts to pay in full for goods that were in production as well as for requests for postponements, discounts or delays in payment. Several issued statements assuring their commitments, with Levi’s and Gap offering low-cost financing to factories to weather payment delays.

    The other risk is not having enough inventory to meet demand. Many retailers and brands indicated they missed sales opportunities during the 2020 holiday season due to overly-lean inventories as demand recovered more quickly than expected.

    Second-quarter analyst calls found retailers aware of potential inventory shortfall risks from overly aggressive actions.

    Christina Hennington, Target’s EVP and chief growth officer, said steps being taken by the discounter’s buying team include “rigorously reforecasting expectations for the balance of the year and beyond and determining where to reduce future receipts and orders. In some cases, it meant working with vendor partners to reduce our fall receipts in light of our updated expectations. It also meant quickly building compelling promotional plans to drive unit velocity for product we already owned, all with a focus on providing great value and generating excitement for our guests.”

    John David Rainey, Walmart’s EVP and CFO, said it had cleared most summer inventory, was reducing exposure in electronics, home and sporting goods, and canceled “billions of dollars in orders” to realign inventories. He said, “Our actions in Q3 will allow us to make significant progress toward rationalizing absolute levels and mix, which will enable our stores to be well positioned ahead of the holiday season.”

    Walmart and other retailers are canceling billions of dollars in orders



    I first encountered Ugo Bardi (Italian chemistry professor) about 15 years ago, when he wrote an article about the collapse of the Roman Empire, and the impossibility [if one had a time machine] of convincing a Roman leader that the best way forward was to disband the army and get everyone to downsize.

    He wrote a commentary about the coming famine just under a year ago.

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