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Why Democrats Need to Re-Think Hunter’s Contempt (Turley)
Trump Warns of ‘Big Trouble’ if Supreme Court Rules Against Ballot Access (ET)
Biden White House Coordinates Fani Willis Indictment of Donald Trump (Kanekoa)
Judge James Boasberg Gives Ray Epps Probation (CTH)
Biden on Borders (Kanekoa)
Trump is the Winter Coat – Charles Nenner (USAW)
Something Lost, Never to Be Found Again (Alastair Crooke)
Netanyahu ‘In Real Trouble,’ IDF Can’t Control Gaza – Analyst (Sp.)
West Ready To Back Ukraine ‘For Years’ – UK Foreign Secretary (RT)
Russian Tycoon Deripaska Predicts 20% Oil Price Crash (RT)
German Government Ready to Sacrifice Own Citizens in Order to Arm Ukraine (Sp.)
Germany Could Face Its Own ‘Maidan’ – Medvedev (RT)
Let the Games Begin (James Howard Kunstler)
Fauci Unable to Answer Key Questions in Pandemic Probe (CHD)








Elon Musk: “Arizona clearly states that no proof of citizenship is required for federal elections.”



Rogan 1965








Scott Ritter







“..unanimously oppose holding Hunter Biden in contempt of Congress despite his flagrant violation of a subpoena to appear for a standard closed deposition…”

Why Democrats Need to Re-Think Hunter’s Contempt (Turley)

This week, the Republican-controlled House will begin contempt proceedings against Hunter Biden with a vote expected as early as this week. That alone will be an historic moment for Congress to declare that the son of a sitting president may have committed a federal felony. However, the costs may not be borne by Hunter alone. If the Democratic members, as expected, unanimously oppose the contempt sanction, the party could fundamentally undermine its position in future investigations. The Democratic leadership has made a series of similar decisions in the last decade that have cost the party dearly by opting for immediate political benefits over long-term interests. They are acting as the political version of short sellers who have given away institutional positions, only to find later that the costs were prohibitive.

That was the case when Democrats repeatedly undermined the Senate filibuster. Many of us warned Democratic senators that they would rue the day that they killed the rule. Nevertheless, in 2013, Democrats pushed through a rule change allowing most presidential nominees (but not Supreme Court nominees) to be confirmed by a simple majority vote. Then in 2017, when Republicans controlled the Senate, they extended the simple-majority rule change to justices, too — and when Democrats wanted the filibuster to block the High Court nominations of Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh or Amy Coney Barrett during the Trump administration, it was gone. Likewise, when Democrats first sought to impeach President Donald Trump, they held only one hearing in the House Judiciary Committee and discarded the development of the type of evidentiary record used in past impeachments.

I warned that the record guaranteed an easy acquittal in the Senate and undermined the process of impeachment. They ignored such warnings and quickly impeached, then lost the case in the Senate. In a second impeachment, they went even further, using what I called a “snap impeachment” with no hearing of any kind. Now, after using the first snap impeachment in history, Democrats are implausibly arguing that House Republicans have failed to support impeachment efforts against President Joe Biden and objected to the lack of hearings with particular witnesses. They also have encouraged President Biden to act unilaterally in a host of areas, including his attempt to give away a half-trillion dollars in student loan debts.

When House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) was targeted for removal by a handful of GOP members, many people urged Democrats not to support such a dysfunctional movewhen the nation had serious problems to address. Yet Democrats voted with the rebellious Republicans to oust McCarthy, and the whole effort caused weeks of disruption. It shattered a certain detente in such motions to vacate— and Republicans are very likely to return the favor during any future revolt against a Democratic speaker. The political culture of short selling is nowhere more evident than in the “ballot-cleansing” efforts of Democratic officials and activists to remove Trump’s name from 2024 ballots as well as to remove primary opponents against Biden.

The immediate satisfaction of blocking potential voters ignores the long-term costs of this distinctly anti-democratic measure. When presented with those implications, anti-Trump pundits often express anger. MSNBC host Joe Scarborough, for example, called such concerns “laughable” and told critics to “spare me the anti-democratic lectures.” Now, Democrats are about to do another short sell. They are expected to unanimously oppose holding Hunter Biden in contempt of Congress despite his flagrant violation of a subpoena to appear for a standard closed deposition. It is the very same demand made by Democrats in prior congresses, before witnesses subsequently appeared for public hearings on controversies like the Jan. 6, 2021, Capitol riot.

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“.. the 14th Amendment provision has been used so sparingly in American history that the U.S. Supreme Court has never ruled on it.”

Trump Warns of ‘Big Trouble’ if Supreme Court Rules Against Ballot Access (ET)

Former President Donald Trump warned there would be “big trouble” if the U.S. Supreme Court issued an unfavorable ruling in cases where he is denied access to states’ ballots. The nation’s high court on Jan. 5 agreed to hear a case that stemmed from the Colorado Supreme Court’s earlier ruling that barred President Trump from appearing on the ballot in the state. The judges wrote that he should be blocked due to their interpretation of the Constitution’s 14th Amendment’s Section 3, which prohibits candidates who engaged in an “insurrection or rebellion” from running for office. During a rally on Jan. 5, the former president told a rally in Iowa that he hopes “we get fair treatment because if we don’t, our country’s in big, big trouble. Does everybody understand what I’m saying?”

In their appeal to the high court, his lawyers argued that Colorado’s voters have been disenfranchised under the state Supreme Court’s ruling in December. “The Colorado Supreme Court decision would unconstitutionally disenfranchise millions of voters in Colorado and likely be used as a template to disenfranchise tens of millions of voters nationwide,” the lawyers wrote in their appeal.Aside from Colorado, Maine Secretary of State Shenna Bellows unilaterally ruled to block the former president from the ballot, prompting an appeal to the Supreme Court. And like in Colorado, Ms. Bellows argued that he should be barred from appearing on primary and general election ballots because of the 14th Amendment’s clause. The appeal to the Supreme Court came one day after the president’s legal team filed an appeal against the ruling from Ms. Bellows that Trump was ineligible to appear on that state’s ballot over his role in the Capitol breach.

Both the Colorado Supreme Court and the Maine secretary of state’s rulings are on hold until the appeals play out. Late last week, the former president’s attorney and spokeswoman, Alina Habba, said she believes the Supreme Court will “step up” to reject the ballot decisions because they are “pro-law” and “pro-fairness.” “I think it should be a slam dunk in the Supreme Court. I have faith in them,” Ms. Habba told Fox News’ Sean Hannity. “You know, people like Kavanaugh, who the president fought for, who the president went through how to get into place, he’ll step up.” The Trump appeals to the U.S. Supreme Court also follows one from Colorado’s Republican Party. Other legal observers expect the high court will take the case because it concerns unsettled constitutional issues that go to the heart of how the country is governed. At the same time, the 14th Amendment provision has been used so sparingly in American history that the U.S. Supreme Court has never ruled on it.

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X thread.

Nathan Wade billed the taxpayer for his “coordinating” talks with the White House.

Biden White House Coordinates Fani Willis Indictment of Donald Trump (Kanekoa)

Yesterday, in a shocking revelation, @MarcoPolo501c3 uncovered a significant connection between Nathan Wade, Fani Willis’ lead prosecutor, and the Biden White House. Fani Willis’ lead prosecutor held meetings with Biden’s White House Counsel on May 23 and Nov. 18, 2022, before indicting Donald Trump, Biden’s leading presidential opponent. Remember when Fani Willis prematurely leaked Trump’s indictment before announcing it at a late-night press conference at 11:37 pm? Newt Gingrich told @charliekirk11 that someone from DC called Fani Willis and demanded she indict Trump that Monday night, Aug. 14, 2023, to divert attention away from the Weiss “screw up.” That Weiss “screw up” originated on July 19, 2023, when IRS whistleblowers testified before Congress about DOJ and Weiss blocking investigators from filing felony charges against Hunter Biden, tipping off Hunter about search warrants, preventing witness interviews, and restricting any investigation into President Joe Biden.

Senator Chuck Grassley later released an FBI FD-1023 form detailing a $10 million bribery scheme involving VP Joe Biden and Hunter Biden. One week later, Judge Noreika dismantled Weiss’s unprecedented sweetheart immunity deal for Hunter, questioning why the DOJ granted full-scale immunity to Hunter Biden for unrelated crimes. In the following weeks, the House Oversight Committee released bank records showing payments to the Bidens from Russia, Kazakhstan, and Ukraine. Rep. James Comer disclosed over 170 suspicious activity reports submitted by six banks to the Treasury Department, implicating the Biden family in money laundering, human trafficking, and tax fraud. Devon Archer, Hunter Biden’s business partner, claimed President Joe Biden was involved in over twenty calls regarding his son’s foreign business dealings. Leading up to Friday, Aug. 11, 2023, when Garland appointed Weiss as Special Counsel despite prior false statements to Congress that Weiss already had the authority to file charges against Hunter, further exposing the DOJ’s corruption.

Garland appointed Weiss after he was the attorney who approved Hunter Biden’s unprecedented sweetheart deal, and IRS whistleblowers testified before Congress that Weiss had obstructed the investigation into the Bidens for the last five years. This would explain why Fani Willis leaked the indictment prematurely on Monday, Aug. 14, 2023, before holding a press conference at a quarter to midnight, shifting the media’s focus away from the DOJ protecting Biden to Fani Willis indicting Trump. As revealed in yesterday’s court filings, Nathan Wade, Fani Willis’ lead prosecutor, held meetings with Biden White House Counsel at the beginning and near the end of her grand jury, strategically coordinating Biden’s prosecution of Donald Trump.



Watters Fani

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“..We need a reckoning, a serious and massive foundational reset, the likes of which we have never seen in our nation’s history..”

Judge James Boasberg Gives Ray Epps Probation (CTH)

James Wolfe was the Senate Intelligence Committee Security Director who leaked the top-secret Title-1 search warrant FISA application to journalist Ali Watkins on March 17, 2017. When Wolfe was busted by the FBI his lawyers threatened to introduce evidence in court that he was instructed to do so by SSCI Vice-Chairman Senator Mark Warner. The DOJ dropped the classified document leak charge, and instead charged him only with lying to investigators. Wolfe received probation. In March, 2023, when I wrote the outline about Judge Boasberg being the corrupt DC judge who broke the constitutional restrictions on executive privilege, which technically forced Mike Pence to turn over his notes and testify to James Smith and the DC grand jury, I said at the time, “The entire judicial system is corrupt, soup to nuts, all of it.” I was not using hyperbole.

This is the same Judge Boasberg who sat as presiding judge on the FISA court. The same Judge Boasberg who gave FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith a slap on the wrist for manufacturing evidence used in the Carter Page FISA application that defrauded the court. The same Judge Boasberg who appointed former DOJ-NSD head Mary McCord as amicus curiae advisor to the court, after she knowingly and fraudulently submitted the FISA application to the court. Today, Judge Boasberg gave J6 FBI agent provocateur Ray Epps a sentence of probation.

Judge James Boasberg is not just openly and visibly aligned with the most corrupt activity within Washington DC, this is a federal judge who is laughing at the inability of anyone within the system to do a damned thing about it. We need a reckoning, a serious and massive foundational reset, the likes of which we have never seen in our nation’s history. Pray thankfulness. Pray for wisdom. Pray for resolve. Pray for strength. …. Then prepare!

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Elon Musk: “Incentives matter. They are importing voters.”

Biden on Borders (Kanekoa)

In 2007, Senator Joe Biden declared that no great nation has uncontrolled borders, warning that America must build a border fence and increase border agents to secure the nation against drugs, terror, and illegal immigration. Biden accused wealthy Republicans of wanting to increase illegal immigration to replace American workers with cheaper labor. “The reason the employers want this extra influx is it drives cost down… Employers have to be held responsible for the unscrupulous practice of bringing people here in order to keep wages down.” “That’s not fair to Americans. You have to hold employers responsible for hiring Americans First.”

Criticizing President Bush, Biden lamented the lack of border agents, the absence of a border fence, and the free flow of drugs into the country. “I’ve been arguing for the need to put more protection at our borders, meaning you have more border guards.” “You have to have a significant increase of security at the border, including limited elements where you actually have a fence.” “People can go over and under a fence, but you can’t take 100 kilos of cocaine over and under a fence.” Fast forward to President Biden’s term, and a record-breaking 8 million people have illegally entered the country in 3 years, with a fentanyl crisis leading to over 106,000 Americans overdosing on drugs last year.

On Biden’s inaugural day, he introduced policies that incentivize illegal immigration: • Paused Deportations • Suspended “Remain in Mexico” • Stopped Border Wall Construction. The consequences are dire – a national security crisis draining American taxpayers of hundreds of billions annually, leading major cities to slash budgets for essential services such as fire, police, sanitation, and education. As Senator Biden once warned, “No great nation can be in a position where they can’t control their borders.” “It matters how you control your borders. Not just for immigration, but it matters for drugs, terror, and a whole range of other things.”

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“Trump is going to be the winter coat. I think he can make it less bad. If this continues the way it is, then we are going downhill very fast. I think Trump is coming back.”

Trump is the Winter Coat – Charles Nenner (USAW)

Renowned geopolitical and financial cycle expert Charles Nenner has been warning of a huge war cycle that happens every 120 years or so. With Tiawan/China and Russia/Ukraine and Israel and the Middle East conflicts, we are clearly in this huge war cycle. Nenner also says we are simultaneously entering a huge financial down cycle that could easily turn into the Greatest Depression–ever. Neither of these cycles can be stopped. Nenner explains, “The problem is everywhere. You may remember we said 10 years ago that the biggest problem for the United States is going to be internal. There is a huge problem. Nobody knows what to do anymore, and people are afraid to speak up. . . . History says if you are not allowed to say certain things, then you stop thinking certain things. This is what is written in the book ‘1984.’ . . . .

So, this is the end of what is going on in the United States. I think America is lost, but it is not a surprise. The Dutch ruled for 250 years, and then the Spanish, Portuguese came, and then the English came. Every big society ends, more or less, after 250 years, and now it’s the United States. . . . People are talking about new systems. They think Marxism is good, but it did not work because the people who did it before made mistakes. If you don’t wake up, this is what you are going to get, and that is a communist Marxist situation.” So, is there nothing that can be done to save America? Nenner says, “The cycle is turning down, and people ask is there anything you can do? You cannot do anything about it. The question is what can you do? You have summer and then you have winter . . . if you know winter comes after summer, you can buy a coat. I have predicted all these war situations, and out of the blue they are here. There is nothing you can do about it.”

Where does Donald Trump fit in? Nenner says, “Trump is going to be the winter coat. I think he can make it less bad. If this continues the way it is, then we are going downhill very fast. I think Trump is coming back.” Nenner says interest rates are not going down until summer. He likes gold longer term, but it has not bottomed yet. The stock market is in for at least a 30% fall in the next few months, and the country will fall into a deep recession after the halfway point in 2024. Yes, it could turn into the greatest depression ever because there is astronomical debt. Nenner thinks the wild card is a multifront war that has already started. Be warned as Nenner thinks it can spin out of control at any time. War gets much worse before it gets better. Nenner also is warning about a huge wave of terrorism coming to America with the wide-open southern border.

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“..the purveyors of ‘winning’ hug themselves in sheer glee as their ‘flipped’ delusions are relayed through a compliant MSM..”

Something Lost, Never to Be Found Again (Alastair Crooke)

So the narrative ‘factory’ is put hard to work. The kinetic war in Ukraine is settled in an evident and overwhelming Russian victory – albeit without it yet being ‘over’. Of course not: Ukraine was but one single battlescape in the wider struggle to force the ‘Rimland’ (the Atlanticist world) to accept an agreed upon frontier between it and the ‘Heartland’ (Russia, China and their Asian depth), and gracefully to renounce its claim to exceptionality in determining our global future. The MSM media therefore is abuzz with analysis of how to define a ‘western win’: Is it possible to ‘flip’ the narrative of Ukraine, they ponder, to being ‘another’ western win? They want to continue to feed Ukraine into the grinder – to persist in the fantasy of ‘total win’: “There is no other way than a total win – and to get rid of Putin … We have to take all risks for that. No compromise is possible, no compromise”.

Call the Ukraine conflict a ‘stalemate’, and insist that it represents a ‘defeat’ for Putin and a ‘win’ for Biden, since Russia was unable to seize the whole of Ukraine (falsely imputing this to have been Moscow’s objective, from the start). This approach is thought rather ‘cool’ by western analysts: Frame the narrative of a ‘win’ and ensure that from top-to-bottom of society, all adhere to the correct narrative without demur. But this is little more than a simple projection from the YouTube ‘influencer’ culture, by which random individuals earn ‘street cred’, (and lots of cash), by curating slick narratives – whether about fashion, or political events. It may work insofar as the addled western public is concerned, but it has limited traction beyond western cultural tinselry.

The flaw when ‘flip-narratives’ are weaponised geo-politically, however, is that propaganda which is so divorced from a reality that is evident simply is not a winning narrative (except in the most fleeting of ways). Plainly said, it leads to the self-isolation of its authors. The glee with which evident western ‘reverses’ seemingly can be narratively ‘flipped’ by Intelligence ‘leaks’ propagating rank lies to support a narrative has become a contagion amongst western intelligence services. Yet rather, this ‘deceptive covenant’ is a poisoned chalice. If the West had any remaining sense, it would concentrate more on setting a ‘narrative of western defeat’ in Ukraine, rather than promulgating yet another rotting ‘narrative of victory’ Why so? Because a wise leadership would be preparing its people for defeat.

Unlikely and false stories of glory on the battlefield come back to bite the perpetrators, as (metaphorically) the wounded and dead return to contradict visibly the tale of victory. The West, by contrast, is still fed on stories of western leadership, election, innate qualities and exceptionalism. Put simply, this ‘influencer’ fad signally is failing to help westerners cope with the tectonic shifts occurring across the globe. Its peoples are wholly unprepared for the ‘Winter that is Coming’. Yet, the purveyors of ‘winning’ hug themselves in sheer glee as their ‘flipped’ delusions are relayed through a compliant MSM. Childish propaganda and lying however will only serve to make the new era all the more painful. A ‘narrative of defeat’, told with integrity, by contrast, is one that helps a people to understand how a particular crisis arose and came to afflict them. It should also signal a way forward.

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“..Netanyahu’s future may depend on Biden losing reelection later this year, with a second Donald Trump administration likely being more amenable to ethnic cleansing..”

Netanyahu ‘In Real Trouble,’ IDF Can’t Control Gaza – Analyst (Sp.)

Political analyst Elijah Magnier joined Sputnik’s Political Misfits program Monday to discuss Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s declining political fortunes as the country pulls troops from northern Gaza. “Netanyahu is in real trouble today,” said the journalist in a discussion with host John Kiriakou. “First, he is attacked by his coalition in the government… the finance minister [Bezalel] Smotrich and the security minister [Itamar] Ben-Gvir warned him if he stopped the attack on Gaza, saying that they want the [Israeli] settlers to return to Gaza after they were asked to leave in 2005 by Prime Minister Ariel Sharon.” “This objective contradicts with the American announcement that the Palestinians will go nowhere and will remain in Gaza, and any ethnic cleansing is not permitted,” added Magnier, “which means that the coalition and Netanyahu’s government is not going to hold.”

The Biden administration has largely defended Netanyahu’s military operation in Gaza, which has killed 1% of the enclave’s population over the previous months. Both Biden and US Secretary of State Antony Blinken have a long history of strong support for Israel. But, hounded by elements of his party’s base and activists who have dubbed him “Genocide Joe,” Biden has been compelled to offer rhetorical opposition. His administration has criticized far-right members of Netanyahu’s government calling for a population transfer of Palestinians from Gaza. Magnier said Netanyahu’s future may depend on Biden losing reelection later this year, with a second Donald Trump administration likely being more amenable to ethnic cleansing.

“He [Netanyahu] needs to keep going in this war, first to avoid the fall of the coalition and have the war last for as long as possible, waiting in the hope that Donald Trump will come to power,” said the analyst. “Trump will be extremely happy to put pressure on Egypt to open the gate and force an exodus of all the Palestinians and give him the whole of Gaza.” “The only hope for Netanyahu is to disregard what the Biden administration wants,” he concluded. Discussion then shifted towards South Africa’s recent filing of genocide charges against Israel at the International Court of Justice. The South African government delivered an 80-page complaint against Israel last week, documenting various statements from members of the Israeli government expressing support for ethnic cleansing and mass civilian casualties. The charges are set to be heard this week. “Ministers in the Netanyahu government said, ‘We want to kill all the Palestinians, we don’t want anyone in Gaza to remain alive, and we want to force an exodus on them if they don’t leave Gaza,’” recalled Magnier.

“The heritage minister of Benjamin Netanyahu’s government said we need to use nuclear bombs on Gaza. And the other minister said we are going to cut both electricity and food and supply to Gaza and ‘don’t lecture us about human rights.’” “All these represent clear evidence [of genocidal intent],” he said. “Plus all the films and videos that are posted on TikTok and social media by the Israeli army itself inside Gaza showing how they’re blowing up those homes by spreading explosive everywhere. And then another officer saying, ‘Well, I killed two boys of 20 because I didn’t find any children to kill.’ And the snipers killing civilians who were raising white flags and raising their arms in the sky. So all these represent solid proof of crimes against humanity and war crimes that Israel is committing.” “I think many countries would like to see some of the international laws coming back to normality,” Magnier concluded.

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Foreign Secretary wouldn’t have been enough for ex-PM Cameron. Instead, he was brought in as War Secretary. And that he liked.

West Ready To Back Ukraine ‘For Years’ – UK Foreign Secretary (RT)

The US and its allies will not falter in their support for the Ukrainian cause, and Russia should not count on waiting them out, British Foreign Secretary Lord David Cameron told Parliament on Tuesday. Cameron was prime minister between 2010 and 2016. Last November, he was made a baron and appointed Secretary of State for Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Affairs. Tuesday’s appearance before the Foreign Affairs Committee was his first since returning to government. The Ukraine conflict was among the topics that were raised during the questioning. “Our commitment is such that with our allies, we want to demonstrate to [Russian President Vladimir] Putin very clearly that he cannot wait us out, and we are prepared to support Ukraine through 2024, ’25, ’26,” Cameron told the MPs. “We are prepared to give that support because it is the challenge of our generation.”

The Israeli war on Hamas in Gaza is “certainly” taking international attention away from Ukraine, “which I think is a pity,” Cameron said. “I think it’s the job of the strongest supporters of Ukraine – of which I would say Britain is rightly one – to do everything we can to keep it as high up the agenda as possible, to keep the partnership and coalition of countries that back Ukraine as strong and united and as purposeful as possible.” Support for Ukraine is “not an issue of contention in British politics,” as it may be in the US and some other countries, he insisted. While London will continue to back Kiev even if Washington and others are slow to commit, “we really need the Americans to come forward with this package,” Cameron added. He was confident that the US Congress would do so eventually. The White House has asked for over $60 billion to fund Kiev in 2024.

Right now, the UK is working on mobilizing the military-industrial complex to manufacture ammunition and other weapons to meet Ukraine’s needs, Cameron said, noting there is “more to be done on that.” He argued it “should not be impossible” for the West to ramp up production, since its combined gross domestic product (GDP) is 25 times greater than Russia’s. The US and its allies have given Ukraine over $200 billion worth of military aid since 2022, according to recent Russian Defense Ministry estimates. Ukraine’s own military industry has been severely damaged by the conflict, making Kiev almost entirely dependent on Western handouts. London has played a key role in the conflict by encouraging Kiev not to make peace with Moscow. Then-PM Boris Johnson visited Ukraine in April 2022 and told President Vladimir Zelensky that the West was not interested in a deal with Russia. Ukraine then reneged on a preliminary ceasefire agreement it had signed in March in Istanbul.

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Too much oil?!

Russian Tycoon Deripaska Predicts 20% Oil Price Crash (RT)

Global oil markets are heading for a crash that will slash 20% off of the crude price this year, Russian businessman Oleg Deripaska predicted on Tuesday. The tycoon’s warning comes after oil prices fell by about 4% on Monday on sharp price cuts announced by top exporter Saudi Arabia for exports in February. Oil has since rebounded, with the WTI benchmark trading at $72 per barrel, and Brent at $77.4 as of 14:00 GMT on Tuesday. “Cheaper oil, which will fall by another 20% on the global market this year, will be a good help in fighting inflation,” Deripaska wrote on his Telegram channel on Tuesday.

The aluminum magnate also referred to a report in the Financial Times that said that steady growth in oil supply from countries outside the OPEC+ group, specifically the US, and an uncertain economic outlook are expected to keep a lid on the price of crude this year. EU countries along with the US and Russia have been grappling with high inflation over the past two years. The rising prices have compelled central banks to embark on a rate-hike campaign that helped contain price growth in 2023, although the Eurozone saw annual inflation rebound in December, according to preliminary estimates.

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“..Germany’s budgetary position has deteriorated very rapidly due to the economic crisis. The government now needs to save money..”

German Government Ready to Sacrifice Own Citizens in Order to Arm Ukraine (Sp.)

Farmers across Germany on January 8 started blocking roads and highways with tractors in response to Berlin’s agricultural policies which envisage the reduction of tax breaks for the agricultural sector and subsidy cuts for fuel usage. The protestors carried placards saying “no farmer, no food, no future” and “when farmers are ruined, food has to be imported”, as per the Western press. “The German government is short of money,” Gunnar Beck, a member of the European Parliament for the Alternative for Germany (AfD) party, told Sputnik. “And in order to offset rapidly and drastically rising energy prices, the government one and a half years ago decided to finance rebates to consumers in order to mitigate the effect of rising energy prices and rising inflation. And they also stepped up subsidies for farmers.”

“Since then, Germany’s budgetary position has deteriorated very rapidly due to the economic crisis. The government now needs to save money, and they’ve decided to scrap those rebates and scale back subsidies. That’s what’s happening now. It’s a reflection of the deteriorating economic circumstances in Germany. There’s also been a German Constitutional Court ruling which forbade the government from using €60 billion of unspent corona aid for climate policy purposes. That puts a further constraint on the government’s budgetary room for maneuver.” It’s not only German farmers who are facing the standard of living crisis, as the federal government also scrapped the rebate for consumers, Beck continued. That means that Germans will suffer the full impact of rising energy costs.

“I think it will be an enormous problem for a large part of the German public, who even now are struggling to pay their energy bills,” he stressed. “The German government is cutting back aid for those in need left, right and center because it’s pursuing ruinous policies, namely climate change, mass migration, subsidizing southern Europe, which it simply can no longer afford.” Germany has emerged as the only G7 economy that suffered contraction in 2023, as per the International Monetary Fund (IMF). For decades, the nation has relied on relatively cheap energy coming from Russia. However, after the US twisted Berlin’s arm into slapping an energy embargo on Moscow over the Russian special operation in Ukraine, Germany has found itself between a rock and a hard place, facing economic decline and de-industrialization. The sabotage attack on the Nord Stream pipeline infrastructure – which was designed to make Germany a major European energy hub – became the last straw.

Even though Germany appears to be incapable to provide its own citizens with much-needed subsidies, the nation’s government “generously” sent a Skynex air defense system, 10 Schützenpanzer Marder infantry fighting vehicles (IFVs), ammunition for Leopard tanks, missiles for IRIS-T SLM air defence systems, 2 TRML-4D air surveillance radars, more than 9,000 155-mm calibre projectiles, and other aid to the Kiev regime. “These are very costly weapons,” Beck highlighted. “What does the decision to go ahead with the delivery mean? Well, it obviously means that to the German government, supporting Ukraine is more important than the needs of its own population. It’s as simple as that. The German foreign minister even said so.

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Scholz won’t last.

Germany Could Face Its Own ‘Maidan’ – Medvedev (RT)

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz risks being forced out of office by mass protests, former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has claimed. A week-long nationwide strike was launched in the EU’s leading economy on Monday. Farmers in Germany say the government’s decision to cut diesel subsidies and tax breaks for the agriculture sector will force many of them out of business. Berlin’s budgetary shortages are a direct result of spending “astronomical amounts” on Ukraine, Medvedev, who currently serves as deputy chair of Russia’s Security Council, argued in a post on X (formerly Twitter). “Subsidies have been ended, and astronomical amounts spent on Ukraine are still growing. And Germany is the main funder,” Medvedev wrote. “If this goes on, banderovtsy will export their proven weapon, the maidan, to Berlin.”

Officials in Moscow, meanwhile, are “following [the events] with malicious interest,” Medvedev added. Germany has emerged as one of Kiev’s key donors in its conflict with Russia, after the US and its allies pushed Ukraine into seeking victory on the battlefield instead of compromising on its ambition to become a NATO member. German funding currently accounts for half of all EU aid for Ukraine, Finance Minister Christian Lindner said at a conference last week. The Kiel Institute for the World Economy (IfW) estimates German bilateral assistance to Ukraine at $23 billion, including the cost of hosting refugees. Kiev’s failure to achieve significant progress on the frontline last year has undermined its long-term aid security.

In the US, Republican lawmakers have refused to appropriate additional funds unless the administration of President Joe Biden agrees to concessions on domestic immigration policy and provides a realistic plan for a Ukrainian victory. In the EU, Hungary has vetoed a European Commission plan to prop up the Ukrainian government. Meanwhile, German Chancellor Scholz has seen his approval rating fall. Citing a survey by INSA, Bild reported on Monday that 64% of voters in the country believe Scholz should step down and be replaced by Defense Minister Boris Pistorius. The farmers’ protests were triggered by Scholz’s attempts to fill a €17 billion ($18.6 billion) hole in the 2024 budget, which the government has since partially backpeddled on. Nevertheless, the German Farmers’ Association pushed ahead with its plans for an ‘action week’. Demonstrators blocked highways with their tractors on Monday, also dumping hay, animal feed, and manure on roads in a gesture of disdain for government policies. Hundreds of farm vehicles gathered at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin.

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“..Jack Smith’s J-6 case is a dog’s breakfast of erroneous supposition, misprision, and persecutorial misconduct, soon to be wrecked by the Supreme Court..”

Let the Games Begin (James Howard Kunstler)

Did you notice that “Joe Biden” ceremonially kicked off his “reelection campaign” with that speech at Valley Forge, blaring the “insurrection” klaxon? Is it not astounding that half the people in our country have no idea that the joke is on them? “Joe Biden” is marking time in the oval office until the moment he must use his unique legal prerogative to pardon himself and all the members of his family for their roles in the influence-peddling racket he fronted as veep. . . and then he’ll gallantly step aside. The optimum play would be to hold off on that until just before the Democratic Party’s convention, where a claque of super-delegates can pick somebody else in a back room filled with estrogen vapors. It kind of depends on whether a faction of corruption-resistant Republicans will ante up for that impeachment inquiry we keep hearing about.

Despite the obvious bullshit on CNN about “no evidence,” there is actually a garbage barge of evidence steaming up the Potomac to prove that “Joe Biden” sold out his country. It simply needs to be laid out with brutal decorum in the proper setting. The catch is that a House committee can report out a bill of impeachment — as we’ve seen before — but a trial in a Democrat-majority Senate would probably fail to bring a conviction. The additional catch is that even so, the whole country will have watched the sordid spectacle and seen enough proof of malfeasance to foul the waters for the Party of Chaos in the November election, no matter who heads the ticket. It must also be obvious that the party is running out of lawfare tricks for shackling Mr. Trump.

Jack Smith’s J-6 case is a dog’s breakfast of erroneous supposition, misprision, and persecutorial misconduct, soon to be wrecked by the Supreme Court; the Mar-a-Lago raid case is a patent fraud; the Fulton County, GA, RICO case is a Fani Willis masturbation fantasy, and the two New York raps under DA Alvin Bragg and AG Letitia James will be laughed out of appeals courts. Anyway, Mr. Trump seems to thrive on the noxious vapors thrown off by these rancid actions. If all these genius moves fail, how else can they stop the Golden Golem of Greatness. . . and his promise of keen retribution for the serial hoaxes run on him and all the fiendish trips laid on the nation since 2016?They can try to kill him. Can you put it past our “intel community”? It is exactly that nucleus of the DC blob that has the most to fear from a second Trump term. Dozens of them will be charged with sedition and even treason, a hanging crime. And if they succeed in whacking Mr. Trump, that would only leave a huge opening for Bobby Kennedy, who has an even bigger axe to grind against the agency that rubbed-out his father and his uncle.

We held a meet-up here this weekend in my little upstate New York town to make plans for the petition drive in April-May to get RFKJr on the New York ballot. I told the group that much as I would relish seeing Donald Trump mop up the floor with the people who perverted the rule of law and just about spatchcocked our country, I believe Bobby Kennedy would be a better choice to lead us through the dark defile of history that circumstance has jammed us in. He is just as determined to expunge the horrific blob corruption, but without Mr. Trump’s exasperating artifice and grandiosity.

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“..He lied — brazenly — to Congress about his policy violations in three Senate hearings in 2021-2022. He lied — brazenly — to Congress about his policy violations again yesterday.”

Fauci Unable to Answer Key Questions in Pandemic Probe (CHD)

On the first day of a two-day closed-door interview before the U.S. House of Representatives Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Pandemic Monday, Dr. Anthony Fauci, former director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease (NIAID), frequently evaded questions about gain-of-function research and the government’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic. Chairman Brad Wenstrup (R-Ohio), in a statement following Monday’s interview, said, “Dr. Fauci’s testimony today uncovered drastic and systemic failures in America’s public health systems” and that Fauci “had no idea what was happening under his own jurisdiction at NIAID.” According to The Hill, Fauci offered “his expertise on preparing for potential outbreaks in the future.”

But according to The Washington Times, he “couldn’t remember many details about his advocacy of lockdowns, his flip-flopping on mask mandates and his decision to allow government funding of gain-of-function research in China that might have led to the pandemic.” Fauci “claimed he ‘did not recall’ pertinent COVID-19 information or conversations more than 100 times,” and “profusely defended his previous congressional testimony where he stated the National Institutes of Health (NIH) did not fund gain-of-function research in Wuhan,” according to the subcommittee statement. Fauci also “repeatedly played semantics with the definition of gain-of-function in an attempt to avoid conceding that NIH funded potentially dangerous research in China,” the subcommittee stated. Responding to Monday’s testimony, Rutgers University molecular biologist Richard Ebright, Ph.D., a frequent critic of gain-of-function research, told The Defender:

“Fauci repeatedly and flagrantly violated U.S. government policies implemented to protect the public from lab-generated pandemics. He lied — brazenly — to Congress about his policy violations in three Senate hearings in 2021-2022. He lied — brazenly — to Congress about his policy violations again yesterday.” Investigative journalist Paul D. Thacker, who has documented attempts by Fauci and other government officials, federal agencies and leading scientists to cover up the U.S. government’s role in funding gain-of-function research in China, told The Defender he was not surprised by Fauci’s stance. “As I documented over two years ago, Anthony Fauci has lied about funding gain-of-function research in Wuhan. That’s fine. People in Washington lie all the time,” Thacker said. “But when he lied during a congressional hearing, wagging his finger at Senator [Rand] Paul … I knew immediately he had broken the law. His lies about this pandemic have been documented in multiple media outlets and I hope he is eventually prosecuted,” he added.

Francis Boyle, J.D., Ph.D., professor of international law at the University of Illinois and a bioweapons expert who drafted the Biological Weapons Anti-Terrorism Act of 1989, told The Defender Fauci should be prosecuted. “Fauci knew exactly what was going on at the Wuhan BSL4 [biosafety level 4] and the University of North Carolina BSL3 — he was paying for it,” Boyle said. “He has repeatedly perjured himself in testimony before Congress. This is just more of the same.” Boyle said Wenstrup should follow Sen. Rand Paul’s (R-Ky.) example and refer Fauci to the U.S. Department of Justice for prosecution for perjury. “Maybe we will get some action there now that the Wuhan cover-up is unfolding, as detailed in Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s book, ‘The Wuhan Cover-Up,’” he added. The seven-hour meeting was Fauci’s first appearance in the House since retiring from public office in December 2022. He was accompanied by two of his attorneys and two government attorneys, according to The Hill.

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CO2 ain’t gonna cause nothing,” astrophysicist Dr. Willie Soon told Tucker Carlson.



..the astonishing “Treetop Tumblers,” a rare troupe of acrobatic lions whose gravity-defying tree-climbing stunts turn the Tropland wilderness into an everyday spectacle. Josh Gottsegen / troplanduniverse]

Best friends





Drunk test



Real annual wages in Greece are, on average, still more than 25% lower than in 2007. Meanwhile, some are continuing to frame the Greek experience over the past 10+years as a miracle success of adjustment. If this is what success looks like…



Dementia restaurant





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    Jackson Pollock Male and female 1942   • Why Democrats Need to Re-Think Hunter’s Contempt (Turley) • Trump Warns of ‘Big Trouble’ if Supreme Cour
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    So I’m in Australia as an Australian but clearly I’m stoked to be able to vote in the US election. One quick question though – who should I vote for Trump or Marianne Williamson?

    V. Arnold


    Dr. D

    Pollock, Male and Female. That’s just a dark mess of confusion. Sounds about right.

    Gensler trashing Bitcoin although it’s not allowed. Says he was hacked. By Twitter. Rly? Turns out the head of financial regulation was too dumb to use two-factor (like, the minimum) and had his phone number spoofed.

    Oddly, right now BTC stays up but the penny coins all took a +15% hit.

    “Blinken To Israel: Number of Civilians Killed, ‘Particularly Children,’ Is ‘Far Too High’

    P.S. here’s another hundred 5,000 pound bombs, perfect for civilian use. U.K. diplomat really digging himself a hole. He was on Public Debate saying “We have to level every building in Gaza”. When asked if that might cause civilian casualties equaling a genocide he replied “Well, what can ya do?” I mean, of course, right? It’s only rational.

    “All Jan. 6 Perpetrators’ To Be Targeted
    Off the campaign trail, the country’s top prosecutor has made clear that the DOJ under President Biden has no intention of letting Jan. 6 participants off easy—including those who weren’t even there that day.”

    Well that’s not true: there are about 1,000 people on the front lines breaking windows that were let off easy. Not found, with nothing. Like Ray Epps.

    “The situation has risen to the level of persistent calls for Austin’s resignation, but there’s no indication this is the plan”

    Oh and that guy too. He commits crimes and also is more equal than others.

    “Trans Professor With ‘Be Gay, Do Crimes’ Tattoo Appointed To WHO Taskforce

    This is not one I wanted to post, as it’s just dumb, but look at the meaning here. It’s okay if you want to commit crimes, or more properly just SAY you do. I’m pretty tolerant of speech, and am a throwback to the pre “Everything you say equals criminal conspiracy of intent” days. But if you do that, if you’re that sort of person, maybe you can’t be a policeman? Is that crazy? If you’re a policeman, a lawyer, a Mayor, a DA, then you need to NOT be the sort of person who promotes “Doing crimes”.

    …Generically, any crime, I guess. I also have no idea what this individual is talking about and how in any way at all, your penis or your sexuality has the slightest crossover with any crimes whatsoever. The Tattoo is of a maltov cocktail, which is deadly, maiming crime, and perhaps the most likely to harm innocents as it will be arson in a city. This is proudly their avowed goal.

    This person, out of everyone in Canada, is top to be inside the government, write and enforce laws. Hey, I don’t mind the Hell’s Angels either, but I don’t want them as Sheriff. And so back Austin here, and everyone. WE, as normal people, have a baseline that THEY, are normal people, like us. You know, like “Normal people don’t get off on doing crimes right in front of you and rubbing your face in it.”

    Every day they demonstrate they, like Austin, Garland demonstrate they are not “normal people”, but criminals, like putting the Joker in charge of the city. And the final point: THAT’S NOT AN ACCIDENT. That’s right there in “Rules for Radicals”, and the Eternal Glorious Revolution of Trotsky. You use ALL things against your evil enemies because the ends justify the means. Also true of the Koran. As the infinite good people, all things you do are therefore by definition good: like dropping rainbow love bombs and amputating 100 children a day. Pure love by definition, what’s the problem?

    Tattoo: “I am a avowed, public, gangster criminal with violent intent, and I make and enforce the laws on YOU”. And we say, Meh, it’s probably not a REAL wolf, I’ll put my head in its mouth just to be sure.” It’s just more obvious with this guy than with Fanni, Garland, Wray, Newsom, etc. You wonder why they have seething contempt for you.

    No really, I want to say: there ARE people like that. You need to get out more. They can be whatever they want, but they can’t be my D.A. or Policeman. And they are. Crimes are no longer crimes in like 18 cities, and people are being arrested and released 40 times a week. Like the border. The criminals are in charge. They may not all have gang tattoos, but they do write it all down in public for you to read.

    Trump cartoon, still living rent-free in their minds. And as I said, THEY are reacting to HIM. That means HE is in charge. THEY give him all his power. Thanks, I guess?

    Paul Harvey, Joe Rogan: Yeah I remember hearing it years ago, long after he first said it, but before it was a thing and thinking it was already completed then. Gosh but how small my imagination was for pure evil and decay.

    Michelle: I have no idea what he’s talking about or terrified of. Presumably, either Biden will be President or Trump will be President. Both have been President already and nothing happened, it was only slightly s—ttier than usual. So again, if there are no words, no details, only emotions: it’s a lie. She’s letting you fill in the lie with your fears. To me that just means her sentence has no meanings and doesn’t exist.

    WaPo is losing half its company per year but doesn’t change course. At all. They double down. Because it’s all about the money with Capitalists and not about a social agenda and religion. NOT making money: it’s what Capitalists do!

    Of course what isn’t printed here is THEY DON’T CARE. He’s not losing HIS money, he’s losing YOUR money. It’s all taxpayer money, guy, the CIA gives a billion in phony server services they don’t provide and the WaPo will print anything they want! Lose all you want: we’ll steal more.

    How’s it feel for your own money, your own hard work to be used against you every day? You get Kraft Mac-n-Cheese with ketchup, they get steak. And why not? You’re paying for it: Order two steaks. It’s your money they use to get in a party that approves of using your money to get in their party. And next year they need more. Think they’re bankrupting Trump with lawsuits to keep him from running? No, they are bankrupting and arresting YOU to keep YOU from running, from donating, volunteering and voting them out. What’s the debt on that right now? $1,000 per person just for Ukraine? $300,000 per citizen in national debt? Where do you think that money went?

    Well ultimately, it went to steaks for Hunter and the CEO Lockheed while you you eat Mac-n-Cheese. Or in this case, it went to pointless low-orbit d—k rockets that are too flaccid to reach space.

    “Garland appointed Weiss after he was the attorney who approved Hunter Biden’s unprecedented sweetheart deal,”

    Appointed him in violation of law, and without any process or paperwork. That is to say, he’s not actually prosecutor. He’s a LARPer, pretending, and we all LARP along? Like if a President didn’t win the election and sits in the chair and everyone just pretends anyway?

    If everyone in France obeyed me, I would be Napoleon. It’s that simple. Stupid is as stupid does.

    Anyway, not only did Fanni do this, she itemized it, gave a million dollars away and thought no one would find out. And I guess just like the other stuff, they’re right: we WON’T look, we WON’T stop them, we WILL take them, and if they wander off the street and sit in a very special chair, I guess they actually BECOME Napoleon? It’s like the Transubstantiation of communion: It’s a miracle!

    Boasberg: so…Epps didn’t even get probation. If there is no travel restrictions, what impingement of his freedom was there? I have the same restrictions as he does, that is, I’m a free man.

    And speaking of, Torrio, another, literal, FBI informant, 22 years for NOT BEING THERE. Again, how do you “Insurrect” not only with zero weapons, but ALSO not being within 30 miles of the location? Using telepathy? (Don’t Care, can’t hear you over the sound of how awesome I am)

    “In 2007, Senator Joe Biden declared that no great nation has uncontrolled borders, “

    Maybe you haven’t got the memo, but hypocrisy has no effect on anyone? Half the people already know and the other half are proud of it and think it the highest ultimate good. So which group is this Tweet for?

    On that chart, they “Can’t figure out” how to stop them. I mean the Republicans, who point at the “number of encounters”. Sure. Except for every year, decades up to now, they DIDN’T come if we just SAID we wouldn’t receive them and give them a 4-star hotel room in NYC for life. That’s most of what Trump did, since he couldn’t build a wall, and it mostly worked for what it was. So….I’m guessing you just do that? When you find them through interactions nationwide, you just put them in the system and bus them back? Because there are ALREADY laws saying you can’t hire illegals? And therefore dodge taxes, benefits, and minimum wages? Maybe that?

    Well, they’re Republicans. Doing what we did about a month ago is just too hard and too radical for them. On an unrelated note: let’s go build a wall in Israel and defend the borders of Ukraine, amirite?

    “I think America is lost, but it is not a surprise.” –Nenner

    Unlike this quote, he understood this, and Greg Hunter was not asking good questions of him. That is, Nenner understood, “Well, America will still exist, it’s just WHAT kind of America it will be.” Yes. So it’s not “Lost”. Use your words. Words have meanings. What he means – and sadly I have to guess from context here – is American EMPIRE will be lost. Like Holland, Britain, Spain, that’s the context. But the American PEOPLE never wanted empire to begin with. We’ll be HAPPY when it ends, and it will be good for us. So again, these sloppy words have 5 meanings and you really have to specify them down to the details and then re-state your sentences.

    So America is headed in the RIGHT direction, not the wrong one. It’s going in a GOOD direction, not a bad one. This will make people MORE prosperous than now, although there may be an in-between period. And he does cycles and time, not specifics. Hunter sadly is lost his edge as a mainstream news reporter and now rants, does not ask his guests like this things they know as experts of their specialty, but random, colloquial stuff like “Will open borders cause terrorism?” Yeah, as Sum Yung Guy, I can say yes, but that’s outside of all computer and market models. Hunter is practically forcing his guests to have to say no to everything because like Armstrong, it’s unrelated. Bo Polny is a great example (this is aside from him being wrong 80% of the time): he can say THAT a thing will happen on a pivot date, but not WHAT will happen. Like anything from “New tacos are sold” to “Aliens landed.” Hunter then badgers him on WHAT will happen. Strictly by definition: I have no idea at all.

    So it was a waste of an interview and I hope Nenner was on somewhere else that asked.

    “Frame the narrative of a ‘win’ and ensure that from top-to-bottom of society, all adhere to the correct narrative without demur. But this is little more than a simple projection from the YouTube ‘influencer’ culture,”

    Alexander and so on still baffled by Ukraine fighting to the death the Media War, while the ACTUAL war is lost by it. Oh they’re winning “The Narrative” alright. But that is done by losing 5,000 troops on a “Suicide” (Ze’s own words) landing to hold 30 meters of the East Dniepr with wooden rafts. Wow, such #Winning. Muchly Tweets. And they can’t seem to stop fighting the Fantasy War – like Fantasy Football – and not the real war, until, as now, there is no army and they’re shipping guys with Down’s Syndrome.

    Meanwhile, “Russia-Ukraine war: Russia on course to have lost 500,000 troops by end of 2024, says UK” – The Guardian (As we have no reporters, and only post the CIA/MI6 press wire, this is the same article posted as if original at NYT, Daily Mail, Business Insider…)

    Breathtaking, the projection and lack of awareness here. Not just them, but the readership in the West too. It’s like 100% of the time, if Ze eats a taco, The Guardian reports that Putin ate a taco instead. Every thing they’ve said, for years and years, decades perhaps, is all what THEY do, in projection(?) I guess? And so “500,000.” Why 500k EXACTLY? Why not 300k like that other Ukraine official just said? Again, when it’s the 25,000th time, it’s not a coincidence. That means it is the EXACT number – real number – killed in Ukraine. And that would suspect, since that’s last month’s number, like 30Nov, then it’s near 550,000 by now.

    What’s that bastion of projection, Times Radio up to? The tower and apex of false?

    Ukraine ‘provokes’ Russia by blowing up supply bridge using new tactics | Frontline
    Ukraine ramps up artillery and munition production
    Russian advance on Avdiivka should be ‘a cause for concern’ to Western allies | Frontline
    Putin’s “programme of indoctrination” targeting children as young as two
    Hypocritical Putin funds Nazi supporters to export his right-wing ideology | Frontline
    F-16 Fighter jets “on the horizon” could tip the balance in Ukraine’s favour
    ‘Realistic prospect’ of NATO going to war with Russia as Turkey blocks minehunters | Frontline

    This is good to read as it’s a direct, straight-line feed of what they’re thinking and planning. So London wants the full NATO war, and perhaps they can start it via Turkey. Got it. Russia is significantly increase production, while Ukraine fails, got it. Avdiivka is lost, got it. Ukraine is indoctrinating children of 2 to be Nazis to poison pill when Russia takes the whole country, got it. F16s are the latest wonder weapons that are so crappy they can’t even take the field without breaking, and are so old, Rock-n-Roll was young when they were first made. We claim they will do something, anything, to make sure more Ukrainians are murdered while sipping tea in Chelsea.


    How have they not beaten these guys yet? No credit to Russia, if I can read each hour of my enemy’s plans, then just maybe I can end this quickly?

    “• West Ready To Back Ukraine ‘For Years’ – UK Foreign Secretary (RT)

    Uhhh….. Well LONDON is ready, but who’s London? A bunch of has-been nobodies. You and whose Army? Look we ALREADY saw, you ALREADY lost, there’s no U.S. army. The. End. YOU don’t have an army, YOU use OUR army. Without our army, you don’t have an army, you have the girl scouts, capisce?

    Europe is ALSO saying “There is no Alternative” to raising a centralized EU army (and conscripting all those immigrants) but what are the odds right now? Between Slim and None, and Slim just left the building? YOU HAVE NOTHING. Get it through your skulls. NATO DOESN’T EXIST. The U.S. Army exists. You’re just in our way, or were you the pivotal forces in Iraq? What’s your % GDP compared to ours?

    “We” are ready to back Ukraine? “We” already LEFT Ukraine. Time Exists. That’s in the Past, not the Future. The entire planet has read it in the 3rd Iowa Pennysaver, so Clue Phone, London: It’s for you.

    I think Luongo has been bringing this up: there’s a reason Russia uses the term “Anglo-Saxons” concerning the war. Because the Home Office of the war is in London, as always. They are fighting the 4th Crimean war? So I’m not worried about Russia: they will nuke London, not D.C. Without London, D.C. will get the message. D.C. won’t get “The Memo” every morning and have to wander off and do something else.

    On that, his read on Israel, and their new election every 30 days for 10 years, is that there are two factions: Pro- London and Pro-Davos. Every time somebody has a new advantage, they push it to gain control of Israel and it causes that election as a secondary effect. My thought as an American is, “Why would anyone want Israel?” Defund and ignore them, like all the other 3rd world s—tholes. Have you SEEN travel pics of Israel? It’s a heap.

    “• German Government Ready to Sacrifice Own Citizens in Order to Arm Ukraine for no reason at all. (Sp.)

    Fixed it. Germans were breathing. That’s reason enough to kill them, right, Scholz?

    ““..He lied — brazenly — to Congress about his policy violations in three Senate hearings in 2021-2022. He lied — brazenly — to Congress about his policy violations again yesterday.”

    Under oath, and the Republicans did nothing. Thank God for voting, amirite? Boy we got them on the run now.

    Oxy, who should you vote for? Well both, of course! There are no rulz.

    Well, I’ll withdraw the suspicion about Austin for now as it’s out there and I realize I was out of line and I need to examine this more.

    Formerly T-Bear

    @ 150090 and 15009,

    Recommend RFK Jr.

    A three candidate race with none passing 270 needed will put the election into Congress, the House of Reps electing the President and the Senate the V. President. The country will find out in quick order how many in Congress have read and understand the Constitution. My bet a large illiterate fraction will be found and reading comprehension even less numerous. TWT Then impeach the dromes.


    Dr.D “Using telepathy?”
    Of course that’s how they do it. Remember they already knowd Putin was going after all of Ukraine and then on to the rest of Europe. They just read his mind from London or was it DC? The masters of mind reading are everywhere around us, just look at the portrayals in Mad magazine or the Simpsons, see we always had excellent telepathy at work here. So good they were reading the minds of the yet to be born even. So glad we have such grand guardians! From Plato to NATO amirite?


    As technology has invaded many facets of our lives, I am guessing that all of us experienced the frustration of trying to reason with algorithmic minds. Have you ever raised your voice to a device, asking “Really!?” We might wonder if the application was designed by an unpaid intern, or if the designer ever tried to use it in realistic circumstances. But no amount of frustration will have an effect. The operating space is prescribed and rigid, so that no matter how many times we try, the thing will stubbornly execute the same boneheaded behavior.

    Imagine that a self-driving car in a city detects a voluminous plastic bag in its way. It will stop, and say—perhaps silently to itself—”Object.” “Object.” “Object.” “Object.” “Object.” “Object.” I could go all day. No, actually I can’t. But it can, and that’s the point. A really sophisticated version might say: “Bag.” “Bag.” “Bag.” “Bag.” Meanwhile, a human driver might look at the bag, and based on the way it waves in the breeze decide that it’s mostly empty, but just looks big, and is safe to drive over without even slowing down—thus avoiding interminable honks from behind.

    Arguing with robots would likely be similarly tedious. No matter what insults you are compelled to fling after reaching your frustration threshold, all you get back is the annoyingly repetitive insult: “Meat bag.” “Meat bag.” “Meat bag.”

    Meat bag brains have the advantage of being able to take in broader considerations and weave in context from lived experience. We can decide when algorithmic thinking is useful, and when it has limits. Unfortunately, I buy the argument from Iain McGilchrist that modern culture has increasingly programmed people to be more algorithmic in their thinking—in my view via educational systems, video games, and ubiquitous digital interfaces. I often feel like I’m arguing with robots, but of the meat variety.

    Robotic Traits
    Let’s start by sketching out some of the traits I associate with “robotic” thinking.

    Reasoning with Robots


    Brought to you by RIM
    Executive Summary for the 90%, “the majority”

    Priority, Reality
    Right now, the Weather, overwhelms the narrative.
    Transparency, job slaves require $50,000/year to survive
    Cycles, There is nothing you can do about it.
    Depopulation/Genocide, supply and demand.
    The COVID pandemic not happening in the football stadiums

    Executive Summary for the 10%, “the influencers”
    (Entertaining word salad)

    Something Lost, Never to Be Found Again

    Something Lost, Never to Be Found Again
    Alastair Crooke
    (The narrative vs the reality)
    Just to be clear: the spinning of a fabric of delusion, unfaithful to the granular truth lurking beneath, ultimately hurts its authors.
    It leaves people disorientated, insecure, kicking at the loose gravel of the past, rummaging for some understanding of the crashing defeat, for which they are wholly unprepared.


    Let the Games Begin

    January 8, 2024
    Let the Games Begin
    Is it not astounding that half the people in our country have no idea that the joke is on them?
    “Joe Biden” is marking time in the oval office until the moment he must use his unique legal prerogative to pardon himself and all the members of his family for their roles in the influence-peddling racket he fronted as veep. . . and then he’ll gallantly step aside.

    A senior moment

    ‘I Don’t Recall’: Fauci Unable to Answer Key Questions in Pandemic Probe


    ‘I Don’t Recall’: Fauci Unable to Answer Key Questions in Pandemic Probe
    Dr. Anthony Fauci claimed more than 100 times that he did not remember details about the pandemic response and origins during a House interview Monday regarding COVID-19 policies and funding decisions.

    By Michael Nevradakis, Ph.D.

    On the first day of a two-day closed-door interview before the U.S. House of Representatives Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Pandemic Monday, Dr. Anthony Fauci, former director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease (NIAID), frequently evaded questions about gain-of-function research and the government’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Chairman Brad Wenstrup (R-Ohio), in a statement following Monday’s interview, said, “Dr. Fauci’s testimony today uncovered drastic and systemic failures in America’s public health systems” and that Fauci “had no idea what was happening under his own jurisdiction at NIAID.”


    James Howard Kunstler needs to read Dr. D! He is living somewhere in the past detached from current reality. In Washington DC there are no laws nor a constitution restricting their behavior. Kunstler needs to wake up and smell the bullsh*t but he seems to be too busy creating his own BS.


    Rumble has the J6 documentary online. I’ll leave the link here, but because I can’t get it to format the video correctly in the comments, you can also go to Rumble (dot com) and search for the title – J6: The True Timeline .


    Or you can paste this string into your browser, replacing the space between Rumble and com with a dot “.”

    https://rumble com/v44ld60-j6-a-true-timeline.html


    @ Dora:
    The AI here doesn’t like rumble anymore, apparently hence no reasoning with robots. Work arounds are easy with something that can’t see reason. Are you ready to rumble? 😉


    Arizona ballot law
    I had read that before. As far as I know, the law has been written that way for a long time. It isn’t written that way because AZ is trying to accommodate illegal immigrants. It is written that way because Az put requirements into place for voter registration that required proof of US citizenship to vote, the law was challenged in the courts, and the US Supreme Court said that AZ had to accommodate people who “attested” that they were US citizens but showed no documentation. So, AZ passed a law about 10 years ago that anyone who merely attested their citizenship with a signature would be permitted only to vote in federal elections.

    AZ was trying to prevent “federal only” voters from voting for president, based on the fact that they are voting for AZ state electors, but recently a federal judge halted this: https://tucson.com/news/state-regional/government-politics/arizona-presidential-election-2024-2020-citizenship-proof-court-ruling/article_88b82350-534e-11ee-b710-d7c5a62895a8.html

    Over all, this is interesting considering that the narrative has been that it is cities and states allowing non-citizens to vote in local elections, and that this practice would lead to those who are not citizens voting in federal elections, while reality in AZ is quite different. I can see this from two angles. On the one hand, historically, it was not customary for people to carry around documents proving who they were. Prior to 1900, the only document that most people had that could even do this would be a birth certificate or document granted with naturalization. Passports were not common prior to 1900. It was normal to simply “attest” something with an oath or signature, knowing that there was a penalty for lying. It is a change to require that a voter show documents proving identity. On the other hand, with the advent of cars and drivers licenses and Social Security came new identity documents, and by 2000 it was customary to show documentation for many transactions. So, why not require this for voting as well? This line of thought makes sense in the world of today, however, in a world where identity is ever identified, we lose the meaning of honesty, integrity, and oaths. There is a trade off.


    Subtle facet re: illegal immigrant labor

    Yes, it is still illegal to hire them. So who among businesses will taste of this forbidden fruit and expose themselves to sanction by the state? There will be stand-ups that appear to hire illegals and escape sanction. You can’t compete, so you do it, too. Gub’mint comes along and takes your life…another small biz wacked. Honeypot.

    Not sayin’ they are doing this right now, but the opportunity arises, and the hundred monkeys have proven my betters on several occasions.


    what part of Rickards was selected is not obvious? Did i mis-hear the man say he was selected because of his expertise? Did the man painstakingly state his lofty credentials?

    Did the man speak only in terms of the past?
    Did Bannon, with only a short commercial break, leave a wide berth around the one important question?

    Did Rickards say that those who selected him did not make use of his “Victory”?

    BS, unlike the finest cognac, does not improve with age. The fact that someone besides Bannon and Rickards are footing the bill and paying them to provide answers to questions that are not being asked seems obvious. Mr. Bannon and Mr. Rickards are both advising that everyone look at and cherish the BS they were selected to promulgate. One does not enter into those prestigious halls of academia without an invitation, an invitation borne upon a selection process.

    Here are the questions:
    What is being gamed today?
    Who controls the selection process?

    Mr. Rickards and Mr. Bannon appear to have profited nicely for being selected AND ignored. Selling second hand information that informs of what is NOT being done.

    Those who can make, make
    Those who cannot steal, or put things more politely, manage theft

    John Day

    At 2:52 there is a photo of Zaluzhny at a military command-level meeting in Ukraine.

    If this is real, and it may not be, then he is alive.
    I have not yet seen a picture of hospitalized Lloyd Austin. Video would be more persuasive.


    before Nelson and David Rockefeller and thier New World Order there was very little talk about democracy. Now that The New World Order has become The Rules Based Order democracy is on the lips of, well, almost everyone.

    how about a little more Kant for after lunch desert?

    Democracy is necessarily despotism, as it establishes
    an executive power contrary to the general will;
    all being able to decide against one whose opinion may differ,
    the will of all is therefore not that of all:
    which is contradictory and opposite to liberty.~Immanuel Kant


    can one be selected to not understand? how might that work?
    “An exclusive opportunity reserved for a selected few.” Respond TODAY!

    as noted before, IQ is a measure of one’s usefulness to empire. Rickards room full of 160’s. SnapOn made a name for itself selling the finest tools.



    It has been my experience that when you combine that many high IQs into a group, that common sense becomes lacking, because these people can’t understand why other people can’t understand them!

    John Day
    Figmund Sreud

    Psst! This guy thinks we’re early on in a new secular change that will make the coming decade look and feel very different in the economy, markets and society from what we’ve become accustomed to over the past several decades!


    Dr D Rich

    Because Peter Thiel and Palantir never existed before SecDef Austin….

      “I have not yet seen a picture of hospitalized Lloyd Austin. Video would be more persuasive”


    What is ureteral obstruction?
    A ureteral obstruction is a blockage in one or both of your ureters. Ureters are the tubes that carry pee from your kidneys to your bladder. Many different conditions and diseases can cause a blockage in your ureters.

    A ureteral obstruction prevents pee from moving into your bladder and out of your body. Without treating and removing the blockage, pee can back up and damage your kidneys. This can cause pain and put you at risk of infection. In severe cases, a ureteral obstruction can lead to kidney failure, sepsis (life-threatening infection) or death. This is rare, though, because healthcare providers can treat ureteral blockages.

    How common is ureteral obstruction?
    Ureteral obstructions are fairly common. They’re more common in men and people assigned male at birth (AMAB) over 60 because their prostates enlarge as they age. A prostate is a gland that sits below your bladder in front of your rectum. An enlarged prostate can block the flow of pee and result in buildup of pee in your bladder. It can also push up against your ureter and cause a blockage. Any person at any age can have a blocked ureter, including children.

    Symptoms and Causes
    What are the symptoms of ureteral obstruction?
    Signs of ureteral obstruction reveal themselves in different ways. People who have kidney stones obstructing a ureter may have severe pain. When the blockage is gradual and slow, it usually comes on slowly and builds over time. In some cases, symptoms may be mild at first, but can quickly get worse. Symptoms of a blocked ureter or urinary tract obstruction include:

    Pain in your abdomen, lower back or sides below your ribs (flank pain).
    Fever, nausea or vomiting.
    Difficulty urinating or emptying your bladder.
    Frequent urination.
    Recurring urinary tract infections (UTIs).
    Pee that’s bloody or cloudy.
    Swollen leg(s).
    What causes ureteral obstruction?
    There are many different reasons why your ureter can become blocked. Causes of a ureteral obstruction include:

    Enlarged prostate, a condition called benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH).
    Scar tissue in your ureter, which can make it hard for pee to pass through. You can develop it or be born with it (congenital).
    Tumors or cysts in your abdominal area that press on your ureter.
    Vascular (blood vessel) disease and blood clots.
    Gastrointestinal (GI) issues, such as Crohn’s disease, diverticulitis or a swollen appendix.
    Ureteral stones, which are kidney stones that move to your ureter.
    Ureteropelvic junction obstruction, which is a blockage of your ureter at its connection to your kidney.
    Ectopic ureter, when your ureter connects to the wrong place in your body.
    Ureterocele, a birth condition that causes swelling in your ureter.
    Pregnancy, endometriosis or uterine prolapse.

    What are complications of a blocked ureter?
    When pee can’t leave your body and starts to build up in your kidneys, it can lead to hydronephrosis (swelling of the kidneys). If left untreated, obstruction of your ureter can cause serious problems.

    It’s important to note that kidney damage is hard to reverse. This means once your kidneys show signs of damage, your provider can’t make them 100% healthy. You can only manage any kidney damage and stop it from progressing.

    Diagnosis and Tests
    How is it diagnosed?
    If you suspect you have ureteral obstruction, you should see your healthcare provider. Some of the signs of a blocked ureter are like symptoms of other conditions that need treatment, such as urinary tract infections, having abdominal pain or not being able to pee even when you drink plenty of fluids.

    Your provider may also order tests to help them make a diagnosis. These tests could include:

    Blood tests and urinalysis: These tests can tell your provider how well your kidneys are working or if there’s an infection.
    Ultrasound: An ultrasound can give your provider a better view of your kidneys, bladder and ureters.
    CT (computed tomography) scan.
    Bladder scan or post-void residual: This is a specific type of test that can check to see if you’re emptying your bladder completely.

    Management and Treatment
    How do you treat a ureteral obstruction?
    The treatment you receive depends on the reason for the blockage. First, your healthcare provider will perform a procedure to allow the pee to drain from your body. These procedures include:

    Inserting a ureteral stent: Healthcare providers insert a thin tube in your ureter that holds the ureter open so pee can drain freely.
    Nephrostomy tube: In this procedure, your provider creates an opening in the skin near your kidney. They insert a catheter into the opening and drain pee directly from your kidney.
    Placing a catheter in your bladder: This is a procedure that involves inserting a catheter through your urethra and into your bladder to drain your pee. This is helpful when the blockage affects your bladder as well as your ureters.
    After draining the pee, your provider will address the reason for the blockage. What happens next will depend on what caused the obstruction and the severity of the blockage.

    Common treatments for ureteral obstruction are:

    Medication: If an enlarged prostate is causing the blockage, doctors may prescribe an alpha-blocker to relax your prostate muscles. A medicine called finasteride (Proscar®) can shrink your prostate.
    Surgery: There are several different surgical methods to treat a ureteral blockage from minimally invasive office procedures to open abdominal surgery. Your healthcare provider will decide what type of surgery is necessary based on your situation. With each type, your surgeon removes the blockage and repairs your ureter.
    What are the side effects of the treatment for ureteral obstruction?
    The side effects of alpha-blockers include dizziness, headaches and fainting. Side effects of finasteride (Proscar), the medication used to shrink your prostate, include decreased sexual desire and increased hair growth.

    Surgery to remove the obstruction can have side effects such as discomfort and increased risk of infection. Each type of surgery carries its own risks. Your healthcare provider can discuss the risks of each type of surgery with you.


    Chris Christie suspends campaign.

    Nationwide Crispy Creme stores most affected



    MASSIVE PUSHBACK – German Railway Workers Join Farmer Protest – German and Polish Truckers Providing Additional Support

    MASSIVE PUSHBACK – German Railway Workers Join Farmer Protest – German and Polish Truckers Providing Additional Support
    January 10, 2024 | Sundance | 82 Comments
    On day one, the German farmers began their protest and began blocking transport hubs, main arteries and government buildings around the country.

    On day #2 a large number of Polish truckers crossed the border to provide additional support and block the roads and border crossings.

    Today, on day #3 of the protest, the German railway workers have joined.
    Misplaced corrective action, regardless of motivation, is neither prudent nor wise. This approach by the blue-collar and white-collar middle class is EXACTLY THE RIGHT APPROACH. This is the way to bring the elite ruling class to their knees. This is what they fear:

    We are the workforce.

    We are the backbone of industry, the people who keep it all functioning, the farmers, truckers, builders, diggers and blue-collar workforce that keeps everything functioning.

    We are the people they will never fully control. We speak in languages they do not understand, and we absorb targeted ridicule as fuel.

    We are the movers of goods, the truckers, the farmers, the nameless people behind the skilled trades that keep what they call American society moving.

    We are the people who grow the food, pick the food, transport the food, stock the food, cook the food and facilitate the life they live.

    We are a visible, yet disregarded, insurgent force within their sphere of life that is never considered, yet we control the outcomes of every moment they value.

    We pick up the trash, answer the phones, run cables to their devices, mow their lawns, solve their problems, control the flow of essential services and keep our heads below the radar.

    We are the majority.

    We are a self-reliant, freedom loving, normally peaceful and God-fearing assembly.

    We drive them to their destination; we are comfortably out of mind until needed, and yet we are irreplaceable for the things they require.

    We are armed with gloves, tractors, trucks, tools, hammers, pens, rulers, mice, pickup trucks, laptops, post-it notes, stickers and alternate forms of messaging that circumvent the control mechanisms deployed to create our silence.

    We are inside every facility, every institution, every meeting, every moment of their existence – and we notice everything.

    We have eyes of mice and ears of elephants. We are there when they do not expect, and we melt away before they notice our appearance.

    We are smart, strategic, highly intelligent and carry a brutally obvious and pragmatic common sense that finds optimal solutions to everything.

    We identify our tribe immediately and without conversation.

    We see what they hide, we hear what they whisper, we decipher their codes, and we understand the complexity they create in their effort to conceal.

    We control the physical world that operates around every element of society, and we value real and tangible assets.

    We do not sit around pontificating eloquently about philosophic nuances; we get shit done.

    We are the people who facilitate their ability to take us for granted, and we do so without issue, resentment or desire for recognition.

    We are optimistic, affable, kind, generous, friendly, loyal, warm and quietly spiritual in purpose.

    We are polite, considerate and slow to anger.

    We prefer to be left alone. However, pushed entirely far enough, decisions are reached. Right now, we are tenuously staring with deepened gaze.

    We are increasingly pissed off…. Big Time!

    In every town, village and hamlet we are encountering the same conversation. On every porch, in every shop, at every event, the topic is the same.

    Support every effort that begins!

    Mister Roboto

    A twelve-minute retrospective of the Two Hours Hate against the Unvaccinated:


    I believe Bobby Kennedy would be a better choice to lead us through the dark defile of history that circumstance has jammed us in. He is just as determined to expunge the horrific blob corruption, but without Mr. Trump’s exasperating artifice and grandiosity.

    RFKjr is a pro-genocide zionist like Kunstler. The fact that the Jews are doing the vast majority of the US corruption while also killing babies in Israel seems to be irrelevant to the Kunstler. The morality of the Jew is on display everywhere and it does not look good, it is educating for the vast majority who’s heads have now been forced out of the sand.


    He lied — brazenly — to Congress about his policy violations in three Senate hearings in 2021-2022. He lied — brazenly — to Congress about his policy violations again yesterday.

    I don’t blame him for lying, he is guilty, I would not expect anything else. Congress will use this to wipe clean the slate, pretending that there is no other way to gather evidence on Fauci. Of course, we know the DoJ is full of Jews as is the legal system, people such as Boasberg, so there will never be a reckoning for their fellow Jew, Fauci.


    My AI is not happy to give me his opinion and give me the links

    I assume you are asking about the recent news on hate against the unvaccinated. According to a Toronto Sun article, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau talked about a group of fellow Canadians with such gross malevolence that was shocking. He’s done this before and makes no secret of his disdain for the unvaccinated. What was equally as shocking is opposition leaders didn’t call him out on it. This should scare those in this unfairly outcast group who feel they are being phased out as employees, citizens and people free to go into public places. Now they are being scapegoated1.

    In another article from The Conversation, researchers found that in most countries, people who are vaccinated display negative attitudes towards people who are not vaccinated. But interestingly, there was minimal evidence for the reverse2.

    I hope this helps answer your question.
    https://torontosun. com/opinion/columnists/warmington-opposition-shockingly-silent-on-pms-hatred-of-unvaccinated-canadians
    WARMINGTON: Opposition shockingly silent on PM’s hatred of unvaccinated Canadians
    Published Jan 06, 2022 • 2 minute read
    https://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/trudeau -unvaccinated-canadians-covid-hospitals-1.6305159
    Trudeau says Canadians are ‘angry’ and ‘frustrated’ with the unvaccinated
    Peter Zimonjic · CBC News · Posted: Jan 05, 2022 12:27 PM PST | Last Updated: January 5, 2022
    ( He is brown nosing Trudeau)

    John Day

    The Real Reason https://drjohnsblog.substack.com/p/the-real-reason

    Following up on yesterday’s post about “Schrodinger’s Generals” is the video from late yesterday from Dima at Military Summary, who spends the first 5 minutes explaining the military necessity of creating fictions when officers are killed or wounded in a conflict zone where they officially ought not be. He says he has no authoritative/official source, but that it appears Austin was wounded in Ukraine. He wishes him well in any case, whether war wounds or prostate cancer, but presumes that Austin will not be seen much, at least for a while. He discusses General Zaluzhny’s injuries related to Russian bombardment last May, and subsequent doctored videos of Zaluzhny.
    Austin Was Wounded In Kyiv. Mobilization Also Reached Poland. Military Summary 2024.01.9

    ​There are no 2024 images of Lloyd Austin to be found online, just old stock photos. Pentagon’s Austin in good condition in hospital, release date uncertain

    General Zaluzhny is apparently alive and upset, perhaps by injuries to other senior level military command personnel and/or a recent personal experience…
    British military analyst Alexander Merkouris commented on the reaction of the Ukrainian Armed Forces command to the latest missile and drone strikes of the Russian Armed Forces on Ukrainian military infrastructure. He noted that the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, General Valery Zaluzhny, reacted violently to these events, especially to the possible death of officers from his entourage.
    According to Mercouris, at a speech in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, Zaluzhny looked irritated and was in a state of complete hysteria, which, according to the expert, may indicate a nervous breakdown of the general.
    “He was hysterical. He looked like a general and commander-in-chief who was about to have a nervous breakdown. And that perhaps tells us a lot about the situation at the front.”, – said Mercouris.

    At the 6:45 mark in this evening’s Military Summary, a picture of Zaluzhny meeting with other military commanders in Kharkov is presented. Russia seems to be starting an offensive in the Kharkov region, to reduce Ukrainian strikes on Belgorod. Russia Opens The Kharkov Front. Desperate Times In Ukraine. Military Summary 2024.01.10

    John Day

    Simplicius has a Ukraine war update focusing on the rapid development of military technology, particularly cheap, effective, small attack drones, which are already being fielded in semi-autonomous targeting mode, to resist blocking interference between the drone and a distant controller. The west just does not have swarms of small FPV attack drones, nor thousands of operators. Larger drones are useful for distant surveillance and targeting, but are expensive to lose when used for close attacks.
    SITREP 1/9/24: Latest Leading-edge Tech-war Updates

    Today ​I was introduced to the work of Kyle Young, which is very constructive, broadly human, and based on his life experiences and explorations. Kyle has gotten around.
    44 years of deep earth homesteading​ , searching for divinity in love and the soil

    44 years of deep earth homesteading – part 2​ , Hawaii, bamboo, toxic housing

    ​ Les, who visits this blog, and introduced Kyle’s work in yesterday’s comments. He presents a timely, pertinent, in depth and broad analysis of colonialism here.
    Genocide & Economics.​ , Ideology Gives Justification To Purpose & Outcome.
    ​ This essay examines the Scientific Racism of the cultivated, cultured British, Western European and American Elites of whom few found any difficulties via their highly influential Geographical – Anthropological Societies in furthering the invention of myriad, creative narratives to justify the actions of the servants of their noble selves killing off largely defenseless or largely outgunned native communities in far off lands, for the purpose of possession and profit.

    ​ War on Gaza: A mother’s traumatic journey through childbirth under Israeli bombing
    Heba Labbad, a 27-year-old mother of three, describes to Middle East Eye’s correspondent Aseel Mousa the terrorising experience of being a pregnant woman having to quit her home, of giving birth amid the paralysing sounds of Israeli bombing and being separated from her husband after he was detained by the Israeli military.

    John Day

    Israel To Blinken: Gazans Can’t Return To North Until Hostages Released

    16 killed as Is­rael ​Es­ca­lates ​As­sault on ​South­ern Gaza
    Israel has increased airstrikes and ground actions in central and southern Gaza, causing many casualties, including 15 from a single family in Rafah City, despite it being labeled a ‘safe zone’ by Israel.

    Video appears to show the Israeli army shot 3 Palestinians, killing 1, without provocation

    American rabbis disrupt UN meeting, demand Biden stops blocking peace in Gaza

    ​ The Israeli aggression against the West Bank persists, as occupation forces conduct a series of incursions and raids targeting several cities and camps. A large-scale incursion into Jenin and its camp is ongoing.
    ​ Local Palestinian media confirmed the deployment of occupation army snipers on the rooftops of houses in the city of Jenin, coinciding with the deployment of military vehicles and bulldozers into the city, as Israeli military bulldozers reached the main Jenin roundabout, and bulldozed shops in the city, destroying vendors’ stalls and private property. In response, resistance fighters targeted the occupation forces with explosive devices near the cinema roundabout.

    John Day

    ​ Professor Anthony Hall , On the Need to Include the Study of Jewish Power as Integral to the Globalist Push for Centralized Control of Everything​
    Much Has Changed Now That Israel is Being Charged by the International Court of Justice for Violating the UN’s Genocide Convention

    ​ ‘I Don’t Recall’: Fauci Unable to Answer Key Questions in Pandemic Probe
    ​ Dr. Anthony Fauci claimed more than 100 times that he did not remember details about the pandemic response and origins during a House interview Monday regarding COVID-19 policies and funding decisions.

    ‘I Don’t Recall’: Fauci Unable to Answer Key Questions in Pandemic Probe

    ​ Meryl Nass MD , Since Fauci just testified (in closed session) before Congress, I provide the evidence of some well-documented crimes he committed
    The risk of GOF was our risk, not his–no doubt he received the best countermeasures, while suppressing them for the public. Since he had already tested them.

    ​Peter McCullough MD , US Congressional Hearing on COVID-19 Vaccine Injuries II
    Friday January 12, 2024, NOON ET: Testimony from Drs. McCullough, Cole, Milhoan

    ​ Peter McCullough MD , Low RSV Vaccine Acceptance Among Pregnant Women
    Wary of Fever and Pregnancy Loss, Discerning Mothers Declining the Novel Shot

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