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Assange – by Mr. Fish


Julian Assange’s Final Appeal (Chris Hedges)
We Have Seen Assange’s Plight In A UK Prison (RSF)
2024: The Year from Political Hell – Martin Armstrong (USAW)
The Genocide of the West (Paul Craig Roberts)
Biden & Blinken – Rule of Illegal Power Over Rule of Law (Ralph Nader)
Western Europe Could Become The New Ukraine (Bordachev)
Everything Happening in Ukraine Matter of Life, Death for Russia – Putin (Sp.)
Denmark Will Give All Its Artillery To Ukraine – PM (RT)
Biden Offered Prime Time Russian TV Slot (Sp.)
French “Democracy” Establishes Medical Tyranny (Paul Craig Roberts)
Von der Leyen Wants Second EU Term – Bild (RT)
Netanyahu To Be Ousted – Israel Media (RT)
ICJ to Examine 57 Years of Israeli Occupation of Palestine (Wilkins)
Hunter’s Lawyers Balked at Kevin Morris Laptop Conspiracy Theories (Turley)



Anthony Bourdain: “Today nearly everything is made in China — except for courage, it’s made in PALESTINE!”








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God have mercy.

Julian Assange’s Final Appeal (Chris Hedges)

If Julian Assange is denied permission to appeal his extradition to the United States before a panel of two judges at the High Court in London this week, he will have no recourse left within the British legal system. His lawyers can ask the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) for a stay of execution under Rule 39, which is given in “exceptional circumstances” and “only where there is an imminent risk of irreparable harm.” But it is far from certain that the British court will agree. It may order Julian’s immediate extradition prior to a Rule 39 instruction or may decide to ignore a request from the ECtHR to allow Julian to have his case heard by the court. The nearly 15-year-long persecution of Julian, which has taken a heavy toll on his physical and psychological health, is done in the name of extradition to the U.S. where he would stand trial for allegedly violating 17 counts of the 1917 Espionage Act, with a potential sentence of 170 years.

Julian’s “crime” is that he published classified documents, internal messages, reports and videos from the U.S. government and U.S. military in 2010, which were provided by U.S. army whistleblower Chelsea Manning. This vast trove of material revealed massacres of civilians, torture, assassinations, the list of detainees held at Guantanamo Bay and the conditions they were subjected to, as well as the Rules of Engagement in Iraq. Those who perpetrated these crimes — including the U.S. helicopter pilots who gunned down two Reuters journalists and 10 other civilians and severely injured two children, all captured in the Collateral Murder video — have never been prosecuted.

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Christophe Deloire is secretary-general and Rebecca Vincent is director of campaigns at Reporters Without Borders (RSF) .

We Have Seen Assange’s Plight In A UK Prison (RSF)

Given the high stakes for journalism and press freedom, we have been dismayed to be confronted with extensive barriers to our UK-focused work on Assange’s case. Our prison visits followed months of fighting for access after the prison arbitrarily barred us in April 2023, when we were refused entry for a vetted prison visit on the grounds that the prison had received “intelligence” that we were journalists. As a non-governmental organisation (NGO), our role differs from that of journalists. We sought access to discuss our advocacy efforts directly with Assange rather than to interview him for a media report. Over the next four months, we sought legal advice, submitted subject access requests, secured an intervention by a member of parliament, and engaged in extensive correspondence with Belmarsh. In August 2023, the block on our access was finally lifted, and we became the only NGO that has been able to visit Assange in prison.

This is not the first time the British system has created obstacles to our work on Assange’s case. We have experienced extensive and evolving barriers to accessing court hearings as NGO observers, often having no choice but to queue outside for up to five hours, very early in the morning and sometimes in freezing temperatures, to secure one of the few spaces in the public gallery. At one point during the pandemic, we were threatened with arrest simply for queueing to get into court. This absurd series of restrictions meant that RSF was the only NGO to monitor the full proceedings. We have not experienced such barriers, which effectively violate the principles of open justice and the right to a fair trial, in any case we have monitored in any other country. But these difficulties are nothing compared with the violations Assange has faced directly, including the fact that he has not been allowed to attend court hearings in person since 6 January 2021 – the last time he was seen outside prison walls.

Prisons are always grim places, and high-security Belmarsh is no exception. It’s hard to describe how Assange himself is faring in this environment, which is a stark contrast to his previous life of freedom, or even to his years at the Ecuadorian embassy. Assange’s worrying state of mental health, and his risk of suicide, have been well-documented in the medical evidence presented to court. But he is still very much involved in his case and fighting for his future. These visits allowed us to discuss and evaluate Assange’s situation with him, and RSF’s interventions led to him finally being permitted a typewriter, which he had been requesting for three years. On our last visit in January, he was clearly unwell and in pain, with a broken rib due to excessive coughing from a respiratory illness. It is a bleak and unjust situation, but it’s also clear how much worse the conditions of extradition and long-term detention in the US would be, which he may not survive.

Of course, Assange should not be in prison anywhere – not in the UK, nor the US, nor Australia, as was suggested to the UK court by the US authorities. No one, anywhere, should be targeted for publishing information in the public interest. Assange should be immediately released – perhaps through a political solution if not the courts, given the political nature of the case against him. The possibility of extradition is dangerously close. From 20 to 21 February, a panel of two high court judges will consider Assange’s final application to appeal against the order for his extradition. Any grounds that are rejected this time cannot be further appealed against, leaving the European court of human rights as his only further recourse.

In the meantime, Assange is in a high-security prison nearly 4,000 miles from the epicentre of the case, reading through a pile of books in his cell, finally typing some letters, and chatting with the few visitors who manage to navigate the myriad obstacles to get in. He has referred to his possible extradition as “Day P” – the day he might be put on a plane. It remains to be seen whether the British judiciary will deliver some form of justice at this late stage by preventing extradition, or whether the UK will become the country that enables a historically damning blow to press freedom, and the right of all of us to know.

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“60% of the world is going to the polls in 2024 to vote for a new government. You might as well throw them into a tumbler, shake well and see what comes out.”

2024: The Year from Political Hell – Martin Armstrong (USAW)

Legendary financial and geopolitical cycle analyst Martin Armstrong is predicting political turmoil, civilian unrest, war and a big economic downturn in 2024 in a new report called “The Year from Political Hell.” It’s not just a US election year, but it is an election year for more than half of the world. This is a global phenomenon which no one can be sure of the outcome. Armstrong explains, “This is not just the United States election. This is what you hear on the news locally. However, step outside this country, and, for example, Indonesia just voted in a leftist government. You have the EU going for elections. You have on May 2nd all the local elections in Britain. You have Russian elections on May 7th. 60% of the world is going to the polls in 2024 to vote for a new government. You might as well throw them into a tumbler, shake well and see what comes out. I mean it’s all over the place.”

On the war front, get ready for more mass killing, and don’t be surprised if it goes nuclear. Armstrong predicts, “There will be nuclear weapons. The neocons keep telling people on Capitol Hill that Russia would never use a nuke because they know we would use them back. That is nonsense! If you are about ready to conquer somebody, and this is all they’ve got left, they are pushing the button. . . . These people, all they want is war. They don’t care. They really do not care. They don’t care about the economy. They don’t care about anything.”

Armstrong says the coming war will make the economy “crash in 2024” as people get scared, spend a lot less and save a lot more. Armstrong says, “What we are looking at is a contraction in spending because of uncertainty. This is what these neocons are creating, and they don’t want to listen to anybody, and it is just their agenda, and they don’t care what happens to the country. . . .We are looking for a contraction of 12% to 18%. GDP is not going to be rising, but you are going to find inflation still rising.” Armstrong also says to look for “a rebellion in government debt” as people lose faith in governments around the world. This rebellion in government issued debt will include US Treasuries, according to Armstrong. This means interest rates will continue to trend upward and not downward.

On volatility in the markets, Armstrong predicts, “Look for volatility to start around July, and there may be some false flags too.” Armstrong continues to say Trump is still looking like he can “win in a landslide in 2024,” but expect the Deep State to pull every dirty trick in the book to keep him out of office. Armstrong points out, “If Trump gets back in power, they are all fired. . . . They know they are losing power. Instead of reforming and doing the right thing, they clamp down and they think they can retain power by pressing us even more. Sorry, but that’s what creates revolution.” In closing, Armstrong says, “Pretty much everything is going wrong for the Deep State. . . . confidence in government has collapsed everywhere.” This is what makes the Deep State Dems, RINOs and Neocons very dangerous. By the way, Armstrong says he would be a buyer of physical gold to hold as a core asset.

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“From the Woke perspective, which has risen to the ascendancy in the intellectual outlook in the West, all normal people are undesirables..”

The Genocide of the West (Paul Craig Roberts)

Are NGOs another example of liberal goody two shoes good intentions going wrong, or are they an organized plot against white countries? Whatever the answer, NGOs have certainly done enormous harm to white countries. After many years of negligence, Putin finally partially cracked down on Western-financed NGOs that were organizing disruptive events in Russia and creating the image of Putin as a dictator. Putin’s government required foreign-financed NGOs to register as foreign agents. Documented reports from independent journalists have established that NGOs are spearheading the immigrant-invaders who are overrunning the United States. As I recently reported, NGOs are actually recruiting “people of color” into the ranks of immigrant-invaders, providing them with transportation, money, and maps of the pathways to the US border that are supplied with accommodation, food, and health care.

One of the most important NGOs underwriting the immigrant-invaders seems to be the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS), of which the current director of the US Department of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas, himself a Jew, was a board member until December 2020. According to an article on substack, HIAS has received $100,000,000 from the US government in the past three years. If this is true, then the Biden regime is underwriting the immigrant invasion with US taxpayers’ money. The long-term, ongoing invasion of the EU and UK has benefited enormously from NGOs, especially from the moral support the NGOs provide for the invasion and for their work in conditioning Europeans to accept immigrant-invaders as the moral thing to do. You might remember the reports of the German women whose reward for welcoming the immigrant-invaders was to be raped by them. When the women complained of being raped, they were branded “racists.”

The story is the same in Sweden and Norway. NGOs are largely a post-1990 phenomena. Recently there have been reports of the impact of foreign-funded NGOs in diversifying Ireland’s population and transforming its culture in Woke directions that elevate the legitimization of sexual perversion above Christian morality. US billionaire Chuck Feeney has underwritten pro-immigrant-invader NGOs in Ireland. In Ireland NGOs have been successful in bringing abortion in under the cover of human rights. Other NGOs focus on legitimizing sexual perversion, such as Lesbians In Cork. In other words, the NGOs serve as weapons with which to revolutionize society and to replace natural life with Woke ideology and its amoral and immoral values.

Every Western country is being watered-down with diverse elements that destroy the unity of the country, turn it into a tower of babel, replace sexual and Christian morality with legitimization of sin, and transform traditional citizens into undesirables, arrogantly rejecting the majority as Hillary Clinton did Trump voters when she branded them “Trump deplorables.” From the Woke perspective, which has risen to the ascendancy in the intellectual outlook in the West, all normal people are undesirables. Consequently large numbers of NGOs have been, and are being, created, and huge sums are being funneled into them to take our culture away from us. No one is funding a countervailing effort. Indeed “our” governments provide matching funds for the NGOs. This is what I mean when I speak of the genocide of the West.

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“..this lawless, Israeli government-indentured Congress which refuses even to demand a ceasefire..”

Biden & Blinken – Rule of Illegal Power Over Rule of Law (Ralph Nader)

Among the puzzling questions that the media chooses to ignore is asking high government officials why they are exercising the illegal use of power that violates the rule of law which they are required to obey. This week, the Veterans for Peace (VFP) made it very easy for reporters to pose questions by sending an open letter (See veteransforpeace.org) to the Inspector General of the U.S. State Department and Antony Blinken, Secretary of State, invoking several U.S. statutes that require the “termination of provision of military weapons and munitions to Israel.” Josh Paul, a former senior official in the State Department’s office charged with reviewing weapon transfers to foreign countries, said: “The Secretary and all relevant officials under his purview should take this letter from Veterans for Peace with the utmost seriousness. It is a stark reminder of the importance of abiding by the laws and policies that relate to arms transfers.”

What laws are being violated by the State Department daily as it approves ships and cargo planes full of weapons of mass destruction to be used in Israel’s war crimes and genocide against hundreds of thousands of Gaza’s civilians, mostly children and women? These are the laws highlighted in the VFP letter:
• The Foreign Assistance Act, which forbids the provision of assistance to a government which “engages in a consistent pattern of gross violations of internationally recognized human rights.”
• Arms Export Control Act, which says countries that receive US military aid can only use weapons for legitimate self-defense and internal security. Israel’s genocidal campaign in Gaza goes way beyond self-defense and internal security.
• The U.S. War Crimes Act, which forbids grave breaches of the Geneva Conventions, including wilful killing, torture or inhuman treatment, wilfully causing great suffering or serious injury to body or health, and unlawful deportation or transfer, perpetrated by the Israeli Occupying Forces.
• The Leahy Law, which prohibits the U.S. Government from using funds for assistance to units of foreign security forces where there is credible information implicating that unit in the commission of gross violations of human rights.
• The Genocide Convention Implementation Act, which was enacted to implement U.S. obligations under the Genocide Convention, provides for criminal penalties for individuals who commit or incite others to commit genocide

Under these laws, the State Department has a “Conventional Arms Transfer Policy” which, the letter notes, “prohibit [U.S. weapons transfers when it’s likely they] will be used by Israel to commit … genocide, crimes against humanity, grave breaches of the Geneva Conventions of 1949, [including attacks intentionally directed against civilian objects or civilians protected] or other serious violations of international humanitarian or human rights laws.” The VFP letter continues, “Dozens of authoritative complaints and referrals made by hospital administrators in Gaza, as well as by Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, Palestine Authority, South Africa, Turkey, Medicins san Frontieres, UNRWA, UNICEF, the Secretary-General of the United Nations, the Norwegian Refugee Council and the World Food Programme have confirmed that there is an ongoing human rights and humanitarian disaster due to Israel’s cutoff of water and electricity, deliberate destruction of sewage infrastructure and delaying of aid shipments by Israeli forces.”

If you are wondering why these laws are not being enforced – the answer is that individual citizens or groups of citizens do not have any “legal standing” to sue Secretary Blinken, according to the U.S. Supreme Court. Only a Committee of Congress, backed by a Senate or House Resolution, can take the State Department to federal court. That action to enforce Congressionally passed and enacted laws is not likely to happen in this lawless, Israeli government-indentured Congress which refuses even to demand a ceasefire. Mike Ferner, VFP National Director, observed “Just as any good soldiers can recognize when they are given an unlawful order, we believe some State Department staff are horrified at the orders they’re given and will decide to uphold the law, find the courage to speak out and demand an end to the carnage.”

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“..journalists are persistently interested in the topic of a ‘potential war with Russia’ because they see it as a good selling point to their readers..”

Western Europe Could Become The New Ukraine (Bordachev)

A side effect of the tragic Ukrainian problem for Russian foreign policy is that it helps us to understand the degree of economic and moral decay that our other Western neighbors would have to reach in order to pose a threat to our security. It is these two factors – impoverishment and spiritual decline – that create a critical mass necessary for an adventurer to drag his country into a destructive conflict. So far, as public opinion polls show, the citizens of Western European countries do not see any potential for aggressive behavior towards Russia. Despite the fact that some NATO military leaders and even politicians have suddenly started talking about the possibility of a military conflict, the inhabitants of its member states in Europe do not perceive Russia as a threat at all. Therefore, they have no feelings of aggression towards us. However, this state of affairs could change, and the most important thing is not the geopolitical situation, but the internal situation of our neighbors to the West.

The military-political conflict between Russia and NATO over Ukraine has been accompanied by hostile rhetoric in the media and political circles of Western countries that is unprecedented by the standards of recent decades. We can see how this goes through stages. It is not difficult to see the distribution of roles among the various representatives of Russia’s adversaries in Europe and North America. Now, for example, representatives of military structures are the most active. Literally every week, the Russian media discusses another statement by a British, Danish, or Dutch commander on the alleged inevitability or high probability of an armed conflict between Russia and NATO within a few years. With the same frequency, new NATO ‘secret plans’ for war with Russia are leaked to the Western European media. As a rule, they are poorly adapted to the mass-reader scenarios of yet another hypothetical exercise. The question inevitably arises – should we take all this at face value? So far, there seems to be a certain cunning in such statements.

Especially since the main organizers of the Ukraine crisis – the Americans – prefer to remain silent on the matter and are not throwing around theories about the likelihood of a direct armed conflict with Russia. The situation is fundamentally different for Washington’s European allies. First of all, Western European military and political leaders act with no formal accountability for their words. Since all security and defense decisions within NATO are made by the US, any general or politician in Europe can say whatever he wants; his words mean absolutely nothing in practice – especially since military spending is in the hands of the civilian authorities, and they are in no hurry to spend money on military exercises. Secondly, it is clear to Western European military leaders that politicians are in no hurry to fulfil the promises they made in the early stages of the conflict. As early as March 2022, for example, the German chancellor loudly proclaimed a U-turn in Berlin’s defense policy, an increase in real spending on armaments, and a build-up of military forces.

So far, nothing has been done, and the state of the German economy is not conducive to new spending that goes beyond supporting the welfare of citizens and the corporate sector. Thirdly, journalists are persistently interested in the topic of a ‘potential war with Russia’ because they see it as a good selling point to their readers. And the generals have to answer direct questions that European men in uniform, due to their lack of intellectual flexibility, cannot delicately avoid. And generally speaking, their job is to prepare for war, even if they know they will never have to fight it. Civilian heads of military departments also fall for this bait. A few days ago, for example, journalists had to literally torture the bellicose meaning out of an interview with Poland’s new defense minister.

It should be noted that officials directly involved in US military planning, as well as representatives of Eastern European countries, are more circumspect in their statements. Even officials and military officers from the former Baltic republics of the USSR have not yet issued statements of comparable alarm to their counterparts in Western Europe. Nor does NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg speak of a direct armed conflict as a foreseeable probability. American restraint and better coordination between the US and those which directly represent its interests in Europe are probably at work here. Of course, German, Swedish, Dutch, and Danish generals cannot count on the same quality of communication with Washington that Warsaw has. And the Americans themselves, to their credit, are rather cautious when it comes to strategic issues – despite their adventurism and constant desire to test Russia’s patience ‘on the ground’.

The assessments of European generals and officials are even more contradictory when compared with the opinions of their populations. The Bundeswehr general’s comments on the likelihood of war with Russia were published alongside the results of an opinion poll showing that 71% of Germans do not consider Russia a military threat. The annual Munich Security Conference, the West’s main ‘production meeting’ on its relations with the rest of humanity, has produced a report devoted in part to Western Europeans’ attitudes to various threats. Observers have already noted that Russia has fallen to ninth place on the list of ‘threats’ this year. Clearly, the Western European populace no longer feels that Russia threatens them in any way. More importantly, they have no reason to be aggressive towards Russia themselves.

The real causes of major armed conflicts such as world wars are always linked to socio-economic factors. For the naturally cautious German nation to become a bunch of cannibals, it first had to sink into the economic misery and moral oppression of the 1920s. Before that, demographic growth and the unresolved social problems of industrialization created the necessary mass of people willing to kill and die on the fields of the First World War.

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“For them [the West], this is an improvement in their tactical position. While for us it is fate, it is a matter of life and death,..

Everything Happening in Ukraine Matter of Life, Death for Russia – Putin (Sp.)

Everything that is happening in the Ukrainian direction is a matter of life and death for Russia, it is the fate of the country, whereas for the West it is only a matter of their tactical position, Russian President Vladimir Putin said. “I think that for ourselves, and even more so for listeners and viewers abroad, it is important to understand the course of our thoughts, to understand our condition, to understand how sensitive and important this is for our country — everything that is happening in the Ukrainian direction. For them [the West], this is an improvement in their tactical position. While for us it is fate, it is a matter of life and death,” Putin said, commenting on the historical part of his recent interview with American journalist Tucker Carlson. Last week, Putin sat down for an interview with Carlson, discussing the Ukraine conflict, the Nord Stream sabotage, Russia-NATO relations, artificial intelligence, and other topics. The interview has attracted huge interest around the world. The video has been viewed 202 million times on X. On YouTube, the video has been viewed over 17.4 million times.

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“..other EU member-states should follow suit..”

Denmark Will Give All Its Artillery To Ukraine – PM (RT)

Denmark will transfer all of its artillery to Ukraine, Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen said during a panel debate at the Munich Security Conference on Saturday. According to her, despite production issues, Copenhagen and the EU in general have enough arms stockpiled to supply the country with the necessary weaponry. Kiev has increasingly complained of personnel and ammunition shortages on the front lines, appealing to its Western supporters for more financing and arms. However, Brussels is yet to finalize its next aid package, while the EU’s earlier pledge to provide Ukraine with one million artillery rounds by March this year has not been met. “If you ask Ukrainians – they are asking us for ammunition now, artillery now.

From the Danish side, we decided to donate our entire artillery to Ukraine,” Frederiksen stated, adding that other EU member-states should follow suit. “I am sorry to say, friends, but there is still ammunition in stock in Europe. This is not only a question about production because we have weapons, we have ammunition, we have air defense, that we don’t have to use ourselves at the moment, that we should deliver to Ukraine,” she said. Frederiksen noted that it would be ineffective to wait for the US aid package to come through to make decisions on supplies to Ukraine. US lawmakers failed to approve additional funding of around $60 billion for Kiev before going on winter break, and are expected to resume discussions on the package on February 28.

“We have to speed up and scale up, no matter what will happen in the US. We as Europeans need to be able to protect ourselves, and to protect ourselves we need to deliver what is needed in Ukraine now. The responsibility for Europe has to be in Europe and we have to do more,” she stated. Denmark is among the major suppliers of weapons to the Ukrainian Armed Forces. It also spearheaded an effort to help Ukraine procure F-16 fighter jets and train its pilots to fly the warplanes last year, and is a member of the so-called ‘drone coalition’, a recently-formed group of countries that has pledged to give Kiev one million drones to fight Russia.

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“..on Russia 1, the country’s most popular TV channel.”

Biden Offered Prime Time Russian TV Slot (Sp.)

Last week, Russian President Vladimir Putin sat down for an interview with US journalist Tucker Carlson to discuss the Ukraine conflict, the Nord Stream sabotage, Russia-NATO relations, artificial intelligence and other topics. Dmitry Kiselev, general director of the Rossiya Segodnya media group — Sputnik’s parent company — said he had sent a request to the White House for an interview with US President Joe Biden. “We believe that our countries lack the ability to listen and hear each other, and we believe that Russian President Vladimir Putin has set a worthy example by agreeing to an interview aimed at the American viewer,” the letter said. “The interview is planned to be conducted by me, Dmitry Kiselev, CEO of the Rossiya Segodnya Media Group and host of the highest-rated Sunday news and analysis program Vesti Nedeli on Russia 1, the country’s most popular TV channel.”

If it goes ahead, the interview would be translated into foreign languages and distributed on Sputnik’s Telegram channel, the ria.ru website, and numerous media platforms and social networks of the media group in Russia and around the world “In general, in a good way, US President Biden must respond to all this. The best and most spectacular option for the White House would be a mirror interview with a Russian journalist. As we have a saying, waiting for an answer, like the nightingale of summer,” Kiselev said in his program.

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“Does the Kremlin comprehend that its de-nazification agenda cannot be limited to Ukraine but must be applied to the entirety of the Western world?”

French “Democracy” Establishes Medical Tyranny (Paul Craig Roberts)

Professor Michel Chossudovsky, director of Global Research, has examined the new French law that defines dissent from official medical narratives as a “sectarian aberration” and criminalizes dissent from medical narratives, such as “the mRNA vaccine is safe and effective.” The law also creates a new crime called “provocation to abstention from medical care.” A French citizen is guilty of a crime if the person refuses a vaccine or medical treatment handed down by authorities. Had the law been in place during the mass vaccination campaign with the deadly mRNA “vaccine,” all who refused would have received three years imprisonment and paid a 45,000 euro fine. This ensures that next time everyone will receive the “vaccine,” because if you refuse you will be imprisoned and the prison rules will require you to be “vaccinated.”

The new law also protects the pharmaceutical corporations from any accountability for the deaths and health damage their lies caused by criminalizing French citizens–including doctors and medical scientists–who speak against the Covid-19 “vaccines.” This demonstrates the power of Big Pharma over democracy, which with this death blow given to free speech and medical fact no longer exists in France. This is a very serious development. It is an official act by an alleged “Western democracy” that criminalizes truth. For example, French medical scientists who find that the mRNA “vaccines” result in death and health injury will be imprisoned if they report their findings. The new French law takes the determination of medical fact out of the hands of medical scientists. The “fact” henceforth is whatever Big Pharma’s paid shills among politicians and medical “authorities” say it is.

Something similar has occurred in Germany. The distinguished German attorney Reiner Fuellmich was about to file a lawsuit supported by thousands of medical doctors and attorneys against the mRNA manufacturers when he was kidnapped by the German state and imprisoned in Germany where he is currently standing trial on trumped up charges brought by what appears to be paid “witnesses.” This is not the way democracies operate. As I have written on many occasions, Western countries have ceased to be democracies. The people have no voice. The countries are governed by the agendas of the elites and powerful corporations with the money to purchase the laws that serve their agendas and interests. The people who run for office are the people approved by these elites. Trump was the exception, and look at what has happened to him. The ruling elite have made their point: “Cross us and we will destroy you.”

Western governments serve at the expense of the people the material interests of the powerful and ideologies such as the World Economic Forum’s “Great Reset.” Dutch and Irish governments are dispossessing under the rubric of “global warming” farmers of their flocks of sheep and herds of cattle, thereby driving up food prices by curtailing the supplies of meat, milk, butter, and cheese, while simultaneously allowing entry to hordes of immigrant-invaders whose support the people are forced to undertake. Today a “Western democracy” is an institution that forces citizens to support interests that are not their own. We are now witnessing, with the new French law, with the German government’s kidnapping of Reiner Fuellmich, with the American persecution of medical scientists who truthfully reported the mRNA danger, the Stalinist indictments of President Trump, and with media that no longer serve as watchdogs over the government but as propaganda ministries for government lies, the legalization and institutionalization of the tyranny that has displaced democracy in the Western world.

A large percentage of Western peoples are so indoctrinated and brainwashed that they do not see what is happening. Moreover, Western countries having been turned into towers of babel means there is no social unity, which makes it impossible to oppose the tyranny as some of the diverse elements see tyranny useful in suppressing political and ideological opponents. In the US the Democrats’ policy of wide-open borders for “people of color” but not for whites is dispossessing Americans of their own country. Despite public opposition to the policy, it has moved into high gear with, according to official numbers, entry each year of immigrant-invaders in numbers equivalent to 12 cities the size of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. There is no doubt whatsoever that the goal is to replace the white American population who are powerless to do anything about it. Meanwhile the Western governments foment wars with Russia, China, and Iran and expect the demoralized citizens they are dispossessing to supply the army. Does the Kremlin comprehend that its de-nazification agenda cannot be limited to Ukraine but must be applied to the entirety of the Western world?

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She’s addicted to power.

Von der Leyen Wants Second EU Term – Bild (RT)

Ursula von der Leyen will formally announce her candidacy for a second term as president of the European Commission on Monday, German tabloid Bild has reported. Von der Leyen has already hinted that she seeks a second term, promising on Saturday to appoint a dedicated “defense commissioner” if she holds on to her office. To secure a second term, von der Leyen will first have to be nominated by her faction in the European Parliament, the centrist European People’s Party (EPP). Speaking to Reuters last month, EPP lawmaker Daniel Caspary said the party would nominate von der Leyen at a congress in March, “if that’s what she wants.” Should the EPP emerge as the largest party in June’s European elections, which it is projected to do, von der Leyen’s candidacy would then be put before the European Council.

From there, a majority vote by the council’s 27 members followed by the parliament’s final approval would see the German installed for another five-year term at the helm of the commission. Opponents of von der Leyen, chief among them Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, will have few opportunities to stymie her nomination. Despite the fact that Hungary will hold the council’s rotating presidency after the elections, no one member state can veto a majority vote in her favor. Additionally, the EPP is a big-tent organization of centrist and center-right parties, meaning potential dissenters like Italy’s Forza Italia will be easily overruled by von der Leyen’s Christian Democrats and their allies. Von der Leyen has already strongly suggested that she will seek a second term. “If I would be the president of the next European Commission, I would have a commissioner for defense,” she said at the Munich Security Conference on Saturday, without spelling out what this commissioner’s responsibilities would be.

Since the conflict between Russia and Ukraine began, von der Leyen has positioned herself as one of Kiev’s most ardent Western backers. She has authorized 12 packages of sanctions on Russia, overseen the dramatic expansion of the so-called ‘European Peace Facility’ – a €12 billion ($12.9 billion) fund used to funnel weapons to Ukraine – and hurried Ukraine’s bid for EU membership through the normally drawn-out application process. So antagonistic is her relationship to Moscow that German Chancellor Olaf Scholz reportedly forbade US President Joe Biden last year from endorsing her bid to succeed Jens Stoltenberg as secretary-general of NATO. According to Germany’s Welt newspaper, Scholz felt that von der Leyen’s hardline anti-Russian stance “could prove to be a disadvantage in the long term.” Von der Leyen will return to Berlin from Munich on Sunday, and is expected to announce her candidacy after a discussion with her fellow Christian Democrats on Monday, Bild reported.

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“..last thing we need right now is elections.”

Netanyahu To Be Ousted – Israel Media (RT)

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will not be able to retain power after the country’s military has concluded its operation against Hamas in Gaza, Ynet media outlet has claimed, citing anonymous sources within his Likud party. Amid mounting calls for early elections, the Israeli leader insisted on Saturday that now is “not the time for politics,” suggesting that the next vote will take place “in a few years.” Multiple opinion polls have demonstrated that Netanyahu’s approval ratings and those of his Likud party have been on the decline since Hamas militants conducted their deadly surprise incursion into Israeli territory on October 7, 2023. Back in December, the Israel Democracy Institute, citing survey results, claimed that more than two-thirds of Israelis want general elections to be held as soon as hostilities in Gaza are over.

A survey conducted earlier this month showed that opposition parties would secure as many as 75 of the Israeli parliament’s 120 seats if elections were held now.In its report on Saturday, Ynet quoted an unnamed senior member of Likud as predicting that “whoever was prime minister on October 7 will finish his post at the end of the war.”Another staffer from Netanyahu’s party allegedly contended that no matter “how much Netanyahu postpones the end and how much he doesn’t want to, at the end of this war we will go to elections.” According to the media outlet, the anonymous Likud bigwig added that the prime minister would be forced to call a snap election either by members of his own political force or by other parties making up the ruling coalition, with everyone understanding that “this is what’s going to happen.”

Speaking at a press conference on Saturday, Netanyahu dismissed calls for a snap election, insisting that a vote for the Knesset should take place as scheduled, that is, in October 2026. “I suggest we don’t concern ourselves with that during the war,” the prime minister said, arguing that the “last thing we need right now is elections.” Netanyahu warned that internal political division in Israel would play into the hands of Hamas. The opposition Yesh Atid party released a statement describing the prime minister’s comments as “another performance by an unfit prime minister who, by all accounts, has long lost the public’s trust and continues to flee from the responsibility of the greatest failure to the Jewish people since the Holocaust.” “Israel needs change. Elections are the order of the day,” the party argued.

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“..a week of hearings on the legal consequences of Israel’s occupation of Palestine..”

ICJ to Examine 57 Years of Israeli Occupation of Palestine (Wilkins)

More than 50 countries are set to participate in next week’s hearings at the International Court of Justice focusing on Israel’s illegal 57-year occupation of Palestine, a forum that follows the Hague tribunal’s finding last month that Israel is “plausibly” committing genocide in occupied Gaza. The ICJ—also known as the World Court—will hold a week of hearings on the legal consequences of Israel’s occupation of Palestine, which dates to the Israeli conquest of the West Bank, East Jerusalem, Gaza Strip, Syrian Golan Heights, and Egyptian Sinai Peninsula during the 1967 Six-Day War. “The International Court of Justice is set for the first time to broadly consider the legal consequences of Israel’s nearly six-decades-long occupation and mistreatment of the Palestinian people,” Human Rights Watch senior legal adviser Clive Baldwin said in a statement.

“Governments that are presenting their arguments to the court should seize these landmark hearings to highlight the grave abuses Israeli authorities are committing against Palestinians, including the crimes against humanity of apartheid and persecution.” The West Bank, East Jerusalem, and Golan Heights remain under Israeli military occupation six decades after their conquest. The United Nations—to which the ICJ belongs—and many international NGOs contend that, despite removing its troops and settlers from Gaza two decades ago, Israel continues to occupy Gaza by controlling the besieged enclave’s airspace, territorial waters, and the entry and exit of people and goods. Since the October 7 Hamas-led attacks on Israel, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) have killed or wounded more than 100,000 Palestinians in Gaza while forcibly displacing around 90% of the population. Numerous Israeli leaders have called for the renewed physical occupation, Jewish resettlement, and ethnic cleansing of the strip.

During the current assault on Gaza, occupation forces have also killed at least 388 Palestinians, including 99 children, in the West Bank, according to U.N. human rights officials. Israeli settlers have for decades been steadily colonizing the occupied territories under the protection of the IDF, while ethnically cleansing Palestinians whose lands and homes they steal. Next week’s hearings come on the heels of the ICJ’s provisional ruling last month in a case led by South Africa—which will be the first nation after Palestine to present at next week’s hearing—that Israel is “plausibly” committing genocide in Gaza. The tribunal ordered Israel to “take all measures within its power” to adhere to its obligations under Article II of the Genocide Convention.

Earlier this week, South Africa urgently appealed to the ICJ to act amid the looming threat of an Israeli ground invasion of Rafah. More than 1.5 million Palestinians, most of them refugees ordered to flee to the south of Gaza by invading Israeli forces, are crammed into what is now one of the world’s most densely populated places. On Friday, the ICJ declined to take any additional action against Israel, while reiterating that the “perilous situation” in Rafah “demands immediate and effective implementation of the provisional measures indicated by the court” in last month’s ruling.

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“..including the threat from Morris to sue me for defamation if I continued to raise ethical concerns over his conduct..”

Hunter’s Lawyers Balked at Kevin Morris Laptop Conspiracy Theories (Turley)

We have previously discussed the controversial representation of Kevin Morris of Hunter Biden, including the threat from Morris to sue me for defamation if I continued to raise ethical concerns over his conduct. Now a report by the New York Times suggests that even Hunter’s other lawyers had concerns over Morris’s claims, particularly the fostering of a conspiracy theory to deny the authenticity of the infamous laptop of Hunter Biden. According to the New York Times, Kevin Morris “quietly pushed a complex theory under which the repair shop was a front and the information had been made public through a cast of characters including a psychiatrist who had treated Mr. Biden’s addiction using ketamine therapy and the Trump-allied operative Roger J. Stone Jr.” That is notable because many in the media picked up on the conspiracy theory despite ample evidence that the laptop was genuine.

Indeed, a similar theory was contained in the now debunked letter of former intelligence officials just before the election — a letter widely used in the media to effectively shutdown coverage. Some later admitted that they assumed the emails were genuine. The Washington Post’s Phillip Bump and others pushed the conspiracy theory. Indeed, in 2021, when media organizations were finally admitting that the laptop was authentic, Bump was still declaring that it was a “conspiracy theory.” Despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, Bump continued to suggest that “the laptop was seeded by Russian intelligence.” What is equally astonishing is that in 2023 the Post expressly stood by Bump’s reporting on the laptop and other debunked claims. The media report suggests that Chris Clark and Joshua Levy stopped working on the case as the false claims were being pushed. It is not clear if they support the reporting in the Times. Levy reportedly exited from representation in March 2023 after “unease and dissent” over the Hunter Biden legal team and its direction.

Clark withdrew shortly after he admitted that Hunter’s notorious 2017 WhatsApp text demanding money from a Chinese businessman was genuine. In the message, Hunter literally describes his father sitting next to him to drive home the threat, declaring “I am sitting here with my father and we would like to understand why the commitment made has not been fulfilled…I would like to resolve this now before it gets out of hand, and now means tonight…I will make certain that between the man sitting next to me and every person he knows and my ability to forever hold a grudge that you will regret not following my direction. I am sitting here waiting for the call with my father.” Morris has increasingly appeared to be something of an enabler for Hunter, reinforcing a persecution complex while funding his lavish lifestyle. What is striking about the report is that the conspiracy theory is precisely the type of disinformation that the Biden Administration has alleged against critics to seek their censorship, throttling, and banning on social media.

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    Assange – by Mr. Fish   • Julian Assange’s Final Appeal (Chris Hedges) • We Have Seen Assange’s Plight In A UK Prison (RSF) • 2024: The Year from
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle February 19 2024]


    Gorka Taibbi

    just exactly WHAT did YOU think plausible deniability meant?


    look at the trajectory of the economic growth of Mississippi and then tell me the War Between the States ended

    there is no THEY in the current state of affairs of the United States of America. WE voted for, approved and demanded the rapine destructions of peoples and cultures. WE demanded the silencing of dissident voices. WE encouraged the destruction of the labor movements. WE applauded the destruction of the garment industry in Appalachia. WE placed our children in the hands of the Intelligence Agencies. WE have been the greatest genocidal force EVER. WE PERFECTED BLAME THE VICTIM. WE clamored for the extension of the Monroe Doctrine to cover the entire earth.

    and now with the greatest example of buyer’s remorse in the history of the world damned near every voice in the United States in a cacophony of dissident dissonace screams “IT’S THEIR FAULT”.

    “I have of late—but wherefore I know not—
    lost all my mirth, forgone all custom of exercises;
    and indeed it goes so heavily with my
    disposition that this goodly frame, the earth,
    seems to me a sterile promontory, this most
    excellent canopy, the air, look you, this brave
    o’erhanging firmament, this majestical roof
    fretted with golden fire, why, it appears no
    other thing to me than a foul and pestilent
    congregation of vapors.” – Shakespeare, Hamlet


    and now WE once again hope to turn our attention away from the borders of the United States and get back to the subjugation of THE OTHER so that WE can return to profitablity.

    MAGA, give me a rest

    WE are what happened to our NOBLE Experiment.


    Philly the city of love? The whole vid is a tuff watch but gets really interesting from the 15 minute mark for about five or six minutes. Ever hear of a little place called Wuhan?


    Anthony Bourdain: “Today nearly everything is made in China — except for courage, it’s made in PALESTINE!”

    His mother was a Jew but he rejected the religion and the culture, the end result was that Bourdain was honest and that came across, he was appreciated by many people across the globe, one of the few Americans I would have dinner with, were the offer forthcoming. Why the fuck did they kill him, that is the bit I don’t understand, but when you are into murder then maybe the reasons are not important.

    As for his assessment of Palestine; yeah, look at the Americans who are funding this genocide and see if you can say the same thing; is masturbation over your guns the same as war experience? Palestinians have courage, Bourdain knew just how much courage it took to be a Pelastinian, because Bourdain knew the heart of the Jews.


    i received a socio-cultural bitch slap this weekend. once again i realized i am a Pollyanna. you have no idea about that which is moving toward you. it is beyond the human ken. it has taken possesion of that which was once the lower middle class and it is fueled by every pension plan within western culture. every interest payment you make drives another nail into your coffin.


    Americans know that the USA is falling apart, but – from reading TAE – individual Americans also know it is not their fault. This is a very interesting situation; America is the people of America and yet the people of America are trying to distance themselves from responsibility for the destruction of their country.

    If America is not the people of America, then what is America? If America is the people of America, then we have to wonder when the Americans will finally admit that the destruction of their country was their fault.

    Read Solzhenitsyn – Rebuilding Russia, it is very interesting how the Russian people accepted that they wasted their time during the entire 20th century and that their communist time was a disaster. When will the Americans come to that conclusion, because they have to get there before they can rebuild.


    The jew is destroying Western countries, Christianity, civilization and culture. They’ve been at it, intently since WW2. Look closely at Palestine, this lies in store for you. The same demonic force is in control of the West. Ukraine, same method and philosophy…wipe out the population, destroy everything, create a new JWO. Dante’s Hell on steroids.

    Dr. D

    TC Shorts: Armstrong interview this week discusses some of this, for our people from Oz. Armstrong was to broker the “Escape from Hong Kong” and re-site the city (in a way) somewhere else. He went to Australia to pay anything for land. Anything. He was like, “We can pay off Australia’s entire national debt, today. What’s the problem?” He said, “Well, I’m Labour, and these Hong Kong escaped communism and will vote Conservative. So no, never, no price.” And thus Australia has a crushing national debt today, thanks. “The borrower is the servant of the lender”. https://usawatchdog.com/2024-the-year-from-political-hell-martin-armstrong/

    So…nothing like that here, right? Options: Biden is going down on schedule, BUT! But he will give all illegals voting rights, citizenship, maybe a free car, who knows? Before he goes. Is it illegal? Probably, that’s not what “executive order” means. And “Pardon” does not pro-actively invent the paperwork for you to be a citizen. But go ahead and run that through the Supreme Court, which still hasn’t heard Trump’s case 3 years later. Then they have the election.

    The people will be so mad – and they know it – in a lather of spin that they’ll have to swap in someone else. Was to be Newsom, but may be Michelle. They can even promise to “Fix it” and “reverse” but they won’t. This is how we won’t have an election. But that would destroy the country!!! Uh, yeah, Hahahahaha! Don’t care. That’s the POINT of it. Planed, stated, signed, and printed for 30-50 years. That’s WHY we have “invasion”. Duh. The Constitutional Republic was examined and attacked and will fall. Don’t care how. Americans cannot be permitted to survive, anywhere. They are being exterminated by the ten thousand, the hundred thousand, and replaced. We call that “A good start”.

    It will stop when we are reduced to abject slavery and destitution, only when our former state is entirely forgotten and we submit placidly to all violence against us. Why? A: That what Pimp Daddy DOES. That’s who he IS. He can’t stop. Why should he? He’ll always be there. The only person that can stop, is US.

    We can stop, leave the ghetto and the tricks and the thug life, and go home. Any time, from day one up to day now. Ready yet?

    “Israel is a lunatic state”

    That seems to be true. So…who has driven them mad? Who’s killing 90% of the Jews? They weren’t crazy when they got there. Is it like a media array against them, a psy op campaign, same as being run on us? That’s a paid dept of the government. Who runs it? Why would they make their own people insane, as it makes their own nation weaker, poorer, and kills everyone?

    “’Prosecuting Julian Assange threatens journalists and press freedom’

    Must be these guys, right? As telling the truth is the antidote to their crazy-making psy op, and they are against journalists worldwide like Glenn Greenwald and Bret Weinstein.

    “This is not the first time the British system has created obstacles to our work on Assange’s case. We have experienced extensive and evolving barriers to accessing court hearings”

    British specialty, they do this all the time and always have, forever. Check out the Guildford Four, straight back to the Star Chamber. Not a day goes by they aren’t doing this widely.

    “, or whether the UK will become the country that enables a historically damning blow to press freedom, and the right of all of us to know.”

    “Become” that country? There is no country more on the forefront of damning press freedom in 30 years. They are Le Plus Ultra, the Apex. The Top, the Crowning Glory. The head state of 1984, IngSoc, and prouder than proud could be of it.

    “NGOs have certainly done enormous harm to white countries.”

    That’s not fair at all. They’ve done twice as much harm to black countries.

    “independent journalists have established that NGOs are spearheading the immigrant-invaders who are overrunning the United States.”

    WHY can they do this? Demoralization campaigns. “THEY” are running and control everything. It’s over. “Resistance is Futile”. “You will be assimilated.” “THEY” are everywhere, and have infinite power and perfect intelligence. They’re the master race, in fact, might as well give up now.

    Since I seem to have to read this every day about mouth-breathing inbred morons who are getting slapped senseless in court after court AFTER having stacked the courts AND trained the juries for 100 years, yet I ALSO hear we’re losing and should give up, I guess that demoralization campaign is going well. Guess I should give up and turn tricks for Pimp Daddy until he overdoses me too! Yup. That’s my fate. I’ve seen the light! I am indeed powerless, as all living creatures are, and should accuse others online and do nothing. Now GO, and die in what way seems best to you.

    If there’s a single enemy most helping Pimp Daddy and destroying us, it’s 5th columnists who advise every man to abandon his post and duty, certain we are lost, then complains when they do it.

    Back to PCR, “NGOs” run on “Money”. You need virtually free money, for years, virtually printed with complete abandon for them to operate deeply and widely enough. Stop the money, stop all problems. 0% interest rates are this money.

    Gosh, that makes sense since the existence of that fake, printed money is all immoral – and arguably illegal – in the first place. Not a single person, except the NGO-runners, would approve of it, and all America shut down the switchboards to order Congress not to print it, and have many times again since then.

    There is a second problem. “Stop the money, stop them” and all their crimes, briberies, treasons, and murders. However, “stop the money and you stop”… us. The whole economy is “a System”. That “system” delivers your heat and daily bread. How do you want to stop it now? Be productive. What’s your plan? Reforming the system is far harder than “burning it all down” in an emotional toddler tantrum. Everyone will pile on and tell you you’re a lazy fool who can never win if you try. You SHOULD kill 100 Million Americans by burning the system, and they deserve it, even though they are the #OPPOSITE of the say, 5.000 Americans who actually caused it. Well, when one guy commits a crime the only solution is to arrest and try somebody else entirely. That’s common sense.

    Now, back to where? The Less Gray Hats are TRYING to REFORM the System, as they must, because we can always burn it tomorrow if need be. How are they doing that? By EXPOSING Pimp Daddy and all his strangled girls in whatever shallow ditches they were found. Sort of gives heart and necessity to the girls still alive at home that maybe they should do something. FIRST you tell, you talk, you show, you explain, you know, you see. THEN you act. We are in the first part. Sorry. Should we act BEFORE knowing? Is that your plan?

    However, America has got so pissed off that they’re almost as pissed off at the Grey Hats as the Black Hats for taking so long. And they’re almost at the point of telling them to piss off and doing it themselves. Like with the States sending men – who are happy to go – to secure the borders themselves. This is only just happening, but it’s building and would be the better way, although no one knows where it leads. That’s outside the control of even the White Hats, and so much the better in my opinion. IDGAF what they say. If WE are the country, then you can step aside too and piss off. Dismantle yourselves and not just trade one Pimp Daddy party for another.

    But that would require WE have knowledge, work, responsibility, etc, and although many have, it’s not enough yet to move the nation at large. Also that would be very dangerous. But that’s where we are. I’ve about had it with them for 30 years, nothing new to me, but before now I couldn’t get anybody else to believe it and act.

    “independent journalists have established that NGOs are spearheading the immigrant-invaders who are overrunning the United States.”

    Not puzzling at all: No one will arrest them. Therefore, it’s not really a “law”, is it? If they were in Leavenworth they couldn’t give illegal orders, although they would still try and want to. Nor is Congress the only people not doing this, being the highest proportion of industry felons. Each state, state DAs, most policemen, the FBI, and thousands of others refuse to do their jobs daily, and in fact enforce the #Opposite. They refuse because if the case were brought, hundreds of thousands of Judges would also refuse to do THEIR jobs, and let them off, unable to withstand the heat and cave in. Naturally “No prosecutor would take the case” as Comey most clearly and openly said. So…who will bring it? And who will reform it? That system involves, a million? People? “They” “R” Us.

    So there’s only one solution to openly illegal actions and crimes: Give 21,000 more bombs and guns to the criminals.

    “• Denmark Will Give All Its Artillery To Ukraine – PM (RT)

    This is why they want woman leaders: they Do What They’re Told. Especially when it comes to war and killing people. Sad to say. And so who are the whispers behind the throne that direct them? All women I guess? Oh they’re men, like Schwab and I dunno, Fauci, Harari and Neil Ferguson? How liberating to know. Well, those 500,000 dead children will be “worth it”.

    ““Does the Kremlin comprehend that its de-nazification agenda cannot be limited to Ukraine but must be applied to the entirety of the Western world?”

    Yes. Yes, they do know that. They say it daily as they say they are fighting all NATO and the U.S. specifically. They are saying that when they say “you are applauding genocidal Nazis in Parliament.” They say this daily. Hourly. We’d just too retarded to hear.

    To the point of the article outlawing “Opinions”: Good. This means two things: ONE they have no power, since you don’t MAKE people do things if you already have power over them. They would just do them. Two, this will PISS OFF THE FEW REMAINING PEOPLE and alarm them into realizing their deadly, perilous state. And then ALSO jump in, take action and ALSO have no power.

    Of course this is very messy, dangerous, and wrong, but we already tried all the nice ways. Bon Chance! Allez le bon temps roller.

    Anyway, there’s no need to do this unless you’re LOSING. And losing fast. IF you could soft-power, influence, steer, you would do that, as working better AND as it costs far less. You only do this if all your soft power is overrun and you have to, you’re going to, you PLAN to, slap your b—h hoe into a hospital and strangle the other one in front of her to deliver a message. But that’s at the point of them ganging up on you and having an “accident.” Either way you lose, although it’s still a tragedy.

    They lost. I could see it on the board, +4 years ago? Now they are far more openly losing and in public retreat everywhere? Chased by mobs? Yet they’re still all-powerful and all-knowing and it’s hopeless, our case is lost. “THEY” control everything. Might as well go hang yourself now, I guess, at the point they’re exposed and routed everywhere.

    “She’s addicted to power.
    • Von der Leyen Wants Second EU Term – Bild (RT)

    No, she’s committed astonishing, genocidal crimes she will hang for. The only way to control it, — even from her own insiders — is to be in there personally, so KlausenSchwabby doesn’t throw her under the bus for those no-bid billion dollar text contracts while Europe starves. OF COURSE THEY WILL. That’s the definition of “Psychopath”. They have no empathy, and if they escape by killing her, and in fact killing every. Other. Countryman. Not just Der Lyin’, but every German, Every Belgian, every Jew, they would do it in 10 seconds and sleep like a baby. There’s never a moment they’re NOT doing this. Ever. Crack a book.

    WHY does Der Lyin’ get involved with such people? Duh: Because she’s a psycho herself and can’t help it. That’s WHO she is. Self-selecting. I’m glad they’ve all sorted and identified themselves, it makes them much easier to arrest.

    “Netanyahu to Be Ousted – Israel Media (RT)

    Eventually. As Haaritz is against him, etc. He will be tried for war crimes. But he was right, this move kept the wolves off a few years longer.

    “More than 50 countries are set to participate in next week’s hearings at the International Court of Justice focusing on Israel’s illegal 57-year occupation of Palestine,”

    Since they’re in the mood, can we get one for the 80 year occupation of the United States in Germany, Japan, and planetwide? Save us a bunch of money, thanks.

    “Hunter’s Lawyers Balked at Kevin Morris Laptop Conspiracy Theories (Turley)

    This was simple to credit in two seconds. I happened to know you could test the email private keys, but even if you didn’t, you would “Ask” a “Tech” person on “The phone” as a journalist and know it 10 minutes later. Bill Binney would tell you, for example, probably go on your show for an hour and give you stellar ratings.

    Nope. No interest. Hate Truth. Hate money. Hate success. Hate it more than anything in the whole, wide world. Every “conservative” news outlet (actually not) is making s—t houses of money. Rocketing to the top. But they can’t run away from money and popularity fast enough. When you hate money and try to lose it every day, force involuntary exchange, that’s “Capitalism,” the “Capitalist System.” “Democracy Dies in Darkness” so as a journalist, you ask no questions, make no calls, to anybody, about anything. You either DIDN’T, which means you’re not a journalist, or you DID, heard the opposite, and then printed the lie, which means you’re not a journalist. Pick one.

    If my job as a troll to repeat dumb s—t I hear under my bridge. It’s your job as journalists to call people, get facts and source material. So….how do I keep beating you all day long, year after year?

    Dr. D

    Rumor mill has it Bourdain was in Standard Hotels, not involved at all. He lived in hotels. But he saw something, and most probably starting asking a question or two about what he saw in potential of acting later. That’s as far has he got. Rumor says. Standard Hotel is also rumored to by excessive barrels of acid for their swimming pools and stored them in their basements. They are rumored to be Shiff’s favorite hotel, and he visits them regularly, although he has a house right there in California. Rumor says.

    The tangle that’s hard to figure about “America” is very simple: You’re losing yourself in abstractions. There is no “America”. “WE” did not export our southern garment industry. We fought that. “We” did not support NAFTA. We fought that. “We” did not support Vietnam, Panama, Grenada, or Nicaragua. We fought that. “We” did not support the open border. We fought that. “We” did not support higher taxes, more regulation, more surveillance and the militarization of police. We fought that. “We” didn’t approve any bailouts. We fought that. But at a level, the only alternative is to go up there and murder everyone. Is that what you want? And to start today? In 1970? 1980? 1990? Aaaaand what do you think would have happened then if we had?

    So drop out of that abstraction that is confusing you: There is no “WE” here. There are SPECIFIC individuals. Yes, I understand that when you have a Cartel, you can speak of the Cartel as a body. But not if you get lost and forget they are individuals again, who are each on their own paths and most often, very often, always, conflict and oppose each other, even from within. There’s your secret; there’s you answer.

    PART of America wanted these things and used raw force and violence to shove it down our throats over our very loud objections. We fought them everywhere for 40, 60, 80, 100 years. We’ve slowed them down to a crawl and possibly even brought them to a standstill at this point.

    We voted in EVERY President who promised to end wars, Wilson, FDR, Nixon, Bush, etc, who then all double-crossed us. We voted against every President who double-crossed us, Bush Sr, Clinton, Bush Jr, over and over again. We are widely considered to be the only nation standing still fighting these same ‘Cartel” before Russia came on the scene, and still widely considered that if we lose or stop fighting, the world is lost. That may be true.

    So how are “We” responsible? The only thing we haven’t done — yet — is go up there and shoot everyone in the face because there’s always time for that tomorrow, and I don’t see anyone here strapping on and helping for which no one will stop you. But we’re very nearly at that point, and in fact already are past it, as Texas defies the center and gets 25 states to help with money, not moral flapping.

    IF we had done that, in 1970, 80, 90, ’00, what would the world look like today? One: America would BE in a Civil War, and therefore lost, off the field. EUROPE, the WEF, Davos, IngSoc, would have become the center. That was your goal? Second, since at that time the center had far greater power and no exposure, they very likely would have altered and erased the United States as we know it. …Which is why they tried EVERYTHING they could think of in 1990 to CAUSE this rebellion. Waco and burning every Christian child they could find was run non-stop on National TV to MAKE us respond, which is apparently exactly what all you keyboard warriors want. …Because I’m pretty sure no one here has strapped on and is sniping D.C. although nobody’s stopping you. Why not? IF YOU BELIEVE, sign up! Join up! No?

    Because although I’m criticizing you, just as I criticize the Left, the answer is the same: You yourselves don’t believe a word. Out of your own mouths. Or you WOULD act and I wouldn’t have to tell you. YOU don’t act…YOU…because YOU BELIEVE THE SAME AS I DO. That we have a lot of game to change things before getting to that level, we are accomplishing and rolling them back without it, and we can always go there if we must.

    The Left is not fighting PutinHitler. Not prepping. Not arming. Not training, taking vacations in Acapulco instead because they don’t believe a word out of their own mouths. Their own actions — that is, their own hearts — show they don’t believe there’s any risk and it’s not PutinHitler at all. They just like scaring themselves and shrieking like little girls because it’s fun to do so! And it is! But don’t confuse it. Your fun feelz™ with Reality.™

    Likewise you critics here. You don’t believe either. You feel we should finish going through every appropriate, possible, moral and legal step FIRST, and only then start the Civil War you-talk-about-but-won’t-act-on. I’m the same except I’m not lying to myself about it. I simply say, yes, we must bear all things, do all things, try all things, as is the required moral position. And we’re still doing that.

    And it sucks, but it’s going okay. The evil is slowly being exposed to public view. Through the impossibly thick skulls and stiff necks of the public. There’s no nuclear war. No support for wars in Germany, Europe, America. Lawsuits are won and lost, but every important one is winning. And NOW you would throw it all away and roll the dice? Nope. YOU wouldn’t do that either. Because I’m not stopping you, but you don’t.

    Listen, there’s no ONE America. Or one anybody. France, Germany, Canada, Israel. Even One FBI, CIA, MI6. They are all made up of smaller power blocs which are made up of merely individuals. Who have names and can be arrested. “America” did this and ALSO did the #Opposite is your sign; It means there are TWO power groups there. Israel is made of Jews and ALSO the world’s top killer of Jews means there are TWO groups there. ONE of the groups is the criminal, and ONE of the groups is its victim. Even when you call them the same. Italy has a Mafia but is also weakened by that Mafia means there are TWO groups here. America has a rich coast “back East” and ALSO is complete nuclear moonscape from Harrisburg to Sacramento, means there are TWO Americas. Name them. — I — am not responsible for my own extortion. I cannot rob myself. What would that mean? There have to be TWO bodies, TWO actors, for that to happen. Ever. By definition.

    “A House divided against itself cannot stand.” Lincoln popularized that, but it’s in the Bible. Can’t be that people fighting, throwing out demons, are the demons themselves, can it? Russia isn’t shelling their own bases, and people don’t kill “themselves” in order to make “themselves” weaker and fall. If there’s a conflict, by definition there are TWO. Who’s the other one?

    Drop down a level, ask and find out. No, “We” did not do this. And therefore “We” are not responsible for it.


    Dr D said

    Armstrong interview this week discusses some of this, for our people from Oz. Armstrong was to broker the “Escape from Hong Kong” and re-site the city (in a way) somewhere else.

    Yeah, Armstrong lives off idiots like Dr D who think he is god in a fat suit. Armstring knows nothing about Hong Kong, he knows very little about international finance. Let me ask you a question; how does foreign currency get into China? How do foerigners purchase shares in Alibaba? Why is Hong Kong such a rich city, is it the rent? Why do they allow morons to get involved in finance? So that the rest of us can make a profit!


    Dr D said

    The tangle that’s hard to figure about “America” is very simple: You’re losing yourself in abstractions. There is no “America”. “WE” did not export our southern garment industry. We fought that. “We” did not support NAFTA. We fought that. “We” did not support Vietnam, Panama, Grenada, or Nicaragua. We fought that. “We” did not support the open border. We fought that. “We” did not support higher taxes, more regulation, more surveillance and the militarization of police. We fought that. “We” didn’t approve any bailouts. We fought that. But at a level, the only alternative is to go up there and murder everyone. Is that what you want? And to start today? In 1970? 1980? 1990? Aaaaand what do you think would have happened then if we had?

    So, …

    You’re losing yourself in abstractions.

    Like asking is America the people of America? Is that an abstraction? Is there any length you will go to to escape the responsibility for being America? What is America if it is not the people, is it the farm animals? Maybe the static land? Maybe it is the mosquitos? So what is it, what votes, what pays taxes, what keeps the country alive?

    There is no “America”

    Yet you sing the anthem, kill foreigners to defend the “no America”. How many millions has America killed to defend “no America”? You cannot accept responsibility for the country of which you are so obviously a part. I know education has gone down the tubes, I also assume you are younger than me, simply because you are more dumb, you are less inclined to take responsibility, so you are nearer to being waste than I.

    To summarise; the people of the greatest democracy in the world are not responsible for what happens in the country where they pay tax and vote. Only Dr D spouts this quality of bullshit.

    You American Jews (just an assumption: Dr D talks like a Jew, lies like a Jew, avoids responsibility like a Jew, rejects society and “An America” like a Jew, so is basically a Jew) are destructive, the same as the Russian Jews destroyed the USSR for a century. At some point America (yes, the people) will wake up, like the citizens of the USSR did, and you will realise that you have wasted the last 200 years and that you are useless, have been overtaken by the rats, and need to do something about it to pull yourselves up again and save your nation and culture.

    Only joking, I guess there are very few in the USA who would die to save it, unlike the USSR which was full of people willing to die to get the Russian Federation and Russian culture back into positive territory. That is the difference between Americans and Russian, the Russians know they belong, the Americans are just grifters hoping to reap what they can while always hanging onto their origin; “I am an Irish American” he says, ever willing to abandon American and become a weight on Ireland’s shoulders.



    ( Motivators = Money, Power, complexity, Think Tanks, Influencers, Propaganda, advertisements, brain washing, apathy, censorship, public opinion, hate, fear, lies, pride, education, emotions, shame, secrets, isolation, lawyering up, Assange, prison, war, poverty, genocide, depopulation, indentured/debt slave, people power, military)

    The system of maintaining control over a nation by utilizing the media, usually perpetrated under the guise of “Freedom of Speech”. A system of mediocracy is not limited strictly to using the mass media or mainstream media to achieve its ends. It may often use “independent” and “underground” media outlets, such as blogs and podcasts, to achieve its ends.
    Escape the mediaocracy trap.

    Figmund Sreud

    Alastair Crooke this a.m.:

    Figmund Sreud


    Regarding the delay in implementating of MAID jn Canada for the mentally ill.

    Both WEF’s Justin Trudeau and his WEF’s NDP sidekick are absolutely “livid” that their MAID plans for the mentally ill are being delayed. They have no plans to stop and are doubling down on their efforts to implement full MAIDs.

    MAIDs is part of their plans to fully enlist and legalize Canada’s doctors into becoming the state’s killers.
    You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know that if Julian A was in a Canadian prison, what would happen to him. He is afterall mentally ill.


    Trump was ordered to pay $355 million US.
    Does Trump have accountants and lawyer?
    Does Trump have businesses to pass the expenses to his customers?
    Can you afford the increase of inflation by $355 million US.

    those darned kids

    <strong>ATTACK OF THE JEWBOTS!¡!

    BEWARE, They’re at it again!

    They’ll make you lie. They’ll make you avoid responsibility. THEY’LL MAKE YOU REJECT SOCIETY!!!*

    Is there no solution to this scourge?!?¡¿?

    *(uh, so no fruit loops or eras tour allowed? what about gershwin? how about bourekas or gumbo? please tell me what is safe!!!)


    aspnaz posted, re. Bourdain.

    Why the fuck did they kill him, that is the bit I don’t understand…

    Yes, he was murdered, why is mysterious? Is tangled up? In the lower levels of celebrity, where a lot of acrimony, violence, etc. is tolerated?

    His GF at the time, complicated … who knows. I don’t. Maybe there was a personal thing.

    Note, the F State *always* covers up Anglo Suspicious Deaths (aka murders) on their territory.

    See Lady Diana. That way, GB authorities / Police / S.S / Others/ can state, it didn’t take place here, we are limited in our reach, we are collaboratin’ with F Authorities, etc. Local GB groups (whatever) are thus limited, no local police, whistleblowers, witnesses, commentators, etc. nobody on the spot, it all happened on the Continent…

    Very convenient.

    D Benton Smith

    The reason @aspnaz has so much room in his head for strong opinions based on false conclusions is that there aren’t any facts up there taking up any valuable (and limited) space.

    When he speaks pay close attention, for he is the veritable diagram of Chinese arrogance. They alone are civilized. All others are barbarian, and less than human. Must be why there are “China Towns” everywhere, and why those towns exclude all who are not of their kind (or is it the other way around? It’s hard to tell). The behavior reminds of a certain other ethno-religion that has been mentioned lately.

    They’re the ones that Aspnaz and his kin are REALLY concerned about, and see as the most formidable threat and serious competitor for world domination both of them want so much. That’s why @aspnaz and his collaborators are laying the groundwork for genocidal hysteria so early. They think it’s going to be a big job and a hard fight. Gotta get that BLIND hatred and cultish belief system cranked up to max, because those Zionists aren’t gonna go down so easy. They’re seasoned professionals, just like the dynastic Chinese.

    The CCP reckons that taking down the Yanks was just a warm up, child’s play compared to who they intend to conquer next. It only took a hundred years to buy the Americans because buying off traitorous bumpkins is CHEAP. It’s the next guys who are going to be the tough nut to crack. Those Khazarians really know the ins and outs of pure fucking evil, and have had thousands of years more experience at it.

    You better go back to your handbook Aspie. Sun Tzu advised that before picking a fight you should know your enemy. But you don’t know Jack about the Jews OR the Americans (having never associated with either). You obviously THINK that you know (you shout your ignorance through a bull horn), but buddy, you do NOT know. You are, in a word, OBLIVIOUS.

    Defintion of Oblivious, “A state of complete unawareness, characterized by equally complete ignorance of being in such a state and absence of willingness to find out.”


    DBS said

    “They’re the ones that Aspnaz and his kin are REALLY concerned about, and see as the most formidable threat and serious competitor for world domination both of them want so much. That’s why @aspnaz and his collaborators are laying the groundwork for genocidal hysteria so early. They think it’s going to be a big job and a hard fight. Gotta get that BLIND hatred and cultish belief system cranked up to max, because those Zionists aren’t gonna go down so easy. They’re seasoned professionals, just like the dynastic Chinese.”

    I appreciate your imagination and the levity it provides.

    D Benton Smith


    Tough monkeys and funny ones. Which is scarier and which is even which? Welcome to the monkey house.

    Dr. D

    I hope I’m the funny one.

    “Yet you sing the anthem, kill foreigners”

    Me? I do? You seem to have mistaken the abstraction for the individual again. You couldn’t find a stadium per state that have ever done either. Make it up. But clearly what I say has a lot of effect and you’re spinning.

    What odd is definition, your abstraction, goes like this: IF a thing is bad, it’s therefore a Jew. Like me. Or cold weather and that missing sock. And if a thing is not bad it is not a Jew. Like Glenn Greenwald or Antony Bourdain and puppies. Unsurprisingly, that definition means all Jews are bad. By definition. One problem: EVERY PART OF IT IS FALSE.

    By your definition, I am not Jewish. Also by your definition, Greenwald and Bourdain are. Be we also are not. My actions make me a Jew while their bloodlines makes them not(?) Jews, because magic? Because lacking objective reality, definitions of “Are” just shift left, right, center, however fits whatever I like. So, since your definitions have no definition, no solidity, why should I concern myself with them? That’s what makes them insane, but only part of it. They also don’t function internally and conflict, and also don’t predict accurately at all. They’re worthless AND dangerous AND costly. Why have them? A definition = “nothing + everything” isn’t a definition.

    So here we only have THREE abstractions and I am/am not and they are/and are not, in them. A ≠ A, AND A = A. Both. And neither. At the same time. I know it. That’s okay. And it’s not that uncommon, but it’s not like I can avoid pointing it out and voicing my opinion if you make a pest of yourself.

    I care about you. And this tic that’s been programmed into you and many others is misdirecting people from the real criminals and helping them get away AGAIN. And I know that’s not what you want. It’s clearly not in your mind to aid a genocide and help those directing it get away, whether those people are in Israel or the United States.

    But this problem of identifying everyone as both the thing and its opposite isn’t helping us. It’s like saying the suspect has brown hair, we write it down, draw the suspect, hand out the wanted poster only to find that for you Brown hair = blonde. But ALSO Brown, but ALSO black. Or maybe not blonde at all. Worse, it wouldn’t surprise me if the “One armed man” tangled and confused all definitions involving “one armed men” so no one could define him, identify him, and he could escape. I would, given enough time. Why not?

    Like a thing has to have a definition, right? You can see how the bad guy will escape if you can’t define him, name him accurately, right?

    What’s here is worse. If ONE blonde guy committed a crime, you want to arrest ALL blonde guys for it. In the city, or maybe the world. Or maybe all brown guys too because brown = blonde. And all black. Not sure. But definitely when ONE man commits a crime, we arrest many, many, many men for it. Millions. And punish them all. Kill them probably, and logically. Only way to be safe.

    Does that really make sense to you? Don’t you see how much easier it is to escape in a mass roundup than collaring a specific criminal? And how much easier to prove and prosecute one crime of one man than a thousand crimes of a thousand men? The minute you get there, they are certain to get away. Oh, AND you become the bad guy doing that instead of pointing at the REAL bad guy.

    Name the man, the crime, the evidence, and we move forward. Lithuanian or not. Everything else is chaff and smoke to help the guilty escape.


    How do foerigners purchase shares in Alibaba?

    Tiger Brokers (TIGR)


    Dr. D

    Actually, as much as this seems absurdity, nihilism, and hyperbole, the UK Police just LITERALLY did this.

    They had an acid attack. Like a very, VERY serious crime from a very, VERY deranged criminal the likes of which the rest of us struggle to even comprehend. Like full-on armed manhunt, hope-we’re-not-all-killed class. Their solution? …And again, I’m not making this up… No poster. No description. No race. No gender. No class (such as “Welsh”? “Immigrant”?) “He may be in the East, West, North, South, or abroad” they literally said.

    I know you’ll all be shocked, SHOCKED, but this man so far seems to have gotten away and has NOT been apprehended by police.

    We know definitions aren’t prefect — we’re not stupid. It could be a guy in a wig. It could be a Sicilian who looks like a Yemeni. It could be a second generation Finn who also happens to be jet Black. We know this because we’re not morons but humans with the brains of a sea slug. The ACTUAL definition, which they had, was an AFGHAN, IMMIGRANT, of Adult Age and MALE gender. IN LONDON 1:05PM. Headed WEST. If he’s not, we can work it out later. That’s what he LOOKED like, so that what we SEARCH.

    So he got away because we didn’t define him. We were too nice. Or rather criminally un-nice and intentionally violent to his victim and all his potential future victims. We trampled, destroyed, and erased their rights while ALSO not helping his.

    Neither did we immediately arrest all Britons in Britain. Nor even all Afghanis in Britain. Nor all Immigrants in Britain. Nor worldwide. Nor all “Men” on planet earth, nor all “Human Beings.” We arrested ONLY THIS ONE MAN. If we can find him. Because only one man committed the one crime and only one man is guilty.

    I don’t know how much simpler to make it. I did not arrest Canadians with dark hair, nor Canadian Afghans. I did not arrest people who speak English, nor who once read the Quaran. I did not arrest all men 5′ – 7 1/2 inches tall. I did not arrest all men with curly hair, nor all men on the Tube at 1pm. I did not arrest Lithuanian Immigrants in Belfast, Wales, or London. I did not arrest all the WOMEN in England, nor all the WOMEN immigrants in London. I only arrest ONE man — the CORRECT man — for the ONE crime.

    All the OTHER people. Are a. DISTRACTION. All the OTHER people. Let this man. GET AWAY. Any attention on the OTHER people, brown hair, Afghani or not, will prevent justice for THIS crime and will help THIS MAN commit crimes again. My resources are not infinite and I can only focus on what ACTUALLY happened, and who ACTUALLY committed crimes, and it’s already hard enough then.

    Please. Name the Crime. Name the Person. Name the evidence. No abstractions, no distractions or the acid Afghani gets away. As he just has. Thanks. Your distractions helped a killer kill again.

    D Benton Smith

    @aspaz’s comments are like what you would get from a brain in a blender. Some of the parts might still be partially identifiable but taken together it’s just a disgusting mess rendered useless for both original purposes (thinking or digesting).


    Lot of Dunning-Kruger Effect up here in this joint. Who controls the Money? Who controls the Media? It’s pretty fuckin obvious and they sure as hell aren’t Lithuanians.


    Yemeni Armed Forces announced on Monday targeting a UK ship in the Gulf of Aden and downing a US MQ9 Reaper drone in Al-Hudeidah.

    In a statement, Spokesman of the Yemeni Armed Forces Brigadier General Yahya Saree said the Yemeni naval forces “carried out a specific military operation, targeting a British ship in the Gulf of Aden, ‘RUBYMAR’, with a number of appropriate naval missiles.”

    “The ship suffered catastrophic damages and came to a complete halt,” the spokesperson said, noting that the vessel was at “at risk of potential sinking.”

    Earlier, the United Kingdom Maritime Trade Operations (UKMTO) reported that it had “received a report of an incident 35NM (nautical miles) south of Al Mukha, Yemen.”


    Its time for the US bankers to print extra $.
    Israeli economy recorded a double-digit contraction in the three final months of 2023, with the ongoing war on Gaza taking a heavy toll on consumer spending, trade and investment, Israeli media reported, citing preliminary data by the Central Bureau of Statistics.

    The Zionist entity’s economy shrank at a 19.4 percent annual rate in the fourth quarter of 2023.

    It marks the deepest decline since the second quarter of 2020 when the economy dipped almost 30% as the coronavirus pandemic-related lockdowns hurt consumer spending and left many businesses closed, The Times of Israel reported.

    The double-digit contraction that hit the economy during the war quarter compared with an expansion of 2.7% in the third quarter of 2023. Private consumption in the October to December period of 2023 plunged 26.9% and import of goods and services was down 42.4%.

    Preliminary data from the Central Bureau of Statistics showed the Israeli economy expanded 2% in 2023 after growing at a fast pace of 6.5% in 2022. Private consumption decreased by 0.7% in 2023 after a 7.4% increase in 2022.

    The import of goods and services fell in 2023 by 6.9%, after growing 12% in 2022. Exports of goods and services fell 1.1% in 2023 versus an increase of 8.6 in the year earlier.

    The economic fallout from the war and expected downturn in private consumption and demand, and investment in sectors such as construction, prompted the Israeli Finance Ministry, the Bank of Israel, and global credit rating agencies to cut their growth prospects for 2023 in recent weeks, as the fighting is estimated to cost the economy as much as NIS 255 billion, the report added.

    The Zionist entity’s ongoing discriminatory attacks on Gaza have been costing billions of dollars to the Israeli economy, as Tel Aviv suffers from falling demand, rising costs and labor shortages.

    The cost of the call up of reserve troops, as well as lower employee productivity in some sectors, amounts to $630 million per week, according to a report published by the Bank of Israel in November.

    It said the economic cost does not reflect the costs of reduced demand, shortages of Palestinian and foreign workers, and other items.


    I saw MQ9 on a tour of Edwards AFB once. It’s an interesting piece of equipment. The side of the ‘head’ that was open to us contained 2 half-height racks of computer gear, looked mostly standard with some fancy custom bits. No eyes, had a very HR Giger/Alien appearance, probably intentional. They were proud of it, sitting in a spotless room with a view of the tarmac, where many F22s sat undergoing maintenance under cabanas.

    If They are listening to smart folks, these could be distraction. Vinge had conceptualized drones that were microscopic, or nearly, and would be used in vast clouds. Each only had enough power to say “Here I am, and here’s a few environmental params like incoming photons…” with a tiny bit of calculation power that could be ‘collectivized’ for big tasks. So, not drone swarm, but drone dust.

    A similar concept was explored by another author (name escapes me) with spray-on photodetector paint. Spray a splotch in the corner of a room, and it spies for you.


    Timothy Gawne’s excellent and charming indie scifi stories about intelligent giant tanks gives a great near future picture of modern warfare.

    The giant tanks aren’t so much a specific weapon as a cloud of weapon systems they control – from teeny tiny localizers like vernor vinge to large heavy drones and everything in between – flying, swimming, tracked, wheeled, etc.

    That’s probably the next generation of fighters and tanks. They won’t be just a single thing, but rather a system – plane or tank plus the cloud of things surrounding them, controlled by them.

    I don’t get why tanks don’t just have a bunch of smaller turrets with automatic belt-fed shotguns or chain guns in them – they were experimented with in the 1920’s and 1930;s – maybe their time has come. With a cloud of drone escorts/scouts and multiple rapid fire turrets, they could create a kind of umbrella of control against enemy drones.




    (the Russian T-35, German Neubaufahrzeug, and English Vickers A1E1)

    Dr D Rich

    Via TCT an admission of lawlessness from New York state lawmakers and law enforcement.

      New York Governor Kathy Hochul has admitted the lawfare deployed against the Trump organization and President Donald Trump himself was a specific plan for his targeting and any other business interests or people within New York should not be concerned.

      It’s a rather brazen admission all things considered; however, if it changes the public outlook as the various New York lawfare cases against President Trump continue, is yet to be determined

    TCT knows better. It’s not a rather brazen admission. It’s for all intents and purposes a Bill of Attainder enforced by Judge Egdoron against an individual, Citizen Trump.


    So if Avdeevka fell and nobody heard it fall, did it make a noise?
    Interesting that there is so little information on Avdeevka.
    Maybe some day a book will be written.


    TCT — what’s that? If true, wow, just wow. A get out of jail card
    Or, dare we hope, a possible perjury charge. Faint hope

    : you would have a LOT more credibility if you named ALL of them
    The rottenchilds are probably not at the tipy tipy top, 1/4 of a step down
    Orsini (sp?) perhaps, and there are Warbergs and perhaps 3 others
    Or do you want the boss of bosses to escape?

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