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Jacobello Alberegno The Beast of the Apocalypse 1360-90


‘Your Vampire Ball Is Over’ – Putin To Western Elites (RT)
What Message is Putin Sending the West in His Interview? (Sp.)
Putin: Warmongers Will ‘Get More Than They Asked For’ – Scott Ritter (Sp.)
Oil Industry Will Be Swamped With Work ‘For Another 100 Years’ – Putin (RT)
Ukraine’s Military Planning Takeover of Parliament in Kiev by Force (Sp.)
Kiev’s Allies Start Dividing Ukraine – Zakharova (TASS)
Macron Leads The Way To Western Civilization’s Suicide (RT)
US Uses NATO In Ukrainian Conflict To Tighten Grip On European Countries (TASS)
German Army Short of ‘Everything,’ Partly Due to Supplies to Kiev
Netanyahu Government’s Future ‘In Jeopardy’ – US Intel (RT)
Menendez Case Shatters Hunter Biden Claim of Selective Prosecution (Turley)
‘A Vote For Trump Is A Vote For Putin’ – Hillary Clinton (RT)
Georgia Judge Dismisses Several Counts In Trump Election Interference Case (ZH)
2/3 of Liberals Would Dispute Election If Trump Wins (MN)
Lara Trump: Preventing Cheating In November Is Top RNC Priority (ZH)





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I have nothing with the UK “royals”, but this is wild.





”Those who are smarter” have now come to the conclusion that it is necessary to change their strategy in relation to Russia..”

‘Your Vampire Ball Is Over’ – Putin To Western Elites (RT)

The era of Western elites being able to exploit other nations and other peoples across the world is coming to an end, Russian President Vladimir Putin said in an exclusive interview published by Rossiya 1 and RIA Novosti on Wednesday. The president stated that over the past few centuries, the so-called “golden billion” has grown accustomed to being able to “fill their bellies with human flesh and their pockets with money” as they have been “parasitizing” other peoples in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. ”But they must understand that the vampire ball is ending,” Putin said. He added that the citizens of the aforementioned regions, which have been continuously exploited by the West over the past 500 years, have started to associate Russia’s struggle for sovereignty with “their own aspirations for sovereignty and independent development.”

At the same time, Putin noted that Western elites have a very strong desire to “freeze the current situation” and preserve the “unjust state of affairs in international affairs.” Previously, in his keynote address to Russia’s Federal Assembly last month, Putin stated that the West, with its “colonial habits” of “igniting national conflicts all over the world,” intends to do everything it can to stall Russia’s development and turn it, as it did Ukraine, into a dying failed state. ”In place of Russia, they want a dependent, withering, dying space, where they can do whatever they want,” he said. The president followed up on those comments in Wednesday’s interview, stating that many Western elites, who have been “blinded by their Russophobia” were “thrilled” when they were able to push Russia to the point where it had to launch its military offensive in Ukraine in order to end the war unleashed by the West in 2014.

”They were even happy, I think, because they believed that now they would finish us off using a barrage of sanctions, having practically declared a sanctions war against us, and with the help of Western weapons in the hands of Ukrainian nationalists,” said Putin, suggesting that this mindset was behind Western calls to “inflict a strategic defeat on Russia on the battlefield.” Now, the West appears to have realized that defeating Russia in this way is not only unlikely, but impossible due to the unity of its people, the fundamental foundations and stability of its economy and the growing potential of its military, the president said. ”Those who are smarter” have now come to the conclusion that it is necessary to change their strategy in relation to Russia, Putin surmised.

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“Guarantees can only be given by responsible political figures representing stable governments of Western countries, and must be offered in the nature of absolutely binding signed documents..”

Putin won’t be fooled again.

What Message is Putin Sending the West in His Interview? (Sp.)

Russian President Vladimir Putin touched on a number of recent developments and hot topics that emerged after the message to the Federal Assembly in an exclusive interview with Dmitry Kiselev, director general of Rossiya Segodnya, Sputnik’s parent media group. President Vladimir Putin has stated very clearly that Russia is not against peace negotiations, but that they cannot be conducted on the basis of proposals put forward by the Kiev regime, Russian political scientist Dmitry Evstafiev told Sputnik. The so-called “Zelensky formula” “will not be discussed in any way,” Evstafiev underscored. Commenting on Vladimir Putin’s interview with Dmitry Kiselev, director general of Rossiya Segodnya, Sputnik’s parent media group, he continued: “Some of our partners have hinted to us about the need to start negotiations… But, first and foremost, [Ukrainian President Volodymyr] Zelensky’s formula cannot be a starting position. Secondly, any negotiations should lead to the establishment of a lasting peace, and cannot be an instrument of a temporary truce at the front in order to further pump the Kiev regime with weapons.”

According to the analyst, an integral element of any negotiations needs to be “the West’s refusal to supply weapons to Ukraine.” Thirdly, these negotiations need to be conducted in a “public format and must be anchored in public agreements at the political level.” Putin laid out very clearly that Russia needs guarantees, the analyst said. “Guarantees can only be given by responsible political figures representing stable governments of Western countries, and must be offered in the nature of absolutely binding signed documents,” Dmitry Evstafiev said. He singled out the Russian head of state’s remark that there will be no secret temporary agreements with anyone. Russia was, is, and will always be open to negotiations on a settlement in Ukraine, but intends to continue the special military operation until its goals are achieved, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov stated earlier in the year. Russian and Ukrainian delegations have engaged in several rounds of peace talks, but the negotiations ultimately reached an impasse.

In October 2022, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky signed a decree stating that Kiev could not hold peace talks as long as Vladimir Putin is president of Russia. In November 2022, Zelensky unveiled a 10-point initiative dubbed a “peace formula.” It included an all-for-all prisoner swap with Russia, security guarantees for Ukraine, and a return to the pre-2014 borders. Moscow has continuously said it is open to peace negotiations as long as Kiev recognizes the territorial gains Russian forces have made since the launch of the special military operation. President Vladimir Putin has issued a warning to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization that Russia is prepared to defend itself with all possible means, military analyst Anatoliy Matviychuk told Sputnik. Weighing in on Putin’s interview on March 13, the analyst said: “I believe that Putin is warning the US that you [NATO] expanded and expanded, but as long as you did not affect our living space, we were silent.”

No matter what “plausible intentions,” such as “defense of democracy, or defense against Martians,” might be drummed up to justify any foreign army’s boots on the ground on Russian territory, it would be an intervention, the retired colonel of the Russian Armed Forces underscored. “Intervention is an invasion into the expanses of the economy, into the expanses of finance, into the expanses of military security and, strictly speaking, into vital areas where Russia carries out its life activities. We will defend it with all possible forces and means that we have. And we know that the president has always warned: in the event of a sharp deterioration or even a threat to sovereignty, we will not hesitate to use nuclear weapons. I believe that is his message in this interview,” Anatoliy Matviychuk said.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said in his interview that there has not yet been any need to use tactical nuclear weapons as part of Russia’s special military operation in Ukraine, but when asked whether such an idea ever occurred to him, he replied, “No, but why?” Russia is prepared to use nuclear weapons if the existence of the Russian state is threatened, the Russian leader said, adding that Russia’s nuclear triad is more advanced than that of any other country. “From the military and technical point of view, we are, of course, ready,” Vladimir Putin said.

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“..any future relationship between Moscow and Washington will have to be “negotiated carefully,” and any guarantees and assurances set down “in writing.”

Putin: Warmongers Will ‘Get More Than They Asked For’ – Scott Ritter (Sp.)

The key takeaway from President Putin’s conversation with Rossiya Segodnya head Dmitry Kiselev is that those “looking for a contrite Russia, a weak Russia, a compliant Russia” won’t find it in “the Russia that Vladimir Putin was presenting to the world in his interview,” says former US Marine Corps intelligence officer and independent military and international affairs observer Scott Ritter. “Instead, what he’s saying is that Russia’s not looking for a fight, but if somebody wants to bring the fight to Russia, they’ll get more than what they asked for. And if the world is looking for peace with Russia, it’ll be done on terms that are acceptable to Russia,” Ritter told Sputnik. “Russia hasn’t shut the door on peace, but the terminology used by the Russian president when discussing the potential of a peace negotiation with Ukraine didn’t bode well,” the observer suggested, pointing to the derision Putin cast in Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s direction when discussing Kiev’s maximalist ‘peace plan’.

“This shows that Russia doesn’t have respect for the Ukrainian leadership and indeed doesn’t view the ‘Ukrainian peace plan’ – Volodymyr Zelensky’s 10-point peace plan – as a serious effort for peace. This also points to the fact that Russia will probably continue the scope and scale of its military operations without let up until it accomplishes the missions that it has assigned itself, primarily demilitarization and denazification,” Ritter said. Furthermore, Ritter said, Putin has made clear that Russia expects US experts to “provide sage advice” to leaders in Washington to prevent the Russia-NATO crisis from breaking out into a full-blown nuclear war, while also making it obvious that he “doesn’t trust the United States,” making “that straight-up clear in this interview.” Accordingly, any future relationship between Moscow and Washington will have to be “negotiated carefully,” and any guarantees and assurances set down “in writing.”

Regarding the recent series of not-so-subtle hints by NATO officials that they would not “rule out” a direct, boots on the ground intervention in Ukraine, Putin confirmed that “any effort to intervene meaningfully, meaning large forces, etc., would be seen as a direct intervention that could lead to a direct conflict between Russia and NATO,” heightening the risks of a nuclear conflagration, Ritter said.Finally, regarding Putin’s comments about nuclear weapons, Ritter stressed that they must be taken at face value, since Russia’s nuclear doctrine provides for the use of such arms in the event of a nuclear attack, but also conventional aggression so severe that it “threatens the existential survival of Russia.”

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”..for a very, very long time humanity will be dealing with the issues of hydrocarbons..”

Oil Industry Will Be Swamped With Work ‘For Another 100 Years’ – Putin (RT)

The world will continue using oil and gas for a long time despite the focus on renewable energy, Russian President Vladimir Putin has said, adding that jobs in this sector have a secure future. He was speaking at a meeting with the winners of the Leaders of Russia award on Tuesday, when he insisted that hydrocarbons production would remain relevant for years to come, even with increased talk about transitioning to renewable energy. “No matter how they talk about renewable energy sources, for a very, very long time humanity will be dealing with the issues of hydrocarbons, their production and use,” Putin said. “There will be enough work for 100 years,” he added.

In its latest report published on Tuesday, OPEC said global oil demand is expected to grow by 2.25 million barrels per day (bpd) this year and by 1.85 million bpd in 2025. According to the report, robust growth in global oil consumption will be largely driven by transportation fuels. The Russian Finance Ministry forecast last year that the country’s revenues from oil and gas exports would surge by almost a third in 2024, reaching more than $118 billion. A further increase in energy revenues to over $121 billion is expected for 2025. Russia sharply increased its energy exports to Asia last year after the EU stopped accepting the country’s oil transported by sea. China and India have emerged as major buyers of Russian crude since Moscow redirected its cargoes from Europe eastwards in response to Ukraine-related sanctions imposed by the West.

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“When the staff is recruited, fighters are trained, the mass will be ready..”

Hard to gauge the accuracy of this.

Ukraine’s Military Planning Takeover of Parliament in Kiev by Force (Sp.)

The Ukrainian military, dissatisfied with the policy of the country’s leadership, is planning the takeover of the Verkhovna Rada, the Ukrainian parliament, in Kiev and attracting other Ukrainian armed forces’ military personnel to their side, a correspondence on a closed resource obtained by Russian specialists has shown. Sputnik obtained the correspondence of the chat participants, which showed that the participants discussed a swift takeover of the Verkhovna Rada and attracting the military to their side. “The most important action that we will need to pull off lightning fast is the takeover of the VR [Verkhovna Rada] at a certain point,” one of the chat participants wrote.

Earlier this week, a source in the Russian law enforcement agencies told Sputnik that Russian specialists had gained access to a classified Telegram channel titled “ParaBelum,” where commanders and fighters of elite units of the Ukrainian armed forces are “seriously discussing options for overthrowing the current authorities and the command of the Ukrainian armed forces.” “When the staff is recruited, fighters are trained, the mass will be ready,” another chat participant said. “There must be support from the military. Without it, nothing will work. The main driving force. [They] will say from the trenches that [they are] with us, and people will follow,” one more chat participant said. “Especially when the people see that the military is at the helm and the rest of the military is following them – they automatically take the right side,” another chat participant added.

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“..they are starting to divide between themselves what’s left of Ukraine..”

Kiev’s Allies Start Dividing Ukraine – Zakharova (TASS)

French President Emmanuel Macron’s remark about the potential deployment of troops to Ukraine makes it clear that Western countries have started dividing Ukraine, Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said at a briefing. She pointed out that Macron “continues making statements about possibly sending troops to Ukraine.” “He did not rule out that French troops might be deployed to Ukraine if the Russian army <...> broke through to Kiev or Odessa,” Zakharova noted. “Clearly, Ukraine’s allies have started dividing the country. All the statements that Macron and other political figures from NATO member states are making about the possible deployment of troops or some paramilitary forces to Ukraine have to do with the division of Ukraine as they see it,” she added.

The diplomat also said that “this is why they are unwilling to grant full NATO membership to Ukraine.” “It’s about constant flirting with the issue and empty promises that are never kept because making Ukraine part of NATO means that all of the bloc’s members are ready to recognize its borders but not all NATO members are ready to do that. They are ready to occupy Ukraine and divide it; this is what political leaders in those countries are openly talking about. Actually, they are beginning to mentally prepare both their own people and Ukrainian citizens for such actions,” Zakharova added. According to her, “this is being done under a false flag, which is typical for NATO members.” “This is another staged show of an alleged confrontation with Russia but in fact, they are starting to divide between themselves what’s left of Ukraine,” the diplomat stressed.

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“While Russian President Vladimir Putin is encouraging his population to have more children, Macron’s France is celebrating the ‘enshrinement’ of abortion in the constitution..”

Macron Leads The Way To Western Civilization’s Suicide (RT)

While Russian President Vladimir Putin is encouraging his population to have more children, Macron’s France is celebrating the ‘enshrinement’ of abortion in the constitution. What does this say about France and the West in general? In 2022, there were 234,300 abortions in France. The procedure is legal upon request until 14 weeks after conception. These figures are interesting when one considers that French politicians (and elderly voters, who are the majority of the electorate) insist on maintaining the extremely costly pension system and say that it has a price. Someone needs to pay. That is, the active population needs to pay. You would think that to sustain the requisite size of the active population, it would be more logical to encourage having more new births than to ‘enshrine’ having fewer. But that’s not an issue if you import the population.

In 2022, France welcomed 320,330 new people to the country – not counting illegal immigrants. Immigration in the country has nothing to do anymore with the fact that France has been a colonial power and that it is dealing with the consequences of its former policies. More and more people are coming from countries or regions such as Pakistan, Eritrea, Chechnya… where France never meddled in local affairs whatsoever. Something important that goodhearted Frenchmen seem to forget and French politicians feign to ignore, is that these populations, especially those from Africa, come with traditions which do not quickly disappear with time. Having multiple children is one of them, as these populations have for centuries been accustomed to having ten children or more because most of them would die young. French women usually have one or two. And the women who go for abortions are in the vast majority local French women. It should be noted that the situation is the same in most of the European Union.

Besides political decisions, the euphoria that took hold after this reform of the constitution is also worrying from a psycho-social point of view. Abortion has been legal in France for decades. There is indeed nothing new in this symbolic gesture of President Emmanuel Macron’s government. The fact that many women celebrated this strictly formal political decision as a ‘victory’ is a sign that many, unconsciously, want to die, to disappear as a population, as a civilization. This neo-feminism has gone too far. It leads to pure infantilization. A child thinks that he is the center of the world; neo-feminists think that their uterus is the center of the world. A child doesn’t care about the consequences of his deeds; neo-feminists do not want to think about consequences. The real message of this ‘victory’ is the following – you can screw around with as many people as you want, there will be no consequences. Even when the existence of your people is at stake. No consequences.

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“..The US keeps pouring oil on the fire, which yields huge benefits..”

US Uses NATO In Ukrainian Conflict To Tighten Grip On European Countries (TASS)

The United States is using the conflict between Russia and Ukraine to gain control over European countries with the help of NATO, the executive director of the Center for Russia and Central Asia Studies at the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, Sun Qi, has told TASS while commenting on CIA chief William Burns’ statement that Washington was providing support for Kiev to contain China. “The true purpose of Burns’ speech in the Senate is not to actually care about Ukraine, but to use the Ukrainian crisis to attain selfish geostrategic aims. These aims include using NATO to tighten the grip on the European countries. On the other hand, the Ukrainian crisis is being used for deriving profit. The US keeps pouring oil on the fire, which yields huge benefits,” Sun said, adding that Washington’s support for Kiev allowed the US to increase investment in its businesses and create jobs.

Sun noted that the United States unlike China was not interested in ending the conflict in Ukraine. As an example, he cited the European tour of the Chinese government’s special representative for Eurasian affairs, Li Hui. The expert also drew attention to the fact that the conflict in Ukraine was often compared in the West to the Taiwan issue. “The Taiwan issue is an internal affair of China. It is completely different from the Ukrainian one and has nothing to do with the US. No foreign interference is acceptable. While the US and the Western countries continue to add fuel to the fire of the Russia-Ukraine conflict, they often ignore the hard facts, compare the Taiwan issue with Ukraine and try to use the Russia-Ukraine conflict to impede China’s development. This is a vulgar, thoughtless and intemperate attitude,” he stated.

Speaking at a US Senate Select Intelligence Committee hearing, Burns said that Washington was providing support for Kiev, because such activities, among other things, contributed to the containment of China. He argued that the US was able to continue supporting Kiev in the conflict, the consequences of which went far beyond Ukraine and European security.

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Got to start from scratch. See you in ten years.

German Army Short of ‘Everything,’ Partly Due to Supplies to Kiev

The German armed forces lack equipment, personnel and “everything” in general, with stocks depleted by military deliveries to Ukraine, the parliamentary commissioner for the Bundeswehr, Eva Hoegl, said Tuesday. “Unfortunately, I have to admit that the Bundeswehr still has too little of everything. There is a shortage of ammunition, spare parts and radio equipment. There are not enough tanks, ships and aircraft,” Hoegl said presenting the annual report on the state of the German military. The commissioner praised Berlin for doing an “outstanding” job in supporting Ukraine in the conflict. However, supplying military aid to Kiev means that the German armed forces now have even less of everything, even more so two years into the conflict, she added. Germany continues to procure equipment to modernize the Bundeswehr under a special military fund worth 100 billion euros ($109 billion), Hoegl said, adding that two-thirds of it are already earmarked for specific purchases.

“As for personnel, I have no good news or messages here because the Bundeswehr is aging and shrinking,” Hoegl said, adding that the number of applications and recruits last year was the same as in 2022, while 20,000 posts remain vacant. A total of 181,514 people were serving in the Bundeswehr as of the end of last year, with the average age of a German soldier being 38.8 years. The 100 billion euro fund was announced by German Chancellor Olaf Scholz to improve the country’s defense capabilities shortly after the start of Russia’s military operation in Ukraine in February 2022. The fund was approved by the German parliament in June of that year. In January 2023, German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius told the Suddeutsche Zeitung newspaper that the special defense fund would not be enough for Germany to modernize its troops and cover maintenance costs for military equipment. Pistorius then called for an increase of 10 billion euros per year in the German defense budget.

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“..could potentially lead to “large protests demanding his resignation and new elections.”

Netanyahu Government’s Future ‘In Jeopardy’ – US Intel (RT)

Israel’s far-right cabinet led by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu could face serious challenges and be forced to step down due to flagging public support, the US Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) has warned. In a report published on Monday, the ODNI noted that a “different, more moderate government” could take over the reins in the near future. The US intelligence agency concluded that “Netanyahu’s viability as leader as well as his governing coalition of far-right and ultraorthodox parties that pursued hardline policies on Palestinian and security issues may be in jeopardy.” According to the document, “distrust of Netanyahu’s ability to rule has deepened and broadened across the public” – something that could potentially lead to “large protests demanding his resignation and new elections.”

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“What they do not share is the same level of prosecution or press support. Menendez is a pariah in Washington and Hunter is the president’s son..”

“Hunter is not the victim of selective prosecution but the beneficiary of special treatment in the legal system..”

Menendez Case Shatters Hunter Biden Claim of Selective Prosecution (Turley)

Sen. Bob Menendez, D-N.J., was in court this week for another superseding indictment brought by federal prosecutors in the Southern District of New York. Rather than the four original counts, he now faces 18 counts with his wife, Nadine Arslanian Menendez, and alleged co-conspirators Wael Hana and Fred Daibes. What is most notable is not the proliferation of counts but the lack of comparative charges in the pending case against Hunter Biden. Some of us have long raised concerns over the striking similarity in the alleged conduct in both cases, but the absence of similar charges against the president’s son. That contrast just got even greater. The allegations in the two cases draw obvious comparisons. Menendez is accused of accepting a $60,000 Mercedes-Benz as part of the corrupt practices. In Hunter’s case, it was a $142,000 Fisker sports car. For Menendez, there were gold bars worth up to $120,000. For Biden, there was the diamond allegedly worth $80,000.

Underlying both cases are core allegations of influence peddling and corruption. However, the Justice Department threw the book at Menendez while minimizing the charges against Biden. That includes charging Menendez as an unregistered foreign agent under the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA). Many of us have said for years that the treatment of Hunter under FARA departs significantly from the treatment of various Trump figures like former Trump campaign chair Paul Manafort as well as Menendez. Now, there is a new layer of troubling comparisons to be drawn in the two cases. The superseding indictment incorporates new charges after the plea and cooperation of Menendez’s former co-defendant and businessman Jose Uribe. Uribe appears to have supplied the basis for some of the new charges, including a telling account with Nadine Menendez. She allegedly asked Uribe what he would say to law enforcement about the payments used for a Mercedes-Benz convertible and Uribe said that he could say that the payment were a “loan.” Nadine Menendez responded that “sounded good.”

The loan discussion hit a familiar cord with those of us who have written about the Biden corruption scandal. The Bidens have repeatedly referred to payment from foreign sources as “loans.” That most notoriously included millions given by his counsel Kevin Morris. In some cases, foreign money was received by President Joe Biden’s brother James and then immediately sent to the president’s personal account marked as a loan repayment. James admitted that the $40,000 was coming from the Chinese. The Justice Department in the Menendez case dismissed the claim of loans as merely a transparent effort to hide influence peddling. That includes not just the convertible payment but more than $23,000 that one businessman made toward the senator’s wife’s mortgage. Menendez and Biden share the array of luxury gifts, cars, and loans. However, the most important common denominator was the underlying corruption. Both cases are classic examples of influence peddling, which has long been a cottage industry in Washington, D.C.

What they do not share is the same level of prosecution or press support. Menendez is a pariah in Washington and Hunter is the president’s son. Menendez is blamed by many inside the Beltway not for being corrupt but for being open about it. The fact that others have been prosecuted for conduct similar to his own has not stopped Hunter from claiming victim status. He has told courts that even the few charges brought against him are evidence of selective prosecution. In the most recent filing, Special Counsel David Weiss dismissed many of Hunter’s claims as “patently false” and noted that Hunter Biden virtually flaunted his violations and engaged in obvious efforts to evade taxes and hide his crimes. Weiss further noted that other defendants did not write “a memoir in which they made countless statements proving their crimes and drawing further attention to their criminal conduct.” [..] As Hunter continues to claim to be the victim of selective prosecution in various courts, judges need only to look over the Menendez case to see the truth of the matter. Hunter is not the victim of selective prosecution but the beneficiary of special treatment in the legal system.

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A loser trying to save face. Trump lives in her head rent-free.

‘A Vote For Trump Is A Vote For Putin’ – Hillary Clinton (RT)

Supporters of US presidential hopeful Donald Trump would be voting for Russian President Vladimir Putin, the former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has claimed. Clinton’s remark followed a meeting between the presumed Republican nominee and Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban in Florida on Friday. After the talks that CNN sources described as “friendly”, Orban told the media that Trump had a “detailed plan” to end the conflict in Ukraine, which involved stopping US aid to Kiev. “It’s becoming clearer every day: A vote for Trump is a vote for Team Putin,” Clinton, who run for Presidency twice as a democratic nominee, wrote on X (formerly Twitter). The post also displays a photo of Trump and Orban shaking hands and features a caption “Trump will not give a penny to Ukraine – Hungary PM Orban.” The quote refers to the comments made by the latter in an interview to Hungarian broadcaster M1 broadcast on Sunday.

According to a readout from Trump’s campaign, the two politicians met “to discuss a wide range of issues affecting Hungary and the United States, including the paramount importance of strong and secure borders to protect the sovereignty of each nation.” The Hungarian leader is seen by many in the West as an ally of Russia. Budapest has consistently called for a diplomatic solution to the conflict between Kiev and Moscow, as well as criticizing other Western nations for sending weapons to Ukraine. It has also maintained economic ties with Russia and called the EU sanctions against Moscow “counterproductive.”

Trump has repeatedly claimed on his campaign trail that, if he had remained in the White House for a second term, there would be no hostilities between Moscow and Kiev. If voted back in November, he promises to end the conflict “in 24 hours” by applying pressure on stakeholders. The US President Joe Biden, who is also running for re-election, described the meeting between Orban and Trump as “worrying”, according to CNN. Orban did not meet Biden during his visit to the US. On Tuesday, the Biden administration announced a new military aid package for Ukraine worth $300 million. The move comes as a bill that would provide $60 billion additional funds for Kiev remains blocked by Republican leaders in Congress.


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6 out of 40. Yay!

Georgia Judge Dismisses Several Counts In Trump Election Interference Case (ZH)

Fulton County Superior Court Judge Scott McAfee dismissed six charges out of the 40-count indictment in the election interference case against former President Donald Trump and his co-defendants, including three of the counts against Trump. The ruling, which is not linked to Fulton County DA Fani Willis’s (D) relationship with a special prosecutor she hired on the case – however McAfee is expected to rule on that later this week as well. The tossed charges do not impact the RICO charge that serves as the foundation for this unprecedented prosecution. Each of the tossed charges related to alleged efforts by Trump and some of his co-defendants, including former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani and White House chief of staff Mark Meadows, to solicit Georgia officials to violate their oaths of office.

The judge ruled that while the charges do contain the “essential” elements of each crime, they fail to provide enough detail for the defendants to mount their defenses. Under the current charges, McAfee said, the defendants could have violated the law in “dozens, if not hundreds, of distinct ways.” -The Hill. “The Court’s concern is less that the State has failed to allege sufficient conduct of the Defendants – in fact it has alleged an abundance,” McAfee wrote. “However, the lack of detail concerning an essential legal element is, in the undersigned’s opinion, fatal.” McAfee also emphasized that his ruling “does not mean the entire indictment is dismissed,” and preserved Fulton County’s ability to seek new indictments once they supplement the charges to his satisfaction. He also gave the state a six-month extension to resubmit the charges to a grand jury, even if the statute of limitations expires, and that he would “likely grant” a request to appeal.

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“Trump polled higher than Biden on all issues except abortion and climate change..”

2/3 of Liberals Would Dispute Election If Trump Wins (MN)

After over three years of complaining about Donald Trump contesting the 2020 election, a Rasmussen poll has found that a majority of Democrat voters oppose certifying the 2024 election should Trump emerge victorious. The survey found that should Trump win the election in November, and at this point it is difficult to bet against it, fifty seven percent of Democrat voters would oppose certifying the result, and close to two thirds of voters who identify as ‘liberal’ would oppose the result. That’s not very Democratic is it? The poll asked the question “Some Democrats in Congress have said that if Trump wins this year’s election, they will vote against certifying the election results because of Trump’s role in the January 6, 2021, Capitol riots. Do you support or oppose Democrats refusing to certify the election results if Trump wins?” The majority of Democrat voters said they would support the move. Incredibly, in the same poll, just 24 percent of Democrat voters said Republicans should have objected to the 2020 results if they believed they were fraudulent. It’s literally the same thing.

In perhaps a more telling revelation, however, the poll found that overall, only 35 percent of all voters would support opposing certifying a Trump victory. The survey also found that among those voters who strongly support Biden, close to three quarters disagree with the Supreme Court’s decision to prevent states from removing Trump from ballots. In other words Biden loyalists want to see his opponent unconstitutionally removed from the ballot. Again, not very Democratic. But as Democrats like to continuously remind Americans, it’s OK when they do it. Meanwhile, a further ABC/Ipsos poll has revealed that more Americans trust Trump to lead the country than Biden on all the top voter issues. Trump polled higher than Biden on all issues except abortion and climate change.

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“We need to have the biggest legal ballot harvesting operation this country has ever see..s”

Lara Trump: Preventing Cheating In November Is Top RNC Priority (ZH)

RNC co-chair Lara Trump says that “protecting the vote” in the upcoming November election is the most critical task for the committee. “We have three pillars that we need to focus on at the RNC to ensure victory on November 5, turn out the vote, protect the vote, and raise money,” she told Fox news’ “Sunday Morning Futures” on March 10. “But I would argue that maybe the most important of those three is protecting the vote, election integrity,” she added. Trump was asked by host Maria Bartiromo about her opinion of Attorney General Merrick Garland’s speech earlier this month in which he suggested that it’s racist not to allow the least secure methods of casting a vote in America. “On March 3, Mr. Garland said the U.S. Department of Justice was “fighting back” against “efforts by states and jurisdictions to implement discriminatory, burdensome, and unnecessary restrictions on access to the ballot, including those related to mail-in voting, the use of drop boxes, and voter ID requirements.” -Epoch Times

“We have to ensure that, when people go vote, they feel like their vote counts, that they are inspired to go vote. We can never allow what happened in 2020 and the questions surrounding that election to ever happen again,” said Trump. Lar a, the daughter-in-law of former President Donald Trump, suggested that Democrats are against voter ID because they seek to expand their voter base with illegal immigrants.”Democrats are bleeding and hemorrhaging voters. They understand that they cannot fool people in this country any longer so they have to import people,” she said. “The only reason you wouldn’t want voter ID is if you want people who cannot vote to vote in these elections. It is insane.” Roughly 81% of Americans support voter ID, according to a February poll by Pew Research. Along party lines, however, 95% favor the concept, while 69% of Democrats – still a majority, support it. According to Lara Trump, the RNC has established an “election integrity division” and devoted “vast resources dedicated solely to this cause,” which include a “nationwide network of volunteers,” such as poll workers and poll watchers.

To those who might cheat in the upcoming election, “We will go after you [and] you will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law,” Trump said. As the Epoch Times notes further, Trump also told Ms. Bartiromo that the RNC would use legal ballot harvesting in this election cycle. “It is already underway, and we will expand it again,” she said. Last week, Ms. Trump and Michael Whatley, chair of the North Carolina Republican Party, were elected to lead the RNC to replace Ronna McDaniel. Both were endorsed by President Trump last month. The leadership overhaul comes just days after President Trump dominated the Republican presidential primaries on Super Tuesday on March 5, solidifying his hold on the Republican nomination and the party itself. Last month, Ms. Trump also told The Epoch Times in an exclusive interview that she would mount a ballot-harvesting campaign in this election, something Republicans have been averse to in the past. “We need to have the biggest legal ballot harvesting operation this country has ever seen,” Ms. Trump said.

“It feels, for a long time, like the Democrats have been playing chess, and we’ve been playing checkers,” she said. Her goal is for the Republican Party “to be the opposite, to be steps ahead of them, and on our toes, and ahead of the game, and facing forward the whole time.” Ballot harvesting, legal in some states, allows people to deliver absentee or mail-in ballots to drop-off points on behalf of other voters. Republicans have been skeptical of the procedure, fearing it would lead to election fraud. Democrats have been much more willing to use the strategy. “Whether or not [Democrats] do it legally, that’s up for discussion,” Ms. Trump said, adding that it’s time for Republicans to start “attacking the game differently.” She also suggested that the RNC embrace early voting for the upcoming election. “The truth is, if we want to compete with the Democrats, we cannot wait until election day,” she said. “If we want to compete, we must embrace early voting.

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    Jacobello Alberegno The Beast of the Apocalypse 1360-90   • ‘Your Vampire Ball Is Over’ – Putin To Western Elites (RT) • What Message is Putin Se
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    A moderate government in Israel? Thank goodness! Nice to know they’ll be ethnic cleansing and committing genocide more quietly. There’s college basketball and hockey playoffs are around the corner. My friends don’t want to be disturbed!

    Dr. D

    “This Post Has Been Marked “Biden Classified”: And by that, I mean free for everyone, everywhere to read.” –quoth the raven

    As the Cartoon continues:
    Gah! So much worse!

    Here’s an idea. You know I suspect that Biden, and some others, are all trojan horses, puppets directed not by the Elite we believe, but by White Hats trying wake up those past people to avert a war – but under control.

    But although people die in wars, that leaves the cases where the events aren’t just show, like calling the murdered “Lincoln” and apologizing profusely to the murderer. That’s clearly “show”. A case like, oh, say, 10 million illegals coming in, which are clearly not the best and brightest, but well known terrorists and gang members. Even for a show that’s hard to fathom, because it takes so darn much work to expel them. BUT:

    He’s an idea for you. They are being brought in for terrorism. Yes. If there are White Hats, they appear to be letting them. Yes. They will make a mess of everything. Well, if 1, 2, and 3 yes. They are gang members after all.

    Buuuuuut. What if they’re the WHITE Hat army? THEY have the control files? THEY tell these guys to funking gonuts? Why? What?

    ON CONGRESS. On Government. On THEIR enemies. What?

    Stay with me here. WHO are the White Hats, the AmRev2.0 fighting? Essentially the Federal government. I mean there are good guys there but 60/40, 80/20 split? Clearly even at this point they are a wild preponderance of bad.

    So, you want to raise South Carolina and fight them? Well, we see from J6 this is the plan. That’s what they have ready for you. What if we SPLIT the Pentagon and fight? You can see that’s the plan, THEY want the Civil War, not us. What if you secede, like Texas? You can see that’s Podesta’s Plan, to take the PNW and break the nation.

    Well, shoot. Are there any options that are NOT their plan? Never do what your enemy wants.

    How about this? High Crime. That’s it. The Cartels attack the Feds FOR us. THEY get shot, not us. Power re-localizes because they’re so busy. Feds get bankrupted, physically and morally. People re-localize and harden up.

    Okay, I like them shot, we get shot up too. Fast forward 5-10 years, then what? Enclaves of power sub-state level. Everyone is tough as the 20s. Federal Government is repudiated in every way, both CAUSED it, didn’t FIX it, and is no earthy good to TRY to fix it. It’s all on us, boys! Oh PS and everyone is sick and tired of this illegal gang business. Then what?

    Remember Bush’s plan? Not to STOP the drug wars, but to VERTICALIZE them. You hostile takeover one cartel after another until only “Narcos” are left. The CIA was the one picking favorites, handing intel, running guns, so THEY get to choose. Ultimately, they’re so merged with the cartels they ARE the cartels.

    Same here. Suppose WE don’t like it. WE want to kick them all out from where they came. What are the Feds going to do, keep them? No, you can see how the public sentiment is tipped in favor of borders, in favor of hard order again, among people who aren’t born saps and patsies, like now. They push out gangs one by one, and fill the space with their own power. …But it isn’t Federal power either. Remember, the Federales are shattered. Completely tapped.

    Whose power is it then? OUR power. Messy, local, people, etc. Maybe in Texas State power. Maybe in Illinois there are three powers, each not on the same page. Maybe in Hawaii it’s a couple rich guys at a table saying no mas.

    And if not, well, we die. That happens in wars. What’s the key part here? Why do we assume WE are the targets of the immigrants? They’ve done literally nothing so far outside of minor crime. What? And why? What exactly are they waiting for?? Now suppose like the White Hats have the blackmail files they also have the Migrant NGO phones and files. And? You say, activated, go blow up a Governor. Who wouldn’t? That’s totally normal. But what if it’s to discredit Eric and Hochel and not DeSantis? Same plan we see now. LOOKS like they’re fighting “America”, but over time all the targets are … specific. As in, not Joe Public except as normal collateral damage.

    Like Assange, why do you assume him coming here and talking to Congress is a bad thing? We don’t know yet. Same with these guys, for some unfathomable reason they haven’t attacked yet – curious can communicative in itself. So why do we assume we know who their targets, their food source will be? What if we’re sort of on the same side, against douchebaggery? And later as “We must restore order” we can pick winners and losers about who we deport by force or what we do.

    Why not? I have no evidence yet, and why don’t I? There are no attacks because they’re every one a fine upstanding gentleman? Because 1/100th of what they claim have actually entered? Neither seems likely. So you tell ME what’s going on, cause so far this don’t wash.

    Addendum: again, population drop causes debt-compounding collapse. We sort of need to import people, so we fail last. Under this plan, just like I said, IF they are here and helpful, act like Americans, we forget to expel them later. If they’re a violent cartel and gang, we don’t forget. Two problems solved.

    “Finnish PM claims Moscow preparing for a “long conflict with the West”…

    …Which they started. By moving 1,000 miles to the East. Finland including, was perfectly fine neutral, modest military budget. Nope! Too easy! Had to f— it all up!

    Speaking of, Duran, again covering Macron said the same thing: Europe is “panicking” because if they don’t act the poodle and bark at Russia, then look back and make us take them on. Well by gum, they’d have to PAY for it themselves. And comprehend that all of them combined only might match Russia. So, um, they’d have to be nice to them? Reasonable? Diplomatic? That is, “It’s the United States or nothing.” No US = No NATO.

    Same thing though: Europe doesn’t have an army. They were planning on using OUR army, and offering nothing.

    Now they thought Trump has not said he’d leave NATO. I mean not exactly, but I read that he essentially will. Their definitive take was that he never said he would and in fact might INCREASE spending, so maybe they’re right? But merely that he would require Europe to spend ENOUGH, not to be an utter embarrassment to themselves and others. Even THIS concept – incredibly mild – has them in a panic.

    Reminds me of the phrase: “Keep the Americans IN, the Germans Down and the Russians out” Okay, it’s 1947, what do you hear in that if you’re GERMANY? If you’re EUROPE and know you don’t have enough men at all and don’t want to pay anyway. Let’s suppose Europe is the one making the plan: what would they make it as? “KEEP THE AMERICANS IN.” Whut? Yes. If I was Europe, controlling the whole thing, even Germany, I’d pay, lobby, jockey, conspire, arrange, to Keep the Americans IN. And make American think it’s THEIR plan, they’re getting one over on us. Of course that costs a little — nothing is free — but we get free healthcare and drink wine in cafes while they collapse, so…the bill is pretty generous. And now they are NOT able to “Keep the Americans In” to “Keep the Russians out”. Freak out!!!!

    That may go with the article yesterday on ESG-Europe. Yes, they really think as a market they can demand ESG from Euro-companies and do a de-facto takeover of “The Means of Production.” Hey is that the Soviet Socialism I keep complaining about? Then, like California does, to have market access, demand ESG and “seize the means of production” worldwide. To some extent “seizing the means of production” in banks, as they use BlackRock’s ESG that trashed them so hard as the basis for loans and loan rates. So…completely arbitrary. Musk doesn’t pollute and makes electric cars: we give him an ESG of zero, while Exxon has an ESG of 90. So Green! …That is to say, it’s a POPULARITY CONTEST of WHO THEY LIKE, in a Soviet, Stalinist, Party System. If you get uppity — to US, whoever “US” is, the Black Nobility — we cut you out of the photographs. Which just happened to Musk. Hero to Zero in one move. Click! Memo! 5 Minutes of Hate. Overnight.

    Now you can see the problem and association with military Europe. Although it’s fuzzy, if America can leave NATO and Euro-defense, they can also leave, have the political essence to leave, the ESG-Plan. The AGW CO2 Plan. So Europe is facing reality, but not bothering to adjust, just demanding, writhing around calling the police, throwing dishes, cooing up and taking her shirt off like any crazy ex girlfriend.

    So? Let them. WE’RE NOT STOPPING EUROPE from doing anything – have all the wars you want! …Just don’t include us. To pay for them. Even THIS is too far for them. NO. WE are going to have a war, and YOU are going to fight it for us! It’s right here in The Plan, line 429 of the Spreadsheet.

    Tucker vs Schwab.

    Yeah, that’s my reaction. You hear it from me every day. Um, I can’t see a doctor even for a heart attack. Who’s going to pay for this brain chip I don’t want and will probably have 10% infection/malfunction problems? You’re going to RE-open up my brain 2-3 more times to fix it? Reboot and update it ‘coz it never works and runs on Microsoft?


    Thanks to you guys my CAR doesn’t work. My HOUSE doesn’t work. My WORK doesn’t work. Even my PHONE doesn’t work. — It can no longer do the simplest task and make a PHONE CALL. And thanks to spam, no one on the other end will pick up. Uh, no. Pass. Have you SEEN these guys’ tech????? They’re not the nightmare of 1984 and the Martix, they’re the far more terrifying nightmare of Gilliam’s “Brasil”.

    Doocy: Biden won’t make it, but Trump won’t make it either.

    Now remember, he says “Since the Civil War”. What was the 1860 Civil War? Same thing. EUROPE, that is, LONDON, tried to re-takeover, recolonize the US, by breaking it in two for easier digestion. Then into four, six, nine…etc. That’s why Lincoln couldn’t allow it, although legally correct. HOW did they do this? Endless money to “Divide and conquer” inflame BOTH southern sentiment, hard-core racist slaveowners, AND pistol-shooting Woke Abolitionists. Then sit back and watch the fun as Congressmen beat each other with a cane. What do we have here?

    Color Revolution
    Divide and Conquer
    Woke social values
    Money and Empire
    Taking +20 years to groom and install
    Ending in Non stop brushfires in “Kansas Burning”
    Destruction and rotation of a Political parties
    Fought everywhere, courts, states, Congress, police, but
    Ultimately fought over a Presidency.

    …Resulting in the complete empowerment of corporations and oligarchs. Concentrating power. ALL FROM EUROPE. Sound familiar? Knocked back and re-Europized, (We looked to “European values” for our direction) it took us another generation, until WWI, to reach the height. …And then they installed the Fed.

    TikTok: STILL have no idea why they want to ban it. As I have no info, roughly speaking sounds like a problem with 1A? Anyone?

    Royals: They are so bizarre, I ask, is ANY of it real? Like ANY of it. Like so far out that are the kids their kids kind of questions, you know? I don’t actually expect it to be that weird, but since everything is more staged than Taylor Swift can dream of, and has been for generations, who knows what warped, bizarro, non-people get up to?

    “• ‘Your Vampire Ball Is Over’ – Putin To Western Elites (RT)

    Yeah, and all America is white and near dead on the crypt.

    “”In place of Russia, they want a dependent, withering, dying space, where they can do whatever they want,”

    Yes, but they want that for all Europe too. Anyone seen Paris lately?

    “and must be offered in the nature of absolutely binding signed documents..”

    And how do you bind them? A: With another war. The UN, Courts can do a lot, but they’re far from binding. War is the only “Or else”. I’ll MAKE you. Who? Me and MY Army.

    Again with the Duran, the West is saying – with Macron – well, we’ll just have the UN “authorize” troops to take over all Western Ukraine to the Dniper. O Really? And what if Russia says No? What “Authorize” are you morons drooling on about again?

    They live in a fake world where there are ALREADY structures, laws, AND POLICEMEN WITH BATONS CRACKING HEADS. Who they never meet and wouldn’t sully their hands to talk to. With the FBI Secret Police fabricating evidence on command. They take it for granted. There are only orders, and taking orders. Yeah, and what if Police department 123 stops taking orders? What happens if all Texas and Alberta stop taking orders? Everything important is outside their reality-box right now. Europe I mean. Russia, the BRIICS, Global South, Social Changes. They’re living in a box of CONTROL, while everything relevant is happening outside their box of control. And I can’t say “Narrow box”, it’s a wide box, but it’s not the universe.

    ‘• Kiev’s Allies Start Dividing Ukraine – Zakharova (TASS)

    Uh, as above. And what if Russia says NO? France is going to enter and steal stuff as their African stealing was shut off? (Also by Russia) And Russia bombs them to ashes? To “Divide” Ukraine, you have to have an Army, in case you forgot. When you LOSE, you don’t just take everything anyway. …Without an “Army”.

    “• Oil Industry Will Be Swamped With Work ‘For Another 100 Years’ – Putin (RT)

    I thought we were all out of oil as they sign more 50-year agreements worldwide.

    No EUROPE is out of oil. Everyone else has it. Including the United States. And Venezuela, Brazil, UAE, Sudan, Syria, Canada, Yemen probably…

    Huh. Funny. Only ONE place on earth doesn’t have it, and that’s the ONE place they don’t want the rest of the world to use it, but use solar-powered tanks. How about No? Hard No.

    “The Ukrainian military, is planning the takeover of the Verkhovna Rada,”

    Joke’s on them, apparently there’s no one in the Rada anymore anyway. Because there’s no democracy, what’s the point of showing up for work? To talk to yourself and get arrested?

    ““While Russian President Vladimir Putin is encouraging his population to have more children, Macron’s France is celebrating the ‘enshrinement’ of abortion in the constitution..”

    France: “We need more men! We also need more abortions! Both! Neither! Aiiiiii!!!”

    As you see here, from the reactions all over, abortion was indeed used as your major birth control. On a lark, for fun. Just as they said it wouldn’t, and just as they deny it is now.

    “• US Uses NATO In Ukrainian Conflict To Tighten Grip On European Countries (TASS)

    I don’t see it. Do we LOOK like we’re in the grip or controlling anything right now? We MAY be destroying Europe, but so what? They’re not actually a competitor: China is. So we killed our twin brother BEFORE we decided to go to war with the neighboring clan. Great! All this makes you suspect this is not what’s really going on. It’s something else.

    “• Netanyahu Government’s Future ‘In Jeopardy’ – US Intel (RT)

    He will go to jail but now also be charged with war crimes and be put in the history books that way. Problem is: how long?

    “• ‘A Vote For Trump Is A Vote For Putin’ – Hillary Clinton (RT)

    Great. And a vote for Hillary is a vote for WWIII. She promised on camera to the world. Escalate and Nuke Russia, almost immediately.

    “• 2/3 of Liberals Would Dispute Election If Trump Wins (MN)

    Maybe, but are Liberals now 10% of the nation? So 6% total? Anyway, doesn’t matter. We’re not going to have an election.


    Finding a catchy song title can be harder than writing good lyrics I find. I give my thanks to Vlad for “The Vampire Ball is Ending”
    New song name for sure.
    Also Vampire don’t like lipidnanoparticles so there is that too.


    Dr D, I like your game theory around migration but it seems to sit within an assumption of working systems, and although you address re-localisation, gangs etc. I don’t think that fits in to a larger power centre that remains whole. I see more likely a potential for warlords, mafia, protection rackets and some strongmen but eventual decline in living standards. Communication, food, transport, healthcare, justice, education etc.
    I agree that imports can have affinity with the local people and the place and all may not appear as it is presented. I think a lot of the immigrants literally want to MAKE a better life in the US as there is a lot of good land, good water, stuff that seems to work ok and legacy built environment that is uber fixable to handy third world types.

    I just don’t think we’ll be moving on to greener pastures for a fair while. There is a lot of kaos to get through and so much built up debt, lack of trust, destroyed institutions and MASSIVE corruption.
    It takes a long time and a shit tonne of free energy to build America but it is a pretty quick job to trash the joint as we have seen since Obama got the ball rolling.


    This was a good read. I’m currently fascinated by the psychology of denial at play in the post Covid psy op.

    Trigger warning aspnaz – the writer is Jewish so you may want to skip this one. You as well Celtic Biker.

    Dr. D

    Here’s one for JB and his D&D playing friends:


    And btw, the people you’ve activated are all geniuses of the Autist Army. The only people in America who are literate and read Roman Insurgency Tactics for fun.

    “The hallmark of Gamer Gate 1.0 was that gamers just wanted to play games, and after they saw the journalistic community (allegedly) SIMP out (look it up) for a talentless narcissist, they complained. The response was coordinated and disproportionate – it’s like you say, “I don’t like this package of McDonald’s® Chicken McNuggets™ and they say . . . “You can never come to any McDonald’s© again for the rest of your life.”

    It was weird. So, Gamer Gate 2.0 started with something simple: “We’re watching woke Marxists injecting The Narrative into our video games and we don’t like it.” Simple enough, and in 2024 not particularly controversial. The response? “Biden Admin Zeroes In On Gamers In Push To Crush ‘Domestic Violent Extremism’”.

    Gamer Gate 1.0 very, very strange way to treat the people that are your core audience.

    Gamer Gate 2.0 is using the full power of the FBI, DHS, and probably NSA to crush people who just want to play video games without a bunch of woke crap.

    I know many readers aren’t into gaming, computer or otherwise. This is not at all about video games. It is about the attempt to use hundreds of millions of dollars of taxpayer money to create a fully functional propaganda system to fundamentally alter the values of the nation.

    This is a big deal.


    Dr. D

    10 Million mass-murdering, drug running, human trafficking Zeta Cartel armies crossing the border?

    Solution? A: Arrest all the White Kids at home! The BOYS. Crush the men. Always destroy the men. Then, sorry to say, history shows the women are helpless and easy prey. Yup. Totally normal! Completely rational. Nothing to see here, folks!

    Dr D Rich

    In the general category of Managerialisms as cover-up, fraud, obstruction of justice and spoliation of evidence, God today gives us its Unholy Center or namely, Renton Washington Boeing (((also home of my recent past employer))).

    Capitalism as Monopoly-ism
    Where ‘Debt’ can never be said to be an I.O.U. because to do so would un-confuse The Masses and tarnish all that glitters. . Well, at least start to illuminate the unilluminated.

    Presented without editorial, Boeing and the FAA:

      “at the Renton, Washington factory where the panel was removed, the identity of the crew member that worked on the panel remains unknown and has would be unable to “provide a statement or interview to NTSB due to medical issues.”

      “unable to provide that information and maintained that Boeing has no records of the work being performed.”

      “overwrote”, i.e. deleted, security camera footage showing work”

      “NTSB Chair Jennifer Homendy said it is unclear “who performed the work to open, reinstall, and close the door plug on the accident aircraft,” as Boeing is “unable to find the records documenting this work.”

    Can anyone smell the name of Boeing’s GC, GENERAL COUNSEL, in there?


    I was getting around to commenting on the latest attack on geek culture.

    Yeah, it escalated quickly from
    –Whacko neomarxist grifters turning your hobby into propaganda
    –Gamers spread the info, object
    –NGO that works for DHS brought in to fight back
    –DHS, FBI etc now actively looking to crush the gamers


    Yes, THEY thought it was serious all this time. They were funding it, interfering all this time, just like with Twitter being a puppet for 3 letter agencies. Infinite money for this petty hateful bs for at least a decade now.

    Why the fuck do you care so much about my hobbies?!?!? Do you ENVY me? I was in the basement not bugging ANYONE. Is that it, can’t stand I found fulfillment within my human limitations and imperfections and non grandiosity? Unforgivable?

    In other news, for D&D’s 50th anniversary, its current owners, Wizards (wokeists) of The Coast denigrated its creators. Makes sense.

    I decided I may as well finally get a nice-ish hardcover edition of Lord of the Rings, since it was mother’s milk to me and I’ve read it every couple years for my entire life. I was tempted by the Millenium edition, which properly put the series in 7 volumes: the six books that comprise Lord of the Rings with an additional one for the appendix. But as I’m unemployed, I went with the cheaper 1988 edition. Idunno why publishers are obsessed with putting it all out in a SINGLE volume now. How many hours do you plan to hold up that monstrosity? Some weird conspiracy to nudge people into not reading it despite owning it?

    Anyway, The Tolkien Society was taken over by weirdo wokeist neomarxists with perfect timing to synchronize with the Amazon Prime Of The Rings years ago. While searching for what edition to buy, of course an irrelevant Tolkien Society post came up in the top 5 results with a “Tolkien Expert” doing, what do you call it, concern trolling? Backhand subversive criticism? “It has been said that Tolkien writes flat characters” And goes on to weakly argue “against” it while implicitly going balls out trying to convince you of exactly that through every inference. This is The Tolkien Society now. Meatsuit wearing marxist haters of everything Tolkien.

    I was amazed at how QUICKLY and how STRONG the reaction was to Gamergate 2.0. Like in the space of less than a week, maybe 3 days, I watched it escalate from confirmation we’d been massively gaslit – again – to the FBI is going to be doing targeted…. what? Are there laws for them to enforce against geeks objecting to people being assholes? Nothing better to do? But then it exposes the weight that was behind this all along for years and years.

    Mister Roboto


    Eternal Hope is that “THEY” will lose control.

    Peace options are coming

    Wisdom is hiding in TikTok

    Voluntary depopulation is birth control.

    Don’t tell, the illegal immigrants that they are saddling on an impossible debt/becoming debt slaves

    Survivors have superior immune systems.


    Modern armies are drone operators working from “mom’s basement.

    D Benton Smith

    My apologies for not chipping in to the general conversation much in the past few days, but I HAVE been on the job and will chip in when the job is done. Meanwhile, here is a live stream between Garland Nixon and Scott Ritter which (if you listen carefully and very very logically) will tell you all you need to know about the real on-the-ground situation in Ukraine, and by extension Europe. Wow. No wonder Macron is shitting his pants.


    I just found out the Anti-Defamation League decided to hold forth on Gamergate 2.0. Want to guess on which side?

    Hint – they aren’t against defaming gamers as “terrorists.”

    Doesn’t the ADL have quite a bit on their plate just now??? WTF do you care so much about my hobbies, ADL?!??!?????

    D Benton Smith

    I should add a few observational points to that link I just posted to the Garland Nixon-Scott Ritter interview.

    The key word in all of this is “REALITY”. None of this is conjectural or abstract. Ukraine is falling and there is insufficient force in all of Europe and America to break that fall. The Russians will move forward to wherever THEY (the Russians themselves alone) choose to move, and there isn’t anything anyone can do that could stop them.

    Serious stuff, and as real as those eyes that you’re reading these words with.

    D Benton Smith

    When Ukraine falls, Europe will HAVE TO play ball the way that the Russians tell them to. That means the USA will no longer be ruling Europe, which basically means that the USA’s empire just shrank by more than half. Virtually INSTANTLY, speaking in geofinancial/political terms and timeframes.

    Everyone in the world is going to adjust to that new reality as fast as they possibly possibly can to protect their own asses.

    Those adjustments will not be beneficial to the financial, political or geographical interests of America.


    Now I know slightly more. Let me try to summarize:

    1. Video went viral of this Sweet Baby “consultant” company’s CEO openly saying how they coerced MANY companies into making their games woke

    2. This company was being funded in part by a “charity”

    3. The “charity” was being funded by the DHS

    4. A guy in Brazil compiled a list of games made with Sweet Baby input, posted it to the internet saying he isn’t going to buy them

    5. A whole lot of gamers all over the world agreed with the Brazilian guy.

    6. People who say in public they won’t buy Sweet Baby Inc games are A Threat.

    That’s it. That’s the “extremist attack” which the FBI is now “responding” to with active investigation, policy papers, etc:

    Countering Violent Extremism: FBI and DHS Need Strategies and Goals for Sharing Threat Information with Social Media and Gaming Companies

    Domestic violent extremists have used online platforms to recruit followers, plan and rally support for in-person actions, and disseminate materials that contribute to radicalization and mobilization to violence, among other purposes

    Well, tell the FBI, FBI assets, and FBI informants to stop doing those things, then! Problem solved, sheesh. It’s not rocket surgery. Stop punching yourself.

    What huge, massive – like, black hole at the center of the galaxy – assholes.

    Dr. D

    “1. Video went viral of this Sweet Baby “consultant” company’s CEO openly saying how they coerced MANY companies into making their games woke”

    Telephone: FBI? That’s called “Extortion” and “Racketeering”. It’s a crime. A serious, felony, Federal Prison, pound-me-in-the-ass crime. Hello? Hello?

    Oh so you’re ALSO a felon. What’s a person who’s an accessory to and helps a Felon? A: A Felon. Sweet Dreams, sunshine!


    Set the standard for sport participations.
    Distinguishing between Males and Females

    (answer from copilot)

    Testosterone in Males: Adult males typically have between 265 and 923 nanograms per deciliter (ng/dL) of testosterone in their blood12.

    Testosterone in Females: A normal level of testosterone in women is considered to be between 15-70 ng/dL12.

    As for other hormones such as estrogen and progesterone in females, the levels can fluctuate significantly depending on the phase of the menstrual cycle, age, and other factors.

    Estrogen and progesterone are present in males, but at much lower levels than in females. Here are the typical ranges:

    Estrogen in Males: There are two main types of estrogen in men: estrone and estradiol. The amounts are measured in picogram per milliliter (pg/ml). The typical averages of each are:
    Estrone: 10-60 pg/ml for adult males1.
    Estradiol: 10-40 pg/ml for adult males1.

    Progesterone in Males: Progesterone is present in men but at a much lower level than found in premenopausal women. The optimal result for progesterone in males is 0.27 – 0.9 ng/mL2.
    It’s important to note that these hormones play crucial roles in the male body:

    Estrogen, particularly a form known as estradiol, is crucial to male sexuality. It needs to stay in balance with testosterone to help control sex drive, the ability to have an erection, and the production of sperm1.
    Progesterone is not only a female hormone. It is the precursor to other hormones, including testosterone, the sex hormone that emphasizes male characteristics2. It plays an important role in regulating blood sugar, building bone mass, regulating brain activity, developing intelligence and body functions, helping to convert fat into energy, regulating thyroid hormone production, can help reboot libido, balancing mood, helping to normalize blood clotting, and helping to initiate sleep2.
    Abnormal levels of these hormones in males can lead to various symptoms and health issues. For instance, high estrogen levels in men can lead to infertility, gynecomastia (enlarged breasts in men), and erectile dysfunction1. On the other hand, low progesterone levels in men can lead to low libido, hair loss, weight gain, fatigue, depression, gynecomastia, erectile dysfunction, impotence, bone loss, muscle loss, and a greater risk of developing serious illnesses such as osteoporosis, arthritis, prostatitis (inflammation of the prostate gland), and prostate cancer.


    On “Macron panicked over leaked UKR reports” at top post.

    The ‘secret, leaked’ reports from F military outline that UKR could not, cannot, ‘win’ the ‘war’ against Russia.

    A no-brainer. Questioning the ghosts of Napoleon and Hitler and looking at some images of parades on the intertubes and consulting some open source databases (World Bank, World in Data, etc.) and looking at a map is good enough. Finis. I know little about military matters, but have spoken w. one milit. F guy. (Foreign Legion) Heh.

    Whatever. Millions, even Billions, of ppl around the world knew this from the start, know it now, it was a foregone conclusion. WW2 was won by Russia and China, not the USuk (bowlderized version.)

    So what is the ‘W’ (USuk-EU-…) up to?

    — Dying slowly while making blustering escalation moves repeatedly, with Macron now marching forward w. the Aggro Banner? Sacrificing their populations for some kind of cynical murderous Elite Escape and comfort?

    — Indulging in hopiness and terminal hubris, stating things can be changed round if we just make the right moves – we are the Garden – they (Russia, India, BRICS etc.) are the Jungle, we must! and will prevail, hmm, we have no idea how…now what…err

    — All this is a game to move to a NWO and killing off large segments of the population, Macron has his guaranteed seat at the Top Table, it is all planned out…

    Other … (?)

    What I see is a lot of disorganisation, lashing out, floundering around, even despair, very dangerous, moving to suicidal impulses, all or nothing, etc.


    They want to run a universe; be cruel and unforgiving;
    So as a cult, they worship death and take great joy in killing.
    Let them control their deathly realm, and leave those who like living:
    It can be done. It must be done. It happens if we’re willing.

    On a different note:
    TAE Summary, from late yesterday- that’s the spirit!

    D Benton Smith

    I just finished that Garland Nixon- Scott Ritter live stream. Summary: all those things about Ukraine falling are pretty much ditto for Israel, with a few minor name changes.

    If you’ve been wondering about the finer details of TEOTWAWKI, well, now you’ve got a few more details. As Israel continues to collapse, so will the United States influence on all the Middle East. There goes the other half of the Western Empire. From 60 to Zero in about 6 months flat (give or take) starting the count-down now.

    I don’t think that the Cabal is (or every was) as strong as they have always liked to imagine themselves to be. The reason they thought they were stronger is that their flunkies and minions have been lying to them for years and centuries. That’s what you’ve got to do to survive in a slave state. There are things that you don’t tell to the boss. So the Boss winds up “knowing” a bunch of shit that ain’t true (like “We’re winning in Ukraine”, or “We’re really loyal to you, Boss!”).

    Israel CANNOT win. Ukraine CANNOT win. The Dollar CANNOT win. AGI CANNOT win (Hell, it doesn’t even EXIST) .The American-centric Military Industrial Complex CANNOT win. And thus the Cabal CANNOT win. That falling line of Dominoes CANNOT be prevented from going down, and the first domino looks like it’s going to be Ukraine (It’s a close race), which will be gone by the end of Summer.

    I’m just trying to trace that arc in fine enough detail that the predictions are useful to someone, but the key takeaway in any case is that this series of effects is extremely tangible, real and concrete. Nothinbg abstract about it.

    Mr. House

    Gamergate, woke, feminism (in its current form, though perhaps from the beginning) has always been intelligence OPS. Esp since 2008. JB HB, take a look at most of the people pushing this crap, isn’t it strange how they always come from Canada? CIA baby. They want us not fighting them, but fighting each other. Seems to be working so far.


    Food fight/food insecurity

    Haiti: Canada reduces diplomatic footprint

    Why Everything Changed in Haiti: The Gangs United

    The Haiti crisis, explained: Violence, hunger and unstable …
    NBC News › news › world › haiti-crisis-…
    21 hours ago — Chaos has gutted Port-au-Prince and Haiti’s government, a crisis brought on by decades of political disruption, a series of natural disasters …

    Ariel Henry, Haiti PM, says he’ll resign as violent gangs …

    AP News › article › haiti-henry-resignation-pr…

    US military airlifts some embassy personnel from Haiti,


    Dangerous to Users who are idiots

    D Benton Smith

    When the American Empire loses it’s ability to steal from other countries then it’s last remaining target to steal from will be it’s own citizens ( YOU ). That too is untenable, because you don’t have enough trillions to continue feeding that beast to the level to which it has become accustomed (and cannot live without.)

    Can’t squeeze blood from a turnip, right? And it’s really bad news for the turnip if one tries.

    D Benton Smith

    Jeez! The Great Western Empire can’t even keep it’s centuries old Colony of Haiti in line and groveling on que?

    What’s next, losing control of the Beltway?

    D Benton Smith

    You know, my crack about the Blob losing control of Washington, D.C. was made half in jest . . . . but only half. The other half was serious. When the OTHER key legally incorporated “Sovereign” Cities” (especially City of London, Vatican, and Basel) start losing the sovereign immunities which have enabled them to operate with total impunity and untouchable position out of reach from the long arm of the law, the END is indeed nigh. Keep your eyes peeled.

    D Benton Smith

    An entity (such as a political Party, big shot politician or even an entire Sovereign City) is as powerful and “sovereign” as it can keep it’s secrets and avoid successful prosecution for real crimes.

    All that’s necessary to take one down is to release it’s secrets and allow natural justice to take place. The FIRST sign to look for, then, is the release of it’s secrets (like leaked phone calls, sexual scandals, and incontrovertibly documented malfeasance). When you see that then you know that the hammer is already not merely being swung, it is striking its target. Justice comes next. And after that, the physical imposition of reality.

    D Benton Smith

    Here is a significant part of where the Blob came from. Of course The National Security Act was just a step, following many many many EARLIER steps, but nevertheless it was a very BIG step, because it made the Blob not just legal, but legally mandatory.

    John Day

    A vote for Trump is not a vote for Putin.
    Putin has a much better policy on Occupied Palestine.

    John Day

    Net Zero Including Food

    Colin Todhunter, Net Zero, the Digital Panopticon and the Future of Food
    ​ The food transition, the energy transition, net-zero ideology, programmable central bank digital currencies, the censorship of free speech and clampdowns on protest. What’s it all about? To understand these processes, we need to first locate what is essentially a social and economic reset within the context of a collapsing financial system.​..
    ​..Professor Fabio Vighi of Cardiff University has described how closing down the global economy in early 2020 under the guise of fighting a supposedly new and novel pathogen allowed the US Federal Reserve to flood collapsing financial markets (COVID relief) with freshly printed money without causing hyperinflation. Lockdowns curtailed economic activity, thereby removing demand for the newly printed money (credit) in the physical economy and preventing ‘contagion’.
    ​ According to investigative journalist Michael Byrant, €1.5 trillion was needed to deal with the crisis in Europe alone. The financial collapse staring European central bankers in the face came to a head in 2019. The appearance of a ‘novel virus’ provided a convenient cover story.​..
    ..In response to a collapsing neoliberalism, we are now seeing the rollout of an authoritarian great reset — an agenda that intends to reshape the economy and change how we live.
    ​ The new economy is to be dominated by a handful of tech giants, global conglomerates and e-commerce platforms, and new markets will also be created through the financialisation of nature, which is to be colonised, commodified and traded under the notion of protecting the environment.​..
    ​..This great reset envisages a transformation of Western societies, resulting in permanent restrictions on fundamental liberties and mass surveillance. Being rolled out under the benign term of a ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’, the World Economic Forum (WEF) says the public will eventually ‘rent’ everything they require (remember the WEF video ‘you will own nothing and be happy’?): stripping the right of ownership under the guise of a ‘green economy’ and underpinned by the rhetoric of ‘sustainable consumption’ and ‘climate emergency’.
    ​ Climate alarmism and the mantra of sustainability are about promoting money-making schemes. But they also serve another purpose: social control.​..
    ..To push back against any dissent, ordinary people are being told that they must sacrifice personal liberty in order to protect public health, societal security (those terrible Russians, Islamic extremists or that Sunak-designated bogeyman George Galloway) or the climate…
    ​..The real reason for this ideological shift is to ensure that the masses get used to lower living standards and accept them… Rob Kapito of the world’s biggest asset management firm BlackRock, who says that a “very entitled” generation must deal with scarcity for the first time in their lives.​..
    ..NET-ZERO AGENDA​ [We are burning too much of their jet-fuel,]
    But what of this shift towards net-zero greenhouse gas emissions and the plan to slash our carbon footprints? Is it even feasible or necessary?​ …
    ​..But this agenda will also cause serious environmental degradation. So says Andrew Nikiforuk in the article The Rising Chorus of Renewable Energy Skeptics, which outlines how the green techno-dream is vastly destructive.
    ​ He lists the devastating environmental impacts of an even more mineral-intensive system based on renewables and warns:
    “The whole process of replacing a declining system with a more complex mining-based enterprise is now supposed to take place with a fragile banking system, dysfunctional democracies, broken supply chains, critical mineral shortages and hostile geopolitics.”​ …
    ..In the article Global warming and the confrontation between the West and the rest of the world, journalist Thierry Meyssan argues that net zero is based on political ideology rather than science…
    ​..It seems anyone and everyone in business is planting their corporate flag on the summit of sustainability. Take Sainsbury’s, for instance. It is one of the ‘big six’ food retail supermarkets in the UK and has a vision for the future of food that it published in 2019.
    ​ Here’s a quote from it:
    ​ “Personalised Optimisation is a trend that could see people chipped and connected like never before. A significant step on from wearable tech used today, the advent of personal microchips and neural laces has the potential to see all of our genetic, health and situational data recorded, stored and analysed by algorithms which could work out exactly what we need to support us at a particular time in our life. Retailers, such as Sainsbury’s could play a critical role to support this, arranging delivery of the needed food within thirty minutes — perhaps by drone.”
    ​ Tracked, traced and chipped — for your own benefit. Corporations accessing all of our personal data, right down to our DNA. The report is littered with references to sustainability and the climate or environment…
    ​..However, the promotion of a brave new world of technological innovation that has nothing to say about power — who determines policies that have led to massive inequalities, poverty, malnutrition, food insecurity and hunger and who is responsible for the degradation of the environment in the first place — is nothing new.
    ​ The essence of power is conveniently glossed over, not least because those behind the prevailing food regime are also shaping the techno-utopian fairytale where everyone lives happily ever after eating bugs and synthetic food while living in a digital panopticon.​..
    ​..It is, furthermore, a type of green that plans to cover much of the countryside with wind farms and solar panels with most farmers no longer farming. A recipe for food insecurity.
    ​ Those investing in the ‘green’ agenda care first and foremost about profit. The supremely influential BlackRock invests in the current food system that is responsible for polluted waterways, degraded soils, the displacement of smallholder farmers, a spiralling public health crisis, malnutrition and much more.​ It also invests in healthcare — an industry that thrives on the illnesses and conditions created by eating the substandard food that the current system produces. Did Larry Fink, the top man at BlackRock, suddenly develop a conscience and become an environmentalist who cares about the planet and ordinary people?​ …
    ​..The aforementioned article by Andrew Nikiforuk concludes that, if we are really serious about our impacts on the environment, we must scale back our needs and simplify society.​ In terms of food, the solution rests on a low-input approach that strengthens rural communities and local markets and prioritises smallholder farms and small independent enterprises and retailers, localised democratic food systems and a concept of food sovereignty based on self-sufficiency, agroecological principles and regenerative agriculture.​ [Not zero fertilizer, but much less, and targeted fertilization, with composting and crop rotation. Wholesome food is “expensive”.]
    ​ It would involve facilitating the right to culturally appropriate food that is nutritionally dense due to diverse cropping patterns and free from toxic chemicals while ensuring local ownership and stewardship of common resources like land, water, soil and seeds.​ That’s where genuine environmentalism and the future of food begins.

    Net Zero, the Digital Panopticon and the Future of Food 

    ​ ‘Your vampire ball is over’ – Putin to Western elites​ [He’s just speaking figuratively about cannibalism, ​right?]
    ​ The president stated that over the past few centuries, the so-called “golden billion” has grown accustomed to being able to “fill their bellies with human flesh and their pockets with money” as they have been “parasitizing” other peoples in Africa, Asia, and Latin America.
    ​ ”But they must understand that the vampire ball is ending,” Putin said.
    ​ He added that the citizens of the aforementioned regions, which have been continuously exploited by the West over the past 500 years, have started to associate Russia’s struggle for sovereignty with “their own aspirations for sovereignty and independent development.”
    ​ At the same time, Putin noted that Western elites have a very strong desire to “freeze the current situation” and preserve the “unjust state of affairs in international affairs.”

    ​ Mike Mihajlovic presents this new development in peer-warfare, though similar US guided-glide-bombs are also devastating Gaza.
    Heavy bombs can be fitted with cheap, strap-on glide wings and targeting packages to move bombers 50-70 kilometers back from the battlefield, out of reach of most anti-aircraft systems.
    Air defense radar can find and target these glide-bombs, but it has to be moved to the frontlines, where it is immediately spotted and targeted by anti-radar missiles, like the Russian Lancet. As a result, Ukrainian forces were rapidly devastated in the final assault on Avdeevka, and their Patriot and S-300 missile-batteries, now moved closer to the front lines, are being wiped out quickly in recent weeks.
    ​ Renaissance of the Bomb – Gliding FABs [i]​ , Russian Glide Bombs – a true menace

    John Day

    South Africa Says Its Citizens Serving In Israel’s Military Will Be Arrested​ [Money, Mouth, ​co-located]

    ​ Sullivan Dismisses Reports That Say Biden is Considering Conditioning Aid to Israel If It Invades Rafah​ [“Red line” – ​rubber ​eraser]
    Netanyahu said he will ‘finish the job’ in Rafah, which is packed with 1.5 million Palestinians

    Sullivan Dismisses Reports That Say Biden is Considering Conditioning Aid to Israel If It Invades Rafah

    ​ US building Gaza port to facilitate mass ‘voluntary’ migration: Anadolu Agency
    The US claims the port is to facilitate humanitarian aid but could be used to ethnically cleanse Gaza per previously leaked Israeli plans

    ​ More than a third of young French voters are planning to back anti-immigration, nationalist parties in June’s EU elections
    ​ According to an Ipsos survey published on Tuesday, 31 percent of 18 to 24-year-olds in France are lending their vote to Jordan Bardella’s National Rally (RN) — the anti-immigration party still heavily influenced by nationalist firebrand and former presidential candidate Marine Le Pen…
    ..On the RN’s candidate list for the June election is Fabrice Leggeri, the former director-general of the EU’s border agency Frontex, who recently blew the whistle on the European Commission’s commitment to mass immigration in an exclusive interview with Remix News.
    ​ “Migrants come out of love, and your job is to welcome them. Europe is an aging continent, and whether you like it or not, you have to welcome them,” Leggeri claimed he was told by European Commissioner for Home Affairs Ylva Johansson during his tenure at Frontex
    ​ “I chose Marine Le Pen’s National Rally to enter politics because I want to be in opposition to Ursula von der Leyen’s Commission, which was installed by President Macron. I am resolutely in the opposition to von der Leyen and Macron,” he told this site.

    ​Celia Farber reports on the revelatory cutting of one of Emmanuel Macron’s puppet-control-strings. Certainly there are others…
    ​ A Three Year Investigation In France Produces What The Reporters Call Incontrovertible Evidence That Brigitte Macron Is Really A Man By The Name Of Jean-Michel Trogneux​ , Journalists Worked With Geneologists, One Was Raided By Police, No Photos of Brigitte In First 30 Years Of Life

    John Day

    ​ The Global North And South’s Fight For LNG Energy Security Is Set To Intensify
    Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, LNG has become the swing emergency energy supply for many of the developed countries that comprise the Global North.
    European LNG imports are still at similar levels to those throughout 2022 and 2023.
    The already intense geopolitical struggle to secure these supplies will become even more of a dangerous zero-sum game between the Global North and the Global South.

    ​ Gilbert Doctorow, MI6 strikes again: Navalny’s aide Volkov beaten up in Lithuania
    [I sent Doctorow an email on 2/28/24, alerting him to a report that Navalny had at least 3 COVID vaccines, which predispose to fatal blood clots. When I saw this I sent a reply to that original email, gloating. He doesn’t reply, but he does appear to have read at least two of my emails.]
    ​ One of the more piquant issues that Mikhalkov raised in this show is what exactly was the cause of Navalny’s death. He does not question the coroner’s report that it was due to a detached blood clot (thrombosis). [Probably to the heart and then the lungs, a “pulmonary embolism”] He reminds us that this very finding was supported to reporters by the head of Ukrainian intelligence Budanov, who had no interest in exculpating the Kremlin for Navalny’s death. And why the loosened blood clot? For this, Mikhalkov turns to official British findings on mortality from blood clots of those who received the anti-Covid vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna during the height of the pandemic. The statistics speak clearly of a vastly increased risk of death for those who were vaccinated. And, per Mikhalkov, Navalny was vaccinated with the Pfizer shots not once, not twice but as many as five times during his stay of several months in Germany when he was recuperating from a (phony) Novichok poisoning. Mikhalkov concludes that Navalny was killed by Pfizer…​
    ..I am just a layman as regards military hardware, but I will stick my neck out a bit to mention one aspect of the controversy in Germany over sending Taurus cruise missiles to Ukraine that barely is mentioned in our media. We hear time and again that the issue is the range of these missiles, 500 km, which would give the Ukrainians the possibility of destroying the iconic Kerch (Crimea) bridge and attacking other targets way behind Russian lines with devastating effect. That, presumably, would lead to a further escalation from the Russian side, exposing German military production centers to attack.
    ​ However, at least in Russian media there is another issue: the Taurus are said to be nuclear enabled, meaning they could carry tactical nuclear weapons. If that is true, then incoming Taurus missiles could well prompt the Russians to ‘launch on warning’ a strategic nuclear attack on Germany, or on the USA as they may choose.
    ​ There are rumors in Germany that Scholz’s decision against sending the Taurus to Ukraine was advised by none other than Joe Biden.

    MI6 strikes again:  Navalny’s aide Volkov beaten up in Lithuania

    Boeing Failed 37% of Audits by US Regulators, Report Reveals

    ​ Steve Kirsch., on American medicine blaming the victims again, simultaneously excluding the parents of vaccine injured babies from the courts with the “child abuse” moniker:
    The new rise of “shaken baby syndrome”
    ​ I’m getting reports of parents who had their child vaccinated subsequently being accused of “shaken baby syndrome” and had their child taken from them. Their crime? Following their doctors’ advice.
    ​ Parents who follow their physician’s advice to vaccinate their kids can find that their child subsequently develops encephalitis soon after vaccination (more likely when multiple vaccines are given at once and even more likely if the child has an infection at the time of vaccination) which then becomes a permanent brain injury.
    ​ Their doctor then reports the parents to Child Protective Services for “shaken baby syndrome” and their child is taken away.
    Physicians are never to blame of course, because vaccines are safe and effective.

    ​ Fair-Game: Democrat primary candidate turned independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. criticized Donald Trump for comments he made during Joe Biden’s State of the Union address, saying the former president “clearly hasn’t learned from his COVID-era mistakes.”

    RFK Rips Trump Over COVID Vaccines.

    John Day

    Meryl Nass MD, on last week’s primary. I voted in the Republican primary (free to choose which in Texas) to vote for this ballot initiative. It should not be necessary.
    The Texas GOP polled citizens during a primary yesterday, asking if they wanted the freedom to accept or reject vaccines of their choice
    92% wanted informed consent without coercion: over 2 million Texans voted.

    ​Peter McCullough MD, COVID-19 Vaccination Refusal: An Inquiry of Vaccine Mandate Positions in Healthcare – Mandates Created Medical Apartheid
    ​ This paper caught my attention on the issue of COVID-19 vaccination in healthcare workers. Chaufan and Hemsing used a “What is the problem” framework to search the literature on this issue and understand the “dominant representations” of healthcare institutions​…
    ​..“We conclude by noting that an apartheid-like system has been imposed on “HCWs for simply demanding the free exercise of their human right to informed consent, enshrined across classic documents (Shuster, 1997; UNESCO, 2005; World Medical Association, 1964). Informed consent includes the right to be fully and honestly informed about the risks and benefits of, and alternatives to, any medical intervention, to be offered the alternative to do nothing, and to be able to choose free from coercion. We have also argued that mandated vaccination for HCWs, or any other social group for that matter, is at odds with the principles of equity, diversity, and inclusivity, held normatively in high esteem by the same institutions that appear to be participating in subverting them in practice (CDC, 2023; Health Canada, 2017; NHS Leadership Academy, 2024; WHO, 2023a).

    ​ Meryl Nass MD, A Good Start: Rand Paul’s bill requiring executive branch employees to disclose their royalty payments gets out of committee.
    And it requires financial disclosures from members of government advisory committees. This bill is really important.

    ​Meryl Nass MD and Iurie Rosca, former Deputy Prime Minister of Moldova, My interview with Iurie Rosca , In which we talk strategies for stopping the WHO in the second half


    Hey Doc, send me some of the drugs you’re on The nuttier than fruitcake White Hat theory and the monkees overunnin the border are just here to be our buddies…you know…they’ll be playing golf and going to PTA meetings.. Timothy Leary ain’t got nothin on you, that’s some far fetched Space X shit.

    D Benton Smith

    Hey, @CelticBiker

    Your post #154683 is just a steaming pile of gratuitous sarcastic-for-no-sensible-reason bullshit insulting a long term and highly respected (for good reason) TAE commentator who contributes thousands of times more value to this forum than you do. Stop acting like a two-bit garden variety no talent troll and get back to foaming at the mouth about Jooze. At least then you got things almost half right.

    those darned kids

    “the monkees overunnin the border”

    Clarksville, Tx (AP): Today President Biden visited this quaint, one-train border town featuring an entourage that included some rather famous faces.

    None other than, Micky Dolenz, last surviving member of the hit 60’s group, The Monkees, accompanied the Commander-in-Chief.

    “Mr. Biden’s plan to patrol and control the border through the use of teams of grumpy, one-note, antisemitic pseudobiker bigots will give those rascally Mexican hombres the CornPop shivers.”

    Mr. Biden later thanked Mr. Dolenz for his teamwork, stating, “I’ve been a big fan of theirs ever since my wife, Doctor Wusssernaim, played me their records on the radio so I could sleep well.”


    For those of us here still thinking Russia ‘cool’ / West ‘dork’

    Bankers run the world my friends and EVERYTHING is downstream.

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