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Pelosi Admits Fault for the Lack of Jan 6 Security Precautions (Turley)
Biden Campaign Claims Trump “Has Praised The Third Reich” (MN)
NIH Scrambled After ZeroHedge Report On Fauci Beagle Experiments (ZH)
New Jersey Announces Investigation into Trump Liquor Licenses (Turley)
‘We Are So Proud’: Bidens React To Hunter Verdict (RT)
Israel and the Misjudgement of Reality (Alastair Crooke)
How Russia Can Prevent WW3 (Dmitry Trenin)
BRICS Must Prevent New ‘Cold War’ – China (RT)
West ‘Losing Trust’ In Ukraine – FT (RT)
Eastern NATO Club May Kick Hungary Out For Dissent – FT (RT)
US ‘Flirting With Neo-Nazis’ – Kremlin (RT)
Ukraine ‘Peace Conference’ Will Not Urge Withdrawal Of Russian Troops (RT)



I absolutely urge you to watch Steve Bannon talking to Tucker.

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“..a previously-unreleased video..”

The Jan 6 committee decided to hold it back so they could promote false allegations against Trump. They must be investigated.

Pelosi Admits Fault for the Lack of Jan 6 Security Precautions (Turley)

For years, some of us have asked why the Capitol was so poorly prepared for the January 6th riot. As part of the coverage on that day, I remarked at the start of the protests that I had never seen the Capitol so thinly protected for a major demonstration. Some paths to the Capitol were protected by a handful of bicycle officers and thin barriers. Now, a previously-unreleased video taken on Jan. 6, 2021 shows then-Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., admitting that she was responsible for the lack of preparedness. The video was disclosed in a posting on X by a House Republican panel. The video shows Pelosi in an exchange with Chief of Staff Terri McCullough on the evacuation.

Pelosi states: “We have responsibility, Terri. We did not have any accountability for what was going on there. And we should have. This is ridiculous. You’re going to ask me in the middle of the thing when they’ve already breached…that, should we call the Capitol Police? I mean the National Guard? Why weren’t the National Guard there to begin with?…They clearly didn’t know, and I take responsibility for not having them just prepared for more.” The video was never released by the J6 Committee, which was criticized for its highly choreographed and scripted hearings with little balance in the presentation of evidence. The lack of emphasis on the security issues was glaring and raised by critics throughout the hearings. While Democrats and the media dismissed the issue and claims that Trump offered to supply the national guard, it was later confirmed that those offers were made to Congress and rejected.

A report from Capitol Police Inspector General Michael Bolton also found that Capitol police were told that they could not use critical riot materials and tactics in preparation for the Jan. 6th protests. What was so curious about the lack of precautions that morning is that the Capitol had just experienced the violence outside of the White House in the Lafayette Park protests. To this day, the media and many members continue to repeat false accounts of the Lafayette Park. Many still have stories posted that claim that Lafayette Park was cleared for Trump to hold a photo op in front of a church. I discussed those accounts in testimony before Congress and in columns on the clearing of the Lafayette Park area. NPR still has a story on its website entitled “Peaceful Protesters Tear-Gassed To Clear Way For Trump Church Photo-Op.” More officers were injured in the Lafayette Park protests than on January 6th.

As previously discussed in repeated columns, the House Democratic leadership refused to hold a single hearing with key witnesses on what occurred before the riot. After using a “snap impeachment,” weeks went by without calling such witnesses before the Trump impeachment trial. Such evidence would have challenged the narrative and raised questions over decisions made by Congress that left the Capitol vulnerable to such an attack.In the Lafayette Park protests, White House officials feared that the compound could be breached by violent protesters who had injured dozens of officers and engaged in arson and attacks around the White House during that weekend. They decided to clear the area to install fencing (which Congress only ordered after the Jan. 6th riot). They also deployed the National Guard and the “heavier, less lethal weapons” that the Inspector General found were denied to the Capitol Police.

Had Pelosi and others accepted National Guard support and installed fencing as was done at the White House, it is doubtful that the riot on January 6th would have occurred or any disruption would have been far more limited in scope. The fact that the J6 Committee downplayed this major factor in the riot further undermines how the investigation was framed by the Democratic leadership. Pelosi barred the GOP members selected for the committee, hand picking two anti-Trump Republican members.

The absence of any balance on the committee was evident from the start. There was little effort to present alternative explanations or defenses to critical issues raised in hearings. No opposing witnesses were called who might contradict the narrative put forward by the Committee, including witnesses who would debunk the much-repeated, false claim that Trump wrestled with his driver to gain control of the presidential limo to drive to the Capitol. With the Speaker admitting on tape that she bore responsibility for the lack of precautions, one would think that the J6 Committee, including then Vice Chair Liz Cheney, would consider that relevant for the public to understand the underlying facts. Instead, it was buried with much other countervailing evidence.

Tucker Jan 6

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“..the downward trend for Biden means that dropping out of the race is worth discussing, even though it “would be a big risk” for the Democrats..”

Biden Campaign Claims Trump “Has Praised The Third Reich” (MN)

Biden campaign senior adviser Adrienne Elrod claimed Monday that Donald Trump has “praised the Third Reich” and intends to rule as a racist dictator. During an interview with CNN, Elrod was asked to comment on Republicans who “worship” Trump, and responded “I think that rhetoric speaks for itself.” “Donald Trump and his MAGA allies are focused on seeking revenge and retribution,” Elrod asserted, adding “They are running a negative campaign that is not focused on the American people, but is focused on themselves.” She continued, “Trump has made it very clear that if he steps back into that White House, he will rule as a dictator on day one. He will seek — he will use the White House to seek political revenge and retribution on his political enemies.” Trump actually said he won’t do that, but it doesn’t fit the Biden campaign’s narrative.

While she was at it, Elrod painted up Trump as an admirer of Hitler. “You know, he has said things that — you know, he’s praised the Third Reich. He has used, you know, racist rhetoric at every chance that he has,” she claimed. Praised the Third Reich? Presumably she is referring to this…

The desperation among the Biden campaign is palpable. His approval rating just hit a new all-time low of 37.4 percent. FiveThirtyEight founder Nate Silver noted that the downward trend for Biden means that dropping out of the race is worth discussing, even though it “would be a big risk” for the Democrats. “But there’s some threshold below which continuing to run is a bigger risk,” Silver commented, adding “Are we there yet? I don’t know. But it’s more than fair to ask.” “If I’d told you 10 years ago a president would seek re-election at 81 despite a supermajority of Americans having concerns about his age, and then we’d hit 8% inflation for 2 years, you wouldn’t be surprised he was an underdog for reelection. You’d be surprised it was even close!” Silver further wrote.

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Lock him up. Throw away the key.

NIH Scrambled After ZeroHedge Report On Fauci Beagle Experiments (ZH)

Last week, Rep. Majorie Taylor Greene took a detour from grilling Anthony Fauci over COVID-19, to confront him with photos of beagles who had been subjected to animal testing experiments widely reported to be funded by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) under the National Institutes of Health (NIH), following a 2021 investigation series by the group White Coat Waste Project. “We should be recommending you to be prosecuted,” Greene told Fauci. “We should be writing a criminal referral because you should be prosecuted for crimes against humanity. You belong in prison,” she continued, adding “That man does not deserve to have a license. As a matter of fact, it should be revoked and he belongs in prison.” This opened up a can of worms which includes a response from White Coat Waste, and triggered the Washington Post’s Glenn Kessler to do a deep dive into ‘Beaglegage’ in an effort to debunk Greene.

“When we first saw Greene hold up the photo, we figured this would be easy to debunk — another in a string of misleading attacks against Fauci, who became the public face of the government’s response to the pandemic.” -Washington Post. Only to discover that the NIH appears to have lied about funding the experiment, which involved beagles between 6 and 8 months old obtained from the kennels of the Pasteur Institute of Tunis. In the study, the beagles were sedated and then exposed to hundreds of sand flies that had been deprived of food for 24 hours. This exposure took place as part of research into zoonotic visceral leishmaniasis (ZVL), a disease carried by sand flies that can affect dogs and humans. After ZeroHedge amplified the White Coat Waste report (archived), there was a full blown panic.

In late October 2021, CNN asked Fauci to appear for an interview, and one of his staff members suggested late on Oct. 24 that Fauci pause any TV interviews “until we get a handle on this.” Early the next morning, Fauci emailed 12 officials and asked them to “tell me what grant or contract they are referring to.” Within two hours, one replied that they might have identified the grant. (Most staff members’ names are redacted.) “Let us find out for sure if it is that grant, and then let us take a look at what the experimental design is, and importantly whether it has received the appropriate ethical and animal care consideration,” Fauci replied in an email. “I want this done right away since we are getting bombarded by protests.”

Within two hours, one of the researchers involved, Abhay Satoskar, a professor of pathology and microbiology at Ohio State University, emailed to say that NIAID had been mistakenly cited as a funder of the study and that he would seek a correction from the journal. One NIAID official wrote in an email that Satoskar “stated that it was mistakenly cited because he was not clear of the true purpose of US funding acknowledgment” and that the program in question had been funded only by the Pasteur Institute. Satoskar, meanwhile asked Shaden Kamhawi, the editor of the journal, to correct the article. Kamhawi initially agreed, but noted internally that she may have a conflict of interest as a NIAID employee. She then sent an email in a panic over the ZeroHedge article potentially inviting “a lot of noise & unwanted attention for [Fauci]. They also called us an “illegitimate blog of no credibility,” which is high praise considering the source.

When the story broke in 2021, the NIH scrubbed it from its database and then fed WaPo disinformation: When The Post reported on the controversy in November 2021, the article noted: “The trapped-beagles study does not appear in a database of NIH-funded projects.” The emails show that, while it was removed before the publication of The Post article, the study had been listed in the database for months and was still listed as of the previous month, when Fauci first asked about the controversy. “We need that to be corrected too, ASAP please,” one NIH staffer wrote on Oct. 27. The anxiety level rose as officials realized it would take several days, until Nov. 1, before the project would be removed from the database — where reporters could not then find it. -WaPo.

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“..Platkin’s office has announced that it is “reviewing” whether to pull the liquor licenses for Trump golf clubs since he is now convicted of felonies in New York..”:

New Jersey Announces Investigation into Trump Liquor Licenses (Turley)

Many of us have expressed alarm at the politicization of the criminal justice system in New York by figures such as Attorney General Letitia James and Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg. It now appears that New Jersey Attorney General Matthew Platkin is angling to get into the lawfare frenzy. The conviction of Trump on 34 felonies has either thrilled or repelled citizens. For many of us, it is a sign of the degradation of our legal system. Even the chief CNN legal analyst has acknowledged that Bragg contorted the law to bring the recent case against former President Donald Trump in an unprecedented prosecution. Yet, the use of the legal system for political purposes is clearly popular in New York where people were literally dancing in the street outside of the courthouse after the recent verdict against Trump.

Now Platkin’s office has announced that it is “reviewing” whether to pull the liquor licenses for Trump golf clubs since he is now convicted of felonies in New York. It appears that lawfare is nothing if not intoxicating for Democratic politicians. According to an article in the Hill, the New Jersey Attorney General’s Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control is “reviewing the impact of President Trump’s conviction” on his liquor licenses for the Trump National Golf Club in Colts Neck, Lamington Farm Club, and Trump National Golf Club Philadelphia in Pine Hill. The latest effort is based on a vague standard governing crimes of “moral turpitude” under New Jersey law: “No license of any class shall be issued to any person under the age of 18 years or to any person who has been convicted of a crime involving moral turpitude. A beneficiary of a trust who is not otherwise disqualified to hold an interest in a license may qualify regardless of age so long as the trustee of the trust qualifies and the trustee shall hold the beneficiary’s interest in trust until the beneficiary is at least the age of majority.”

A “crime of moral turpitude” is a familiar, though dated, standard in American law. I teach the standard in torts as one of the traditional “per se” categories for slander under the common law. It was generally used to denote conduct of immorality or serious offenses to norms of society. New Jersey defines it as including “any offense that carries the possibility of one year in jail and involves acts of baseness, vileness, or depravity in the private and social duties which a man owes to his fellowmen, or to society in general. Even the New Jersey Alcoholic Beverage Control handbook notes that in “some instances, it may be unclear whether a conviction involves an element of moral turpitude.” Yet, Trump has a way to bringing clarity for his critics whenever they must chose between politics and principle.

For most of us, it is hard to see how falsifying business records would constitute “acts of baseness, vileness, or depravity in the private and social duties which a man owes to his fellowmen, or to society in general.” However, for Democrats, it seems that any act by Trump is by definition base, vile, and depraved. The piling on of investigations and charges by Democratic officials has reinforced Trump’s long narrative of a weaponization of the legal system against him and his supporters. Polling shows that most citizens view some of these cases as political prosecutions and that they are having diminishing impact on voter preferences. Yet, they remain thrilling for Democratic voters who lionize prosecutors who come up with novel or unprecedented avenues to hammer Trump or hit his businesses. It does not seem to matter that removing the liquor licenses of these clubs can endanger thousands of jobs of citizens or chill other businesses in considering investments in New York or New Jersey. In the end, the effort is hardly surprising. Lawfare is like binge drinking: the excess is the very measure of its success.

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“Crooked Joe Biden’s reign over the Biden Family Criminal Empire is all coming to an end on November 5th, and never again will a Biden sell government access for personal profit..”

‘We Are So Proud’: Bidens React To Hunter Verdict (RT)

US President Joe Biden and his wife Jill love their son and intend to respect the judicial process, according to a statement released on Tuesday in response to a Delaware jury finding Hunter Biden guilty of federal gun crimes. Biden’s younger son was charged with three felonies based on a 2018 firearm purchase while being a crack cocaine addict and lying about it on a gun control form. Tuesday’s verdict made him the first son of a sitting president to be convicted in federal court. “Jill and I love our son, and we are so proud of the man he is today,” Biden said in the statement. “I will accept the outcome of this case and will continue to respect the judicial process as Hunter considers an appeal. Jill and I will always be there for Hunter and the rest of our family with our love and support. Nothing will ever change that.”

Joe Biden married Jill Jacobs in 1977, five years after losing his first wife Neilia and their daughter Naomi in a car crash. Hunter and his older brother Beau were seriously injured in the accident. Biden was sworn in as US senator in their hospital room. Beau Biden died of brain cancer in 2015. Hunter later ended up romantically involved with Beau’s widow Hallie. It was Hallie who found the illegally purchased Colt Cobra revolver in Hunter’s truck and threw it in the trash. Believing the gun had been stolen, Hunter set the Secret Service scrambling to recover it. The entire episode was revealed thanks to Hunter Biden’s laptop, which he left in a Delaware repair shop while high on crack and subsequently forgot about it. The laptop’s contents emerged during the 2020 presidential election, but social media companies censored the New York Post for publishing the story while Biden had current and former US intelligence officials denounce it as “Russian disinformation.” The trial confirmed that the laptop and its contents were authentic.

Hunter’s verdict came as his father was scheduled to appear at a gun control event in Washington, DC. At the end of May, a New York jury convicted Biden’s main rival for the presidency, Donald Trump, on 34 counts of “falsifying business records.” The Biden campaign rushed to declare Trump a “convicted felon” and argued no one should vote for him. While some Republicans gloated at the Delaware verdict, many pointed out that Hunter was not brought up on far more serious charges involving foreign bribery or tax evasion. Trump’s campaign called the trial “nothing more than a distraction from the real crimes of the Biden Crime Family, which has raked in tens of millions of dollars from China, Russia and Ukraine.” “Crooked Joe Biden’s reign over the Biden Family Criminal Empire is all coming to an end on November 5th, and never again will a Biden sell government access for personal profit,” Trump campaign spokeswoman, Karoline Leavitt, said.

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“..a ‘New War of Independence’ can be held aloft before the Israeli public as the metaphysical ‘vision’ of the way ahead..”

Israel and the Misjudgement of Reality (Alastair Crooke)

On all fronts, the Israeli internal paradigm is fracturing; and externally, the West is itself fissuring, and becoming a pariah on the global stage. The western leaderships’ explicit facilitation of a bloody cleansing of Palestinians has incised the old spectre of ‘Orientalism’ and colonialism onto the skyline. And is gyring the West towards being ‘the world’s untouchable’ (along with Israel). Overall, Israel’s government objective looks to be to converge and then channel – multiple tensions into a wide military escalation disgorgement (a big war) – that somehow would bring a restoration of deterrence. Such a course concomitantly implies that Israel would thus turn its back to western pleas that it somehow act ‘reasonably’. The West mostly defines this ‘reasonableness’ as Israel accepting the chimaera of a passage to ‘normality’ arriving through the Saudi Crown Prince bestowing it, in return for a contrite Israel undoing seven decades of Jewish supremacism (i.e. accepting a Palestinian State).

The core tension within the Western-Israeli calculus is that the U.S. and the EU are moving in one direction – back to the failed Oslo approach – whilst polling underscores Jewish electors firmly marching in the other direction. A recent survey conducted by the Jerusalem Centre for Public Affairs shows that since 7 October, 79% of all Jewish respondents oppose the establishment of a Palestinian State on 1967 lines (68% were opposed prior to 7 Oct); 74% are opposed even in exchange for normalisation with Saudi Arabia. And reflective of the internal Israeli divide, “only 24% of left-wing voters support a [Palestinian] State without conditions”. In short, as the western institutional leadership clings to the shrinking Israeli secular liberal Left, Israelis as whole (including the young) are moving hard Right. A recent Pew poll shows that 73% of the Israeli public support the military response in Gaza – albeit a third of Israelis complained it had not gone far enough. A plurality of Israelis think Israel should govern the Gaza Strip. And Netanyahu, in the aftermath of the ICC arrest threat, is overtaking Gantz (leader of the National Union) in approval ratings.

It seems that the ‘western consensus’ prefers not to notice these uncomfortable dynamics. Additionally, a separate Israeli divide concerns the purpose of the war: Is it about restoring to Jewish citizens the sense of personal, physical security, which was lost in the wake of 7 Oct? That is to say: Is it the sense of Israel as a redoubt, safe space in a hostile world that is being restored? Or alternatively, is the present struggle one of establishing a fully Judaicised Israel on the ‘Land of Israel’ (i.e. all the land between the river and the sea) the prime objective? This constitutes a key divide. Those who see Israel primarily as the safe redoubt to which Jews could flee in the wake of European holocaust, naturally are more circumspect at the risking of a wider war (i.e. with Hizbullah) – a war that could see the civilian ‘rear’ directly attacked by Hizbullah’s vast missile arsenal. For this constituency, safety is a premium.

On the other hand, a majority of Israelis sees the risk of wider war as inevitable – indeed to be welcomed by many, if the Zionist project is to be fully established on the Land of Israel. This reality may be difficult for secular westerners to grasp, but the 7 October has re-energised the Biblical vision in Israel, rather than excite a surfeit of caution about war, or a desire for rapprochement with Arab States. The point here is that a ‘New War of Independence’ can be held aloft before the Israeli public as the metaphysical ‘vision’ of the way ahead, whilst the Israeli government attempts to pursue the more mundane path of playing the long game, leading to the full military matrix control over the land between the river and the sea, and the removal of populations that will not submit to the Smotrich dispensation of ‘acquiesce or leave’.

Sachs hostages

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“..a long period of confrontation with the West, led by the US, lies ahead of us for about a generation..”

How Russia Can Prevent WW3 (Dmitry Trenin)

We can say that a new phase in relations between the world’s nuclear powers has begun. Many of us are still psychologically somewhere in the 1970s and 1980s. That is a kind of comfort zone. Back then, relations between the USSR and the US were based on the two superpowers’ strategic and political parity. In the military-strategic sphere, Washington was forced to deal with Moscow on an equal footing. After 1991, this parity disappeared. For the US, since the 1990s, Russia has been a declining power; throwing its weight around, always reminding itself of its former greatness, snapping back, even dangerous at times – but on a downward spiral. The difficult opening phase of the Ukraine conflict gave the Americans hope that the fields of that country would be the grave of the Russian superpower. They have since sobered up a bit, but equal status between Moscow and Washington is out of the question for them.

This is the main difference between the current state of relations and the ‘golden’ period of the Cold War – the 1960s and early 1980s. And Russia has yet to prove the Americans wrong. As they say, it is always difficult to predict anything, especially the future. But today we have to assume that a long period of confrontation with the West, led by the US, lies ahead of us for about a generation. The future of our country, its position and role in the world, and to a large extent the state of the global system as a whole, will depend on the outcome of this confrontation, the main front of which is not in Ukraine, but within Russia: in the economy, in the social sphere, in science and technology, in culture and art. Internally, because the enemy realises the impossibility of defeating Moscow on the battlefield, but remembers that the Russian state has collapsed more than once as a result of internal turmoil.

This may, as in 1917, be the result of an unsuccessful war. Hence the bet on a protracted conflict in which they know they have more resources. During the Cold War there were five nuclear powers, but then the only real poles were the US and the USSR, plus China with its then small nuclear arsenal. Now Beijing is moving towards (at least) parity with America and Russia, while India, Pakistan, North Korea and Israel remain independent players (unlike NATO members Britain and France). The classic Cold War notion of strategic stability – i.e. the absence of incentives for the parties to launch a pre-emptive nuclear strike – is not only inadequate but sometimes inapplicable when characterising relations between the great powers today.

Look at Ukraine: Washington is increasing arms supplies to Kiev, encouraging and providing for its provocative attacks on Russia’s strategic infrastructure (early warning stations, strategic airfields), while at the same time proposing Moscow resumes dialogue on strategic stability! In the emerging world order, strategic stability will have to mean the absence of reasons for military conflict (even indirect) between the nuclear powers. This, in turn, will be possible if the powers respect each other’s interests and are ready to solve problems on the basis of equality and the indivisibility of security. Ensuring strategic stability between all nine powers will require enormous efforts and the formation of a fundamentally new world order model, but it (strategic stability in the broad, i.e. real sense of the word) is quite realistic between pairs of states (Russia-China, the US-India, etc.). For Russia, only three of the other eight nuclear powers – the US, Britain and France – remain problematic.

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“.. the “collective West” is a minority whose worldview is not shared by the global majority..”

BRICS Must Prevent New ‘Cold War’ – China (RT)

The BRICS countries should work together to promote peace and prevent the onset of a new Cold War, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi has said. Speaking at the BRICS foreign ministers’ meeting in the Russian city of Nizhny Novgorod on Monday, Wang stated that some major powers still harbor a “Cold War mentality.” According to the diplomat, this attitude directly contradicts UN Security Council resolutions and undermines the authority of multilateral mechanisms. China is willing to work with Russia to maintain strategic cooperation, respond to external pressures, and promote the sustained progress of bilateral relations, he said. Describing BRICS as an important platform for unity and cooperation among emerging markets and developing countries, Wang said the expanded BRICS mechanism will play a crucial role in creating a more just and reasonable global governance system.

He accused the West of the “politicization and excessive securitization” of economic issues, which has resulted in “rampant” unilateral sanctions and technological barriers for countries such as Russia and China. Wang urged the “big BRICS to “leverage” its political significance and transform the group into a new type of multilateral cooperation mechanism. The BRICS grouping of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa was joined by Iran, Ethiopia, Egypt, and the United Arab Emirates in early 2024. “By expanding our membership, we have ushered in a new era of joint self-reliance for the Global South, with the influence and appeal of BRICS continually rising,” Wang stated.

He added that in a “contest” where some forces promote global multipolarity while others maintain a “unipolar hegemony,” the BRICS countries should “stand on the side of fairness and justice, and make the right choices.” Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova claimed last week at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum that Western governments are “obsessed” with the idea of global dominance. She argued that Western leaders continue to adopt “exceptionalism” at the expense of other ethnic and cultural identities. However, the “collective West” is a minority whose worldview is not shared by the global majority, which has already embraced the concept of multipolarity, Zakharova insisted.

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“..that Kubrakov’s ouster had been orchestrated by Zelensky’s chief of staff, Andrey Yermak, described as the “de facto head of state.”

West ‘Losing Trust’ In Ukraine – FT (RT)

Vladimir Zelensky’s recent purges of government officials have damaged the confidence of Ukraine’s foreign supporters, the Financial Times has reported, citing multiple sources in Kiev.The head of the State Agency for Restoration and Infrastructure Development, Mustafa Nayyem, tendered his resignation on Monday. He was followed by officials responsible for procurement and anti-corruption policy.Their departure is the latest in a series of personnel changes “that have shaken the confidence of western partners” in Vladimir Zelensky’s government, according to the FT. “The US and other western partners want a normal, predictable relationship with their Ukrainian counterparts,” one concerned Ukrainian official told the outlet on condition of anonymity. “Right now they are losing trust in Ukraine’s government because of personnel decisions that they do not understand.”

A spree of firings, resignations, and reassignments overseen by Zelensky in recent months has “caused tension” between Kiev and the countries financing Ukraine, six Ukrainian and Western officials told the outlet on condition of anonymity. They also said they had warned the Ukrainian leader about the “disruptive and inexplicable” moves. Nayyem’s resignation letter, seen by FT, said he was leaving due to “constant opposition, resistance and the creation of artificial obstacles” by Prime Minister Denis Shmygal. According to the outlet, Nayyem spoke to two dozen USAID and other Western officials two weeks ago, telling them he expected to be fired.

He urged Kiev’s foreign backers to continue working with his replacement, but one USAID representative was perturbed by changes to “ our most important partnership,” according to an audio recording of the meeting. Last month, Zelensky dismissed Ukraine’s infrastructure minister, Alexander Kubrakov. He and Nayyem were in charge of both reconstruction and the building of defensive fortifications. Two Ukrainian officials told FT that Zelensky viewed Kubrakov as “too cozy” with the Americans. Nayyem had warned USAID to expect a government probe into Kubrakov. FT reported last week that Kubrakov’s ouster had been orchestrated by Zelensky’s chief of staff, Andrey Yermak, described as the “de facto head of state.”

“This situation is really bad for [the] perception of the Ukrainian government and Ukraine generally,” Gleb Vishlinsky, the executive director at the Center for Economic Strategy in Kiev, told FT. He added that the firing of Kubrakov and Nayyem’s resignation, “build an image of weak and unpredictable governance.” Kubrakov’s sacking in particular attracted “backlash” from the US and its allies. The US, German, French, and EU ambassadors in Kiev posted messages of support for the minister on May 9 and complained about his departure to Shmygal four days later. A meeting that was supposed to be about the dire condition of Ukraine’s energy infrastructure reportedly turned into an argument about the absence of Kubrakov and Nayyem.

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” Hungary is scheduled to take over the presidency in July.”

Eastern NATO Club May Kick Hungary Out For Dissent – FT (RT)

A club of Eastern European and Baltic NATO nations is considering forcing out Hungary, a member state, for refusing to take the same stance on Ukraine, the Financial Times has reported, citing sources. The Bucharest Nine was founded in 2015 and includes Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania and Slovakia. Senior officials from the regional group regularly meet to coordinate their foreign and security policy; a gathering of its leaders is scheduled to take place in Riga on Tuesday. Hungary, however, may be expelled from the club over its refusal to endorse joint statements of support for sending military aid to Ukraine and otherwise support Kiev in its confrontation with Moscow, insider sources told The Financial Times.

”We are likely meeting in this format for the last time,” one of the people familiar with the situation told the newspaper, calling the discussions “very serious.” All members of the Bucharest Nine were either Warsaw Pact nations or Soviet republics during the Cold War, and joined NATO during its expansion after the USSR collapsed. Hungary, however, is at odds with the other countries over the Ukraine conflict. Budapest opposes the continued arming of Kiev, saying this only prolongs the hostilities, and advocates for immediate peace talks instead. It is also highly skeptical of Western promises to eventually bring Ukraine into NATO and the EU. Supporters of Kiev have branded the government of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban “pro-Russian” over the position, which he says is guided by his nation’s interests.

A similar push to ostracize Hungary is reportedly underway within the EU, where some members have called for suspending its voting rights. Belgium, which holds the rotating presidency in the European Council, believes that the future of the bloc may depend on it, Politico reported last week. ”This is a moment of truth,” Belgian Foreign Minister Hadja Lahbib told the news outlet, referring to the so-called Article 7 proceedings against Hungary. “If we go all the way with this mechanism, it must work. If it doesn’t work, we have to reform it. That’s the future of the European Union.” Hungary is scheduled to take over the presidency in July.

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Because they know what Russia thinks about that.

US ‘Flirting With Neo-Nazis’ – Kremlin (RT)

Washington will stop at nothing, including the use of neo-Nazis, to damage Russia, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Tuesday, following a US decision to lift a ban on supplying weapons to Ukraine’s Azov Brigade. The unit has notoriously welcomed into its ranks people who espouse ultranationalist and neo-Nazi ideologies, and has been described by the Western press as a magnet for such individuals from across the world. On Monday, the US Department of State cleared the brigade to receive American military assistance, stating that it found no evidence of human rights violations by the group. “This sudden change of stance by Washington proves that [US officials] would stoop to anything in their attempts to suppress Russia, using the Ukrainian people as a tool. They are even fine with flirting with neo-Nazis,” Peskov told journalists during a media briefing. Azov was founded as a volunteer battalion of Ukrainian nationalists in 2014 by white supremacist Andrey Biletsky.

People who came to power in Kiev following the Western-backed armed coup that year used Azov fighters in an attempt to violently quash a rebellion against the new government in the east. The battalion was incorporated into Ukraine’s National Guard the following year. In 2018, the US Congress banned the delivery of arms to the Azov Brigade, citing its ties to neo-Nazi ideology. Since the outbreak of conflict with Russia, Ukrainian officials and Azov members worked to rebrand the unit. Its insignia, which originally paid homage to Nazi symbology, was replaced with less offensive imagery, and its messaging changed to claim that the unit had distanced itself from its roots. Some former and serving US officials, such as ex-ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul, helped Azov’s efforts by organizing events for them on American soil. However, Moscow insists that the nature of the unit has not significantly changed. It remains an “ultranationalist armed group,” Peskov stated.

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Not much left of Zelensky’s plan. Wonder why.

Ukraine ‘Peace Conference’ Will Not Urge Withdrawal Of Russian Troops (RT)

A draft joint statement prepared for an upcoming ‘peace conference’ on Ukraine in Switzerland will likely fall short of demanding the withdrawal of Russian forces from all territories claimed by Kiev, NHK has reported. The document also omits any mention of restoring Ukraine’s territorial integrity, the Japanese news organization said on Tuesday after reviewing the draft statement. The agenda will reportedly address only three out of the ten points promoted by Ukrainian leader Vladimir Zelensky, such as the safety of nuclear power plants, food security, the release of prisoners and the return of children evacuated by Russia from the conflict zone, NHK’s English-language news site said.

Zelensky’s topline demands when they were first floated in late 2022 included a complete withdrawal of Russian forces from all territories that Ukraine considers its own, that Russia pays reparations and submits its officials to war tribunals, all dismissed out of hand by Moscow. The points have been dropped from the draft joint statement because it took into account the stance of some Asian and Middle Eastern states that maintain ties with Russia, diplomatic sources told NHK. The draft also states that all parties should take part in the search for peace, and stresses the importance of Russia’s participation in future discussions, according to article. Russia has not been invited to the international gathering, due to take place on Saturday and Sunday at the Burgenstock Resort near Lucerne. Zelensky opposed the presence of a Russian delegation at the Swiss-hosted conference, saying it would enable Moscow to derail Ukraine’s diplomatic efforts.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told RT earlier that it was “absurd” to hold a meeting on settling the conflict between Russia and Ukraine without Moscow attending. “This conference is completely without prospects,” he stressed.The Russian authorities instantly rejected Zelensky’s ten-point plan as “unacceptable” when it was first presented. According to Moscow, the proposal disregards the actual situation on the ground, and is a sign of Kiev’s unwillingness to engage in negotiations.Last week, Russia’s President Vladimir Putin reiterated that Moscow is ready to seek a diplomatic solution to the crisis, but stressed that “fantasies” cannot be a basis for peace talks. “All negotiations are based on either military defeat, or military victory. Of course, we will win,” Putin said.

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    Vincent van Gogh Bridge in the rain (after Hiroshige) 1887   • Pelosi Admits Fault for the Lack of Jan 6 Security Precautions (Turley) • Biden Ca
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle June 12 2024]


    Telegram details in this interview with founder Pavel Durov:

    ~1 billion users

    Never ran an ad

    Only 30 full-time employees

    He’s the sole director, equity holder and product manager

    — No HR Human Resources aka DEI (he recruits people through http://www.contest dot com)


    You realize how bloated and corpulent and down right useless Empire of Lies ‘corporations’, who are ‘people’, actually are.

    The GDP of the Empire of Lies is the biggest lie out there.

    Half of Duh’merica is simply one fairly talent-less group of monkeys scratching the backs of another group of lazy talent-less monkeys.

    There is very little actual productive industry left in the Empire of Lies.

    It’s all Smoke and Mirrors

    Duh’merica ‘economy’ distilled in a moment



    The combined innovation and manufacturing power of Russia and China dwarf the Collective West.


    “We will Bury You!”




    You will need Telegram to open it; Ukraine soldiers are dogs, total dogs, the country is pathetic. Here they are trying to capture a man walking the street, but they get more than they bargained for from the public and the fire service. What sort of shit hole has Zelensky created?


    Elon speaking with Tucker about how he downsized the original Twitter staff

    Sitting on the Dock of the Bay



    Ukrop commissars tried to mobilize the emergency service workers – it didn’t end well

    Nazilensky has made Ukronaziland ALMOST as bad as San Franshithole in Duh;merica


    For years, some of us have asked why the Capitol was so poorly prepared for the January 6th riot.

    Turley thought there should be more police to guide the protesters through the Capitol building? He makes it sound like there was some battle and the state lost. What a divut, but he is an American, so who knows what shit he will believe, despite the videos which were not created by AI … I think.


    Crooked Joe Biden’s reign over the Biden Family Criminal Empire is all coming to an end on November 5th, and never again will a Biden sell government access for personal profit..”

    Thank God, we will have a Trump selling government access for personal profit, that makes all the difference. You think voting will suddenly turn the American people into a moral, honest people? Yeah, right (as they say in NZ).


    US President Joe Biden and his wife Jill love their son and intend to respect the judicial process, according to a statement released on Tuesday in response to a Delaware jury finding Hunter Biden guilty of federal gun crimes.

    So Hunter can still stand for election to POTUS? What we really want to know is whether he gets any jail time with Bubba fucking him up the ass every night, same as he would if he had been a poor black man with a dumb father. White father, no Bubba, black father, two Bubbas?

    Dr. D

    “US Lifts 10-Year Weapon Ban On Ukraine’s Neo-Nazi Azov Brigade

    Doing this of course because we have no plans to arm and fund Nazis. On D-Day.

    Dmitry Orlov: “Europe has no early warning system, so it would be a very, very short war, maybe 10 or 15 minutes…”

    So long, Mom! 1965. “Lehrer: “I feel that if any songs are gonna come out of World War III, we’d better start writing them NOW.”

    “I’ll look for you / When the war is all over / an hour and a half from now.”

    Left, Right, Far Right:

    Similar to that other graphic with the field staying the same, BUT, if you can get someone to go 1 mile to the left, then by definition, the “Center” is now about where Mao is right? And our Far Left is ¼ mile to the Left of Mao? (Mao believed in families, guns, genders, and the nation state, those are now all ultra-far-right).

    But as Tim Pool said this week, so the “Far Right” took Europe? Also the “Far Right” is up in the polls, looking to win here?

    Then that’s not “Far Right”, by definition. It’s the Center. If this platform – whatever it is – is supported by MOST of the people, a plurality, then it can’t be “Far” anything. It’s center on the bell curve. “Far” now becomes the people on the fringe again, whoever they may be, there’s always someone.

    Who gets to decide? The Media. And the NY Times, scum of the earth as they are, said the CENTER right victory in France as a MAJORITY of people have voiced their democratic will peacefully…destabilizes France. From what? From a minority they didn’t like and was oppressing them? That’s what the polls just said. Now the LEFT is rioting over it, burning France….and therefore it’s the “Right’s” fault. Do you hear yourself? We’re way past trying to convince you, at this point the whole population(s) know. THEY are the center and you’re calling them Nazis, but your word-corral is no longer working. The “OK Word” Corral. They’ve overcome your imaginary social censure because the idea that people holding the political positions of Obama, Sanders, and Clinton being “Far Right” is ludicrous, demonstrating you’re mentally-ill handmaidens of billionaires, just like we thought.

    “TUCKER CARLSON: “It just becomes clearer every day that January 6 was a hoax.”

    Armstrong has a report on this which is only like $10. The point of it was that 7 states were going to legally object and call for investigation…filing paperwork. Only if there was “An Emergency” could Pelosi do anything about it. …”And then a Miracle Happened” as the Right magically did the only thing in the universe that could stop them, after Bannon, Jones, and everyone else “Peacefully make your way” told them expressly not to. …Oh and there were so many FBI agents there the DoJ accounting lost track of them all.

    There was a second detail, objections had to be brought to a “Plurality” (or something) of Congress. I mean obviously, right, you don’t want two guys in a corner. Pelosi had outlawed more than 53 people at any one time for most of the year due to Covid. Funny ol’ world.

    Etc, we know it all already. Just pointing out that “Emergency” powers THERE’S NO SUCH THING AS AN EMERGENCY. There is only the Constitution. Second, when they cleared the Rotunda so Shaman-boy could get a tour escorted by police and bunkered all the Congress, THEY WERE ALL KIDNAPPED UNDER EXPRESS PELOSI POWERS. Personally. Why would she not start shooting them one by one and claim “Insurrection”? Crazy? After 5 vials of anthrax from Ft. Deitrick and 3 small plane crashes after Patriot Act? You can’t fight if you’re dead.

    Okay then, when you surface and are freed again, you go after them, right? Re-issue your claims before Congress again. Why would you do that when the nation needs to collapse under Biden, and the event is waking up more Americans with each month? You’re winning, don’t rock the boat. The crazier they act, the more the People realize they’re mentally ill. It’s not a joke, drill, or hyperbole. It’s not partisan. Sorry you had to learn this way but we told you since 1950.

    “Trump has made it very clear that if he steps back into that White House, he will rule as a dictator on day one.”

    Pointless to add, but he has???? Can you show me quotes? No, you did not show me quotes because there aren’t any. Let’s go ask him! Like a “reporter”! What, he denies it? Well, that’s typical of people who are all racists and proud of racism, denying they’re racists to everyone because they’re embarrassed — but also proud! — of being racist. …Or dictators, same principle.

    “..Platkin’s office has announced that it is “reviewing” whether to pull the liquor licenses for Trump golf clubs since he is now convicted of felonies in New York..”

    Once again, no State has ever heard of “The Law”. So Trump does his own accounting, which is why he personally “mischaracterized” the legal fees that NYS still doesn’t know how to “Characterize” correctly? Won’t tell us what was proper? And in this case, I didn’t know Trump was a sole propritiator and so New Jersey can ban him instead of each of every entity being a CORPORATION that is not related to it’s CEO or Board? Sold! I am DOWN with this plan! …Now go arrest the board of every chemical company in New Jersey for every spill and every accounting error the 5,000-employee companies make.

    …Worse, this somehow gets in the news with no special comment that THEY ARE ERASING ALL CORPORATIONS AS WE KNOW THEM. If this were allowed, you could no longer incorporate in New Jersey, nor perhaps anywhere in the United States. Because a Corporation and their legal status as a body, not a man, ceases to provide any protection. Flee Jersey now, just like NY.

    …That’s in addition to the law being rather arcane and applying only to truly “baseness, vileness, or depravity in the duties which a man owes to his fellowmen” whatever that means, but it’s really not more like getting a fine for serving someone driving drunk (which is dangerous) but like serving the 12-year-old Girl Scouts as a regular concern.

    I think it’s hilarious. Do it.

    “• ‘We Are So Proud’: Bidens React To Hunter Verdict (RT)
    US President Joe Biden and his wife Jill love their son and intend to respect the judicial process

    You don’t think this is all a show?

    Anyway, since there shouldn’t be gun-drug laws to begin with, (Shall not be infringed) they’ve continued their unbroken chain of only arresting people for NON crimes, not actual crimes. Clinton for having consensual sex, not the 1,000 other things like selling all Sandia Military Labs to China, or bombing an aspirin factory with no cause and no act of war. I need no go on, as Dore says, “The problem was to Arrest Trump for something the rest of Congress wasn’t already guilty of.” And so with Hunter. What are the odds?

    I say send it to USSC, and reverse it. “Shall not be Infringed.” it would be worth letting Hunter go free (after the 10 years of getting through the courts) to finally rule something like correctly. I think most of the original states ALSO have a 2A in their State charters. I wonder if Delaware is one of them. I’m not that mad about this one since there are like 10,000 crimes left to prosecute for.

    “On all fronts, the Israeli internal paradigm is fracturing; and externally, the West is itself fissuring,”

    Oddly. As the Social Engineers know about us, oddly the NARRATIVE that creates Israel is fracturing. That can and will end the State, AND cannot be easily repaired. That’s why they’re now ceasing to exist although it takes time, and why I’m fairly sure of it. I see no off-ramps although I also don’t see what they’ll transform to. Adding from his article, they are trying to CREATE that narrative that saves Israel now, Nutsy is, but that necessitates that it was and MUST be founded exclusively on a “Glorious Genocide” that all Israelis enthusiastically support and will have parades and wave flags for killing everything. Okay, fine. And what do you tell the rest of the world, where your real power is?

    They think they’re a viable nation-state but they’re not: they’re a European colony.

    “There is no justification whatsoever in killing 270+.”

    As I’ve said they’re diverting from the discussion that they were going to kill the 270 anyway, and the other 2 Million, they could care less about the hostages. They just bombed – oh who can keep track? — another apartment block, UN center, tent city, filled with children again yesterday, twice a day for 200 days.

    ““.. the “collective West” is a minority whose worldview is not shared by the global majority..”

    Is this why they primed us that “Every minority rules”? Either racially, or politically? Certainly economically. That’s our core “Anti Democracy” principles.

    “• West ‘Losing Trust’ In Ukraine – FT (RT)

    Three articles here on Ukraine Russia v West, it’s not interesting as something else will happen. It’s the canvas events will happen on, but no one will notice. We’re not getting good – or new really – news from the front. It’s not telling us anything? Yes we know exactly which 2-5 small towns fall each day, that 30 men were here, 20 there, but it’s not…and it kills me to say this, “The Narrative”. We were in the Narrative of pointing out Russia was sitting still, letting Ukraine lose by herding their men into a minefield. Then Russia felt they were weak enough and pushed forward without trouble, still saving their own men, also risking nothing in MIGs, copters, etc, saving them all for NATO (like German and Polish invasion). Then they had a soft spot by Kiev and took it. And now?

    The Narrative is all about Ukrainian internal politics, which like Israel, is all top secret, all lies, and no one understands, not even them. They themselves can’t guess who’s on which team and double-crossing, since they’re all liars and corrupt. That’s where the “New leader” of Ukie just Popped Up! Yup! It wasn’t Zu after all. It’s never been Ze. It’s not Badanov. It’s Ze’s staffer. That’s the ticket! Could be true, but doesn’t matter. And it’s not Ukie internal choices (to switch sides and surrender). It’s going to be the West making Russia sink half the bridges on the East Coast with Kinzals or something that’s going to matter. Nothing else will stop us.

    We can’t get off this train” Serbian PM says. You wanna bet? We can get off it right quick.

    Remember? YOU set all this up. YOU staged it. YOU made us Russian Revolution 2.0. Where WE lose WWIII under a weak leader and communist society. Then we collapse into internal war. Sold! I’m totally on board, you win! We now leave the “World War” and work out our stuff at home. Good luck, bye bye. We got right off that train, Americans were never on to begin with. Americans DGAF what happens to the world, we couldn’t see all of America if we got an RV and toured the rest of our lives. Only our Europhile occupation government run out of Harvard does. That’s been true since like Madison. GFY, couldn’t care less.

    All Europe now occupied by Moscow? Yawn. Well at least Western Culture is saved and you can have families again. Christianity will hold. Kiddie porn and human slavery will go down. Sounds terrible. All that and a recovering economy too! Oh you want to build a wall and hold to your NON-European values? Also don’t care. Be the biggest s—thole you want to be, none of my business. Rape all your kids, kill each other in the streets, become not the hand grenade city of the world, but the hand grenade CONTINENT. Why would I care? To each their own, maybe it’ll toughen you up.

    And so the American attitude on it. I’m not sorry. Don’t you WANT us to leave you alone? SHOULD we be up your butt about all your business all the time? We’ve got our own problems. Shouldn’t we fix those first before going abroad? Pretty sure whole world says yes, except Davos and MI6 who are running us as a meat puppet.

    “• US ‘Flirting With Neo-Nazis’ – Kremlin (RT)

    Flirting? We’ve long since married them and had babies. Paper Clip. “Goin’ Worldwide.”



    Pause for the irony

    Think about Pavel Durov (with 30 full time Telegram employees) getting mugged in San Franshithole after meeting Jack Dorsey who started Twitter and Elon Musk axing 80% of Twitter employees a useless eaters after cutting the power to a Twitter server farm with a jack knife.

    Ain’t the world an odd place

    V. Arnold

    Vincent van Gogh Bridge in the rain (after Hiroshige) 188

    I much prefer the Hiroshige…

    Dr. D

    ” Sorry you had to learn this way but we told you since 1950.”

    So long ago that EISENHOWER told you. …But according to Chad and Madison at Twitter, the top U.S. General and President doesn’t know anything and traffics in Conspiracy Theories. Yup! Chad would know.

    Chad vs Doctor? I believe Chad!


    Just-Us in Duh’merica

    Massachusetts is the Winner at 305K PER prisoner

    Arkansas is the lowest at 23K per prisoner


    Does Woketurd Taxachusetts prisons have a five star Michelin rating?



    The lowest per prisoner cost is clustered in “Chain Gang Territory”


    The “Eisenhower” kerfuffle is a preview of coming attractions in Taiwan.

    Let’s see

    Getting ass kicked by Third World goat herders VS Getting ass kicked by 5000 year old civilization

    It’s a coin toss

    The pulse of the nation, how strong are we to take on trouble

    Since Biden took office last three years:

    groceries up 20.7%

    gasoline up 48%

    energy up 38.4%

    consumer prices up 19.4%

    credit card debt up 44.8%.

    Real average hourly earnings are down 2.63%







    Your opinion is irrelevant.
    I already decided/made up my mind.

    7:51 AM · Jun 11, 2024 162.7K Views


    TUCKER CARLSON: “It just becomes clearer every day that January 6 was a hoax.”

    “.. the “collective West” is a minority whose worldview is not shared by the global majority..”


    Ukiyo-e ala Van Gogh. Nice.

    When blessed with life and having enough,
    Why does a person want more?
    When social acceptance is no longer tough,
    Why does a person scream “more!”?

    We get what we wanted and yet we still whine.
    We can’t seem to stop going over the line.
    With a cliff ahead, in a speeding car-
    It seems ordained that we go too far.


    Quiet Quitters Are Employees Who Are Simply Meeting Their Job Description.

    Our society has changed.
    Work ethic have changed.
    I am constantly keeping checking to avoid mistakes, errors, or scams which are happening/falling through the cracks.
    Too many people are only doing what they are suppose to do and will not correct a mistake that they observed.

    “It’s not my job”
    “I’ll get in trouble”
    “I have not been taught what to do”
    “My boss doesn’t want to be disturbed/know/too busy”
    “It’s quitting time”
    “Fix it tomorrow”
    “Report the problem.”


    Disturbing article looks into organ harvesting, which gets mentioned obliquely now and then:

    It would seem, based on what we have reviewed so far, that not only have wars become a treasure trove for black market organ traffickers, but that the harvesting of organs from casualties of war has been going on for decades and the medics who take part in these mass harvests of organs in war-torn regions have grown quite proficient, removing and packing organs within minutes and disassembling human beings in a startlingly short time.



    C. J. Hopkins.

    “In the US, UK and Western Europe, the heartlands of the global capitalist empire, after nearly four decades of globalization, deregulation, privatization, austerity measures and debt-enslavement, the working classes have finally had enough of getting pissed on and being told it’s raining, or at least, according to mainstream media, the “less well-educated” members of them have. This demeaning characterization is extremely important. The global-capitalist ruling classes need to ensure that any resistance to globalization, privatization, and neoliberal capitalism, generally, is perceived by the public as “neo-nationationalism,” “xenophobic,” “racist,” or just plain ignorant. Not that a lot of it isn’t. It is. A lot of it is, but not all of it is. The global capitalist ruling classes need us to believe that all of it is, and that the only two options available to us are neoliberalism and neo-nationalism.

    The corporate media is working hard to convince us that these are our only two alternatives. Their “coverage” of the Brexit referendum and its aftermath is a perfect example. Somehow, despite the doomsday campaign waged by the British liberal press, the UK voted to leave the EU, that bastion of European democracy, the one that is currently privatizing Greece in order to pay back the banks and speculators who made a killing lending billions to a country that everyone knew from day one was totally unfit for the single market, the one that is going to approve the TTIP, in some iteration, once they’ve cleaned it up. According to the bipartisan Oxbridge establishment, and their American counterparts across the pond, the only plausible explanation for the public’s failure to follow orders, and respond to a series of last-minute threats issued by Obama, Soros, and Junker, is a combination of neo-nationalism, xenophobia, and elderly dementia. The Guardian is reporting that an epidemic of British xenophobia has appeared out of thin air. Neo-nationalists, white supremacists, and other assorted racist twits, emboldened by their Brexit victory, are roving the streets in search of anyone “foreign-looking” to hurl abuse at.”


    D Benton Smith


    and the medics who take part in these mass harvests of organs in war-torn regions have grown quite proficient, removing and packing organs within minutes and disassembling human beings in a startlingly short time.”

    Gives a whole new meaning to the term Chop Shop.

    John Day

    AG Merrick Garland found in contempt of Congress for withholding evidence despite subpoena. Apparently there are concerns that a transcript re Biden was altered


    Control the narrative to achieve your objective.
    What is the objective?
    Win now and lose the long game.
    Lose now and win the long game.


    Dr. D said

    Chad vs Doctor? I believe Chad!

    Me too. Did you know a majority of scientists believe in anthropogenic global warming?

    Dr. D

    I can totally believe they are organ harvesting, everywhere, widely, and giving men a bump on the head.

    What I can’t figure is, who is putting them IN? Where are they going TO? If you hadn’t noticed, there’s nothing but the normal demand and none of the doctors know anything. Waiting lists in hospitals continue. To put it plainly, we’ve quadrupled the supply and it’s going somewhere. …That no one can see.

    Where? Does anyone want to tell me where all this man-meat is being sold and used?

    Til you can hypothesize that, I’m going to have to be suspicious about the input.


    Part I


    Part II



    Where can you take an aircraft carrier in for repairs without being in the news at all, without any workers leaking info to tiktock? It’s like those old movies where a wounded gangster is trying to figure out where he can get medical help after a shootout.

    There are floating drydocks. (well, there were in WW2…( But where? Do they keep one at Diego Garcia? Big enough?

    WW2 showed you can do quite a lot of repairs on an aircraft carrier away from a major port, but eventually you DO bring it in for repairs. You can’t just cruise it around damaged forever, nor can you keep the sailors deployed forever.

    You have to sink it, find some new incident to blame the damage on, or accept the bad publicity and bring it into port.

    June 6 showed the carrier group in the red sea. Did they turn away INTO the Red Sea? Can they not exit it? Are they stuck north of Bab-el-Mandeb passage and south of the Suez Canal?

    No new updates from Stratfor since this one 6/6 . Found Rand and a defensenews opinion pieces from this year lamenting a lack of deployable maintenance/repair capability in the US Navy

    These would be the ships to look for – if they suddenly got deployed to that theatre, or deployed at all, right after Ike supposedly got hit, then maybe Ike was hit

    Destroyer Tenders

    Dixie class:
    AD-15 USS Prairie
    AD-17 USS Sierra
    AD-19 USS Yosemite

    Samuel Gompers class:
    AD-37 USS Samuel Gompers
    AD-38 USS Puget Sound

    Yellowstone class:
    AD-41 Yellowstone
    AD-42 Acadia
    AD-43 Cape Cod
    AD-44 Shenandoah

    Sub Tenders – less useful to a surface vessel, but capable of repairs

    Fulton class:
    AS-11 Fulton
    AS-18 Orion
    AS-19 Proteus

    Hunley class:
    AS-31 Hunley
    AS-32 Holland

    Simon Lake class:
    AS-33 Simon Lake
    AS-34 Canopus Atlantic

    L.Y Spear class:
    AS-36 L.Y. Spear
    AS-37 Dixon

    Emory S. Land class:
    AS-39 Emory S. Land
    AS-40 Frank Cable
    AS-41 McKee


    actually, after further research, I’ve decided that unless some of our missing trillions went to a secret huge oceangoing floating drydock, there are no such mobile floating drydocks in existence anywhere big enough for a US Carrier.

    Michael Reid

    @ DBS

    D Benton Smith

    Your comment #160920
    June 10, 2024 at 7:16 pm
    in reply to:Debt Rattle June 10

    regarding WTF is going on

    thank you



    It really says something and not in a very good way, how the Eisenhower has disappeared and nobody seems the least concerned about it or it’s crew.
    Try telling people about it and they just ignore you as if you weren’t there!
    You are silently invisible!
    Just like trying to say covid mRNA vaccines were poison and might kill you.
    No response then and none today either!


    And wars are for amazing new innovations in prolonging life- no matter how mangled you are/were.
    Fresh new parts; daring new methods, radical treatments and approaches…Ah, war! The face of the medical future!

    Michael Reid

    @ WES

    Civilization in the west is ill at present.

    V. Arnold

    Civilization in the west is ill at present.

    Isn’t that a bit like saying the patient isn’t breathing at the moment, but we expect a full recovery? 😉

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