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    V. Arnold

    My pleasure I hope you are well fed over there. The best food I ever tasted in my whole life was where you reside – or at least in the south of Thailand…

    Indeed, my wife is a superb cook…hunger is one thing I won’t die from…
    Couldn’t agree more. I call Thai food sex for the taste buds…

    those darned kids


    government by butthole?


    I still identify as Trans-vaccinated and no one has the right to deny that deep down I feel protected from severe disease.

    If in fact were you to assert that I am anti-vax you are committing a micro-aggression and attempting to subjugate me through your normative assertions.

    I know who I am because my feelings don’t lie.

    TAE Summary

    Re-reviled as an orc, I’m omicron, as a deliverer.


    A well thought out and well written letter for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear.


    Thank you @huskynut from a fellow Kiwi. I just gave up the opportunity to come back to NZ because of the mandates, it was not an easy choice. Especially since where I am here in France, I will probably loose my job because of the same. The gov’t is preparing to go all Italy on us (is that what that “secret pact” between Macron and Draghi was all about?) I live in a nightmare from which I can’t wake up. I have no idea what I am going to do, but I made the conscious decision to remain in Europe because IMHO I have more latitude to manouver here.

    Dr. D

    We’re on solstice.

    I realize their technology depends on knowing there are a certain percentage of humans (60%?) who are constructed to obey authority, and unfortunately they are generally hidden from us, as the habit or common knowledge is their authority in usual times. The engineers may not need to know or identify who they are either.

    Then when they use certain words and behavioral codes, their thinking switches off, they procure a gun, and shoot themselves and their neighbors in the head on command.

    Interesting, as we on the minority side (so it seems) have some need to identify other resistors, or not, as that minority is also in hiding just as we are. Were we to identify each other, that list would be captured and those people targeted. Which is the point of the masks, and jabs, as an ideological purity test, obedience to authority, to be purged.

    Just naming this territory as identifying it can help us strategize the best means to respond, as we say, so many have had to respond and succeed before. These gentlemen only pull out this brain-ray gun every 75 years so that anyone who saw it won’t be able to name and communicate to the next generation of victims except in platitudes they won’t understand. i.e “Don’t be a Nazi.” Thanks. The answer is of course very tiny, very specific to your personal situation and values. I could see giving it up and finding a loophole to holiday off the island, then never come back, having converted your house, your fortune, your sacred honor to Bitcoin and moved to Thailand next door to V. Why not?

    Would you really wish to stay? Or as even us Americans pline, “where would you go?” I mean, Florida, of course. Which is booming, has low taxes, and any $5k property you buy will 20x in value because of it. Make new fortunes with new horizons.

    If America falls, the world falls and they know it. Russia is the truer bulwark but as I say they’re only the size of Italy and not enough on their own. Yet their supposed Fatima Prophesy is right now coming true, holding the line for the world, keeping the fire. As America did the last two times the Anglos attacked us, we chopped up the war into pieces and made it messy skirmishes that can’t be planned, not even down to the moral code and response we would use. It’s completely atomized. Florida exists, but N. CA also has cities claiming cession and sovereignty from Newsom. As has the Post Office for instance. Savvy?

    Nothing is worth living in a Nazi regime, as it can only get worse and the obey-ers will only obey and sell you out more as the years go on. If there are sides, it won’t matter if you’re the shoot-er or the shoot-ee, anymore than in Ireland or South Africa (or Chicago). What serveth a man to gain the world but lose?

    It takes time to respond to these things, and the actions you must take in secret are to escape from prison camp, which it is. Happy Howard Holiday fun times, mate! As in “The Sound of Music”, “Get thee to a nunnery.”

    Mister Roboto

    I think that the deeper reason people you would think would know better are supporting this burgeoning “Big Brother” state is the narrative of everlasting progress. That narrative has been failing very noticeably over the past twenty years, and people whose identities are wrapped up in it are willing to support a totalitarian system if it keeps the vaunted narrative of everlasting progress as a going concern. Their subconscious minds can’t accept any challenging of the Covid Narrative because in their subconscious minds, that it is the same as challenging the narrative of everlasting progress, and so intertwined are these two things to them that they simply can’t hear what you’re trying to tell them.

    Mister Roboto

    Apologies for the lousy proof-reading of that last-comment.


    Thank-you, Andrew. I have been trying to convince someone of how urgent things are becoming. Your letter will help.


    “It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends on him not understanding it.”
    — Upton Sinclair


    Huskynut, thank you, sums up much, great post.

    I sent it along to those who might read it (in English, etc.)

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