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    Bartolomeo Schedoni The Deposition of Jesus’ body by St. Joseph of Arimathea 1613   • South African Variant Can ‘Break Through’ Pfizer Vaccine (R
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle April 11 2021]

    V. Arnold

    Bartolomeo Schedoni The Deposition of Jesus’ body by St. Joseph of Arimathea 1613

    I’m not Christian but, the art and music, inspired therein is just awesome. Definitely inspired…

    Dilbert today was spot on…I’m there…

    That sea angel video I would peg as a fraud…not genuine…
    I wouldn’t mind being wrong, but, I don’t think so…

    As usual Calvin and Hobes is right on the mark re; spirituality…


    That sea angel video I would peg as a fraud…not genuine…

    A quick Google search would make me think it could very well be real. Tons of such pictures.

    Mister Roboto

    WRT to the facemask article on the NIH website: Seeing Is Not Necessarily Believing

    Mister Roboto

    Wow, Hunter Biden really fell down into the depths of some pretty severe depravity. I will admit to doing a pretty poor job of showing up for my life when I was a young man due to the fog of ego-fantasism and social maladjustment in which I mentally lived at the time, but I take some small comfort in knowing that I at least managed to avoid being the sort of hurricane of fuck-uppery that Hunter Biden became.


    It’s official. Per the UK Gov.

    “Immunisation failures account for more serious illnesses than unvaccinated individuals”

    The AZ jab is worse than garbage.


    And to think that we’ve only just rolled it out!

    absolute galore

    @mister roboto, thanks for the facemask link. I already knew it was a crock when it listed cancer and alzheimer’s as consequences of wearing a mask, but yeah, you see how it gets cloaked in “legitimacy.” While I appreciate our host offering contrary and nuanced views, it’s silliness like this that greatly hinders trying to hold a reasonable discussion with someone steeped in mainstream narratives. I happen to think most masks are mostly about as effective as Linus’s blanket, particularly outdoors, but if I use this article as a source to make a point, there goes my credibility. Too many articles are like this, and rather than a thoughtful dialog, it only makes the situation worse.

    Polder Dweller

    @ absolute galore, mister roboto

    Ha! How about this sentence?

    While the references that point out the dangers of hypoxia are valid, there are no references that provide evidence connecting mask-wearing to hypoxia.

    References? Good grief, have you ever tried walking up a flight of stairs wearing one? I have and I very nearly collapsed at the top from lack of oxygen. I don’t need references to tell me that the things cause hypoxia.

    madamski cafone

    @ Raul

    Shark’s Skylight

    A rare rare masterpiece, imo, a work of religious transcendance. The mind’s eye opens anew.

    I see that the Aztrecavacc is bad narrative has been officially sanctioned.

    I wonder how Ukraine feels about being tied to our bumper while we play chicken with Russia. I would think that whatever the Ukrainian is for ‘hood ornament’ would be an apt name for Ukraine’s president.


    It’s much likelier that variants will evolve that evade vaccines. EVAVADE THE IMMUNE SYSTEM.


    Molecular Biology of the Cell. 4th edition.
    Alberts B, Johnson A, Lewis J, et al.
    New York: Garland Science; 2002.

    Pathogens Have Evolved Specific Mechanisms for Interacting with Their Hosts
    • SARS-CoV-2 Variants B.1.351 and P.1 Escape From Neutralizing Antibodies (Cell)

    asymptomatic spread
    • Data Substantiating Wide Asymptomatic Spread Of Covid-19 Remains Elusive (JTN)
    That means that you may be able to pass on the flu to someone else before you know you are sick, as well as while you are sick. Some people can be infected with the flu virus but have no symptoms. During this time, those people may still spread the virus to others.)

    Locking people up, together, inside a cruise ship, or house, requires explaining why everybody does not get sick and come out with being immune.
    Why is justice blind?
    Who made justice go blind?

    • Republicans Deflated As Nation Shrugs At Hunter Biden Revelations (G.)
    • Daily Mail Exposes Hunter Biden Bombshells (ZH)
    Julian Assange
    • Julian Assange: The Corpse In The Basement Of The West ( )


    it’s silliness like this that greatly hinders trying to hold a reasonable discussion with someone steeped in mainstream narratives.

    It’s the source that makes it interesting guys, the NIH.

    madamski cafone

    @ Germ

    Thanx for the link on the SPIMO report. That’s the kind of info by which one can manipulate neighbor’s minds without starting a fight. It’s official reportage from our English cousins with official stats with solid sound bites.


    Bartolomeo Schedoni The Deposition of Jesus’ body by St. Joseph of Arimathea 1613

    The light effects reminded of Caravaggio.

    madamski cafone

    “Experts say mixing vaccines, or sequential immunization, might boost effectiveness. Researchers in Britain are studying a possible combination of Pfizer-BioNTech and the traditional AstraZeneca vaccine.”

    Oh joy. From China admits its vaccines aren’t very good

    Maxwell Quest

    Had an interesting conversation with a neighbor yesterday. When I expressed the thought that this new virus was here to stay, that it was already endemic, and because of globalism its strains would continue to circulate each year like the common cold, he replied that this was because of those stubborn anti-vax people who refuse to get vaccinated.

    I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I don’t know where he’s getting his information, most likely corporate media sources, but it appears that those who are currently resisting the whole vaccine campaign are already being set up to take the blame if covid persists. These PR strategists never miss a trick. When I then mentioned that there are reports coming in of fully vaccinated people catching covid anyway, he had no response.

    The media’s the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that’s power. Because they control the minds of the masses. ― Malcolm X


    Ukraine. The so-called civil war in Ukraine is a frozen conflict.

    Does Kiev want the DLPR back? As in, pay pensions to all the old ladies, repair the ‘infrastructure’ and put up with endless guerrilla warfare? .. No.

    No doubt, some factions would like to grab the territory and would gleefully genocide everyone living there. Can that happen? .. No. Because…Russia.

    Is there significant support in the DLPR for reintegrating Ukraine? .. No.

    Is Moscow interested in taking over Novorussya (with borders to be specified..)? .. No.

    We know this because it hasn’t done it – not when the Iron was Hot and the DLPR actually requested it, or was seriously considering it, nor much later (e.g. the Trump presidency presented opportunities.) It would be expensive; it would be condemned world-wide, if lauded internally; it would remove a ‘buffer zone’; if we consider Crimea a special case and set it aside, it would set Russia on an expansionist policy, which it does NOT want to pursue. (Extra territory is not needed, and does not help / solve any of Russia’s difficulties.)

    A last reason, that support for switching countries or to become independent (to be brief) has to be very high, close on 90% (imho, perhaps in some cases 85%..) and I believe the Putin thinks this as well. OK for Crimea, but not in the Donbass, where the Unity of Ukraine rightly so, still holds some weight. (Scotland and Catalonia, take note..)

    What about the by-standers? Germany and France have no interest in any kind of hot war in the region. Germany particularly -> Nord Stream 2 and other links to Russia.

    “Cookies” V. Nuland put it in a nutshell when she said EFF the EU -> “Our man Yats” and Poroshenko the Chocolate King will do the job.

    Merkel tried for more influence (cheap labor, lebensraum for German industry, corps, agri, what all) and wanted a position for Yulia of the Braids (Timoshenko, who was freed because of Angie’s request) and the champion boxer Klitchko as Prez, she was totally enamored of him. Klitchko became Mayor of Kiev.

    Hollande was little interested (perhaps anticipating the no gains), as he was totally involved with Mali, Irak, Syria, and the Arab World, he always looked spaced out at those Minsk / Normandy meetings.

    The US will not start a kinetic war with Russia over what it considers a tin-pot place merely useful for some elites to steal money (ex. H. Biden) and Poking the Bear via captured proxies.

    China wants stability only, to invest in Ukraine. Ex. Bought up SICH motors, 2019:

    Apparently it didn’t work out, 2021:

    Ex. included to show Ukraine is like a football field. Pay the rent to the US.. and have your game…or not.

    Doc Robinson

    Maxwell Quest: “…this was because of those stubborn anti-vax people who refuse to get vaccinated.”

    Divide and conquer, while finding convenient scapegoats for the governments’ failures.

    Meanwhile, experts agree…

    The coronavirus is here to stay — here’s what that means

    In January, Nature asked more than 100 immunologists, infectious-disease researchers and virologists working on the coronavirus whether it could be eradicated. Almost 90% of respondents think that the coronavirus will become endemic — meaning that it will continue to circulate in pockets of the global population for years to come.

    “Vaccine hesitancy” is not even in the top three “biggest factors that would drive SARS-CoV-2 circulation in people if it became endemic,” according to these experts. The biggest factor is Immune Escape. The next biggest factor is Waning Immunity

    Doc Robinson

    Another article from Nature, about the very likely scenario of endemic Covid:
    (spoiler: it’s not the end of the world)

    Endemic SARS-CoV-2 will maintain post-pandemic immunity

    A second important question is whether the vaccines will be effective against reinfection or even eradicate SARS-CoV-2. Here, we suggest both answers are most probably no. Coronavirus vaccines have been used extensively to control infections in domestic animals. Inactivated or intramuscular parenteral vaccines induce high systemic levels of neutralizing antibodies and confer effective protection against disease. However, they have lower efficacy against mucosal CoV infections and do not prevent viral shedding.

    Therefore, SARS-CoV-2 is likely to remain present in the population. The four common cold HCoVs are also thought to have had a more lethal history, possibly incorrectly identified as the cause of influenza pandemics in the past. Continued presence of SARS-CoV-2 is akin to endemic HCoVs, where 60–70% population seroprevalence reflects a spectrum of immunity, dynamically maintained by intermittent reinfection and affords group protection from severe infection in the vulnerable. A large proportion of the population will be protected sufficiently and will reduce the viral shedding burden at any time to prevent large outbreaks. The exception to this will be the reintroduction of the virus into communities in which SARS-CoV-2 is not endemic and/or who are not vaccinated. Infections from a young age and re-infections in later life will build up and maintain immunity. Importantly, those that have not been able to gain immunity via natural infection or vaccination will benefit from herd immunity, despite the virus residing in a largely asymptomatic population.


    Comment I just got by email: “The edit function is not working. It blocks all inputs of comments”. Anyone?

    Doc Robinson

    I stopped editing my comments after losing too many.


    A question for this group of critical thinkers:

    What are the *legitimate* rates of “long Covid” in various age cohorts?

    I met via Zoom with a social group from my church yesterday. I asked the question, “Why vaccinate children against Covid, when we know that the case fatality rate for children is very low?”

    The answer came from the only other person in the group with kids under age 18: because about 30% of those infected with Covid have long-term symptoms.

    This response defied my personal experience. 10 individuals from my household, my parents, and my siblings’ households have had Covid. None of us had any symptoms beyond 10 days. Granted, that sample size is pretty small — but 30% is very large. It is odd that with “30%” zero out of 10 would have no long-term symptoms.

    So I looked it up.

    And this article ( is geared to educate parents about long Covid, and urge them not to push their long-Covid suffering children to do too much. The article states that this recent Italian paper, not yet peer reviewed ( “ suggests that more than half of children with COVID-19 have at least one persisting symptom over 17 weeks after being diagnosed. Among them, 43% reported being impaired by their symptoms during daily activities.”

    It is being suggested that HALF of all children who contract Covid — including those with no or minimal symptoms — may end up with long term problems, possibly neurological problems.

    I suspect this is scare-mongering designed to push parents into injecting their children with an experimental vaccine. I would *really appreciate* any information the TAE hive mind has regarding prevalence of “long Covid,” especially in children, and treatments for long Covid. I do remember one American doctor experiencing success treating long Covid with ivermectin.

    And, if “Covid-19” infection is essentially a disease whereby a virus exploits nutritional deficiencies of the body to cause severe disease ( ), it is dystopic to suppose that information about adequate nutrition for children is being withheld from parents while they are being herded through scare-mongering tactics to beg vaccines for their children.




    I’m a go!

    Meaning of the proverb
    Just as there is disagreement about the origin of the phrase, there are differing explanations of the meaning of “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil”.

    In Buddhist tradition, the tenets of the proverb are about not dwelling on evil thoughts.
    The proverb and the image are often used to refer to a lack of moral responsibility on the part of people who refuse to acknowledge impropriety, looking the other way or feigning ignorance.[12]
    It may also signify a code of silence in gangs, or organized crime.
    Sometimes there is a fourth monkey depicted, Shizaru, who symbolizes the principle of “do no evil”, which fits with the full quote from Analects of Confucius. The monkey may be shown crossing his arms or covering his genitals. Yet another variation has the fourth monkey hold its nose to avoid a stench and has been dubbed “smell no evil” accordingly.
    The opposite version of the three wise monkeys can also be found. In this case, one monkey holds its hands to its eyes to focus vision, the second monkey cups its hands around its ears to improve hearing, and the third monkey holds its hands to its mouth like a bullhorn. Another modern interpretation is “Hear, see, and speak out loud for what you stand for”.

    Doc Robinson

    First, some more of the narrative from The Guardian, reinforced with some statistics about the scary “long Covid“.

    “How big are the blood-clot risks of the AstraZeneca jab?

    [Blood clotting] may happen in one in 100,000 young adults who get the vaccine.

    But this analysis leaves out important potential benefits of vaccination, such as preventing other risks from Covid, including blood clotting. Then there’s long Covid – around 12% of people aged 17 to 24 reported symptoms 12 weeks after infection.”

    I went to the cited study to look at the data behind the claim that “12% of people aged 17 to 24 reported symptoms 12 weeks after infection.

    “Approximately 1 in 5 study participants (21.0%) who tested positive for COVID-19 from a swab sample continued to report a symptom at least 5 weeks after the assumed time of infection. Nearly 1 in 7 participants (13.7%) continued to report any symptom at 12 weeks.”

    So, it’s “a” symptom, any symptom, not necessarily multiple symptoms.

    “The 12 self-reported symptoms recorded in the CIS at each follow-up visit are: abdominal pain; cough; diarrhoea; fatigue; fever; headache; loss of taste; loss of smell; myalgia; nausea/vomiting; shortness of breath; and sore throat.”

    “The most prevalent self-reported symptoms that persisted for at least 12 weeks post-infection were the same as those experienced at 5 weeks: fatigue (8.3%), headache (7.2%), cough (7.0%), and myalgia (5.6%). These estimates should be interpreted with caution because of low numbers of study participants still reporting individual symptoms at 12 weeks.”

    “The main assumptions are: two successive follow-up visits with no reported symptoms represents a discontinuation of existing symptoms… If symptom discontinuation is defined as one rather than two successive visits without reporting symptoms, the percentage of study participants who continued to report any symptom at least 12 weeks after the assumed time of infection falls from 13.7% to 0.9%.

    Table 2: Percentage of study participants reporting any symptom at 12 weeks by sex and age group
    Age 2 to 11 years 7.4
    Age 12 to 16 years 8.2
    Age 17 to 24 years 11.5
    Age 25 to 34 years 18.2
    Age 35 to 49 years 16.1
    Age 50 to 69 years 16.4
    Age 70 years and over 11.2
    Source: Office for National Statistics

    Doc Robinson

    Another study about “long Covid”, from the journal Nature, using data from 3 countries (US, UK, and Sweden).

    “We analyzed data from 4,182 incident cases of COVID-19 in which individuals self-reported their symptoms prospectively in the COVID Symptom Study app1. A total of 558 (13.3%) participants reported symptoms lasting ≥28 days, 189 (4.5%) for ≥8 weeks and 95 (2.3%) for ≥12 weeks. Long COVID was characterized by symptoms of fatigue, headache, dyspnea and anosmia and was more likely with increasing age and body mass index and female sex.

    Important note:
    2.4% of the “controls” (not infected with Covid) reported symptoms for 28+ days.

    Attributes and predictors of long COVID

    Doc Robinson

    An informative page about “long Covid”:

    Post-Acute Covid (“Long Covid”)

    (Update: In a study of 33 long covid patients, treatment with ivermectin resulted in complete resolution of symptoms in 94% of patients. For more on covid treatment, see here.)


    Well, well, well.


    My parents said know:

    An excellent case for setting up a business selling vaccination certificates!

    Or on the other hand, a sure indication that vaccinated people are scared more easily?

    Or maybe the unvaccinated prefer to not to leave their island paradise?


    I don’t use the edit function because toying with WordPress is like playing with a landmine!
    If you can post, then you have already beaten wordpress’s 50:50 odds!
    Why give WordPress a second 50:50 chance to blow you up!


    Here in Ontario, we are into day 4 of our most severe year plus lockdown.
    Ontario reported it’s highest ever number of covid cases!
    I guess the third wave is real enough.
    I am forecasting more lockdowns in the future until they work.

    I am kind of coming around to thinking the only covid immunity available is after catching covid and surviving, is to then be continually exposed to the virus, to keep your immune system up to date.

    I am still of the opinion that these c,orruptly called vaccines may do more harm than good, over the long term.
    That is why I am still sitting on the fence, waiting until a proper conclusion for this experiment can be drawn.
    Right now, for evidence, all I see is endless propaganda noise trying to hide the real results from being seen.
    I also see tremendous political pressure being brought to bear to hide the truth.

    This is not how one conducts a proper experiment!


    It is interesting observing the US’s southern border with Mexico over the years.

    During the late 1970s, I worked several times in Gallup, New Mexico. At the time the big problem, besides people crossing the border, was the drug cartels smuggling drugs over the border via low flying Cessnas!

    My favorite local cartoon of the day showed 2 farmers leaning on a wooden border fence with a heavily laden Cessna flying overhead, over-stuffed with weed out the windows! One farmer casually says to the other farmer, “There goes another ton of enchantment!”. A play on New Mexico’s license plate that said “Land of Enchantment”.

    One evening I went to a local party with a girl friend, and she introduced me to some of her friends, openly as legals or illegals! That was quite an eye opener for me! So much for the locals considering it a problem! It was their normal!

    Fast forward to today. In January joe appointed Roberta Jacobson, as his border czar. She has now resigned her position, not because she was unsuccessful but because she has successfully created the new open border reality!

    In a former life, Roberta Jacobson was America’s ambassador to Mexico up until 2018! She was busy co-ordinating the caravans from Central America up through Mexico to the US border, until President found out and fired her in 2018!

    She is now leaving her job as border czar having successfully completed her mission! Now you know why joe does not consider there to be any crisis at the southern border!

    To hide all of this, joe isn’t allowing any border visiting politicians or journalists to document what is happening at the border! No cameras! And kamala has no plans to visit the border either!

    Clearly the border is now the way Obama wants it to be!

    Mister Roboto
    V. Arnold

    Thailand is reporting nearly 1,000 (967) daily covid cases for Sunday; a record one day infection rate.
    Hopefully the goverment can corral this outbreak…we’ll see…they’ve done a stellar job up to this point..
    As to the edit function? Testing…
    No problem here…twice…


    COVID-19 is real and it is here to stay. If left alone, the endemic will resemble Brazil. Society falls apart without income, security, education and healthcare. On the opposite pole are virus free nations that are fighting imported outbreaks; China, Australia, Thailand, South Korea and Island nations. In the middle is the West; incompetent/corrupt and lying about it. Western rulers must. All that matters to them is money not the people.

    mRNA vaccines were approved for emergency use on the basis that they prevent severe infections and death in short-term less than a year-long trials. More information awaits studies of the over 100 million humans already jabbed for long term effectiveness and safety data. Doc Robinson is keeping us updated. But there seems to be a dearth of studies recently. Likely because mRNA vaccines are not a panacea. The only thing known to work are old fashion public health procedures (universal testing, bubbles, contact tracing and quarantines) that require consent of the governed and using resources, labor and capital that only a functional nation can command to eradicate the virus.

    V. Arnold

    Have we (the western world) become nations of wimps?
    The fear, panic, over reaction, and irrational mindset, leading to blatent and irresponsible vaccine developement is beyond anything I’ve witnessed in all my 76 years on this beautiful blue orb…
    The worst pandemic I’ve yet witnessed is the contagion of mental illness sweeping the western world…


    It’s the source that makes it interesting guys, the NIH.

    Well, not really. It’s posted in the NIH’s National Library of Medicine, but it is just an article by a single author (Baruch Vainshelboim) who works as a cardiologist at the Palo Alto VA. It seems he has no affiliation with NIH. And it is published as a “Medical Hypothesis” — he is not publishing new data here.

    V. Arnold

    Re: Sea Angels
    Sea angel
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    Sea angel
    Temporal range: Frasnian-present[1]
    Sea angel.jpg
    Clione limacina
    Scientific classificatione
    Kingdom: Animalia
    Phylum: Mollusca
    Class: Gastropoda
    Subclass: Heterobranchia
    Clade: Euopisthobranchia
    Clade: Gymnosomata
    See text

    Sea angels (clade Gymnosomata) are a large group of extremely small, swimming sea slugs, not to be confused with Cnidarians (Jellyfish and other similar creatures), classified into six different families. They are pelagic opisthobranchs in the clade Gymnosomata within the larger mollusc clade Heterobranchia. Sea angels were previously referred to as a type of pteropod.

    Okay, I stand corrected; sea angels are a genuine thing…pretty amazing looking creatures.

    V. Arnold

    Sea Angels
    …a large group of extremely small, swimming sea slugs…

    It’s interesting how we (humans) tend towards anthropomorphizing life other than human…


    phoenix voice: Long Covid in Switz. (See Doc Robinson +++ above for studies.)

    One study showed ‘symptoms’ after 6 months for 26% of patients.

    I.e. 1/4 of those who came under Doc attention, were quite ill / were hospitalised + had a positive test, still experienced some *symptoms* 6 months later. Mostly tiredness, cough, breathing problems, with women far more affected than men (31% vs. 21%.) How serious these were is hard to tell. My personal take is that a few are terribly affected and may never recover, while others are sort of .. not too serious and/or will improve w. time.

    Long Covid is an acknowledged problem here and various initiatives are ongoing to deal with it. (see link 2 that offers explanations, links, tells who to call, consult..The problem here is that there is no “COVID SPECIAL” task force and ppl are sent to Cardiology, other, etc.)

    One topic that is being discussed (not in the MSM) is how to certify ppl for Covid disability – similar, perhaps, to HIV disability, or .. tuberculosis in the past..? The disbursements can *in principle* only be awarded when no ‘cure’ or ‘re-adaption’ or ‘re-insertion’ is possible. About Covid, nobody knows how that will go.

    No children under 16s, have been affected in the official stats, and Long Covid hits all ages over 25 in a patchy panorama. Certainly not only older ppl.

    links in F.

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