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    John Day

    @Germ: Thank You. I’ve been meaning to thank you again for awhile.

    : Thanks for the park cleanup update. The city SHOULD hire you.

    John Day

    I’m sorry to hear about Tucker’s deplatformation (to coin a neologism).
    I wish him well, and sort of know the feeling.
    He can sure go on Tulsi Gabbard’s show again. People still like him, but he will not havve the deep-pocket legal defense this next time around.



    Dr. D

    Tucker. Hmmm. So finally Fox comes out as what they always were: Left wing. Look at all the Murdoch properties. And their kids. The best opposition is one you make up yourself! So Fox sends a billion to the enemy, outing themselves, and to pay for it, cut Tucker’s enormous wages.

    Tucker already moved to Florida just last month. He’s headed toward a billionaire. He’s underpaid by half compared to running your own, like Rogan. So…trying to get out of the straitjacket he’s barely dodging every day, trying to get fired even? So he can stop 9-5ing it at obsolete, washed up, censorship central? And let Fox slowly sink into dismal irrelevance.

    And then what? Starting up his media empire in about two weeks, like OMG, taking all his viewers, what next for America’s best-known semi-billionaire?

    How about Vice President? And fired just in time.

    Doesn’t have to be the way he’s a helpless victim without mind or agency, ruled by the wealthy “Them”. HE is the wealthy, powerful THEM. He has moves too. He has plans too. So do we.

    John Day

    Maybe Trump can set Tucker up with a network that he can broadcast into from Florida.

    (Whatever happened to FKN News With Deek?)


    A group of 80 delegates from the European Parliament has sent a letter to French Foreign Minister Catherine Colonna requesting to declare Chinese Ambassador to Paris Lu Shaye persona non grata over his remarks about the status of former Soviet republics.

    Europe can have an opinion on Taiwan but China cannot have an opinion on Europe. Imperialists at their most contemptable, when they are weak and failing, destroying their own communities out of a hatred of humanity and uncontrolled arrogance.


    Russia has enough coal reserves to last for centuries, deputy head of the country’s Energy Ministry, Sergey Mochalnikov, said on Friday during a board meeting of the Federal Subsoil Resources Management Agency.

    Wow, so AFKTT, his billionaire friends and western governments have been lying to us.

    Michael Reid

    During hard times, those who have not been responsible will come after those who have.

    the world is once again facing a financial crisis—one that will far exceed the Great Depression in its magnitude.

    Duesenberg in a Barn


    I’m clapping and barking like a circus seal….arf arf arf


    On dialysis and potentially facing death, a 41-year-old homeschooling mother of seven young children has been rejected as a candidate for a life-saving kidney transplant by Emory Healthcare Inc. of Atlanta. The reason? The woman, who has already had COVID-19, refused to receive the COVID-19 vaccine on religious and medical grounds.

    America is already China. In fact, America is worse than China. In America it is a creeping socialism emanating from the billionaires, the people who have taken over government and corporations and are forcing the people to be their slaves. It is as if the Democrat party is trying to create their own CCP. Their love for socialism is not out of a concern for the people, it is out of a desire to control everything, to be God on earth.


    Talking of people being ignorant of the fact that climate changes continuously, here is a link to a study showing that most Australians are ignorant that their Great Barrier Reef is in better shape than ever, fully recovered from all the dooms-day bleaching …


    RIM said

    Still, who lets their no. 1 go?

    AM let Bud Light go. Seems that crashing brands, without concern for the money, is a new billionaire tactic in their yearning for more.


    I have come to the conclusion that the US Democrat party is the public face of the USA’s CCP. It appears as though the USA’s CCP have control of all of government and can just ignore the law, same as in China. Now all they have to do is break it gently to the people. But looking at how uneducated the people are, will the people even care?

    Will the USA CCP be looking for a merger with the China CCP? We will have to wait and see.


    We all know the 2020 election was stolen by the uniparty by getting Dominion to count each Trump vote as 0.87 (minus 13%) each and each of Joe’s votes as 1.13 (plus 13%) for a total spread of 26%. Joe was trailing Trump very badly. Joe couldn’t draw a crowd no matter where he went in his basement!

    That Tucker and Fox settled the law suit now just tells me that the uniparty big wigs wanted Tucker gone before the 2024 election. The thing is, we all know Fox is on the deep states side. Settling the law suit is just a way of projecting that the 2020 election wasn’t stolen. Just more mis-information by the MSM to support the narrative.

    Voting doesn’t matter any more. That is why they still let you vote! As Stalin said, it is who counts the votes that really matters.

    Figmund Sreud

    Fox Replaces Tucker Carlson with Lying Chatbot

    NEW YORK (The Borowitz Report)—Fox News has announced that it has replaced Tucker Carlson with a state-of-the-art lying Chatbot.

    In a brief statement, Fox chairman Rupert Murdoch thanked Carlson for his service but said that he had been “rendered obsolete by swift advances in lying technology.”

    A dry run of the Chatbot showed it emitting nine lies per minute, besting Carlson’s average of eight.

    News of the Chatbot’s arrival sent shock waves down the corridors of Fox’s midtown Manhattan headquarters. “I’ll be next,” a reportedly shaken Sean Hannity said.


    >>Tucker can move into politics. A good combo would be with RFK jr, but they belong to different parties. Still, who lets their no. 1 go?<<

    The [Money Power] King’s tools will not be used to tear down the [Money Power] King’s castle.

    I hope the Allodial Money Power’s establishment doesn’t view Kennedy as a real threat to win the Presidency as an outsider because his plane will crash (feel bad for the passengers, too) or some three named guy with eyes rolled to the back of his head will shoot him in a crowd. Or a heart attack.
    Or a car wreck. Or he will drowned.
    Or be defenestrated.
    So many options.
    What will not happen is a truly independent person will not take over the White House.


    UPS taken out and shot like markets are in potential bear-mode.


    >>We all know the 2020 election was stolen by the uniparty<<

    The Allodial Money Power Royals and Rothschilds are sooooooo much smarter than their debt-serfs.

    The Allodials finance and control the government, both political parties, the media, all major politicians, their Prussian appeal-to-authority programming schooling models, etc…

    The Allodials stole the election with the preselection… and do every year. Tails the Allodials win. Heads the debt-money serfs lose.

    Trump worked for the Allodials. Biden works for the Allodials. Whomever is next works for the Allodials. After than… Allodials.

    How do we close this persistent monetary illiterate Sun Tzu / Machiavellian knowledge gap?


    >>Tucker. Hmmm. So finally Fox comes out as what they always were: Left wing.<<

    No, Fox is Money Power Fascist. So is CNN and MSNBC and everything Big, Inc.

    The false political dichotomy is designed only to fools people with the wits of a Charlie Brown field goal kicker. Sorry to be so blunt, but mass global genocide is in play… it is a little late for attachments to toxic nonsense to take precedence over truths.

    Here is how a Rothschild put it, and he’s right, of course. He knows what his financed system does…

    “Look at the economic system which has developed. Do you see the socialist ideal at work…from each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs…
    Is that the case? Or is it more accurately described as DOG EAT DOG?
    Which do YOU see in your REALITY?

    Humans have hidden the true nature of economic behaviour behind any number of euphemisms, but the truth is what it is.
    Were humans to be truly interconnected, there would be a shared social welfare you could point to.
    Can you so demonstrate this?
    If survival were a shared experience, humans would act entirely differently. As it is, “sharing” occurs only to the extent it imparts some value or advantage.
    A wise human once said…
    Truer words have yet to be spoken. And what are PROFESSIONS other than loose associations of similarly positioned workers.”

    I mean, how stupid can a population be that sees trillions of dollars lent into existence to address poverty, when debt-based money system money lending IS THE ROOT CAUSE OF MOST POVERTY?

    “PAPER, People! You are handed PAPER!! What don’t you get?? The paper costs nothing to produce!! And has the taxpayer’s blood (read YOU) as backing! SO you provide the guarantee, at gunpoint! Keys to the KINGDOM indeed!
    Seriously, how can anyone who VOLUNTARILY participates in this system believe they can grasp higher level concepts?”

    He didn’t mention it directly, but it is debt-based paper, hence it requires collateral, which is your chit — your home, your land, your vehicles — everything property taxed is collateral for the governmental debt… which is exploding at over $6 trillion a year now (total debt was $8 trillion under the 2nd Bush, and that included two World Wars).

    Wait until the collateral is called in… The River Denial will flow right into an Ocean of Consequence.


    >>The masses do not thirst after truth.<<

    “I referred to the concept of “beautiful lies” many times. Take the example of santa claus. Children are taught the beautiful lie. In one sense, children must be taught small lies to believe the larger ones later in life.
    You have an intellect of sorts, but have not made the choice if you want to believe the beautiful lies, or live in a life where harsh reality truths are dealt with.
    You want to believe there is a savior out there…someone smarter than you who can tell you how things really are. Give you a blueprint for which to proceed.
    Many famous musicians made fortunes and then lost them later by outsourcing the financial management to others.
    You can likewise outsource the difficult struggle for truth, but take the risk of being led astray or cheated. Can you take that level of risk?
    Perhaps a more reasonable expectation is to gather clues and form your own opinions. From there, you develop the ability to make choices and actions. Right or wrong, they are your decisions. You are driving the bus! From your wrong decisions, wisdom will come…sooner or later. Unless you delude yourself in which case all bets are off.
    Look at yourself today, honestly. What do you say is your greatest strength and your greatest weakness. Not in a grand sense, but a realistic day to day sense.
    What prevents you from attaining what you want?”


    >>use my framing to understand the world around you<<

    The real world doesn’t care about framing. What matters is the agenda of the people who privately finance the global monetary systems because the highest level managers are pathological money seekers who will do whatever they are told for mon-eye.

    And if you want to work for them and get paid, you will do as you are told, too.

    Or else.

    What you need to do it understand the ideology of the Allodial Money Power Elites, those with allodial title to their grand estates. IOW, their estate are not on property tax roles and are not contractually collateral for the governmental debt owed to their front companies via the governments they finance.

    They don’t care about my opinion or my framing one whit. They don’t have to.

    Nor do they care about this gentleman’s. If he doesn’t deploy the Trivium on a moment-by-moment basis and isn’t well versed in public information regarding the Rothschild / Money Power agenda, it doesn’t matter.


    >>America’s Empire Is Bankrupt (John Michael Greer) <<

    The minute they allowed private interests to set up a debt-based money system, the US, Inc. vassal was bankrupt.

    Also, it is not American Empire. No American I know is happy with the machinations of Empire, which are inimical to the interests of every one of its subjects.

    It is a Money Power Fascist Empire, and the US is one of its vassal corporate governments — no more, no less.

    If you want a more precise definition, it is…

    Allodial Money Power Mega-Corporate Orwellian Global Fascist Empire.

    ^^^This *is* what it *is*.

    Illusion is all that exists in the minds of people who can’t see reality for what it is.

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