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    madamski cafone


    “This is what it looks like when you do due diligence:

    Also, I appreciate his conclusions and feel the same way.”

    That’s nice. Now we know what “due diligence looks like”. How very superficial. How about you tell us what it means. Seriously. You’ve read it and understand it, right? Well, summarize it. Show us the money quotes, explain in simplified terms the statistical issues. That’s what we do most of the time with studies from, for examnple the likes of Phizer/CDC.

    Make a contribution along with your challenge. That’s kinda the fiat lucre around here.

    madamski cafone

    Australia and Britain, apparently being the most authoritarian in their covid response outside China and a few satellites, strike me as being the logical most likely to experience full collapse socioeconomic collapse first. China is used to author/total-itarianism, so the effect is different. My take on them is first they will win a Pyrrhiuc victory over the likes of us, then fall into the crater (strictly metaphorical) they’ve made of us.

    madamski cafone

    So much fun

    Another PTSD “hero” in the making. Let’s hope his soul makes it home with him.

    madamski cafone

    “These will be removed to appease the individuals in power who have an arsenal of overwhelming tools at their disposal, and are actively engaged in using them. COVID-19 has activated and authorized emergency powers that have weakened our constitutional rights. Sadly, cyberwarfare and authoritarian forces are beyond our abilities to withstand, and this is now our only way forward.” (from cloudhidden’s link)

    I will go way out on a limb down the rabbithole and ask us to ponder that perhaps Dr. Mercola is, in the end (but not necessarily the beinning or middle), another “sheepdog” like Bernie Sanders proved to be. Crawling carefully back from that devil’s advocacy, I’ll quote from the same article:

    “Local food, local democracy – our local community strength is the best way to achieve peace moving forward, and to stop authoritarian technocracy. I also believe we are at our strongest when we can care and maintain respect for each other. This is how we can make our most important decisions in life.”

    If he is just another sheepdog, he’s disobeying orders, and rounding people up into local affinity groups which are stonger and much harder and expensive to maintain in herd equilibrium.

    madamski cafone
    Mister Roboto

    @MC: You can add Germany to that list because they passed a law banning demonstrations against the coronavirus “New Normal”, and indeed police brutally beat those who defied this diktat in such a demonstration last weekend.

    If anything will save the US, it’s how very spread-out and federalized we are here. If things can bad enough, I can imagine states attempting to secede from the Union once again.


    What a wanker.

    Farmer McGregor

    I want you all to know I frikken love yas all and wish you the best it is a very unusual point in human history with a great deal of potential carnage on the horizon…

    Well said, Oxy. I feel the same way. Thanks.

    Mr. House

    “You would think Merck would be happy to hear that ivermectin might be helpful to corona patients and try to study it, but they are most loudly declaring the drug should not be used,” said Schwartz.

    “A billion people took it. They gave it to them. It’s a real shame.”

    those darned kids

    Washington D.C., February 2nd, 2023 (AP): Representatives of Blackstonerock Group announced today the acquisition of a 66.6% share of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Distribution, thus adding to their growing portfolio of decision-making entities.

    “We feel having this agency under our belt will enhance our standing in the realm of public policy, allowing Blackstonerock’s investors an even greater opportunity for substantial returns”, commented a company spokesface.

    Blackstonerock’s latest takeover comes on the heels its previous purchases of Wendy’sbioNtech and the Hungarian Navy.

    madamski cafone

    Vlad on Nuclear Conflict

    First, watching Vlad’s expressions versus the reporter’s uber-flat affect (a Japanese specialty), is priceless. Vlad knows right away what this guy is, and probably who. Watch him smile at first. Cheer himself up for the odious task of deflecting yet another barbed-tinfoil tangle of disinformation. Watch him then become very serious but calm.

    Secondly, watch him return fire with an opening shot that blows the reporters head off before Vlad proceeds to dismember what’s left of him.

    LIke that old Russian fairy tale says (courtesy Vladimir Nabokov): WHich arrow flies the farthest? The one that hits its mark:



    “…you work with them to get somewhere, don’t you? Like being on a bus? Now you can shoot everyone and hold them hostage, or sing “Flintstones” and get them on your side so we all steer together. I guess you could jump out and go it alone, but that seems extreme.”

    Working with each other in the moment (wherever we are), is powerful. That’s what I would CHOOSE. And how is it that I still know every word of the Flintstones song some 60 years later???? When you start that song on the bus I will be singing, smiling, and laughing – we would be in good shape for what comes next.

    “Good thing / Bad thing? For / Against? Act? Or do not Act? You don’t get out of it. Acting and choosing is who you are.”

    Yes Dr. D, life is choosing. A long and winding chain of choices. Here is my mala for you to hold.

    “Me, I want discussions, including you”
    “So here I am. What do you stand for?”

    Am CHOOSING: “Let’s be kind and patient” (with oxy) for all the moments in-between. LOVE you all.


    @deflacionista – I also replied to your post yesterday. Read it if you want to. But let me repeat the major point I wanted to make:

    You deride people like Kory and others (FLCCC), while posting “rebukes” (already debunked themselves) of IVM. What those doctors support is not IVM or HCQ or Vit.D or anything in particular, just fuck**g “early treatment”. They want to treat covid early because they know (like everybody else!!) that if covid is let run its course without treatment the outcome is much worse, sometimes fatal (fortunately, only for those at risk). They want to save lives with whatever they have at hand. Fauci knows this as well (fatal outcomes of doing nothing), and you know what, with the same undisputable information, in a lot of countries (“first world” countries at that, and all of them of a particular “lineage” of countries) the early treatment for covid (official and published policy) is “no treatment”. Is this not enough for you to suspect? It is not surprising that some reach to the conclusion that they are killing people on purpose.

    This (“no early treatment getting people into hospital and dying) is absolutely undisputable by anyone “on the data” or “in the news”. This is enough for me to suspect “giant coincidence”. You can say all you want about vaccines being the only “treatment” but IVM is not the only repurposed drug that show promise, so you’ll want to try much much harder to convince me that vaccines are the only treatmen available… And there are more vaccines for this than I can count, why the push for mRNA only? Coincidence. Not recognizing immunity (or even a “passport”) for people who already survived covid? Coincidence. Not doing regular seroprevalence studies to estimate the immunity developed in each particular zone? Coincidence. Not doing proper transparency assessment in the stories about variants? Coincidence. On and on…

    How can you believe in light of these coincidence that treating people early with (also undisputably safe) repurposed drugs that Kory and FLCCC give “bad advice” or their data need “tiny pushback”, as if they were snake oil sellers, is beyond me.
    First, do no harm. Take your own advice and thoroughly check your sources!!

    John Day

    Just a thought-dropping, before I bike to the clinic. I have been on the 2 COVID19 lists catching up this morning, and only this really jumped out as “Something Completely Different”:

    It says that quercetin, the same quercetin that helps zinc enter COVID-infected-cells, and jam viral replication, Quercetin seems to help untangle prion-balls in mouse brains, so the body can dissolve them and clear them out. This is the same form of illness as Mad Cow Disease (Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy), Scrapie, Creutzfeld Jacob disease and Kuru. There is suggestion that some of the proteins coded for by “the vaccines” are prion-like. Prions spread very slowly, very very slowly.
    It has been suggested that this may pose a problem in coming years. I don’t rightly know.


    Also @ Madamski Capone: I’m still reading the Urantia book, little by little.

    TAE Summary

    * The Daily Covid
    – ADE is the new AIDS
    – Ivermectin is used in 20 poor countries; If only they could afford vaccines!
    – NYC requires vaccination to participate in society
    – mRNA mounts denial of services attack on your cells via 14 trillion spike proteins
    – The unvaxxed are all felons
    – We need more autopsies

    * Miss America pageant announce natural beauty no longer acceptable for contestants; Only young women having undergone plastic surgery, liposuction and breast augmentation will be allowed

    * Note to Biden: The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

    * The US is following Soviet model for self destruction

    * The purpose of power is power

    * TAE
    – TAE Conservation of Quality Equation: quantity_of_comments * quality_of_comments = gallinazo’s number = 714.381 menckens
    – MSM is a desert; TAE is an oasis
    – Groupthink is dangerous at TAE

    * Deflationista Rant Summary
    – Most people don’t know what they are talking about
    – People who post counter-comments get smacked down
    – Judge content on its merits, not its author
    – We need to examine our own biases, especially in a group where all agree
    – Many are uncritically swallowing right wing misinformation, including Ilargi, Kunstler, Taibi, Greenwald
    – Blue states are dumb, red states are dumber
    – Misinformation we should reject:
    — The virus is fake
    — Vaccines make you infertile
    — Ivemrectin cures Covid
    — Hydroxychloroquine works
    — There are microchips in vaccines
    — The vaccines magnetize you
    — There are no excess deaths from Covid
    — The vaccines contain alien DNA
    — Injecting bleach fights Covid
    – The Truth
    — Scientists are not out to get you
    — Accept scientific consensus
    — Counter narrative doctors are crazy and creepy
    – Deflationista was sliding down the slippery slope but snapped out of it and is now warning TAEers. He has no skin in the game but wants people pushing the counter narrative to be held responsible for the harm they are doing.

    * Quotes from True Believer by Eric Hoffer
    – An effective mass movement cultivates the idea of sin. It depicts the autonomous self not only as barren and helpless but also as vile.
    – If a doctrine is not unintelligible, it has to be vague; and if neither unintelligible nor vague, it has to be unverifiable.
    – It is the true believer’s ability to “shut his eyes and stop his ears” to facts that do not deserve to be either seen or heard which is the source of his unequaled fortitude and constancy. He cannot be frightened by danger nor disheartened by obstacles nor baffled by contradictions because he denies their existence.
    – The facts on which the true believer bases his conclusions must not be derived from his experience or observation but from holy writ.
    – There is no doubt that in exchanging a self-centered for a selfless life we gain enormously in self-esteem. The vanity of the selfless, even those who practice utmost humility, is boundless.
    – The act of self-denial seems to confer on us the right to be harsh and merciless toward others.

    Application to our current situation is left as an exercise for the interested reader.

    madamski cafone

    Is this anomie? Asking for an enemy.


    “… the early treatment for covid (official and published policy) is “no treatment”.”
    (Come back to the emergency hospital, when your lips turn blue)

    madamski cafone

    “I’m still reading the Urantia book, little by little.”

    I lack the patience these days for such an undertaking. Perhaps the tao te ching’s greatest virtue is its brevity? 🙂

    Mr. House

    “It’s really not that complicated.

    The data we have seen shows that, while some portion of vaccinated people do end up being carriers, they also have a greatly reduced risk of developing a severe case and dying.

    Based on the data from Israel and the UK; if everyone was vaccinated then the r0 would be halved, and hospitalizations and deaths would be an order of magnitude lower than if nobody had a shot.”

    Except we had that data before the jabs were even being applied, which was what some of us were pointing out last year. 94% of covid deaths had 2 or more co morbidities. Only 6% of all deaths died solely of covid. Most people didn’t even know they had it, remember? But we were told we couldn’t do anything until a vaccine is released. And now they’re using our own argument against us. Tell tale signs of gaslighting and lying.


    I just noticed the code for the closing video had been pretzeled. Back now. You have to click through the warnings, but that’s half the fun. Highly recommended.

    Mr. House

    the biggest co cause of death: Being fat. Has anyone heard .gov mention this or ask people to lose weight? Nope you just gotta get the jab and become our slave forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (hyperbole)

    those darned kids

    los gallinazos de la vida,
    no son como yo pensaba..

    those darned kids

    wow, mc, looks like you can only make the news if you come up with a novel way of homicide.


    madamski cafone

    fyi, at 9:57 PST, Raul’s closing video still malfunctions.

    madamski cafone

    The above is a test to see if some posting problems are just time-delays.

    madamski cafone

    “wow, mc, looks like you can only make the news if you come up with a novel way of homicide.


    Next thing you know, they’ll be attaching handles to the bricks, and then, sharpen the fuckers.

    those darned kids

    there’s no way an obesity warning will ever come out for covid. such a move would destroy one of america’s three remaining industries, highfructose hotdogs (the other two being deathmachines and financialfeverdreams).

    oops, almost forgot covid, the biggest of them all.

    madamski cafone

    The Quiet Kid

    A bit of emotional catharsis many of us can, I suspect, relate to.

    P.S. Youtube seems VERY interested in my/our TAE activ ity. It is obviously reflected in what my youtube feed is giving me.

    Mr. House

    WOW stole this from katniss everdeen at NC but my god how the gaslighting and flip flops have been disgusting. NO jab no job, but just listen to this from last year. thoughts deflationista?

    Mr. House

    Its all about the public health people! WE CARES ACT ABOUT YOU!


    They’re coming for my son.

    “Covid vaccines to be offered to all UK 16- and 17-year-olds

    “they will not need the consent of parents.” !

    This is the hill upon which I will die.

    Dr. D

    * All powers delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the CDC exclusively, along with any other powers we haven’t thought of yet.

    Hey, is overriding the Supreme Court, on purpose, just for openers, without any support from Congress, on the advice of a non-governmental advisory body, an impeachable offense?

    If not, what the heck would be?

    Mister Roboto

    Youtube seems VERY interested in my/our TAE activity.

    The algorithm is designed to keep giving you more of what it detects that you seem to want. For instance, five years ago, my suggested videos were overflowing with this or that johnny-come-lately anti-SJW channel. (Yes, I listened to Carl Benjamin AKA “Sargon of Akkad” for a while, and yes, I’m very embarrassed about that.) Now it’s full of Chris Martenson, John Campbell, and Bret Weinstein (who, with the exception of a few very compelling interviews, has mostly failed to capture my sustained interest). Or at least when I’m watching those kind of videos.


    “A townhall conference with The Truth For Health Foundation, “Stop the Shot… The Rest of the Story.” This online meeting will feature Dr. Peter McCullough, Attorney Thomas Renz, Dr. Michael Yeadon, Sister Deidre Byrne, Dr. Elizabeth Lee Vliet, Dr. Jose Trasancos, and other prominent physicians, scientists, attorneys, and religious leaders who will be discussing vital information related to the COVID jab, clinical trials, and more.”

    Video begins at 1hr:31min:05sec

    ‘Stop the Shot… The Rest of the Story’ Conference on August 4

    madamski cafone

    A glimpse of the state of affairs just a few years back, provided by an ancient aggregator called unknown news, run by dear old Harry and Helen Highwater:

    ubknown news

    Farmer McGregor

    You have to click through the warnings…

    Not really willing to create a new online identity just to watch a U-Tube vid.
    Anyone willing to do a ‘cliffs notes’ version?
    Hello TAE Summary, where are you? (Your notes are hysterical, btw)

    Doc Robinson

    sumac.carol linked “COVID-19 only kills people who were flu vaccinated.”

    I would bet big money that there is at least one counterexample to prove that headline wrong. That being said, there could be an association between prior flu vaccination and Covid deaths.

    A related study published in July:
    “Association of Influenza Vaccination and Prognosis in Patients Testing Positive to SARS-CoV-2 Swab Test: A Large-Scale Italian Multi-Database Cohort Study”

    Below is Figure 2b from that study, showing the “subgroup analyses of association between flu vaccination and COVID-19 mortality.” An interesting association was found:

    For ages less than 65, the Covid mortality “relative risk” for those vaccinated against the flu was found to be 1.10 which, being greater than one, is an increase in risk, not a reduction in risk. So there was an estimated 10% increased risk of Covid mortality associated with the patients who were vaccinated for the flu. The 95% Confidence Interval ranges from .97 to 1.25 (meaning that there’s statistically a 95% confidence that the risk is somewhere in the range from a 3% reduction of risk, to a 25% increase of risk.) Because the entire Confidence Interval is not completely above 1, this 10% increase in risk is not considered to be statistically significant (a larger study might resolve it one way or another).

    Mr. House

    read this and then wonder no more why everyone is going along with the narrative

    The CARES Act….The Beginning of the End of Western Democracy….

    those darned kids

    if we have case numbers, hospitalization numbers and mortality numbers, why don’t we have covid’s mentality numbers? seems to me that the R0 would be somewhere between those of chickenpox and measles.

    and what about covid’s morality numbers? just doesn’t seem very transmissible at all..

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