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    Claude Monet Camille Sitting on the Beach at Trouville 1870-71   • Vaccine Effectiveness Against Infection With Omicron Or Delta (medRxiv) • UK R
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle Christmas Eve 2021]

    V. Arnold

    Claude Monet Camille Sitting on the Beach at Trouville 1870-71

    Camille is not wearing a face mask…
    It is a vail (sp), a transparent face covering, which is a fashion of the times…


    Yesterday she WAS wearing a face mask, and plastic versions of this one are also everywhere. Eerily appropriate paintings somehow. In Greece, starting today, face masks are mandatory outdoors again. And you thought this is where science was born…

    V. Arnold

    Yesterday she WAS wearing a face mask,

    That’s not what I saw…
    …but then what do I know?


    what do you think she was wearing?

    V. Arnold

    what do you think she was wearing?

    The same face covering as in the orher painting…
    It was a fashion in those days as I recall, but then…I may be wrong… ‘-)

    Doc Robinson

    “The end of the pandemic will not be televised”

    From the British Medical Journal BMJ, “the covid-19 pandemic will be over when we turn off our screens and decide that other issues are once again worthy of our attention.

    There is no universal definition of the epidemiological parameters of the end of a pandemic. By what metric, then, will we know that it is actually over? The World Health Organization declared the covid-19 pandemic, but who will tell us when it’s over?

    The ubiquity of dashboards has helped create a sense that the pandemic will be over when the dashboard indicators all reach either zero (infections, cases, deaths) or 100 (percentage vaccinated). However, respiratory pandemics of the past century show that endings are not clear cut, and that pandemic closure is better understood as occurring with the resumption of social life, not the achievement of specific epidemiological targets…

    The notion, reinforced by dashboards, that a pandemic ends when cases or deaths drop to zero is at odds with the historical evidence that substantial influenza morbidity and mortality continues to occur, season after season, between pandemics…

    Some historians have observed that pandemics do not conclude when disease transmission ends “but rather when, in the attention of the general public and in the judgment of certain media and political elites who shape that attention, the disease ceases to be newsworthy.” Pandemic dashboards provide endless fuel, ensuring the constant newsworthiness of the covid-19 pandemic, even when the threat is low. In doing so, they might prolong the pandemic by curtailing a sense of closure or a return to pre-pandemic life.

    Deactivating or disconnecting ourselves from the dashboards may be the single most powerful action towards ending the pandemic. This is not burying one’s head in the sand. Rather, it is recognising that no single or joint set of dashboard metrics can tell us when the pandemic is over…

    Pandemics—at least respiratory viral pandemics—simply do not end in a manner amenable to being displayed on dashboards. Far from a dramatic “end,” pandemics gradually fade as society adjusts to living with the new disease agent and social life returns to normal.

    As an extraordinary period in which social life was upturned, the covid-19 pandemic will be over when we turn off our screens and decide that other issues are once again worthy of our attention. Unlike its beginning, the end of the pandemic will not be televised.

    The end of the pandemic will not be televised


    Wishing everyone on TAE a blessed merry Christmas!


    In both paintings Camille is wearing a veil. V. Arnold is right.

    In any case Merry Christmas to all


    Merry Christmas everyone. You have all been very important to me this last year. Helped reinforce my internal navigation which kept me strong. There have been difficult times with more ahead but this Merry band have so supportive and informative.
    Can’t thank you all enough.

    Dr. D

    Maybe I didn’t extend the whole idea yesterday. This BlackRock entity is a collective that has many parts, interlocking boards. Think of it like trees making a forest, nexus points in a fractally larger nexus point. As they wander, because they are cohesive, collusion, they can buy out and absorb other trees by attacking from several vectors and focusing their attack for a short time from several entities within their whole. So when Romney attacks and kills ToyRUs, you’d have the regulators attacking, changing rules on them at the same time you’d have a state or federal audit while hot competition in sensitive region, then their local bank cuts off their funding while Romey stands there with a warm blanket and a hot drink to sell at a profit into his loving arms.

    So what you have, is a Mafia. A mafia has many profit centers, blackmail (Facebook), loan sharking (banks), illegal weapons (military), drug running (pharma) and so on. So if you lose a hundred-billion dollar profit center, which the U.N. says is supporting the worldwide banking system like daily C130’s flying heroin out of Afghanistan, then they need to fill that hole in their organization with something else.

    This is not complicated. It only seems that way because you don’t realize legit restaurants like McDummies and flag-painted good guys like Raytheon, along with all the Judges and cops are working for the same team behind the scenes. That’s not to say sometimes there are not coincidences – there are – but that generally speaking at this point, the mafia is running almost the whole city. If some business owner or new D.A. appears to give them trouble, they can marshal forces from every side to put them down, capture them, gain control, and if necessary or for communication/entertainment value, kill them. This happens every day for real. Start a small business somewhere and find out.

    That’s what BlackRock is, in my opinion. But many other business – actually social – structures as well. “We” help “us.” “They” help “them”. It’s human nature. Where it’s illegal of course is when they collude to fix prices, create monopolies, buy regulators, steal money, rig votes, deal drugs, and kill people, of course.

    So that’s what you see in the news each day. Yes, the Popes are semi-autonomous gang that if the Keef got weak they would attack and take them, with real bullets. Or if City Hall got weak, the Black Disciples would move up into their fiefdom and run City Hall, absorbing the former City Hall mafia capos and soldiers. But that doesn’t make what I’m describing untrue as a structure. In general you have “The Kingpin” at the top in a penthouse estate, talking to the Mayor, and also up with donations and influence to the President and Senators. Down further through plausible front corporations they launder the bad money and direct their illegality on the side, off the books, down to the streets where it is all black and no white, that is, nobody stopping them, as they direct the police to stay out of zones, and it’s the law of the jungle, every man for themselves. …Surely you’ve all seen this in your cities as well. It’s not a mystery.

    Interlocking board ownership on a worldwide map is just the larger, slightly more legal version of this, because Mitch McConnell, with a 40% yoy return on investment, tied to China like $1B to Hunter’s latest painting, they write the laws so whatever crimes they wish WILL be legal, and have the best lawyers in the country making it so. But like I said, of course they are illegally conspiring on the side to attack, kill, and split up the carcass of ToyRUs, essentially illegally in 40 different ways.

    Oh, P.S. because of this: You’re the only person following the law. The people above you aren’t, and the people below you aren’t. ….Aaaaaand that makes you “The Sucker.” The Punk. The Rube. The Mark. If you’re not at the table, you’re dinner. So why do you worry about laws, what’s illegal, what the USSC, the crooked Kingpin above you says? He never followed the law in his life. Certainly the police don’t. Only you, their little pet poodle.

    Now, speaking of BlackRock and their published plans, I’ve often criticized these guys as wanting NeoFeudalism to turn the world into a giant hunting lodge. Goooo Greeeeen! Stones of Georgia! That’s why they have to corral you into 12 blesse’d cities, I mean hellscapes, with complete prison panopticon control of 5G tracking your movement down to the meter. The Hunger Games.

    Well in the U.S. and Europe they’re acting on that now, the “30-30 plan” to blow your head off. Biden wants to steal 30% of all land by 2030, to “protect it”. For the rich, who are the only people who could afford to holiday there with gas at $4 and steak at $10. ….And you think I’m kidding.

    If you remember, that’s what the Bundy thing was, Congress via Harry Reid wanted to steal their NV ranch to give to China, and everyone in the area sold – knowing what a “psychopathic, mass-murdering mafia” is, except the Bundys, so and thus the public standoff. But this is all over the West, and is causing a general uprising. Especially since EVERY PART IS ILLEGAL. Not just attacking and murdering ranchers, but the U.S. Federal government cannot own land. State land, no land. They are “Managing” land through the BLM, but over 100 years, everyone forgot they were the hired-in proxies to “help”, and now generally believe “it is Federal land”. IT. ISN’T. But anyhoo, that’s what Epstein, Weinstein, Ted Turner, and Biden have planned. NO RURAL PEOPLE, with their stupid guns and stupid hats, resisting all the time. What a bunch of Yankee Doodles. We claim their land, 30% at a time, make it legal to crush and evict, mock them in Slate for being too stupid to rent a U-Haul, shoot them all if they won’t, and sell their kids to 14-year old prostitution on the streets of Chicago like RBG said. Let the rats kill each other, I won’t care from Banff Hotel or Anderson Cooper’s Vanderbilt Estate. As long as they die somewhere else and be quick about it, that’s good by me.

    Like I said, same thing to drive out European farmers – oh wait, the Yellow Vests! Attacking the rural and farmers with gas prices! — in the middle of an unprecedented food shortage/price spike – when it’s all the same: kill everyone. Take their stuff. Use their stuff to kill more people. Move on. Kill more. Slightly more active Wendigo. The cannibalism of Moar.

    “The nationwide spike in Omicron cases this week has had a direct impact on our flight crews”

    Um. How? Because they got a head cold? Or are so many pilots dead you have no pool of replacements? A: Probably neither. We just made it all up. To excuse our piss-poor management and lack of planning. But as a government-protected monopoly we can’t go bankrupt so ha ha ha! “Capitalism”, suckers!

    2014 Maidan, when violent street protests toppled a democratically elected government.”

    Hey, remember those Serbian snipers that were hired, were on T.V. talking about it in Italy? Yeah, those were the days. Totally grass-roots uprising.

    Waitin’ on the clock, waitin’ on the collapse that will free these dogs of war to act. 1/6, elections, China, BTC Root, etc.

    Dr. D

    Oxy, wish I could get to you Florida, but the rowboat’s no so big. Besides, if everyone keeps retreating, what then?

    Dr. D

    “Democrats Insist That True Vaccines Haven’t Been Tried Yet” BBee

    “I know that fully vaccinated people are still catching and transmitting COVID, but that’s only because those first few vaccines weren’t TRUE vaccines. True COVID vaccines have never been tried,” explained a dancing AOC in her latest TikTok video. “The first 2 or 3 doses didn’t really count. We need everyone to take more boosters for the vaccines to actually be effective. That’s just science!”

    “Beloved infectious disease expert Dr. Anthony Fauci also confirms that Democratic messaging is scientifically accurate. When asked by CNN’s Anderson Cooper if people should continue to take booster shots for a vaccine that isn’t a vaccine, Dr. Fauci replied, “You know that’s a great question, but it’s just too soon to tell if a vaccine is a vaccine until it doesn’t work. So, I’m going to have to say that we need to keep jabbing and keep masking until something works. That’s science.”

    If it something never works, try, try harder.


    To be fair in those days wearing a veil was supposed to protect you from infectious diseases as we can see in this clip from the incomparable Death in Venice (1.18)


    Desiring A Better Country
    by Douglas Farrow (launched six days ago)

    “The Mask and the Face.” Powerfully spoken. Thanks for that Raul.

    Desiring something better and our struggle to actualize that desire is what connects us here at TAE. Truly appreciate this space and look forward to a new day.


    For Xmas – social and economic pressures by your leaders
    presented by your host – Raúl Ilargi Meijer
    Sample from
    70% Of London’s COVID Hospitalisations Diagnosed AFTER Being Admitted For Other Ailments
    Flight Cancellations On Christmas Eve Upend Holiday Travel
    Judgment Day: Sweden Vindicated
    …showing that almost all government interventions have been ineffective and unjustified…
    For Xmas – Snow and Cold has arrived in BC (wipe your drippy nose)
    Enjoy – Xmas gifts –
    Pandemic is over – zerosum



    Dr. D,

    Great, easy to understand summary of how the beast system is structured and operates. Thanks for that.


    Imperial County is blessed with doctors who saved lives by going against the medical establishment. I live in Orange County and use the VA healthcare system but if I get covid I am heading out to see one of these doctors.


    The BlackRock entity is ‘Circular Ownership”

    It is a particularly incestuous form of corporate ‘interlocking directorates’

    It purpose is maximum obfuscation.

    “They’, the billionaire boys club, are cowards (and vampires drinking children’s blood to stay immortal)

    ‘They’ can’t stand the light of day, like all vampires.

    The SCOTUS are the supreme cowards of the land starting with granting ‘personhood’ to a corporation.

    That one ruling is the keystone for eugenics re-branded as the transhumanist agenda.

    Like Dr Frankenstein, the Supreme Clowns have animated the inanimate.

    That’s a big deal in ‘jurisprudence’.

    The Supreme Clowns have created Life where there was none previously.

    BlackRock is alive!

    It’s better than discovering Fire!

    Dr. D


    RIM and V. Arnold- it is a veil in both pictures. They were only worn in the day (worn at night, it was a sign of “ill-repute”). I still remember my Grandmother carefully lifting hers with her gloved little fingers to give me a kiss. Why do you wear that? I asked, and she replied that it forgave her wrinkles.
    RIM- that Farrow letter is a treasure: “I will not speak against the mask through the mask, or against vaccine passports by first presenting one.” I hope Boogaloo reads the excellent appended piece on masks.
    The damage done to children will come back to bite us all.

    Merry Christmas, everyone.


    V. Arnold, Yes, it is a veil.

    These veils were attached to head dressings like hats (so no ugly straps and the like, and easy to remove, just take off your hat) and were very ‘light’ – sheer, see-thru, one would say today, but at the time supposedly lending an air of mystery to the eyes. That was the point, very-fashionable, super-sexy.

    Some covered the whole face, others went to the middle of the nose, or just down to below the nose.

    see here for ex.

    (—> some lovely paintings)

    A modern example from saatchi art (poor painting but gives the idea)

    A very joyful Christmas, or Happy Holidays to everyone, All my Best Wishes.


    In our small little town we’ve been referring to the University, and especially The Foundation wing of the university as a legal mafia, busy with legal grifting.

    Owning the fast food franchises on campus (so students don’t leak to town and spend their money), while paying little or no taxes; buying state-of-the-art food trucks for those areas farther away from dining rooms (no leaks!); “bookstores” in town that mainly sell perfumes and make-up (better margins for the managers, lower taxes, too); expensive golf courses designed by expensive ex-PGA pros, “because we have to be competitive with other schools”; and now construction of big buildings just off campus that will house upscale bars and restaurants (no/lower food taxes!) and office space they’ll rent back to the university (this is part of the great economy of ZIRP, they have few productive investments left).

    Election time rolls around and the bigshots have huge signs out front for (it’s a small town for a $1.8B university!) the judges and prosecutors…plus the wonderful dinners for local and statewide representatives.

    When the university big boys “retire”, the ones “in the club” get an office and secretary, etc, in a local public/private building, and a group of “fellows” (students) to do their tasks… as well as a stipend out of a Foundation slush fund.

    Internal auditors? On the staff, so don’t worry about it! New Executive Vice-President hired from the Gates Foundation – who do you want to talk to?

    It really is quite a slick operation! They make Capone look like a bit player! Scale is the only difference with BlackRock…

    Figmund Sreud

    Thinking of all of you on this forum this festive season and wishing you a joyful holidays!
    The Best Classic Christmas

    … best,


    Saul Goodman

    So all my kids are sick. I’m feeling like 90%. Kids all test negative for covid. I test positive. Wife isn’t sick.

    I am the only one with the Vax. Jnj. In October. Seems fishy.


    “Beloved infectious disease expert Dr. Anthony Fauci…”

    those darned kids

    Washington (AP) – Today, FDA regulators formally approved Pfizer’s (NYSE +13,234) new oral anti-logical, BIDENABLAB, after a thorough 17 minute review process and doughnut brunch. Diseased experts such as Dr. Anthony Fauci (NYSE +13,234) believe this new drug will “open new avenues for revenue and manipulation, keeping Americans protected from their own common sense in a safe and effective manner”.


    New Woke TV show: A Very Fauci Christmas


    those darned kids

    we really need god to appear in the sky right now: “ATTENTION HUMANS” etc.,

    those darned kids

    humans is the best!


    Did you blink? Its over.
    South Africa Eases COVID Restrictions After Omicron Peaks
    South African Health Minister Joe Phaahla said that only 1.7% of COVID cases in the current Omicron wave are being hospitalized, compared to 19% in the previous wave and that the vast majority of cases are “fairly mild.”



    That is one Cthulluian nightmare, with rampant codpiece and a pedophilic vibe a la H.R. Giger. Man do we live in interesting times.

    Veracious Poet

    Nice diatribe today Dr. D. (did you receive your doctorate yet?), but I’m afraid it may be a little over-the-top…

    Sure grand machinations of course do exist, just like every business obsessed with expanding profits conspires to separate $$$ from it’s customers, these are psychological/spiritual components that bind large portions of “humanity” together, like a pseudo mafia.

    The example of 13 year old mean girl cliques is an apt analogy for this toxic phenom…

    “Don’t judge me man!” is the defensive cry of pestilent child EGOs hiding in the darkness that are pained by the Light.

    We have several generations in western civ of child EGOs as progenitors, where the exponential spread of darkness in the psyche of society has created cultural norms malignant to the core ~ Pernicious worship of the child EGO has infected civilization, from top-to-bottom…

    At the nucleus of this unnatural state-of-being, deep in the bowels of the human conscientious for the majority, is a revulsion to powerlessness, an irrational fear of aging, disease, death & simply not feeding the insatiable desires of the child within.

    Thus the rejection of normalcy to mature into the Light, the craven choice to walk on the dark side of the street, chasing the illusions of control & material “power”…

    TPTB are nothing but the apex of that malady, having achieved illicit power through material wealth, political malfeasance, they are no different than the spiritless gang of 13 year old bitches that conspire to wield their conjoined darkness over the lives of those they spy as less than, within the limits of their “power”, with the goal of strengthening their darkness against the Light of Truth.

    And so it goes, from top-to-bottom, gangs of child EGOs seek others to conspire with to remove the burden of being on the “wrong” side…

    Modernity is rife with debauched groupings of child EGOs hellbent on normalizing the abnormal, destroying the mirror of sanity, because as their bodies age the child EGOs they cling to become more & more painful to endure, the more MAD they become.

    Those that live in the darkness have an underlying issue of hating themselves, cut off from the Light of Love, thus will engage in all sorts of EVIL to maintain their epidemic ~ In the darkness there is “No shame, anything goes…” :-

    Merry Christmas, may we all be blessed in Love as we struggle to walk on the sunny-side-of-the-street in this dystopian nightmare.


    Dr. D: JT performing The Water Is Wide. Thank you so much for that Xmas gift. Hadn’t heard it before.





    Happy Holidays and Hail Atlantis, y’all!

    Red and Green


    It looks like Ontario is successfully boosting the numbers of covid cases by rapidly increasing the number of booster shots! Yesterday it was only at 5,700 cases. Today it hit 9,500 cases!

    The pandemic of the stupid! Stupidity is very contagious!

    In other news, NORAD is currently tracking Omicron flying down from the North Pole. Omicron was heard to be muttering “Merry Christmas and Go Brandon Go!”

    Veracious Poet

    Children are of course a gift.

    They are also a great responsibility, an immense challenge for those that wish them to mature into the Light, for the dark path beckons very early in their lives ~ The Truth is we’re all born into selfishness, utterly dissolute in character.

    By about the age of seven the child either chooses & venerates the EXTERNAL Way of the Light, or the licentious path of INNER darkness…

    Here & there, occasionally sprinkled throughout history, children are born into Truth, even in the midst of chaos. This is a random appearance on the timeline, a gift to the society they are born into, like Jesus & other great spiritual teachers of antiquity.

    Then there are the debauched, immoral sad sacks (like myself, Buddha, St. Francis, St. Paul et al.) that have spiritual experiences where the Light of Love implodes their toxic EGOs into remission, many of which also become spiritual teachers for the ages as they struggle to stay on the Path of the Infinite…

    They are quickly hounded by a host of usurpers, wolves-in-sheep’s clothing (sociopaths), hellbent on corrupting & then destroying any new legacy of the Enlightened, if they are allowed the opportunity.

    For all that are aligned with the darkness constitute a consortium of power that hates & despises any who reject fealty to their voracious child EGOs, conspiring against ANYONE that has even a hint of being an agent of Light (Christ + disciples, Joan of Arc, William Wallace, Galileo, Sons of Liberty, Gandhi, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, and yes even Trump)…

    The current mass formation of psychosis, like all those that came before, is nothing more than the inevitable alignment of child EGOs trapped in darkness warring against the Light of Truth.


    To everyone on TAE, I would like say Happy Holidays and Seasons Greetings, Happy Christmas Eve, Happy Christmas Day, Happy Boxing Day (Canadian holiday).

    We are hopefully going to have a quiet Christmas. We are staying home. I hauled out our frozen turkey to thaw, but instructions said to cook it frozen since it is already stuffed! It is OK, we can say that because we are not in Australia!

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