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    GiveSendGo is legally correct that it has no legal obligation to adhere to the order of the Ontario Superior Court because that Court has no jurisdiction over U.S. activities. However, this will simply switch the burden of the restriction to the Canadian bank(s) that receive the funds from GiveSendGo, at least if the funds are transferred directly from GiveSendGo’s account and are readily identifiable as coming from that source. “Know your customer” protocols put in place to comply with money laundering laws will make it very difficult to end run the effect of this order, as banks are charged with the responsibility of querying the source of funds. Whoever or whatever organization in Canada is the charged with receiving and disbursing those funds to the individual truckers will then be denied access to those funds in its account.

    The Black

    My pronouns are Canadian Trucker


    “Until there’s a lightning bolt idea that ALL of the sane protesters take up as their rallying cry, backed by a universal law EVERYONE can agree with, it’s all just meaningless noise that’s more annoying than helpful…”

    Takes one to know one, VP. Fer chrissake, get a new armchair quarterback chair. This one smells of used Depends.


    “wo kinds of people think of “slashing tires”: juvenile delinquents and borderline exes.
    Maybe she’s telling a little too much about herself.

    Taking away the children of protesters would be an act of war.”


    D Benton Smith

    While allowing a little time for events and the hangman to catch up with Klaus Schwab, why don’t we “Cancel” him first? Isn’t that what “Cancel Culture” is meant for? Social “distancing” ?

    When his former pals realize that ol’ Klaus is going to swing by his neck until dead I bet they would consider that now would be a good time to put some “distance” between themselves and the soon to be most unfortunate Herr Schwab.


    I’m sure I’ve said something like this before. Let’s go for two:

    Societies, like temples, are built symmetrically. Foundations are like that, needing to be square and level to support a structure.

    Later, the strong foundation gets weakened by other factors and the structure collapse. The main culprit is gravity, which is literally the symmetry of space-time.

    When things fall, they fall symmetrically. Makes it look like it was planned (which, for all know, 911 was a controlled demolition; don’t care). Gravity pulls down in straight lines that impart symmetry even to free falling clusters like rain.

    We’ve predicted this collapse for a long time. Why some of us insist on believing that this collapse is actually a conversion, a reset to some Orwellian monolith, really intrigues me.

    We cherish symmetry, it seems to me, so much so that we project symmetry into chaos even if the projection has a villain’s profile. It also has to do with our childish belief that blame and shame are conflict resolution.

    This inherent symmetry is why the sky cannot go up forever as the stock marketeers wish to believe but, instead, like all things, must come down… generally in as straight a line as possible and at speeds high enough to destroy upon impact.


    Keep looking up until you get run over or smack into a brick wall.

    those darned kids

    Ontario just declared a State of Emergency. $100,000 fines and jail time.


    “Michigan Moms Raise $39,000 to Feed CONVOY TRUCKERS in Detroit…”


    Our rulling elite snobs are demonstrating the intelligence of the village idiot. No, I’m not referring to the boy who said, “The emporeur has no clothes “.

    D Benton Smith

    Covid-19 is Anthony Fauci’s third ( THIRD, mind you !) mass murder for personal material gain. That he must be conclusively punished goes without being said. But although this is one of the most immediate problems it is not the most important problem. The most vitally important problem, the core problem, is that our current system of civilization allowed ( nay, ENABLED) him to do it. In future this must be prevented or avoided in some manner as yet uncodified.

    The solutions must be very closely related to Natural Law , personal freedom , individual sovereignty and freedom of speech. We must polish those valuable treasures up, and to do that we’re going to need some saints and philosophers to help out the political scientists and legal scribes little bit.

    We must never get this close to the irrecoverable precipice again.

    those darned kids

    “although these measures are temporary, we will enact legislation to make them permanent.”

    D Benton Smith

    Freedom is a “Chapel Perilous” , maybe the most perilous of all. Too much or too little is FATAL, and the balance point between those two essential necessities (Freedom & Restraint) is finely sharp, narrow and delicate indeed.


    Plus if the tire has a lock ring on the rim that could jump off with explosive force, enough to decapitate someone.


    Ontario just declared a State of Emergency. $100,000 fines and jail time.

    Most of the Canadians I have run into have been honkers.

    Seems like the Premier and his ilk don’t like to be the ones getting goosed.

    Color me blackfaced.


    Interesting! that the ‘opposition’ to the NWO (a nebulous concentration of interests, powers, undefined) that is having some success are Canadian truckers.

    Truckers have massive, heavy, powerful machines at their disposal (need fuel of course.) They are not slight or fatty vulnerable bodies on the pavement with carboard protest signs, potential targets for rubber bullets.

    Note the trucker ‘protest’ is in some ways similar to the Yellow Vests in France (before Covid.) Their tactic was to create disturbance by blocking with cars, which also affords some protection, physical, and legal.

    Both were, are, spurred by limitations to their activity entirely dependent on fossil fuels. Y-Vs, price of diesel, to drive to their jobs / do them / ferry family members; Truckers, permits to cross a border, keep their jobs, circuits, pay…

    The Y-Vs implemented a well-known strategy of multiple hot-trouble-spots.

    **You don’t concentrate in one or two areas, you create multiple small disturbances.**

    Because such actions are hard or impossible to supress, if enough small spots .. plus can be, are, used to get ppl on board, one can communicate, talk, gather adherents, etc..

    sidebar. — The PTB and the MSM have conditioned ppl to believe the only way to disagree is huge protests in central public places, the more massive the better. DON’T do it, find any other way, anything at all.. —

    Y-Vs had some success, imho the somewhat minor, symbolic and or temporary concessions of the Macron Gvmt. amounted to any kind of victory, .. OK, incrementation. Also, note the Y-Vs didn’t ‘lose’ and they are still active and ready to go…again.

    The Truckers seem to have a more concentrated, centralised approach, Idk enough about Canada to judge this, also the MSM reporting is as usual slanted, unreliable, etc. So who knows.

    Figmund Sreud

    Canadians are pussies? How did that happen?

    Well, … just about 66-2/3% of Canadians are perma-pussies. Yes! Even today, … in my self-declared “Redneck Country” Alberta, in Edmonton, … pussies:

    Edmonton exploring own proof-of-vaccination program after Alberta’s cancelled

    … Calgary is not far behind:
    Calgary council balks at possibility of local vaccine passport system

    Pressure is immense, most folks I know on the streets think that Alberta’s Premier Jason Kenney is an idiot and will be replaced soon, …

    Kenney’s next, Alberta MLAs say, following O’Toole’s departure as leader

    … fwiw,


    TAE Summary

    * Allons-y Justin

    * A big rig, we must make them pay.
    A box cutter, automatic weapons, a tow truck, – and Thou
    Beside me slashing tires along the way –
    Our Terrorism is Democracy now.
    — The Rubaiyat of Juliette Kayyem

    * GiveSendGo – Sharing Hope through CrowdFunding
    ShutdownSeizeArrest – Sharing Despair through GovernmentMandates

    * The recombinant DNA “sneaks past” their body’s defenses.
    Why would we want that? OK, it’s a rhetorical question.
    — Klaus Schwab

    * If a tree is chopped down in the forest but you didn’t collect the data, is it still rotting on the forest floor?

    * Man: (Knocks)
    Expert: Come in.
    Man: Ah, Is this the right room for discussing Covid treatments?
    Expert: I told you once.
    Man: No you haven’t.
    Expert: Yes I have.
    Man: When?
    Expert: Just now.
    Man: No you didn’t.
    Expert: Yes I did.
    Man: You didn’t!
    Expert: I’m telling you I did!
    Man: You did not!!
    Expert: Oh, I’m sorry, just one moment. Is this a five minute Covid treatment discussion or the full half hour?
    Man: Oh, just the five minutes.
    Expert: Ah, thank you. Anyway, I did.
    Man: You most certainly did not.
    Expert: Look, let’s get this thing clear; I quite definitely told you.
    Man: No you did not.
    Expert: Yes I did.
    Man: No you didn’t.
    Expert: Yes I did.
    Man: Oh I’ve had enough of this.
    Expert: No you haven’t.
    Man: Oh Shut up.


    Now our provincial conservative Ontario premier is bringing in repressive actions against the trucker occupation. These rules will assuredly be used to quash any protest. Shall I thank the truckers? Why did they not protest legally? Anyone expect truckers to appear at the next Extinction Rebellion?

    Bringing children to such a protest is absolutely beyond the pale. These folks want to protect their kids from vaccines but bring them to a protest involving illegal activities (leave aside exposing them to diesel exhaust fir 24 hours a day).

    I agree we are in collapse, not centrally planned-just the normal ebb and flow of civilization (yup that story about ever-improving life was just a nice story).

    A word to the was on mass formation and related concepts: Just finished Bob Prechter’s book on Elliott Waves. My take away is that this can happen to multiple social groups at different scales- no need for huge groupings. All these is needed is the right conditions, including high anxiety/fear and imperfect information. These conditions exist on all sides of the covid issue…


    “Ontario just declared a State of Emergency. $100,000 fines and jail time.”

    You can probably get a cop chopped for $20K. Politicians are generally too stupid to know when they’re licked. You have to explain it to them. With color-coded slide shows and cookies.


    “We must never get this close to the irrecoverable precipice again.”

    But we’re already there and you know it just as you know it we have virtually no ability as a species to collaborate non-destructively outside our tiny greedy spheres.

    We’re at the precipice already. Human population should in 100 years be a small, maybe even minute, fraction of what it is now, and that small surviving fraction will not include the likes of Gates, who is environmentally inclusively unfit to survive outside of academia and the lawyer-protected world (mostly imaginary) in which he lives.

    The idea of salvage beyond personal<>small clan size makes no sense to me. We won’t salvage as a civilization. To the extent that we try, it will mostly be an excuse to kill more of each other fighting over a landfill.

    We have invoked here the Titanic metaphor dozens of times. We do so because it is an apt comparison. We are going down as a civilized species. Thinking along the lines we’ve been taught to by said civilization is counter-productive. Civilization is over, just running on inertia.

    We have been very very very very very very very very naughty, and the piper WILL be paid.

    No, I don’t like this and I wish it weren’t so, but I’m strung out on truth, the wise monkey on my back, and the truth is that Titanic thing, and the water be cold, dark, and deep. There aren’t remotely enough lifeboats so perhaps we should work on cherishing each other and what we’ve got while we still have it and our lives.


    Me, I’d love to be younger and freezing in Ottawa just so I could be part of something human and at least halfway sane and kind.


    “Why did they not protest legally?”

    You’re, um, kidding, right? I mean, srsly, you’ve got to be joking. Innocent people are being murdered and oppressed and you think the protest is invalid because it isn’t legally sanctioned by those doing the murdering and selling out?

    You don’t come to a knife fight with a piece of paper. You come with a sword.

    those darned kids

    Mister Roboto
    those darned kids

    D Benton Smith


    Teetering on the brink is what we do, Boz. Us quasi-humanoids are fairly good at it . . . as a result of long long long practice. (so far so good, humans) This is still a particularly close call, that’s all. We really are too close to the edge, but there’s a damned good chance that we’re NOT going to extinct ourselves THIS time. Now it is time to pendulum back in the other direction for a while (with hopefully survivable consequences from the inevitable overshoot) .

    Balance is the key to all things.


    “Ontario just declared a State of Emergency. $100,000 fines and jail time”

    Anyone issuing such an order just bumped themselves up from heavy jail time for Crimes Against Humanity to a Capital Offense.

    The lists are being compiled of the Quislings, in Canada and elsewhere, they are just to stupid to know they are putting their necks in the noose.

    There will be no place for them to hide that can’t be parsed by Web source sleuthing and street tips.

    The Internet is a two way avenue, Big Tech surveils you but I can also surveil and locate politicians, doctors, administrators, traitor cops, etc, you name it. I can find them and so can other even far more talented Web sleuths. They are not as hidden as they seem to think they are.

    Edward Snowden has spoken of the citizen sleuth archiving the Intel agencies crimes and I’m just guessing, the ultimate deadman switch is a list of all the real names and addresses and locations of members of the Intel community, personally, right down to their street addresses and their kindergarten grades.

    Snowden might have such a list as an ‘insurance policy’. Russian Intel knows Western Intels personnal details but does not release them out of a concern for ‘mutually assured destruction’ of their own agents.

    I remember studying Physics and a Professor lecturing about gravity. He said you can’t see gravity but you can see the effects of it, which is almost as good.

    The test of Einstein’s assertion that Gravity could bend Light had to wait for the experiment where a star passed behind the Sun and it’s position while behind the Sun could be calculated very accurately by the even progression of it’s speed by time elapsed so you would know when it would precisely emerge from behind it.

    The image of the star did not emerge on Time according to the calculations because Gravity had bent the light arriving to the observer, proving that Gravity effects Light. A big deal as I remember it.

    The point here is that Satanic Blood Drinking Pedophile Clowns in the Moonlight like Turdeau and his ilk are moved by much larger gravitational forces, like the Billionaire Boy’s Club War Criminals. (BBCWC)

    Turdeau in turn exerts his own weaker gravitational force on local Canadian Flunkies.

    The goal of the ‘connect the dots’ internet sleuthing is to look for where ‘the Light’ is being bent to lead you to the force being exercised behind the scenes.

    Much like ‘the chain of custody’ in legal matters in court, the thing needing exposure here is the ‘chain of command custody’, an organizational map showing how the bit players are made to dance the Hokey Pokey for their Lord & Masters.

    Venn Diagrams of relation and more importantly, Overlap.

    The Billionaire Boy’s Club War Criminals (BBCWC) are cowards to the core.

    It’s their primary psychological characteristic, it’s there Tell and predictor.

    Some people think that reckless anonymous behavior is courage. It’s not.

    The Billionaire Boy’s Club War Criminals are deeply profoundly deranged psychopaths, they have no courage if you ever identify, reveal and corner them in public.

    Look at Turdeau

    Quasimodo was a cruel nickname and slur for the character in Victor Hugo’s story.

    Quasimodo roughly means: Almost a Man

    Turdeau actually deserve the taunt and epithet, while the tragically heroic Hunch Back does not.


    Mister Roboto
    Figmund Sreud

    Wow, … just overheard moments ago – CBC News – that the Canadian banksters (BMO, BNS, CM, NA, TD, RY) will not allow any money transfers to the accounts that are collecting funds for “Freedom Convoy or any other associated causes!



    Bitcoin will

    D Benton Smith


    I SO agree with Dr. Ritz.

    Those who back-pedal and equivocate NOW , after the damage is done and so many millions have been killed outright or poisoned to die later . . . deserve to hang with the rest of the killers. To genuinely repent and seek to make meaningful amends is one thing . . . but to just cover ones ass is quite another. They will be judged in the Court of Public Opinion, and sentences shall be carried out accordingly.


    You don’t need or want several million in one big transfer.

    Break it into thousands of bitcoin transactions, nothing will stop it or trace it.


    You need diesel fuel and cans, find or help a vendor willing to sell with a Bitcoin wallet, transfer the funds from a central Bitcoin account to them. Food, same deal. Legal bills, same deal. Hotels rooms, same deal


    I’m sure GoSendMe would like to kick Turdeau in the Nads

    GoSendMe can figure out Bitcoin transferring in a New York Minute


    “Wow, … just overheard moments ago – CBC News – that the Canadian banksters (BMO, BNS, CM, NA, TD, RY) will not allow any money transfers to the accounts that are collecting funds for “Freedom Convoy or any other associated causes!”

    They’re probably trying to provoke violence so they can send in shock troops.

    After which it will be over for the bankstahs. Truckers are way tougher than some corp goon municipal shock troops.

    When people actually fight, they generally win. Bullies know this and work at convincing others that fighting won’t work. Actually, it works extremely well, which is why all states are founded on Monopoly on Violence.

    You’re in a tank. Some semi full of av fuel is coming straight at you. By the time you can aim and fire, the explosion will take out you, the truck, and Trudeau’s facial pubes.

    This is the time when governments turn on their people. You either fight or get swallowed. With Euromerican governance, which hasn’t won an actual war since maybe WWII, the people will win… if they fight.

    But the people are no longer even a “great beast” but, rather, a gross blob. But truckers… truckers are always outside the office, always ten seconds away from major calamity, dependent on themselves and each other.

    Biggest damn semper fi in the nations, truckers ar. Jarheads don’t even come close.


    “Wow, … just overheard moments ago – CBC News – that the Canadian banksters (BMO, BNS, CM, NA, TD, RY) will not allow any money transfers to the accounts that are collecting funds for “Freedom Convoy or any other associated causes!”

    I doubt it, but maybe people will withdraw money from those banks in significant numbers. I kinda doubt it but it would surely work.

    those darned kids

    ol’ doug sure looks like he likes having cake and eating it, too.

    lotsa cake.

    those darned kids

    My pronouns are Canadian Trucker

    I am guessing this woman is likely one of you:

    Veracious Poet

    Today’s happy thoughts from the Associated Proglodyte word monkeys (AP):

    What new study says about effectiveness of COVID booster during omicron surge

    An early look at the performance of COVID-19 booster shots during the recent omicron wave in the U.S. hinted at a decline in effectiveness, though the shots still offered strong protection against severe illness.

    The report, published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Friday, is considered an early and limited look at the durability of booster protection during the omicron surge that exploded in December and January but has been fading in recent weeks.

    “COVID-19 vaccine boosters remain safe and continue to be highly effective against severe disease over time,” said Kristen Nordlund, a CDC spokesperson.


    “Teetering on the brink is what we do, Boz.”

    This ain’t teetering. This is the rush before going over the edge. We’ve been teetering since WWII, majorly since 2000. This isn’t Niagara, this is The Falls. Seems almost smooth at first.


    “I am guessing this woman is likely one of you:”

    I didn’t know that was your mother, def.

    Next question: who’s your daddy?

    You suck so bad at your job, def.

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