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    Richard Oelze The expectation 1936   • Why The Freedom Convoy Is Provoking Unprecedented Hysteria (Marsden) • GiveSendGo To Ignore Ontario Court
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    So Madame wants to slash the tyres and drain the fuel of the fleet of vehicles capable of delivering food.

    Death Cult

    Just Some Randomer

    “Slash the tires, empty gas tanks, arrest the drivers, and move the trucks”

    Um – you haven’t thought this sequence of events through, have you Juliette?

    An instructive illustration of the cognitive abilities of minor government apparatchiks these days though, I guess.

    Dr. D

    “Slash the tires THEN move the trucks.” …Said someone who’s never done any work ever. How do these morons get to work in the morning? “I know: I’ll slash my tires, THEN drive to Harvard.”

    Okay, suppose it’s not this then that, just a mis-speak. She tows them all to an impound lot – the size of the Superbowl; using tractor-sized wreckers that are very rare – and THEN slashes their tires? While they are in legal custody of the State? And then you remit the trucks when adjudicated and paid…when those trucks CAN’T be removed now? Uh-huh. There is no sense in them. And you wonder why I make fun of Harvard and Yale. They can’t tell “moving” from “not moving”. FAS children under the age of five can at least do that.

    “Canada has absolutely ZERO jurisdiction over how we manage our funds here at GiveSendGo..”

    I’d be careful since there’s no rule of law left. They will just charge you with trafficking, funding terrorism, ‘cause they feel like it. 10 years in court, no evidence required. ‘Cause no Constitution that requires evidence and a speedy trial. Or even jurisdiction. Ask Assange. This is why you do it via Crypto which has no nexus point. If it has a nexus point (Fed Coin, XRP, EOS) then it’s not crypto.

    Lifting Restrictions Could Cause Canadians Anxiety (CP)”

    Where I am in the U.S. it will cause anxiety and meltdowns among those I know. They’re already buckign and denying everything the CDC now admits. They are in fact CDC deniers, and the CDC under Biden, their leader. Some of whom are medical people. And haven’t read a single study on Covid and never will while berating the rest of us for our ignorance and recklessness. What could be more reckless than refusing to read medical studies then practicing?

    ““If doctors and academic journals can’t debate publicly, then it’s not science at all. It’s religion.” • Big Tech Censored Dozens Of Doctors, Over 800 Accounts (DC) “

    Yes but if ONLY Big Tech did this it wouldn’t be a problem; they would debate like before, in their own subset. But when Fauci et al use the full force of their position and all government resources, co-aligning budgets of several more organizations, AND corrals the media into open smears (all of which has been proven, including paying/withholding massive multi-million budgets, legal actions, AND pulling licenses) then we have no debate and no science. So the CDC, WHO, etc are anti-Science organizations and should be recognized and treated as such. Beyond paying to have it created in the first place, against specific laws that are felony mass-murder and war crimes. They are fatal to life on earth and medicine in general, and a threat to all human health.

    “Oddly, for the issue of the day, the data on myocarditis was all hidden in the supplementary appendix to the paper..”

    We can say anything but what’s real. The only enemy is Truth.

    “..determined within 3 hours of visiting the Wuhan lab in February 2021 that there was no leak..”

    So you proved a negative. AND in three hours? Wow, for the double play of #moronic #illogic.

    “Russell Brand”

    Jimmy Dore points out that the writers and critics of Brand, but also the Trucker protest and everything else, are getting checks from FIVE billionaires. (Of many examples, I think this one: From Bezos, from Omidyar at the Intercept, Katzenberg, and more)

    So yes, totally believe five billionaires and not working people, especially when they tell you the dead-opposite of everything you know to be true. Like that Russell Brand is “Right Wing” when he’s further Left than Kropotkin. Remember: Bernie is right wing now! The minute he annoyed Hillary.

    As per yesterday’s (Wednesday’s) comment on Socialism, means-of-production, etc. The National Guard has now been called in to drive school buses. School buses. Yes, okay, medical, uh, yeah, but there are so few of them, and the doctors are from the same states? Nurses? Yeah, okay, there are a few more of those maybe? Just as common health-support aides who just show up to hospitals? Uh, maybe, but again, you’d need 10,000 to turn the dial AND those Guardsmen have valuable day jobs you are taking them FROM.

    But Substitute teachers and Bus Drivers???

    I’ve got a guess. Lost the article now but NPR maybe? “Substitute Teachers Make $15/hr, here’s why that’s a problem” etc. Example:

    Bus drivers: same. Nurses? Not paid enough, who are quitting due to s—t conditions with record-high health care profits and CEO pay. While those CEOs attempt WAGE CAPS and RE-ENACT SLAVERY laws not allowing them to quit. ‘Cause the one thing Nixon taught us is price caps never lead to shortages. /s

    …But you can’t. THE ONLY THING YOU CAN DO IS INCREASE WAGES. And radically improve conditions.

    But CORPORATIONS – monopolies and their insider lobbyists – don’t WANT to pay higher wages. They make YOU pay the wages. By calling in the courts, slandering the ‘heroes’, re-instating slavery laws, and using the National Guard. Now for everything I guess?

    Have we reached the horizon of Soviet Socialism yet? Where everyone who is employed now works for the State? And the paychecks are all equal but terribly low, whether you work or not?

    No free market. None. Corporations, in a merger with Government, say “No.” No free markets. WE MUST NOT DISCOVER FAIR MARKET PRICES!!! Or the whole shebang goes “Boom”.

    So great! Good plan, Brownie! How many Soldiers do you think there are in America? …Well not enough to be every Doctor, Nurse, Aide, teacher, bus driver, and plumber! I’ll tell you that!

    The PMCs will never cave. EVER. They will die first. Or actually kill you first until you chuck them in the river and disempower them. Please do.

    By the way, at a time when they’re activating the National Guard for like a shortage of donuts? ‘Cause they couldn’t call an Uber? But like the hospitals they are both disabling AND firing all the same soldiers they are calling on for wrongthink. So no soldiers either even when they ALREADY weren’t doing their normal HVAC, truck driving, manufacturing job.

    So you’ve removed a teacher to add them as a teacher? Borrowed a free bus driver to be a military bus driver? Oh no: we would never do that. We’re getting rid of TWO teachers. And a soldier. To replace that one teacher. We’ll print money and make it up on the volume!

    Good job, Brownie.

    Bad. At. Math.

    Yesterday’s REAL math: inflation highest since 1981. So Fed’s rates are +7% behind the curve, that is, +700 basis points? Yes. Officially.

    So the Fed is going to raise 2% a pop four times in 6 months to get under control right? Uh, I don’t think so.

    So market crash? Because inflation up? Or market up instead? Look at it this way: if I can borrow at 1% and make 11% on stocks rising solely via inflation fire hose, “money printer go brrrr”, will I borrow and goose stocks more? YOU’RE D—N RIGHT I WILL. Shut up and take my money! Double my already nose-bleed leverage! So says Armstrong, top trader and strategist: It isn’t rates – by raw number — that causes it. This is 10x the profit of the old 5-8-4, that is, pay at 5%, lend at 8%, and be on the golf course by 4pm. That’s sub-3% profit, with most of it eaten by having to do actual work originating actual loans with actual creditors.

    So 1% borrowing and making 11%, 18%, 25% gains on sheer inflation? Will the rich get richer in that world? Yes. Will the Fed continue to get air-cover from every insider, billionaire, media mogul, and media page because of that? To the death. Especially 100% of the government, all 535 of them? Psaki says ‘Let the people drink margaritas.’ Sounds like we have a plan, Jimmy. “Inflate or Die” (that is, YOUR dying) Or in fact, “Inflate AND die.” It’s always been one-way, but they’ll be so rich and powerful by then whatcha gonna do about it? This is why Zimbabwe was the best performing stock market in the world.

    This is what you have if you stay inside the US Dollar system. Get out. The only way this doesn’t happen is if liquidity actually falls like they claim.

    But don’t join up and protest or anything. I might have to be in the same 50k person crowd as Jimmy Dore and Russell Brand or slightly leftist ecological protesters from Canada, and I wouldn’t want that. Just take the house arrests, 25% losses, lie back, and think of England. You know, while you eat the bugs, from raw freezing poverty this time. I guess I’m afraid if I protest this time I somehow won’t be able protest next time, should someone less-good get into office because of it? Like after this I’m retiring from opinions or something? Or actually the opposite: if they shut down the protest in Ottawa, protesting as Canada knows it will be over.

    We must stay divided at all costs! “What do we want? Division! When do we want it? Now!!!” I will not work with or buy things from companies including thieves and cheats and scoundrels, although I always have. I will not eat in a diner with rapists or racists … although I always have. But I just didn’t ask, I wasn’t God, and therefore didn’t KNOW it when I was sitting there, although statistically it must, has to be true, so that’s all okay then! Same with protests: All I have to do is deny all MY side are made of humans and therefore have all the same faults, have committed nearly all the same affronts, and Bob’s your Uncle!

    Not making fun of PMCs, but here is a plaintive article by them on “Why We Are Never Satisfied”

    “I found that list … when I was 48, and realized that I had achieved every item on it. I had been a tenured professor, then the president of a think tank. I was giving frequent speeches, had written some books that had sold well, and was writing columns for The New York Times. But none of that had brought me the lasting joy I’d envisioned. Each accomplishment thrilled me for a day or a week—maybe a month, never more—and then I reached for the next rung on the ladder. I’d devoted my life to climbing those rungs. I was still devoting my life to climbing—beavering away 60 to 80 hours a week to accomplish the next thing, all the while terrified of losing the last thing.”

    Yes. Why? And how’d you never think of this before? In grade school or grad school? Oh well, we all have our times and ways. Or, translation: Harvard and the NY Times are s—t. Why slave for them? Live your life.

    “CDC Director Now Says to Just Do Whatever Texas Did 12 Months Ago” –BBee, …but also completely for real.

    Yeah, we were pretty much wrong about literally everything. Sorry!” –CDC Bezos keeps the money tho’.

    Day #441 of Pancake-on-Head not addressing data, but only ad-hominem popularity. But not to fear: Joe Rogan is more popular, therefore his Science is now right! Whoever wins on Twitter is Science! Those are the rulz. Pancake sez.

    And another day that Workers of the World Unite! Stop uniting! Stop it! I’ll call mommy on you!


    “Slash the tires THEN move the trucks.

    She’s a national security analyst for CNN. That’s all the info we need.

    More concerning is that child protective services are getting involved in Ottawa, threatening to take away the children of the people protesting.

    There are some real crazy people out there.


    Thanks for all you do Ilargi. Great stuff.


    Two kinds of people think of “slashing tires”: juvenile delinquents and borderline exes.
    Maybe she’s telling a little too much about herself.

    Taking away the children of protesters would be an act of war.

    I hope I can get back to sleep.

    Doc Robinson

    On that list of Joe Rogan’s Right Wing Guests is the name Tulsi Gabbard.

    Tulsi Gabbard posted this yesterday:

    “Now here’s something you are not going to hear on the mainstream media. What you do hear is warmongers arguing that we must protect Ukraine because it is a “democracy”, but they’re lying. Ukraine isn’t actually a democracy. For example, to hold on to power, Ukraine’s president shut down the three TV stations that were openly criticizing him and his policies, imprisoned the head of the opposition political party that had come in second place in their elections, and went and arrested and jailed that party’s leaders. This is exactly what Putin has been accused of doing. But Ukraine did this all with the support of the United States.”

    Veracious Poet

    Until there’s a lightning bolt idea that ALL of the sane protesters take up as their rallying cry, backed by a universal law EVERYONE can agree with, it’s all just meaningless noise that’s more annoying than helpful…

    Imagine if you will a majority of humanity agreeing on one precept as having primacy, through which all problems are immediately sorted by their severity, like this:

    The state of nature has a law of nature to govern it, which obliges every one: and reason, which is that law, teaches all mankind, who will but consult it, that being all equal and independent, no one ought to harm another in his life, health, liberty, or possessions ~ John Locke 1690

    Yeah, errr no…too simple ~ No EGO pumping with the genius words painted on your precious sign, that you forgot that you heard on TV…

    Besides, all the “special” people that to rape, loot, pillage, plunder & murder might be outed for their psychotic behavior. Then there are those times when you “harm another in his life” cause you was high, or stupid, or really didn’t mean it ~ Don’t judge me man!

    Where do rights come from again?

    Ain’t I more specialness than those (D) (R) lunatic morons?


    Where do rights come from again?
    Human imagination.

    a kullervo

    Am I the only one who thinks Prometheus wasn’t punished enough?
    And what a punishment it was, with the psychological part arguably harsher than the physical one.

    (No, I’m not the only one: at least the person who came out with that myth also thought that Prometheus deserved all the pain he could get but wasn’t able then to devise an even more gruesome ordeal.)

    And no, it isn’t despair, it’s only old age, fatigue and sadness. I’m just an average schmuck, born and raised in one of Western Europe’s poorest countries, who along with all the other simple folk of my generation (born in the early nineteen sixties) was conditioned into believing that things could only get better, that we were working to make things easier and more enjoyable for our children and grandchildren. And now, being unable to ignore the signs of the impending inordinate (compared to what my generation have experienced) amount of pain that the younger generations more likely than not will have to endure due to their ancestors’ hubris is just one of those burdens I would rather not have to bear.


    Satisfaction? Contentment might be a better thing to look out for. Find contentment in things that take up your time without maximizing your spending. I spend a lot of time in my gardens during the season and also fly fishing, both require little in the way of expensive or ongoing financial inputs after initial start up costs. They don’t need replacement parts very often, not counting the flies that a person can destroy or lose, I have garden tools I use regularly that my grandfather used when I was just a little toe rag following him around the garden. He was born in 1892! some still have the wooden handles in them I watched him create out of an ash log on his draw bench with his draw knife, both of which I still have. I have to rebuild the draw bench as it is getting too wobbly now and is a bit small for me any how.

    those darned kids

    i ain’t right wing, i ain’t left wing,
    i’m the whole goshdarn turkey!!!

    John Day

    The Artist above, Richard Oelze was German.
    He painted The Expectation in 1936.
    He lived until 1980, I read.
    I feel like that painting now…

    John Day

    Do not try to destroy a high pressure truck tire when it is pressurized.
    Fortunately they are far, far tougher than car tires, and mainly lose the tread.
    All those steel sidewall plies will resist your knife.

    Armor piercing ammunition from an assault rifle would work.
    Stand back a bit.
    Devil’s in the details, ya’know?

    John Day

    @VP Gary: I agree in principle, but the unifying impilse does not have to be intellectual, nor does it have to spread through words and concepts, though the “Zeitgeist” will evoke certain core concepts, like Freedom/Slavery and Noble-Cause…
    That’s what my observations, reading of history, and attention to the late 1960s and our current societal morass lead me to believe.
    I feel it.
    My hypothesis is refutable.
    Hive mind collective-unconscious/conscious takes over in critical times (or it does not).
    Narrative and history are the story made up about what happens…

    John Day

    oops: “unifying impulse”…

    those darned kids

    important repost:

    John Day

    @Red: Grandpa Was A Carpenter, John Prine

    @A Kullervo: I looked up Kullervo. Finland?

    @Doc Robinson: Is Tulsi pregnant? It’s about time. (She’s 40)
    She has a smooth, warm glow in her voice.
    I notice those little zippers on her pockets. She’s more bosomy than before…
    I hope she is. She would be a fine, fine mother.

    John Day

    @All-Y’all: Go easy on the doctors. I’m still one, despite being fired.
    My daughter is one, in the university teaching hospital where she went to med school. She volunteered to have the first COVID ward. She got swept along with the current of protocols.
    She is trying to help without breaking rules and protocols, and it mainly is helping extended family quietly.
    Yes, “unwitting foot soldiers of global elites”.
    “Think like a doctor” got replaced with “out of compliance” as a mindset after doctors lost control of medicine/hospitals to corporations/bureaucrats.
    It was NOT perfect before, but it did not get safer or better for patients, just more layers of profit and lies and hurdles to jump…

    those darned kids

    Governor Newsom Signs $1.9 Billion COVID Package to Bolster State’s Ongoing Emergency Response

    if you’ve got the money, you might as well have an emergency..

    “California has led the nation’s fight against COVID-19 with a comprehensive response that has saved countless lives. As we emerge from the Omicron surge, we’re not letting our guard down,” said Governor Newsom. “The COVID Emergency Response Package will ensure the state has the resources to continue tackling this challenge head-on, with funding to enhance our testing and vaccination efforts, support frontline workers, strengthen our health care systems and battle dangerous misinformation. I thank our legislative leaders for their continued commitment to protecting the health of our families and communities as we navigate the evolving pandemic.”

    D Benton Smith

    BitSendGo should assemble a small group of preeminent Constitutional Lawyers to devise a means of just sending the money to the Truckers in defiance of the satanist judge who forbade them to do so. Do it right out in the open, under the protection of the First Amendment religion clause. The reasoning is that their Religion and their faithfulness to God requires them to keep their promises to God and their devotion to the Eighth Commandment “Thou shalt not steal.”

    Be prepared to take it to the Supreme Court, and to lose there (because the Supreme Court is just another failed institution, captured long ago) . . . but in the meantime (years and years and years) you will be winning the battle of by-passing the financial choke-points that the bad guys are currently using to cut off the good guys’ financial support.

    Bit coin is no better than fiat if it is distributed through any centralized choke-point. It’s not the secret fungibility aspect that is the problem at the moment. The problem is the central control , which is so easily captured.

    Another temporary workaround could be something like this : A one-on-one “Adopt A Trucker” campaign organized through local churches. . I am more than happy to send $100 to a stranger if someone else that I REALLY TRUSTED assures me that the money SHALL be spent supporting the Freedom Convoy. LOCAL Church based charities are perfect for this. Each one is quite small scale . . . but altogether they number in the tens of thousands. If we can feed millions of starving children in African we can certainly take care of a few hungry truckers’ families in Ottawa.

    those darned kids

    i’m ashamed that i am of the same species as people like this:

    Here’s what experts say about Covid vaccines for kids under age 5: ‘My infant … will certainly be vaccinated’

    Some parents are concerned about potential long-term vaccine side effects popping up years, or even decades, later. But Dr. Mark Sawyer, an infectious disease specialist at Rady Children’s Hospital who served on the U.S. Food and Drug Administration advisory committee that approved Covid vaccines in 2020, says the odds are practically nonexistent.

    “It hasn’t happened, ever,” Sawyer says, noting the long history of vaccines in the U.S. “So why would this vaccine suddenly be different?”

    Dumous notes that with all vaccines, side effects typically occur within a day or two — and almost always within four to six weeks. “So if something hasn’t developed in that period of time, then it’s not something you can even blame on the vaccine,” he says.

    those darned kids


    Mark Carney is the personification of Evil on several levels but his petulant outburst about the truckers committing sedition is Classic Project of a psychopath.

    Reiner Fuellmich was explaining recently how when the Allies wanted to bring the Nazis to trial at Nuremberg they realized early on that the basis of the prosecutions would have to be framed under Natural Law.

    Not under Admiralty or Constitutional or Civil Rights or Criminal or International or even Military law.

    Natural Law rests on the principle that everyone has an innate sense of right and wrong. Saying you were only following orders as you herded people into the gas chamber was not a valid defense.

    So mandating face masks and social distancing and Killshot Clotshots, especially for children, is a crime under Natural Law and can lead to the gallows for all who participated.

    This includes by the way your local school board member who like a petit tyrant executed criminal acts against children. That local school board member has a name and address. They need to be identified on a local basis and their crimes revealed to the local community, something I’m working on in my own locale.

    As the Plandemic narrative unravels, these local acts of crimes against humanity will have very local repercussions for those individuals. There will be no rock or stone they will be able to hide under in their local community.

    No one will want them in their workplace, no one will want them in their business association, no one will want their services or goods, no one will want their children playing with their children, no one will want to speak to them, no one will want listen to them, no one will want them at their church, temple or mosque, etc…………

    In short, the tactics deployed against the ‘unvaxed’ will be flipped back on these local criminals against humanity. The unvaxed never committed crimes against humanity, only the supporters of the vax and it’s mandates committed these crimes.

    Fauci and Daszak and Gates and Soros and their cohort of toadies deserve the gallows.

    The quislings below a certain level of Natural Law crimes, at the local ,county and state levels, deserve hard labor for decades. Most are middle aged and up and will probable die in jail. Good, that’s what they deserve for their actions.

    And mass formation psychosis is NOT an excuse for performing crimes against humanity.

    If you disagree, let’s debate that point right here at TAE. I’m up for it.

    Trucker drops truth bomb

    Formerly T-Bear

    Watching Trudeau address parliament, one is reminded of a four year old having a tantrum. The P.M. of Canada needs to grow up and when he does maybe then he can become the Queen of Canada.

    Must be something in their feed. Notice when certain jejune characters are told ‘No’ they hyperventilate, believing insurrection or rebellion is facing their very person and position. Nancy Pelosi introduced this phenomenon to the public discourse and now is followed by the man-child P.M of Canada. Good god! would you ever trust the judgment of a person who had done to their face what Nancy had done to hers?

    D Benton Smith

    @thosedarnedkids shared , “I’m ashamed that i am of the same species as people like this: [web link] ”

    If it’s any consolation, considering the source of the article (CNBC) it is almost certainly a completely fake article including the doctors and experts who are allegedly quoted. It’s all “made up from whole-cloth” . A pack of literally invented lies. There are no actual “experts” with those professional views on child vaccination safety. None. The writer lied, and a few higher-ups in the crime network paid him to do it. There are not very many actual , living individual people involved in the lie, either.. Maybe half a dozen, ten at the most. Weigh that against the millions of people who had no part in it.

    So, yes, it is still shameful to be of the same species as those six psychopaths . . . but on the other hand it is also real point of pride to walk among the millions upon billions of decent people who are just fine.

    D Benton Smith


    Yes, to everything you just wrote! I am going to recirculate it to others on other channels. Excellently done.

    those darned kids
    those darned kids

    so many stories of high school kids going into cardiac arrest playing basketball..

    now, there are stories of middle and elementary kids dying of cardiac arrest..

    this must stop.

    D Benton Smith

    AUSTRALIA HAS ARISEN, and it is a rising of Love and Freedom !


    Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov meeting with British Secretary of State Liz Truss, where she embarrassed herself by failing to grasp the basic geography of the region.

    British Secretary of State Liz Truss is a moron witch, burn her at the stake. hahahha!

    She behaves in the classic craptastic pompous condescending British colonial style. A London official that comes to the colony to grace them with her mere presence and to lecture the subjugated natives on geography and etiquette.

    You don’t address Sergey Viktorovich Lavrov like she did, he unlike her, is an actual Diplomat par excellence. She didn’t even know where the players were on a map! hahahha!

    From the Saker, Andrei Martyanov on Liz Truss’ visit to Moscow

    His accent is a bit strong but worth the listen if for no other reason for amusement.

    Russian’s are great at irony and satire.

    Andrei Martyanov on Liz Truss’ visit to Moscow


    From Dmitry Orlov at Club Orlov

    The Russians are so grateful!

    “You may be aware of the fact that things aren’t going very well for the United States, but you may not know that things are going quite well for the Russian Federation.

    You may also think that Russia is an evil force that needs to be contained, or that it is ruled by an evil dictator, or any number of such things while the US is a prosperous democracy and a superpower (whatever that means) but this makes no difference.

    If you’ve been following recent events, you may be aware that Russia has recently presented the US with something like an ultimatum—demanding that the US provide it with certain security guarantees.

    But you will probably be quite surprised to learn that the granting of these security guarantees will be automatic as the US continues to collapse and retreat into its hollowed-out, bankrupt shell, its rout from Afghanistan being by no means its last.

    Nor would you be able to appreciate the fact that the security demands are designed to make America’s retreat from Eurasia maximally humiliating: not only will it retreat, but it will retreat because the Russians ordered it to do so.

    Once that retreat takes place, Russia will no doubt be immensely, effusively grateful that America has finally faced up to its responsibilities and did the right thing by getting the hell out of Eurasia, gleefully rubbing salt into America’s wounds.

    Russia will then joyfully make mincemeat of the Monroe Doctrine, spreading its influence, hand in hand with China, over the American continent, from Argentina to Mexico, leaving the US (whatever remains of it) sulking in its corner eating a pot of glue.

    But there is a lot more gratitude that’s due for what’s already transpired. In fact, Russia should be thanking the US for all it’s done to make Russia a winner and the US a loser at every opportunity…….”

    Hahahaha! too rich!

    Maxwell Quest

    “The convoy protest, applauded by right wing media as a “freedom protest,” is an economic and security issue now.” – Juliette Kayyem

    Gee, it’s not so fun when the shoe’s on the other foot. Where was Miss Kayyem when vaccine mandates were creating “economic and security issues” for millions of Canadians, coercing them into playing Russian Roulette with a dodgy mRNA therapeutic, otherwise it’s adios career and financial security for you?


    D Benton Smith writes that the Eighth Commandment is “You shall not steal.” Yep.

    The Ninth Comandment is, “You shall not bear false witness.”

    Australia has a PM who has let it be known that he is a churchgoer (Hillsong). To judge by his behaviour, he has never heard of either of those commandments. Neither apparently have the elites in ANY country.

    Putin’s clip is chilling. He’s drawn a very clear line in the sand. Very clear. We would do well to listen.

    The data from insurance companies is very significant. No doubt attempts will be made to ignore it or cover it up or retrospectively alter (i.e. falsify) it. It will be loudly proclaimed that “correlation is not causation” and the discussion will be deemed to stop right there.

    But another possibility emerges. In Oz, owing to climate change some property insurance companies are close to declaring entire geographical areas as uninsurable. What if insurance companies in North America start to declare certain categories of people as uninsurable, especially for life and medical coverage? Insurance companies are not charities. What if, to keep their businesses going, they decline on a large scale to provide coverage? How would that look?

    Australia’s mixed health care system, public and private, has preserved us from the worst excesses of the US system, but if the same statistics show up here, the private health insurers may start to back out of providing cover and push the burden back onto the public system. This is not what neoliberalism was meant to achieve, but it is how neoliberalism works: stop helping people when the profits vanish.

    This is a very intriguing development. Add that to what the embalmers are discovering.

    That letter from Marm McDonald M.D., assuming it’s genuine, gives me a new term to consider: fear addiction. I never considered that people could become addicted to fear. But there it is.

    Dr D Rich

    Alert ******
    World discovers that rich doctors come from rich families. Most physicians are craven to money. Most physician-surgeons so inured to authority find it impossible to defy “leadership” even to reduce suffering and injustice. It’s just not in their RecombinantDNA. .
    Moreover, my peers even pathologize physicians who exhibit defiance against malicious authority as a genuine diagnosis, Oppositional Defiance Syndrome, a modern day technical Tar and Feathering. Worse yet, defy a nurse commanding officer or CEO and her RN minions have “6 ways from Sunday to get you”. How’s that for professionalism?


    A few assorted news about what is taking place

    Foreign Secretary Liz Truss is visiting Moscow. She met with Lavrov. The meeting failed to produce anything. Considering that Truss is this genius who rides around in tanks but does not know that the Baltic States are not on the Black Sea, that is hardly a surprise.

    The fact that she refused to consider Voronezh and Rostov as part of Russia was about the only surprise of that meeting (her advisors quickly explain to her that these cities was not in the Ukraine).

    She even “dressed Russian” in spite of the fact that it is warmer in Moscow than in London (she forgot the obligatory bottle of vodka and a balalaika!).

    It’s better to Look Good Liz than to Be Good! Hahahaha!



    A simple formula:

    “Follow the science.”

    “Follow the money.”


    I wanna cash in: I said the covidiots would slowly fold the tents and ease out of town as the truth trickled in. Here we are.


    All those red jerry cans will come in handy yet, I’m sure.


    “Slash the tires, empty gas tanks, arrest the drivers, and move the trucks”

    That will stop the protest AND eliminate the supply chain crisis.

    No. Wait……

    Diesel should hit plus 5 dollars a gallon this summer. US govt. plan is to suspend the 18 cent federal tax on fuel. That, together with the 16 cent savings on hot dogs this 4th of July should keep America afloat.


    ““We knew very well that meant no handshake and that long table. But we could not accept that they get their hands on the president’s DNA,” one of the sources told Reuters, referring to security concerns if the French leader was tested by Russian doctors.”

    Ah, insanity. Everyone else has their DNA submitted regularly through drive-in vaxeterias, but god forbid anyone learn the secret DNA recipe for making Macrons.

    As if they don’t have half a dozen DNA samples from Macron already.

    This is not the making of a global elite tyranny: this is collapse.

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