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    Edouard Manet Osny, The road-menders, Rue de Berne 1878   • America’s 1% Hasn’t Had This Much Wealth In 100 Years (MW) • Senate Has Found No Dire
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    V. Arnold

    Wow, I have no idea. So much, so fast, I cannot ingest/digest that amount of information.
    Yes, economically we’re screwed; but the details are indecipherable…
    Hold no debt!
    The only possible solution…

    Dr. D

    Don’t worry about there being no collusion—a thing that was always obvious to most of us—it hasn’t mattered in the last two years and won’t matter now either.

    ‘Men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing ever happened.’ – Winston Churchill.

    The Green New Deal is a non-binding resolution that means nothing. So everyone can vote yes, happily. However, IF AGW is as serious as they claim and the world will end in 12 years, then this is what is needed. So let’s see – for the 500th time—if they actually believe anything they’re saying, or whether they’re going to continue jet-setting to Davos and building new 5,000sq ft mansions on the waterline while doubling our mining of toxic lithium and investing in non-energy-producing technology.

    The real Green Deal of course is a communist everything-for-everybody promise, which then requires giving government power over everything, everywhere, for all time, with no oversight, because Soviet style totalitarian central control has never gone badly before, either environmentally in Poland and Ukraine, or socially, with a oligarch-peasant model of wealth distribution. It’s also not austerity or anything, and is way more luxurious than the U.S. or U.K. in the 50s through 90s under capitalism.

    “…reshape globalisation in a way that offers the benefits of trade while allaying public fears about the erosion of democracy,” – (Canadian) Mark Carney

    “Globalism” in their Neoliberal model is the antithesis of Democracy. Not only democracy, but sovereignty and the very existence of nations and cultures. All nations always were global and participating in the benefits of trade, always. Remember that guy Marco Polo? How about Rome’s records of trade with China? How about those tea ships in Boston harbor in 1775? How about the tea-and-opium trade in 1840? How about the trade in TVs from Taiwan? How about that iPhone? So at what point was there NOT global trade? IF there are humans, there is trade, as far away as they can get it. …Unless you’re socialist in the vein of the Green New Deal, then trade is highly restricted and poverty follows strong. So will there be Post-Brexit trade? There was pre-Britain trade, Roman Britain trade, peasant Britain trade, Empire Britain trade, EEC trade, EU Britain trade, and someday, however far away, there will be post-EU trade.

    It’s all linguistic bait and switch, just like saying they’re “leaving Europe” they want “more Europe,” they’re “against Europe” and so on. Clever linguistic garbage. Europe is a continent. You are in that continent. You are Europe, nothing can change that, every one of you European and nobody’s going anywhere. Now if you want to be ruled by a bunch of greedy unelected, unaccountable, undemocratic, irremovable Soviet-style bureaucrats, that’s another issue altogether, and your choice. But know it has nothing to do with “Europe” and everything to do with the destruction of all democracy and every ideal of Enlightenment.

    “Brexit can lead to a new form of international cooperation and cross-border commerce built on a better balance of local and supranational authorities. In these respects, Brexit could affect both the short and long-term global outlooks.” And yet this whole sentence means nothing. Changes cause change, and that change is both short and long, good and bad.

    “Give me a one-handed economist. All my economists say, ‘on the one hand… on the other hand.’” – Harry Truman

    Speaking of being unelected petty dictators using violence to get their way, “EU’s Verhofstadt Suggests Brexiteers Could ‘End Up On The Guillotine’ (Ind.)

    “In Britain, for example, we now know that the EU referendum was won with the help of widespread cheating.” Is this even true? How does it compare to owning (legally) every media and network site and issuing 100% articles in favor of or-else-omigad-the-world-will-end? Btw, how did that work out? All that Britain and FTSE and the Pound will collapse if the vote even occurs? Now they’re publically stocking body bags instead of medicine while dawdling the last of their years-of-days. Yeah, since y’all did f-all but goof off at 5-star dinners and golf courses since the mandate, I rather expect things WON’T go well. But don’t worry, I’m quite sure it will be the fault of the poor and powerless in Linconshire and Blackpool and NOT the fault of the powerful in Middlesex. Darn those dirty peasants all to heck. Don’t they get the message that we’re their betters when we lampoon them in every movie? Are there no poorhouses for them to get to but quick?

    “And is propped up by the Catalans.” That’s embarrassing. Crisis never comes from where you expect, because they throw a trillion in sandbags to the breech (DeutscheBank and Italy). Is Spain our trigger bank?

    “Since their peak in mid-2015, investor lending has dropped by almost 48%.”

    Yay!!! Finally low home prices for our children, reducing costs and freeing up income everywhere. Isn’t that what we all wanted?

    Dr. D

    F’n northern monkeys, complete muppets.

    John Day

    Here is a snippet from today’s offering, Making America Gape Again, inspired by a bumper sticker for Trump that I saw riding my bike home from work yesterday afternoon.

    ​Caitlin Johnstone,
    ​Well, now we all know what happens when a public official criticizes AIPAC. And of course, that was the whole idea.
    Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar has published an apology for making self-evident observations about the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), an immensely influential lobbying firm which, like all lobbying firms, works to influence government policy toward a specific agenda, in this case the interests of the Israeli government. She issued the apology after hours upon hours of shrill, hysterical shrieking accusations of antisemitism from the entire establishment political-media class…
    This wasn’t a random outburst, it was a political means toward political ends. This fact-free smear will be used to try and kill Omar’s re-election bid, and the damage that has been done to her reputation will serve as a head on a spike to deter any other would-be AIPAC critics on Capitol Hill in the future.​..
    For the last two years the mainstream liberal establishment has been endlessly bleating about the need to elevate women of color to positions of leadership; then the first Black Muslim and first Somali American ever to get elected to Congress begins taking the leadership for which she was elected, and it turns out they actually meant they just wanted women with dark skin who will advance the status quo of the white imperialist patriarchy.

    Why The Entire Political-Media Class Just Tried To End Ilhan Omar’s Career

    IN 2005, STEVEN Rosen, then a senior official with the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, or AIPAC, sat down for dinner with journalist Jeffrey Goldberg, then of the New Yorker. “You see this napkin?” Rosen asked Goldberg. “In twenty-four hours, [AIPAC] could have the signatures of seventy senators on this napkin.”


    Can a secret be kept if more than one person is in the know?

    dhuuuuu …. two years and 200 interviews,


    When the wealth bubble burst ….. the wealthy will lose wealth


    First there was Obama then there came …..
    the first Black Muslim and first Somali American ever to get elected to Congress begins taking the leadership for which she was elected, and it turns out they actually meant they just wanted women with dark skin who will advance the status quo of the white imperialist patriarchy.

    Two members of a criminal gang are arrested and imprisoned. Each prisoner is in solitary confinement with no means of communicating with the other. The prosecutors lack sufficient evidence to convict the pair on the principal charge, but they have enough to convict both on a lesser charge. Simultaneously, the prosecutors offer each prisoner a bargain. Each prisoner is given the opportunity either to betray the other by testifying that the other committed the crime, or to cooperate with the other by remaining silent.

    Now lets see if the FBI can apply it ….
    two years and 200 interviews,


    The prisoner’s dilemma is a good point, zerosum, but probably more applicable to what Mueller is doing than to the Senate Committee. Question is: who’s going to lie to save their skin?

    Dr. D

    Suborning perjury to a crime they didn’t commit would be illegal, if anyone cares.

    …Certainly the FBI and the whole U.S. population doesn’t, or we couldn’t have these discussions on game theory or a 99% conviction rate.

    Dr. D

    Trump shouldn’t have any trouble, all he has to do is prove a negative!

    Easy, see?


    We showed years ago that the US economy can be reconfigured to use PV, Wind, Geothermal & Hydro
    as its energy resource, with no need for petro fuels, or nuclear.
    Our paper describing this research is available on Academia, and is widely cited.

    Since then advances continue to be made in both PV and Wind. The most important PV advancement is proton induced exfoilation of 20 micron mono crystalline wafers from Si Ingot, because it reduces the energy required by 75% or more.

    Major advances in wind turbine rotor airfoils have improved efficiency of Wind turbines, which together with new direct drive generators, greatly reduced initial cost and maintenance.

    For more about our cutting edge research visit



    I’m sure US energy efficiency can be greatly improved when it comes to PV, Wind, Geothermal & Hydro. I’m also at least as sure that this won’t solve its economical problems.


    What the US must do, and all other countries too, is to draw up plans to use much less energy while keeping everyone well-fed and warm. That, no doubt, you can do with PV, Wind, Geothermal & Hydro. But your GDP will plummet. Oil and gas trade in all its aspects is that big a piece of the economy.

    Ergo: question is: how do you sell a country on reducing its GDP? Because that’s what the transition from fossils to alternative will entail. Any politicians want to volunteer? #AOC promises a one-to-one exchange. Love her, but she doesn’t know physics.

    christopher cobb

    Yes you keep banging on about the great big ponzi in China, forgetting that China can wipe out their debts while the west will never do so. That is all the west has is debt. I could go on but give me a fecking break with this nonsense….what has your defected chineses scholar informed you of recently ffs

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