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    Jan van Eijk The Arnolfini portrait 1434   • The Unmasking (Jim Kunstler) • Police Horses Trample Demonstrators At Freedom Convoy Protest In Otta
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    V. Arnold

    Jan van Eijk The Arnolfini portrait 1434

    Those people look very strange…too delicate…too statuesque..too contrived…

    Dr. D

    Never want to bring up CV when the real world is finance collapsing around us, but these two articles are amazing, and one is even in “The Guardian”.

    Some Awkward Truths About the ‘Big Lie’

    Too long to quote, but every word. Post it 1,000 times. Noting all the average, boring stuff, non-stop lies in lists of 20 at a pop, the lie that white MAGA people are the cause of vax resistance not the most vaccinated, and much more of the things I’m constantly saying.

    Musa al-Gharbi is a Paul F Lazarsfeld fellow in sociology at Columbia University. His book We Have Never Been Woke: Social Justice Discourse, Inequality and the Rise of a New Elite is forthcoming with Princeton University Press. He is a Guardian US columnist.”

    Does this mean I’m going to have to stop making fun of Columbia now? Say it isn’t so.

    “The president[‘s address] is an hour late… and the delay just happens to coincide with the timing of breaking news from Ukraine of gas pipeline explosion in Luhansk?”

    Wot a coincidence. Probably had to call the CIA and ask them to get off coffee break and push that detonator. And still don’t know who’s doing what to whom. And don’t care, by the way.

    Oh and Rates double, dollar in trouble, therefore inflation rising? Poof! Magic! War appears, driving safe haven trade back to US$, US Bonds. So predictable. Rates, collapse, currency run: all fixed!

    And profits, profits, everywhere! When you create your own crisis you mint your own money: oil, Halliburton, Raytheon, short all the Euro stocks that get screwed. But that’s okay, Europe shorts them too! Insiders. And then when the stop the crisis they started for no godly reason, they go long.

    Profits?!? “US Cites Ukraine Crisis to Approve $6 Billion Tank Deal for Poland”

    Ka-Ching. Ding ding ding!

    On the flip side, “under the Emergencies Act, banks can immediately freeze or suspend bank accounts without a court order and be protected from civil liability. This has undermined Canada in the eyes of international capital. All the Canadian banks went offline together. That was no coincidence. Trudeau has invoked his Emergence Act and is in fact taking the very same tactic that Hitler did which targeted the Jews, but Trudeau is targeting anyone who disagrees with his policies proving to the world, Canada is not to be trusted.” –Armstrong

    Being focused on the protesters and end of all Western democracy, I hadn’t yet considered that every corporation and millionaire (that’s not an WEF insider) would convert assets and run for the hills. That’s bad indeed. No wonder his prediction says the financial capital moves to China.

    I don’t see how that can be, yet, but if I were China, it would really save your Canadian bacon to order your feckless lackeys to pull a stunt like this and annihilate the stupid gaijin. (Or “Gweilo” in this case)

    Speaking of Hitler, “The unvaccinated are not part of our society.” All Italians over 50 must now receive the vaccination to find employment or participate in society. Draghi is directly blaming the entire pandemic on those who did not conform. “We must never lose sight of the fact that most of the problems we have today are because there are non-vaccinated people,”

    “Those who do not bend will face a 100 euro  fine, and could be fined up to 1,500 euros for violating the new law.”

    “Ontario Government Employee Fired over $100 Contribution to Freedom Convoy”

    Being this new undermensch means we must fine and imprison you for the greater good of the ubermensch. (P.S. it will not work at all, zero. There is Delta and Omicron is immune to the vaccine. That’s official science. They do not care. Therefore, it is not medicine, it is politics and power.)

    “when else in history has a leader blamed all of the country’s woes on a specific group of people and how did that end?” — Armstrong

    How does it end? We already know. Arresting everyone I don’t like and putting them in camps. Fining them, taking their kids, killing their dogs and shortly after, them. Past tense.

    Oh by the way, this means they’ll have to attack Bitcoin. Like I said they were staging to do last month.

    ““We’ll have another pandemic. It will be a different pathogen next time,” Gates said.”

    So that’s your plan? Challenge accepted.

    Also, I’m hearing him say his vaccine program was a complete, blinding failure, and natural immunity kicked all their useless, expensive, sorry a—–s in no time. Great! Glad to hear it! So we won’t bother with your stupid, expensive, ridiculous, laughable plans of trying to vaccinate people next time, right? With a non-sterilizing vaccine, in the middle of a pandemic that is airborne and hosted in animals. What a Marooon.

    I told you you were an idiot, it wouldn’t work, and would kill a lot of additional people. I was right. Where’s my apology and restitution for losses forced? They won’t even reverse their failed, not-working, unnecessary, murdering mandates. After CDC admits masks don’t work, and the Delta vaccine is worthless. Science Deniers x infinity.

    Biden Says He’s Convinced Putin Has Decided to Invade (Lauria)”

    That’s a great article as there are so many lies I can’t find and criticize them as fast as they’re created. But shows why to me, such lies – contrast between action and words – are so painfully transparent.

    Also, at the moment that makes me reactionary and the junior partner, always waiting for the “power” to act first, as if I’m a slave and a clay to be acted upon. But that’s just the present method and about to change where we act upon THEM.

    Putin to Personally Oversee Massive Nuclear Drill on Saturday (ZH)”

    They’re not kidding, and I don’t mind. Nothing can seem to get through. If they attack Russia, Putin will strike everything just as a communication. NATO headquarters in Belgium, missile batteries in Poland, disable 20 NATO ships, CIA information headquarters in Europe, everything. He would hit targets everywhere TO BE RESTRAINED. That is, to share some pain and communicate while being 100 miles from actual war, nuclear war. Nothing can get through human ego, though. It’s the strongest forcefield known to man.

    And what does he want? THE ANGLOS TO KEEP THEIR TREATY. Of Minsk. Which is impossible for them, being Anglos, they haven’t kept a treaty in 400 years. So all he wants is what they already agreed to. Like 20 times. 10 years in a row. In person, on paper, with multiple people and multiple assurances, everywhere. A “Not Agreement Capable” entity like that is a rabid dog. It can’t be trusted with anything and goes around biting people. Iraqis, Afghans, Syrians, Michiganites… For the safety of the planet something must be done about them. And here we are.

    Pluto matters maybe not for itself, but because these weirdos and their weirdo religion believe in it. So like markets, they pre-plan their actions to occur on specific astrological and moon (Jewish calendar) dates. Because if they crashed the markets every 7 years on Halloween, people would catch on. But if it’s every seven years but on Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, they say “duuuuuuh, it’s a Conspiracy Theory.” Because “Google: Calendar”? That’s just too hard. And the idea of pre-planning collusion is something criminals and businessmen never do. And the idea of a “profit motive” is inconceivable. Would people lie and kill for money? Not if they’re Gates, Morgan, Sachs, and Pfizer they won’t!

    “US Western Megadrought Worst in 1,200 Years, Scientist Warn”

    Squirrel! Is that like the 40 feet of snow they just got or the mudslides they were having only last year? The Oroville Dam collapsing because of non-stop year-long rain? That kind of megadrought? Experts: Dumber than a bag of hammers. Only problem: their readers are dumber and remember even less. But maybe less than before.


    ‘Nuff said.


    Ilargi – in your more recent posts, thank you for sharing the Giuseppe Arcimboldo paintings. We have the Four seasons series, and for 20 of our 24 years in Portland, OR, we hung the one of the four Giuseppe in our dining room. Each season, we changed out the framed Giuseppe painting with the appropriate Four Seasons painting to reflect the new season. It was a nice tradition.


    Raul, the Denninger piece is one of the finest set of encouraging and optimistic ideas I have read in a while.
    Months back I wrote a song called the 5% about the ‘resistance’ and being alive. Recently I became a little despondent (maybe trapped at home, not working, pain meds, one arm and a three year old helped that IMO).
    What he wrote is very uplifting for an Australian living in Vic with a 96% Gene Jab uptake. Thanks again.

    Veracious Poet

    Funny coming from Denninger, a guy that voted for Obama (encouraging others not to third party) & made it his mission to discredit the Tea Party, which actually started on TF ~ I know, I was there for all of the above…

    Karl is a prime example of why I don’t believe “pure bloods” (WTH is that anyway?) will ever truly unite in any formidable fashion ~ Western civ in 2022 (actually for about 40 years now) is rotten fruit on the tree of life.

    Self-centered pride & ego prevents 99% from placing humanities “needs” above their own, including always being right (Told ya so!) ~ Even though they think would 😐

    The factors are many (including mass psyop manipulation), but we’re a nation of strangers at the core, completely unable to unite into a “force” for good, a “culture” where there is No shame & anything goes ~ Just imagine a group with leaders spouting homoerotic porn imagery as a punchline to their statements…real unifying there mate.

    Moreover in the “info” age, “strangers” forming any such movement would be trivially infiltrated & derailed before any serious momentum could be attained ~ Canadada was/is behind the curve on this, U$ Empire Inc. has created an entire cottage industry devoted to rooting out “extremist” uprisings, in case you hadn’t noticed.

    What the Sons of Liberty accomplished on July 4th, 1776 is impossible as of today ~ You could NOT find 56 men to unify for such a document, not to mention the fate of being drawn & quartered if they fail…

    I’m sorry for being so bleak, but wouldn’t it have been so much easier to stop this at the ballot box decades before?!?

    One can only hope something changes for future generations,



    Kunstler “We will rip off their masks and the rule of law will be restored.” But whose’s law?

    Doc.D” I was right. Where’s my apology and restitution for losses forced?”
    I’ve some friends who told me in the spring of ’20 that it would be all over in a year. I said that it isn’t about the “vid” and it wouldn’t be over anywhere near that time line. Same friend, and yes a life long friend, told me a few weeks ago it will be all over by this summer. Ah huh I said but you’ve told me in 2020 that it would be passed by the following winter and we are now in our third year. His response was “it isn’t three years”! Technically it wasn’t two years as we’re still in February. So it will be done and dusted by the end of this March huh? Reply still not three years. Hmm I didn’t it was three years, I said we’re into our third year. Thousand yard stare. Does not compute! Waste of time, lets get the card game moving and talk gardening, something we can both agree on. Not looking for an apology. Never wanted to be right on this and was hoping to be wrong as wrong can be. Still would be nice, if at least my being a prophet of doom was acknowledged. Hasn’t been yet on anything I got right.

    V.P. “completely unable to unite into a “force” for good, a “culture” where there is No shame & anything goes ~ Just imagine a group with leaders spouting homoerotic porn imagery as a punchline to their statements…real unifying there mate.” and just to put a bit of backup as if needed: The leftist push for pedophilia acceptance If this isn’t revolting you are part of the problem.

    those darned kids
    John Day

    Jim Kunstler wrote:
    “The people are done kneeling docilly to be silenced and killed. They will not let this country, and many other nations in the Western Civ club, be destroyed without a fight. The unmasked are unmasking their masked antagonists. Stand by, now, to find out who has been behind all this deadly mischief. We will rip off their masks and the rule of law will be restored.”

    Who is leading that charge, Jim? How do they notify everybody else?
    I know you are volunteering to put your body on the line, right? Bell that cat?
    Somebody commented recently in the Good-Kunstler-bad-Kunstler exchange that he was old enough to expect people to actually do physical stuff in space-time, to “rebel” to some physical degree.

    We don’t really know what shape this will take, because the usual avenues, like internet/social-media, are controlled, like TV, radio and print media.

    I (personally) think the Zeitgeist will move in mysterious ways, unforeseen by the owners or the proles, artisan and warrior classes.


    Separatist leader in eastern Ukraine announces evacuation of residents

    Continuing the Orlovian prediction posted yesterday.

    I perceive in Putin’s chess move here a baby black swan.


    Red: if it’s hard for a person to deny something on which their their income depends, even more so something on which their ego anchors.. Combine the two and it’s Gorilla Glue of the soul.


    As for Denninger: people change, people learn.

    I was an Obama booster in ’08. I even turned a blind eye at his vote in Senate re: telecom surveillance, despite advice otherwise from a man who at the time was probably the most politically informed, well-read, and frankly honest person I knew.

    Why, I used to be pure evil. There was a time (mercifully brief, about 4 months) when I sold dodgy oil well shares to gullible investors. Oh, I was a naif desperate to make money I was so poor I couldn’t afford an umlaut and had to use itals) to support a child I’d carelessly made by lustful accident, but there was a month where I struggled with the smell of burnt soul flesh coming within me where el diablo was apparently BBQ’ing a chunk of my conscience.

    Started asking question, got fired. A year later, the FBI contacted me to be a potential witness against the company (S&L Investments, chartered in Texas) although they didn’t pursue that further.


    A thought on pedophilia: in some primitive cultures, children are allowed, even encouraged, to sexually play with themselves and each other. This gives them a sense of sexuality natural to their age (I distinctly recall being very horny at times as a toddler).

    Point being that this should create a natural barrier against pedophilia. It’s not, “Uncle Joe, what are you doing?????!!!!!”, it’s “Uncle Joe, you know that’s wrong and I’ll tell.”

    A culture (the Anglosphere, mostly) that enshrines circumcision in order to desensitize the penis glans and thereby reduce masturbation, naturally creates an environment where children are doubly vulnerable to predation. (For just one instance of cultural anti-erotic insanity.)

    This is NOT to say that pedophilia hasn’t been around and a problem since before we first learned to bash boneheads with bones.

    Now we have both criminalized pedophilia and thereby enshrined it by making sure pedophiles go underground and form dark pedophile rings, and glorified it by processes like those described by Red above. Call me crazy, although friends just call me Nuts, but we’ve made it so that pedophilically inclined people, who don’t want to be so, don’t dare dream of getting help.

    They’re exiled with their affliction, and from there predation even by those who despise themselves for it, is encouraged. And there is nothing easier to prey on than a child, even in today’s hyper-surveillant culture.


    Btw, I think that phenomena like Brats has a basis in healthy sociosexual reality. It addresses and endorses a 9-year old girl’s sense of sexuality, and many of them have one if in embryonic form. That is part of why Brats are a successful thing, and that itself is swell. However, this acknowledgment of a child’s juvenile sexuality comes from an adult seduction system called marketing, Madison Avenue, Wall Street (add to the list, anyone?) that confuses and befuddles a child’s (and its parent’s) moral sexual awareness with its amoral monocular focus on one thing alone: MONEY.

    What comes from that focus can only be this thing we call evil, whatever that is. ( “…but I know it when I see it.”)

    I wonder when Alexa will first be called in as a witness in court?


    Meanwhile, creativity in action: We Make Confronting Police FUN!!!!

    John Day

    @Dr. D: Guardian UK paraphrases Mark Antoni: “I come to bury Caesar, not to praise him. The evil that men do lives on, the good is oft interred with their bones. So let it be with Caesar …”
    “I come to praise and support the compliant, and help them comprehend the non-compliant”

    “Deflationista” is our own New York Times narrative bellweather at TAE, like Gates, even Fauci.

    Narrative adrift in Riptide.

    This big push to slosh left was a bit early, and team-left a bit weak and confused.
    Team-Right is ready to take up the narrative, will be much stronger, and we run the risk of an ass-kicking right-fascist vengeance in 2025 or so.
    Right? History?


    Ran into an old acquaintance, had not seen in years. German, living in Ireland temporarily.

    I said ‘How’s it going’, he said (in his blunt German manner) ‘Get your fucking troops out of my country.’

    I said, ‘You mean US occupation forces from a war 77years ago?’ He said,’Yes get them the fuck out of my country, they’re going to kill it.’

    Agreed I said

    I said,’What’s your take on the Ukraine clusterfuck?’ He said,’The Ukraine is a third world shithole on the eastern edge of Western Europe, it’s a boil begging for a lance.’

    He went on, “The most valuable thing left in the Ukraine is any skilled Russian labor and their families still left, Russia already has the bulk of them repatriated. The non-Russian labor left are Ukronazis, pimps, whores, hackers and Oligarchs and US spies.”

    I said I thought Germany’s destiny was with the greater Eurasian continent, not with the dried up old trollop of the US & UK financial house of cards.

    He said, “Germany still has a slight edge in high end manufacturing but that will disappear if China seriously decides to focus on that sector. And without a secure source of energy (Russian gas), German is toast. Fuck the Americans, our natural ally is Russia, despite our checkered history. Europe is the rump end of Eurasia, not the low rent vassal of the District of Corruption.”

    He went on, “Russia doesn’t have enough skilled labor as it is or birthrate, cherry picking and luring the skilled labor force in Ukraine by streamlining their immigration process is a great move, keep the best lose the rest. Ukraine is a hollow shell of it’s former industrial self, nothing but decaying infrastructure of old Soviet days. Like I said, it’s approaching a failed state in the eyes of the world, it’s a real shit-hole with no future. It’s will be Europe’s crack whore baby to take care of with it’s deteriorating nuclear plants and their waste. Europe won’t have enough where with all after the Anglo banking ponzi collapses to help much but to put Ukraine out of it’s misery, it’s an imaginary ‘country’ with an imaginary language. Cut it up for scrap, it’s done”

    In parting he said, “And don’t forget to get your fucking troops out of my country!”


    “Who is leading that charge, Jim? How do they notify everybody else?”

    Re: Kunstler and the like: a common human decision is to make small moral compromises in order to pursue larger moral goals. A guy like Kunstler, who’s honestly and earnestly crafted a large audience, can’t help but struggle with some messiah complex (to crudely exaggerate a bit).

    He can feel a need to “rally the troops”, even as he may grow increasingly pessimistic, because he knows he has at least some influence over his audience. (A logic not unlike mine described recently about Bernie Sanders is a sheepdog issues. The logic is similar to “we will not mourn what we have not lost; let us row with the oars we have got.” Or, better and more concisely, Team Leader in Star Wars Death Star scene: “Stay on target.”)

    This can even stretch dangerously far to where, as DBS believes, a man might not share with his audience his underlying belief that, say, there’s a major depop conspiracy being run through covidiocy.

    We treat guys like Kunstler as truth-tellers, or that is, we place that Job Description on them even if it isn’t what they signed on for. While I’m sure Kunstler is squeaky clean about not posting false or deliberately misleading data, his bigger agenda, or rather, publishing theme, has primarily been to make more and more people aware of TEOTWAWKI while there’s still some time to prepare.

    A noble aim, even if it kinda translates into marketing doom’n’gloom. So did Jeremiah and he warn’t all bad.

    Cut to the chase of a fundamental principle: Kunstler has acquired some power. VERY difficult not to be corrupted thereby. I’m not saying that therefore he is lying about this or that specific issue, but that it is very difficult amid such success not to tweak the narrative a bit to your liking, ESPECIALLY if you think you’re doing the Right Thing.

    We all do this to some degree. It’s a constant struggle not to be a dismal putz in this life:

    They’re Everywhere!

    ‘scuse me. I have to go feed Uncle Leon.


    oroboros: I want a friend like that! Assuming that you’re not transcribing his words from a phone call or email, I’ll venture that, per your paraphrase of the original exchange, you’re such a creature yourself.

    That was such a pithy and comprehensive summation of, um, Man on the Street global politics vis a vis Europe, of national/international issues that most affect the common man.

    Keep in touch with him and we can ditch Orlov? 😉


    Germans can be too blunt to a fault a lot of times but in this case it was refreshing to hear a non bullshit take on the situation. He follows many of the same web sources I do plus his own. He know which side his bread is buttered on!

    Figmund Sreud

    “The Most CROOKED Leader in History of CANADA” – Jordan Peterson










    Dr. D: That Guardian article is rather amazing, but mostly because of where it was published rather than what is in it.

    I wonder if this is another sign of a frenzied retreat by the PTB on these issues.


    “We’re in a movie and we’re almost at the end.”

    A Trucker Speaks from His Home

    The denouement, in other words. A decisive plot resolution, or major cliffhanger to set up the next episode.


    With the Guardian granting the possibility that sanity and morality exist in anti-vakzers, I feel it’s safe to say that the narrative is in full moon-walking retreat.


    As regards the Moon Walk on the Narrative



    from today’s Kunstler:

    “The CEO of Moderna, Stéphane Bancel, has sold off $400-million of his own stock in the company and deleted his Twitter account on rumors that all-causes deaths reported by US life insurance companies show a shocking and mysterious rise in mortality that just may be attributed to the “vaccines” causing strokes, heart attacks, cancer cases, and immune system failures. (Moderna’s stock is also sinking.) Neither the mainstream news media nor the US public health agencies are making any effort to investigate this now well-documented occurrence.”

    I recall how often Raul felt compelled to write “I’m not a Trump fan but…”

    Here we see Kunstler pointing his finger clearly at a major enemy but refraining from assigning motive other than mere financial greed. No need to believe in tragically non-hunchbacked geniuses whose lizards just plain suck.

    It is also possible that Kunstler perceives that his credibility, and therefore his ability to preach the primary TEOTWAWKI sermon, will be hammered too much in the short run by the rather massive knee-jerk reactions people have against tinfoil in general, especially world depop schemes and such run by wannabe hunchbacks who call themselves geniuses but can’t even suck their own lizard.

    Who among us here feels they’ll get anywhere at Thanksgiving by telling their family that you’re convinced Gates is trying to kill us all?

    This is war. The first casualty in war is truth… from all factions. Withholding some truth is a necessary strategy in life. Like this old thing:


    She didn’t get the job. She can’t even play the game. Some lying is always required in the ongoing survival attempt called life.

    So, even if Kunstler is dishonest about what he really knows/believes re: covidiocy, this does not mean that his motives are malign.

    This guy actually MARKETS that way: If I Told You What I Know About Covid I’d Be Banned

    Pretty savvy marketing, if you think about it.


    Just because it calls itself truth, and it shows some guy playing music on a mountain peak while his buddy films with drones:

    Didn’t Have That When I Was a Kid


    The dancing sweatshirt octopus steals his show.


    Started writing a eulogy for my wife yesterday. She’s not dead but I hope to outlive her so she won’t be alone. She’s not a loner like me. It centered on this: feeling she is a better person than me. She isn’t nor am I a better or worse person than her. I’m strong where she’s weak et vice-versa.

    Together, we are a better person than each other. Apart… Hard to See


    Trucker Protest and Jordan Peterson: I watched the Youtube where he spoke to the truckers and at first it sounded sensible. Don’t push too hard, take your wins, of course some will stay behind. For example, Turdeau resignation-vote of non-confidence will likely not happen and was an addition to the original goal. However, while some provinces have relaxed measures, the one demand that sparked the whole protest has NOT been met and can only be met at the federal level (if I’m wrong, mae culpa and welcome the correction), the cross-border vaccination and quarantine rules.

    For Peterson to just shrug that off seems illogical and suggests indifference, i.e. merely a political statement to gain suckers.

    I look at the pullbacks as a temporary setback and hope it might be just a tactical retreat to regroup and amass later somewhere else. But wish in one hand shit in the other applies as well, I suppose.

    D Benton Smith

    Socrates , Lao Tzu, Yogi Berra .

    D Benton Smith

    @boscohorowitz regarding the epitaph for your better half

    Plato wasn’t as smart as his mentor, but he was a darned good detail man. You might want to review (as I know you’ve done before) what he has to say about soul mates and one’s “Better Half”.

    D Benton Smith

    @boscohorowitz REASONED , ” She didn’t get the job. She can’t even play the game. Some lying is always required in the ongoing survival attempt called life.
    So, even if Kunstler is dishonest about what he really knows/believes re: covidiocy, this does not mean that his motives are malign.”

    I don’t a shit about his motives.


    The Zen of Yogi

    “Any true yogi, who can be mystifying about life, can also be mystifying about death. The Yogi Berra was no exception: “You should always go to other people’s funerals; otherwise, they won’t go to yours,” he advised. It makes good sense. He must have even confounded the Angel of Death as he, no doubt, confounded his wife Carmen when she asked him about burial plans if he should die before her, saying, “Yogi, you are from St. Louis, we live in New Jersey, and you played ball in New York. If you go before I do, where would you like me to have you buried?” Yogi replied, “Surprise me.”


    Today’s polite word of warning/wisdom for everyone looking into the crystal ball


    Formerly T-Bear

    V. Arnold at # 102034
    If you can find a copy, Ciaran Carson wrote a Granta masterpiece “Shamrock Tea” with this van Eyck – The Arnolfini Portrait as its centre piece, taking note of objects in the room and constructing “a galaxy of esoteric and entertaining knowledge of saints days, herbal cures, animal symbolism, miracles and transformations” (quoted from front cover). It seems much of Dutch art entails inference to other meanings, stories, archaic knowledge held by the objects presented in a painting. Much is lost to the modern observer, unaware of the original significance and multi-level presentation. Did you notice the woman is in a state of pregnancy shown by the hands and face? Or what was reflected in the mirror?


    “You might want to review (as I know you’ve done before) what he has to say about soul mates and one’s “Better Half”.”

    I’ve read maybe 3-4 pages entire by Plato. But I am quite familiar with Steve Martin’s ouvre:

    Death of Socrates

    Can you give me some key words to search for and find what Plato says about Better Halves?


    And of course, this magnus manifesto:

    What He Believes


    “I don’t a shit about his motives.”

    Then why do you passionately denounce him as a traitor? All one need say, if one doesn’t give a shit about his motives, is that Kunstler is wrong about what is at the root of covidiocy.

    Oh, I think you care about his motives very much. I can speak of you regarding this matter, in fact, in the same way you speak of Kunstler: whatever his motives, you are wrong to denounce as a betrayer a man when you don’t know his mental interiority (as, say, this guy surely does even from beyond the grave)


    and he may just be a man who is misguided as is inescapable per this wacky human condition.


    those darned kids

    “I don’t think we do get smarter as we get older, I just think we run out of stupid things to do.” ~ yogi bear

    big ranger is watching you:



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