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    absolute galore

    Someone mentioned Orlov being contemptible in person. I’ve met James Kunstler several times in person, including a visit to his home in Upstate NY to interview him for a blog I was doing a few years back. He has always been cordial and very generous with his time in each situation.

    Although I do not pretend to know him or his motivations, Kunstler does not strike me as someone who is overcalculating about what he writes, aside perhaps from an occasional peak at a thesaurus. My guess it that he is not fully convinced that the Pandemic was a finely orchestrated Plandemic. He may also be thinking that ultimately, there will be no way to prove it–or at least to convince the average Western Citizen that it was. He is likely also gunshy after going all in on the idea that the last election was stolen AND that this would soon be revealed.

    My thought is that there are too many entities and persons with too many of their own plans to have this be the result of any great meeting of the twisted power-obsessed minds behind the scenes. Which of course does not mean that outcomes are going to be any better. I find it chilling that software engineer Bill Gates assures us that the next pandemic will not be a SAR Covid strain. Sheesh, it was practically a hundred years between pandemics fi you don’t count the Hong Kong flu, and now we need to expect one the next time Fauci sneezes?

    Well yeah.

    There is the trope about the monkeys with the typewriter; at some point during eternity, they will bang out Shakespeare by chance. When you have scientists with DNA splicing equipment in a lab full of viruses, we won’t have to wait an eternity for them to cook up a tragedy even Shakespeare could not imagine–the hubris alone is unfathomable. But of course we needn’t worry, because they are developing the vaccine for it at the same time….

    I think we need to continue to phase out the covid stuff and put the financial fiasco front and center once again. I don’t pretend to understand high finance, but I do understand printing trillions with no way to remotely match that with real goods and services. I thought I might still have a year or two to figure out what to do with my under six figures life savings, but now I’m thinking I’d better grab a piece of land or build a tiny house on a trailer asap. I’m limited because I have part time custondy of my 12-year old and that is my top priority, so I can’t wander off just yet.


    D Benton Smith

    Oroboros is one cool dude.

    His German acquaintance, on the other hand, speaks like a true member of the “worthless class”    (formerly known as the managerial executive class, and before that   (and before Karl Marx , too) as the bourgeoises .  They make nothing, they own nothing and they command nothing . . .  but they delusionally believe that they do all three.   When push comes to shove they are nowhere to be found.  They do not fight and they do not run.  They cower and pretend to be invisible.  Windbags.  Safely ignored or, alternately, used for photo opportunities or dunnage.    When times are good they pretend to be merchants,  but in truth they are not .  Merchants add value by moving valuables from one home to another in exchange for a reasonable fee. The worthless class merely “inserts” itself into that arrangement as money sucking extortionist “gatekeepers” who gum up and slow down the actual production supply chains while adding NOTHING of value.  When times are good they pretend to be the Middle Class, but they aren’t really that, either.  A true Middle Class deftly interfaces between the Elites and the  Producers, smoothing the relationship so that affairs can more or less function beneficially to most parties.  Middle Classes are dependably sensible because their position depends upon the workability of the sensible systems they build .  The worthless class can’t  do that. They’re too lazy and stupid to actually KNOW how anything actually works.  All they have time or skill for is parroting nonsense that they THINK sounds like actual Middle Class sensibility . . . when it isn’t sensible at all. It’s just repetition of what some other “worthless class” asshole was parroting from an even dumber source. In other words,  just a bunch of “Woke” virtue signalling bullshiters and posers with good looks or Daddy’s money.
    See?  Now look what you made me do !   Got me all riled about eejits again.

    Figmund Sreud

    Police horses trample demonstrators at Freedom Convoy protest in Ottawa
    Roberta Paulsen is the lady on the ground, she has since passed away! Apparently, there is one more death since, not sure if associated, … rumour for now.




    “Sheesh, it was practically a hundred years between pandemics fi you don’t count the Hong Kong flu, and now we need to expect one the next time Fauci sneezes?”

    Well that’s true, aside from Fauci’s sneeze, despite Gates being involved. Billions more people moving everywhere fast, swapping and shipping microbes everywhere every which way at once.

    As I’ve recently mentioned, I’ve become a believe in a Plandemic. That said, I don’t put much stock in belief. It’s where a person rests comfortably the stressful antagonisms of competing data so he can form them into patterns congruent with his current biases. And I don’t see anything useful I can do with this data. If I were Kunstler and had become convinced, as I am now, it is most likely a plandemic, I’d keep my mouth quiet a la Kunstler: he mentions the concept, doesn’t ridicule it as tinfoil nonsense, p[provides data that supports the concept while not claiming that it proves the concept, and let’s people think for themselves.

    That is EXACTLY what I’d do if I had Kunstler’s audience (I already have a style somewhat similar to his, just not as bent on denunciatory snark as his. I’m thinking that denunciatory snark really sells well.

    Whatever the cause and result, tptb won’t fix it, we’re on our own, so apparently nothing critical has changed.

    D Benton Smith

    @boscohorowitz MISTAKENLY accused , “Then why do you passionately denounce him as a traitor?”

    Enough with the putting words in my mouth, Boz. Just stop it ! I have never said and I have never implied that Kunstler was a “traitor”. Those words and that thought are YOURS, buster, Not mine.

    I did say, and I will say again, that he is being COWARDLY for IMPLYING that there “May not be” a true global conspiracy in the good old fashioned legal sense of the word . . . when he has acknowledged that the evidence of just that is mounting higher higher. He even hinted that he was about to do some “big reveal”. Alright, then, I call him out to just reveal it or shut the fuck up.

    Just because I read and admire James Howard Kunstler does not oblige me to cut the bastard one inch of slack when he tries throwing a knuckle ball.


    On, from top post.

    It appears that the US Embassy has quit Kiev and moved everything to Lviv, the CIA has removed its personnel as well, and France, the Netherlands, and Germany have reduced their staff in Kiev but haven’t closed their embassies. Aussies have all left K. as well.

    Have also read / heard that Russia is evacuating Donbass citizens (many of whom carry Russian passports) to Russia, but have found no confirmation.

    The US has called for US citizens to leave the country.

    Oligarchs have left Kiev in their private planes or private charters (link.) Like preparation for war, imminent invasion. .hysteria!

    Taking for granted that Russia has no intention of entering Ukraine, it will only provide covert support for the DLPR (Donbass) as it has been doing since the Maidan.

    What kind, or level, of provocation would push Russia to invade the Donbass (it would never go further geographically)? Idk.

    After all this hype, the event would have to staggering, and even then, I reckon Russia might not move an inch.

    Pushing Russia to do so would be counter-productive for Ukraine and its ‘W’ sponsors, backers, as Ukr. forces would be decimated, it would achieve nothing except a justification to scream about Russia, as it \then/ would have *occupied and annexed the Donbass* — that is not Realpolitik. (Not that anyone cares about Ukrainians, they are pawns.)

    So what’s up?

    Is this all a sorta hoax, alarmist theatre, that will allow Biden and Bojo (with the Eurotrash bleating along) to claim that their strong stance caused Russia to BACK DOWN, thereby avoiding the Apocalypse?

    (Invent a threat, pretend to have prevented it being carried out, brag about what you accomplished.)

    Is there a plan for some kind of devastating ‘terrorist’ attack in Kiev to be blamed on the Russians? (The Europeans don’t believe this, see their half-measures.) Then what? War with Russia? I don’t think so.

    An updated version of Russia! Russia! Russia! whose only aim is to induce fears, feed the MIC, the MSM, some Corps, create an external enemy, convince ppl they must obey their masters, the current Pols / Oligarchs, as DANGER! is acute; distract the public away from other matters, and generally create a lot of smoke, with no specific geo-political aims?

    After all, when one uses fake scare tactics and great result aren’t forthcoming one has to *up the ante*, from mild (e.g. Litnivenko to Skripal Novichok) to the progressively more deathly…

    What other scenarios, interpretations? …

    Lastly, are we seeing the total breakdown of the USA/allies (others adhering thru fear or reprisals, violence, breakdowns of essentials, such as shipping), just inventing stuff?

    The breaking down, shattering, of the delusion of *Man controls Nature* (see Covid, both its creation and the implemented ‘control’ strategies), and the Rovian *Narratives define Reality* biting the dust?


    “Police horses trample demonstrators at Freedom Convoy protest in Ottawa”

    Well, now we know which way that wind is blowing. The cops fucked up unless they’re ready to become real storm troopers during a political revolution. Otherwise even today’s closed loop media won’t censor this.

    Kent State comes to mind.



    “@boscohorowitz MISTAKENLY accused , “Then why do you passionately denounce him as a traitor?”
    Enough with the putting words in my mouth, Boz. Just stop it ! I have never said and I have never implied that Kunstler was a “traitor”. Those words and that thought are YOURS, buster, Not mine.”

    Maybe we speak a different language, DBS. \You wrote this:

    “I want to go on record as being the first on record to call out the inestimable James Howard Kunstler as a turncoat schmuck.”

    reply # #101250


    Eastern Ukraine is evacuating civilians. Putin is turning this thing inside out and we’ll end up owning a humanitarian crisis that we blatantly made while calling the other guy a genocidal maniac.

    Putin owns us at this point, so to speak.

    Bidenero fiddling while D.C. burns.


    yep, calling someone a turncoat is the same as a traitor.

    D Benton Smith

    @boscohorowitz suggested , “Maybe we speak a different language., DBS . \You wrote this:

    “I want to go on record as being the first on record to call out the inestimable James Howard Kunstler as a turncoat schmuck.”

    Obviously so. I speak English.

    “Turncoat comes from the ancient practice of wearing a badge or pin on one’s coat signifying the party or leader you supported. By “turning your coat” you quite literally hid your allegiance to others.”

    Mr. Kunstler, while espousing allegiance to his readers, suggests to those readers that the overwhelmingly documented global conspiracy to kill them is “maybe” NOT a not a global conspiracy to kill them, and “maybe” doesn’t exist at all. Death at the hands of a conspiratorial , intentional, carefully planned genocide is, you must admit, a serious consequence. So Kunstler’s abdication of allegiance is a serious matter.

    THAT is a turncoat.

    I’m passionate because some of those people are my friends, relatives and loved ones. I CARE about everybody, but I get a little passionate when it comes to my loved ones.


    Thanks, Doctor D., for that Guardian article. What a surprise! It actually addresses major concerns and collections of evidence! A reversal indeed.

    As others are asking, where may this trend be heading? I feel that the trend in the Anglosphere and a number of European nations towards de-democratisation will not stop. We’re in for a period of fascistic rule, and can only hope that it will burn itself out when people learn that fascism will not save us from ourselves any more than any other political -ism.

    Meanwhile the gyrations in the financial world seem to be growing larger. How long before the spinning top falls over? I’m not looking forward to that, but then, I don’t want the old, destructive system to continue either.

    absolute galore

    I don’t mean to out The One Who Deflates, but I think he writes for The Atlantic when not making artisanal PSAs here on TAE:
    COVID is likely to remain a leading killer for a while, and some academics have suggested that pandemics end only when the public stops caring. But we shouldn’t forget the most important reason that the coronavirus isn’t like the flu: We’ve never had vaccines this effective in the midst of prior influenza outbreaks, which means we didn’t have a simple, clear approach to saving quite so many lives. Compassionate conversations, community outreach, insurance surcharges, even mandates—I’ll take them all. Now is not the time to quit.

    He is still enthralled with the miracle of modern science: The COVID vaccines are, without exaggeration, among the safest and most effective therapies in all of modern medicine.

    He also still gives “Joe Biden” props: President Joe Biden said in January that “this continues to be a pandemic of the unvaccinated,” and vaccine holdouts are indeed prolonging our crisis. The data suggest that most of the unvaccinated hold that status voluntarily at this point. Emphasis on voluntarily not mine. Can you imagine, a Voluntary choice of whether to take a drug?!
    The piece equates vaccine holdouts with smokers:America’s unvaccinated and current-smoker populations seem to match up rather well: Right now, the CDC pegs them at 13 percent and 14 percent of all U.S. adults, respectively, and both groups are likely to be poorer and less educated.

    While we do not know what, if anything, sponsors TOWD, we do of course know who pays the bills for The Atlantic’s pandemic “journalism,” as they include this proud declaration on the website:The Atlantic’s COVID-19 coverage is supported by grants from the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.


    The Russians have more territory then they could ever want, it’s the largest land mass country in the world.

    They will never need to enter Ukrainian territory.

    Just evacuate Russians from the Donbass and Lugansk

    After that territory will be empty and the Minsk accords say the Ukrainians can not occupy it either. hahaha!

    If they do, they not only break Minsk but the Russian, without have to set foot in it will shell the Ukronazis into a pink mist.

    The pearl clutching about the Russians invading Ukraine is pure bullshit.

    They will have the most valuable thing about the place, the ethnic Russians.


    “THAT is a turncoat.”

    So we can stop picking nits about the nuances between turncoat and traitor, then? Srsly, DBS, skating away on the thin ice of a semantical speck ill becomes you in my eyes. You’re describing a betrayal in a sociopolitical matter, and the vernacular for that is well known to include traitor.

    I will say nothing more on the topic if you’re just going to pick evasive nits.

    We’re all wrong about half the time about something or other. It’s called being human. Now, I’m from Mars so I have no excuse. Martians are supposed to be perfect; it’s in our colonial contract with Elon. But you’re a Terran, last I knew. Homo sapiens. Accept your mistake and grin: you’re still alive. It wasn’t fatal 🙂


    By evacuating the Donbass and Lugansk, they turn it into a buffer zone using the Minsk accords, and just wait until the Ukraine itself, as a nation state, disintegrates into a failed state, which it’s almost there.

    Take away the money laundering (the Democrats piggy bank country) and the Oligarch rackets and Ukraine is All Hat and No Cattle!


    Big Hat, No Cattle
    Randy Newman

    Since I was a child
    I’ve tried to be what I am not
    I’ve lied and I’ve enjoyed it all my life
    I lied to my dear mother
    To my sisters and my brother
    And now I’m lying to my children and my wife

    Big Hat, no cattle
    Big head, no brain
    Big snake, no rattle
    I forever remain
    Big hat, no cattle
    I knew from the start
    Big boat, no paddle
    Big belly, no heart

    Can’t remember why I do it
    Oh, maybe I can
    An honest man these days is hard to find
    I only know we’re living in an unforgiving land
    And a little lie can buy some real big peace of mind
    Oftimes I have wondered what might I have become
    Had I but buckled down and really tried
    But when it came down to the wire
    I called my family to my side
    Stood up straight, threw my head back, and I lied, lied, lied

    Big hat, no cattle
    Big shoes, well you know
    Big horse, no saddle
    He goes wherever I go
    Big hat, no cattle
    Right from the start
    Big guns, no battle
    Big belly, no heart

    When it came down to the wire
    I called my little family to my side
    Stood up straight, threw my head back, and I lied, lied, lied
    Lied, lied, lied

    Big hat, no cattle
    Big head, no brain
    Big snake, no rattle
    I forever remain
    Big hat, no cattle
    I knew from the start
    Big boat, no paddle
    Big belly, no heart
    Big boat, no paddle
    Big belly, no heart

    D Benton Smith

    @morongobill noted , “yep, calling someone a turncoat is the same as a traitor.”

    (included here just because he’s got it coming)

    Actually, that’s not quite true. The only thing that is the SAME as what I said is, literally, EXACTLY THE SAME THING THAT SAID, and what I SAID was the Kunstler is ” a turncoat schmuck.”

    Now if you or Boz, or anyone else wants to say that I’m a poophead for calling Kunstler a turncoat schmuck, then I will plead guilty to the charge of calling him a turncoat schmuck . I stated my reasons for calling him a turncoat schmuck clearly enough, and stand by them.

    There IS a global conspiracy to commit genocide, so Kunstler saying that he isn’t so sure such a thing even exists makes him . . . in my unhumbled opinion , a turncoat schmuck.

    You wanna use a different word ? (which obviously is DIFFERENT, with nuances and connotations all its own) then be my guest. Just don’t ascribe the words to me. Let’s agree that you get to choose your words, and I get to choose mine.

    And by the way, did I mention that someone who implies that maybe there is NOT a global conspiracy to commit genocide followed by slavery, is a turncoat schmuck ?

    D Benton Smith


    If I can stand up in plain sight, kick some turncoat schmuck’s ass in the Public Square , and then get accused of being EVASIVE then I need to go back to brazen asshole school for retraining . Otherwise there really IS some kind of language barrier.

    First you CHANGE what I say by putting it into YOUR own words, jumping to a few of your own conclusions and then picking fault with your own little projection. WTF is all that nonsense even about?

    Then I call you on changing my words ( and for your jumping to “conclusions about collusion” that I never made ) and you accuse me of nit-picking and worse.

    What’s next, gonna kick my dog ?

    I consider you a friend and colleague, but you should know by now that there are a couple of things that I don’t tolerate, and one of them is to be fucked with. Just stop it.


    Crystal ball story
    Mass Evacuation/immigration
    Food insecurity
    Energy shortfall (pipe line repairs/maintenance)
    Expats sending money home to survivors families (ex. philippines)
    Empty/firing range/waste land


    @ Dr D – Love most of what you say, and enjoy the hyperbole. However, “reality check”:
    “US Western Megadrought Worst in 1,200 Years, Scientist Warn”
    I live and vacation in the US West — haven’t left for 20 years now — and except for 18 months in my 20s, my residence has always been in Colorado, California, Utah, or Arizona. It doesn’t matter whether or not the low rainfall is labeled a “megadrought” or normal drought, a 1200 year event, or something more common. It doesn’t matter whether we blame it on too much oil burned, too many farting cows, sun spots, or chemtrails or other forms of weather manipulation. It doesn’t matter whether the voices raising alarm are “scientists,” government bureaucrats, environmentalists, or farmers. The reservoirs are low. The ability to generate hydropower is being affected. The rapids for white water rafting companies are not as scary. The water supporting millions of people and agriculture — and Arizona golf courses — is dwindling. This problem is huge, and needs to be addressed. Ignoring the problem because the messengers are suspect or corrupt and because they use apparent hyperbole in their messaging (I.e. “megadrought,” “1200,”) is unhelpful.

    D Benton Smith

    @boscohorowitz “Accept your mistake and grin: you’re still alive. It wasn’t fatal”

    1. I’ve reviewed the material and have made no mistake on the disputed issue.
    2. I am not smiling
    3. Nice try. I do not accept your invitation to tacitly admit error just by answering to the charge. An old trick, but still a good one. “When did you stop beating your wife?”

    0 out of 3 isn’t very good. You need practice. And manners. The humility to examine your own motives for the unprovoked snit wouldn’t hurt either, but that’s probably asking too much.

    those darned kids

    CDC 2019-Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) Real-Time RT-PCR Diagnostic Panel

    For Emergency Use Only

    Instructions for Use

    All clinical samples should exhibit fluorescence growth curves in the RNase P reaction that cross the threshold line within 40.00 cycles (< 40.00 Ct), thus indicating the presence of the human RNase P gene.

    Detection of viral RNA may not indicate the presence of infectious virus or that 2019-nCoV is the causative agent for clinical symptoms.

    • The performance of this test has not been established for monitoring treatment of 2019-nCoV infection.

    • The performance of this test has not been established for screening of blood or blood products for the presence of 2019-nCoV.

    This test cannot rule out diseases caused by other bacterial or viral pathogens.


    As long as Biden is talking about Ukraine is isn’t talking about what’s happening in Canada. He’s silent on that. Ukraine gives most of the MSM something to write and talk about and avoid talking about what’s happening in Canada. For “Ukraine” substitute the word “Squirrel” !

    those darned kids

    dora: careful! if the u.s. pays attention to canadada, they just might invade to preserve freedom and democracy.

    we have enough tyrants already.


    Let’s connect the dots in finance.

    All the talk about RussiaRussiaRussiaRussiaRussiaRussiaRussia has one primary purpose.

    Goose up the corpse of the US stock market and treasury bills.

    All the scared sheeple around the globe knee jerk-id-ly run to the ‘safe haven’ of the dollar and other US securities at the slightest sign of trouble.

    So make some trouble.


    War in the Ukraine!!!!

    And the money just floods in like Manna from Heaven

    Works Every time.



    Run little Sheeple, RUN, as fast as your little frightened legs can carry you!

    US Stocks have NO price discovery, NOBODY knows what ANY of it is worth.

    War, what is it good for?

    It’s fabulous for jacking up worthless stocks and bonds, that what it’s good for.

    Don’t take my word for it, listen to Bob

    All Along the Watchtower.

    “There must be some way out of here”
    Said the joker to the thief
    “There’s too much confusion
    I can’t get no relief
    Businessmen, they drink my wine
    Plowmen dig my earth
    None of them along the line
    Know what any of it is worth”

    D Benton Smith

    Here is a man after my own heart. May I introduce to you, Dr Vernon Coleman

    running time about 14 minutes


    Dr Coleman speaks the truth, but I already know the material covered.

    Throwing kids in the volcano or ritual child sacrifice has a long history in Humanity.

    It’s the new twists that should connect the dots to the bigger picture of child abuse:

    The Left’s Appalling Efforts to ‘Normalize’ Pedophilia

    The Left’s Appalling Efforts to ‘Normalize’ Pedophilia

    The Left’s Normalization of Pedophilia

    The Left’s Normalization of Pedophilia

    The Left Has A Pedophilia Problem, And It’s Out In The Open

    How The Alt-Left Promotes Rape And Pedophilia

    The list is to long to post but you get the drift.


    There are Canadian flying the flag in BC

    The RCMP are herding the flag bearers on the sidewalk at the Surrey border crossing. (Rain pouring down)


    Re; Watchtowers:

    “So let us not talk falsely now,
    The hour’s getting late.”


    I meant what I said
    And I said what I meant
    And now on that matter
    My saying is spent…

    …except to say to you words that I have never used with anybody before, feeling that they’re so defeatist, but that’s how I feel here: “We’ll just have to agree to disagree.”

    And that makes me sad, but life does that sometimes. Some things never change. A man hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest.


    @bosco & DBS
    Jebus F. Christo There are more important things to use this space for than a personal pissing contest. How ’bout you guys exchange emails and have it out in private?
    Have a nice day


    Re: pedophilia, I’ll note that, while the left and its pretense of open-mindedness is the natural wing of the duopoly to promote a tolerance of pedophilia, the right has been taking honors for getting caught in the act for quite some time.

    Formerly T-Bear

    Something to be remembered, the Japanese bombing of Darwin 80 years ago and its echos today:


    I take it this is the BC HWY 15 crossing?


    “How ’bout you guys exchange emails and have it out in private?”

    How about you mind your own business rather than defining this place by your druthers? We’re talking about a known public figure discussing a topic that has dominated the board for days, and were simply determining a point about that public figure’s motives and certain modes of discursive rigor and data hygiene, something that discursants in sites like this regularly need refreshers in, in my experience.

    If you don’t know how to mind your own business, I’m sure there are professionals who can teach you. Look for guys named Vinny or Tyrone. They’ll show you.

    Have a lousy day an it please ye.

    Veracious Poet
    Veracious Poet

    D Benton Smith

    @Orobros re : the Left has a pedophilia problem

    Indeed they do, and I think that category of criminal activity is the best entry point for taking them down. Those of us who’ve been delving into the cabal’s interlocking crime networks for a LONG time have long known that ALL of the criminal networks interconnect and mutually support, (my first real world encounter was when our tiny cohort of virginal investigators ACCIDENTALLY opened the MK Ultra can of maggots in 1973 . . . and were nearly annihilated for it).

    There are as many sub-networks as there are wealth/power generating institutions sending crime down to the people and money up to the perpetrators. But the network with the greatest vulnerability to successful prosecution is pedophilia related. It links them all together and it’s MUCH harder for the press to ignore or hide on page 7.

    So, yeah! This is very good place to focus the assault, and to save a lot of kids in the process.


    Epstein is tied (pardon the pun) into Wall St like a Gordian Knot

    He probably had a Pedophile of the Month Club, like Harry & David with fancy wrapping and ribbons for the Gold Card Members.

    His crimes go unpunished, and his ‘stunt double’ killed ‘himself’ in jail, freeing Jeff to pursue his pastimes in greener pastures.

    It’s been like this since humans fell out of the trees except when we lived in groups below the Dunbar’s Number, spotting the Lizard Brain ones was a lot easier.


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