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    absolute galore

    From today’s NYT:
    Fact-Checking the Joe Rogan Interview That Caused an Uproar

    The popular podcast host and his guest, Robert Malone, a controversial infectious-disease researcher, offered a litany of falsehoods over three hours.

    Here is a sample of what they call “False:”
    “Now one of the things that people have said in response to the vaccine injuries is that it’s approximately one in 1,000 that are getting these significant injuries like myocarditis.” — Mr. Rogan

    False. Studies have shown that the Covid-19 vaccine can be associated with an increased risk of myocarditis or inflammation of the heart muscle, but Mr. Rogan’s one-in-1,000 figure comes from a retracted study.

    Seriously? An entertainer (I believe this “takedown” was published in the NYT Arts and Leisure section) says “one of the things people have said…” is that a definitive statement of fact? I don’t think so. Ninety percent of the piece is like this and worse. Most of it is weakly labeled “Misleading”. Wow. The convolutions are amazing.


    You want to change the system stop using it as much as possible. I’ve spent most of my adult life looking for ways to participate within it as little as possible. I have spent most of my time raising our own food on a mostly bouldery piece of land. We trade/barter or buy with cash as much as possible. My daughter is lactose intolerant and this wasn’t discovered until she left home for university, goats milk mostly up till then. Doctors were stumped at first, they figured that would have been discovered very early on, (haven’t seen it so doesn’t happen) sound familiar? Have my own wood lot which produced the lumber for the four homes I have built over this time. Had a small turn down mill of my own and traded logs for lumber for some of it. Stop using big banks, head for the credit union, a little less evil maybe. Protesting the multi-nationals and international institutions has done what, exactly. Meaningful protest comes from the wallet. Pay as little tax as humanly possible and trade/barter locally as much as possible it keeps the transaction off the books so to say. I spent several years working in a liaison committee with our provincial government to clean up a major chemical spill at the head waters of a local river, PCP’s. All volunteer time for those of us on the civic side. The river system was closed to catch and keep fishing and we were told at the time that after we got a clean bill off health for the fish we would be able to keep a few again for a fry up. We got that clean bill almost twenty years ago, still can’t keep a trout to eat and the deputy minister, you know the unelected bureaucrat, has said repeatedly at public meetings it’s because of the PCP’s. Bold face lies and you think a bunch of virtue signalling is going to do anything meaningful besides make you feel good. How has that worked out for you? You want change? Change the way you live first. Don’t play the game as much as you can. Walk as often as possible, don’t drive, grow or purchase from local growers all you can preserve for the coming off season. Smoke, dry, pickle, can, freeze, salt do whatever you can do, for yourself. That is about as strong a statement as us serfs can make. I don’t even have a phone anymore, you want me send an email or come find me. If I’m not on the property my wife can tell you where to find me or when I’m expected back. Protesting the multi-whatever’s is nothing more than virtue signalling. The CEO’s see this and just laugh it off or worse they find a way to exploit it for financial gain. Any how good luck getting a large enough group together that have the same values front to back, top to bottom as yourself. Even the tyrants can’t do that. You will most likely end up as myself, an army of one.


    On Monday I attended my son’s IEP meeting (individualized education plan) at the high school. After the winter break, a mask mandate went into effect. I walked into the room, maskless. I was asked to put on a mask — they could provide one — “if you don’t mind” said the vice principal. “I have one with me,” I responded, “and, I mind. I don’t believe that the masks work at all. It is mask theatre.” No one commented, and the meeting began. My purpose there was to have a successful IEP meeting, and I wasn’t going to allow the mask issue to prevent the meeting from going forward. (I had called for the meeting, after all.). Of course, all others present were school personnel, and as employees successfully subjected to the coercion tied to their ability to provide for themselves and their families the necessities of life. I was the only one at liberty to acknowledge and point out the elephant in the room…so I did.

    Last night I attended my daughter’s parent teacher conferences. The middle school also has a mask mandate. However, the sign outside the office door says that non-school people are merely “strongly recommended” to wear a mask. Cool. I entered the office maskless. A masked worker there spoke with me — but it was to ask if I had an appointment (“yes”) and if I needed an interpreter. (“No, porque ya puedo hablar espanol e ingles.”). Most of the student families that I saw were masked. I met with five teachers. Every one was masked. I remained mask-free. Not one teacher seemed the least bit bothered by my non-compliance. No one said anything to me about a mask. At one moment the Asian math teacher removed her mask briefly. I saw the rest of her face! It was different than I’d imagined. I felt surprise. What an odd sensation — to have a concept of someone that misses half of their face. Totally weird. I didn’t know the location of the music/drama room and walked into the gym, which was in the same building. 3 teachers were conversing there — all without masks. (They considered themselves “off the clock?” And therefore “mask-free?”) I explained my predicament, and one walked me to the music/drama room.

    Figmund Sreud

    … and here we have Escobar on recent Putin / Macron rendezvous:

    “Do You Want a War Between Russia and NATO?”



    Boilingfrog- remdesivir article
    The article ignores the clinical trial data that shows that remdesivir badly damages vital organs.
    However, it is my understanding that R does inhibit viral replication, so it does make more sense to use it early on for Covid, rather than at a late stage, when the virus is no longer replicating. Unfortunately, a subset of those following the advice of this article are going to get vital organ damage from the treatment. (Aw, shucks, the blame for organ damage can just be pinned on Covid!)


    Sumac.carol “ Were any others here involved in these protests?”

    I came into a more full realization of what was going financially on in 2011 as I focused on the problems of the world as a distraction from the problems in my marriage. In 2011 I had 3 very young children. When I drove past the Occupy Phoenix protest I honked to show support. In 2012 my ex lost his job due to alcoholism, and my life spiraled apart. Much of the last 10 years I have spent maintaining as much stability as I could for my children, dealing with family court issues, and healing from the trauma of my marriage. I have often “been hanging on for dear life.” I am not aware of any such protests in Phoenix since Occupy. I have participated in protests regarding the water protectors, the environment (XR), and – recently – against mask mandates, I attended a Bernie Sanders rally in 2015, participated in a time bank for a couple of years, and some local Democracy at Work meetings. I am not in a financial position where it is feasible to travel to protest.


    @ John Day
    Thanks for the link yesterday about the Rice University research on nano-technology. It was timely. Here is the latest publication from scientists in New Zealand. At the very end of the article is a PDF download with 38 stunning
    images of the contents of Comirnaty vials. The authors (NZDSOS: New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out with Science) are a group of concerned health professionals speaking out against coercion and censorship. They have presented their evidence to the NZ government and are working on further legal action. Work in progress…

    It’s a Small World: Micro-tech in the Jabs?


    Matt Taibbi interviews Russell Brand:

    “..Of course, Brand’s real crime is the basis of the show’s success: the welcoming, positive tone, the breezy lack of judgment, and a refusal to denounce anyone as enemies. The opening salutation — “Welcome, you 4.9 million shimmering wonders, you awakening souls, my brothers and sisters” — is a funnier, more exultant update on radioman Lowell Thomas’s legendary salutation from a century ago, “Good evening, everybody.” Thomas set the tone for generations of media outlets that saw their programs as places where the whole population could come together for discussion and debate, as opposed to being herded into warring camps. Brand is doing the same thing, just with more panache (saying a lot, since Thomas was also a storied stage performer).

    This willingness to court all audiences is an affront to the basic formula of current commercial media, which relies upon a strategy of identifying out-groups and rallying audiences to escalating hatreds. Any show that sends an opposite message that people with differing views can and should coexist, or that people who cross conventional wisdom may be interviewed for any reason beyond being “called out,” must now themselves be considered reactionary. We’re seeing how intense the propaganda about this sort of thing can get with the Rogan situation. Make no mistake, if the Jim Acostas and Brian Stelters and Daily Beasts of the world succeed in chopping Rogan’s knees out, they will go looking for the next target, which could easily be Brand or anyone else on that list of “right wing” terrors..


    “..Transparently, this is a tactic by a political mainstream so desperate to control what people say and think that it refuses to concede there’s even a word for legitimate disagreement with its dictates. As stupid as mainstream press people are in general, this specific stratagem is clever. First, it provides a massive disincentive for left-liberal thinkers to step an inch outside conventional thinking. Secondly, while people are arguing over the superficial provocation — Hey, wait, I’m not a right-winger! — even more dubious notions are slipped in through the back door, like the idea that Joe Rogan isn’t allowed to interview conservatives, or that if he does, he must do so using some bizarre pre-approved mathematical ratio..”

    Taibbi really has been sticking his neck out these days- brave man.


    I think one of the primary purposes for articles like the NYT “fact check” linked above by A.G. (thanks) is to update
    the Professional-Managerial Class on this week’s Required Beliefs, lest they inadvertently get out of line.

    Having said that, there was a curious amount of hedging in that piece, and I’m not sure what to make of that.


    ‘The Blue Stack Strikes Back’ was very good, I thought:

    “..The institutions successfully driving this push for ideological conformity across American life—progressive nonprofits, large portions of the news media, woke corporations, Democrats in government—can collectively be called the “blue stack,” which represents an enforcement mechanism for the ruling ideology to express hegemony over American democracy..”

    That the rulers used the [mole]”left” and the Democrat Party to inflict all this on the 90% was really quite clever.
    On the other hand, I sure wouldn’t want to be a PMCer these days, either: all those Required Beliefs/Updates/Reversals on behalf of their Masters..


    On protest- I fully understand the level of commitment required for people to look after their families and appreciate not everyone can do this at all points in their lives.
    No I do not expect to have everyone singing from precisely the same song sheets, but there are limits and the truckers leadership are way past that.

    Latest on truckers – both sides of the protest are making death threats against tow truck driver who answered a request by Pat King (the leader of the protest) to move their shack. Pat King has been silent while this guy is fielding the death threats -real classy guy Pat King and lots of not classy people in all sides.

    Re truckers owning the means of production: my take is they are more like workers in the new gig economy. Trucking companies get the contracts and hand them out to the owner operators. Owner operators carry the logos of the truck companies. If truckers don’t “behave” they won’t get work from the trucking companies.
    No I am not allergic to Marx at all. Far from it.

    Re the vax administration methods aspiration: according to Robert Malone this is a complete red herring.

    Michael Reid

    @ Red

    I second your comment.

    those darned kids

    sumac: if the truckers are unsuccessful, you can say good-bye to being able to protest anything, anytime ever again.


    I support the collective action the Canadian Truckers are presently taking against Covid Vaccine Mandates.

    Veracious Poet

    Oh where, oh where can my pandemic be? Oh where, oh where can it be?

    A new strain of Avian influenza that was present in Europe, only last year, is reported in the southern states of North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia and Florida.

    It is another highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) strain.

    Another highly pathogenic avian influenza strain invades southern states

    Trust the Science is a euphemism for Trust the System


    An interesting comment from elsewhere:

    “To understand the Niel Youngs of the music world I recommend you read “Weird Scenes Inside The Canyon”, by David McGowan, it’ an analytical look at the late 60s and 70s music scene as viewed from LA’s famous Laurel Canyon and home of the US Army studio Lookout Mountain.
    The author connects the dots between the CIA and the Tavistok Institute, to the music I loved and believed in as anti-estanlishment and revolutionary. Like Covid19 the Hippy/Acid generation was generated, not organic in any manner.
    It was anything but. Members of the most popular groups were blood relatives to military intelligence operators and blue blood money. ”


    @absolute galore

    “The only thing that will stop the Technosphere is a lack of enough energy to keep its grip.”

    Agreed, but the fly in that ointment is the distribution by resources PER CAPITA.

    For example, kill 7.5 billion people, useless eaters, ration the remaining 500 million on barely minimum caloric intake, mud huts, and grass clothes, and let the 3,000 or so oligarchs and their families continue to live like, well, Kings and Queens.

    Sounds like a plan to ‘save’ the planet’ that would actually work.

    It would certainly drastically reduce natural resource consumption for most, but leave the ‘elite’ life styles alone.

    That would work fine and is probably the model being followed as we speak using a Plandemic Depopulation Operation as a proof of concept idea. It’s just a first prototype, ‘they’ have more modified viruses in the freezer (weaponized smallpoxs or tuberculous or Black Plague)

    I’ll be damned if I will live like a serf to ‘save the planet’ so that MAGGOTS like Bezos and Gates and Soros can fly between mansions on private jets.

    I’d rather burn the whole planet to ash than to allow the .001% to exist at their current level of consumption.

    That is precisely why ‘They’ are actively, premeditatedly trying to kill the population off with the spike protein bioweapon Plandemic exercise.

    Covid is just the warmup act. If you don’t hunt them down and terminate them root and branch this time, ‘They’ are going to double down as sure as the night follows the day and come back to finish you off with something really truly deadly, not some half-assed coronavirus with a fatality rate of .03% (three one hundreds of a single percent)

    “Sustainable” coming from ‘environmentalists’ sound like code for ‘subsistence’ living which in turn sounds like Share Cropper.

    Historically, been there, done that.

    Slavery is ‘illegal’ so we’ll rebrand it as ‘indentured servant’

    Hey, maybe a jingle, “You Own Nothing and Be Happy!”

    “Environmentals are the Soros Shock Troops to sell that ditty to the bah-bah-bah Sheeple.

    The whole environmental movement has been co=opted like a social justice Woketard spinoff.

    There is not going to be electric tractor trailer rigs, EVER. delivering your food and vitals. (despite Elon Musk’s Song & Dance)

    If you think they will appear like Chariots of the Gods to Save Humanity, you need to put down your crack pipe and slowly push away from the coffee table.

    The over consumption of natural resources is NOT a problem, it’s a dilemma, which has no solution, only coping mechanisms.

    D Benton Smith

    @those darned kids suggests possibility that , “Anderson Cooper 360” will now be known as “Anderson Cooper 219”

    Us here in the peanut gallery are waiting for the show to be , ““Anderson Cooper Does A 180”


    aggressive redefined

    This is how normal behavior gets redefined as “anti-social” behavior.

    Daughter may have sinus infection, we are sitting at Nextcare Urgent Care. Sign on the door says “masks required.” Inside is this HUGE sign. (I’ve added photo, but not sure how/whether it will display.)

    Aggressive behavior will not be tolerated.
    Examples of aggressive behavior include:
    – physical assault
    – verbal assault
    – abusive or foul language
    – threats
    – failure to respond to staff instructions

    Since when does “non-compliance” fall under the category of “aggressive behavior”?

    (Gosh…Ghandi sure was aggressive, wasn’t he?)


    Think of the truckers as a picket line and two truckers as scabs.


    Absolute galore “ Please pass the electric car and the plane trips to my eco vacations and my Amazon Prime membership. The only thing that will stop the Technosphere is a lack of enough energy to keep its grip.”

    Exactly the reason why I stepped away from “climate stuff” — I wanted to focus on helping people figure out how to adjust their lifestyle to practices that create less waste — gardening, composting, shopping thrift stores, repurposing, recycling (I know, it depends,) bring your own grocery bag, avoiding purchase of things made on other continents, etc. Most of those I met with wanted to sign petitions and write to politicians, and complain about new natural gas plants being built, feeling good about their Tesla purchase. Ick.


    “if the truckers are unsuccessful, you can say good-bye to being able to protest anything, anytime ever again”
    You forgot to add “going on strike”

    Veracious Poet

    Dr. D:

    And without gas, how do you think the trucks are going to move and drive away?

    All part of the plan ~ Designate the trucker activity as unlawful & terroristic, confiscate the trucks/tractors for the regime to use as they will…

    Perhaps Resident Xiden will relocate some of his newly minted loyal subjects to operate the equipment @ min. wages, on behalf of the Canadada State?

    Stranger things have happened ~ Me thinks the Canucks missed their chance to rebel 245+ years ago 😐

    So simple a Moose can do it…

    After all, You’ll have nothing & like it!

    The mind boggles,


    those darned kids

    vp: funny thing is that most mexicans are actually very (repeat VERY) conservative people, and they actually repelled by all the “actions” of the biden administration.


    @ Red – I second that also. Not easy but the only way as it is the bedrock of system change.

    @ Oroboros “Sustainable” coming from ‘environmentalists’ sound like code for ‘subsistence’ living which in turn sounds like Share Cropper. – Just because they have tried to capture what the word means doesn’t mean me and Red and others here are not carefully considering our environment and how to live within it long term.

    A commenter posted
    “People are speaking.
    Are you listening”
    The comment was “under moderation”, then deleted by CBC…..
    Too controversial a concept, I guess

    Veracious Poet

    vp: funny thing is that most mexicans are actually very (repeat VERY) conservative people, and they actually repelled by all the “actions” of the biden administration.

    those darned kids

    we’ve spent the last two years in a science friction novel.

    those darned kids

    sorry, vp, i lived there for ten years. trust me on this one.


    @ cloudhidden. Yep thought police doing the filtering is sooooo 1984


    Summary what it really is.


    I think we’ll find out fairly soon that there’s no online figure or group or anything like that to rally behind- none.
    Atomization is a big part of the ruling class project, as it would need to be to achieve their goals.
    Lockdowns for Da Kovid™ were effective as Part I.. small business essentially destroyed, millions of
    person immiserated, while the few are on Better Than Ever Street.



    That’s why- I think- we have on this here darpaNet Ten Thousand Articles about what’s being done to We-the-90%,
    but essentially none about what that large group might do about it..

    My impression is that any significant people-benefiting action will not involve the darpaNet, or *anything* Digital.

    D Benton Smith

    It’s time we stopped looking at this “authoritarian elites” problem as an “us” vs “them” situation.

    Because there is no “them”.

    There is ONLY “us”.

    The elite can’t do much to us on their own. They couldn’t manage a successful sandbox, much less an entire world. There does of course exist a small group of people who harbor such intentions. There is indeed a micro micro micro minority of inbred imbeciles who delusionally believe themselves to be “Elite” (i.e. more deserving than others due to an assumed innate but utterly vague and undefined superiority of some kind) . But that’s just narcissistic personality disorder. As individuals they can’t do shit. The only way an elite can do anything TO us is to get US to do it for them.

    This is especially ( ridiculously, often tragically) true when it comes to violence, coercive force and oppression.

    So let’s look at this “us” vs “them” thing more rationally. The only way we can be harmed is by harming ourselves when some inbred psychotic megalomaniacs tells us to do so. So don’t do it. Sure, the order to harm yourself is not usually DIRECT. It wends and flows down through a long chain of command . But just because an order comes down through a longer line of cowards does not change the basic and essential fact one bit. It still comes to hurting ourselves because we were told to.

    So when someone (a boss for instance) tells you to do something that is wrong/false/harmful, just don’t do it. Simple as that. NEVER allow someone else to impose their will upon you against your will. The decision to let them (or not) is always and only yours to make. Do not comply.

    In which case “they” can’t do fuck all.

    They can fire you from the “job” of being their overworked underpaid slave, possibly, but what’s the trouble with that? Is there some benefit to giving the power of your work to a lunatic asshole who is intent upon harming your enlightened best interests ? Seems to me that NOT working for a dangerous jerk like that would be the benefit.

    They could arrest and jail you for a while (if you are incautious or unclever enough to evade the traps) but once again, do the math. What’s better , a fine and some time in the slammer, or a lifetime of pain, poverty, suffering, humiliation and premature death? Hmmmm. Tough question. Lemme think about it.

    This train of thought has many names, but the latest one , “awakening” , seems good enough to serve. So, wake up. The coffee is on, it’s going to be a very good day and this is a great time to be alive.


    @Sumac et al
    One of the NZ media tropes common recently in coverage of anti-jab-mandate protests has been to observe the range of people present (everything from Trump flags, to Maori-sovereignty protesters, to ownership of water assets) and comment “these people don’t even have a consistent message”. I’ve heard the meme repeated by intelligent friends and challenged them:
    It used to be well understood in politics that groups with very different agendas or identities could (and should) come together to make common cause where their interests and concerns converged. In the current environment that seems heresy to a great many people. I’m not entirely when or how it happened (though I can speculate), but it’s crystal clear to me that the primary beneficiary of the change is vested interests. And that being so, it’s in the collective interests of minor powers to overturn the trope.
    Similarly, one of the main protest instigators here (recently jailed for his activism) is an evangelical pastor (and self-anointed Bishop) who makes my skin crawl. Yet he has stood up when the Left, the Intelligensia (not much of a presence in NZ.. ;-), the medical and legal councils, the courts and vast numbers of the general public have not. I trust him as far as a rattlesnake, but I’ve attended protests alongside his kith and kin because on mandates we have common cause.
    I don’t mind admitting my younger, more idealistic self would probably have baulked at that, but these days I’m more about pragmatism.
    Unlike previous decades, we share the planet with a generally apathetic and uninformed mass, who have little concept or interest in genuine history and politics. We don’t have the luxury of picking and choosing the perfect running mates.
    Or, as a more base analogy, I think we need to be looking for a good time – not a long time – in our choice of political partners to confront the mandates with urgency, ie those with agency, willingness and availability. Yes, optics are a consideration, but peer pressure is precisely what inhibits many from raising their voices. It’s a time to put less emphasis on how we look from the outside.


    One person here- an MD, who seems principled to me- lost his job because of ruling-class diktats. My brother, another MD, moved his family and practice (quite a big deal) to a Southern state in response to similar issues, at quite a cost; and not just monetary. Not everyone can do that, to say the least: for most of us, a living = a life.

    Just say “no”, eh?

    Veracious Poet

    Heather McDonald collapsed shortly after her “joke” and fractured her skull, the crowd laughs on.


    Just watched a Tucker Carlson Today long interview with Dr Robert Malone, who calls Rogan’s 2 recent apology videos (on Instagram and FB) “hostage videos.” Lol. Couldn’t agree more. Rogan folded.

    My forecast: If you think Rogan is playing some type of three dimensional chess where he comes out on top because he’s the “apologetic, bigger person”, you haven’t joined the rest of us in Alice’s Wonderland yet. Blood’s in the water now and Rogan will be watered down. Say buh, buh to your 10s of millions of followers, Joe …

    Look at the bright side … blue check is all in once Rogan is underwater.

    Veracious Poet

    Mass Formation Narcissistic Personality Disorder (MF-NPD) on display:



    Your conditions for supporting a fellow protestor are unnervingly similar to the statistically recommended conditions for choosing a partner: did you know that the longest lasting relationships are those where both partners share the same values? Maybe you are single, searching for that one partner and confusing the aim of achieving a political goal with the aim of achieving a personal goal?

    Life involves compromise at all levels: you use money yet protest against banks: somewhat hypocritical?

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