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    D Benton Smith


    I hear ya, and I know from long experience (74 so far) how hard it can be to swim against a strong current. No one here wants to hear the story of my Life and Hard Times, but just know that I didn’t write any of that stuff lightly, or from lack of costly personal experience. It has been a wild ride.



    Good comment, couldn’t agree more!


    As Matt Taibbi says, it’s interesting who all’s getting labeled “right-wing” or “alt-right” these days, and in what venues.
    I’ve noticed they’re using that as an epithet more and more at Naked Cap, as an example, primarily against those
    who don’t accept the Civil Liberties-destroying measures taken, purportedly in response to the virus.

    The other day the afternoon person there was ridiculing those of us who think that putting masks on children (in particular) might not be a great idea. I think that children, especially, need to see and respond to facial responses of others, with the exchange with their currently-muzzled mothers probably being most important.


    I don’t think I’ve heard Kevin Anderson’s name come up around here in relationship to the environment and climate and consumption for many moons if ever.

    I’ve followed him for at least ten years, He used to be far more optimist about things humans can practically do to lower natural resource depletion using global CO2 ppm as an indicator of progress. His background was as an engineer who worked on designing and building oil rigs in the North Sea. He knows how the real world actually functions unlike many in the ‘environmental movement’ who couldn’t count back change at a check out register.

    He previously held the role of director of the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research in England and currently holds a joint chair between the School of Engineering at the University of Manchester and the Centre for Environment and Development Studies (CEMUS) at Uppsala University in Sweden. He recently completed two years as the Zennström professor of climate change leadership at Uppsala.

    He has many youtube presentations, too many to list. He has thoroughly penciled out in excruciating detail what needs to be actually, not pie-in-the-sky, done to global living arrangements and more importantly to the global industrial base to even have a tiny shot at reaching ‘sustainability’ in global resources.

    Spoiler alert, windmills and solar panels and electric cars for 9 or 10 billion people is a no go.

    There’s not even enough resources left to produce, deploy, maintain and properly dispose of the Eco-Bling everyone thinks is going to ‘save the planet’.

    If you want to argue against his positions, I assure you he is amazingly articulate and has an almost superhuman command of the details of global consumption patterns that will dissect your Eco-fantasies into nano particles and leave you crying in your organic IPA beer.

    He used to talk so fast and with an English accent that I found to be a bit hard to follow but he has mellowed over the years.

    He still has a ‘can do’ attitude, all hope is not lost, but has a far more tempered take on Realpolitik.

    He stopped flying years ago, and will only attend climate conferences by train or boat (or bicycle), unlike most in the ‘environmental movement’ who religiously fly to every and all climate conferences, you know, to save the world!

    He literally talks the talk and walks the walk, unlike most in his field. He is also an accomplished technical rock climber, a very dangerous hobby if you don’t religiously pay attention to minute detail.

    This is a recent video

    Professor Kevin Anderson: “To hell in a hand cart”

    If you search for video, put ‘Kevin Anderson climate’ there’ are well known athletes with his name.

    You can watch his older presentations, nothings changed over time except the climate has gotten much worse with little or no progress in addressing the actual underlying conditions.

    Here’s a current one.

    Warning if you’re an eco-snowflake unicorn listening to it, you might burst into tears and your head might explode with actual facts and figures, he is after all a teacher.


    And so begins the grind
    To test your peace of mind
    How patient and how focussed can you be?
    The other shoe won’t drop-
    The squirrel was just a prop.
    Acquaint yourself with others who are free.

    those darned kids

    Vladimir Zhirinovsky wins the Darwin Award!

    Well played Sir!


    ” alt=”.” />



    Far-right leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky fought his way back into the headlines today, scuffling with a top talk show host and throwing orange juice into the face of a fellow guest during a live broadcast.

    What a class act!

    those darned kids


    > What if #mRNA could treat life-threatening #cardiovascular diseases such as #HeartFailure? <

    First they create the disease, then they want to sell us a “cure”.

    I will pass on all that stuff. The Morning Glory in the windowsill looks like it will bloom again in the morning, though. Wondrous.

    those darned kids

    D Benton Smith

    @Oroboros about that Putin challenger , Vladimir Zhirinovsky, feller who just caught the coof after months of massive vaccine overdosing :

    Like jumping off a 1000 foot cliff clutching a short fused time bomb, into a shark tank. Not a question of IF, or even WHEN. More a question of WHICH.

    D Benton Smith

    We should start a rumor that crack cocaine and Fentanyl prevent and cure Covid, thereby forcing the usual suspects to promptly shut down all supplies of those substances everywhere. This could save millions of lives.


    My insight for today. Dentists drill for money!

    Ottawa Police are definately stepping up the pressure via tickets and arrests.

    Trudeau is definately sourcing his own gov owned tow trucks.

    Biden is definately now helping Trudeau to fight the truckers.

    Western leaders are definately cursing Trudeau for his stupidity in picking a fight with a group(s) who can fight back! Truckers and farmers!

    It is definately the middle of winter here in Canada! A dam fine (time to have a fight!


    ” “If you know anything about truck air brakes, once you pull that button, all 18 wheels are locked,” Crowe told CBC on Wednesday”

    This is hee-larious. Written by someone who has no idea how air brake systems work. Pulling the emergency buttons does cut the air off to the system, but once there’s enough air in the system, air is released once the buttons are pushed back in. Disabling such a system means disconnecting the air compressor in the motor and then bleeding the air tanks for the truck and trailer. Then everything locks up with no incoming air to resupply the system.

    Try towing that. There is at least an hour’s labor for each truck, times however many trucks with disabled systems before they can even think about towing them,

    Do these idiots even do a simple google search? Myself, just remembering my experience with driving a semi.

    those darned kids

    like i said, the whole russia-ukraine nonsense is to drive up the price of oil in order to keep the shale ponzi going until at least the midterms:

    D Benton Smith

    Too bad for Machiavelli that he died before the 21st Century rolled around. He would be having a grand old time if he were here, and a client list to die for.


    Matt has been providing updates. Here is his latest. There has been a general “Something Wicked This Way Comes” vibe in his writings.

    My government and security sources do not agree. What’s happening in Ottawa, they were clear, is two separate events happening in tandem: there is a broadly non-violent (to date) group of Canadians with assorted COVID-related gripes, ranging from the somewhat justified to totally frickin’ insane. But that larger group, which has knocked Ottawa and too many of our leaders into what my colleague Jen Gerson so perfectly described as “stun-fucked stasis,” is now providing a kind of (mostly) unwitting cover to a cadre of seasoned street brawlers whose primary goal is to further erode the legitimacy of the state — not just the city of Ottawa, or Ontario or Canada, but of democracies generally.



    That was a good read. I am hungry for more good commentary on the situation in Ottawa and Windsor.



    Thanks for the Mat reference. Nice to know Trudeau has stepped into something that would dirty his socks. Someone once said talk softly but carry a big stick.

    And all he has to do is drop the mandates. But he isn’t very brave. After reading this mess all by himself, surely his days as a useful idiot are coming to an end. Sacrificing Trudeau is no big loss to tptb.


    @absolute galore
    As far as the non-embedded video, it looks like it is missing the end quotation mark after the source URL.

    D Benton Smith

    Bother. Tried to get to sleep tonight but this thought just wouldn’t let me do it.

    There are a couple of common and quoted phrases , spoken and written with enormous undercurrents of reverence, melodrama and vehemence, and usually invoked together, since they are closely related to the core beliefs underpinning the US Constitution. The idea is that governments derive their just power to govern through the consent of the governed. That governed , of course, being “We the People”.

    I think that probably 98% of all of those governed , and definitely 100% of their governments, seriously misconstrue both of those crucial concepts.

    I think that they think that the ideas are merely eloquent expressions of noble ideals and grand purpose.

    They are not. Even though they exist as import aspects of HOW the great experiment was meant to work, but Noble Ideals and Grand Purpose have not got a damned thing to do with WHERE the power comes from.

    It’s a simple statement of a plain fact: Power to govern derives from the consent of the governed. Period. Full stop.

    Governments of each, all and every kind, whether loved or hated, derive their power to govern from the same source. Namely, the decision (willing or otherwise) to go along with the gag and let them do it . That is true regardless of how that consent is obtained, whether through freely given concurrence or brutally enforced coercion makes no difference.

    The capacity to do what governance does comes from the CONSENT of the governed. and no where else.

    Clearly, the consensuality of that arrangement is collapsing all over the world. And for an increasingly obvious and legitimately factual reason: the government tried to kill them, and it still is.

    The consent to be governed by such sadistically idiotic psychopaths is being withdrawn at the same exponential rate that people are awakening to the almost incomprehensible fact and magnitude of the crime.

    Anyone piddling around over irrelevant side issues or inconsequential details is just whistling past the graveyard. The elites have no idea how close they are to oblivion. The people are still groggy and confused as they struggle to come to terms with the monstrosity of the act. But they’re catching on quick, and as they comprehend they will act. Their only choices are to stop the killers or submit to execution.
    Governments are catatonic, “stunfucked” by the first tiny ripples emanating from these outraged people, the so-called “governed”, who have barely even started to turn en masse against their proactive executioners.

    Leaders great and small have never seen anything even remotely like this, and so are paralyzed by the sheer magnitude of what “We the People” even means as a REAL thing instead of an abstracttion. They simply cannot wrap their tiny human wits around what it means for 8 BILLION usually compliant people to simply withdraw their consent to be told what to do.

    Frankly, neither can I.

    If ever we needed God’s help, this is that time. I don’t want the world to end.

    So, there it is. Maybe now I can go to bed and get back to sleep , but I doubt it.


    ….. The consent to be governed

    Dr. D

    Matt Taibbi, core Leftist, possibly as far out as Bernie bro and Social Democrat: kudos and praise for his immense bravery and resolve to keep being a reporter. Same for Russell Brand, blue-dog Kunstler, Jimmy Dore and Tim Pool, and all the other guys I listen to, although Tim is evolving into a centrist, nor center-left.

    Although warning Mr. Brand, a man so far to the left of Bernie Sanders he’s probably a socialist-anarchist like Kropotkin, they say he’s a Far-Right wing and even a Nazi now. …Which is what they said about Sanders, that Bernie Sanders is a Nazi, the minute he got annoying to Hillary campaign and the Neo-libs. (I posted the article) Yup. Not wanting war, wanting income equity, and health care that doesn’t kill you: that’s being a Nazi now. And a misogynist, of course. Throw that in just ‘cause: words. I think it was Quillette. Being anti-true-left and therefore core tool of extractive billionaire Neo-Libs.

    Point being, although I make my opinions strongly, I don’t care about their political views as such. Only that they STOP LYING and be honest about it. Focus on data, debates, conclusions.

    That other far-left open Bernie bro, having open debates with data? Joe Rogan. Always has been deep left, probably always will be. So since every far-leftist is being named a far-rightist, somebody want to tell me what’s going on except a whooooole bunch of lying?

    Praise to all these leftists, FAR-Leftists, although I disagree with them on policy.

    And “Means of Production”? Yes, but that is equal also to “Capitalism”. Because they are all small business owners, they are “competition” in “open market”, and it works. Even Communism would work. But Centralization does not work, which is why it kills everyone in practice. Centralization and it’s handmaiden, Oppression.

    And the true Far-Right is Pelosi, Biden, et al who are pro-war, pro-government, pro-billionare, pro-rich, pro-corporation, and overseas: pro-slavery and pro-pollution. …Of course McConnell agrees wholeheartedly.

    But here we have the RIGHT (that is, CNN, Biden) calling the LEFT the Right, right? And then who’s left? Stop lying, my brain is melting.

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