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    Dr D Rich

    Sometimes it’s hard to read this crowd, erudite, widely-read, well-read, scientific as well as pseudoscientific.

    Yet, the notion that awful people under the guise and cover of lab coat, stethoscope, title M.D., the Hippocratic Oath and overarching duty to Mankind harvested babies:
    1. for those babies’ stem cells
    2. for the notoriety and profit of those awful people in disguise
    3. for vaccines and medications we use today
    4. for the glory and by the encouragement of the Catholic church

    HAS BEEN reality for several decades.

    Read about how PER. C6 stem cell line came into being and the critical difference between living and viable as Dr. D might opine.

    Along similar lines of the medical profession’s exploitation of the vulnerable and the extent to which that community’s lawyers will go to protect ill-gotten profit, then google the saga of Henrietta Lacks family’s pursuit of justice.


Viewing 41 post (of 41 total)
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