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    The little guy will get screwed even more mercilessly going down the backside of the Materialism & Resources

    When the Black Plague wiped out a third to a half of the labor force in Eurotardistan during the Dark-Mid Ages, wages got a bump until the proles again had too many children and produced a labor surplus.

    Yes, the number of laborers vs the work needed to be done ratio has something to do with quality of Life.

    With ‘modern women’ in the Collective West polling at 40%+ NOT wanting children, some might think a labor shortage is looming.

    Think again.

    Not only can the Collective West labor gap be filled by third world women more than happy to oblige, real AI automation is on a trajectory to crush it.

    All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace

    Richard Brautigan

    those darned kids

    “What do you expect?” he said. “For generations they’ve been built up to worship competition and the market, productivity and economic usefulness, and the envy of their fellow men-and boom! it’s all yanked out from under them. They can’t participate, can’t be useful any more. Their whole culture’s been shot to hell.”
    ― Kurt Vonnegut, Player Piano


    Uninformed people conflate the terms communism and fascism and describe fascists as ‘communists]. I heard people describe The Scorpion as a ‘communist’. Nothing could be further from the truth. But the controllers love this kind of confusion.

    The various Airstrips that make up Oceania are totalitarian, fascist, one-party, police states. People living in Oceania are provided with false choices between candidates and political parties owned and operated by the international money-lenders or their local agents.

    The USSR under Stalin was a totalitarian, collective, one-party, police state. If you disagreed, you got annihilated. It you looked too competent you got annihilated.

    Germany under Hitler was a totalitarian, fascist, one-party, police state. If you disagreed, you got annihilated.

    NATO is a collection of fake leaders of totalitarian, fascist, one-party, police states.

    China is a totalitarian, collective, one-party, police state.

    Russia appears to be one of the most democratic states currently existing. That is why it is under attack by the forces of the international money-lenders.

    Also, Russia is the biggest threat to the Ponzi schemes of the international money-lenders since their Ponzi schemes were established centuries ago…mostly in the 1690s.

    Most important of all: without energy, nothing happens; entropy never sleeps; without a stable environment we are all fucked (especially the younger people of the world) and politics won’t matter.

    D Benton Smith

    @Dora “The purpose of the WEF’s members is: To Serve Man.”

    I wonder, did they mean that to be pot roasted, barbequed or raw? There are several ways to read their ambiguous motto, and all of them creepily sinister.


    Okay,okay Capitalism, Communism, Socialism
    Tell me …..
    What do you call the gov. system that takes care of the needs of the people.


    those darned kids

    “What do you call the gov. system that takes care of the needs of the people.”

    a family

    D Benton Smith


    Here’s how to solve the old Capitalist vs Communist argument.

    1. Obtain a very long boat.
    2. Put the Capitalists at one end of the boat and the Communists at the other end of the boat.
    3. Place one battle ax in the middle of the boat.
    4. Sink the boat.


    “Capitalism is just trade without coercion.”

    Sure and of course. All Europeans know it as we speak.
    Not to mention your job loss and hard time of landing the new one (I am just mentioning without “victory glee”).

    I appreciate you

    Somebody, instead of trading value for value and thinking of return business, got a whole bunch of free money printed for Vanguard and Blackrock, who then bought sufficient portions of my employer to coerce the company to coerce me while purchasing sufficient coercion from the government, or implied coercion, to justify what my sockpuppet employer did.

    Oh and while they were at it they used free imaginary money to make it so I can’t own a home, tend a garden, any of that. I’d have had 4 chickens right now while planting a victory garden if they’d just left things alone. They prefer the 4,000 mile salad, I guess. I’d use a pumpkin from my garden on Halloween, but fine guys, fine, it’s plastic pumpkins again and forever.

    My place has been 61 degrees all winter. The HOAs, municipalities, everybody all conspire to prevent anyone from building a cheap earth-bermed passive solar home. (where they can get a JOB, anyway) My Blackrock-controlled employer wouldn’t allow my remote position to exist in a non urban location regardless of connection quality/speed, so apparently they didn’t want me to have a job AND move to somewhere that I could do the right thing. Taking away my job takes away the resources I would have put towards bootstrapping somehow to the efficiencies they supposedly want. I’ve studied greywater reuse, gardening, pickling, canning, seed saving, @$$&%ing everything and darned if they don’t actively want me to live on Swanson™ TV dinners and order overly-packaged Amazon products. …but I should eat the bugs and go die somewhere for being a filthy climate sinner nonetheless.

    They’ve certainly been bringing me around to “tear it all down,” but the “it” is everything to do with them.

    To sum up, Pro Tip: don’t drink while unemployed. haha I think I should stop posting for awhile. I appreciate EVERYONE here that disagrees with me. THANK you. And my personal life is full of nothing but injection-which-does-not-vaccinate believers. Between zerohedge, tickerforum (god bless Karl that banhammering, adorable, completely horribly deplorable herojerk), and TAE, you saved my life.

    D Benton Smith


    Your snappy comeback, “a family”, takes the Gold.


    By the way, capitalism is a complete misnomer, since there is no capital -just debt. Indeed, when the Bank of England was established, it was not fully capitalised, and part of the so-called capital consisted of pieces of wood split lengthwise and issued by King Henry as tally sticks.

    It’s all bullshit and ‘smoke and mirrors’. Been that way for centuries. And been going downhill for centuries.

    We happen to be alive at the time when the entire globalised money-lender system* gets exposed a fraudulent. That is both exciting and scary.

    * ‘economics’, GDP, taxation, investment, financial returns, ‘economic growth’, fake governments…


    ‘“The purpose of the WEF’s members is: To Serve Man.”

    I wonder, did they mean that to be pot roasted, barbequed or raw? There are several ways to read their ambiguous motto, and all of them creepily sinister.’

    Twilight Zone episode: aliens arrive on Earth, collect humans for a trip to the home planet. Scientist manages to decode the meaning of an alien book. ‘It’s a cooking book!”

    Saul Goodman

    It has been a while since I have commented, already at 90 today so most people probably wont see this. I have enjoyed and appreciated all of the information here.

    I was one of the unfortunate who had to take a jab to save my job (3 kids and a stay at home wife). Fortunately for all of us, 3 kids and a wife that are not vax and a couple million in life insurance for me!

    I did find it ironic that my company doubled our free life insurance and long term health insurance is free (covered by them). I digress.

    Anyway I am happy to share that I was a JnJ person, had no ill side effects, and i followed all of the instructions that were provided here. I have to date not experienced any issues (other than actually getting covid a couple months later, omicron they say)

    Maybe it helps that i tend to drink most evenings, kept the blood thin?!

    I hope people can view this link if you have not seen it already, a certain CEO getting grilled by journalist in davos…


    @ Saul – get on Bromelain and NAC for three months.
    Get a Troponin test.
    Good luck.

    An Analysis Based on Molecular Docking and Molecular Dynamics Simulation Study of Bromelain as Anti-SARS-CoV-2 Variants

    “In another study, bromelain at a concentration of 100 μg/ml was found to be effective in dissolving SARS-COV-2 spikes and envelope proteins. When combined with 20 mg/ml of acetylcysteine, the SARS-COV-2 spike and envelope proteins are fully disintegrated.

    John Day

    @jb-hb: I’m glad we “saved your life”. You seem like a better-than-average specimen of humanity. I do hope that you find an appropriate setting to employ your considerable talents. You are good at assessment of humans and human organizations, and good at analysis. You are mostly constructive. You are human.
    i am sorry to not be very helpful, because I really do wish you to find your place in helping our world, and to be able to live while performing your service.

    By the way, Dora, I caught the “To Serve Man” reference immediately. Good reference.

    those darned kids


    Thank you for the update. Good to know you have survived the covid madness.


    For one, thank you for engaging and wish you luck to land the job soon. By now smart people know that “having a job” in the beloved system is one big B/S endeavor, with rare exceptions, where one is made to be aware of being disposable.
    An ultimate triumph of a current “elite” in the West is that even the basic human decency is implanted into population brains as “soc / comm” and , (unless you allow us to rob you blind) there is Stalin. Mao or Pol behind every corner to “to get you” and it works like charm, unabated.
    What in the fucking world you have with the “Gulag” or “Kolima stories” (equally horrifying) that happened eight decades ago in the system that has nothing with THE ONE YOU ARE LIVING IN? Possibility of THAT system to sneak in into yours? With the hawk eyes of the “job creators” who are in the lookout to destroy ANY competition but to allow for their enterprise to be nationalized!?!? Mind boggling logic.

    Saul Goodman


    I have been taking NAC, we talked about it early on here. I am officially 1 year and 3 months since my JnJ vax. No boosters or nuttin like that. I have since gotten set up to quit if this subject comes up again.

    My NP friend perscribed some ivermectin too. I have not taken the Bromelain but will add it to the list. I have experimented with all of the stuff people talked about on here. I also did an IV drip called ‘the works’ which included Magnesium, B complex, vit c, zinc, glutathione, taurine, lysine, HCI. On a nightly basis i drink a ‘dose’ which is turmeric, milk thistle, dandelion, orange, and ginger (this is mostly due to my nightly drinking, and i know, 2023 will be cutting back).

    But thanks for all of your information, your a gem.


    Oh, and speaking of “Gulag”, just a few days ago on TAE there was a caption with Stalin’s portrait (most likely scrolled fast by and not contemplated):
    “Communism does not kill people. I do.”

    Which is true, killings (definitely) stopped after the March of 1953, while system continued almost four decades more.
    Probably true with the “other two culprits” that I mentioned in previous post.


    The Russians have activated the south front, whilst continuing with the squeeze applied around Bakhmut.

    More NATOstan weapons are arriving that need to be destroyed promptly.


    “What do you call the gov. system that takes care of the needs of the people.”

    a family




    My Grandfather’s definition of an “expert”. An ordinary fellow, a long way from home!

    Re-Space Alien’s Cookbook.

    In 1983, when I went to work in a Siberian coal mine, I flew into Moscow. Naturally they did a very through search of all of my luggage. Knowing I was going to be there a rather long time I brought a small suitcase of paperback books to read. Needless to say they were very upset about all these books. So they called over the next in command, who just happened to be a woman. She spoke good English. She asked me why all the books? I said I expected to be in Russia for quite awhile. Then she noticed a big red Betty Crocker cook book! She opened it and scanned it. She then asked me why a cook book? I said just in case I have to cook for myself. She smiled, put the cook book back, and then waved me through customs.

    When I got to Siberia, others already there were amazed that I had brought a library ,while they had only managed to successfully bring in 1 or 2 books, the rest being confiscated. And all thanks to that big cook book sitting at the top of the suitcase!

    Can’t trade just be trade? Why does it have to have a label attached to it? Every people system I know of traded except those weird Spartan greeks.


    Does anybody know if drinking alcohol helps kill any spike proteins?
    Asking for a friend, as I don’t drink!
    Well, I do drink!
    Just not acoholic drinks!
    And I an not anti alcohol either.


    John Kerry waiting back stage at Davos.
    hmmm. that link doesn’t work.


    What in the fucking world you have with the “Gulag” or “Kolima stories” (equally horrifying) that happened eight decades ago in the system that has nothing with THE ONE YOU ARE LIVING IN? Possibility of THAT system to sneak in into yours? With the hawk eyes of the “job creators” who are in the lookout to destroy ANY competition but to allow for their enterprise to be nationalized!?!? Mind boggling logic.

    HAS snuck in.

    EVERYTHING in the 2020’s zeitgeist ties back into marxist ideas from the 1800’s

    just for example – Systemic Racism > White Supremacy > White Consciousness > False Consciousness as proposed by Engels in the 1800’s. In his reasoning that turns the proletariat from victim-to-be-saved into enemy, by the way.

    I visited the BLM website WELL prior to 2020. They swore to dismantle capitalism and family. I’m not going to believe my lying eyes? New entertainment including nature documentaries are filled with neomarxist messaging but it’s nothing?

    The WEF and WEF funded astroturf aren’t promoting the same neo marxist things? The jab wasn’t a purification ritual/purity test for the basket of neo-marxist things?

    I’ve been REQUIRED by my former ginormous corporate employer to sit in on MULTIPLE live interviews of Ibraim X Kendri saying I am ultimate evil no matter what, I’ve watched the first two books ever to reach the besteller list based on the purchases of corporate HR departments whose thinking is just retrofitted 1800’s marxism and I’ve traced the current “new thinking” back to 1800’s marxism every time I TRY to find a motivation for it, but I should disbelieve my lying eyes? Ibrihim X Kendri isn’t advocating the establishment of unelected, unappointed by elected officials councils to supersede all existing government – which just COINCIDENTALLY matches tactics in eastern europe in the 20’s and 30’s and I have some sort of obligation to disbelieve my lying eyes? To make it fair? Tactics by marxists in the Baltic States literally involved defunding the police and replacing them with marxist militias, but I shouldn’t believe my lying eyes, apparently?

    The same tactics and thinking led to my unemployment by people apparently so petty they lusted after the destruction of little harmless unobtrusive hopefully mostly helpful working class me. They’re actively blocking me from trying to do the right thing just in hopes of destroying me, to “make it fair.”

    The western academic marxists made QUITE clear that the proletariat had let them down, were now considered to be soul-less subhumans and the enemy. Their intention being to weld together a sort of New Proletariat from all the people on the margins. (most of my life, I thought people on the margins were kinda cool, sought them out socially, but nevermind) Gee, what did they go and do, once they could? I should disbelieve my lying eyes, yes? What am I seeing now for almost a decade but an open loathing contemptuous hate for the working class and obsession with the margins? Coincidence, surely.

    My family escaped the Bolsheviks not once, but twice. Family that hadn’t escaped started having health problems, and what with the extremely positive propaganda (we’re not murderous and insane! It’s GREAT here! There was some turbulence at first, but things have calmed down and are running smoothly now! Join this extremely-reasonable-and-sane worker’s utopia! etc) they believed those assholes, went BACK to the USSR to care for their own, and died, and died, and made it out again in the 20’s. Not decimated. Nothing so pleasant. Almost a different group of people escaped than returned.

    NEVERTHELESS, I was willing to give them every chance. No need to Ad Hominem and throw the baby out with the bathwater. Stuck up for them. “At least marx was working the problem.” But it’s this. With corporations – to the detriment of their business – proclaiming neomarxist dogma covertly and/or overtly… I have, like, some sort of obligation to disbelieve my lying eyes? To make it fair? Because they are depending on me being nice. And accusing me of being the bad guy is supposed to put me on the back foot, obsequiously do everything I can to prove I am not A Big Meanie.

    Helpful tip. Apparently Paulaner Salvator Double Bock contains 7.9% alcohol, which is QUITE a bit more than one would expect from a typical beer. ….which would go some way to explaining why someone ought to stop posting. Maybe my wife is shedding spike protein and I need to neutralize it with German beer. That’s the story I’m sticking to. Apologies and I’m REALLY not posting again until Monday. You’re not paranoid if they are actually out to get you. When the going gets weird, the weird go pro.


    Sounds good Saul.
    No more shots!


    Like, if I actively try to subvert the communist system, are the communists going to call that communism
    Perhaps not, but those who are opposed to communism probably will.


    @kult for the Cult

    minus the TVASF boast.

    Awwww, are your FEELINGS hurt? Boo f’n hoo.

    Boasting? Fuck you

    An extremely high percentage of those arrogantly following “Faucis science” villified us who tried to warn them. They took our jobs away, our income. They called us selfish and stupid. They locked us down and forced us to wear masks. They tried to force us to inject this poison in ourselves and CHILDREN. They put us in camps, restricted our movement and access to basic needs and health services.

    Children you fucking scum. What a pathetic hypocritical bitch you are. Boasting no.

    Fuck around and find out – They forced their bs on us, and now they are finding out that was not so fucking bright. They f’d up immensely – the mandates were genocidal.

    It was they that boasted- now the grim reaper reaps his harvest.


    @ John Day – glass bowls
    That makes good sense. I have a seed starting system that works well for me, so I start my own.


    It seems to me that the common threads between the start of the French Revolution, Bolshevik Revolution, Mao Revolution, Castro in Cuba, etc., is that
    (1) the common people rose up and murdered the entrenched elites, successfully removing them from power, and
    (2) the ideals of those who started the revolution became corrupt to some degree or another, often resulting in war and mass murder (much less of that in Cuba which is a tiny island nation with limited resources, requiring it to seek trade and protection from other nations.)
    (3) A new set of elites rise up and end up in control — but it is a new system, in the sense that the operating rules have adjusted somewhat.

    What other methods have been used to successfully remove entrenched elites by those who were being oppressed?
    – The ancient Israelites depended upon a prophet and miracles to get the Egyptians to allow them to simply leave.
    – Gandhi in India, non-violent uprising against Brits
    – sort of in South Africa
    – sort of in the Southern US states (Civil War, followed by reforms every few generations)

    Now, if I were an entrenched elite, I would definitely rather pacify the masses with job protections, jobs programs, social security, and unemployment benefits, as did Franklin Delano Roosevelt, rather than risk the masses coming after me with pitchforks and other deadly weapons. I also would definitely want to vilify all recent history that included “revolutions” that successfully killed their entrenched elites. (Remember, when small groups of slaves in the southern states rebelled and killed their masters, local “slave patrols” would hunt them down – they didn’t want other slaves following suit.)

    I don’t advocate bloody revolutions — I have always leaned pacifist — but I find the mainstream narrative around communist revolutions to be full of propaganda that serves our current entrenched elites. I also find most narratives surrounding capitalism to be redolent in the belief that “this is the best of all possible economic systems” to paraphrase Voltaire.


    They pushed this vex nonsense so far as to have average citizens checking other citizens papers- this is f’d up beyond belief. Does it remind you of any other regimes that pushed horrible genocidal policies and used their citizens as proxies to murder other innocent lives?

    The vex cult pushers and their minions should be begging for mercy and forgiveness- but they certainly have not. And you have the f’n audacity to guilt trip the abused and claim they are boasting? Nah- not happening. Where is your chastising the Cult leaders and followers ?


    When I was in Siberia in 1983, I soon discovered that the local black market was run by the KGB!
    Isn’t that communism under mining communism?

    I discovered this accidently when “property of the state” was stolen from my job site.
    My interpreter accidently mentioned to me the police wanted to know what the electronic meter looked like so they could monitor the black market for when it showed up!

    The major reason why communism doesn’t work, is everybody is waiting around for the other guy to do the hard work! Even with over 20 million KGB informers, the communist still couldn’t get anybody to work hard!


    Try cardboard boxes over your nightshades, or any other plant. Worked for us against multiple hard freezes. The cardboard absorbs the humidity out of the air preventing any frost from forming on the outside of the plant. I’d also posit that cardboard is a better insulator than glass.

    Not sure if I got vaxxed or not. I had to get another TB test recently….my guard was down, I wasn’t thinking….I went to a CVS minute clinic. Book the appointment online, they offered me an appointment 15 minutes in the future. I went for it. Got there, checked in, NP all masked and goggled up took my ID, went in the room with the door not fully shut but closed to my vision, asked me to come in a few minutes later. Do you have any allergies she asked? Have you had a flu shot, do you want one? I stupidly said no and no. Syringe was already full, already loaded, stuck it in my anterior forearm, near the middle. She finished injecting and I moved to conclude our visit, she said no, I didn’t get a bubble, I went to deep, I have to do it again. Alarm bells went off, panic, wtf, observe, think. She took the same syringe, grabbed a vial from the table behind me, loaded the syringe, skillfully went 2 cm to the side from the first injection, worked the needle out slowly as she injected until the bubble formed in my skin. I eyeballed the vial and the amount in it, was that the first .2 mL dose taken out of it, or the 2nd? Hard to eyeball…how much was in it when it was full? idk. I had a slight bruise where she went too deep for a few days, and that flexor tendon/muscle was sore for at least a week. Other than that, no symptoms. I was convinced she had vaxxed for me almost a week…..terrified. Any way to check? Idk…not really…not economically. Troponin test might be a good idea….any other ideas? I’ve maxxed my HR out quite a few time since then in the deep snow…keeps on ticking…Swear it seems like I notice my heart beating hard more often now…and wonder…did they get me….me who would never ever be got unless they held me down.

    I have since convinced myself she was just a dumbfuck NP who works at CVS and doesn’t see a lot of TB tests so she fucked up and I’m in the clear. Probably. Hopefully.

    When I got the TB test read, it was a different NP. She ask me if I’d had a flu shot, covid shot, why yes of course. Injecting NP didn’t ask me about covid shot. Tried to book an appointment again at the kiosk just to see….no same day appointments available. Guess I was just lucky.


    Interesting: Airstrip Five is about to be subjected to a Primed Minister who not only thinks like a child but also looks like a child.

    I wonder what bribe or threat the globalists used to get Chippy to drink from the Poisoned Chalice and become the lame-duck fall-guy for the Scorpion’s years of deceit and treachery.

    ‘Chris Hipkins is the sole nominee for the Labour Party leadership and is therefore positioned to become New Zealand’s next Prime Minister.

    Hipkins will hold an informal press conference at 1pm on Saturday.

    However, he still needs to receive the Labour caucus’ endorsement at a meeting of MPs before he officially becomes the leader.

    “The Labour Party caucus will meet at 1pm on Sunday to endorse the nomination and confirm Chris Hipkins as Party Leader,” Chief Whip Duncan Webb said.’


    kultsommer said

    In communism there is no private production of “anything” on the scale that you described in your story.

    I am talking about communist countries, of which there are quite a few in Asia, including China and Vietnam. If you don’t like their description of themselves then take it up with them. As for private industry, there is a majority of private industry in both countries, all at very large scale. For example, Samsung has huge factories in both China and Vietnam, manufacturing on a huge scale, Samsung is a private company. A Taiwan company, Foxconn, makes Apple phones in China. There are many more western manufacturers and loads of Chinese private companies, but you would not be familiar with their names.

    Yes, words have meanings, which is why I use them.


    Debates are hard in writing form, at least for me since I am not much of a writer. Basis of my posting is: define who or what is “the trouble maker”. If you think that’s Marxism, fair enough.

    @ asp
    Sure you do!
    Communism by def is the “system in which means of production are in the hands of ……????
    Or to make it easier for you: If it does not walks like a duck, does not talk like a duck it is NOT a duck

    @ citizenx
    Who the fuck are you?


    One other point about the communist countries in Asia. The people in positions of power know that they are in a privileged position, their goal is to hang onto that position, their goal is not to grow the business, so they are more concerned with keeping in with the top dog rather than demanding that you, the cigarette seller, sell more cigarettes through their dealer every year.

    On communism and capitalism. All systems collapse and the cause of the collapse is the nature of the people working the system, not the system itself. For example, here in Taiwan the teachers at public schools allow the children in their classes to read their mobile phones during the class. The teachers do this because they do not want to upset the parents. They do not want to upset the parents because as a teacher, you are tasked with teaching kids but your KPIs only depend on whether there is a complaint against you. If parents complain about you then you will not get your next pay rise that is associated with your seniority level which is measured by how long you have been a teacher. So, to get to the top level of seniority and get the best pay, you have to be nice to the kids to that their parents do not complain about you. You may wonder why Taiwan would create such a career structure for teachers given that there is no motivation in there to do a good job. Well, all I can assume is that the system worked when it was first created, it worked because the people of Taiwan were different, society expected teachers to push their kids and would only complain about a teacher if the kid was being treated too leniently. Society has now changed and it expects teachers to treat students more gently, as a result the system now does not really work as intended.

    The same happens with communism and capitalism. The systems may well work initially, but they depend on the attitude of the people and the rulers, as those attitude change and corruption works its way into being acceptable, then the system starts to break down. Communism is what it is in reality, the paper based version is all very well but it does not take into account the attitudes and values of the people. Unless the values of the ruled and rulers is examined, it is just a theory without any real meat on the bone.

    Look at the USA, corruption is now explitly flaunted by politicians, yet the people will support it if it is done by someone they perceive to be on their side politically. Why? The people do not have the same attitudes and values as the people who created the system, as a result this old system does not work with the new people. The USA system continually changes as the people change, the democracy aspect has become corrupted and no longer works the way it was intended when created. The system does not work with the peoples’ new values and so it will collapse and be replaced.

    This gradual decay is particularly evident in the USA where changes in the law to allow lobbying, foreign interests to back politicians (AIPAC etc), all these little steps corrode the system but are achieved because the people accept them, they come to accept lobbyists as normal, then the corporations start taking over etc.

    The lack of consideration of peoples’ values is why I never have persued the theoretical aspects of political systems, such as communism and marxism. It seems to me that all systems seem to have their time and place where they are successful and that depends on the fit with the values of the people. China has been served well by the CCP – if you ignore all the dead – and has changed the country beyond all recognition, this would not have been possible under a democracy. It is not theoretical communism, but it is real-word communism, the communism that combines the theory with the actual values of the people.


    Airstrip 5. Mr Hipkins, as we thought. Oh noes!

    Has anyone seen the clip of Tony Blair spouting hard sell on vaxx p.ports at Davos? He was joined, I think, by one Mr Bourla and Ms Helen Clarke. It was posted on facebook, but we can’t upload it here.

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