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    Davos has attached, to the above video, the following listing for Helen Clark:

    Helen E. Clark
    Chair, Lancet Countdown High-Level Advisory Board on Health and Climate Change

    I can only assume that Health and Climate Change are linked, but the only link I can see is this: Climate change converts us all to renewables, but there are not enough renewable technology resources/minerals to go round – not enough for a new Tesla battery every 8 years for every person on earth – so they have to kill a bunch of people to make this a viable solution, hence the Covid vaccines.

    The survivors will retain their standard of living, it will be “green” in the “we dug up the entire earth to make this happen and completely destroyed the environment and all other creatures but we kept CO2 low”, sort of way, thanks to the deaths of the vaccine suckers.


    Reference previous video:

    During her reign of terror, Helen Clark was noted for tyrannical authoritarianism and was known on Airstrip Five as The Evil One. So disgusted was the populace with The Evil One’s nastiness, they put (allowed the placement of) The Smiling Assassin Shonkey (John Key) into power as Primed Minister.

    There was a spelling mistake previously: Tony B Liar, pronounced Tony Be Liar.


    Yes! thanks
    At 37 minutes:
    A big push for digital ID/vaccine passport:

    “…you need the data. You need to know who has been vaccinated and who hasn’t been. Some of the vaccines that will come on down the line will be multiple shots. So you’ve got to have…a proper digital infrastructure”


    @ asp
    If they do not call themselves a communist countries, one of those private entrepreneurs may suggest that he’s about to start making a voting machines with the big discount as a gift to a new democratic system where Comm party may be outvoted. That does not sound good for the CP? No?
    Pleasantly surprised, though, that you are not stickler and anal when it comes to understanding benefits of other systems, regardless how we call it. In the case of China and Viet we are rather talking of some hybrid-systems, at best, that apparently works well for them. Being definitely different than one in the NK, why call it the same name?
    NOT that I AM CONFUSED, but merino is.


    Saul Goodman. Glad you are well and followed known protocols
    Add some fasting to clear dead damaged cells and spike. My wife is in your boat though with h less work pressure/more conformity- she’s got disregulated period but otherwise good. She also uses wine!


    “Cronyism creeps up and overtakes anything, doesn’t it?”
    The key to undermining them is an apple of discord. Where is Eris when we need her?

    When I was a little kid, one boy brought his monopoly game’s money and tapped into it when no one was looking. (We figured it out eventually). This gave him an advantage. And so it goes.


    It gets very bad from here. The beginning of the next Great Depression (plus WW3).


    For tomorrow
    “What About The Sudden Deaths?”: Pfizer CEO Confronted At Davos Over COVID-19 Vaccine
    Every question we asked Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla at the World Economic Forum
    Nearly 30 important questions were asked by Ezra Levant and Avi Yemini, but the Pfizer head had no answers for the public.

Viewing 8 posts - 121 through 128 (of 128 total)
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