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    boilingfrog, have you ever read Joel Salatin’s Everything I Want to Do is Illegal? (WorldCat link)

    Salatin describes an instance where different arms of US Fed came to his farm to “inspect” his chickens and eggs. Now, it’s been a while so I might have these details wrong: I believe it was the local USDA who was willing to let Joel know that the FDA was coming to inspect his organic farming process due to a “local outbreak” of avian influenza near his farm, and sure enough the health inspector came and declared a number of the chickens needed to be destroyed. But, your story reminded me of his story. IIRC, Joel’s narrative suggests (or says explicitly?) the destruction of smaller farm’s chickens, and especially organic farms (whether “certified” or done through love), are actually forms of monopolizing the agricultural industry for specific players, and rather than support educational and practical campaigns for breeding and sustaining healthy farming (for the chickens, for us eaters, for the future planet), mass culling without evidence for infection (as preventative measure) takes out competitors, reduces overall supply, and fixes the available breeds and genepool to draw from.

    Isn’t the Shenandoah valley where Rockingham is? I hope I’m not just telling you things you already know, but I appreciate what perspective you have to share.

    jb-hb, I appreciate your consistent drawing from Vinge’s A Deepness in the Sky. I’ve read A Fire Upon the Deep numerous times and admire how many things Vinge pulls together in that one book and writes a compelling, driven story. Once you get into it, narrative time compresses and the story moves faster and faster, making it near impossible to put the book down and get back to work. Also, as a lover of books and a one-time librarian, I found his Rainbows End to be both a horrifying and mind-expanding story, and I think his account of a haptics-driven stroll through a library setting of one’s choice very fascinating (although GA Tech —and soon many others— has closed off its library to the public, making patrons have to go through the gatekeepers to retrieve books, which to my mind and spirit is essentially The Work of The Devil and despicable betrayal of the very heart and soul of what any public-facing library is). Pretty much every Vinge story I’ve read has been good. When you mentioned time-delayed nuclear bombs in a previous comment, that reminded me of the bubbles in The Peace War “popping” and allowing the captured nuclear explosions to continue. Vinge captures in the sequel to that story line something I’ve thought fascinating for a long time, a kind of theme you’ll find pop up in many video games or storylines (or in our own planet’s history if you bend the rules): the idea of a “futuristic archaeology” where an extremely advanced civilization simply vanishes, leaving behind ruins of massive technological achievement with no discernable clues to how it died off, where the people all went, whether things “went wrong” or people found another way to keep evolving altogether. Arthur Clarke in his (deliberately misleading, given the direction Kubrick makes for the movie) novelization of 2001: A Space Odyssey has Bowman traveling through a gateway network where he sees such ancient massive structures and clear technological achievement degraded over millenia of abandonment during his travel through the monolith, but there’s no one “there,” not any communication nor any clue who built and used all this or what it was “for.” You also referred to Watts’ Starfish, and he’s an author I have also learned from and enjoyed reading.

    At any rate, keep reading and writing about authors influencing you, please!

    John Day

    ‘Fragmented world’ sleepwalks into World War III​, Pepe Escobar, with Davos insights
    ​Emmanuel Todd was not at Davos. But it was the French anthropologist, historian, demographer and geopolitical analyst who ended up ruffling all the appropriate feathers across the collective West these past few days with a fascinating anthropological object: a reality-based interview…
    ​..​A new World War is on: By “switching from a limited territorial war to a global economic clash, between the collective West on one side and Russia linked to China on the other side, this became a World War”.​..
    ​..​Todd’s major give away is a killer: “The resistance of Russia’s economy is leading the imperial American system to the precipice. Nobody had foreseen that the Russian economy would hold facing NATO’s ‘economic power’”.​..​
    ​..​Consequently, “monetary and financial American controls over the world may collapse, and with them the possibility for the US of financing for nothing their enormous trade deficit”.
    ​And that’s why “we are in an endless war, in a clash where the conclusion is the collapse of one or the other.”
    ​ ​On China, Todd might sound like a more pugnacious version of Liu He at Davos: “That’s the fundamental dilemma of the American economy: it cannot face Chinese competition without importing qualified Chinese work force.”

    ‘Fragmented world’ sleepwalks into World War III

    ​ This is a long and detailed inventory of what is being burned-up in the Ukraine War, first and foremost, Ukrainian soldiers, who are almost all new green recruits now, without years of expertise operating artillery, tanks or weapons-systems of any kind.​ Russia has 15,000 main battle tanks, and Germany and the UK each possess a few hundred main battle tanks, which need frequent repairs by specialized technicians, more than every 1000 miles, under peacetime training conditions. The summary is that NATO countries are dribbling-in precious and delicate weapons systems, some of which are very good when they work, in small quantities, over a period of years, which need trained specialists and special parts, but are going to green draftees, who are pitted against the best ground-forces in the world today.
    The NATO propaganda-war is using up human lives and expensive equipment. It is a cost being paid solely to maintain a false narrative that Ukraine may defeat Russia.
    ​ ​Tanks for Nothing: NATO Keeps On Demilitarising Itself in Ukraine

    Tanks for Nothing: NATO Keeps On Demilitarising Itself in Ukraine

    ​ ​Meanwhile, just as Putin is vowing to see through the military campaign until ‘victory’ is achieved, Washington too remains entrenched in its position.
    On Tuesday Secretary of State Antony Blinken underscored that peace with Russia is unacceptable. Blinken said the following, according to a press readout:
    “…but I think you only have to look at Putin’s own words in a recent conversation with President Erdoğan of Türkiye in which he says unless and until Ukraine accepts the new territorial realities, as he put it, there’s nothing to negotiate. […] That of course is in and of itself a nonstarter.”
    “The fastest way to bring this war to a just and durable end, to get to diplomacy, to get to a negotiation, is to give Ukraine a strong hand on the battlefield. That’s exactly what we’re doing,” Blinken continued.

    ​ ​US warming up to prospect of helping Ukraine target Crimean Peninsula​
    ​The Biden administration is finally starting to concede that Ukraine may need the power to strike the Russian sanctuary, even if such a move increases the risk of escalation, according to several U.S. officials who spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss the sensitive debate. Crimea, between the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov, is home to tens of thousands of dug-in Russian troops and numerous Russian military bases.
    ​ ​The moderation in position has come about as the Biden administration has come to believe that if the Ukrainian military can show Russia that its control of Crimea can be threatened, that would strengthen Ukraine’s position in any future negotiations. In addition, fears that the Kremlin would retaliate using a tactical nuclear weapon have dimmed, U.S. officials and experts said — although they cautioned that the risk remained.​ ​​ ​​(Uh, how about strategic nuclear weapons, guys?)​

    ​ ​Outspoken former Russian president and current deputy chairman of the security council Dmitry Medvedev has issued his latest stark warning to the West on Thursday, saying that if Russia is on the brink of defeat, nuclear war is likely to follow. He made the comments in a post on the Telegram messaging app. “The defeat of a nuclear power in a conventional war may trigger a nuclear war,” he began.
    ​ ​”Nuclear powers have never lost major conflicts on which their fate depends,” the former president, who in prior years had actually been seen as more dovish when compared to Putin, added. Medvedev’s comments came in reaction to news of a major meeting of Western defense leaders set for Friday at Ramstein Air Base in Germany.

    John Day

    Pfizer provided mRNA “vaccine” products exclusively to Pfizer employees across the world, which did not come from the same production process which produced commercial batches, which has been disparaged as “garbage soup”.
    ​ Pfizer and its corporate associates may be selectively reducing the associated risk of mRNA gene therapy vaccination for their employees and their employees families by providing them, through an employee vaccination program, with vaccine batches produced using a separate manufacturing process to the commercial scale one used to supply general populations.

    They knew before the “vaccine rollout”, but avoided asking about things that were going to be bad.
    CDC Knowingly Left Serious Adverse Events Off Post-Vaccination Surveys, Documents Show

    Jikkyleaks discovers:
    Do you know what else is not in the death batch log? Any of the 7 batches reserved for Pfizer employees.
    No, I’m not kidding: FF0884 FA4598 FE3064 FA7338 FA7812 FC8736 FC3558

    One of the written-up complaints against me at the clinic, before I was fired for COVID non-vaccination, was that I was interfering with obstetrical-care by advising all pregnant women and women of childbearing potential against COVID “vaccination”.
    Peter A. McCullough, MD, MPH Early in 2021 the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology accepted an undisclosed amount of money from the US government (HHS WH) as part of the COVID-19 Community Corps Program. From that point forward, ACOG broke with traditional practice on experimental and and novel therapies being contraindicated, and with federal dollars in hand, moved to a wholesale endorsement of COVID-19 vaccination with no assurances on short or long-term safety. Throughout the campaign, enthusiasm for vaccination was tepid among gravid women with <20% at any time having accepted a vaccine. However, the sharpest decline in rates of uptake occurred in the gravid and by summer of 2022, fewer than 2% were getting vaccinated…
    ..In 2021, McCullough and Stricker published that because of the known dangerous mechanism of action of COVID-19 vaccination and the lack of any assurances on maternal-fetal safety, that all of the products are considered pregnancy category X which means they should not be used.This message got out to the community and rates of vaccination have progressively winnowed. As we sit here today, we should understand that ACOG and the OB/GYN community is compromised and thereby putting the maternal-fetal health of women at risk by promoting COVID-19 vaccination. Under no circumstances should a woman of childbearing potential or gravid should receive a COVID-19 vaccine. It is absolutely contraindicated.

    Steve Kirsch has this:
    In the October 2022 version of the FAA Guide for Aviation Medical Examiners, the FAA quietly widened the EKG parameters beyond the normal range (from a PR max of .2 to unlimited). And they didn’t widen the range by a little. They widened it by a lot. It was done after the vaccine rollout.
    This is extraordinary. They did it hoping nobody would notice. It worked for a while. Nobody caught it.
    But you can’t hide these things for long.
    This is a tacit admission from the US government that the COVID vaccine has damaged the hearts of our pilots. Not just a few pilots. A lot of pilots and a lot of damage.
    The cardiac harm of course is not limited to pilots.

    John Day

    ​Will ​Cardiologist ​Aseem Malhotra’s Appearance Be the BBC’s Most Viewed Programme of 2023?​
    ​Well, courtesy of Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter, Dr. Aseem Malhotra may just have provided 2023’s biggest TV moment. As I write this, the seven minute clip of him being interviewed on a BBC news show on January 14th passed 14.8 million views. Now, wouldn’t you think that merited some form of acknowledgement from the BBC? If you were the BBC’s Head of Programmes wouldn’t you think: “Wow, we’ve had 14.8 million views, there’s a programme in this?”
    BREAKING BBC News: Cardiologist says likely contributory factor to excess cardiovascular deaths is covid mRNA vaccine and roll out should be suspended pending an inquiry.
    We did it. We broke mainstream broadcast media

    Will Aseem Malhotra’s Appearance Be the BBC’s Most Viewed Programme of 2023?

    ​ Meryl Nass MD, ​BIG NEWS: CDC, FDA Flag Early Signal of Stroke Risk With Bivalent COVID Vaccine
    IT CAME OUT ON FRIDAY NIGHT OF A 3 DAY WEEKEND which is proof they wanted to bury it

    Steve Kirsch has more on that:
    Proof: Strokes are caused by the COVID vaccines
    ​They​ knew this at the very start of the vaccination campaign if they were paying attention to the adverse event reports. I’ll show you how they knew.
    ..This means that the observed rate of stroke is 10X normal after the shot…
    ​..​The VAERS data makes it OBVIOUS
    Here’s a simple search that took me all of 30 seconds to do. I searched ALL vaccines for ischaemic stroke and look what I found. A signal. A big signal! It jumps off the page. You can’t miss it if you are looking!
    Mechanism of action
    The PEG enables the LNP to cross the blood brain barrier. There, the vaccine causes both clotting and inflammation. This is well know.
    The safety signal in VAERS and VSD: The final nail in the coffin
    And finally, we have official CDC safety signals that were triggered in both VAERS and VSD.
    That’s the final nail in the coffin

    ​ Tucker Carlson tells a simple and compelling story about President Richard Nixon, and those 4 out of 5 Watergate burglars who were on the CIA payroll when they did the burglary, including how America got the only president ever who was completely unelected, Gerald Ford., who had been on the Warren Commission.
    Tucker Carlson claims Richard Nixon “was removed for questioning the deep state”


    Too late for the vaxxed

    A client in her 70s who had a bad reaction to the 2nd Moderna injection (some myocarditis and lessened kidney function) was generally unwell for over a year. She followed the regimen specified by her naturopath (I don’t know the regimen), took no boosters, and is now energetic and symptom free.

    Another vaxxed, boosted elderly friend I am worried about as I haven’t had any communication from him in a month — we usually communicate via text or email. I’m going to call him on the phone this weekend, see if he answers. I hope that he has simply been busy with family.


    Reptile: The 2009 Manual Of The Plaintiff’s Revolution By David Ball And Don Keenan

    “…if you present your case so as to reach the Reptile, you can overcome the pernicious effects of “tort deform” and other biases that would otherwise keep a juror from rendering a just verdict. In short, the book is a roadmap for bringing the danger home for your jurors. To reach the Reptile, the authors suggest you focus on community safety.”

    So much doublespeak

    But basically “If only we could shut off the conscious part of people’s brain. What if we could directly access their reptile brain, provide the appropriate stimulus, and the entire person goes with it.”

    “SAFETY RULE + DANGER = REPTILE” …to paraphrase the book: “…and that’s a GOOD thing.”

    Does this equation look at all familiar?

    It’s interesting how full of double-speak the review is – the book must be worse. So very righteous and totally evil in the same breath.

    This is like the other 50% of what WEF, masters of the universe, etc have been doing – the part other than Rules for Radicals.

    So much research, for years has been done into bypassing, shutting off conscious thought. We could really use a scientifically informed manual on self-defense against these methods and how to turn others’ brains ON when techniques are used to shut them off.

    D Benton Smith

    The latest from Davos is that Greta Thunberg is now accusing the Davos Crowd of being at the core of the “Climate Change” (formerly Global Warming, until the Ice Age started) crisis. She calls them greedy and selfish and laments that the solutions to climate crisis will apparently have to come from the bottom up, by the unwashed masses demand change from those who profit from buying selling and selfishly consuming gas and oil (and coal, too, I suppose.)

    Sad, but perhaps it is one small step in the right direction for her spiritual growth

    Greta Thunberg is now one half-witted epiphany closer to understanding how she is being a useful idiot for the folks who financed her rise to fame and glory. The Davos Crowd are war mongers, and she is one of their myriad of brainless tools. That inbred clan enriches and empowers itself by first using other peoples’ power and riches to stir up and advertise a war over a problem that they themselves promote, and then profiteer from the conflict by extracting money from all of the warring sides. Works like a charm every time, but it would never work if it weren’t for attention starved morons like Greta.

    It is also highly unlikely that dear dumb Greta will have that enlightening realization anytime soon, because her own fame and fortune comes entirely from the the lucrative and ego stroking little war that she is helping the Davos Crowd to monger at the current moment.

    The world is built of such broken straws.


    Polemos – thank you! Yeah, Vinge and Watts are two of my favorites. I too began thinking about The Peace War and Stranded in Realtime when I mentioned the delayed nukes

    Whenever I wish Vinge would write more about the Qeng Ho – I love the possibilities and merciless limitations (and occasional workarounds) he established – I have to remember Deepness is about 1,000 pages long while feeling like a 300 page novel. I recommend it to everyone and feel like it is a quick read- anytime I read it, I blow through it in 2-3 days – and then realize it’s like I am recommending Battlefield Earth, in terms of sheer size.

    If you happen to be looking for fun new scifi and haven’t come across him, check out Timothy Gawne. He has a 7 book series about giant 800 metre long intelligent tanks that is goofy, fun, but surprisingly insightful and philosophical.

    One of the books in his series has the endearing title: NEOLIBERAL ECONOMISTS MUST DIE! (his all-caps not mine)


    Is communism an economic system or a system of government?
    We conflate the two regularly.

    True, well-publicized attempts at communism have all been a small group trying to force “communism” on a larger group. As is typical, coercion doesn’t usually produce pro-social results!

    Were historic monasteries economically communistic?
    For a modern representation, does Cheran, Mexico have communistic traits?
    Are nuclear families practicing the economics of communism?

    Communism is regularly compared with capitalism, which is clearly used to represent an economic model. Capitalism is said to have arrived fully with the bloody French Revolution, which didn’t just murder French elites, but eventually began devouring itself and resulted in Napoleon and war in Continental Europe. The altruistic goals of capitalism were to bring liberty, equality, and brotherhood. Capitalism has largely failed in this endeavor, which is what prompted Karl Marx to bend his philosophical training towards economics, utilizing the preexisting terms of socialism and communism.

    Capitalism utterly failed to bring about the tripartite goal of the French Revolution. Instead, paired with the Industrial Revolution, it has super-charged human capacity in production and trade, brought prosperity to a subset of the world population, exploded the human population, and created wealth gaps among humans that are off the charts. So much for “equality!”

    Could the Industrial Revolution have occurred with a different economic system? It is hard to determine. A different economic system would have different priorities and values, so the forces spurring technological innovation would be different. Perhaps we would simply have different technologies?


    Capitalism is just trade without coercion.

    If you want something from someone, offer them something they are WILLING to trade for.

    Capitalism most likely precedes the existence of homo sapiens sapiens.

    You seem to be superimposing a straw man definition over captalism and then punching it down. But then the next intellectual step is, having qualified via the strawman definition, apply the resulting conclusion to real capitalism.

    We’ve tried letting people decide if they want to give me something of theirs, but it doesn’t work.


    @ John Day
    I jumped over to your blog today just because I wanted to see the plants under glass bowls. :). I hadn’t seen that method before. It doesn’t work for me, the plants that I want to save from frosty nights are nightshades (tomatoes, peppers, eggplant,) that are 6 months to 1 year+ old. I know that the best way to get a decent crop is to help them through frosty nights in the winter and through brilliant sunny days in the summer. Some survive. Many do not.
    My grandmother in Utah used to transplant out her tomato seedlings in early March surrounded by “walls of water” — clear plastic with tubes that could be filled with water from the top.


    Capitalism is just trade without coercion.
    Then it has probably never existed or only existed for moments here and there.


    Capitalism has FAILED GOALS??

    The French Revolution was the Bolshevik Revolution v1.0.

    “The altruistic goals of capitalism were to bring liberty, equality, and brotherhood”

    “Capitalism utterly failed to bring about the tripartite goal of the French Revolution”

    lol just like with all communism and proto communism, it’s up to “CAPITALISM” to achieve their goals for them? If they failed, then it must have been The Capitalism’s fault. We tried, but The Capitalism failed us. NEXT time will be different.

    Seems like the French Revolution becomes a failure of Capitalism in direct proportion to the failure of the French Revolution.


    I don’t advocate communism — neither the political nor economic flavor. I do advocate examining both our political structures and economic structures, as well as the political and economic structures of those who are not “us,” past and present, and letting us learn from facts on the ground rather than simply trusting in our beloved ideologies.

    Blind trust in beloved ideologies caused me to be mired in the nastiest pits of my life.

    Capitalism is just trade without coercion.
    Then how come textbooks say that it developed as a reaction to feudalism, and talk about its defining hallmark as being private ownership of property (I.e. real estate, not “property” as “personal effects”)?
    Hasn’t trade without coercion ALWAYS existed here and there?

    The rise of capitalism has been twinned with the rise of advertisement — can’t advertisement be defined as a form of coercion?

    D Benton Smith

    So why call it “Capitalism” ( proper noun, complete with capitalization of the initial letter) instead of just calling it “uncoerced trade”?

    Obviously there is more to it than that. The thing, Capitalism (proper noun, initial cap) has become an impossibly complex sociopolitical construct , the description of which has filled libraries with books and the arguments over has filled graveyards with corpses. I think we need a re-think on this definitions thing.


    The French Revolution is seen as the death throes of the feudal economic system. Capitalism is the successor economic system. The word “communism” was coined in French around 1830s or so. The Bolshevics didn’t exist until the 1900s.


    Just because someone doesn’t like the blood of the French Revolution and doesn’t like communism/Marxism/socialism/Bolshevism doesn’t mean that the perpetrators of the French Revolution were socialists/marxists/communists/Bolshevist. The French Revolution precedes those 4 – by a lot. The French Revolution was largely fueled by the anger of “the little people” (my 10th grade European history teacher referred to the serfs and peasants as “worm people” to help us understand the viewpoint of the aristocracy) AND the ideas and ideals of The Enlightenment — the exact same ideas and ideals that were the basis of the US Constitution.


    Californians waiting for their 6th Covid shot so they could go outside




    “Capitalism is just trade without coercion.”

    Sure and of course. All Europeans know it as we speak.
    Not to mention your job loss and hard time of landing the new one (I am just mentioning without “victory glee”).


    What if the great debate over capitalism/communism is really just a very old plot by the elites to keep the masses infighting?


    Would love to continue the discussion, but I promised to help a client transition from AOL to Firefox today at 10 am. 😀


    Dr. Eli David

    Reporting people remains a national sport in Germany


    John Day

    @DBS: Aw, c’mon, man, Greta is waking up to Davos being the problem. That counts for a lot. She is basically admitting she got fooled. That’s hard. She’s outgrowing her mental cage.

    @Phonixvoice: I gave all the greens a short haircut and put bowls over their heads before the pre-Christmas arctic-blast, and it did pretty well.
    I am now watching nightshade seeds under glass bowls, planted about 3 months before the average last frost date. If this works out, then I will have some head-start, without having to buy potted seedlings. My attempts at growing in trays have done poorly for a variety of reasons. This is an easy experiment. $1.25 glass bowls @ Dollar Tree

    Communism, Capitalism and cronyism. Cronyism creeps up and overtakes anything, doesn’t it?
    It’s an ongoing “class struggle”, isn’t it? We’re in it again.
    Figure something out. Call it something. But the name is never the thing…


    UK Doctors Call For Government To Urgently Pause and Investigate the Use of Novel mRNA Covid Vaccines



    I guess Germany is famous for lots of things


    D Benton Smith – the libraries upon libraries of books on “capitalism,” to my mind, are the result of people trying to get around that simple principle – offer something the other person is WILLING to exchange for or go away.

    Entire industries now focus, with incredible complexity and dishonesty, on such workarounds. The monopolies and quasi-monopolies we see now – ok but what if I DON’T deal honestly and openly, still ok?

    I don’t see how subverting the capitalist system is capitalism. Like, if I actively try to subvert the communist system, are the communists going to call that communism? They’ll call it counter-revolutionary sabotage or something. Cmon communists, I’m just being communist when I burrow away continually trying to undermine you. Per your definition of a capitalist system. But what’s good for the goose is never good for the gander is it?

    In the past I always used to say “at least Marx was working the problem” because of course, when someone accumulates too much stuff, they begin using size/mass with no regard for trading value for value or return business.

    But that isn’t capitalism per se. A horde of Mongols riding out of the steppe into your town poses all of the same problems with the same dynamics and isn’t remotely being capitalist in what it is doing. The Mongols, as they slay me, do not give a damn about the Yelp review I just posted stating I shall avoid dealing with them in the future and recommend my friends and associates do likewise.

    Napoleon, who had brilliant economical victories early on, when he acquired hundreds of thousands of soldiers from conscription, just used sheer mass and stopped being clever.

    Bill Gates, having acquired some fantastic clever ideas from Xerox etc, turned to using Microsoft’s sheer size. Threatening entire countries with dire punishments if they dared to use Linux.

    “The Bolshevics didn’t exist until the 1900s.”

    Indeed, and The French Revolution was the Bolshevik Revolution v1.0.

    Naturally if the French Revolution FOLLOWED the Bolshevik Revolution, it couldn’t be v1.0, could it?

    What is it with continental revolutions? The English and American revolutions fixed some problems, STOPPED revolting, and got on with life. Continental revolutions just keep going and going and going. Why the open-ended revolutions? Over in China they’re STILL fighting “counter-revolutionary” thinking, behavior, etc as was the USSR until the moment of collapse. The only thing that conclusively stopped the French Revolution’s continual nightmarish progress to full Liberty Equality Fraternity was an Emperor.

    It’s as if there’s some intrinsic THING within these continental revolutions that, if we could mathematically parse the logic, would become evident.

    2 + 8 – 10 + 4 – 3 = 1. We specifically promised you 2, 8, 10, and 4 in our manifesto. If we got 1 as a result, we assume it was outside influence, sabotage, a failure of capitalism, or straying from the equation.

    In the past I was VERY sympathetic to Communism. But having read Gulag Archipelago and watched Benjamin Boyce’s account of Evergreen and done a deep dive connecting all the 2020’s insanity back to 1800’s Communists, I’m sorry. No more benefit of the doubt, civility, etc – which is what Communism has always depended on to take hold. To make progress, it depends on its opponents being MORALLY SUPERIOR to its adherents, nicer than, which kind of says it all right there.


    Heil to the Chief!


    to bad Rumble video clips play so bad on wordpress



    Rumble this never did this before

    John Day

    Marx did a good job of explaining Capitalism, which was his main service. He had ideas about how it would evolve over time into Socialism, which it was doing, before the crises of the early 20th century.
    Funding Bolsheviks against the Russian Tsar was an attack, like the CIA funding “moderate terrorists” in Syria and Libya. It was an attack by Financial Capitalists, largely in New York, “banksters” as (not-an-innocent) FDR called them.

    “Capitalists” were initially early industrialists, trying to break into a feudal system of landed gentry, which they did. They discovered that their workers were dying without supports, and were restive, so they figured out some supports (nascent socialism) for their workers, and things improved. The 1840s workers’ revolts that inspired Marx and Engels faded away with these social-adjustments to the new reality. The problem was “fixed” by the 1880s, though not necessarily in the US, which had other financial-capitalism and robber-baron problems with manifesting its destiny…

    Now, with the-end-of-growth, as fuels become scarcer and more expensive, we need to dis-empower the parasitic elites (yet again) and negotiate some kind of a political-economy which will match the capabilities of production with the needs of humanity, and it has to be adaptable going forward into a world of declining oil and gas, though the dirtiest coal will still be available to make cement, iron and electricity.


    Yeah sure – we just got lucky.
    It wasn’t the hours of research or critical thinking skills that did it.

    Just “luck” 🤣🤣🤣






    The purpose of the WEF’s members is: To Serve Man.


    The Luddites of early nineteenth century England were right. That’s why they were crushed by the money-lenders and industrialists and why the term Luddite been deliberately associated with the concept of stupidity and being ‘a person who irrationally opposes progress’.

    It won’t take much more ‘progress’ to completely wreck the habitability of the Earth for humans and most other species, if that point hasn’t already been reached -various positive feedbacks having been triggered (positive not meant in an encouraging way, but positive in a very bad-outcome way because they act by themselves and by mutual reinforcement to increase the rate of destabilisation of the natural systems that maintained stability prior to industrialism messing everything up.

    Whilst the WEF-sponsored Scorpion has run from responsibility and accountability like the cowardly liar it has always been, the WEF as a whole continues to work against the interests of humanity with the same kind of insane enthusiasm that has characterised deceitful, greedy, manipulative sociopaths and psychopaths throughout the ages.

    Sadly, money-slaves, born in the slave camp, born in the plantation, born in The Matrix, having been indoctrinated from the point of first consciousness into the false narratives of The Empire of Lies, leap to the defence of indusrtrialism and the false narratives of The Empire of Lies at every opportunity.

    Once a false notion – such as the false notion of the benign nature of progress, or the false notion that elections are free and democratic and that voting makes a difference- is firmly established in the mind of a human born in an indoctrination centre, it is very difficult, if not impossible, to remove it, no matter what evidence is presented. Only when people have been thoroughly shafted by the system do they awaken up from the stupour the controllers have put them into. Often it is too late.

    Nevertheless, we must continue to highlight fundamental truths in the face of the onslaught of lies promoted by The WEF and its ilk..




    Yeah, Rockingham County (Virginia) is up there in the Shenandoah Valley…beautiful country. N-NW of Charlottesville. And I think Salatin’s Polyface Farm is just south of there, too.

    I’ve read some of Salatin, but not that piece. Friends who own a meat processing shop have told me about laws put into place to keep them from selling (e.g. a bathroom and changing room dedicated solely to FDA inspectors) to the public. Need to check in and see if this still holds. They can’t afford to jump through the hoops that Smithfield’s lobbyists had installed.

    Salatin’s title brings home the point that “legal” is FAR from “ethical” and “moral”, but that’s so obvious it’s not worth spilling ink over.

    those darned kids

    humans is humans..

    capitalism devolves into warped communism as the monopolistic tendency of enterprise eventually leads to only one business (eg. google, amazon) becoming the state-run (run-state?) source of goods for the proles (who share none of the profits).

    communism devolves into warped capitalism as inherit human greed leads to the circumvention of the one company state via the black market/under the table dealings of those who can game the system.

    D Benton Smith

    If I ever need a sedative strong enough to not just calm my nerves but at the same time send my brain off to some soothingly secret sanctuary of somnolence (and my soul into suspended animation) then I will find out what pharmaceutical James Howeird Kunstler is using and take the same one. . . . but at a small fraction of his dosage.

    Jim is sounding the All Clear now that the Biden Pseudo Psy Op is winding down to its ignominious ending and stalwart McCarthy is at the helm of Congress America’s Ghost Ship of State will forthwith unsink itself and return to safe harbor.

    Sure it will, Jim, and by the way, what’s the name again of that trank you’re on?

    those darned kids

    nightshade seeds/seedlings do best in 4 inch pots. i put ’em under incandescent bulbs until they sprout, and then they get the leds until i can move ’em outside.

    mmmmm, eggplant..

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