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    MC Escher Relativity 1953   • Specter of Civil War: Biden’s Border Policy Could Lead to ‘Huge Explosion’ (Sp.) • Biden Has No Intention to Close
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    Veracious Poet

    Veracious Poet

    Still confused?



    Illegals love Biden.


    The Banality of Evil

    “One side effect of this rampant abuse of the accusation of Antisemitism is, of course, that soon it won’t be taken seriously anymore, even when it should…..”

    “One side effect of this rampant abuse of the accusation of Racism is, of course, that soon it won’t be taken seriously anymore, even when it should.



    Hillary got those dead vampire eyes bro


    “One side effect of this rampant abuse of the accusation of Sexism is, of course, that soon it won’t be taken seriously anymore, even when it should….”

    The sheer amount of evil clueless sock-puppet women in “leadership” roles globally….

    Victoria Nuland, Ursula von der Leyen, Christine Lagarde, Liz Cheney, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Nikki Haley….the list goes on and on and on….

    Ladies, the Satanist Cabal that actually calls the shots, and it’s certainly none of the above, is pissing on your Brand®

    …And telling you it’s Rain.

    And you’re buying it lock, stock and barrel.

    The Satanist Cabal hates women to it’s evil core




    Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who’s the Fairest of Them All



    It used to be that white Australian writer/directors would write Hollywood movie scripts about how difficult it was for white French men to get a green card to be able to hopefully work to be able to hopefully live in the US with an attractive white woman.

    How the times have changed.
    The American gov will pay you to invade now if you are brown and poor. Is invade too loaded a term?




    Hey ladies, just some random thoughts on how those awesome “women” are ruining women’s sports and taking the Gold from your daughters….

    Must be in the genes or sumpthin’



    The Satanist Cabal just loveloveloves the new generation of dumberthandogshit entitled snowflakes ‘women’

    Makes for easy pickins’




    Another Satanist Cabal Implant

    Meet Amy Pope, an open borders advocate and Obama apparatchik, and an accomplice of DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas.

    As the UN’s Deputy Secretary of the International Organization of Migration (IOM), the preeminent NGO in the field of migration, she plays an integral role in the illegal alien surge at our southern border.

    Before the 2020 elections, she appeared before the UK’s Oxford Union, the world’s most prestigious debating society. She denounced President Trump for his policy on building the border wall and limiting immigration, sanctimonious proclaiming “that this President has failed in every respect to keep the United States safe from harms,” the essence of Kafkaesque reasoning.

    Dr. D

    “Congressional Hawks Urge ‘Hit Iran Hard’ After 3 US Troops Killed By Tehran-Aligned Militants

    “Tehran-Aligned” meaning what exactly? They also don’t like the United States as much as you would prefer? Such that Xi, Duarte, and Nancy Pelosi are also “Tehran-Aligned” in the goal of destroying the United States?

    “Biden Blackmail Intensifies: Won’t Shut Border Until Congress Coughs Up Ukraine, Israel Funds”

    Biden won’t follow the law until we break the law! That is, offer cash to attack a sovereign nation without a declaration of war, against every law, domestic, Federal, international, ever! It was considered a war crime by Ragnar Lothbrok back to Tacitus straight on through Pharaoh the first to Nimrod. Undeclared war has never not been a war crime. Except us. We have to prosecute an illegal war or Biden won’t enforce the legal border and the “Law”.

    Sure. I totally, totally believe that.

    “US Officials Believe North Korea Will Soon Launch ‘Limited’ Attack On South
    …in such a way that avoids a full-scale war.”

    Um. Why? Article: “Oh, because no reason whatsoever.” Oh, right then. Totally totally believe you.

    “Biden to Announce Billions in New Chip Subsidies: $53 Billion”

    Oh silly me: here I thought corporations made “Money” and chip companies were the most profitable of all. But: Capitalism. That means we use the TAXPAYER’S money! On all sides: We PAY them to exist, then we PAY them to move to Texas, then we MAKE them be more like or less like other chip companies, which are or aren’t allowed to exist in competition, and how much, and what types, then we PAY them by buying their chips by the millions in government contracts! Then we pay them to borrow at below-market rates! That’s what “Free market” means!!!

    Boy I hate Capitalism. Can’t we get the government involved somehow and straighten all this out?

    “As the UN’s Deputy Secretary of the International Organization of Migration (IOM), the preeminent NGO in the field of migration, [Amy Pope] plays an integral role in the illegal alien surge at our southern border. In the Obama regime, as a policy wonk, she held flashy-sounding job titles: DoJ Deputy Chief of Staff, Deputy Assistant to the President, Deputy Homeland Security Advisor, Special Assistant to the President, Transborder Security Director, Interior Enforcement (2010-2016). During Trump’s term, she was a partner in the UK Schillings law firm, an Associate Fellow in the UK’s Chatham House think-tank, and a nonresident senior fellow at the Atlantic Council (2017-2020). Bonafides of a globalist influencer.”

    “[Her] report concluded domestic terrorists represent the most significant threat, while asylum seekers pose a relatively low threat.”

    That is, all native humans are illegal and bad. All illegal humans are peaceful and good. I don’t know what she has based that on, as I’ve been keeping track for 4 years and something like 30 out of 35 mass shootings – including shooting up all of Congress and kidnapping the Supreme Court – were by pro-immigration leftists.

    “[Pope] is proud to be moving tens of millions of people from their land of origin to destabilize Western host nations.
    “IOM aims to work closely with governments and other United Nations agencies to enable resettlement.  To achieve that goal, it provides migrants with cash-based interventions, supplies, and transit assistance, in addition to coordinating and managing UN way stations”
    at the cost of billions, which the native citizens are expected to pay.

    “Mainstream Media Reporting That The United Nations Is Funding The Illegal Immigrants Invasion”
    “[FBI Agent] Murphy, who made headlines late in the Trump administration for improperly building dossiers on journalists, has spent the last few years trying to help the government find ways to suppress and censor speech it doesn’t like without being so “out in front” that it runs afoul of the Constitution. He has proposed that law enforcement and intelligence agencies formalize the process of sharing tips with private sector actors – a “hybrid constellation” including the press, academia, researchers, non-partisan organizations, and social media companies – to dismantle “misinformation” campaigns before they take hold.

    More recently, Murphy has worked to make his vision of countering misinformation a reality by joining a United Kingdom-based tech firm, Logically.AI, whose eponymous product identifies and removes content from social media.”
    “Logically says it uses artificial intelligence to keep tabs on over one million conversations.”

    That would be wiretapping. To forward that specific information to the government would require a warrant.

    “The business is even experimenting with natural language models, …artificial intelligence-powered bots that produce, in real-time, original arguments to dispute content labeled as misinformation.”

    If the government pays Logically.AI in any capacity, they are suppressing free speech in violation of their laws.

    “During the 2021 local elections in the U.K., Logically monitored up to “one million pieces of harmful content,” some of which they relayed to government officials,”
    “That money [to Logically.AI] went into far-reaching surveillance that monitored journalists, activists, and lawmakers
    “The CDU reports targeted a former judge …the agency targeted
    anti-war groups …” and even the watchdog group watching Logically.AI.

    As a prominent fact-checker, the gateway against disinformation, “Logically used its technology on behalf of Canadian law enforcement to target the trucker-led “Freedom Convoy” …. Logically’s team floated theories that the truckers were “likely influenced by foreign adversaries,” Right.

    They also fact-checked for years against the lab-leak theory which turns out to be true.

    “Jones said the site targeted him for pointing out that data in 2022 showed 71% of patients hospitalized for COVID-19 were vaccinated. Logically’s fact-check acknowledged Jones had accurately used statistics from the U.K. Health Security Agency, but tried to undermine him [anyway]”
    “Other Logically fact-checks have bizarrely targeted the Daily Sceptic for reporting on news in January 2022 that vaccine mandates might soon be lifted.”
    …which they were. They reported not whether it should or shouldn’t, but as journalists whether it was or wasn’t.

    ““As far as I can work out, it’s a grift,” said Daily Sceptic founder Toby Young. “[The company] disputes anything that runs contrary to popular consensus. “The consensus of course is that set by the people who pay Logically for their services,”

    Wot a shock.

    They then go on a year-long crusade against Russel Brand, who they say “stops short of airing any actual conspiracy theories or falsehoods,” Right. Because it’s illegal when you DON’T do illegal actions.

    “social media accounts “trotting out the ‘innocent until proven guilty’ refrain” for the comedian were among those perpetuating “common myths about sexual assault.”
    “those seeking the presumption of innocence for Brand, … were spreading a dangerous “myth.”


    Moving on to great things: “California state Senator Scott Wiener (D)…who wants to punish parents for misgendering their children up to the point of losing custody, and in 2022 suggested “offering Drag Queen 101 as part of the K-12 curriculum, and introduced a bill that grants judicial leniency to certain pedophiles, and who was accused of a hate-crime hoax…
    …now wants to require any new car or truck sold in the state after 2027 to have “speed governors” which would make it physically impossible to go more than 10 miles per hour over the posted speed limits.
    “I don’t think it’s at all an overreach,” he said.

    Was helping adults have sex with children an overreach? Or more like a reach around?

    “”High Crimes And Misdemeanors”: House Unveils Impeachment Articles Against Mayorkas Over Border Quagmire”

    Too soon! Too soon! If you waited just another month or two, Biden’s administration will run out and he won’t be removed at all! Now you’ll have fired him for 11 whole months! And he’ll get a fat pension lifetime health care, and book rights! Like Ukraine has! Tell me true: Mayorkas asked you to do this, right?

    Taylor Lorenz, “All journalists fired, in DC, in an election year”.

    Well Yuh! All they do is stamp CIA press releases anyway, what do they really need journalists for? Cut out the middle man.

    Media is ignoring Joe Biden…etc

    Yes, and yet nothing happens. Still no effect. Of course he could go on for 4 or 6 or 8 more years on this, as we’ve all lived through it at least that long or longer.

    Australia has conscription for an all out war in Asia…with Russia???

    Oz has 57k men. So assuming you can send about half of them, leaving Australia essentially helpless, they’d last 6 weeks. Brilliant! Excellent, please do this, as it will make the Chinese occupation of Australia much smoother.

    “That are some other states that are bringing their National Guards, their state national Guards to Texas, Montana has done it, Arizona has done it. The federal government would have to federalize all of them. Is there money for it? You’d have to pay those reservists”

    Aha. I get it now..

    “They would not be subject to any recall by the federal government.”

    Which is why they’ve been nuclear on militias since the 90s when they released the plan for US Civil War and collapse (takeover). Militias are what won the first Revolution, and they had to contain that. In theory here, if those men are competent and trained, Texas can mass deputize them in an instant. People who believe in the “Law” and “Constitution” of “limited government” must be stopped. The only danger is limiting government. The only wrong is Human Rights.

    “Between the Senate and the [Biden] administration there are no believable individuals[on the border]”

    Yes. Biden has 10,000 things to use to close the border, including, you know, the border patrol. He already has actively refused, long, long before Ukraine came up.

    “Biden Has No Intention to Close Border, And Even If He Did, It’s Too Late (Sp.) “

    Yes, also too late. But we can only follow the law from here and deport them all on sight. …Which isn’t mean, and isn’t new, it’s “The law”. Nobody gets shot or anything. You get a free bus ticket and probably free meals while you travel which is an expensive comp. So they can go enter legally, with 10 demerits for being already-known felons. And there are already laws for hiring anyone illegally, and very hard to get a job off the books. Only need to sweep there for a while and like 20 million will go home where it’s warm and nice and the cost of living is low. As I imagine at this point America is a bigger s—t hole than their own town.

    “[He may] suspend the entry of all aliens or any class of aliens as immigrants or nonimmigrants, or impose on the entry of aliens any restrictions he may deem to be appropriate.”

    Hey! That’s exactly the powers they said Trump did NOT have in 2020. Sort of like how he could not give executive orders reversing executive orders. Nope! Only a President can do that.

    “There’s only ever one answer for that: blame Trump. Supposedly he is responsible for Ukraine losing the war AND the southern border being overrun.”

    Yes, the border is being overrun by the guy who hates immigrants and arrested and deported all immigrants, legal or illegal. (Which he didn’t do either. Obama deported more immigrants than Trump)

    “European Leaders Are Anxious About A Possible Trump Win” Why? Were they NOT THERE the whole four years? Do they live in a different reality than I do? He didn’t DO anything.

    ““[Sen. Chuck] Schumer wants you to sign off on: “150,000 illegal immigrants entering the country uninhibited per month.”

    No problemo! We just need to build a new, medium-sized U.S. city, per month, forever! And one new power plant per city, with one new coal and uranium mine. I don’t see the problem.

    “Americans strongly favor legal immigration”

    The world’s most racist country strongly favors legal immigration, and is so benign about it, they only get annoyed when the number exceeds a million a year. Meanwhile it’s such a racist country that every nation of every color is paying $10,000 a pop then walking a thousand miles to get in here. Don’t they know slavery still exists? Ask Harvard and the NY Times, they report on it daily.

    But really: why only things that happened 200 years ago? Why not 1,000? Why not 10 years? Why not 10,000? Why don’t we have a breathless report on the horrors of New England Whaling each day? Or the Highland Clearances?

    “• George Soros Pours Millions Into Texas In Hopes Of Shifting Power To Dems (Fox)

    Like Capitalism, Democracy is when we pour unlimited taxpayer money into one side’s campaigns and use unlimited taxpayer money to prevent the other side. Then we vote!

    “Mayra Flores, a former Republican congresswoman and the first Mexican-born woman to serve in the House of Representatives”

    This is why Democrats hate her. Hate, hate hate her like cancer. She is a Mexican born brown person. Ew. Now Do What You’re Told! (And trim the verge while you’re out there.)

    ““They’re seeing that Hispanics are shifting towards the Republican Party because.. our policies that are winning people over”

    They’re busy getting millions to white, prep-school trust fund kid Robert Francis O’Rourke. Of third generation white, political plantation owner O’Rourkes. Never has a more ethnic name been known! That’s why they invented him as a Spanish guy “Beto”. Then run him with the other ethnicities, Buttigeig, Biden, Newsom, and Hillary. Oops, I’m sorry, also Elizabeth Warren. Diversity is strength!

    Anyway, can we stop now and look at their policies instead? Call truce on this race stuff permanently? Don’t worry: when Hispanics break for Republicans, they’ll flip and become the Party of White purity and family order. Like they were through the KKK uniting with the Prohibition Suffragists. Kinder, Küche, Kirche! Woman’s values! I can see it now. Meeting at the Kirche of Planned Parenthood. Five years? Spoiler alert?

    ““the decision of the antisemitic court in The Hague [seeks] the persecution of Jewish people.”

    Some genocides are more equal than others. This is the end state of when races say “I’m special and completely different because of my race”. Whether that is White, Black, or Jew.

    “Bibles Pulled From Shelves For Outdated Idea That All Humans Are Of One Race And Made In The Image Of God” –BBee
    Racist, haters.

    “protestors … investigated for possibly being on Russia’s payroll.”

    Totally, totally agree. …Right after we investigate Pelosi for refusing to have any security, and standing down the remaining security, during the J6 riots which were run by Russia. I mean, if there’s any foreign election interference to be had, it has to be in Pelosi’s office. Right?

    “• The ICJ Ruling On Genocide Is A Crushing Defeat For Israel (Amar)

    For people who don’t know what “Crushing defeat” is, as Israel continues everything they were doing, without the slightest variation, while the population reclines on couches and eats bon-bons brought by Palestinian slaves all day. They’ve been so decisively defeated they killed another thousand children that hour!

    Words have meanings. Use them. Why? Because “Logic” is made up of “Words”. If your Words have no meanings, your logic won’t either. Then you jump off a bridge thinking you can fly or something dumber like put up windmills.

    “the ICJ ruling was that the Order went into far more detail about the evidence of genocide than it needed to”

    Yes, because they know it’s a Student Council Mock Trial meeting and has no effect, value, or force.

    “• Cost of Biden’s Attacks on Houthis May Exceed Red Sea Trade Disruption (Sp.)

    We saw that in Iraq: we could have bought every barrel of oil in all Iraq, above and below ground, for about half the price of the war. Doesn’t that say it’s not about the oil? It’s about POWER. The purpose of Power is Power. The point of Power is getting more Power. They were going to leverage both its location AND the chokehold on oil to bring China to heel and become their new b—h, like the U.S. is their little b—h now. Unfortunately they were feckless, incompetent, delusional, glue-sniffing morons and couldn’t accomplish even one simple task against a country in the stone age.

    20 years later: same feckless, incompetent, delusional, glue-sniffing morons in charge, with Cheney supporting Haley, not a peace party in sight.

    “if the American hawks satisfy their wildest dream and leverage this into getting the United States to attack Iran, that’s an incredibly costly thing.”

    Yes, the FINANCIAL SYSTEM is collapsing. They need A) to print TRILLIONZZZZZZ to forestall that and B) Need a world war to grasp power and hide the collapse. Planned collapse. But thankfully, they are feckless, incompetent, delusional, glue-sniffing morons who can’t even get one pistol out of the hands of one inbred Billy-Bob, nor can even release one bioweapon correctly with 40 years lead time and the sum total of all national budgets and scientists planetwide combined. I mean THAT. Is really, really, really, really, really, really, REALLY incompetent. How you gonna run things around here when you can’t even get the lowest, bowlcut inbred in the poorest schoolroom in America to shut up? What power do you have if you can’t do that? Everybody’s watching, you know.

    ““..Israel has implanted GPS chips under the skin of its soldiers to facilitate locating them in case of abduction..”

    They do know The Internet has been invented, right? That means GAZA can locate them too.

    Btw, this is one of the less-known conspiracy theories surrounding McVeigh. He claimed he had been experimented on and had one of these primitive prototype trackers installed and he was pretty P.O.d about it. But like AI and Epstein, Spaceplanes, CIA testing of LSD in Quebec, and tunnels under NY, GPS trackers don’t exist. That’s just cray-cray.

    Whether he had one? Meh. Don’t really care. The point was they were proving a negative in declaring it definitely impossible that he couldn’t. Why? I’d just say, “Fine: show me”, but they could deny it without even looking.

    “However, rather than send troops to rescue the captive soldiers, the Israeli army bombed the location as if intending to kill the soldiers.”

    Yeah, my thought exactly. They thought the GPS would track the tunnel locations. And this is the state you’re fighting for? In Israel and here? Or Ukraine shelling their POWs for the 2nd or 3rd time.

    “Israel has destroyed only 20 percent of Hamas tunnels in Gaza”

    Wow, that’s amazing. They know EXACTLY how many tunnels there are, so they know EXACTLY how many have been destroyed. …Although they printed just this week there are 2-3x as many as they thought. So this is the new number, the old number, or you got ahold of their Building-Permit requests to find out?

    “• NATO Won’t Defend US – Trump (RT)

    Er… Sort of. Oh yes they will!!! The Plan™ was to have the Blue Helmets – NATO – come and “Save” America after Mayorkas releases the 20 million or whatever illegals here and we have a Civil War. As planned since the 90s. NATO™ would side with the London GLOBALISTS, like Soros, and AGAINST the American people and all democracy. It’s in play right now: Congress says they will deputize and draft all the NON-Americans, — Illegals – to shoot all the ACTUAL Americans, as Amy Pope says above, are all Terrorists, who want to enforce the “Law” and are extremists because they believe in LIMITING Government, as they support the Constitution and Bill of Human Rights. Ew. If upholding Human Rights doesn’t say “Terrorist extremist” I don’t know what does.

    Anyway, NATO was going to do this and defend the United States by murdering every human who believed in Law and Human rights, but NATO is really f’n busy right now. And can’t win against 13 year old goatherders. Again. Because they are feckless, incompetent, delusional, glue-sniffing morons and couldn’t accomplish even one simple task against Cleetus the slack-jawed yokel.

    So, anyway, no, don’t invite them here to “help”. They wouldn’t last long. I mean, send them to Chicago.

    “Texas Buses Illegal Immigrants To Chicago and Oh No They’ve All Been Shot” –BBee

    Man that would be the greatest. Please, please send them here. The French, Polish, and Lithuanian army, I mean. Not only would it be a leisurely turkey shoot, but like a backyard Barbecue it would really unite all Americans together into one.

    On other words: their plans are not going well. Because they are feckless, incompetent, delusional, glue-sniffing morons and couldn’t accomplish even one simple task with the sum total of the entire world’s resources at their disposal.

    They can’t even make a movie about a mermaid right. After someone already made that movie for them with 1/20th the budget before. They can’t even make a BAD-tasting beer correctly. Like “Minions” every one of them identifies themselves and has a uniform of blue hair and glasses. How have we not defeated these guys? Aren’t you embarrassed?

    “recruits lacking a high school diploma or GED, assuming they’re able to score 50 or above on a qualification test.”

    Oh the TEST!!! That’s where they print “Check box here” with a big “X”, and only 50% of them can pass the instructions.

    Tesla: Buzzwords. That means it’s s—t. Like the “alien dreadnaught factory” that made cars with 20 recalls, including bumpers filling with 50lbs of sand, and batteries that burn down your house. 20 recalls every year, half a million at a pop.

    “Tesla Recalls 4 Million Since January 2022” – Forbes
    ONE year. Go Elon. He’s a humanitarian genius.




    Pedo Joe’s Day Job

    Getting Kicked Off the Gravy Train


    Dr. D

    Feminism, here’s a serious, straightforward, level, non-sarcastic take on the situation (that is, unlike me):

    Important if you have sons or something. Or, you know, care about happiness or the perpetuation of the human race.

    Since this started both men AND women are more unhappy than ever before. More than any time since tracking began. Congratulations. Let’s do MOAR.


    “….Australia has conscription for an all out war in Asia…with Russia???

    Oz has 57k men.”

    As long as I’m on an expose today about the feminine/masculine:

    One of the founds of Neo-Nazi Azov Brigade, Sergei Korotkikh believes that NATO will not be able to fight with Russia because the alliance “does not have people capable of fighting.”

    Uhmmm, what does he mean, “does not have people capable of fighting.”

    Apparently he thinks that means:

    “For the last 60 years, European leftists have been engaged in eradicating everything masculine, in their understanding, which is toxic in their citizens.

    “Simply put, these people are not ready to fight. Their balls are too small,”


    Sage advise from a Real Nazi

    According to Korotkikh, aseasoned combatant and militant organizer, “…the United States has the same problem.”


    Duh’merica……..Be All That You Can Be!


    Well we know what’s ‘in the pipeline next…..’

    Big Mike to the Rescue!




    Woke medical advise, it’s sheer coincidence the doc is a woman



    The Premiere of Kubrick’s Doctor Strangelove happened today in 1964

    I remember it well!






    Dr D, thanks for the What Happened to Marriage? thingy

    It was still funny in a dry ironic laconic kinda way.

    I get it.

    Young men living in mom’s basement gaming with RedBull Maximum, ramen noodles and simulated AI porn.

    “The Future“ Natural Born Killers



    NATO and Its Endless Destructions | Ray McGovern

    Ray flays it.

    Fillets it


    Executive Summary

    Don’t Read ….TAE

    Preparation/Claims/Accusing/lying is sufficient for Deep fake, Hate, Fear, Manipulation/stimulating to take root.

    Truth and Facts and Proof are irrelevant/ignored
    Danger of converting you to object and ruining your peace of mind.

    John Day

    John Helmer

    President Joseph Biden’s statement, is that “we will hold all those responsible to account at a time and in a manner our choosing….we know it was carried out by radical Iran-backed militant groups operating in Syria and Iraq.” General Lloyd Austin, the US Secretary of Defense, repeated: “Iran-backed militias are responsible for these continued attacks on U.S. forces, and we will respond at a time and place of our choosing.”

    Donald Trump, campaigning to defeat Biden in the November election, declared in an election statement, reported in full by a Russian military blogger, “this brazen attack on the United States is yet another horrific and tragic consequence of Joe Biden’s weakness and surrender. Three years ago, Iran was weak, broke, and totally under control. Thanks to my Maximum Pressure policy…This attack would NEVER have happened if I was President, not even a chance. Just like the Iranian-backed Hamas attack on Israel would never have happened, the war in Ukraine would never have happened, and we would right now have peace throughout the World. Instead, we are on the brink of World War 3.”

    This is how the psychopathic liar now fights the demented on behalf of the genocidalists to trigger all-fronts war in the Middle East.


    Ray McGovern says the Empire of Lies mid-east military command of CENTCOM knows who and where the drone/missile that killed and wounded troops recently came from but that CENTCOM has a reputation of doctoring intelligence to suit policy objectives

    What a shock. Weaponizing intel reports for political gain.

    When he was head of CENTCOM, General Lloyd Austin was famous for doctoring intel reports to please superiors.

    McGovern said 50 intel analysts wrote an official report complaining about the distorted intel reports coming from CENTCOM under Austin’s ‘leadership.

    Austin, Blinken, Sullivan Official White House Group Portrait


    Ray McGovern: Israeli False Flag Killing US Troops?

    Gosh, Isahell would actually use a false flag….



    John Day

    Real Marriage is still the same, a spiritual union to solve problems together throughout the interwoven human lives of the married couple,
    I am grateful every single day to be married to that girl I met my last year in college at the co-op. I remember the first time I saw her walking joyously with her very-reserved Mexican American parents across the walkway between the dining/dancing area and the swimming pool area, past the glass doors.
    “They look so out of place here”, I thought, as the experience of that vision crystallized in my mind.

    I am so glad Jovita and Nero trusted their 18 year old daughter in that den of iniquity after the other plans had failed and it was almost-too-late.
    Jenny had ALWAYS wanted a swimming pool…







    Meanwhile up in Canazida

    Turdeau projects


    Ban This Outrage from Canazida!


    John Day

    Boeing, not Spirit, mis-installed piece that blew off Alaska Max 9 jet, industry source says

    Boeing, not Spirit, mis-installed piece that blew off Alaska Max 9 jet, industry source says


    They are trying to introduce more AI assembly robots into the industrial process.

    I imagine Boeing is striving for the same.

    No more labor unions to deal with, more cake, more profit for Boeing PMCs and shareholders.

    Safety. what’s that, doesn’t sound very profitable

    So there’s so much racism in robots these days, Boeing in a hat tip to DEI, is introducing the “Darth Austin Memorial” robot for 737 Max assembly and quality control.

    Darth Austin Memorial Terminator Assembler Robot



    The Base of the Demonrat Party

    White Middle to Upper Middle Virtue Signaling Women Who Don’t Know How to Cook but Have Master’s Degrees

    [for texting] WMUMVSWWDKHCHM




    SPECIAL Note:

    There is a separate Black Vegan Robot that only cooks non-animal items


    There is also a Limited Edition Transgender Unicorn Robot

    It’s not good for much

    But it doesn’t really do anything except Posture and Inspire!

    Look at those Haunches!



    It’s pronouns are he/haw


    Texas and its Backers Represent the Legitimate Government, Biden Does Not

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