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    John Atkinson Grimshaw A moonlit lane 1874   • Ukraine To Pay High Price For Security Guarantees From G7 – Zakharova (TASS) • Moscow Reacts To NA
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    @celticbiker from yesterday’s thread #138918
    I fully agree. It all looks like the same M.O. Putin was in with the WEF in the 90’s and all that had happened through covid was done in Russia and China as well. Looks directed when you try to envision the entirety of it. The war in Ukraine seems to be theatre as well. NATO has Poland and Latvia already and I don’t think they are worried about Russia not following the directive. The colour revolutions in the caucus’ are taking too long. Totalitarian control has to be established before the resource shortages really start to bite. The west’s ability to manufacture things in mass has to be reduced to near zero in order to keep the plebs fro be able to support themselves in any form of real resistance. China’s social score system seems to be what the WEF is aiming for planet wide.

    Dr. D

    What seems shrill, but eventually everybody just loses their patience and stops presuming good intent from the other guy. Because they’ve never made an action that deserves it.

    Bill Gates Destroying The Environment with Mosquitoes?

    “I rank Bill Gates up there with Klaus Schwab and George Soros as one of the greatest threats, combined with others, that will fulfill our computer’s forecast projecting the decline & fall of Western Civilization post-2032 and the sharp decline in world population. That has been his family’s goal since creating Planned Parenthood to promote abortions in minority areas”

    Well, his family didn’t INVENT it, but they were hard-core PP promoters and it WAS to racial areas. But it’s good to know Billy Boy has turned over a new leaf. He isn’t trying to kill Black people anymore, he’s trying to kill everyone! That’s a step in the right direction, yes?

    And he adds this blast from the past:

    ““I’m from the Ukraine … there’s a large amount of Nazis in the Ukraine, and they actually killed my whole family” — Roseanne Barr”

    Sorry I’m slow: she means her ancestors in Europe right? There was a recent interview posted with Ukrainian who was in U.S. back when (2014-ish) working with State to improve his country. As he was anti-war and anti-Nazi, he’s now an expat on the national murder list. As a Ukrainian, who dedicated his life to improving his country. …How like all of us. First thing he said was, with disaster Capitalism, when his country was hit with these troubles from the $6B coup from the West, they then extracted every resource for pennies. Wood, wheat, companies, people, even the soil, as you see, all sold off to the ruination and poverty of Ukraine. That was even before Blackrock as we know it now.

    Second thing he said was, forget being a patriotic dissident vocal about democracy like he is. Forget about being picked up dodging the draft at the Disco. They – the Nazis, Azovs – are breaking into people’s houses, pointing a gun at the wife, then dragging all the men off to the front lines. For being men, and a warm body. They’ll be dead in 4 weeks. 4 weeks training and 4 hours on the front lines. All over Ukraine. Dragged from their houses, unreported.

    If we don’t look out something bad might happen.”

    “They’re not REAL Nazis, not REAL SS, even though they have Nazi tattoos, Nazi patches, are in the Nazi brigade in a Nazi Army that has Nazi holidays and gives Nazi handshakes. Because if they did, they’d drag people out of their houses and shoot them in the head, right?” You know, like WWII, right?

    Right. I wonder how many? A: We’ll never know. Because we won’t look or report it. All of them, I’d think. 100% you can hear about or find. Otherwise, why bother? 1-2 more men won’t make a difference, you’d need 10,000 at least.

    Joe Biden: it seems weird, but it’s perfectly normal. It starts with security, secret service for instance, and for security they have to drive 2 or more identical cars away so you don’t know which one he’s in. Then you need a body IN that car, because obviously it’s not the empty car. Then you need that body to look roughly like the person you’re protecting. We saw this with Zelensky’s double following him in the office, out of cameras. Perfectly normal.

    Then what happens is, ‘cause you’re finding body doubles anyway, like Saddam Hussein, you find better and better ones, and train or make them up better. And you get pretty good. Like that old old movie “F/X.” So the guy’s there anyway and one day you’re like, “I’m sorry I’m exhausted. I just did 24h stint, back from Europe with wicked jetlag and hungover on coke and whiskey. Have that guy go out and meet the Omaha Rotary Club, they won’t know the difference.” What? It worked? Okay, we have him do it more and more often. More and more, decades and decades, until we even forget you’re SUPPOSED to only have the original meeting people. You have trouble that your guy is in two places at once. Both photos are posted online daily.

    …And no one cares. Even though that he’s not one Biden is obvious. Even though it’s obvious, known, and admitted there are security doubles – they’re on the payroll, with a paycheck. NOPE! That’s cray cray. “They”, would “Never do that”. The Biden I met was the real one. Because…you…grew up with him and would know the difference or something?

    For fun, there’s a story that Howard Hugues was also sick of this s—t, media hounding him, not getting any fun, cool work done, so on a lark (and for reasons like Tony Stark), he had a literal homeless man, meet in his apartment with the reporter in Vegas, 1970. The reporter was so stupid, even then, that he did not find that suspicious at all.

    So Howard was free to go flying in his cool personal jet, off to see his girlfriend in Florida. Wouldn’t you??? Eventually, to get not only them, but the U.S. Intel people off his back, he just kept the story going and faked his death to make life fun again. Now he can fly, invent, eat in restaurants like a normal person, all that, but using shell corporations as a private defense contractor for special projects. Some may know, but most have no need to.

    You tell me if that’s an implausible story considering the state of the media and people for the last 50 years. Being so, once you have mad money, wouldn’t other people, hearing about this through their own security teams, also sometimes choose to bow out for reasons sometimes personal, but sometimes actual security? They’re not trying to kill or blackmail you if you’re already dead.

    I would. Wouldn’t even be a hesitation. And if they can fake 10,000 death certificates per state for Covid, they sure as heck can fake just one in Oklahoma, Mr. Jones.

    One more thing: once this is done, and becomes common worldwide, why have an original leader at all? Since the State is basically a team of power blocks anyway, why doesn’t that team just hire 5-10 body doubles to BE that leader? He isn’t deciding nothin’ anyway. So Mr. Putin, who doesn’t age, is really just the expression of the multi-power. He isn’t killed because he can’t be assassinated. He doesn’t exist as a single man in the first place. (or not anymore at least.) Consider it. What do you think? I would. Who was running things under Reagan? Obama? Under Joe? Power blocks, clearly, not that man, unable to find his way off the stage. Who was running things under Trump? That same power block. But they were visible and mad they were conflicting with a guy, getting in their way, pretending he was President and running things, pretending elections matter and the people have any input, pretending HE was President and had the authority of office.

    But he didn’t, did he? They DIDN’T follow the voter’s will. He DIDN’T have the authority. THEY did. The only difference was, the Actor that was put in, THOUGHT he was giving orders. THOUGHT he was President. THOUGHT the office of President mattered. Nothing else about it had changed. And now we’re back to an actor who knows he’s an actor, deciding nothing. Like Zelensky. A literal actor. Like Reagan.

    10 articles: “NATO winds down support”.

    Okay, but they can’t. They will all collapse. So therefore they are not going to do that. So…nuclear thing, next year, Armstrong’s date is mid’24? Now you can see why, they need time to “Make a Plan.” They love their “Plans”. They could also go nuclear on their home populations but it seems they’ve already done that and are at the outer edge of not having an open rebellion that loses power (or gets very expensive, same thing).

    But it can’t just be over. If it’s “over” the markets must all collapse, because “full faith and credit” and all that. Because they would recognize U.S. companies make and do nothing. They are the “Gender Companies that aren’t hiring” as the joke goes. I don’t see the Dow or Dax at 1k. If they can’t pay blackmail, both to and from, they will all be rousted out and hung. They. Can’t. Not fight the war. They have to.

    So don’t be fooled if there is some interim here. They won’t stop killing until they are removed by force.

    “UK Defence Secretary Ben Wallace has suggested. “We are not Amazon,”he said.”

    Why not? The British Army has about as many soldiers as Amazon. That is, near statistical zero. And about as many weapons. That is, none. No 155mm shells, no working tanks. How are they different?

    Oh, is it because London BANKS printed $100B dollars? …Because that creates exactly no men, no shells, and no tanks.

    “Announcing formation of xAI to understand reality,” Musk tweeted,”

    What does that mean? Is that like “Hitchhiker’s Guide” where they ask the world’s most ill-defined question so the computer decides the answer is “42”? Because it sounds like the South Seas Bubble, creating ““a company for carrying out an undertaking of great advantage, but nobody to know what it is”.

    That seems to be what Tesla, and Elon Musk, are all about. Since there’s nothing but stock rigging anymore, so who’s still rigging his stock for him?


    No it’s not all energy. Trying to measure the quantum process using the Standard Model, including Relativity and Special Relativity, is carrying coal to Newcastle.

    Information not energy is the foundation.

    The BBC naming another party as a liar is rich.

    for all you Republicans of high moral certainty, rememember all of the hyperbole about welfare destroying the nation?
    “We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare,……”
    promote the general Welfare,…..” I guess the people set out to destroy the nation at the outset – MAGA

    Musk is wealthy because he creates more debt than anyone in his league. How wealth are you?


    uh oh, more bad news for the unvaccinated- otherwise known as the pandemic of the non compliant

    latest reports show that the unvaccinated are causing vaccine injuries and sudden deaths at an increasingly alarming rate.

    that’s right, according to experts, it is the unvaccinated that are now causing the vaccinated to suffer from vaccine injuries and sudden death due to non- compliance and non-injections because thats how science works

    Madame Dr bosco ski, leading expert apologist, reports that his husbands panties are all in a creamy bunch due to a fellow called Germ reporting on compliant injuries caused by the unvaccinated not taking the experimental injections


    it looks like another summer of vax injuries directly caused by the unvaccinated non compliant lions, baaahhhh baaaaaahhh are the only identifiable sounds from the 3 mask wearing sheeples….

    booster me harder you non compliant bastard

    Dr. D

    ““promote the general Welfare…”

    Uh, “You Keep Using That Word, I Do Not Think It Means What You Think It Means”

    Since there was no welfare at all outside of Church, and that program didn’t start until 174 years later. So…they had Welfare, but just didn’t fund the General Office of Social Services for 200 years? What an oversight!

    Still, the joke is funny…until you buy a dictionary.

    Michael Reid

    The wind array wire arrived


    UK Government Disability Claims Skyrocket
    Personal Independence Payments chart reveals disaster is afoot.


    per the immigration saga

    are you outraged about the influx of person’s on the southern border of the United States? You need only to keep one policy in mind – The Monroe Doctrine. That’s right our own pool of humanity to be ruthlessly exploited.

    can you hear Sam Cooke singing?
    “Baby, bring it to me
    Bring your sweet loving
    Bring it on home to me
    Yeah (Yeah), yeah (Yeah), yeah (Yeah)”

    and remember that’s your tax dollars at work – The United Fruit Company – kill a Sandinista for Chiquita

    Dr. D doesn’t know where to start. es verdad! A Person or Nation’s welfare is not a government program, sir egocentric sphincter. It is a state of being. Dr. D hit it out of the park!!!!! uhh, it’s a T-Ball field.
    The idea of Welfare was ridiculed not just the programs. Do a day’s commentary on the homeless and then lecture about the general welfare. FDR noted “nothing happens by accident”. some exceptions apply

    John Day

    @Michael Reid: I can see why you got lightweight aluminum wire. Best of Luck!

    @Dr.D: Naw, things can go on with NATO becoming even more non-functional. It really is time for the Ponzi to start breaking somewhere, maybe “the square mile” of Londinium. Stepping-down, stepping-down, stepping-down.
    The announcement that negotiations will begin in January means that they have begun, right?
    Poland is giving up on German reparations and will accept rump-of-Ukraine, Galicia, the fabled poison-chalice, yeah?

    John Day

    Time To Negotiate

    From John Helmer, NATO avoidance-of-reality at Vilnius, as expected. Thanks Christine.
    “Whatever is achieved by the end of this year will be the baseline for negotiation”, the Czech President Petr Pavel, former Czech and NATO army general, announced on the first day of the summit meetings in Vilnius. There is no more than a six-month window of opportunity, Pavel added, which will “more or less close by the end of this year”. After that, “we will see another decline of willingness to massively support Ukraine with more weapons.”
    The difference between the Czech’s “more or less” was explained to Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky by Henry Kissinger on the telephone. But the telephone was rigged, and Kissinger was talking instead to the Stavka in Moscow, in the guise of the pranksters Vovan and Lexus.
    After justifying himself at length for initially opposing NATO membership of the Ukraine, and then mispronouncing the word “anomalous”, Kissinger acknowledged there is a problem for the Biden Administration to combat European government opposition to NATO membership for the Ukraine. The Ukrainians must fight against that, too, he implied. So long as the US is backing Zelensky, it is necessary for the Ukrainian offensive to demonstrate small territorial advantages; abandon more ambitious ones (like Crimea); and only then agree to ceasefire talks. Although Kissinger told Zelensky he had been speaking with US “military people”, he gave no hint that they had warned him the Ukrainians are facing defeat on the battlefield, and the loss of both territory and European support…
    ..”Europe”, said Kissinger, “has organised itself to defeat Russia and it would be anamalous [sic] if Finland and Sweden go into NATO but Ukraine, which has sacrificed so much, is not admitted into NATO… Ukraine will be a major country after the war, and after it is rebuilt, it should be in NATO…. We had a Bilderberg meeting…and it was very strange that the European countries that are fighting [Russia] — technically they are supporting you –at that meeting were not in favour of [Ukraine] going into NATO. I was… It will be difficult to engineer membership in NATO.”
    Between ceasefire negotiations and final peace negotiations, Kissinger said , “you [Zelensky] understand that after a ceasefire it will be very difficult to start the war again with total allied support… I believe the trend in America now is towards a ceasefire… I believe you will be able to conduct your current offensive with full support. I believe our people believe that you will not have total success, that you will regain some territory but not everything. That’s what I was told by military people.” …
    ..The Russian General Staff calculation is different.
    At the current rate of battlefield casualties – announced by the Defense Ministry counting conservatively — by December 31 the Ukrainian army will lose between 75,000 and 100,000 dead, and up to 300,000 wounded and out of combat. In parallel, the destruction of NATO weapons will accelerate faster than the NATO states can resupply and deliver them, or replacement parts to keep the surviving stock going at the front. By the time Russia’s General Winter takes control of the battlefield, there will be too few Ukrainian fighting men left, and insufficient weapons and ammunition, to resist the start of the Russian offensive. A demilitarized zone of mines and cluster bomblets will have taken shape over several hundred kilometres west of the surrendering Odessa, Nikolaev, and Kharkov; they will abandon Kiev when Kiev abandons them.
    The Russian target then will be to drive what remains of the Ukrainian regime, its flags, tattoos, money, and stay-behind terrorism plans, into an enclave around Lvov…
    One of the unreported outcomes of the Wagner mutiny, and of the June 29 meeting in Moscow between President Vladimir Putin and Yevgeny Prigozhin, is Putin’s commitment to fight for nothing short of the Ukraine’s rout to Lvov, and the NATO retreat westward in the footsteps of the Grande Armée and the Wehrmacht.
    This too is incomprehensible at NATO headquarters.
    The text of the 22-page, 90-paragraph agreement by the NATO allies declares at the penultimate, 89th paragraph that “NATO remains the strongest Alliance in history. As in the past, we will stand the test of time in safeguarding the freedom and security of our Allies and contributing to peace and security.” To make this point less than wishful thinking, the earlier paragraphs keep the Ukraine out of the NATO alliance but with a verbal promise which makes the indefinite future tense appear to be the present tense…
    ..The impact is pushing the NATO allies to withdraw back over the Vistula and Oder Rivers towards Berlin and Paris with this admission: “We will be in a position to extend an invitation to Ukraine to join the Alliance when Allies agree and conditions are met.” They don’t agree now. The conditions will not be met, cannot be met, if and when – after the coming winter — the capitulation of the Ukrainian armed forces will have been conceded, and the retreat to Lvov begun, leaving the demilitarized zone (DMZ) and Novorossiya to the east…
    ..(Russian published assessment:) “The prospects are obvious — on the horizon of the next six months, the AFU will have no sources with which to replenish the thinned-out units. The balance of forces at the front may significantly shift in our favour.”


    Gilbert Doctorow’s interview summary of NATO Vilnius summit:
    ​ ​For more on this, we are now being joined by Dr. Gilbert Doctorow from St Petersburg. Doctorow is an international affairs analyst. Thank you so much for joining us on weon and welcome back.
    ​ ​It seems a little premature for Ukraine to ask to join NATO when it is in the middle of a war with Russia. What are your thoughts?
    ​ ​Gilbert Doctorow:
    It is not in the middle of a war with Russia. It is close to the end of a war with Russia – a war that is losing.
    ​ ​Today’s announcements by Stoltenberg and by others at the NATO meeting in Vilnius make fools of commentators at CNN or Euro News. But they shouldn’t fool your audience. The fact is, that the counter-offensive that received massive support in equipment and training from NATO countries, that Ukrainian counter-offensive has failed miserably. The latest figures that we have is that 26.000 Ukrainian soldiers and officers were killed or taken out of action on the counter-offensive against Russia in the last 30 days. They have lost hundreds of tanks. They have lost most of the advanced military equipment supplied to them by NATO countries in the preceding weeks.
    ​ ​Mr. Zelensky may have used his opportunity as a speaker in the NATO meeting to berate NATO for not taking him in. But the fact is, the precondition for any admittance to Nato was, that he would have had a successful counter-offensive, using the vast resources he had been given to effect. He didn’t. In fact, as of yesterday the Russians have now gone on a counter counter-offensive and they have in one day taken on one of the fronts one and a half kilometers of territory that was held by Mr. Zelensky’s forces. This despite the fact that in the preceding 30 days of Ukraine’s counter-offensive they moved a few meters here and there forward. So the result is a disastrous Ukrainian counter-offensive they started and a new offensive by the Russians and the Ukrainian manpower reserves are depleted. The West can supply all of the equipment he wishes to Ukraine, but Ukraine no longer has the manpower to use it and to wage a successful war.
    ​ ​In recent days we understand that the United States is giving little signals that it is going to push Ukraine into negotiations with Russia to end the war. The signals came from Jake Sullivan speaking to reporters when he accompanied Biden on his way to Europe for the meeting in Vilnius. It was an unequivocal: For the first time in months, Russia was not spoken of in hostile terms. President Putin was not reviled and cursed. They were taken in very neutral language about Russia, which is the purest, the most obvious signal that the United States is ready to negotiate. And that is the end of the whole issue.
    ​ ​Negotiations for as far as Russia is concerned mean one thing. Territorial boundaries are not the important issue. Ukraine becoming neutral! It is no longer not only have no NATO alliance, but it is on its inability to maintain any foreign troops or institutions on its territory. That will be the non-negotiable Russian demand for any peace and with that NATO goes out the window.

    Transcript in English and German of 12 July interview with WION television (India)

    ​ ​Bloomberg is just out with a devastating behind-the-scenes account of a hot-headed Zelensky at the NATO summit in Vilnius, and the growing Western backlash in the face of his obvious frustration and what’s being seen as ingratitude for the steady flow of billions of dollars in arms to Kiev.​..​
    ​..​Volodymyr Zelenskiy was running hot ahead of his sit-down with NATO leaders on Tuesday evening. The Ukrainian president had been angered earlier in the day by what he said was an “absurd” reluctance to give his country a clear timeline on membership.
    ​ ​That outburst in turn riled the partners who have funneled billions of dollars of weaponry and aid into Ukraine’s defense against the Russian invasion — the US had been given no warning before Zelenskiy unleashed his attack on social media.​ [The boy has ​all of his​ skin in this game.]​ …
    ​..​And things were even more tense behind the scenes, as Bloomberg writes: “Over dinner in Vilnius, with US President Joe Biden back at his hotel, the other leaders delivered a clear message to Zelenskiy, according to one person who was present. You have to cool down and look at the full package, Zelenskiy was told.”​

    Trump Blasts Cluster Bombs For Ukraine: ‘Biden Dragging US Into WW3!’
    “Joe Biden should not be dragging us further toward World War III by sending cluster munitions to Ukraine—he should be trying to END the war and stop the horrific death and destruction being caused by an incompetent administration,” he said in the Tuesday statement.
    “These unexploded cluster munitions will be killing and maiming innocent Ukrainian men, women, and children for decades to come, long after the war—we pray—has ended,” Trump continued.

    John Day

    ​ ​MbS to Blinken: ‘No’ to Israeli normalization, ‘yes’ to Syrian reconciliation​
    ​ ​Despite the threat of US economic sanctions, MbS tells Blinken that Saudi Arabia will financially invest in Syria as it is in Riyadh’s interest to do so.​..​
    ​..​Regardless of what MbS relayed to Blinken, it appears that Washington will continue to pressure its allies to reach normalization agreements with Israel, a policy crafted to isolate Palestinians and their demands for a just, negotiated solution.
    ​ ​The US will also continue to seek to tighten its devastating economic blockade of Syria in order to prevent the government in Damascus from extending its authority over all of its territory, to obstruct the post-war reconstruction of the country, or to force Syria to change its strategic direction. Despite the war’s end, Washington still hopes to extract concessions from Syria that it could not force through military means.

    China Warns NATO Must Not Ever Expand Into Asia-Pacific​ (Failing at one w​a​r, so ​arrange for another.)
    Beijing on Wednesday vowed a “resolute response” if NATO should ever expand this far east. China’s mission to the European Union issued a scathing statement following the NATO communique published Tuesday. “The China-related content of the communique disregards basic facts, wantonly distorts China’s position and policies, and deliberately discredits China. We firmly oppose and reject this,” China’s diplomats said.

    ​ ​New report suggests COVID was deliberately released during 2019 Military Games in China (This can also be a planted story, US damage-control.)
    The Military World Games were held in the now-infamous city of Wuhan from October 18 to October 27, 2019, just before the Covid pandemic erupted around the world.
    Many of the 9,308 athletes representing 109 countries who participated in the Games — among the most healthy and fit members of the human population — came back with flu symptoms. Now, a new report suggests that they may have been deliberately infected with Covid.
    The report comes from Jennifer Zeng, a Chinese dissident journalist who interviewed an informant close to Dr. Shan Chao (单超 ), who serves as the deputy director of the Wuhan Institute of Virology’s high containment lab.
    According to the informant, Dr. Shan relayed that he had been given four variants of SARS-CoV-2 in February 2019 by his boss and was asked to determine which one was the most infectious to humans. These “bioweapons” — as he called them — were not natural variants but had been engineered in the lab, he said. Dr. Shan further reported that several of his colleagues were absent from their regular workstations during the 2019 Military World Games in Wuhan. One later explained to him that they had been sent ostensibly to “check the hygiene conditions” of the hotels where the athletes were staying, but that their real purpose was the spread the coronavirus that he had identified as most infectious.
    Zeng’s informant’s exact words were, “One of the guys was asked to inoculate people from other countries during the event so that they can be infected and carry the pathogen back to the country they came from with only minor symptoms, which is pretty common in late autumn.”

    There was an unexplained outbreak of a respiratory virus near Ft. Detrick, Maryland in June and July 2019, which killed some people in a retirement community. Ft. Detrick Level 4 viral lab was closed for a “breach” that July. Do you remember “vape lung” from that fall? I covered Ft. Detrick here in 2021.

    RFK Jr: CIA Was Involved In Funding Wuhan COVID Leak Lab
    “I think the CIA was involved certainly in this research”

    RFK Jr: CIA Was Involved In Funding Wuhan COVID Leak Lab

    John Day

    ​ Only 70% of American adults know who Bobby Kennedy Jr. is. I asked 3 ladies who work in an office what they think about him Monday. Two didn’t know who he was, and one did not like him, but gave no specifics (likely vaccine differences).​
    ​ ​National Poll Shows RFK Jr. Tops All Other Politicians In Net Approval-Rating
    ​ ​The Harvard CAPS-Harris Poll taken during 14-15 June 2023, shows the following net approval rating (“Favorable” minus “Unfavorable”) for all of the listed possible candidates:
    +21% Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
    +9% Elon Musk
    +9% Tim Scott
    +8% Vivek Ramaswamy
    +5% Ron DeSantis
    +4% Nikki Haley
    -1% Bernie Sanders
    -3% Donald Trump, Doug Bergum, Ted Cruz​ … and just gets worse from there.

    National Poll Shows RFK Jr. Tops All Other Politicians In Net Approval-Rating

    ​Meryl Nass MD:
    ​ ​“Yesterday, not surprisingly, the Judge in the Missouri v. Biden case denied the government’s motion to stay the injunction forbidding it from censoring Americans. He’s being careful; he typed up a well-drafted, thirteen-page order. In this new order, in showing that the government was likely to lose, Judge Doughty provided examples of clear censorship from each of the following federal agencies: the White House, the Surgeon General and his staff, the CDC, the NIAID, the FBI, the CISA, and the State Department.
    ​ ​The government’s misconduct was so widespread, one wonders what the federal government was doing during the pandemic apart from censoring Americans.
    ​ ​Sometimes it only takes reading one sentence in an order to tell which way the Court plans to go. Here’s that one sentence from this order:
    CISA Director Jen Easterly views the word “infrastructure” [expansively] to include our “cognitive infrastructure,” which deals with the way people acquire knowledge and understanding.
    ​ ​Easterly’s remark was not just a throwaway line. CISA is part of Homeland Security, which has jurisdiction over the Nation’s “critical infrastructure.” Easterly meant that “cognitive infrastructure” — our collective brains and the thoughts in them — are part of the country’s critical infrastructure and thus subject to HomeSec oversight and control.
    ​ ​Orwell himself would never have believed that a real, unelected, unaccountable government official said something that sinister.

    Antivaxxers Blamed for “Hijacking Data” as Birth Rates Continue to Decline in Australia and Sweden , Igor Chudov
    ​ ​Birth rates dropped 15% compared to 2021:
    Australia’s News.Com.Au has an article about it, and they blame… climate change!
    Australian National University demographer Dr Liz Allen said the drop in births was due to a combination of factors, both personal and external – in particular, concerns about housing, cost of living, and climate change. “Climate change has been cited by young people in Australia, and other similar countries, as a major concern and barrier to having children,” Dr Allen told
    “The fear of uncertainty owing to growing weather and climate extremes means young people are calling it quits on children citing ethical concerns.”
    I am unsure if Dr. Allen realizes or cares that “climate concerns” are anything but new. What is new is the “safe and effective” Covid vaccine forced on young Australian men and women in 2021 and 2022, but I digress…

    ​ No, wait a minute. I’m still trying to get word out about the WHO Treaty “update” that will supercede elected governments and citizen’s rights when Biden signs it!​
    ​ ​UN Set to Launch ‘Global Shocks’ Plan Just Prior to US Presidential Election
    ​ ​The powerful United Nations is now seeking to increase its influence worldwide by seizing global “emergency” powers, and President Joe Biden supports their proposal.
    ​ ​Interestingly, the U.N. proposal would begin September 2024, a mere two months before a highly anticipated general election in the U.S.
    ​ ​The global organization will host a “Summit of the Future” where associated nations will adopt a so-called “Pact for the Future.”
    The “pact,” or agreement, would set in place multiple policy reforms offered by the U.N. in past years as part of its “Our Common Agenda” platform.

    Exposed: UN Set to Launch ‘Global Shocks’ Plan Just Prior to US Presidential Election

    ​ Jerry Cott Ph.D. lectures on Omega 3 fatty acids in the diet for newborn brain development, avoidance of pregnancy-related depression, rage management, treatment of bipolar and unipolar depression and healing after traumatic brain injury.​
    Jerry Cott PhD discusses Nutrition and Psychiatric conditions IAOMT 2011 Las Vegas


    We/TAE can see. It’s obvious. The proof/documentation/”follow the money” has been done
    Why are the rulers/administrators/ MSM ignoring the Emperor’s New Clothes?
    Why do people believe the liars?
    Why / is banned. Misinformation?.

    NATO Spent Years Preparing For Proxy War With Russia in Ukraine
    Even before the Ukraine conflict escalated in February 2022, Britain, Sweden, Canada, and the United States were investing in Ukraine and building up their capabilities, the UK defense minister has stated at the NATO summit in Vilnius.
    Does it mean NATO has long prepared for a proxy war with Russia? Yes.
    Military assistance to Ukraine 2014-2021
    Research Briefing
    Number 7135 By Claire Mills 4 March 2022
    Research Briefing By Claire Mills
    Military assistance to Ukraine since the Russian invasion
    Published Tuesday, 23 May, 2023
    The European Union is also providing non-lethal and lethal arms through its European Peace Facility (EPF). This is the first time the bloc has, in its history, approved the supply of lethal weapons to a third country. To date, the EU has committed just over €4.6 billion, including €1 billion of funds to reimburse EPF countries who have immediately provided munitions. A further €1 billion of EPF funds will be set aside for the joint EU procurement of urgently required artillery ammunition.

    In October 2022, the EU also approved a new training mission for the Ukrainian armed forces.

    Download full report Download ‘Military assistance to Ukraine since the Russian invasion’ report (688 KB , PDF)

    The European Union is also providing non-lethal and lethal arms through its European Peace Facility (EPF).
    The EPF has a total financial ceiling of more than EUR 12 billion for the period 2021-2027. As the EPF is an off-budget instrument, EU Member States pay their contributions directly every year, based on the estimated annual budget for the EPF.
    Volume 3007, I-52241
    No. 52241

    Ukraine, Russian Federation, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and
    United States of America
    Memorandum on security assurances in connection with Ukraine’s accession to the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons. Budapest, 5 December 1994


    It wouldn’t be all that difficult to verify whether or not the old man in the White House really is Joe Biden. A little hair is needed — perhaps just a recently used cup, one sample from “Biden” and one from a close relative.


    Ongoing medical catastrophe unfolding in the UK.


    Disability(PIP = Personal Independence Payment)



    Who falls for this shit?



    A complete mystery.

    Unexplained heart attacks killing young people in their prime

    “660 Victorians under the age of 50 suffered cardiac deaths over the past 12 months…
    Shocked researchers, who expected the annual death toll to be closer to 400, now want to know why.”

    They want to know why?



    Heartboken Coventry City duo launch fund to bring former team-mate home after sudden death in US

    TVASSF (heartbroken indeed)


    Mansfield-based Binch Racing mourning sudden death of track star Damon Rees



    Pupils devastated over sudden death of ‘funny and kind’ teacher



    Star New Mexico State University soccer player, 20, is found dead in her home just days after her birthday

    ‘we have no reason to believe her death is suspicious, or the result of criminal activity or foul play.’
    Oh, really?!



    Who falls for this shit?



    Hey Newsweek – fixed it for you!


    D Benton Smith

    All roads lead to CIA.

    The Conglomerated Iniquity Association


    “There was no surveillance video footage found that provided investigative leads or any other means for investigators to identify who may have deposited the found substance in this area,” the agency said in a statement. “Without physical evidence, the investigation will not be able to single out a person of interest from the hundreds of individuals who passed through the vestibule where the cocaine was discovered. At this time, the Secret Service’s investigation is closed due to a lack of physical evidence.”

    “subjected to advanced fingerprint and DNA analysis.”

    Lack of physical evidence? Nothing on the bag, and there’s an area of the White House that isn’t surveilled?


    For those interested:
    Today’s comments on Kunstler’s blog touched the current “issue of Dr Malone”.
    Personally I never liked the guy. Physical resemblance to Ben Bernanke and my first class b/s professor is the big turn of, thus I have reflective dislike of the “type”.
    Easy to locate chain of comments by the date, with links and opinions – see for yourself.

    D Benton Smith

    The following comment consists of unabashed unapologetic advice. Trying to write it in a more indirect manner would have been less than honest and (frankly) too damned much work.

    Everybody has an idea (call it a theory, really) about what “is” and what’s going on around them, but that situation has a couple of snags built into it, so issues arise.

    The two snags are that an idea big enough to explain the whole world around them involves both a lot of conjecture and a lot of work. Consequently so no one can legitimately be completely sure if they’ve got the explanation completely right, and almost no one has enough free time to do all that work.

    For those two reasons the vast majority of people sign off on someone else’s theories & work, and call it their own. They also tend to become very very touchy and defensive when challenged about any of it (but ESPECIALLY when questioned about various externalities which might influence the veracity of things they claim to be true facts.)

    People think (believe? hope? wish?) that this strategy (described above) saves them the work of finding out things for themselves, and that it also relieves them of the personal responsibility of actually knowing whether they’re right and good (rather than wrong and bad).

    Alas, they’re wrong about the strategy. The plain and easily verfiable fact is that the strategy does NOT save them the work, and the strategy does NOT relieve them of responsibility.

    The reason it doesn’t save them the work is that the work simply remains undone (for them, PERSONALLY) until they themselves do it (personally) . . . no matter how hard or long OTHER people worked. The guy they hired to know some truth for them (and then report the results) might indeed know what he’s talking about, but the guy who hired him still doesn’t KNOW what he’s talking about. All he knows is what the other guy told him, and he’s got no way of knowing if it’s true or not unless he does all of the work himself and comes to the same conclusion.

    There’s just no way that anyone can “know” something for you. The guy who thinks that other people can do that for him is not NOT SAVING the work. He is SHIRKING IT. So the “saves work” notion is just a dumb lie and will therefore not end in brilliant success. It will end in stupid failure.

    A similar thing goes for the “responsibility” aspect of the strategy of letting other people do all of the important thinking and doing for you. It doesn’t get you off the hook of responsibility at all. The proof that it doesn’t is so blatantly, patently, basic that it’s quite difficult to put into words that don’t sound like a condescending insult, but I will try. I will write it in the following paragraph, enclosed by quotation marks (because TONS of people other than me have adamantly asserted the same thing in many ways for a long time.)

    “If a person causes something to happen to themselves then they will experience the effect that they caused.”

    So the lesson of this little morality tale is that if you are letting someone else do your “truth knowing” work for you then you better get up off of your lazy ass and start doing it yourself because you are SURE as hell going to be the one who is going to PERSONALLY experiences the consequences if you don’t.

    This goes for everything, and I mean everything. If you think that something is true, and if it’s important, and if you’re really depending on it being true, then you are personally responsible for doing all of the work to determine for yourself that it is, indeed, true or not.

    Sidestepping is not just inadvisable. It’s impossible.


    Folks need to get with the narrative! All of the Biden crime family’s illegal activities are perfectly legal!

    Everyone wants Russia to hurry up and attack and take more Ukrainian territory. But Russia has set up extensive target practice ranges, where the US and NATO can place their people and equipment for the exclusive privilege of being shot, droned, shelled, and bombed. Why should Russia have to go to all the expense and effort to bring targets, thousands of kilometers to be destroyed?

    Michael: Nice river boat! Keep on rolling!


    One link from my recommendation earlier.
    Just finished watching. Dr Malone appears to be narcissist / money grabbing prick.




    Study Confirms King Tut’s Dagger was Made with Iron from a Meteorite

    There is a magical thought

    A steel knife 14 centuries BC buried with a King

    A strange metal from the stars falls to earth


    “An Egyptian dagger found in King Tutankhamun’s tomb was made with iron from a meteorite, a study has confirmed.

    Using a hi-tech X-ray, the Polytechnic University of Milan in Italy found the famous dagger contained 10 percent nickel and 0.6 percent cobalt.

    A comparison with 11 metallic meteorites found they were made of similar elements.

    The dagger dates back to the 14th century B.C. and was found in the wrapping surrounding the right thigh of King Tut’s mummy. It features a decorated gold handle with a rounded knob of rock crystal. It was encased in a gold sheath that was decorated with a pattern of lilies, feathers and a jackal’s head.

    Another separate gold blade was found under King Tut’s wrapping on the abdomen.

    Iron objects were rare and considered more valuable than gold during the Bronze Age and were mostly decorative. This may have been because Egyptians found iron difficult to work with as the metal requires a very high heat to forge.

    Archaeologist Howard Carter found King Tut’s tomb in 1922 and it was long suspected that the iron blade was made from a meteorite but previous analysis has been controversial. The use of a portable x-ray fluorescence spectrometry to identify its elements now confirms the theory.”


    I wonder how far back the ritual child abuse goes in the ruling classes



    Duh’merica will run forever, until it doesn’t


    John Day

    Ray Epps To Be Criminally Charged For Role In January 6th, Blames Tucker

    Will the other deep-state “soldiers” also be charged?
    Is something changing, or is he just going to fall on his sword?





    Michael Reid

    @ WES

    Dad built that river boat and he is in the picture. That boat also transported my woodstove here when we built the cottage.

    That roll of wire was really heavy. I figured out how to position it so I could roll out 250 feet, then cut it with bolt cutters, then drag up the hill so it is from the wind array to the power house. Got to do that 11 more times but it is raining so I am working on wiring the breaker boxes. Another learning process to work with the 6 AWG in the breaker box, just fits through the buss bar for securing and won’t go through if the end is deformed.


    Personally I reckon Robert Malone is a boss. He has a bigger brain than just about anyone on this forum. He is one of a few like CJ Hopkins and Walter Chestnut that have drawn my view from the TAE crew. I subscribe to his substack so mine my be a deluded view but it is well studied. I do think he has cry-baby tendencies but then being attacked so hard by the dominant culture (and side-hustle culture too) must be hard.

    He just dropped this


    “The price is not a secret: a Ukraine cleared of Ukrainians by Western weapons but with enough population left to serve NATO troops. There is no need to deport anyone to Western Europe any more because people have moved there themselves,” the diplomat wrote on Telegram.

    As if someone was trying to rid the world of Nazis? You know, someone like the people who are the main beneficiaries of the holocaust? Those people, the ones controlling the US government? The ones who cannot be criticised even by RFK Jr? Those people? Is that why they put one of their own in charge, put Zelensky up there, he is doing a great service to his people? Get onto it celticbiker.

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