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    Wallace, who is normally a vocal supporter of Kiev, said it would help Ukraine’s cause if they displayed some gratitude.

    It’s all about the feelings: Kiev made him feel sad, poor dear.


    New evidence found by BBC News casts further doubt on the Greek coastguard’s version of events surrounding last month’s deadly migrant boat sinking, in which up to 600 people died.

    Will the BBC be investigating all the died suddenly deaths in the UK anytime soon? Why does the BBC only investigate countries defending their borders from illegal immigrants, against their left wing rules? The BBC is accusing the Greek government of lying, shouldn’t they look into the vaccine deaths first? Seems more urgent and relevant for their own people, unless the BBC’s job is to show how brilliant is the UK and how backward and criminal is the rest of Europe? They used to do that with the colonies.


    If anyone wants more info on America going to war against Russia – here is this article


    Reading Biden’s executive order it looks like it only applies to the Coast Guard though it’s confusing and hard to tell. It specifically mentions the Individual Ready Reserve and if you google that it sends you to the Coast Guard. Is it really all armed forces or just the Coast Guard that is affected?


    Thank you. sir. I feel like an albino in a fuckin tanning salon here.


    Comforting Lies vs Unpleasant Truth cartoon.
    Applies in our “discussions” too, where each side rushes to occupy the “right stand”.

    John Day

    Thanks for the Malone news, Oxymoron. People are misguided to bash him, and a lot of money and effort goes into that misguidance. He says some reserves are being called up to go to Europe, by order of “Joe Biden”. I saw another report that 300,000 NATO troops are supposed to be staged on NATO’s “eastern flank”, which means Ukraine and Belarus, mainly.
    This looks like posturing for the home-audience, but it is militarily provocative and could become an attack One might presume that Poland expects to get some Galician rump out of this.

    John Day

    Good work, Michael Reid, and Mike’s Dad!


    D Benton Smith

    Thank you. sir. I feel like an albino in a fuckin tanning salon here.”

    That’s because you’re both behaving like smart aleck children at the grown-up’s table. You see one correlation ( the “Jewish link”) and think you’ve discovered some big scary secret. You peel back ONE layer of ONE onion and crow that you’ve unlocked the Mother of All Conspiracies. Bullshit! It has obviously escaped your attention that there are multiple, already known, hierarchic layers of ownership and serious powers beyond “The Jews!” who make “The Jews!” look like harmless sheep herders.

    At best all that you’re actually accomplishing is muddying the waters and stirring up misguided emotions that obscure sound thinking. At worst you are actually helping the real villains in setting up a frame-job, so that when the shit really goes down the baddest of the bad get villas in Switzerland and Argentina while useful idiots like you urge stupid mobs to attack low-level scapegoated fall guys. Sheesh! Are you REALLY that myopic? Like you can’t even see as far back as the runup (and aftermath) to WW2?

    Look, it’s just fine that you cracked open the Overton Window to enable more open discussion of issues that involve Jewish connections (because there ARE connections and they SHOULD be discussed) but ease back on the vituperation long enough to let the oxygen back into your brains.

    I’m not kidding. You’re both capable of better. Start behaving like responsible adults. This is not some silly game. It’s dead “fuckin” serious and your self indulgence of personal emotional issues is not helpful.


    Kamala has rare unique communication skills.


    Is it true that the diaper wearing, child raping, dementia ridden, ‘vaccine mandating’, falling up stairs, falling down on stationary bikes, never knows where he is, can’t complete a sentence, economy destroying, open borders, liberally retarded, incompetent “commander in chief” fuckwit has called up the reserves for the European Theater ?

    The same piece of shit who cluster fucked the Afghanistan Retreat? That f’n scumbag?

    Of course if the Rainbow Fag US military had any balls or competency left, which it does not, it might actually mutiny and coup that said “Commander” right into a straight jacket.

    This is some top notch clown world shit. I’m sure the RF is quaking in their boots at the thought of the Potato Brigade coming to Europe.


    @KultSlumber, ZZZzzzzzz

    some quotes of yours-

    Dr Malone appears to be narcissist / money grabbing prick.

    Personally I never liked the guy. Physical resemblance to Ben Bernanke and my first class b/s professor is the big turn of, thus I have reflective dislike of the “type”.

    Dr Martin all good, no problem with his presentation, just that bald prick and his book cough my eye.

    or this-

    Where I came from there is slightly edited term for that, which makes a clear distinction between someone who is a good mother and can cook a finger licking meal out of nothing and the one who is messy and lousy in just about anything but is a queen of gossip and intrigue in the neighborhood.

    Like Mommy, like drama queen son- Is that a thing in Yugoslavia? You a Bosnian? Could that be why you suck Ayn Rands dick and viscerally hate everything Russian? Hmm Mr Unz Review?

    But you wrote this here On-
    February 26, 2022 at 7:32 pm

    We are all pressured with all this Covid hysteria, so all the talk is more than encouraged. But, can any of us discuss mRNA
    vaccine in equal footing with Dr Malone? How many of us really understand genome sequencing? I know that I don’t.

    Something about Sarajevo volatility comes to mind- not the most stable minded people historically speaking.

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