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    Deflate is likely a druggie troll as suggested by Dr, John Day. A sharpe observation! And I agree!
    Whenever I go trolling for trolls, Deflate only bites back over Ivermectin!

    I keep telling Deflate he needs to keep up with current events instead of hiding under his bridge! Deflate you really need to pop up onto the top of your bridge to see who (Hunter Biden!) is really trying to cross your bridge, instead of just growling, sight unseen! Nada.

    I have asked Deflate why he didn’t take the promotion “for boots on the ground” in the Ukraine, his bosses recently offered him? Deflate hasn’t been willing to take a “bullet” for team Ukrainian. You sure aren’t very patriotic are you Deflate? Nada.

    I have noted that his bosses have likely noted his “lack of” in his upcoming job review and that he shouldn’t be too surprised if he gets less than inflation! Nada.

    I have said Deflate was lucky he managed to exit the Washington DC beltway after authorities closed all the exits! If Deflate hadn’t exited , then rising gas prices would have surely “killed” him! Nada.

    I have even offered to prescribe Delate some Ivermectin, Dr. Goodall’s cure-all for what ails trolls! Maybe you just missed my offer Deflate?

    O.K. Deflate I am going to give you one more chance! We are going to go covid fishing! I am going to put on an “Ivermectin” worm on your fish hook! Are you O.K. with that? You do know fish can get covid too?

    Deflate you do know the government is handing out Ivermectin to any deer that have caught covid?

    Well Deflate, are you going to bite?

    For extra good measure Deflate, I am calling you an “Ivermectin troll”! You druggie!

    John Day

    Thanks for the invisible hypersonic Kinzhal missile details, Oroboros.
    The aircraft carriers are typically flanked by support ships to protect them from missiles, when operating under threat. Still, hitting a few with non-nuclear warheads on invisible mach-10 missiles would make a certain point to the world.
    One might not want to take aircraft carriers to the Black Sea for awhile…

    : I like the “Great Man” model of history better than the Mongolian-pony starvation story, but we’re addicted to that “great man” thing, and should probably try to kick it.
    (Psst… got Genghis Khan’s Y-chromosome?)

    V. Arnold

    It would take 14 tactical nuclear Kinzhals to send them to Davey Jones’ Locker in a New York minute.

    Nukes aren’t needed, kinetic energy alone would do the job…



    Dr. John Day:

    Since history as we know it has almost always been written by the victors, we will not likely ever know for sure what really happened. The dead then not to write!

    Something pushed the Mongolians out of their comfort zone. My guess is once outside their box, they likely discovered that their method of horseback warfare was superior to their opponents and just kept on rolling! No doubt Genghis Khan was a great general, but his victims might beg to differ on his greatness!

    The same volcano is also thought to have caused the long drought that ended the Myans empire too.

    But we can agree our Deflate, is a great Ivermectin Troll! Somehow that volcano missed Deflate!

    John Day

    WES: I read that the Mongolians on ponies had very effective battlefield communications, which gave them a big edge. They had an effective system of signals and moved fast.
    There is bound to have been more to it than that. It probably helped that they were more accustomed to bitterly cold weather with the long volcanic winter.


    here is a video, though officially unconfirmed, showing the hypersonic Kinzhal.

    Notice the super hot compressed plasma glow around the missile.

    Have you ever seen such a strange glow covering anything in the air except a meteorite entering the atmosphere and with the bonus mega sonic boom?


    In the video, the Kinzhal covered about a 120 degree arc of the sky in two seconds, far faster than any jet.


    One thing I would like to mention is something nobody is talking about in the Ukraine right now. Is the spring/fall mud!
    The Germans remember!
    If Ukrainian mud is anything like Saskatchewan mud, or Wyoming mud, that means you can not go wondering around the countryside as you please!
    No, you have to stay on the highways. You are truly stuck on the highways!
    If you pull over onto the shoulder of the highway, you won’t be getting back on the highway anytime soon!
    Remember the Russian convoy north of Kiev stuck on the highway?
    Yeah, it was the mud and nothing but the mud!
    Now some Russians did managed to create log driveways to hide in the forests but even that was difficult!

    So both the Ukrainians and Russians are stuck fighting on the highways in the countryside. Mud plays no favorites!


    Dr. John Day:

    Yes, the Mongolians certainly had an edge on their competition and good communications plus training, would certainly go a long way towards achieving that goal. The Greeks and Romans also usually had good battlefield communications (flags/horns) too.

    In more modern times, I credit having radios in each tank for the German’s early WW2 successes, especially against France.

    I guess, from time to time, we forget to read history!



    I think by using this hypersonic missile, the Russians were also sending a very strong second message to Nato/US.
    Those 30 cruise missiles striking near the Polish border without any warning was the first message (we can jam all of your radars)!

    P.S. I read that Nato special forces were using their cell phones thus tipping off the Russians to their presence. They would likely know better but probably thought they were safe to use their cell phones.

    Did you know that Russian submariners are not allowed to wear modern electronic digital watches because the signals from these watches can be tracked! They are issued special old wound watches instead!


    Kinzhal: no doubt the Western Empire is busily copying it. How much time I wonder before they have at least a working prototype? (Bit like the naval armaments race pre-WW1.) Then all hell will break loose.

    Are we not the master race?

    Mister Roboto

    @Oroboros, WRT to PJW vid: “The Reddit Legion”????


    Veracious Poet

    Kinzhal: no doubt the Western Empire is busily copying it.

    One problem with that scenario, the West doesn’t have the titanium (Kinzhal no doubt mostly Ti frame), especially now…

    Russia-Ukraine war opens prospect of aerospace titanium shortage

    Veracious Poet

    P.S. Aerospace in general is sooo busy looking for ways to do less work while making ridiculous amounts of money doing next to nothing, I doubt it’ll be in the field anytime soon…

    The twits probably haven’t even come close in R&D, the brain power isn’t there anymore, too much computer reliance, not enough geniuses.

    Not too mention all the dead-weight third-party maggots infesting the process, starting at CONgress…

    When Boeing is screwing up 737s (impossible just 20 years ago), you know it’s bad 😐

    Veracious Poet

    Are we not the master race?

    Dr. D

    I apologize for my outburst.

    I think we’ve been at this two years, three months. You say, “I have a study”. I say I have a study. You say, “My study has a doctor.” My study has a doctor. “My study was published in a respectable outlet.” My study was published in a prestigious outlet.

    So what’s the difference? “But mine was posted on Twitter.”

    Yes, and mine was posted on Twitter.

    With so many differences between us, I can see why you’re so certain of your case. I finally got frustrated and lost my cool. 27 months of “are we there yet?” can do that. It’s a lesson to me to be kinder and find new ways.

    “Vaccine Effectiveness Hits as Low as Minus 300% – as UKHSA Announces it Will No Longer Publish the Data”

    Were this true, your same studies and same scientists are killing everyone. The Twitter Army, upvoting and censoring, is helping them. Comments?

    End of aircraft carriers is why I refer to them as floating tin cans. The jets on them are 50 years old, developed in the 70s, with technology of the 30s. The best thing to do is to float them to port and scrap them now while you can get something for the metal. But they need to sink them and kill all the men as a rallying cry for war. Or were going to.

    Now it’s “War for…?” They can’t win even if they mobilize and get buy-in. Or not with anything we’ve seen. Not even the Aurora flying delta wings, rumored to be in space.

    Cheney was right, we should have nuked them in the 90s. Hillary was right, we had a last chance for a deadly, planet-leveling conventional war in 2015. Now it’s too late. Good men encircled them both and stopped them. Remember the US diplomat to Saudi who put down her career to stop Cheney months before W left? That happens with regularity. Good men do not do nothing; they do what they can.


    @John Day,

    You posted yesterday – how to reduce community vulnerability when no one much is currently interested in growing veggies? This occurred to me too a couple of years ago, I don’t want ours to be the only family looking well fed in a starving neighbourhood. Accordingly I’ve been madly burying kilos of acorns a year from fast maturing oak species. I collect the acorns from trees I’ve id’d in my home town and I use a bit of old pipe attached to a long sharp tipped walking stick to make the hole and drop the acorn in, then close the hole by stepping on it. We don’t have squirrels so most come up. I walk at least an hour nearly every day and I’ve done that pretty much anywhere there is open public ground and I think a tree might survive the mowers. Also as I go, I also identify patches of weeds growing in waste areas against future medicinal needs: St John’s Wort, Briar Rose, Elderberry etc.

    My second idea was to naturalise potatoes on any neglected waste areas I come across, I buy about 35 kg of seed potato a year and dig for tubers in the less visible areas I’ve already planted. As well as digging them in, anyone dumps a load of branches, lawn clippings or leaves in a nature reserve near me and it gets a potato under it. The mowers often mow the plants but they seem to do well enough to spread a few square metres over several years and there are tubers there when I dig. Lots of plant diversity and clover around them so disease build up doesn’t seem to be an issue. Approximately 30% of the ‘grassy’ areas in our local parks are actually edible annual and perennial weed greens (stellaria, plantain, dandelion, sheep sorrel, oxalis, purslane etc) so I’m confident that vitamins and minerals are a lesser issue than calories since a little bit of those go a long way.

    Most recently I’ve started planting the edges of tennis courts and fencelines etc with scarlet runner beans. Big seeds so easy to plant with my stick and pipe, they look so pretty people don’t pull them up and they regrow for seven years, good protein and very productive. It’s not enough by itself of course but I figure it will all help. I’m also internally debating the ethics of naturalising oil olives as well. They are certainly very weedy in my area and the birds will takeover spreading them if I can get some going in the cotoneaster thickets around the place. On the downside they are also very weedy in bush areas.

    We have different climates of course, but I understand sweet potato does well around you?

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