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    Wassily Kandinsky Succession 1935   • Zelensky Nationalizes TV News And Restricts Opposition Parties (Week) • Zelensky Warns Of WWIII If Negotiat
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    a kullervo

    Wise men grow complacent
    (sunken wisdom bellow
    event horizon.)
    Fools’ boldness grows
    (towering hindrance
    besieging us all.)

    Once again,
    Wisdom rises
    Twilight follows:
    Babel duly falls.

    Ignorance is the safest haven, but very few among us are wise enough to fully grasp the meaning of this (the author of these humble lines included.)
    A man bound to ignorance agonizes like Prometheus bound to the mountain
    Naive as we always have been, we swallowed this lie, hook, line and sinker and are frantically choking on it to this day.

    Taoist rulers of old
    Did not enlighten people
    But left them dull.
    People are difficult to govern
    Because they are very clever.
    Ruling through cleverness leads to rebellion. Not leading through cleverness
    Brings good fortune.
    Know these two things
    And understanding the enduring pattern. Understand the enduring pattern: This is called original Te.
    Original Te goes deep and far. All things reverse
    Return and reach the great headwaters.”
    Tao Te Ching, Lao Tzu (translation by Stephen Addiss & Stanley Lombardo, 1993)


    Spartacus 3

    To date, nearly a million Americans have died from something our own tax dollars paid for. In a sane country, every public official involved in perpetrating this ludicrous farce would be tried in a court of law. And yet, all we get is denial after denial, coverup after coverup.

    None of the conspirators ever intended to come clean. Their hope was that they could brand all of this as a matter of national security and manipulate the media and fact-checkers to distract the public long enough to hush it all up. The current insanity in Ukraine is a godsend, to them; an opportunity to direct the public’s attention away from intensifying anti-mandate protest movements.

    If these monsters had their way, we would have believed everything that happened in the past two years was the result of someone mishandling a live animal in a wet market in Wuhan.

    Instead, even a casual investigation reveals that every single thing about the official narrative is a lie, and many public officials we have entrusted our lives and wellbeing to are involved in a conspiracy to deceive and actively harm the public while profiting immensely off of our misery.

    Even cartoon villains are not this cruel and sadistic. The sheer magnitude of this conspiracy and the oafish bungling of everyone involved in it would almost be comical if the real-world consequences weren’t so horrifying. Millions of people are dead, with many millions more made jobless and destitute. Various ghouls are creeping out of the woodwork, trying to capitalize on the crisis to manifest their utterly despicable political projects.

    NEW: ‘My name is Spartacus’: COVID-19 Deep Dive Part III: Criminal Conspiracy

    Dr. D

    The new Pepe Escobar article delineated some of the “stolen” gold. That is, transferred to London in the last few months and sold (to fill the fact London has no gold). Russians will now have something to point to that the West is trying to rob them, the Russian Central Bank is the key culprit and run by the IMF/West, and therefore hardship is welcome in service of expelling them. This has also been communicated worldwide, specifically to the Global South, that your reserves are worthless as they will be stolen/frozen by the U.S. the instant they are needed. So why bother booking and saving them? Shouldn’t bother. Same plan as here. Get them to over-extend and reveal themselves so public opinion is irreversible. Hurts though, but life always hurts if you’re stupid.

    What does this tell the world? Buy gold. Dump the untrustworthy, non-rules-based dollar.

    However, prices can’t rise until London falls. We already have shortages in the metals supply constantly and the prices never change. They even go DOWN when supply stops. Capitalism! No supply, infinite demand, and no price changes, no markets.

    “Chinese Amb. to U.S. @AmbQinGang, 9 mins, 23 interruptions”

    Now that’s respect. When I want your opinion, I’ll beat it out of you. #OppositeLand, where we listen and learn by talking!

    “Zelensky Nationalizes TV News and Restricts Opposition Parties (Week)”

    Now that’s the “Democracy” we’ve been hearing so much about! We banned the major opposition! Just like Democrats are banning Republicans right now in many candidates in many places. I guess support for Azovs was falling, perhaps by banning every party except them they can gin up a little more support for the NeoNazis and keep those war crimes rollin’.

    Zelensky Warns of WWIII If Negotiations with Russia Fail (Hill)”

    Hahaha. Not if we do absolutely nothing about the invasion. Which is exactly what we’re going to do. Joe and McCain told you they had your back? Yeah they say that to everyone before they stab you in it. How you didn’t notice over the last 50 years, starting with the Hungarians and yesterday with the Kurds just shows how dumb you are. This is like being surprise that you jump in the water and get wet.

    The peace dividend of the Cold War has been squandered.”

    Yes but We the People get the peace dividend. “They” get a war dividend. Any questions about what happened?

    “Russia’s GDP is no larger than the combined economies of Belgium and the Netherlands. That makes it all but impossible for Russia to sustain a major conventional war,”

    Wow Roach is as dumb as all the other economists. Does he need a helmet and a social worker? I could ask, if mothers take care of their children instead of Day Care, no GDP is recorded. Does the work not happen? Which process happens better? But let’s put it another way: is Roach claiming that – since GDP is power – Russia couldn’t conquer Belgium and the Netherlands? Or is it that Belgium can so easily conquer Russia? Use your head Stephan. That’s what it’s there for.

    Why is the yuan only used in 2.7% of global transaction despite being 14% of the world’s GDP?”

    Because China has said they don’t WANT to be the reserve currency? And commenters are either illiterate or demand that that China use it, plan it, promote it, and China is a big, stupid nobody you can interrupt 23 times if they don’t do what we say?

    “Reserve Currency” leads to “Triffin’s Paradox”. –Which is not a paradox at all, but nevermind. Since trying to make your domestic currency the world currency destroys your nation, why would China want that? Are they completely dumb and part of decades-long death cult on a tireless suicide march like we are?

    Anyway, the point is NOT the Yuan, but that we have a multi-polar world. If it’s not ONLY the dollar, then there is no “Petrodollar.” That’s past tense but the system is large and takes time.

    And why would they? The dollar just showed they are untrustworthy, so you can’t invest in in UST’s. In a currency that’s losing 8% – 25% a year. The “Petro” didn’t matter that much. It was what you INVESTED in, which used to be the US Treasuries. That’s the other more important leg.

    “mentioning that the conservative news outlet is “one of the oldest newspapers in the country.”

    Yes, it was founded by Alexander Hamilton. However, the NY Post is “conservative”? Uh, whut? Like the way NY City is “Conservative”? That is to say, not at all? Not a little bit. Never has been. Is not now, never likely to be in any future? And everybody knows it? That kind of totally, 100% complete #Opposite coming out of your hole?

    Yes! That’s because “Conservative” means “somebody I don’t like (and want to smear).” That’s it. That’s what words mean. Like “Racist”, or “Nazi.”

    When I use a word,' Humpty Dumpty said in rather a scornful tone,it means just what I choose it to mean — neither more nor less.’ The question is,' said Alice,whether you CAN make words mean so many different things.’ The question is,' said Humpty Dumpty,which is to be master – – that’s all.’”

    The only purpose of speaking is to LIE. Why bother otherwise? The point of speaking is to GET ME POWER. Over you. And take your power away. So it’s easy and a given that words mean whatever I feel like at any given moment, in any given sentence. Then they change, reverse again next sentence, next moment. Like the word “woman”, who we protect because: victim, until we don’t protect and oppress them and methodically remove their spaces and safety because “No such thing as ‘woman’.” Both. And Neither. These are contradictions, and if you disagree with either – as you must according to the law of reality – we will attack and kill you. Because: power. Attacking is power. Erasing you is power. Obedience is power. Fear is power. Stealing your words and power is power.

    The Point of Power is Power. The goal is MY boot grinding the human face forever. ME. Because: Power. It’s its own reward.

    “Still haven’t seen one government promoting vit. D. Criminal.”

    To the contrary: they OUTLAWED Vitamin D. With the universal house-arrests. And covering every inch of skin if you could go out.

    “Hi Pierre Kory, your account has been locked out of Twitter…”

    So they’re going to lock Biden’s account now? Psaki’s? The NY Times’? CNN? Politico? How about Clapper, Brennan, Fauci? They are all the top purveyors of disinformation lo these many years. Yet the provably false misinformation is not only not locked, IT’S STILL POSTED AS FACT on their sites and articles.

    The article “Easily verifiable” NY Times. Yes. The laptop – wherever it was from or whoever made it available – was instantly verifiable as real emails using child-level cryptographic email keys. I mean like you take the emails, you paste them into a website, and Google tells you “Yes, this is a real email from Hunter Biden.” Then could care less where the laptop came from or why.

    Even glue-sniffing crayon-munchers from Columbia could do it. If they didn’t, it was as completely on-purpose, political calculation, as actively voluntary as claiming they don’t know how to use a telephone. …Which they also claim, every day. Experts!

    No one cares. Reality is optional! Reality a la carte, whatever I say it is, whatever I want it to be, from sentence to sentence. Power. Which is to be Master. That is all.


    …But yeah, do let’s send him tens of billions more…

    Empire of Lies used the Ukraine as a huge money laundering racket for US politicians and their minions since 2014.

    The Russians have brought down the hammer on that criminal enterprise but Bed Pan Biden (BPB) and his Coke Whore Spawn (CWS) need to run one last batch of billions through the Mighty Money Wurlitzer (MMW) of Ukronazi Ukraine before the Rico Racket has it’s plug pulled by the Russians.

    So sad :>(

    All the proposed ‘Save the Ukraine Aid’ (SUA) swirling around Congress at the moment is just a Death Rattle Gift Grift (DRGG) and needs to be passed post haste before the evil Putinstein grinds it to dust.

    You see, in The Empire of Lies, they lie about EVERYTHING, 24/7/365

    “They” lie about finance

    “They” lie about Covid

    “They” lie about medicine

    “They” lie about education

    “They” lie about food

    “They” lie about inflation

    “They” lie about electric cars

    “They” lie about infrastructure

    “They” would lie about what time it is……..

    So a Kulture marinaded in lies literally can’t understand figures like Putin and Lavrov actually telling them the truth about what will happen if “They” keep pushing NATO East.

    The Empire of Lies is throwing a hysterical Karen hissy fit because someone exposed “Their” lies on the world stage and is kicking their butt until “They” bleed from their ears and their asses.

    Russian missile attacks are ramping up and scores of US, British and NATO advisors have been killed in recent days.

    Because the Empire of Lies can’t admit there were NATO advisors coaching Neo-nazis in Ukraine, “They” can’t very well cry crocodile tears that all those advisors are now dead, blown to bits by cruise and the new hypersonic missiles.

    And by the way, NATO cannot seem to track or warn their neo-nazis stooges about this missile attacks because their radar systems are jammed by the Russians so thoroughly. Not a selling point for NATO trying to smuggle arms into Ukraine.

    Like I said, the Empire of Lies just can’t believe the Russians are actually doing what they’re saying and destroying NATO personal and arms smuggle in to the country.

    “They” simply can’t compute.

    The Empire of Lies is too focused on the really important matters of the day:

    NCAA Swimming Champ Caught In Possession Of Performance-Enhancing Testicles



    Get your priorities right
    Food EMERGENCIES (Ukraine is at the bottom)

    Have you got your mind made up?
    Don’t read …. Don’t listen ….. Don’t look….
    If you are here …. Then you might change your mind ….
    Armchair Generals have been replaced by Armchair psychiatrist

    A psychiatrist is a physician who specializes in psychiatry, the branch of medicine devoted to the diagnosis, prevention, study, and treatment of mental disorders. Psychiatrists are medical doctors and evaluate patients to determine whether their symptoms are the result of a physical illness, a combination of physical and mental ailments or strictly mental issues. Sometimes a psychiatrist works within a multi-disciplinary team, which may comprise clinical psychologists, social worker…
    Some people have got a superior way of expressing their thought
    Performance-Enhancing Testicles


    “China Won’t ‘Condemn’ Russia”
    “Never interrupt your opponent when he’s making a mistake.” –Napoleon

    Is Putin really just playing his part in a Davos-directed script? Russia’s response to the virus and its pushing of a vaccine seem right on script. Even now it continues to push this, even after being ostracized by a large part of the world.

    COVID Russia-The New Normal

    Without a doubt, the various elite cliques across the globe contend with one another while simultaneously being forced to deal with the uncertainties introduced by the behaviors and reactions of masses. Perhaps Schwab’s inspiration was recognizing how to eliminate most of those uncertainties if the elites would simply agree to suspend the competition long enough to implement some new methods of controlling those masses (e.g., “biosecurity”).

    I can’t find it now, but not too long ago there was a video floating around showing what was supposedly a forum of “Young Global Leaders.” If you look at the white board that appears briefly in the video, one thing you will notice is a bullet point that says “Support one another.” This is key.


    A Russian Jew (say..) who pretends to be a true blood “Ukrainian”, profession, Actor, and is a puppet of Nazi / extremist murderous ethnic nationalists who worship the memory of Bandera, pontificates to the US Congress, via vid, and invokes I had a dream of M. Luther King. (= Zelensky.)

    Ultimate crazy mix-up prop.

    Except it isn’t in its effects. The new rah-rah fascistic technosphere, supporting whatever cause, opinion, projected action, that the ‘Leaders’, or ‘the Government’ (a melding of ee-lected officials who are stooges for big corps and/or straight up grifters tied to various oligarchs..) insist on, promote thru the paid-off subservient MSM lackeys, holds sway.

    See, masks not useful, then must-mask — vax is obligatory, if not HUGE fines and prison time, then in the space of a week, no, we just forget about it all (see Austria for ex.) Which shows that the drive to vax ppl was not to protect them (if it was, it should, and would, continue, well maybe.. complicated..), but served other purposes.

    See, hate Ukranian ‘Nazis.’ In the past the Ukros. massively murdered Jews (ww2), were seen as rabid antisemites and racists, previous to 2004 (the failed color revolution in Ukr.) that was the narrative… roughly…. Now, a sudden turn-about, love Ukranian Nationalists because they are fighting dastardly Russkies.

    A feeble echo of WW2, a mini-eruption from the past, in which the Germans were boosted, supported, encouraged, to fight the Russians (and dominate Europe..) by the USA…Of course Ukraine is not up to the task, it will loose, that is a certain conclusion, but then what?


    Just ignore this. You got to beeeelieeeve.


    Good golly, deflationista is still harping on about Ivermectin. No one cares. No one.

    Take the med or don’t, your choice. That’s the whole point. It’s supposed to be your choice based on your doctor’s advice. Not a pharmacist’s choice to fill a prescription, not the CDC’s choice as to what is allowed, your choice.

    Get off the subject already.


    New Hampshire House Approves Bill to Make Ivermectin Available Over the Counter

    New Hampshire House Approves Bill to Make Ivermectin Available Over the Counter

    Our deflatedmember will get a really limp dick from this news.




    The primary point of Stephen Roach’s commentary is that Globalism is wonderful. I used to follow SR as a real estate investment manager 25 years or so ago and found his commentary to be more forthright than others in the institutional real estate field. Unlike Stephen, though, I left corporatism — thanks to living frugally — and have been able to read widely enough to know that Globalism has tremendous flaws.

    Stephen now lives in a $2.3 million (according to Zillow) mansion in Connecticut and I am typing this in the cellar of a modest home in the Pacific NW. I would not trade places for all the tea in China.


    This photo is the perfect metaphor for Civilization and Nature

    The wooden frame is Humanity and Civilization

    The Tree is Nature and Fate



    Will Russia take out Mariupol tonight and going into tomorrow? It’s where Azov is. And why would they wait any longer?


    Couple links.

    This guy certainly seems to be prescient about the future, maybe a little too prescient if you know what I mean:

    The Real Globalist ‘Mastermind’ Behind the Great Reset: ‘Prophet’ Jacques Attali (Videos)

    Second, I don’t think it has been mentioned here, but Dr. David Martin (they guy with all the patent info) is apparently part of an effort to go through the US court system to get a trial. Supposedly the state of Utah has the most friendly jurisdiction for that; anyone know why? You can sign up for updates here:


    Here’s an extract from an email sent yesterday from in-laws in the US:

    The war in the Ukraine is certainly sobering. [X] is currently a captain and his specialty is logistics. He is keeping us informed about that aspect of the war. It seems as if Russia really blew it there. He goes to some military sites and gets a better analysis of the war than we can find. Unfortunately it is still a David and Goliath situation.

    Interesting that his “military sites” tell rather a different story to sites pointed to by TAE and others.

    The Conversation this morning contributed this:

    Russian President Vladimir Putin has repeatedly invoked the “nazification” of Ukraine to justify Russia’s invasion of its neighbour.
    While this claim has been debunked, Russia expert Robert Horvath says far less attention has been focused on the Putin regime’s own record of collaboration with far-right extremists.

    Wouldn’t surprise me to learn that both sides are flirting with fascism. That, after all, is the direction in which the glorious West is so rapidly heading. Chris Martensen in his latest video read out a press release from some years ago describing how the US Senate passed a bill which inter alia permitted the disbursement of US funds to neo-Nazi organisations in Ukraine. The Senate was inclined not to pass the bill but the DoD put considerable pressure on them and got the result it wanted. Why did it want that? What’s the goal? I think we all can guess.

    Regardless of flirtations, it’s so depressing the way the public is being taught to hate Russia and everything Russian, and to glorify anything Ukrainian. The Ukrainian people are being used as mere pawns in a massive game. It’s totally unconscionable. Hatred solves nothing. Wars solve nothing.


    Recently when I was in NYC, I went to the Kandinsky exhibit at the Guggenheim.  My ex works there so I get in free.  I asked her why there was a recommendation to go up the rotunda instead of the usual start at the top and go down.  She said that people were running down!  Disappointing, as I was familiar with his later works, but did get to see his early works until the end.

    Veracious Poet

    I’ve been digesting the meaning of TPTB suddenly authorizing their legacy media lapdogs’ to release info confirming the veracity of Hunter’s laptop of treason…

    Could it be TBTF is trying to front-run a much bigger TRUTH about to unleashed by ex-KGB Putin, who has been demonized with non-stop lies & propaganda?

    Frogs-in-a-pot & all that jazz…

    Perhaps the Russians tasked spec ops to find & secure hard data regarding the Biden crime familias “real reality” fun & games in Ukraine?

    The biolab shoes already dropped, now under the rug, you just have to know there is more juicy morsels of serial psychopath lawlessness left behind “enemy” lines…

    Money laundering proof?

    One can only hope, although it sickens me to contemplate the depravity possible given the scumbags’ black hole of deprivations…

    When the story broke I created this lil’ ditty, waiting for the apropos time to release ~ Dr. D’s post today was the trigger:

    Uncle Joe sat on a pall,

    Uncle Joe had a great fall.

    All the think tanks and all the rich whores,

    Couldn’t put Branden together for more.


    Get off the subject already.

    Riiiiight….. Because I am the one who runs TAE. Maybe you don’t read the things that Raul posts, because he keeps bringing it up.

    It’s amazing that people still maintain that ivermectin does anything for covid.

    Take it if you want. You are free to be as big of a dummy as you want to be.

    Fucking morons.


    “Will Russia take out Mariupol tonight and going into tomorrow? It’s where Azov is….”

    The Azov all have tatoos, like gang tatoos, because they are thugs and thieves and criminals, and the Russians are looking for those tatoos. If you have them = you are a dead man.

    No trial



    “Take it if you want. You are free to be as big of a dummy as you want to be.”

    Exactly. Thank you for agreeing with me.

    those darned kids

    Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky invoked his emergency powers under martial law to suppress several opposition political parties and implement a “unified information policy.”

    Quite the professional dictator, it is as if his “advisors” in the US state department have done this before.

    Dr. D

    Amazing. 10,000 pages of records from Pfizer that they knew the non-vaccine product had piles of hazards, pages of evidence they hid it all, months of data with hundred thousand injuries, 40% increase in under-40 deaths, and nothing. Yet this is just what we morons all said and predicted, appears to being substantiated now. Not worth a a single comment.

    IVM, which is at the worst harmless, and sides keep posting studies with problems — you know, like the completely, totally, embarrassingly fabricated-by-adult actors, IN THE LANCET — but also after where that they give it on the death bed and can’t figure why it has a low Lazarus rate, or this one one with the opposite, where a study has details that need follow up. LIKE 100% of all studies ever.

    So when WE post a study that needs follow up, it’s meh, but YOU post an identical study that has similar issues and PARK THE HORSES!!! It’s PROOF. Forever and ever!

    Now do you really not understand the concepts of logic, justice, equanimity and parallelism? No, you do. Humans are born with that. For some reason you have to come to my house, and talk to me about a subject I don’t care about, no one was talking about, and no one will change their mind about.

    Why? If you’re lonely shouldn’t you pick a better way, and say hey, friend, would you like to talk? Would you like the build a snowman? What do you think of the big beautiful world? No. You drop into my house to say, “Hi. You’re all still morons. And I’m super, thanks for asking.”

    Why? Not information. Not changing minds. Thanks for giving us no information though. ‘Cause I’d have to follow your post down the Twitter rabbit hole post, down the science study post, down the science-argument boards, to get any idea if that “You’re a dummy” is right or wrong. If that’s what’s provided, I don’t have time.

    John Day

    “Deflationista” continuing to harp against ivermectin treatment for COVID, while there is so much more going on, may be a reflection of the interests he/she/it is paid to further.
    Pharmaceutical/pandemic-policy seem to be primary interests.
    War/Finance, not so much.

    John Day

    Trouble posting blog links, so breaking it down more.
    Maybe AI doesn’t like The Saker again…

    Tom Luongo analyzes the substance of the national players in Russia and the US, vs the media portrayals which shape public perceptions of the conflict, and public emotions. While Russia fights an unusually lopsided “police action” to de-nazify Ukraine, destroy it’s NATO-harmonious military structure, impose neutrality and a political restart, and assure the safety of ethnic Russians, western propaganda only misinforms and shows pictures of Ukrainian children murdered by Ukrainian Azov Battalion and similar groups, and shows Vladimir Putin scowling, as the perpetrator.
    Russia trolled the west in early February about the predicted “invasion of Ukraine”, asking what day it would begin, and pointing out that they had nowhere near enough forces near the border to invade. Indeed, they did not have, not by any traditional military calculation. The NATO-trained Ukrainian army and reservists number about 600,000. An invading force should be 3 X that, so 1,800,00. Russia had about 200,000 military personnel on Ukraine’s border, enough to repel and counter-attack, but not to invade. The US/NATO were aware of this, and would naturally have expected a much smaller Russian action to defend Donbass civilians, as artillery attacks upon them were ramped up to 1200 shells per day in mid February.
    Russian forces did something original in warfare. They “invaded” with 1/3 of the defending force, and are making it work. They held their best units and modern equipment in reserve, against a counter-attack by the main enemy, NATO. They are not destroying cities and knocking out food supplies and utilities, because the people of Ukraine are not to be subjugated, just as the Russians have been saying. They are exhausting the Ukrainian military forces and, indeed, concentrating upon ridding the Donbass of the right-wing Ukrainian nationalist forces, by first making them run out of fuel, artillery and sleep.
    Putin’s interviews with Oliver Stone in 2016 are referenced, and compared to Lindsey Graham’s calls to somehow assassinatePutin to fix this problem. Stone asked Putin about the multiple assassination attampts, which had already been made upon his life. Putin resolutely replied with a Russian folk saying that, “he who is destined to hang, does not drown”. Putin long ago invested his earthly life in the cause of Russian Nationalism. He made self deprecating humor with this saying, while making clear that he saw his fated-destiny as the deciding factor in what his life span might be.
    Western politicians, who have no skin-in-the game, are experiencing surprise and frustration at being caught unprepared for a real war with Russia. The Russian leader has lost the propaganda war in the west, but the Russian nation is galvanized, with Russian skin in the game. The rest of the world is watching the western empire, again paralyzed by a much smaller, yet more determined opponent.
    Propaganda lies are very unlikely to galvanize western populations to the point where they are prepared to fight a land war in their home-towns. Somehow 1/3 of Americans do answer a poll that they support risking nuclear war to thwart Russian aggression. Is this the victory of concept over substance?

    Putin: Destined to Hang or Drown?

    ​Michael Snyder looks at the emotional-fatigue Americans have been subjected to by the psy-ops employed here on the-home-front since 2016.​
    6 Years Of Being Manipulated By Manufactured Waves Of Outrage With No End In Sight
    ​ ​For the past six years, the American people have been emotionally manipulated by what I call “manufactured waves of outrage”. Once the corporate media identifies a trigger, it will obsessively focus on it for weeks or months on end, and the narrative that develops will be echoed and magnified by millions upon millions of social media denizens. Before too long, much of the population is whipped up into an irrational emotional frenzy, and that frenzy is used to move certain agendas forward.

    John Day

    Yeah, it won’t take the Saker link.

    I’ll try the excerpt with a link inactivated by inserting a space in it right after the “dot”.
    Empiric trial…

    The Vineyard of the Saker blog looks at the Psy-Ops, which the west is winning at-home, but has lost in Russia, as fifth-columninsts and sixth-columnists duck and cover (he defines these terms well, which I needed).
    ​ ​The first week of the war went extremely well from a purely military point of view, but from a socio-political point of view, I know that a lot of Russian vacillated and really freaked out.
    ​ ​But then, the western PSYOPs made a huge mistake: they gave free reign to truly rabid and racist russophobia while, at the same time, openly proclaiming the Nazi regime in Kiev as “heroic” defenders of the West. It is one thing to hear that your dictator Putin and his Mordor will be sanctioned to smithereens and quite another to feel the overt, direct and targeted hatred against you and your people, that is something you perceive less with your mind and more, I would say, with you “skin” or “guts”. Once it became obvious that the West’s hate for Russia is absolute and total and that the “best” Russians can hope from our “western friends” is to be treated like Native Americans or the Boers by the Anglos, which is not different at all from how the Nazis treated Russians, most Russian figured out what this was really all about since Day 1 and even much before (I would argue since about 1000 years).
    ​ ​That was pretty much all it took to “switch over” the mode of many Russians from “of my God, what will happen next?” to “we shall never surrender” or, on the words of Molotov, “Ours is a righteous cause. The enemy shall be defeated. Victory will be ours” (June 22, 1941).
    https://thesaker. is/the-many-great-coming-outs-triggered-by-the-war-in-the-ukraine/

    John Day

    That worked (pats self on left shoulder)

    John Ward looks at Credit-Default-Swap risks in the western financial system. Russia did not “default” on bonded debt to westerners Friday, even though Russian central bank assets were frozen by the US/EU/UK. Russia deposited Rubles in Russian banks for the creditors. If Russia does the same thing next month, “default” will be declared, and the network of CDSs will be called, with lots of counterparties failing, which cannot actually be calculated, because these instruments obscure risk, rather than mitigating it, as real insurance would. Germany may be on-tap for more than Germany can conceivably cover.​
    ​ ​In a nutshell, driving Russia into default risks a nuclear chain reaction that is impossible to predict….and anyone telling you otherwise (eg the Pentagon) is lying.
    ​ ​Ultimately, NATO could well find itself sitting in Europe alongside bankrupt donators, and wondering what to do next. Somehow, I doubt very much if media demonisation is going to cut it in that context. But I am very clear on the fact that the Great Reset numpties haven’t done proper due diligence on the outcome….and even where they have, you can rest assured that the audit guys were lying to them.

    ​Moon of Alabama has “bits of interest from the war in Ukraine”. These 3 seem most important to me. There is good perspective,also.
    Destroyed Kiev shopping mall was used as weapon and ammunition depot.
    Despite a hopeless situation the government in Kiev rejects to end war in Mariupol.
    Unconfirmed: Zelensky rejects Ukrainian military request for retreat from the Donbas front.

    SouthFront says that the main actions of the Russian and Novorussian forces are concentrated upon final elimination of Ukrainian military forces from Mariupol and the Donbass. Those forces cannot be reinforced and have been denied permission to make and orderly retreat. They are being sacrificed.
    ​ ​As of March 20, fierce street fighting continues in the city of Mariupol. Units of the Russian Armed Forces and DPR were developing their advance in the city. The grouping of Kyiv’s forces encircled there is being gradually destroyed.
    ​ ​It is interesting to note that according to satellite images that appeared online the operation is supported by Russian warships.

    War In Ukraine Day 25: All Eyes Are On Donbass

    So if “we” sanction “everybody”, “We Win”, right?
    US Recklessly Eyes China as Target in Economic War​ , Joe Lauria​
    ​ ​After these statements it seemed clear the U.S. was trying to lay the groundwork for a truly reckless idea: to tie China to the war so it could sanction it perhaps along the lines of what the West has already laid on Russia.
    ​Then on Thursday U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken spelled it out: “We believe China in particular has a responsibility to use its influence with President Putin and to defend the international rules and principles that it professes to support. Instead, it appears that China is moving in the opposite direction by refusing to condemn this aggression, while seeking to portray itself as a neutral arbiter.” He added: “We will not hesitate to impose costs.”…
    ​ ​All this was preparation for President Joe Biden’s video-call on Friday with Chinese President Xi Jinping, in which Biden warned Xi not to help Russia’s war effort in Ukraine or there would be “consequences” to pay…
    ​ ​Xi, however, warned Biden that the U.S. sanctions on Russia could trigger a worldwide economic crisis, apparently implying that the crisis would be far worse if the sanctions were extended to China…
    ​ ​The U.S. recognizes that its economic war against Russia could well fail because of the close and expanding economic and financial ties between Moscow and Beijing. But it is too late for the United States…
    ​ ​The U.S. has turned the majority of the world’s population against it. And it is now threatening to blow up the world economy. Cutting off trade and finance to Russia has already boomeranged on Western countries, driving up prices, especially at the pump. Instead of prompting a popular uprising in Russia as a result of its sanctions, Russian President Vladimir Putin’s popularity has actually risen since the invasion.
    ​ ​Adding China as a target of its economic war could drive the populations of the U.S. and Europe against their own governments instead.

    US Recklessly Eyes China as Target in Economic War

    John Day

    AI rejects links again. Will try same trick… a blank after each “dot”

    Foreign “trainers” are successfully targeted again, and are moving to Poland as a result.​
    ​ ​Russian forces hit a Ukrainian special forces training center early on Sunday, killing more than 100 local troops and foreign mercenaries, the Ministry of Defense has said.
    ​ ​A Ukrainian Special Operations Forces training center near the town of Ovruch in the northern Zhytomyr Region, which hosted the mercenaries, was targeted by “high-precision air-launched missiles,” ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov said during a briefing.
    ​ ​The airstrike has eliminated more than 100 Ukrainian special ops troops and foreign soldiers of fortune, he added.
    ​ ​A week ago, Russia destroyed another mercenary base at the Yavoriv range in the western Lviv region, saying that up to 180 foreign fighters were killed there.
    ​ ​Kiev disputed those numbers and put the death toll at 35 people. It also insisted that all those who died in the attack were Ukrainian.
    https://www.rt. com/russia/552328-mercenary-base-strike-ukraine/

    ​If Poland is to be the new NATO staging ground to support the anti-Russian side of the Ukrainian civil-war, then Polish and mercenary forces, and supply-trains will need much better defenses, much much better. Are you sure you want to try this?
    ​UK to deploy air defense missiles to Poland
    London says the move will protect Warsaw against “Russian aggression”.
    https://www.rt. com/news/552154-uk-defense-missiles-poland/

    The Patriot missile system will be used to protect one NATO base in Slovakia. It augments Soviet era S-300 missiles to target incoming airplane and missile attacks.
    Ukraine’s neighbor begins deployment of NATO’s air defense system
    The US-made Patriot system won’t be a replacement for the Russian S-300, Slovakia’s defense minister has said
    https://www.rt. com/news/552341-patriot-slovakia-nato-ukraine/

    ​There are currently no defenses against this new “Kinzhal” missile system. It has been used to destroy a hardened underground bunker.
    ​ ​”The combat use of the Kinzhal air-launched missile system has confirmed its effectiveness in destroying highly protected special enemy targets,” he said. “Strikes by this air-launched missile system at military infrastructure facilities of Ukraine during the special military operation will continue.”
    ​ ​The Kinzhal missile is used with a conventional warhead, the spokesman said.
    ​ ​Russian President Vladimir Putin, in his speech to the Federal Assembly on March 1, 2018, gave a brief summary of the Kinzhal missile system’s characteristics: Its speed is 10 times the speed of sound; the range is more than 2,000 km; the missile can perform evasive maneuvers at every stage of its flight, which allows it to overcome all air defense and missile defense systems, and can be equipped with conventional and nuclear warheads.
    https://tass. com/defense/1425271

    Veracious Poet

    ​There are currently no defenses against this new “Kinzhal” missile system. It has been used to destroy a hardened underground bunker.
    ​ ​”The combat use of the Kinzhal air-launched missile system has confirmed its effectiveness in destroying highly protected special enemy targets,” he said. “Strikes by this air-launched missile system at military infrastructure facilities of Ukraine during the special military operation will continue.”
    ​ ​The Kinzhal missile is used with a conventional warhead, the spokesman said.
    ​ ​Russian President Vladimir Putin, in his speech to the Federal Assembly on March 1, 2018, gave a brief summary of the Kinzhal missile system’s characteristics: Its speed is 10 times the speed of sound; the range is more than 2,000 km; the missile can perform evasive maneuvers at every stage of its flight, which allows it to overcome all air defense and missile defense systems, and can be equipped with conventional and nuclear warheads.

    Who needs 3X troops when you have such weapons?

    It’s like Putin unleashed a couple of hundred 3 ton bears, with titanium teeth, claws & bullet proof hides, on a corps of wannabe nazi moronic idiots trapped on the steppes…

    I think the age of Imperial American “exceptionalism” is about to suffer a similar fate to the Roman Empire ~ Stretched too thin, economically wrecked from within, a CULTure that is malignant and/or suicidal, with no “real reality” effective leadership, due to depravity, age, mental maladies & misplaced hubris. Not too mention an invasion of “servants” that hate the Empire.

    Corrupt to the core…

    Revised my Ode to Brandon:

    Old Joe Numpty sat on a pall,

    Old Joe Numpty had a great fall.

    All his think tanks & all his rich whores,

    Couldn’t put Branden together for more…

    Pray for peace. mercy & love,


    P.S. The new “Kinzhal” missile system makes The Red October look like a Model T…

    John Day

    Natural gas contains more hydrogen and less carbon, so makes less CO2 when burned. It is presented as a “transition fuel”, but the cost of extracting it is rising rapidly. The current energy return on energy invested is workable, but becomes unworkable for the current industrial system if the investment-cost of gas effectively doubles. It is expected to triple or quadruple by 2050. Thanks Charles.
    Assessing Global Long-Term EROI of Gas: A Net-Energy Perspective on the Energy Transition​
    ​..​We find that the energy necessary to produce gas (including direct and indirect energy and material costs) corresponds to 6.7% of the gross energy produced at present, and is growing at an exponential rate: by 2050, it will reach 23.7%.

    ​Food insecurity makes human populations warlike.​
    NOAA Warns US Megadrought Will Persist; May Impact Food Supply Chains

    ​Why did “we” win over “them” after 100,000 years of competition? Immune systems? More fertile? Adapted better to something or other? Thanks Charles.
    War in the time of Neanderthals: How our species battled for supremacy for over 100,000 years
    To war is human – and Neanderthals were very like us.
    ​,,​Predatory land mammals are territorial, especially pack-hunters. Like lions, wolves and Homo sapiens, Neanderthals were cooperative big-game hunters. These predators, sitting atop the food chain, have few predators of their own, so overpopulation drives conflict over hunting grounds. Neanderthals faced the same problem; if other species didn’t control their numbers, conflict would have…
    ..War isn’t a modern invention, but an ancient, fundamental part of our humanity. Historically, all peoples warred. Our oldest writings are filled with war stories. Archaeology reveals ancient fortresses and battles, and sites of prehistoric massacres going back millennia.
    ​ ​To war is human – and Neanderthals were very like us. We’re remarkably similar in our skull and skeletal anatomy, and share 99.7% of our DNA. Behaviourally, Neanderthals were astonishingly like us. They made fire, buried their dead, fashioned jewellery from seashells and animal teeth, made artwork and stone shrines. If Neanderthals shared so many of our creative instincts, they probably shared many of our destructive instincts, too..​.
    ​..The best evidence that Neanderthals not only fought but excelled at war, is that they met us and weren’t immediately overrun. Instead, for around 100,000 years, Neanderthals resisted modern human expansion…
    ..Why else would we take so long to leave Africa? Not because the environment was hostile but because Neanderthals were already thriving in Europe and Asia.​..​

    ​ I think that to avoid our warlike group impulses we need to keep ourselves securely fed. However, we outgrow our food supplies. When this happens, our sociopathic rulers direct us to kill our neighbors and take their food supplies and territory.
    I see this coming our way. My proactive adaptation is to grow a garden and store a bit of food in a rural area where the weather mostly won’t actually kill you if you run out of fuel and electricity. This just mitigates our chances of being targeted, I think. It’s what we can manage. To be more safe, we need to improve food security of the community. How does one family do that? I have various long term community-garden ideas. I see people in Yoakum growing vegetables already. It’s traditional, Most people don’t grow vegetables.​ Our garden is well displayed to the street.
    It’s not a very busy street. We’re probably not very influential.


    delationista said

    Just ignore this.

    Thanks for the heads up.

    John Day

    deflationista said

    Fucking morons.

    Why no heads up this time?


    One of the features of the Kinzhal missile system that is not discussed is it’s lack of a radar signature.

    As if it’s speed isn’t terrifying enough, the Kinzhal goes so fast that a super compressed shock wave of ultra high temperature air builds up starting at the front tip and extending down the length of the missile to it’s tail as it accelerates.

    Think of a translucent mushroom cap covering the entire missile that forms a super heated plasma that absorbs radar signals

    Let me repeat that in case you don’t get the genius of it.

    A radar sends a ‘ping signal out, if it hits something, the radar ‘ping’ bounces off the object and returns to the radar dish to locate the object’s position in 3-D.

    The Kinzhal’s speed produces a plasma field that absorbs the radar signal, thus cloaking the missile because it doesn’t allow any signal to bounce off it.

    It’s speed produces it’s stealth and because it’s going so goddamn fast you only have seconds to a minute or so until it arrives undetected.

    So the West has nothing to defend itself from these things, nothing.

    Even assuming the West had an anti-missile missile (not the pitiful boondoogle “Patriot’ battery) western forces could NOT see it coming, that’s why the last two strikes had no warning, the NATOtards couldn’t ‘see’ it’s radar signature.

    Andthe Kinzhal is also steerable so it might start off in one direction, become radar invisible with building speed, and then turn and hit from a different direction.

    If you have followed this explanation, now imagine an Intercontinental Hyper-sonic Ballistic missile launch off the Atlantic east coast from a submarine. Impact time is a couple of minutes. Stumble bumble sleepy bedpan Joe couldn’t put his shoes on in that time frame.


    Would you like to build a snowman?


    What do you think of the big beautiful world?

    It is a privilege to be here.

    Om Tat Sat.


    From Dr. John Day comments: Food Insecurity makes human populations warlike.

    An excellent historical example of just this fact, is the Mogolian Invasion! It seems a big volcano in Indonesia caused the climate to change in Mongolia such that grasses that Mongolian horses ate became scarcer leaving only grasses that cattle could eat. The Mongolians, horse based, began losing out to cattle based neighbors. As a result hungry Mongolians started moving westward. We all know about how warlike Genghis Khan was! All because he was likely a member of the Uniparty!


    One more detail about the Kinzhal.

    It’s naval submarine launched cousin is a stone cold aircraft carrier killer.

    The Empire of Lies has 14 aircraft carrier strike groups.

    It would take 14 tactical nuclear Kinzhals to send them to Davey Jones’ Locker in a New York minute.

    After WWI, General Billy Mitchell said the era of the batteship was over because aircraft could sink them.

    Nobody at the time believed him and he was court martialed for saying that. (canceled!)

    The era of the aircraft carrier is dead and gone.

    The Kinzhal and it’s kin will sink them all.

    End of Story


    A cautionary tale of precision missile and such

    Russian drone spies a Ukrainian multiple rocket launcher system just outside of Kiev and tracks it back to its base at a disused shopping center at the outskirts of Kiev.

    The end of the video shows a night time high precision missile strike of the abandoned shopping center which is also full of ammunation.

    Quite the spectacular hit.

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