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    “Our findings uncovered a novel function of SARS-CoV-2 on platelet activation via binding of Spike to ACE2. SARS-CoV-2-induced platelet activation may participate in thrombus formation and inflammatory responses in COVID-19 patients.”

    It’s all in plain sight.
    Just connect the dots.


    “Europe’s medicines regulator said on Friday it was reviewing reports of a rare nerve-degenerating disorder in people who received AstraZeneca’s COVID-19 shots…”


    An oldie, but a goodie – as they move the needle down the age gradient:

    “93 Israeli doctors: Do not use Covid-19 vaccine on children”

    “The letter includes the signatures of Dr. Amir Shachar, director of the emergency room at Laniado Hospital, Dr. Yoav Yehezkeli, an expert in internal medicine and a lecturer at Tel Aviv University, and Dr. Avi Mizrahi, director of the intensive care unit at Kaplan Hospital.”

    Mr. House

    This sounds right to me and fits with what i was talking about last saturday. Fits my landlord to a T.

    “It starts with culture and those willing to protect it. It ends when we subsidize wrong and selfish decisions making inconsiderate and entitled people. There are now enough of them in places that matter to support the lie, and sadly the normal people are not so normal and must rely upon the POS class to conduct business and earn a living serving them. And, they hate us for it, wonder why?

    Our existence is proof to them that they live a lie. They know it about themselves but cannot admit their own internal criticism. Just by being what i am and many reading here are, we make them feel bad about themselves.”


    Brace yourselves for this one folks!

    “ID, Wallet, Keys (and Vaccine Passport?) – All In Your Hand.”
    Think it can’t happen? Think again:

    Mr. House

    But microchipping was just a conspiracy theory!!!

    island raider

    Ivermectin news:


    Maybe you can run, but can you hide?

    “FDA approval of Pfizer vaccine could lead to vaccine mandates


    I learned to live in a social/economic society that existed yesterday.

    On the road again. – Willie Nelson ( )

    Tomorrow’s next stop will be chosen for me.


    Bikini burkas – face masks and thongs.


    TAE used to call themselves ‘real futurists’ but appear to have stopped. Perhaps the future is coming faster than we expected. The great futurist Aldous Huxley said ‘Maybe this world is another planet’s hell.

    Maybe. It would explain a few things.


    Thanks, @madamski. Yes you’re correct about the DGAFs 🙂 To be fair I should have added this:

    There are a lot of reasons people perform the Getting the Jab rite – personal choice, to alleviate fears of family and friends, health issues that put them more at risk for covid, and other reasons. The rite is not specific to the Faucists; it is observed in several of the religions with the requirement varying somewhat according to personal choice and local custom.
    Importantly however, performing the Getting the Jab ceremony in public is a test of virtue for the Faucists; a required, openly-shared rite they believe establishes their moral superiority over everyone else. Because of their aggressive proselytizing and their high level of influence in the media, this is one of the Faucists’ extremist views that outsiders find most alarming. -H.W.

    madamski cafone

    “Bikini burkas – face masks and thongs.”

    Facial condoms on the horizon?

    ‘We can screw but no oral until you get a face condom.’


    Regarding gullibility and sentiments like this:

    “Our existence is proof to them that they live a lie. They know it about themselves but cannot admit their own internal criticism. Just by being what i am and many reading here are, we make them feel bad about themselves.”

    People are wired to belong to a team.

    Give them an alternate team. By that I don’t mean form a party or coalition. By that, I mean act as if you belong to the greatest team around even and especially when you’re alone, acting solo, and going against the current.

    This is because part of belonging to a team is following a team leader. Be that leader. Not so much as in what you say but mostly in what you do and how you go about it, your demeanor and self-awareness. People are drawn to it even as they’re intimidated by it because they’re wired/conditioned to relate to group hierarchies.

    Insomuch as you focus on what you perceive as their misguided hypcorisy, their individual weakness based on their sense of group support, you are not portraying strength and charisma. Focusing on others’ mistakes doesn’t embolden them to recognize and acknowledge their mistakes.

    Do it right and they’ll form a coalition in your wake. Keep moving. Coalitions are both the beginning and the end of sane civil behavior. The existence of beneficial coalitions, especially the kind that dissolve before becoming co-opted, requires that their initiators never join them except the startup phase.

    “Blunt the sharpness;
    Untangle the knots;
    Soften the glare;
    Let your wheels move only along old ruts.” Lao Tzu

    Accidentally on Purpose

    (“White people” defined mainstream conformist American reality, so please separate Miles’ bitter dismissive hostility toward white people from his accurate assessment of conformative blindness. fwiw, if I’d been treated the way Miles and most of his fellow black musicians were treated, I’d be bitter about “white people” to.)

    madamski cafone

    “Importantly however, performing the Getting the Jab ceremony in public is a test of virtue for the Faucists; a required, openly-shared rite they believe establishes their moral superiority over everyone else. ”

    At first, during the Nam War, serving was an honor and young men heading off to war were publicly lionized. People with sons in Nam displayed red white and blue star banners in their wondow, a star for each son.

    As those stars turned into wrecked psyches/bodies or just plain body bags, that display faded and was replaced as a virtue signal by young men burning their draft cards in public displays.

    Service star flags

    madamski cafone

    After all, it’s only human nature.


    Orange County: Say NO to Digital Passports @ Board of Supervisor’s Meeting Tuesday May 11 @ 8:30 AM

    madamski cafone

    @ Django (great name, btw)

    “TAE used to call themselves ‘real futurists’ but appear to have stopped. Perhaps the future is coming faster than we expected.”

    The crash/collapse is now manifesting as global macro-phenomena. Fate being part compulsive jester, this manifestation has arrived in disguise, wearing a mask, even. Having entered the vortex proper of the maalstrom, all bets are off. Futurism as such is passe’. Presentism is now prophecy.

    As the song sings in one of my favorite live performances by anybody:

    “All, all that you dream
    Comes through shinin silver lining
    Clouds, clouds change the scene
    Rain starts washing all these cautions
    Right into your life, makes you realize
    Just what is true, what else can you do
    You just follow the rule
    Keep your eyes on the road that’s ahead of you

    I’ve been down, but not like this before
    Can’t be ’round this kind of show no more”

    Cracks me up how the lead guitarist, Paul Barre, big tall dude, grooves like a bobble head on stilts.

    And the keyboardist, eminent virtuoso/composer Bill Payne, has a major girlie butt, the dear sweetie. I love men with voluptuous girly buttocks. But I prefer that they shave them when they get older. 😉

    P.S. Some demographics: a great many of your best target audience are religious people. Being religious has become an alternate perspective replaced by the prevailing secular technocracy that replaced so many centuries of theocracy. So a) they’re receptive but also, and even better, b) they naturally congregate in these things called churches which are perhaps the best meme cultivator networks outside the secular mediaplex, sort of standing army of alternative thought albeit often overrun by small-minded cornballs.

    Such is human nature. But hey, they sing! and that’s fun even though they usually suck at it, and modern Xtian worship music has become a conformist whitebread horror. But some of the very best music is spiritually oriented:

    Dion? Again?!?


    “TAE used to call themselves ‘real futurists’ but appear to have stopped.”

    Nope. Still there.


    Yes. One of the many things I have to thank this site for is the idea that spiritual resistance will play an important role in how we cope with things. I must be a rotten futurist because I never would have imagined myself writing a sentence like that a few months ago.

    TAE Summary

    * Australia once again a penal colony; The world is not a prison house but a kindergarten where you will be forced to get vaccinated and in a few months take a really long nap
    * 92 Ivermectin studies show it is effective; Even a single dose may help; Mexico City pushes Covid deaths of a cliff with Ivermectin
    * Chances of ADE now 50/50: Heads big pharma wins, tails the general population loses; Trump takes credit for the vaccines; After ADE democrats will give it to him
    * Huxley redux; There are no more futurists;l O Brave New World that hath such people gone from it!; Be happy you’re not an alpha and glad you’re an omega
    * Doubling down:
    Two masks are better than one
    Two jabs are better than one
    Two tinfoil hats are better than one
    Two fatal side effects are better than one
    * Covid jellyfish in wine dark sea followed by Pierre Kory; Beware of reverse transcriptase
    * Now This:
    President Trump fumbled the Covid response
    Biden: Without vaccination you could die from Covid any day
    Nebraska: With vaccination you could die from Covid any day
    * Covid response has been he theater of the absurd; Movie will be called the Camus Strain
    * Covid as religion:
    Faucists, Ceedeeceeists, WHOists, Barringtons, DGAFs
    The Jab is the new sacrament
    First shot is the body, second shot is the blood
    New study shows transubstantiation is real
    Kill them all, God shall know his own
    * Virus likely came from a Wuhan leak; Wide swath of earth likely to be hit by Chinese techno-failure;
    * Vaccines
    Have fertility concerns;
    Activate platelets causing clotting;
    Cause nerve-degeneration
    Thrombosis is the tip of the iceberg
    We subsidize wrong and selfish decisions
    Chaos, deprivation, anomie
    * Vaccines have not only approval but blessing; Approval equals mandate; A chip in your hand or the wristband of the beast
    * Portland Naked Bike Riders to wear masks; Showing your genitals in public more acceptable than showing your face

    Dave Note

    DNA is 4 amino acids. It’s a double binary, sort of like

    1 and 0 plus -1 and -0

    [A] or thymine + [T]cytosine [C] guanine + [G] adenine

    Base pairing rules (A with T and C with G)

    It’s conveniently close to the ones and zeros of computer programming.

    Since the A+T are always together and C+G is always together

    Think of each of those pairs as a one and a zero, thus simplifying the DNA to a binary system with some side complexities.

    Here’s a website that sells new and used DNA sequencers.

    They are not that expensive and would allow just about anyone to sequence and DNA they want in their garage or basement.

    The trouble is having the sequences you want mapped out.

    Just a really long string of ones and zeros in the right order, and you’re good to go.

    DNA snow people

    Mister Roboto

    As someone who believes I can “feel things” on the sub-rational level of collective experience, the “shift” definitely started happening in March-April of 2016. And while it wasn’t necessarily about Donald Trump, I do feel that he was the psychic lightning-rod for the inception of this shift.


    “Give them an alternate team. By that I don’t mean form a party or coalition. By that, I mean act as if you belong to the greatest team around even and especially when you’re alone, acting solo, and going against the current.”
    When asked by the vaccinated if I got the vaccination, I have been replying “I’m a part of the control group”
    The usual response is usually a sort of confused smile.
    Kinda fun.


    My apologies. I did look before shooting my mouth off but not hard enough obviously. Keep up the good work.



    Mr. House

    ‘It’s Been Devastating’: UMass Amherst Students Suspended For Not Wearing Masks Off-Campus

    Its all about health. Guilty until proven innocent.

    Mainstream news continues to get further and further from reality, because you know this is exactly what right wing extremists would do:

    Mr. House

    Is it me or does it seem like more and more MSM articles do no allow comments?

    Mister Roboto

    @Mr. House: Well, the Facebook-based comments for articles on the Internet version of our local Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel once upon a time were a relentless toxic bitch-box, our state being as bitterly politically divided as it is now. But these days the very few times when I comment on an article there, I seemed to be the only person commenting, though I have to admit I appreciate what I have to say not being drowned out by the shouting-match. I strongly suspect that what happened was that the editors at MJS got sick of the “Punch and Judy Show” the comments had become and just summarily banned all the regulars, regardless of political position.

    Mister Roboto

    And that would be a very Milwaukee way of dealing with a troublesome situation.


    Curious… why include on your myth list?


    I only really read the Guardian. They allow comments about Boris Johnson’s gold wallpaper and gunboats and suchlike Anything Covid related is vehemently pro vaxine with a lot of sneering at anything which disturbs the narrative. Oddly enough the Telegraph is starting to question the Covid fairytales.


    @ Herr Werner

    I echo Madamski’s applause: “I’m pretty sure you win today’s internet. Bravo, sir. Well done.”

    Maxwell Quest

    Per Mr. House link…

    Alarm as German anti-maskers co-opt Nazi resister Sophie Scholl

    Awesome strategy! The German media is going to have a helluva time trying to perception manage the anti-lockdown protesters now. The more the government tries to crack down on them, the more powerful their Sophie Scholl symbolism becomes.


    Pearce’s painting is atmospheric all right, but I do wonder at the complexions of the two models: oh so pale and pasty, tragedy or no. Or did ancient Egyptian nobility have the same attitude towards darker skin that have been around for millennia, i.e. darker skin = outdoor work = lower social status?

    Mister Roboto

    And the think about the college “masking scandal” story is that even when I was All About The Masks, I knew that you really didn’t have to wear them outside just as long as you were not in a crowd of closely packed together people. The statistic I was given stated that an infection without masking is twenty times more likely to happen indoors (especially in a poorly ventilated space) than outdoors.

    madamski cafone

    We live in a culture that sees life as an artificial construct to be consumed. Most of life having been consumed, we now turn ourselves into artificial constructs so that we may consume each other since, being conditioned to eating only artificial (but “organic” and “non-GMO”) forms of life just as conversely, a boa constrictor will only consume an animal still alive until it suffocates us, we cannot consume each other as genuine human beings but as some commodified replication of same.

    Planet Earth, Terra the Fair, has become an anthropocentric and increasingly anthropogenic theme park. Like theme parks, it’s hard to keep the garbage out of the way. Like theme parks, the guts are hidden as much as possible. Like theme parks, you have to wait in line forever to get what you came for. Now one spends a lifetime paying off a college debt incurred so that someday, somehow, you can arrive at what is [presented as Genuine Human Status, a thing defined mostly by what one can purchase relative to others, with an overlay of whatever moral ideas are currently being promoted by the Commonly Held Morals Factory & Market Complex.

    YOu end up with the many hoprrors we discuss and then some, while artistically pursuing endeavors like whatever this is.


    Re the safety or otherwise of the various vaccines, the message in Oz is that the people jabbed number in the millions while the casualties number in the few hundreds at most and we can’t be sure that any vaccine is causally related to the injuries anyway, hence the odds of someone suffering adverse effects are 99.999% against. So stop worrying and learn to love the gift of health and safety.

    Only time will tell — provided the results are reported fairly.

    madamski cafone

    I think “planned depopulation” is an oversimplification although I believe many of the Illuminati tell themselves that’s what they’re trying to do. But really, they are just greedy parasites too stupid to realize that if they don’t take care of their hosts, they’ll perish… and too insane/chickenshit to admit that they couldn’t run a global empire anywhere but to ruin even with both testicles tied to the steering wheel and a compass up their ass. So yeah, dasilluminati have global Orwellian-Huxley schemes (someone pun Huxley with huckster, please) but they’re as hopeless, in ALL respects, as our “liberation” of Iraq: they can’t keep it, they can’t control it, they certainly can’t make it anything but worse, and all said and done, they probably can’t even kill it… altho sadly, they can make life so bad their victims wish they could.

    Which is why I dislike certain paranoid perspectives on ThePowersThatBe: they worship that which they despise by staring in hypnotized fear at a vast monolith that they feel at least gives them a sense of certainty about where things are going. They feel that they at least know what’s going on, yea, with an insider’s cheap hipster thrill (don’t we all love those? I do;) ) Not only does this strengthen TPTB’s grip on the mass mindset, it keeps people from doing things that make life better (like ignoring the fuckers and start doing what’s right… )

    Meanwhile, some smart snoopshop reads TAE religiously every day not to monitor for domestic terrorism but to see what the cognescenti are thinking. We do their work for them in that regard. However, it’s mostly futile on their part because they can’t IMPLEMENT responses to the likes of us. They’re too huge, too cumbersome, too paranoid, too cognitively limited, and mostly not smart enough… because anyone who’s really smart and has a conscience doesn’t want a cushy job with thre FBI, CIA, NSA, etc…. but the private corp spook shops can still get some of the job done awhile yet but on a steadily reducing brain-power basis due to advancing brain-drain caused by employed of things like FB no longer being able to believe their job description is anything but abstracted slave-trading.

    You can’t spin reality, only the perceptioon thereof via media or face to face.

    There being far more of us than them (20% of the brighter and more rebellious grossly outnumbers and outpowers Team Evil), face-to-face meme-mongering will spread farther and faster than any media blitz they counterattack with. This is, after all, marketing, and marketing’s driving power is “buzz”, and we are natural raw buzz in the flesh.

    The internet is barely a voice for reform or freedom, a place to rally the cry. It was to some extent in the past; that is rapidly attenuating to a tiny space soon to be fuyrther marginalized to the asymptotic point where things disappear.

    But we can talk, you know. To real people. Out there not in here.

    Can We Talk?

    madamski cafone

    @ chettt

    Curious… why include on your myth list?”

    I believe he meant a myth of negative polarity, in this case, the myth that ivermectin doesn’t work cor das kovid.

    madamski cafone

    @ Mr. House

    “Is it me or does it seem like more and more MSM articles do no allow comments?”

    I hardly view mainstream online media but it only makes sense. I’d be gob-stopped if they weren’t censoring their own comment threads. After all, major media platforms have now banned Trump…. after previously giving the kind of press that politicalk strategists can only dream about.

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