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    TAE Summary

    Tightening and tightening into a choking coil
    The python ignores the snake handler;
    Things press in; until only the center remains;
    Strict uniformity is forced upon the world,
    Each blood-drained soul is left desolate, and everywhere
    The notion of freedom is crushed;
    The best can barely respond, while the worst
    Use the situation to oppress others.

    Surely another election is at hand;
    Surely a Second Term is at hand.
    A Second Term! Hardly are those words out
    When an aging fool out of Homo Mori
    Threatens to run again: somewhere in the quagmire of the swamp
    A specter with orange skin or ice cream breath,
    A gaze intense yet blank as the night sky,
    Is moving its tired loins, while all about it
    Slither the forms of the lackey swamp creatures.
    The campaigns grow loud again; but now I know
    That four years of managed chaos
    Were only kept viable by ridiculous measures,
    And what long-leggedy beastie, its policies come round at last,
    Stumbles towards Washington to be inaugurated?


    World is not black and white.

    Dr D Rich


    Re: #145794

    I hear you, mank(ind).
    It’s a tough crowd.

    Shouting into a howling wilderness.
    Tug on Superman’s cape.
    Spitting into the wind.
    Pull the Mask off the ol’ Lone Ranger.
    Be anyone except Scott to tarnish Ritter’s globe and anchor (EGA) eagle on top.

    Mess with America’s political sweetheart…T.Gabbard….not polite or acceptable.

    Nov 1, 2023
    ‘America’s poli-sweetheart, Tulsi, appears to have voiced her requited support in defense of murderous Rabbis over LGTQBIA+-killing Islamicists…the LGTQBIA+ marching in support of Palestinians. The Latter, Gabbard said, is stupid or idiotic or moronic behavior because they don’t know like Tulsi knows.

    Let the parsing begin”

    Dr D Rich

    Tulsi IS NOT fooled by Israel, Jonathan Greenblatt, or Zionist-Christo-Fascists like Lindsey Graham. Gabbard possesses certitude.

    She doesn’t say the LGTBQA++ is/are brainwashed, propagandized, or misguided. Tulsi certified them to be stupid.
    I for one believe that Tulsi believes what she says


    Hard of hearing/understanding.

    28 attacks on American bases.

    Go home

    Maxwell Quest

    There are 4 melons: (4 x 0.75) + (4 x 0.25) = 4

    What look like 1/2 melons are actually 1/4 melons, otherwise they would roll over.

    John Day

    Unclear what the reason for this was:
    U.S. Deploys MASSIVE Number of Military Planes 4:30AM This Morning over CONUS (the “mainland”)

    Gaza Deal Underway Including Preliminary Prisoner Exchange – BREAKING
    November 2, 2023

    John Day

    Seeking Context

    There is so much raw information today, not just abstracted information, but the rawness of human anguish, rage, hate and avarice, as well. This integrates more broadly than individual feelings, or even group-rage, I think. Human societies behave as “superorganisms”, and we can see that, but what if there is a form of consciousness to such superorganisms, and we are only studying individual humans and small group interactions and miss it? We have probably all looked back at the German “holocaust” years and witch-burnings, and wondered how people could do that. It seems to be apparent now that when people feel hungry and threatened for a long time, even if it is not in absolute terms, but they live in precarity, then a sudden crisis can galvanize society into naming scapegoats to dehumanize and kill.
    The comfort-level of living in the US declined after 9/11/01, and declined further in steps after that, being brought to crisis during COVID and lockdowns.It became clear to me and to a lot of people, that government misdirection about COVID treatment was more sinister than stupid by the summer of 2020, but we still failed to grasp where it would be a year later, with the dehumanization of “the unvaccinated”. Many Americans supported putting “the unvaccinated” into concentration camps, and certainly firing from their jobs.
    Jenny and I had taught our teenagers about WW-2 and “The Killing Fields” in Cambodia, during our travels to the Anne Frank House, Dachau concentration camp, and Tuol Sleng museum in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. This was a thing that ordinary people did to other ordinary people in these kinds of severe times. How could we know when it was starting, in order to get out? How many times have I considered that since childhood? Star Trek did an alternate-universe episode like that once.
    When I saw the sudden blacklisting of everybody who refused experimental-vaccination against COVID, and I already knew how well antiviral treatments worked, I saw that it was that time in America. Surprisingly, I saw that I needed to immediately, openly and outspokenly stand with the “untermenschen”. Others saw this too. The Houston Methodist-Hospital Nurses had already accepted firing when I took my stand. How could I do less? The critical moment of fear passed with about 25% of American adults (perhaps more) having refused the experimental gene-therapy “vaccines”, and none of us seems to have deep regrets today. That tide was turned by the resolute morality of some vilified healthcare workers at all levels of training and expertise, who accepted punishment and shunning, rather than participate in the wave of punishment and shunning of others.

    What is a “world war”? My study of history tells me that a world war resets the international paradigm of trade and financial transactions. WW-1 and WW-2 did this. That may seem like a trivialization, but who makes such decisions, and what do they look at and consider in the process? Power and wealth are represented through finance, so finance is a simplified model to use when considering the dynamics of wealth and power.
    The post-WW-2 financial system is burdened by unserviceable debt at this point, paying the interest by borrowing more, a Ponzi scheme. The 2008 crisis was “managed” by going-bigger, not addressing the inconsistencies in the system. In the next and final crash those inconsistencies will have to be remedied. Perhaps payoff on debts-owed could be 20% if the economy kept working, but it won’t be working. It will fall into something like command-economies, wartime-economies, with restraints on all kinds of international trade, notably energy and food, but everything else, too.
    It is not difficult to see the current international struggles as being pre-positioning for the breakout of WW-3. I see that as the right way to look at them. It seems to me that the collapse of the compound-interest-debt-based-money system will be replaced with a system of representative value, based on commodities like gold, oil and grain, and already in existence, as is being proposed for BRICS+, though it may take a long time for a new “currency” to be agreed upon. “Investments” as we now know them will mostly disappear, including retirement plans. “Ownership” of productinve land, properties, mines, wells, factories, utilities and pipelines will be hotly contested. Current “owners”, typified by WEF types, should not remain in primacy, though that is their well-funded project. This stands to be more sever than WW-1 or WW-2, and different in form.

    Yet there may be another level of “superorganism” to consider, our planet-mother, Gaia. I have recently seen a metaphysical model that predicts Gaia will undergo a planetary-consciousness phase-transition to a more spiritually harmonious planetary-mind in about a week. I’m working to help that, whether it becomes observable or not. As it is presented, some people will be able to engage it, but others will stay stuck in a competitive-world model. That’s how things are now, so I’ll just keep on praying for peace in human souls and paying attention.

    John Helmer has the view from inside Russia, an important vantage:
    Russians have never had a higher level of confidence in the Army since the end of World War II, according to a national poll just published by the independent Levada Centre of Moscow.
    This also means a record level of confidence in the General Staff to outwit the principal enemy of the country, the United States, and defeat it and its allies on the Ukrainian battlefield. Most Russians now believe this war will take the Russian Army at least another six months, and more likely a year to finish.
    This new poll signals that most Russians believe it prudent not to fight the US with the same intensity in two long wars at the same time – in the Ukraine and in the Middle East — because the Army has decided so. This is despite the overwhelming Russian support for the Palestinians in their fight for survival against Israel. No poll is allowed to measure and publish this support, and the emotional reaction the majority of Russians feels towards the operations of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) and the US military to destroy the population of Gaza.
    “We should not, we have no right and we cannot allow ourselves to be carried away by emotions,” President Vladimir Putin announced on October 30.
    “We must clearly understand who in reality is behind the tragedy of peoples in the Middle East and in other regions around the world, who has been organising this lethal chaos and who benefits from it. In my opinion, it has already become clear to everyone, as the masterminds brazenly act in the open. These are the current ruling elites in the United States and its satellites who are the main beneficiaries of the global instability that they use to extract their bloody rent. Their strategy is also clear. The United States as a global superpower is becoming weaker and is losing its position, and everyone sees and understands this.”
    This is the president running for re-election in five months’ time, speaking directly to Russian voters, reflecting what the polls on his desk tell him they already believe…
    ..Levada also reveals an unusual analysis it has carried out to gauge the nature of Russian sentiment for waging war against the country’s enemies. The result is the first clear signal that most Russians trust the Army to defeat the enemy on the battlefield more than they trust Putin to negotiate an agreement on paper with US and NATO officials…
    ​..In the special session Putin called on Monday of the major ministries and security chiefs, he began by saying that “the Defense Minister [Sergei Shoigu] is back from his official trip abroad, and he will brief us on its outcomes and report on the progress of the special military operation.” Shoigu had just returned from China. What he said there in public was that Russia was fighting a world war on three fronts. The US-led allies were “covering up the buildup of military force in the Asia-Pacific region with an ostentatious desire for dialogue, imposing alliances and lines of operational interaction on partners…Having provoked an acute crisis in Europe, the West is seeking to spread conflict potential to the Asia-Pacific region, and in several directions.”
    ​ The war in Gaza is one of these “directions”, one of the war fronts, Shoigu said in Beijing; and Putin repeated the next day.​..
    ..(Putin)​ “I would like to say once again that we must realise where the root of evil lies. We must know where the spider that is trying to entangle the entire planet and the whole world in its cobweb is. It wants to ensure our strategic defeat on the battlefield, and it is using people on the territory of contemporary Ukraine who have been brainwashed by it for decades. I would like to stress once again that, while fighting this enemy in the course of the special military operation, we are boosting the positions of all those who are struggling for their independence and sovereignty.” …
    ​..This is the first time in public Putin has linked the war goal of denazification of the Ukraine with the “future of the Palestinian people”. Putin is implying what the unpublished Russian polls show the majority of the country thinks – between the fascist regime in Kiev and the Israeli government in Tel Aviv, there is no difference.
    ​ This is as explicitly as Putin has gone since October 7 to rebuff the line in several of the state propaganda organs of Moscow that the Arab war is not Russia’s fight, and that Russia should stay out of it.
    ​ “There’s something much bigger left unsaid,” a well-informed Moscow source adds, “which puts the people behind the war effort in the last week, and that is what Israel is doing to Gaza. That is what Brits and Americans did to Dresden and Hiroshima. That is what Germans did to Leningrad and Stalingrad. Russians, accused of anti-semitism and sympathy for Hamas by the usual media mouthpieces put two and two together and understand what awaited Russians of Donbass. They see Gaza and understand the race hatred and cruelty of the western axis. The bombing of Gaza reminds Russians what was done to their grandparents and what would be done to them if they do not win this war.” …
    ​..“The moral high ground is already held by Russia as Putin has just said,” a Moscow source comments, “while the state propaganda line portrays Russia as against ‘terrorism’, ‘genocide’, and ‘fascism’.” On the battlefield, he says, the situation is “far more grim. The satellite pictures show they [IDF] now have about 400 vehicles in total. They will overrun all of North Gaza while flooding or gassing the tunnels.”
    ​ For how long can Hamas defend against this without the opening of the other fronts to force the diversion of the IDF, stretch the US rearm and resupply capacities even further, and lengthen the war? There are pro-Russian military veteran sources who believe not long enough. “The Iranians are showing themselves to be blowhards. Hezbollah is afraid of the US response. Both know they risk losing power and position if the war escalates. Israel has called their bluff. Islamic ‘unity’ is proving to be hollow — a dead end.”
    ​ The Moscow source concurs. “When this is over, it will take away any chance of change to status quo for at least a decade. The only defeat it appears will still come in Ukraine​, but not in Palestine.


    ​Russia grinds away methodically over most of the line-of-contest with Ukraine.
    We Have Never Seen Such Fierce And Bloody Battles. Military Summary And Analysis For 2023.11.02

    ​Patrick Lawrence, Deeper Into Depravity
    ​ By common agreement among many lawyers, scholars of international law, special rapporteurs, and the like—including Israelis in these fields—what we witness daily now is by all acceptable definitions a genocide. Whether or not Israel is committing war crimes by the hour is not even worth debating. But I am taken up now by the spectacle of human beings who have allowed themselves to be destroyed in the name of an ideology that proves every bit as racist as it was when, in 1975, the U.N. General Assembly declared Zionism to be so. Resolution 3379 was revoked in 1991; it should not have been.
    ​ I am reminded of what I learned years ago when studying the Japanese Imperial Army’s conduct in China and Korea before and during World War II and the long record of the Kempeitai, commonly known as Imperial Japan’s Thought Police. Victimizers, I came to conclude with conviction, are victims, too. This holds for the people in the videos I have recently viewed and for every Israeli wearing an IDF uniform. They have been stripped of all ordinary decency by the radical ideologues of “the Jewish state.” They can laugh or sneer or pull all the triggers they like: Their lives, too, have been destroyed.​..
    ​..I saw an interview Sunday with a Defense Department contractor who has visited Israel dozens of times over many years on DoD work. He recounted the steady decline in any belief in a peaceful settlement of the Israel–Palestine crisis that he has detected since 2007. For most Israelis, he observed, it is down to violence now. A headline in Monday’s editions of The Times, recording these changing desires and expectations: “I Don’t Have That Empathy. It’s Not Me Anymore.” This is the voice of a nation that has demolished itself in its attempts to destroy others.
    ​ A couple of weeks ago in this space I published a commentary asserting that the two-state solution to the Israel–Palestine question is dead, and a single, secular state is the only way forward. I had some mail afterward to the effect that a one-state solution is too far from reality to think about. I will reply here that these readers have it upside-down. A one-state solution is now the only realistic idea worth considering. Until Israelis accept that they must live in a single nation wherein Palestinians dwell as equal citizens, there is no more future for them than there is for Palestinians. They, Israelis, will be condemned to live in a walled-off garrison state that will come to look ever more like a commodious version of the “open-air prison” we speak of when we speak of Gaza.

    Patrick Lawrence: Deeper Into Depravity

    ​ The Cycle Of Evil , Egon von Gryerz
    ​ We are on the inevitable road to perdition for the world economy & financial system, ending in a potential global conflict of uncontrollable proportions.
    Evil begets evil as The Cycle of Evil hits countries at the end of an uncontrollable debt expansion.
    ​ The pattern throughout history has always been the same – countries and empires, without fail, become victims of their own success -failure, whether it was the Mongols, Ottomans or the British.
    ​ As real growth ceases, a country starts to finance expansion with debt until it cannot even afford the interest on the debt, never mind the capital which it has no intention to repay.
    ​ At some point, the people, fearing a war or terrorist attack will approve of the leader’s fear mongering by supporting unlimited debt issuance. This is now happening in the US with regard to Ukraine and Israel.
    ​ Neither the US nor Europe is taking a single step to remedy the situation.


    John Day

    ​ The spokeswoman for the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (UNHCHR), Elizabeth Trussell, said that the commission documented crimes against humanity committed by “Israel” in Gaza.
    ​ This comes after a series of massacres committed by the Zionist occupation, the most recent of which was in Jabalia Camp in the northern Gaza Strip.
    Trussell added in media statements that “the UNHCHR has submitted reports in this regard and will continue to document Israeli violations in the Gaza Strip.”

    ​It appears that the US, Israel, NATO, 5-eyes, etc. will continue the grinding aerial and infantry grinding out of all life in Gaza until stopped, or until 2.3 million native Palestinians are killed and removed from their ancestral land.
    ‘Operation Al-Aqsa Flood’ Day 27: Biden calls for ‘pause’ for first time since fighting began
    Palestinians are desperate for international intervention to end Israel’s ongoing onslaught and siege. President Biden calls for a pause over concern for Israeli captives, as Gaza death toll surpasses 9,000.

    ‘Operation Al-Aqsa Flood’ Day 27: Biden calls for ‘pause’ for first time since fighting began

    Look, I’m supposed to stop worrying because they might stop bombing children on their own soon.
    Seymour Hersh: Israel Won’t Stop Bombing Gaza Until It Destroys 65% of Hamas Tunnels
    ​ Moreover, “The slow approach takes time. How much time does Israel have to pursue this war?” the source said, referencing growing worldwide protests against the IDF operation in Gaza.
    ​ Hersh, for his part, pointed out that the Israeli Air Force (IAF) is doing its best to obliterate “the extensive Hamas tunnel system that includes exits and entrances underneath the thousands of residential and office buildings in Gaza City.”
    ​ In this vein, the source told the journalist that almost 50 percent of the targeted buildings inside Gaza City have already been destroyed, and that “the bombing is scheduled to continue until the IAF reaches its goal of wiping out 65 percent of the possible citywide escape routes for the Hamas leadership and its fighters.”

    ​ Hamas’ military wing, the Qassam Brigades, said on Wednesday that seven hostages, including three foreigners, were killed as a result of Israel’s strike on the Jabalia refugee camp on October 31.–hamas-1114636769.html

    ​ The Israeli Air Force on Tuesday bombed the Jabaliyaa refugee camp in Gaza, killing or wounding at least 400 persons and destroying the Block Six residential complex, felling 20 buildings. More victims are believed to be under the rubble.An Israeli military spokesman said that the strike was directed at Hamas leader Ibrahim Biari, a mastermind of the October 7 attack on Israel. Although Israeli authorities proclaimed that they had succeeded in killing Biari, Hamas announced that he was still very much alive.
    ​ It should be noted that the Palestinians, now dead or wounded, living in Jabaliyaa are refugees because Zionist forces ethnically cleansed them from what is now southern Israel in 1948 and expelled them as refugees to Gaza. Some 70% of the families in Gaza are such refugees. Israeli state concerns for the security of towns in southern Israel is concern to protect squatter-settlements where these Palestinians used to live.
    ​ Killing and wounding 400 noncombatants and destroying 20 residential buildings to get at one target, even if the target is a wanted terrorist, is strictly forbidden under the post-World War II laws of war and International Humanitarian law.

    John Day

    Lindsey Graham insists no amount of Palestinian deaths should make the US put the brakes on Israel
    The US should stand by Israel in its campaign against Hamas no matter how heavy a toll it takes on the civilian population in Gaza, Senator Lindsey Graham has argued. He likened Israel’s military operation against the militants to the allies’ struggle against Nazi Germany and Japan during World War II.

    ​ Another lawmaker, Ofer Cassif, told the Strategic Culture Foundation that the Netanyahu government is ramping up repressive powers against any form of opposition to its military and security policies.
    ​ Cassif says public meetings throughout Israel are being banned for any groups who are calling for an end to the violence and for negotiations to prevail. He says the persecution is particularly sharp against Palestinians living in Israeli territory. Still, all citizens including Jews who are speaking out against war are liable to be charged as “terrorists”.

    Israelis May Ask Who the Real Hostage-Takers Are: Hamas or Netanyahu Regime?

    ​”Gaza Cut In Two” as Israeli Armored Divisions move in from three directions.

    Israeli Army Has Gaza City Surrounded, But Hamas Tunnels Remain Serious Problem​ (lots of updates)

    Biden Reportedly Doubts Netanyahu Will Last Long as Israeli Prime Minister Amid Conflict​ (Joe joins most Israelis)

    John Day

    Jewish Alternatives to Zionism​ , The large demonstrations against the war in Gaza saw a participation of progressive young Jews. DAVID ROSENBERG welcomes the renewed interest in the traditions of Jewish socialist internationalism

    Jewish Alternatives to Zionism

    ​Retracted for political reasons: The origin of Palestinians and their genetic relatedness with other Mediterranean populations
    ​Abstract: The genetic profile of Palestinians has, for the first time, been studied by using human leukocyte antigen (HLA) gene variability and haplotypes. The comparison with other Mediterranean populations by using neighbor-joining dendrograms and correspondence analyses reveal that Palestinians are genetically very close to Jews and other Middle East populations, including Turks (Anatolians), Lebanese, Egyptians, Armenians, and Iranians. Archaeologic and genetic data support that both Jews and Palestinians came from the ancient Canaanites, who extensively mixed with Egyptians, Mesopotamian, and Anatolian peoples in ancient times. Thus, Palestinian-Jewish rivalry is based in cultural and religious, but not in genetic, differences. The relatively close relatedness of both Jews and Palestinians to western Mediterranean populations reflects the continuous circum-Mediterranean cultural and gene flow that have occurred in prehistoric and historic times. This flow overtly contradicts the demic diffusion model of western Mediterranean populations substitution by agriculturalists coming from the Middle East in the Mesolithic-Neolithic transition.

    ​ Steve Kirsch , Rasmussen poll: A stunning 42% of Americans would likely join a class action lawsuit against COVID vax makers if it was permitted by law
    ​ 42% of Americans were vaccine injured! The poll also implies that 500,000 Americans were killed by the jab. How many more Americans must be killed before this deadly vaccine is stopped?

    ​Meryl Nass MD , Good news: 10 groups including DoortoFreedom, CHD, Sovereignty Coalition are taking our show to Washington
    ​ We will be holding a breakfast for Senators, Members and staffs to learn about the WHO power grab on November 8. It will be in the Senate Visitors Center (SVC210) from 8:30 am-10 am for the formal presentation, while experts will be there to answer questions or repeat presentations till noon.
    Speakers will include:​ Senator Ron Johnson​ , Attorney Reggie Littlejohn​ , Dr. David Bell​ , Catherine Austin Fitts​ , Attorney Valerie Borek​ , Kris Ullman​ , Meryl Nass​ MD.

    ​ Spartacus had another long conversation with Chat-GPT, now that Chat GPT can upload and read PDF publications. The topic was the developments by DARPA and others of microbio-transceiver technologies, 6G wireless communication technologies in development and official governmental position papers from US, UK and Germany about how this is to be approached without public debate. I picked this out of the summary, but the conversation with the robot is very instructive.
    ​ The technocrats, like the head honchos at the WEF, are strict materialists and don’t believe humans have souls. To them, we’re basically absurd collections of molecules with deterministic behavior, which could be represented as data. That’s what biodigital convergence fundamentally means; life as data and data as life. Encoding the configuration of molecules that makes a “human” into data, and then decoding it back into an organism.

    John Day

    We Are In Trouble | Auroral Record Shatters as Magnetic Poles Shift​ (4 minute​ video ​reviews records back to 1859 Carrington Event)

    ​ Earth’s Hidden Guests: Strange Blobs in Deep Mantle Are the Remains of an Ancient Planet
    ​ A Caltech-led study suggests that two massive, iron-rich structures deep within Earth’s mantle are the remains of Theia, an ancient planet that collided with Earth, also creating the Moon. This discovery answers long-standing questions about the Moon’s origin and Theia’s fate.
    ​ In the 1980s, geophysicists made a startling discovery: two continent-sized blobs of unusual material were found deep near the center of the Earth, one beneath the African continent and one beneath the Pacific Ocean. Each blob is twice the size of the Moon and likely composed of different proportions of elements than the mantle surrounding it.

    Earth’s Hidden Guests: Strange Blobs in Deep Mantle Are the Remains of an Ancient Planet


    11/2 Parliament of Algeria Votes War Powers to President Against Israel

    …keeping in mind this is Hal Turner and I could not find it in the news anywhere else I looked


    Can you see who they are now? Take a good look. They control your money, governments, media. The minds of your kids are molded in their schools. They poison your food, water and air. They have stolen everything and now they want you dead. Palestine today, the rest of the goyim tomorrow.. Christ warned of the synagogue of satan, people were too busy being mindfucked by tv and jewphones to pay attention. How many burnt offerings will it take How many?

    Dr. D

    JB– Actually, the story goes that the Romans removed and dispersed the Jews by force around the time of well, it’s complicated:

    Jesus said “2“ Do you see all these things? Truly I tell you, not one stone here will be left on another; every one will be thrown down.” Assuredly, I say to you, this generation will by no means pass away till all these things take place.” Matt 24. Remember?

    That’s a reference to that the (second) Temple will be utterly destroyed brick by brick not 40 years later under Vespasian.

    “Jews continued to live in their land in significant numbers, the Kitos War of 115–117 notwithstanding, until Julius Severus ravaged Judea while putting down the Bar Kokhba revolt of 132–136. 985 villages were destroyed and most of the Jewish population of central Judaea was essentially wiped out – killed, sold into slavery, or forced to flee.”

    These involve the Maccabee uprisings that bring us the Menorah and Hannukah. Also the quote that you “should flee your house, don’t go back for a coat” and go to the cave city in nearby Petra, perhaps. They were, as he predicted, well wiped out.

    Then in an effort to eradicate them from time and history, ” Hadrian changed the name of Iudaea province to Syria Palaestina and Jerusalem to Aelia Capitolina in an alleged attempt to erase the historical ties of the Jewish people to the region.”

    Palaestinia is especially offensive as it is “Philistine”, as in the people they beat among other times with Sampson and Goliath. However, that is the official narrative of how “they are not in the Levant” but dispersed through the Middle Ages, etc. only to be gathered again under prophesy. I have a similarly skeptical view that “everyone” left, or that “everyone” wasn’t intermarried in the first place. For example, Jesus’ sister married a Greek official and there were many Greeks and Gymnasium (what we would see as LBTG) culture there.

    As a Strange Facts of History, which didn’t seem very popular, Joseph of Arimathea was a local millionaire, and as we know Christ’s family (but not he or Joseph) were pretty well connected. Magdelene was also millionaire class. Anyway, so like so many, he was a Patron of Christ, as were others, giving him a free beach house on the Galilee shores. When he buried Christ, he, like many of the others, did indeed leave the area which would shortly (relatively) be annihilated. Remember this is under Emperor Tiberius, which was okay, but then Caligula, Claudius, and Nero, a world TRULY gone mad. Nero was followed by “The Year of the Four Emperors” just for a starting gun, Vespacian and Titus following in only years to 81AD.

    So, knowing A) EVERYONE will be killed. In your lifetime. B) The entire EMPIRE has gone bat-crazy, worse than even today, what’s a self-respecting billionaire to do? Being a Christian and on the word and advice of Christ?

    BUG. OUT.

    So what Mountain Beach home and compound did he bug out to, given than every Emperor was nuttier than the last? To the very Ends of the Earth, of course: to England. As far away from this s–t as a boat can take you. …Actually, it wasn’t that dramatic. He was a billionaire in many things, but chief among them was probably Tin. Tin essentially comes only from England. So he went back to where his fortune came from, far from the eye and reach of the empire.

    You may have heard of him. He founded Glastonbury Abbey and brought Christianity to England. Pretty directly and immediately it would seem. It only went okay. They were surrounded by round-house peoples who didn’t take much to the Stone-built Mediterranean ways, even being familiar with them as there had always been deep and expansive trade for millennia. But after getting booted from Wales he found a protector in “Moon People” who lived on a lake (Remember the lake city dug up in Switzerland?) and the Lady of the Lake (as it were) ceded a disputed valley to them. …And that’s about it for one human life.

    But this tiny seed of foreign, Mediterranean culture persisted as you might have heard it again with the Rise of King Arthur, centuries later, in contrast to the still wild, round-house Briton people there. And so England traces both their Christianity, and their nation, today.

    Yeah, Jews who got booted out of Israel. Real thing it seems. That doesn’t make your point not valid though. Nor Christ’s point about “Doing to others”. Eh?

    *References on Request.


    Hamas – Palestine / IN

    Hezbollah – Lebanon / IN

    In a significant move, the Algerian Parliament has officially authorized President Abdelmadjid Tebboune to enter the conflict in support of Gaza, with a unanimous vote of 100/100.

    Algeria – IN

    Iraq / IN

    Afghanistan / IN

    Pakistan / IN

    Bahrain has announced that it has recalled its ambassador to Israel and has halted all economic ties with the country.

    Bahrain / soon to be IN

    Bolivia / Ends diplomatic ties to Zionists

    Turkey / In

    Iran / IN

    Syria / IN

    Saudis / IN

    Chechens Wagner Russia / ? (in)

    China / ? (in)

    North Korea / IN

    ….and so many more to be IN soon.

    The World will not forget or forgive the Zionist / US Regimes murderous crimes. Why should they or would they?

    Allahs snackbar is now open- Zionist feast for the Gods of Death. Genocide Joe will be eaten.
    US bases in Syria and Iraq will be destroyed. US Regime will pay a high price in Death.

    Half the US population supports the Gods of War- they will be eaten alive.
    The other apathetic US half- will also be eaten, cowering.
    Most Americans are inwardly dead already.

    There is no stopping this and you know it. The US has descended into a spiraling black hole of lies, despair and destruction. The US Regime is sucking the world into a self destructive death spiral.

    The Regime is murder cancer for the entire planet, you are its host.
    Excuses will not change the inevitable outcome.

    The US Regime and Americans are incapable of changing course.
    Live by the sword, die by the sword.
    Live by the gun, die by the gun.
    Live by the nuke- you will die by the nuke.

    America’s will is a rotting dead corpse.


    Jikkyleaks is done


    I remember stories that Mexican Cartels do bad things.
    I did not thing that Israel could/would do comparable things, like drop/bury rubble on top of children.

    John Day

    Thanks for the travel-tale of Joseph of Arimathea, Dr D.


    Why would the USA try to convince the world that its land-based nuclear deterent does not work. An exploded missile means nothing, you would have to assume it was planned all along, but why do this and why now? It is not as if Minuteman missiles have not been successfully tested many times in the past, they are deployed as the primary defence, so they obviously work but the USA is trying to convince us that they don’t work, or trying to convince the politicians that they might not be as reliable as once assumed?

    Dr. D

    @Aspnaz. Yes, “why am I seeing this?”

    Years ago we reached a point where the word-cloud in the headlines would tell you what was real, not the grammatical statement. We’re now reaching the same thing with too many headlines. Okay, Why are you telling me this now? Who got this up out of the foam and to my eyeballs?

    Unfortunately the specific answer is more difficult, not Orphan Annie Decoder Ring like headlines were. My estimation:

    The “U.S.” HAS a space program. And it’s where our $40 T R I L L I O N dollars went. (Minimum). We have a core-of-the-earth DUMB Bunker program. So all this “Wounded Flapping Bird” stuff is designed to make Russia specifically, but the other nations feel safe in attacking us. Then we’ll suddenly “develop” all this in 3 weeks like mRNA did, and blow them out of Orbit with Space Lasers.

    That said, it’s not “Us” in the slightest. It’s THEM. Part of THEM doing this is to have a big enough war they can erase the U.S. Constitution, all Human Rights, and kill all humans who refuse to move to the 12 mega-cities. So I am their enemy as much or more than Russia or Hamas, as proven daily in the Domestic U.S. News. So be careful about saying “We” did this, “We” supported this. “We”, WHO?

    Even Congress are a bunch of patsy-puppets, so WHO? Well, we know we have essentially a merger of Corporation and State for generations, so basically a small cadre of CEOs, etc who pay and direct government to obey or else. They are fundamentally worldwide and not national at all, so we have a very small cadre of GLOBALISTS who care not for government, peoples, nations, borders, all an annoyance to them.

    So WHO puts out a news article on our “Failed’ hypersonics, “Failed” ships, “Failed” F35, “failed” Minutemen? And why?

    Yes the U.S. Military is trying to wrest this control back from the non-American Globalists, but that’s a fight we don’t know the winner of. Since they are all “Making war by deception” to each other, how much more to us? My guess is Russia knows, that’s why they’re so conservative and defensive minded but they are playing their part. Because they know there’s a good chance if they can weaken and discredit the U.S. enough, the Team B America First can get the upper hand on the mainland. If they do, it will be an enormous, perhaps fatal blow to the Cadre worldwide. So they’re willing to pay a little to help it happen. Like the Revolution and Civil Wars.

    Okay, WHY am I seeing Israel go too far when they’d win easier and better by going slow? It’s not like they don’t know this, it’s been their textbook MO for 70 years. So like CDC and Covid, one day they “just forgot”, got up, threw away 100 years of working textbooks, and science, and did everything #Opposite? Er…I don’t think so. So why are they trying to “lose”. #SacrificeTheQueen Okay, maybe. Then what does that mean?


    We told them to get out of the way.
    It’s their fault that the bombs fell on them.

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