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    “Dolphy Scramblebrains”

    Who R that, pls?


    @bosco: “I submit that the placebo effect is very powerful. Just knowing that a judge cared enough to make the hospital stop killing him might have given Ng’s neurophysiology the strength it needed to recover.”

    Yes +. Go deeper. There is an mind/emotional component of belief/faith at work here. On a recent webinar presented by Morley Robins of the Root Cause Protocol (Copper!!! iron dis-regulation advocate) – it was suggested that the immune system runs on a “sense of faith that it works”. Hummm, makes perfect sense to me! That being said, you have to INTENTIONALLY engage/enable it in the fight. Fear feeds the virus/parasite. Belief/faith activates powers within. Am suggesting this is one component to be deployed in your personal wellness strategy.

    IVM got me over the Covid hump in record speed with only minor impact (all tho wine still doesn’t taste good). I take a dose weekly as it has numerous other benefits. IVM was implemented early on in my case.


    “Knowing anything is quite the challenge while on a ventilator. Though it’s an arguable point.”

    Indeed. But the sedatives only shut down the conbscious interface. The subcon is not necessarily affected. The subcon is 99.9% of who we are. The tiny sliver of awareness we call consciousness is just a pinhole in a vast camera of the soul. Patients are knwon to remember things doctor said while they were knocked out deep for major surgery.



    The reply counter att TAE, doesn’t know how to count. It skips numbers.
    A curious mind would prefer to see a post # with a content marked “deleted”.


    potential benefits outweighs the known and potential risks – ( Its an uncontested educated guess by Cauci)


    Life is temporary ….. hell is forever …. get vaccinated …/s


    microvascular injury ….. Stop worrying ,….. it will heal, ……….. stop reading, ………….. you’ll feel better


    IVM …..“What’s the downside?” …. able to breathe without a ventilator within five days

    In other words, send a written note, ” I don’t want the vaccines”

    The legislation states that any employer who imposes a COVID-19 vaccine requirement must exempt workers if they submit a written waiver request stating that complying with the requirement would endanger the life or health of the waiver applicant or somebody they live with or if receiving the vaccine violates a sincerely held religious belief.

    Vaccines and vaccine passports are working ….. More deaths and negative effects in 2021 than in 2020. s/

    vitamin D supplementation is futile ….. ( more is needed for it to be a benefit)

    WHY …. to save the social/economic systems ……government mandates ….. quarantines ……..

    The purpose of calculating the % of people vaccinated is to make you believe that it is possible to reach herd immunity ….70% ,,, nope, …. 75% nope, try 80%, 90%, 95%, 100% Nope hahahaha
    The way the % of vaccinate people is calculated, shows a decrease because children have been included in the calculation.

    The flood waters are receding …… there is more than bathing suits left at the high water mark.

    Its just my opinion ……….Do your own thinking


    We Merry Few, We Band of Brothers(and sisters). Take Heart. Do not let a few(or a legion) of naysayers have any affect upon you. Stand Strong, stay true. Care not for what they say, but strive for utter faith in your convictions. Unshakeable faith. What a strange corner of the world we have found to share a few words. Bonded together through time and space we meet here. The dawn is promised, never forget that. I find great hope even in this dark time of uncertainty. The American Resistance is strong and UNYIELDING. Never bend the knee. Never surrender. Die on this hill. WE ARE LIONS! We care not what sheep bleet and bah. Go follow your government sheperd sheep. Leave us lions be to our own devices lest we decide to slay you. We wouldn’t eat you, your meat is tainted.


    Yes!!!! In my experience, the enemy likes to make things plain and obvious. Throw it in your face and make you choke on it. Corona…meaning crown…crown meaning head or mind…mind virus. So obvious. Multiple other meanings abound.

    Mr. House
    those darned kids

    80% sheep herd
    4% sociopaths
    16% the awake, the defenders of the sheep


    Netherlands records highest number of daily Covid cases since start of pandemic

    The more they vaxx, the higher the infection rate!

    Unfortunate coincidence. Just like in those 20-odd other EU countries.


    The reply counter at TAE, doesn’t know how to count. It skips numbers.

    The systems hides some replies, mostly because people post them multiple times. I don’t know all the details of how it works. But people blaming software is always a bit suspect.


    The latest US observational study of Ivermectin points to a 75% mortality benefit.
    The previous study, a Malaysian randomized trial (n=500), was at 69%.
    The 27 ivermectin studies with a mortality result, 25 of them positive, average at a mortality benefit of 57% (n=36,653). Crickets from our media. Incredible. This could all be over in a few weeks. For pennies.

    “Effectiveness and Safety of Ivermectin in COVID-19 Patients: A Prospective Study at A Safety-Net Hospital”


    Bosco posted: For those of us watching Russia amid this plague of nonsense, I’ll note that my fave Russia-watcher has nothing to say about covid. Seems odd.
    In his latest public speech Putin states that everything must be done to vax to the max in soft-ish diplo language. It was his first, thus main, point. —eng.
    Several articles about covid madness in Russia by an ex-journo. Facts given in this article are correct (afaik), minus the examples which I haven’t checked.

    Myths vs. Reality in Covid Russia. E. Slavsquat.

    other articles by him on the same topic at site. (not that i agree w. it all.)

    ….. Russia lovers in France are devastated …….
    In Europe (+ USA..) Sweden was frequently touted as ‘different’, ‘more sensible’, ‘no lockdowns’, etc. The differences were hyped but minimal, or even non-existent as compared to Switzerland for ex., as things played out on the ground. Sweden will now also introduce a VAX PASS. One ex.


    Wrong paper quoted above.


    “The more vaccines we take the lower deaths will be”- Joe Biden

    Reality: “Oops, that wasn’t supposed to happen.”


    (if this ends up a duplicate, my apologies…WordPress woes, etc.)

    This is important.

    We have read many experts opinions of how to behave during a time of mass psychosis, mass hypnosis, “mass formation,” etc. Various responses have been suggested:
    – withdrawing from society
    – non-conformance/civil disobedience
    – engaging in verbal and written dialogue, using logic and medical studies to counter the psychosis, or — others have suggested using emotional appearls to counter the psychosis, suggesting since an emotional appeal is at the core of the problem, a stronger emotional appeal may undermine it
    – performing an “intervention” on those who have been taken hold by the psychosis — but this is very difficult when the psychosis is so fully permeated throughout civil society — how do you extricate anyone from it?

    My parents entertained my dad’s cousin last night in their home. My dad’s cousin is a medical doctor employed in AZ’s public health department. She has excellent training, an exemplary career, and is very intelligent.

    They discovered last night that she is also fully entrenched into the Covidian Cult. My parents already had Covid, and this has been verified months and months later with antibody tests. My parents go about their days just as they did before the pandemic, with no medical worries or concerns. They are unvaccinated. The cousin came to their home masked, did not remove her mask except to eat dinner, and it sounds like much of the evening’s conversation revolved around Covid. The cousin stayed at least 6 feet away from them at all times. The cousin is terrified of Covid. She has been working from home since the start of the pandemic. She avoids all public places — even her local Mormon congregation. (My family tends to be *very* devout.)

    At some point, the conversation turned to discussion of polio. My mother noticed that as they discussed polio, it was “as if a veil had been lifted” from the cousin. She became more animated, her thoughts were more coherent — more indicative of her native intelligence. As the discussion of polio came to an end, the cousin thanked my parents for engaging her in the discussion of polio, let them know that she had truly enjoyed it, and for a short while had “forgotten about Covid.”

    So here is another way to help those who are in the Covidian Cult to leave that cult. Get their minds (and/or their hearts — which works best probably depends upon the person) engaged in something that is *not* related to Covid. Get their mind (emotions) functioning in normal patterns — give them relief from the constant anxiety.



    “80% sheep herd
    4% sociopaths
    16% the awake, the defenders of the sheep”

    I’m multispectral mahseff, ah sedd, mahseff, boy. Ah yew lissinin tuh mae? (grumbles to self…) naow whar’d ah poot, ah sedd, whar’d ah putt thet umlaut?

    I’ve managed to turn my 4% sociopath mostly into 4% psychopath albeit in the celver disguise of a Daoist for Jeebus in sheep’s clothing.

    I say ba-a-a-aaaaaaa


    The 4th Turning video meshes with the Biderman’s Chart of Coercion:

     Biderman’s Chart of Coercion

    It is insidious how the institutions have diluted/deconstructed culture to the point that human society has been boiled down to sacks of meat powered by chemicals creating financial transactions for the benefit of the few at the expense of the many.

    I think we can only retake/recover by putting humans back in humanity:

    • Get in shape, strong body, strong mind.
    • Rediscover our western heritage, study the classics.
    • Rebuild our local cultures.

    Forgot to include my reference to Biderman’s Chart of Coercion


    Graci, Noirette. It was nice to have a state leader one could admire for awhile. Putin’s Folly, as I will call it, disturbs me more than the overall covidiocy.

    Shattered Cross


    Let us enjoy the anthropomorphization-before-extermination of animals:

    Cuz cute is cute and funny is funny

    those darned kids
    D Benton Smith

    In my opinion Australia’s Michael Gunner is the sort of bloke who would personally order killings out of self righteously hot blooded anger. Better keep an eye on that one, mates. He is very close to the snapping point.



    Yesterday, i.e. diminishing trust of CDC/FDA among health care professionals:

    Probably now is the time to bring up what has happened to me the last month here in Florida. I’ve been tired in that period of time, hence the short posts, but here goes.

    About three weeks ago, I had a night of bleeding from my left ear that caused me to visit the ER to see if they could get the bleeding to stop. A doctor who had run the otolaryngology department at Johns Hopkins warned me that could happen and lead to deafness (40 years ago). Turns out it was an infection that caused the bleeding and the ER doc prescribed drops of cipro/dexamethasone mix, and it worked out with little further loss of hearing.

    At nearly the same time, my left knee became swollen to where I couldn’t turn, so went to the nurse practitioner at the free clinic hear. They thought it was a sprain. The jury is still out on that one. Then I did follow up at the same clinic for my ear to make sure there were no holes in my eardrum given there was so much blood at the ER. The ear was good with no damage.

    The point (and odd thing) I’m taking too long to get is:

    In both facilities, neither health care personnel asked for my vaccination status. The only time I heard the term COVID at all was with the front desk at the clinic, who almost forgot to ask whether I had contact with a known carrier, and seemed to be communicated as an afterthought.

    I think for all intents and purposes, at least here anyway, health care is seeing the pandemic as pretty much over. How much that has to do with recent legislation or just tiring of vaccine mandates (or fear of COVID itself) has to do with the change.

    The unfortunate part (for me at least) the recent legislation, while banning vaccine mandates for people already employed, failed to address this as a requirement for hiring. Unvaccinated unemployed will likely stay unemployed here, at least for now.

    A small win overall, but I see the facade winding down. Light can be seen at the end of the tunnel.

    island raider

    Thank you for the post on breaking the mass psychosis. I think this is one of the most important discussions we can have right now. I literally have no idea how to break the spell so many seem to living under. If anyone has links or ideas to point to, please share them. If things continue along this trajectory much longer…


    Yes, Mr House….
    It seems that the real left has disappeared from what’s now described as Left…..J Dore seems to be the only critical thinker who still has a platform that could even be considered as such….My perspective has been labelled as a Trumpist, libertarian, or even worse by former friends and family members…’s so “deplorable” 🙂

    The revolution is not being televised

    those darned kids



    “Deflationista” is like Schwinn, which bicycles are mass produced in China now, not hand-made in the US, like they were in the postwar era, a name, divorced from the prior identity, for something like marketing purposes, based upon the value of an old recognized name.

    Like “Schwinn”, “Deflationista” appears to be a primarily machine-made product, which just is what it is, but it’s not Schwinn, as registered in our minds in the 1950s through 1980s.

    Go ahead- call me some more names. My code has already captured your commentary and has filed it away in the bin marked “LOONEY”.

    A fucking doctor??? Wowser. Maybe you should ease off the ivermectin? You ain’t wrapped tight.


    I literally have no idea how to break the spell so many seem to living under.

    The first step is to ask yourself what spell you are living under.

    No one, especially people here, is willing to take that first step.

    TAE Summary

    Corrected Headlines for Today

    * mRNA Vaccines Cause Heart Disease
    * You’ll Be Dead Before You Know the Truth About Vaccines
    * Death Means Unfinished Business and Fauci Has a Lot More to Do
    * Hospital Policy More Important than Life Itself
    * As Vaccine Makers Look On Kansas Governor Signs Vaxx-Free Bill with Middle Finger
    * New Zealand Decides There are Already Enough Frogs in the Pot
    * Private Profits/Public Data
    * WHO Administers Two Million Deaths in Europe
    * Correcting Vitamin D Deficiency is Essential
    * US to Require the Unvaxxed to Enter the Country on Foot
    * Emperor Biden Decrees that Now Everyone Has New Clothes
    * US and Russia Realize the Only Way to Win at Nuclear War is Not to Play


    1. a person with an exaggerated respect for high social position or wealth who seeks to associate with social superiors and dislikes people or activities regarded as lower-class.

    1. a person who believes that their tastes in a particular area are superior to those of other people.

    Its just my opinion ……….Do your own thinking




    Aye about MIchael Gunner. I wonder if he will fire the shot heard ’round Australia.
    “I think for all intents and purposes, at least here anyway, health care is seeing the pandemic as pretty much over. How much that has to do with recent legislation or just tiring of vaccine mandates (or fear of COVID itself) has to do with the change.”

    Maybe I’d better un-eat those hats I ate last week. Austria’s 24-hr about-face at the top levels of government, combined with Putin’s flaccid acquiescence to covidiocy (altho Putin may be playing a deeper game) compelled me, out of a sense of fairness (I know, I knopw, what a sucker, eh?) to back off from my position that the Vakzi Nation would end with a whimper not a bang.

    But now I’m thinking I got out of the market too soon and should double down on my bet while I can.

    ‘scuse me while I gargle some emetic and see if there’s anything left of those hats. 😉
    “The revolution is not being televised”

    Me likie that one.


    I see poor Merkel didn’t get her 2 week lockdown. Boo hoo! Maybe things are looking up for Germans?


    “Go ahead- call me some more names. ”


    I’m not calling you those names. I’m giving them to you for free to help you in your noble quest to annoy us with dedicated purpose for no sense of reason at best and no good reason at worst.

    Big Nose

    Best I can tell, you’re all shit and no toilet.

    Bonus Gift: (I wish I could say I originated this one but I didn’t): go suck a dead dog’s ass till its eyes cave in. I’m sure they can attach the necessary suction device on your… whatever.

    There. That should help you in your crusade of facades, preferably elsewhere. Around here, alas, there’s no help for you. You remind me of the guy in the red shirt here:


    Funny. Just an hour ago, tossing the ball for Junebug, our dog, I thought of this phrase: masochistic narcissist. Hey, I didn’t make that one up either:

    The narcissistic-masochistic character

    Also, I wish I’d made this one up but I can say that my dear long dead friend, Charly, did:

    “Sadly, 79% of today’s products can’t read their own label.”


    See, we really do love you, deflatio. You’re in the club, after all.

    Mr. House

    Before i wasn’t allowed to comment at NC anymore, i found their response to the beginning of the “pandemic” strange, almost like they were cheering it on. Now i think i understand why:

    While the Cold War coincided with the era of decolonisation and the rise of a global anti-racist politics, the end of the Cold War – alongside the symbolic triumph of decolonisation politics with the end of apartheid – ushered in an existential crisis for Left-wing politics. The rise of neoliberal economic hegemony, globalisation, and corporate trans-nationalism, have all undermined the Left’s historic view of the state as an engine of redistribution. Combined with this is the realisation that, as the Brazilian theorist Roberto Mangabeira Unger has argued, the Left has always prospered most at times of great crisis — the Russian Revolution benefited from the World War One, and welfare capitalism from the aftermath of the World War Two. This history may partly explain the Left’s positioning today: amplifying the crisis and prolonging it through never-ending restrictions may be seen by some as a way to rebuild Left politics after decades of existential crisis.

    The Left’s flawed understanding of the nature of neoliberalism may also have affected its response to the crisis. Most people on the Left believe that neoliberalism has involved a “retreat” or “hollowing out” of the state in favour of the market. Thus, they interpreted government activism throughout the pandemic as a welcome “return of the state”, one potentially capable, in their view, of eventually reversing neoliberalism’s allegedly anti-statist project. The problem with this argument, even accepting its dubious logic, is that neoliberalism hasn’t entailed a withering away of the state. On the contrary, the size of the state as a percentage of GDP has continued to rise throughout the neoliberal era.

    those darned kids

    good work, blender.

    now you can do your little death dance.

    those darned kids

    oops, bender..

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