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    Antigen: a toxin or other foreign substance which induces an immune response in the body

    The spike protein is an antigen

    T lymphocytes are part of the immune system and develop from stem cells in the bone marrow. They help protect the body from infection.

    Fevers promote T lymphocyte trafficking

    T cells represent the major component of the adaptive immune response. It has long been established that T cells respond to myocardial antigens in specific inflammatory states: infection of heart cells; conditions such as autoimmune myocarditis, in which self-tolerance to cardiac antigens becomes disturbed; and cardiac allograft rejection as a response to foreign antigens (48). In these cases, the T-cell immune response results in acute and chronic inflammatory processes that impair cardiac function by direct cytotoxicity or by enhancing the inflammatory functions of other cells. This results in permanent damage to the cardiac tissue that is replaced by fibrosis and often leads to dilated cardiomyopathy with congestive heart failure (HF). Thus, under the above primary inflammatory conditions, T cells can drive the pathogenesis of HF.

    T-cell recruitment to the heart: friendly guests or unwelcome visitors?

    Trials were performed to determine the rate of people who experienced side-effects after receiving a “placebo”, or an injection of saline instead of the vaccine. People involved in the trials did not know whether or not they received the vaccine. This helps researchers understand the background rate of these side-effects in the population.

      The rate of fever

    Moderna 1st 0.9%
    Moderna 2nd 17.4%

    Pfizer 1st 3.7%
    Pfizer 2nd 15.8%

    J&J 12.8%

    Raul posted this yesterday

    Worth repeating,
    It has long been established that T cells respond to myocardial antigens in specific inflammatory states: infection of heart cells

    Take your index finger and position it on your deltoid muscle. Trace up the shoulder and across collar bone. This is the path that your lymphatic fluid, carrying spike proteins and spike protein factories, will take. As it gets closer to the central region the lymphatic fluid will dump into the subclavian veins, then the superior vena cava and into to the heart.


    Fever is a sign of infection, possibly an infected heart muscle.


    Go read my post #93795
    Omicron is caught by fully vaccinated people
    Omicron is transmitted by fully vaccinated travelers


    Switzerland. Our local cantonal (Cantons have much leeway, independence) Councillor for Health announced new measures.

    We already have ‘fully-vaxxed’ / neg. test valid for 48 hours / recovered (very restricted) PASSES required for all public indoor venues except shops, medical, admin, public transport, emergency..

    Now masks indoors everywhere become obligatory, incl. in primary schools, etc.

    Exceptions are granted for:

    Restaurants and cafés indoors (where only fully vaxxed patrons can enter) when they are eating / drinking, and:

    ! DISCOS !

    I’m really pleased, not that I frequent discos, but because this will surprise some ppl, make others question, rile others up, etc.

    Tomorrow, 28 nov., CH votes on a Federal Referendum which proposes to annul the latests Covid Laws which date from March 2021. (REF was organised at ‘warp’ speed.)

    The details are too byzantine — at heart it boils down to: those against ‘mandates’, an obligatory cov-vax (NOT mentioned in the law, hovering specter) the ‘green passes’, the restrictions, too much power to the Federation, and many other points, some purely constitutional, on side A.

    Side B being for -> to defeat, corral the Corona, protec’ everyone, and in support of ONE part of the law, which is financial compensation for let-go workers, small biz, independents, venues that were shut down, big biz that went to half-time, etc. etc.

    —-The financial compensation package and sanitary laws should never have been allowed to be coupled together on the same ticket.—

    The result will be, imho (following other recent CH votes..) around 30% for side A, side B winning easily with a comfortable majority.

    Imho, this A vs. B % *rough* division is a good guide for opinion in many European countries. What ppl can do is another topic. Overall, not much.

    John Day

    Thanksgiving picture after tree pruning and before dinner @

    It’s awkward that I don’t have a link for this news factoid, but the link just got revised away.
    The World Economic Forum had a story with the detail that what is now designated B(otswna).1.1.529 was sequenced already somewhere in July, just not designated yet. The link was rapidly changed while today’s post at The Automatic Earth blog was being composed.
    It was apparently revised away, to avoid contaminating the narrative that B.1.1.529 is “Brand New and Aggressive!”

    Over the course of this year a lot of computer biomolecular modeling of viral proteins and human cellular receptors and enzymes has been done. It is fairly predictive, if not completely perfect. Pharmacology magnates like Pfizer have done and paid for a lot of this modeling. They are able to “predict” what mutations will escape the antibodies created by January 2020 (S)pike-protein vaccines (and also what mutations facilitate the “enhancing” antibodies, which help the virus infect cells better, Sshhh…)
    It’s hardly a secret that what leaked out of military labs (Ft. Detrick? Wuhan?) was a red-team/blue-team bioweapons project, with offensive and defensive aspects. That’s how these weapons are worked out. Pfizer is doing the same thing.
    The “new” “Omicron” (not Nu, and certainly not “Xi”) variant has a lot of these escape-features, and the first 4 cases were purportedly identified in fully-vaccinated people. It’s (S)pike protein is not recognized by the existing PCR tests, but 2 other proteins are, so it can be somewhat discerned by existing PCR tests, due to this feature.
    That spike protein has a lot of mutations, all by itself. That’s what you would expect if viral evolution were being directed to avoiding antibodies to spike protein, created by vaccines to spike protein. (It COULD be engineered this way, and exactly what WOULD work was described in a paper from May 2021, as I recall.).
    Unsurprisingly, Pfizer/Bio-NTech and Moderna are suddenly announcing timelines to bring fresh vaccine-products to market against this strain. (Pity Australia, which has purchased 14 doses of Pfizer vaccine for each Australian, enough for a dose twice per year, for 7 years. Who signs these contracts?)

    What we appear to be seeing is the sudden “discovery” of this strain in other countries, like the UK, Germany and Netherlands, giving the impression of very rapid spread, but which might be half a year of spreading under the radar, with a rapid and dramatic discovery everywhere.
    What the computer modeling I read, and posted in August, Vaccines Help Delta , , showed was the mechanisms by which viral mutation avoids “neutralizing antibodies” and exploits “enhancing antibodies”.

    Let’s assume that this “new” (not “Nu”) strain is close enough to that modeled-ideal to be marketed as such, and to fit the new “vaccines” which are bound to have already been brought to the pre-production stage (“100 days” to release, per Pfizer).
    Let’s also assume that this strain preferentially infects those already vaccinated against January 2020 (S)pike protein.
    Those are the people who already chose once (or twice) to accept experimental “vaccines”, and are invested in this “solution”.
    They are the prime market for new “vaccines”, are they not?
    (I am not a prime market for new COVID vaccines, because I have declined to accept one of the old COVID vaccines.)

    It is acceptable in this scenario for fears of the vaccinated to rise, specifically due to their vaccinated status. It is already apparent to many of us that the vaccinated are more susceptible to COVID Delta after 6 months than are the unvaccinated. (It is just not spoken in polite company.)
    This new, aggressive, rapidly spreading, “unforeseeable” variant bursting upon the scene will make that awkward fact acceptable, within the modified context of the “Vaccines Good” Narrative.

    This is a HUUUGE Stretch to maintain that dominant narrative.
    Remember how the body counts were given on the five oclock news every day during the Vietnam War?
    I do. My Dad , the Marine, was over there. I remember waking up about 4:30 AM and hearing the radio in Mom’s room. It sounded like the US Embassy in Saigon was under rocket and mortar attack, and that there were gun-battles going on inside the embassy compound.
    I eventually ventured into Mom’s room.
    “Mom, isn’t Saigon the main city in Vietnam?” , I asked. “Yes, it is.”
    “Mom, I thought we were winning the war.”
    “That’s what we all thought.”
    That morning was in late 1967. Dad got home at the end of the year, shortly before the Tet Offensive 1968. Everybody figured out that we-weren’t-winning after Tet. Some military experts explained that Tet destroyed the Vietcong, that most of them died fighting in the streets, getting shot up by Americans, and that was technically true, but they died winning their war for their country against foreign armies…

    This is our opportunity to contribute to the widespread societal recognition of the painfully-obvious, to achieve Paradigm-Shift, which is, again, way overdue.

    John Day

    First Cases Of Omicron COVID Variant Detected In UK

    botaswana (b.1.1.529) variant histrionics​
    ​t​​his is not history rhyming.
    this is maybe even past history just repeating.
    i’m starting to worry that we’re caught in some kind of groundhog day time loop.

    Big Pharma unveils its plans for Omicron strain

    ​(​”​Israel​”​) ​FDA report finds all-cause mortality higher among vaccinated
    FDA report shows Pfizer’s clinical trials found 24% higher all-cause mortality rate among the vaccinated compared to placebo group. Report emphasizes that “None of the deaths were considered related to vaccination.”

    John Day

    Why the retail industry is fighting vaccine mandates​ (How long can the narrative hold on against all reality?)
    ​ ​The industry showed how strongly it feels about the issue this month when the Biden administration directed companies with 100 or more workers to mandate vaccines or weekly tests by Jan. 4. Five days after that announcement, the National Retail Federation sued to stop the effort.
    ​ ​“We all agree with the premise that vaccines are good and vaccines save lives,” Stephanie Martz, chief administrative officer of the NRF, said in an interview Monday.
    ​ ​“But by the same token, you can’t just say, ‘OK, make it so.’”
    The order is now held up in litigation, challenged by a number of lawsuits from a broad coalition of opponents, and could make its way to the Supreme Court.

    Yes, I know, you’ve just seen this…

    Jim Kunstler ​
    I am sorry to tell you that the mRNA “vaccines” are just not working that well. The already-vaccinated millions, marinated in the goodness of their obedience to authority, live in terror of the unvaccinated, who so knavishly spread disease to those vaccinated against it…
    The relentless mindfuckery abroad in this land courtesy of your politicized news media, the despotic social networks, the bottomless greed of the pharmaceutical-makers and their errand boys in the CDC, plus the malevolent generosity of sponsors like the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and George Soros. Thus, the blue mommies of America follow Pied Pipers like NPR and Sanjay Gupta holding hands with Big Bird to vax-up the kids.
    It’s just a cult initiation ceremony, you understand. Vaxing the kids reinforces the psychotic mass formation intoxication of the blue mommies. It does absolutely nothing good for the kids, who realistically have a near-zero chance of being harmed by Covid-19 — but have a fair chance of being harmed by the mRNA “vaccines,” which will mess with their still-developing immune systems and their various organs. All the authority of Anthony Fauci’s officialdom presses remorselessly toward the ever-receding horizon of max vax. It begins to look like enough parents are onto the game and will refuse to go along with it.
    Dr. Fauci and his evil network are in the process of being smashed at long last. First, there is Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.’s book just out, The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health. I was up reading it at two-thirty in the morning. The Kindle version is $,2.95 cheap. Get it.

    Kids hardly transmit COVID to anybody in a household. Adults do most of it.
    Lower Household Transmission Rates of SARS-CoV-2 from Children Compared to Adults

    John Day

    Why Aren’t Healthcare Workers Speaking Out About the Catastrophe Caused by the Vaccines?
    1) Groupthink (Nobody else is. We all say the same thing and do the same thing. We’re following CDC recommendations.)
    2) I really need to keep my job…
    [Steve Kirsch has compiled another long and impressive list of a whole lot of very bad things happening to COVID- vaccinated experimental-subjects.]

    Trials for Israeli COVID-19 vaccine pill set to kick off in South Africa​ (Can they modify it for Omicron real quick?)
    Oral inoculation intended to be effective after just one dose, and could also provide easy-to-distribute solution to growing need for boosters, inventors say

    ​Here is the information from the Oravax company. The oral vaccine targets 3 (not one) viral proteins.
    (Look, the pretty, racially ambiguous girl is swallowing the pill and smiling like it’s really good!)

    John Day

    There is suddenly a lot of buzz (maybe foreshadowing) about smallpox.
    In Vitro Characterization of a Nineteenth-Century Therapy for Smallpox
    ​ ​In the nineteenth century, smallpox ravaged through the United States and Canada. At this time, a botanical preparation, derived from the carnivorous plant Sarracenia purpurea, was proclaimed as being a successful therapy for smallpox infections. The work described characterizes the antipoxvirus activity associated with this botanical extract against vaccinia virus, monkeypox virus and variola virus, the causative agent of smallpox. Our work demonstrates the in vitro characterization of Sarracenia purpurea as the first effective inhibitor of poxvirus replication at the level of early viral transcription. With the renewed threat of poxvirus-related infections, our results indicate Sarracenia purpurea may act as another defensive measure against Orthopoxvirus infections.

    Late Stage Globalism’s ‘Hail Mary’
    How do they get our souls?
    Soul traps. The lures are the lusts and hungers of this life.​..
    ​That isn’t what’s happening here.
    ​ ​What’s happening is we’re being herded into The Matrix. As I’ve written previously, in The Crypto Capitalist Manifesto, and here, that the core rationalization of the “You’ll Own Nothing And Be Happy” Great Narrative (as it is now being called) is that the rabble has to ratchet down its standard of living. The reason why isn’t about climate change or COVID.
    It’s because we’re in late stage Globalism and the world’s financial and economic system is on the verge of imploding.
    ​ ​The people in charge, the people who’ve been doubling down on failed policies for decades, the people who brought us here with Quantitative Easing, ZIRP/NIRP, debt, Big Government and The Forever Wars, they want to stay in charge.
    ​ ​So they’re going to use COVID, Climate, Collectivism and Wokeness to herd the knuckle-dragging plebians into The Metaverse. That way they’ll be easier to control, they’ll be placated, and they won’t take up so much space in the real world.
    In the real world, the insular, inbred elites will be zipping around in their private jets. They’ll be reimagining everybody else’s lives. Deciding how much “real world time” and resources to apportion to the rabble. Uploading intellectual Muzak directly into their brains telling them that it’s all for their own good…
    ​ ​There’s only one problem.​..​
    ​Mind, consciousness and intelligence will never emerge from material reality because it’s the other way around.​..
    ​ ​In the meantime, if you’re a plebeian, the work of the day is The Great Opt-Out, a Great Reject. Decentralize your affairs. Take sovereignty over your own life and your own economics. Link up with others doing the same. The counter-revolutionary impulse against late stage Globalism is, in addition to spirituality, meditation and contemplative practices, embracing decentralization and public key cryptography.

    The Metaverse Is A Scam

    John Day

    Smallpox is the opening story, lab-leak smallpox, the last known case.

    A pandemic of the vaccinated or Ivermectin ignored?​ ​by Justus R. Hope, MD
    ​ ​Gibraltar is the most vaccinated place on the planet with more than 99% of its population fully vaccinated, and with many also having received a booster. A total of 94,019 vaccine doses have been administered to Gibraltarians.
    ​ ​Considering Gibraltar has a population of some 30,000, that works out to an average of three shots per person…
    ​ ​Gibraltar is not alone among highly vaccinated populations exhibiting massive virus surges.
    According to the CDC, Vermont has a higher vaccination rate – at 72% – than any other state, yet it also has one of the highest rates of new COVID cases…
    ​ ​Where do we find low or no rates of COVID-19 cases, you might ask?
    ​​Perhaps we could observe those countries or areas and note what they are doing differently to account for their success.
    ​ ​For example, we know that India has eliminated its COVID-19 Pandemic after implementing a national Ivermectin policy in the protocol. As a result, Uttar Pradesh and Delhi have no more problems with pandemic surges.
    ​ ​Over the last 75 days, Delhi has recorded less than 10 COVID-19 deaths. Likewise, Uttar Pradesh, with more than 230 million people, has recorded fewer than 20 COVID deaths in the past 60 days, while the United States, with a roughly similar population, has recorded some 87,300 deaths – more than 4,000 times as many.
    ​ ​India’s only remaining hotspot remains the highly vaccinated state of Kerala, which continues to pay the price. Over the last 30 days alone, Kerala has logged over 10,000 deaths. The main difference between Kerala and the rest of India was its lower use of Ivermectin…
    ​(​This article opens with the story of the last case of smallpox in our world, in England, in 1977, due to a lab leak in a condemned ​research ​lab, shortly before it was​ ​ closed,. The lady ​photographer ​died of it, and the lab director killed himself that same day, 9/11/1978.​)​

    Mr. House

    Something to consider: When i went for my antibody test back in august i had heard we do not have a test to detect “delta” c19 and asked the nurse who performed the test if this was true, she said yes. Now on 12/31 we’ll discontinue the PCR test because it can’t tell the difference between c19 and the flu (hint, due to the murkiness of everything and how it keeps getting murkier two years into this mess, they may be the same thing 😉 How are they able to detect this new ominicron varient? Does the name make anyone else think of transformers?


    I’m not very smart, but in my opinion, (Omicron), was named to make it difficult for searchers to make the discovery of the following paper
    SARS-CoV-2 501Y.V2 escapes neutralization by South African COVID-19 donor plasma
    Published: 02 March 2021
    Omicron is caught by fully vaccinated people
    Omicron is transmitted by fully vaccinated travelers


    Omicron is discovered with an expensive blood tests.
    The UK prime minister was on TV saying what I said.
    Omicron is caught by fully vaccinated people
    Omicron is transmitted by fully vaccinated travelers


    The changed WEF page. This is all I can see.



    Omicron Variant First Detected in Four People Who Were Fully Vaccinated

    The new ‘Omicron’ variant of COVID-19 was first detected in four people who were fully vaccinated, according to a public statement by the Botswana government.

    The new variant, which some claim is three times more contagious, was initially discovered in Botswana before it spread across South Africa.

    The news was met with global alarm, prompting financial markets to plummet and new travel bans to be put in place.

    In a subsequent statement, the government revealed that the new variant “was detected on four foreign nationals who had entered Botswana on the 7th November 2021, on a diplomatic mission.”


    Intent is humorous, but there might be a bit of truth in it, given the reactions thus far.

    Doc Robinson

    “The new Omicron variant of the coronavirus results in mild disease, without prominent syndromes.”
    “It presents mild disease with symptoms being sore muscles and tiredness for a day or two not feeling well. So far, we have detected that those infected do not suffer loss of taste or smell. They might have a slight cough.”

    JOHANNESBURG: The new Omicron variant of the coronavirus results in mild disease, without prominent syndromes, Angelique Coetzee, the chairwoman of the South African Medical Association, told Sputnik on Saturday.

    The World Health Organization (WHO) identified on Friday the new South African strain as one of concern, as it is reported to carry a high number of mutations — 32 — which possibly makes it more transmissible and dangerous. The WHO has dubbed it Omicron, the 15th letter of the Greek alphabet.

    “It presents mild disease with symptoms being sore muscles and tiredness for a day or two not feeling well. So far, we have detected that those infected do not suffer loss of taste or smell. They might have a slight cough. There are no prominent symptoms. Of those infected some are currently being treated at home,” Coetzee said
    The official noted that hospitals have not been overburdened by Omicron patients


    So Pfizer, through modeling, knew their gene therapy would, in the long run, make their vaccine recipients more vulnerable to covid viruses. We now know this is true.

    Pfizer now has billions of new life–long adicts, around the world, to profitably extract wealth from.



    1st detected

    b.1.351 (beta) may2020

    b.1.1.529 (omicron) nov2021

    Both both detected South Africa.

    A two-dose regimen of the ChAdOx1 nCoV-19 vaccine did not show protection against mild-to-moderate Covid-19 due to the B.1.351 variant. (Funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and others;

    I am not sure what you are trying to link up with the new variant. Not saying that you are not on to something but I am having trouble getting on the same page.


    All this freaking out for ” mild disease with symptoms being sore muscles and tiredness for a day or two not feeling well. So far, we have detected that those infected do not suffer loss of taste or smell. They might have a slight cough.”

    They have truly jumped the shark. This reaks of desperation.


    Same page ….. hiding the truth (#93824) ….. proof to the world ….
    vaccines don’t work …
    SARS-CoV-2 501Y.V2 escapes neutralization by South African COVID-19 donor plasma
    Published: 02 March 2021

    Your link ….
    Efficacy of the ChAdOx1 nCoV-19 Covid-19 Vaccine against the B.1.351 Variant
    May 20, 2021

    A two-dose regimen of the ChAdOx1 nCoV-19 vaccine did not show protection against mild-to-moderate Covid-19 due to the B.1.351 variant.
    I think that we are on the same page ….. studies are out there that prove that the vaccines don’t work
    How come all the medias are suddenly talking about “Omicron” and not talking about vaccines are not working and have caused “Omicron” to appear.


    A good small step due to Omicron.
    I’m listening to the TV experts and for the first time they are questioning the possibility that the vaccines might not work.

    Michael Reid

    People will be injected until their brains drip out of their nose

    those darned kids

    that occurred to me whilst on the pitch.

    more than meets the eye!

    decepticonsªº wage their battle to
    deploy the foulest means to
    fuck o’verºª the deplorabots

    misformers, more than meats the aye,
    misformers, moar than meats and lye
    ¡the misformers!
    </trumpets (gliss…)>

    ªºread the next line, it’s better.
    ºª¡el pueblo,˙ unido, jamás será vencido!


    Sweet words.
    El pueblo unido jamas sera vencido.

    La gente come noi non molla mai.


    Michael Reid:

    How has the heavy rain storm affected you?

    You must have received 100 mm to 150 mm (4″ to 6″) of rain. Maybe more. Any flooding?

    How wide and deep is your river now?


    It doesn’t matter that each succeeding covid virus mutation mutates to be more contagious but less deadly to the unvaccinated.

    However it is likely both more contagious and deadly to the vaccinated, who’s immune system has deliberately been weakened. Pfizer is now waiting!


    Reading about the career of Archbishop Vigano. Very hard on the kiddy fiddlers for an Arzobispo.

    those darned kids

    well, i’m studyin’ really hard
    for my pcr test ’cause
    A7 E7
    i wanna go to school today
    they tell me to get in,
    to be clean, lean and trim
    E7 A7
    just roll up your sleeve and you’re in.
    so that’s why i sing the blues,
    while they tighten the screws,
    A7 E7
    wonderin’ how, when and whom this will end.
    time to gather up the cow,
    the chow, how and pow!
    E7 A7
    ’cause it looks like it’s time to defend.


    <baddass swamp swing ♩= 66><guitar solo>
    Ebmi6 • Cb9 • Ebmi6 • Cb9(#11) •
    G7(b5) Gb7(#5) • F7 • Eb(triad)/E(triad) • Eb(triad)/E(triad)
    </guitar solo></baddass swamp swing ♩= 66>

    i know that test ain’t easy,
    in a world gone mad, bust, sleazy,
    A7 E7
    but i’ll fight for my right to get in.
    all we gotta do is holler,
    that’s really just a dollar,
    E7 A7
    open our eyes, and we will win.

    E7 A7
    open our eyes, and we will win.


    those darned kids

    the above chords have not formatted in the right spots. if any wants to know, just ask and i’ll try again. otherwise, these electrons shall speak.


    At last the truth is having an effect on what they are saying.
    The TV news media are scrambling. Even Fauci is back peddling and saying that he wouldn’t be surprised if Omicron was already in USA.
    If Omicron is so weak, why are the vaccines not helping? Why are the vaccine companies scrambling to tell us that they are working on developing a new effective vaccine against Omicron.
    The numbers of countries locking down travelling is exponential.


    Manufacturing chaos. Check out comments too.

    Ditto. More virtue signaling

    Interestingly, as I researched today a common thread began to emerge connecting the common cold, HIV and corona virus mutations. It’s loose, lots of gobbliegook to sort out. I’m tired, mind won’t calm down, what’s the point.



    Go and do a chore that needs doing or something you enjoy doing. That is what I do to distract my racing mind. It is calming too! That way something 9productive, instead of unproductive, gets done.


    After I get off the planet fitness treadmill, gonna hang with my and watch Kubo and the Two Strings. Need to stop and get popcorn on the way home.






    Covid travels by TV: you should turn off the TV to protect yourself from this and future variants.

    Veracious Poet


    if they change the vaccine to accommodate the new variant don’t they have to retest it?
    can’t see how that’ll be manageable in 100 days really


    We don’t need no stinking TESTING!!! ~ Herr Faucistein


    So this is why we have to localize. Centralized power has no soul and when it parties like it is here in the current non-locked down portion of Austria you just know to stay away – todays leaders aint cool bro

    But They are “localizing”.

    Haven’t you heard of all the retail shopping parties lately?

    Also blue state apparatchiks are decriminalizing rape, pillage, plunder & murder to help everyone “localize” 😐

    Plus we have the Burn-Loot-Murder + PantiFa rebels “localizing” to improve communities at will!


    those darned kids

    <johnny marx jinglejangle>

    christmas time brings things, things, things
    that hope and love and santa brings.
    so grab your friend, and help your foe,
    it’s gotten cold, doncha know?

    christmas time brings hope and joy,
    not some great man’s shiny toy.
    so let’s pitch in, let truth begin,
    let’s end this show, doncha know?

    christmas time, where have you gone?
    we miss you so, we wonder why,
    why has this special time,
    been locked away, it’s such a crime.


    christmas time, oh give us wings,
    to lift us far from wicked things.
    peace on earth, no hidden smiles,
    let our love grow, doncha know?

    </johnny marx* jinglejangle>

    *he was a good man, i believe.

    chords available on request. I IV V stuff..

    Veracious Poet


    John Locke and His Successors: The Historical Contingency of Disability

    Locke’s Essay concerning Human Understanding has been a recurring reference because it is the junction between early modern and modern, and because of his reputation as a founding father. The sixteenth and seventeenth centuries were an age of apocalyptic obsession; Locke marks not so much its demise as its secularization into a modern vision of progress and ultimate intellectual Revelation. We look now at the immediate influences on Locke, from English Puritans to French Cartesians and Jansenists, and then at the subsequent influence of his own psychology and logic on eighteenth- and nineteenth-century educational and behavioural prescriptions. We shall see in particular how his work demonstrates the historical contingency of the modern concept; his “idiots,” “changelings” and “natural fools” are discrete entities arising from disparate political and theological contexts, despite the temptation to see them as interchangeable. Moreover, other phases of his career are devoid of the anxiety that surrounds these terms in the Essay.

    Locke warned that idiots had the power to create


    through mass formation, which was realized over the past 7 decades as We the Sheeple chose apparatchik sociopaths to inhabit & subvert Natural Law into Emergency Powers, to PROTECT US, empowering TPTB to exponentially loot the once greatest nation in the history of mankind.

    WE never had a choice really, it was more or less Team Blue pyschos vs. Team Red mercenaries once TPTB had enough lobbyists to buy, entrap & control the majority of votes on capital hill…

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