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    those darned kids

    “Soares told Saturday’s news conference that defender Cafu Phete had tested positive for COVID, having returned to Portugal on Thursday from international duty in South Africa.”

    oh, lordy,
    humans’s goin’ nuts.

    Michael Reid


    We don’t know how much rain we got but we have seen the river much higher especially after thaw up in the spring. There was more rain to the west of us. Having to run the generator on occasion due to continual fog, drizzle and rain.


    Michael Reid:

    Yes, fog is the bane of the island and Labrador coast too. Thus Goose Bay airfield well inland like Gander.

    In Schefferville, at the height of land, we never experienced much fog at all. Whether Hudson Bay was frozen over, or not, determined our rain/snow fall. Once Hudson Bay iced over, after Xmas, then our snow fall decreased greatly but not the bloody wind!

    We used to get our big snow falls before Xmas. We always had at, least 3 feet of snow for Halloween. It wasn’t until we moved to Montreal, did I realize there was Halloween without snow! My first green Halloween without snow sure felt weird!i

    One blizzard started so nicely one school morning, no wind at all, we were late for school because we were busy catching pretty giant snow flakes! However by 9 AM the blizzard was in full force. My Mom saw the barometer falling after we had left for school and immediately walked to the school.

    The mine sent a big yellow grader and pick up, to try and get the school kids home safely. We were in a mine pick up following the grader’s bumper as visibility was so bad, but we got stuck because the snow was filling in behind the grader to quickly. We ended up spending the night at a friend’s house. We had an absolute ball!

    After the blizzard was over we had over 10 feet of snow! I can still remember my Mom yelling out the back door for us to stop walking from the wind hardened snow onto the roof of the house and then jumping into the softer snow on the leeward side of the house!

    The mine sent some big front end loaders, after the storm, to clear the roads and some driveways. They plowed the street at the bottom of our street but left a giant pile of snow blocking our street. A neighbor driving in windy white out conditions, early in the morning, drove his car into the snow drift, completely burying his car in the drift, and had to open his window and dig his way out! I remember the front end loader trying to dig out our driveway, after the blizzard, but unfortunately pushed in the garage door just enough so it wouldn’t open!

    The workers in the mine, were trapped by the blizzard, but by being deep down in open pits, hundreds of feet below the surface continued working as usual, while the blizzard blew over their heads, as there was nothing else for them to do!

    One really nice thing about the blizzard was there was lots of hard packed snow from which to build forts and igloos using Mom’s long bread knife. That was also the winter a poor white tpharragon, flying in the dark, cut off it’s head flying into the power line, and ending up running around our back door area, until it bled to death. Yeah, it left plenty of red blood in the snow.

    Veracious Poet

    Christopher Lee talks about narcissistic auk’tours:

    Veracious Poet

    Saturday night anecdotal:

    It’s been dead quiet all night, like eerily so…

    Normally in our manicured housing tract there’s cars driving to & fro, at least one party within earshot, but everything’s silent & still like I’m miles from a city, instead of in the middle of one.

    Not even the Popo helo, which is always stirring above on the weekends…

    OmniXi virus?!?


    The details of the agreement that The Feds of Oz signed with Pfizer will be kept a deep, dark secret. This government is obsessed with secrecy. More and more governmental activities and decison-making are shielded from the public on the grounds of “national security” or “commercial-in-confidence” or both. The level of secrecy itself seems to be a secret.

    I suspect the sales agreement closely resembles the one Brazil entered into. References to AstraZeneca seem to be fading away, Novavax is a non-starter, Moderna and J&J are nowhere to be seen, local efforts to develop a vaccine get nowhere.

    John Day wrote of the “Penal Continent of Oz”. Not bad, but as I recently wrote (here or somewhere else; forget) I much prefer “The People’s Democratic Republic of Australia.” Splendid misnomer: it’s not of the people any more, democracy is steadily receding, and it never was a republic. Sigh. Another form of governance and government gets thrown into the dustbin of history, another failed experiment. We know what’s next — a reversion to form.

    By the way, Britain sent more convicts to north America prior to the War of National Liberation than were ever sent to Australia.

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